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Family Saga quotes by Elizabeth Jennings
#1. She opened up the glass jar she kept spare buttons in and began sorting through them. It was like handling bits and pieces of the past - buttons from loved ones' dresses and suits and coats carefully gathered up and saved for future use. She had inherited many of the buttons from her mother and grandmother, even her Great Aunt Maggie. Each woman adding to the collection, like curators of a family museum. Now what would happen to them? #Quote by Elizabeth Jennings
Family Saga quotes by Gwenn Wright
#2. Tragic tales rarely do make sense. #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Family Saga quotes by Donna Galanti
#3. There is more important work to be done here. The strong must lead us into a new energy age before our world dies out. Who's going to do that? You, Caleb? Your face bears new marks–you are not ready to win such a battle. - Adrian #Quote by Donna Galanti
Family Saga quotes by Gwenn Wright
#4. My life is hard. No one would rob me of that. The clothes I am wearing came out of a knotted up black plastic trash bag from a resale shop downtown. And not the downtown where shiny cars wink at you in the sunlight. If a car winks at you in this area it's being driven by a person you would be best to avoid.
My side of downtown is crumbling and skirted by chain link fences.
Rocky Evans #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Family Saga quotes by Victoria Saccenti
#5. His transgression may become their salvation. #Quote by Victoria Saccenti
Family Saga quotes by Sharon L. Reddy
#6. Love is the net profit on life. #Quote by Sharon L. Reddy
Family Saga quotes by Phyllis H. Moore
#7. I look at you, Mrs. Emily. I see your eyes smile before your lips. Your hair has a curl that droops onto your forehead when the weather is humid . . .

I look at you too, Sabine. I see you. #Quote by Phyllis H. Moore
Family Saga quotes by Kiana Davenport
#8. God not da faddah, he just the spoiled moody child, but you got to go t'rough him to get to da real power, his mama, Mot'er God. She da real Almighty! She run da heavens alone. Original single parent. When somethin' bad happen, usually mean she let God try his hand, and he screw up plenny. You need something important, you go directly Mot'er God. Jesus, Mary, Joseph? Dey just small potatoes, part of the chorus, neh? #Quote by Kiana Davenport
Family Saga quotes by Tom Conrad
#9. He grumbles incoherently, opens the window a fraction and continues to smoke away. It's like every time Sidney Drake enters a new location he has to readjust the atmosphere, akin to one of those sci-fi shows where they oxygenate the planet, but for my dad it's in a suffocating reverse. He replaces the clean wholesome air with a non-stop puff of toxic poison. #Quote by Tom Conrad
Family Saga quotes by B. J. Daniels
#10. Getting over her had been impossible. A day hadn't gone by that he hadn't thought of her, yearned for her. Sometimes he felt as if he couldn't breathe if he didn't see her again. He'd had to come back to make things right no matter how it ended. #Quote by B. J. Daniels
Family Saga quotes by Claudia Connor
#11. I don't know. She didn't exactly say she didn't want me. Shit. You're making me sound like an ass."

"Aww. You're not an ass. You're just a confused man. That's why God gave you a sister. #Quote by Claudia Connor
Family Saga quotes by Imani Wisdom
#12. It's easier to spew hatred, but actually watching yourself doing it is a whole different story. #Quote by Imani Wisdom
Family Saga quotes by Rosamunde Pilcher
#13. What a happy woman I am, living in a garden, with books, babies, birds and flowers, and plenty of leisure to enjoy them. Sometimes I feel as if I were blest above all my fellows in being able to find happiness so easily. #Quote by Rosamunde Pilcher
Family Saga quotes by Cassi Janzek
#14. I began writing my nonfiction memoir to explain why women, "don't just leave."
My exciting, narrative-driven memoir aspires to to save others from needless unhappiness: surviving isn't enough.Trauma can be overcome and joy recaptured.The book is written in a fresh, lively voice with lots of humor. The chapters of me growing up in the 50's and 60's and my college years at Penn State provide an intimate, historical trip through some of the most fascinating times in modern history. This is also a family saga depicting mental illness and shows how this could have happened to me: My husband and I were the dance. #Quote by Cassi Janzek
Family Saga quotes by Francis Ray
#15. Payton "Sin" Sinclair was an unapologetic people-watcher. As a sports consultant, working with some of the biggest and most recognizable athletes in sports and business, he had to be able to read the smallest nuances of others. That ability was just one of the unique attributes that set him apart from the competition and made him the go-to person when corporations wanted to align themselves with the top professional athletes in the country. #Quote by Francis Ray
Family Saga quotes by Valentina Hepburn
#16. What would you like for your own life, Kate, if you could choose?"
"Of course anything."
"That's really easy, Aunty Ivy."
"Go on then."
"A straw hat...with a bright scarlet ribbon tied around the top and a bow at the back. A tea-dress like girls used to wear, with big red poppies all over the fabric. A pair of flat, white pumps, comfortable but really pretty. A bicycle with a basket on the front. In the basket is a loaf of fresh bread, cheese, fruit oh...and a bottle of sparkly wine, you know, like posh people drink.
"I'm cycling down a lane. There are no lorries or cars or bicycles. No people – just me. The sun is shining through the trees, making patterns on the ground. At the end of the lane is a gate, sort of hidden between the bushes and trees. I stop at the gate, get off the bike and wheel it into the garden.
"In the garden there are flowers of all kinds, especially roses. They're my favourite. I walk down the little path to a cottage. It's not big, just big enough. The front door needs painting and has a little stained glass window at the top. I take the food out of the basket and go through the door.
"Inside, everything is clean, pretty and bright. There are vases of flowers on every surface and it smells sweet, like lemon cake. At the end of the room are French windows. They need painting too, but it doesn't matter. I go through the French windows into a beautiful garden. Even more flowers there...and a veranda. O #Quote by Valentina Hepburn
Family Saga quotes by Jonathan Evison
#17. The Mathematician's Shiva is a brilliant and compelling family saga full of warmth, pathos, history, and humor, not to mention a cast of delightfully quirky characters, and a math lesson or two; all together, a winning equation! When Rojstaczer writes about mathematics, you'd think he was writing about poetry. #Quote by Jonathan Evison
Family Saga quotes by Gwenn Wright
#18. Oil and Water, Daddy calls us. At four years younger than me, Katie is only fourteen and she already has half the boys in town eating from her pretty little hand. She tells me I am too tall and too wicked looking to capture the heart of any sensible young man. #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Family Saga quotes by Gwenn Wright
#19. Kevin looks at me and I know he isn't seeing the little girl I use to be, all pigtails and gangly limbs. He isn't seeing my mother's daughter or even my mother anymore. As his eyes linger over me, stopping here and there in the most uncomfortable places, I know he isn't really even seeing me as I am. The bloodshot eyes staring out of the alcohol-flushed face are seeing a girl, nearly of age, who owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude.
Rocky Evans #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Family Saga quotes by Laura Beth
#20. The magic of a jewel and the mystery of a book never end! #Quote by Laura Beth
Family Saga quotes by Amit Sharma
#21. Sometimes the futility of it all drives me crazy. It's so mindbogglingly brainless. We are on this tiny speck of soil and dirt which we call Earth, which won't even register anywhere in vastness if you start comparing it with the other objects in the universe and our existence is such a paltry blip on it, just like a blink of an eye. And, even though, all you have to do is to look at the sky to be reminded of your being so minuscule and your existence to be so worthless, we still have the nerve to make each other's lives miserable. #Quote by Amit Sharma
Family Saga quotes by Meinos Kaen
#22. I really, really need some help and advice. I'm scared ... I'm scared of my own home, of my own daughter! #Quote by Meinos Kaen
Family Saga quotes by Carol Kenny
#23. Tethered to the universe by tendrils of history, with threads of continuity descending to God knows where, I see that I'm more than the dust I'll become."
This quote is from my novel, "Whispers from St. Mary's Well." Many readers have said that, like the fictional narrator of the story, Carrie Rose Stillwell, they felt a deep connection to the universe through past, present, and future experiences, after reading the story of a child who communicates with future generations. #Quote by Carol Kenny
Family Saga quotes by Melodie Ramone
#24. He was seven years old the summer that his life ended. He'd always felt like his life was taken the moment that truck rammed into his father and sister. Or at least, the life he would have had was ended before it even began. #Quote by Melodie Ramone
Family Saga quotes by William Zinsser
#25. Write about small, self-contained incidents that are still vivid in your memory. If you remember them, it's because they contain a larger truth that your readers will recognize in their own lives. Think small and you'll wind up finding the big themes in your family saga. #Quote by William Zinsser
Family Saga quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#26. Julia, is everything all right?" her father said in a raspy voice. "It's three in the morning, m'ija."

"I'm sorry. I have to talk to you; it's something very important. Papá, Mamá, I've made a decision, and I wanted to share it with you. I've decided to convert to the Muslim religion."

"What?" Pilar screamed. "Are you out of your mind?"

"Julia, what are you saying?"

"I want to be a Muslim. I've even chosen a new Muslim name, Aliyah."

"Julia, are you drunk?"

"No, Papá, I'm not drunk. I've thought about this for a very long time. I think it's the right thing for me, a way to follow God. #Quote by Sergio Troncoso
Family Saga quotes by John Galsworthy
#27. When a Forsyte was engaged, married, or born, the Forsytes were present; when a Forsyte died - but no Forsyte had as yet died; they did not die; death being contrary to their principles, they took precautions against it, the instinctive precautions of highly vitalized persons who resent encroachments on their property. #Quote by John Galsworthy
Family Saga quotes by Donald Riggio
#28. We may be finished with the past but the past is not finished with us. #Quote by Donald Riggio
Family Saga quotes by Imani Wisdom
#29. Time can be cruel if you don't use it wisely ~ Imani Wisdom, Zion's Road: A Love Story about Faith and Redemption. #Quote by Imani Wisdom
Family Saga quotes by Amit Sharma
#30. Sometimes people go through a lifetime of pain by holding a secret that could have changed everything. It is an intoxicating addiction, an act of dominance to know that you hold something in your grip that could have changed the life of a person you detest. #Quote by Amit Sharma
Family Saga quotes by Gwenn Wright
#31. My heart, for unknown reasons, seems to freeze in motion in my chest. I can see he senses it and he holds his pause to enjoy my suffering, prolonging my ignorance. Viktor, what? #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Family Saga quotes by Sharon L. Reddy
#32. Social dynamic theory is philosophy, not politics. There can't be only one correct answer, or there would only be one book. Sharon L Reddy, Worldcon, 1995. #Quote by Sharon L. Reddy
Family Saga quotes by Susan Wiggs
#33. Amaryllis in Blueberry is a rich, evocative story about an unusual family that will sweep readers away to another place and time. Amaryllis's voice is a spellbinding and unique blend of naivet and wisdom. A perfect melding of family saga, murder mystery and a meditation on faith, loyalty and love, this novel will both haunt and entertain you. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Family Saga quotes by Earl B. Russell
#34. I was struck by the image of Daddy still dressed in that same plaid shirt and undershirt with the bloodstains below the neck, the one I had first seen him wearing in the jail the previous day. #Quote by Earl B. Russell
Family Saga quotes by Amit Sharma
#35. He was not a likeable figure but then when you are a part of a family, you cannot wish to see someone wither away even when you dislike him. He is a part of your blood, he and all his idiosyncrasies. There is always a tinge of warmth in the corner of your heart, reminiscent of the good times spent together. Then there are always those moments, when you wonder why everything turned out so different. When you wonder what possibly could hold people together, if not the fact that they come from the same blood? Or are we just not born to be that way? Craving to be something that we cannot be, each with our own false ceilings to hide our true selves? #Quote by Amit Sharma
Family Saga quotes by Raquel Cepeda
#36. This is what I know about my parents. They spent the next several years trying to forget each other, and me. #Quote by Raquel Cepeda
Family Saga quotes by Sheila Myers
#37. One would think being free of my father's domineering influence would have made him a better man. Instead, he took on patterns of my father's behavior, as if the fabric of our family was held together by the thread of my father's existence and once he was gone, William felt the need to sew up loose ends.

Sheila Myers - The Night is Done #Quote by Sheila Myers
Family Saga quotes by Matthew Alan
#38. It's sad really, trying to appreciate all of the great events in our lives and all the amazingly good days. Sometimes it seems like we take them for granted, until something bad comes along to put us back into perspective. Are these bad events catalysts for change, which bring out the resiliency and best in us? A cosmic wakeup call that reminds us to enjoy the good times, because they can be taken away so easily.
How messed up and ironic would that be?
Is it even possible for us to remember what goodness we're truly capable of on a daily basis, not just when things cause us to react out of necessity. A base line of beautiful acts and thoughts that are not brought out only by holiday music or someone else's misfortune, but remain at the surface of who we really are. Wouldn't that be amazing? Wouldn't that be something to strive for? #Quote by Matthew Alan
Family Saga quotes by Gwenn Wright
#39. It seemed to me that Mr. Forrester would approve of a woman who could follow him in conversation and not be baffled by ledgers and currency conversions. I had grossly overestimated him. #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Family Saga quotes by Michael J. Murphy
#40. Like most things unwanted, the end of the artillery barrage came without consideration or introduction; the seconds after its cessation were like hours. The silence was debilitating for the men, as it signilled the beginning of the real battle - the fight with enemy soldiers. #Quote by Michael J. Murphy
Family Saga quotes by Amin Maalouf
#41. The pursuit of origins is a way of rescuing territory from death and oblivion, a reconquest that ought to be patient, devoted, relentless and faithful. #Quote by Amin Maalouf
Family Saga quotes by Claire Fullerton
#42. What is the fire of inspiration that resides within, if not something to follow along a path? #Quote by Claire Fullerton
Family Saga quotes by Caroline Knapp
#43. Why do I find the fantasy - husband, family, kids - exhausting instead of alluring? Is there something wrong with me? Do I have a life? #Quote by Caroline Knapp
Family Saga quotes by Mason Cooley
#44. The family is on its way out; couples go next; then no more keeping cats or parrots. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Family Saga quotes by Charles Dickens
#45. Oh, yes, his family is all very fine, Miss Summerson," replied Miss Jellyby; "but what comfort is his family to him? His family is nothing but bills, dirt, waste, noise, tumbles downstairs, confusion, and wretchedness. His scrambling home, from week's end to week's end, is like one great washing-day - only nothing's washed! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Family Saga quotes by Colin Kaepernick
#46. It is really like a family. We are around each other more than we are around anybody else. The time we spend together, and the hard work we put in together, it is going to build a close team. #Quote by Colin Kaepernick
Family Saga quotes by Jen Naumann
#47. As I was escorted outside by the officers, my friends looked back at me with blank expressions. I don't think they knew what to say to me. I had lied to them about my home life. They had always been there for me and probably would have understood if I had told them the truth from the start, but it was too late. All the lies I had told them about having a perfect family had been shattered by that one incident. #Quote by Jen Naumann
Family Saga quotes by Jenny Han
#48. Taylor wanted me to forget about Conrad, to just erase him from my mind and memory. She kept saying things like, "everybody has to get over a first love, it's a rite of passage." But Conrad wasn't just my first love. He wasn't some rite of passage. He was so much more than that. He and Jeremiah and Susannah were my family. In my memory, the three of them would always be entwined, forever linked. There couldn't be one without the others. If I forgot Conrad, if I evicted him from my heart, pretended like he was never there, it would be like doing those tings to Susannah. And that, I couldn't do. #Quote by Jenny Han
Family Saga quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#49. The prince's official job description as king will be 'defender of the faith,' which currently means the state-financed absurdity of the Anglican Church, but he has more than once said publicly that he wants to be anointed as defender of all faiths - another indication of the amazing conceit he has developed in six decades of performing the only job allowed him by the hereditary principle: that of waiting for his mother to expire. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Family Saga quotes by Farley Mowat
#50. The third time out he concluded that we were hunting cows.
That was a day that will live long in memory. Mutt threw himself into cow chasing with a frenzy that was almost fanatical. He became, in a matter of hours, a dedicated dog. It was a ghastly day, yet it had its compensations for Father. When we returned home that night, very tired, very dusty–and sans birds - he was able to report to Mother that her "hunting dog" had attempted to retrieve forty-three heifers, two bulls, seventy-two steers, and an aged ox belonging to a Dukhobor family. #Quote by Farley Mowat
Family Saga quotes by James C. Dobson
#51. Well, that brings us to the point: There is only one way to protect ourselves from the deadly diseases that stalk the human family. It is abstinence before marriage, then marriage and mutual fidelity for life to an uninfected partner. #Quote by James C. Dobson
Family Saga quotes by Erika Cosby
#52. You know, fathers just have a way of putting everything together. #Quote by Erika Cosby
Family Saga quotes by Duane Elgin
#53. Compassion will no longer be seen as a spiritual luxury for a contemplative few; rather it will be viewed as a social necessity for the entire human family. #Quote by Duane Elgin
Family Saga quotes by Robin Benway
#54. He's a delinquent!" I yelled out to my parents. "He was arrested for shoplifting last year!"
No response.
"I just want you to know that I'm going to be hanging out with someone who has a criminal
record!" I cried.
"Let's not forget that our family can never reenter Luxembourg without being arrested!" my dad
yelled back.
Touché. #Quote by Robin Benway
Family Saga quotes by T.B. Markinson
#55. I was finally tired of hiding behind bravado. My family had hurt me so many times that I had started to lie about my feelings to everyone. To Sarah. To Maddie. To Ethan. And to myself. I was like an iceberg, with ninety percent of my real feelings submerged so no one would know how vulnerable I truly felt. I lied so much, and so often, that even I didn't know my true feelings anymore. #Quote by T.B. Markinson
Family Saga quotes by Jane Austen
#56. And with regard to the resentment of his family, or the indignation of the world, if the former were excited by his marrying me, it would not give me one moment's concern
and the world in general would have too much sense to join in the scorn. #Quote by Jane Austen
Family Saga quotes by Michelle Sutton
#57. Life was good. Everything was going right. It was almost scaring him because usually when things were going this well it was the calm before the storm hit. #Quote by Michelle Sutton
Family Saga quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#58. TRUE LOVE MAKES US HAPPY. If love doesn't make us happy, it's not love; it's something else. Love is a wonderful thing. It gives us the ability to offer joy and happiness, relieve suffering, and transcend all kinds of separation and barriers. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Family Saga quotes by Billy Graham
#59. Apart from religious influence, the family is the most important unit of society. #Quote by Billy Graham
Family Saga quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#60. Our ancestors are very good kind of folks; but they are the last people I should choose to have a visiting acquaintance with. #Quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Family Saga quotes by Daphne Oz
#61. More than anything, having adventures with my siblings and spending time with my family and my husband make me happy. #Quote by Daphne Oz
Family Saga quotes by Shooter Jennings
#62. L.A.'s cool; I had a run with it to where it just pretty much wore me out. I love the weather and I have great friends there, great family, but I really cannot take a lot of the culture. Like Nashville, where everybody's a songwriter, everybody out there is an actor. #Quote by Shooter Jennings
Family Saga quotes by Nalini Singh
#63. They weren't just his most trusted warriors - the Seven were family. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Family Saga quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#64. Do you think Archer is right about everyone here being de-magicked? Or maybe the fog, like, made his and Evan's magic…de-magic."
Crossing over to the closet, I sighed and said, "I'm betting the kids here are de-magicked, but it doesn't really matter." I flung open the closet. Just as I'd thought, the only things hung up inside where Hex Hall uniforms. "I'm pretty much de-magicked myself these days," I said to Jenna over my shoulder. "Also, maybe we should stop saying de-magicked. It's starting to sound weird."
She sat up straighter. "What?"
"You know, when you say things too much, and-"
"Sophie," Jenna said, tilting her head and frowning at me.
Sighing, I sat down on my own bed, facing her. "Thanks to some mojo from the Council, I'm currently powerless."
Her expression softening, Jenna breathed, "Oh, Soph. I'm so sorry."
"It's not as bad as it sounds," I told her. "My powers aren't gone gone. They're still bumping around in here, but I can't use them unless I touch this particular-whoa."
I crossed the room to grip the footboard of Jenna's bed. "There's this spell in the Throne family grimoire. If I touch it, my powers will be restored. And Dad was sure the Casnoffs had the grimoire. It might be here, Jenna." I let go of her bed to pace as my magic pounded inside me. "If we find it, I could be demoning up the place by dinnertime. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Family Saga quotes by Han Nolan
#65. And she didn't once say anything about this being a sin. It used to be I got the word sin slapped in my face every time I did something wrong, but come on, when you live in a sin-free family with sin-free parents and a sin-free sister, well, you can't help but sin a little extra on their behalf. #Quote by Han Nolan
Family Saga quotes by Amanda Bynes
#66. I feel like people start to believe things that people say about them and start to think they're really important. If you have a family that is down to earth and cool, I don't see how you can be like that. #Quote by Amanda Bynes
Family Saga quotes by Jennifer Estep
#67. He smiled, and some of the knots in my stomach loosened. He would keep my secret.
Devon hesitated, then reached over and put his hand on top of mine. His skin was warm, as though the sun had soaked into his body. I breathed in, and the crisp, clean scent of him filled my nose, the one that made me want to bury my face in his neck and inhale the essence of him over and over again. But I forced myself to exhale and step back, putting some distance between us, even though our hands were still touching.
"Look," I said, my voice carefully neutral. "You're a nice guy, a great guy. But I'm going to . . . be here for a while. You're an important member of the Family, and I'm your bodyguard, so it's my job to protect you, and we're going to have to work together. But I don't think there should be anything . . . else."
"Because of your mom, right?" he asked in a low voice. "Because you blame me for her death?"
I sucked in a breath, so rattled that I couldn't even pretend I didn't know what he was talking about. First, my magic, and now this. Somehow, Devon knew all my secrets.
"How do you know about my mom?" I croaked out.
"I remember everything about that day in the park," he said. "Including the girl with the blue eyes who helped save me."
I didn't say anything. I could barely even hear him over the roar of my own heartbeat in my ears.
"It took me a while to figure out why you seemed so familiar. When I realized you reminded me of the girl in t #Quote by Jennifer Estep
Family Saga quotes by Fede Alvarez
#68. If you think about it, a lot of great horror films have bad sequels just because the market demands you to make the other one right away. Thank God no one in the 'Evil Dead' family thinks that way. #Quote by Fede Alvarez
Family Saga quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#69. I asked the producers when I was doing 'Y Tu Mama Tambien' if they could give me a VHS recording of the film that I could show to my family, because in Mexico and Latin America, when you do a film, you don't expect anybody to see it, especially not in the cinema. #Quote by Gael Garcia Bernal
Family Saga quotes by Emile Hirsch
#70. A lot of the stuff in 'Speed Racer' has never been done before, from it having a multi-tone, to it having a retro-cool family movie, to having the photo-realism with the CG-backgrounds and infinite focus the way they worked with these digital cameras, to even the color experimentation. #Quote by Emile Hirsch
Family Saga quotes by David W. Earle
#71. The more severe the dysfunction you experienced growing up, the more difficult boundaries are for you. #Quote by David W. Earle
Family Saga quotes by Katherine Webb
#72. As you know, the South is known for its hospitality, traditions, football, pageants, and food. Football is almost like a religion here. People say their priorities are faith, family, and then football. People eat, breathe, and sleep it in the South. It's a huge deal. #Quote by Katherine Webb
Family Saga quotes by Alice Sebold
#73. By the time I was eighteen, she had sat me down and detailed her alcoholism, its onset and aftermath. She believed that by sharing such things I might be able to avoid them or, if need be, recognize them when they occurred. By talking about them to her children, she was also acknowledging that they were real and that they had an effect on us too, that things like this shaped a family, not just the person they happened to. #Quote by Alice Sebold
Family Saga quotes by Nitya Prakash
#74. I have so much respect for couples who are faithful to each other for 20+ years, raise kids together, go through all the hardships of life, yet don't let the hard times cause them to cheat or grow apart. Love is a choice. Choose every day to love the person you said "I do" to. #Quote by Nitya Prakash
Family Saga quotes by Camille Guaty
#75. My family moved from California to New Jersey in the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. I will never forget the first day in a new school, walking into the cafeteria during lunch and not knowing a single soul. I didn't feel confident enough to share a seat at just anyone's table. #Quote by Camille Guaty
Family Saga quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#76. It is understandable how this shame came into being. The nation made the black man's color a stigma. Even linguistics and semantics conspire to give this impression. If you look in Roget's Thesaurus you will find about 120 synonyms for blacK, and right down the line you will find words like smut, something dirty, worthless, and useless, and then you look further and you find about 120 synonyms for white and they all represent something high, noble, pure, chaste - right down the line. In our language structure, a white lie is a little better than a black lie. Somebody goes wrong in the family and we don't call him a white sheep, we call him a black sheep. We don't say whitemail, but blackmail. We don't speak of white-balling somebody, but black-balling somebody. The word 'black' itself in our society connotes something that is degrading. It was absolutely necessary to come to a moment with a sense of dignity. It is very positive and very necessary. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Family Saga quotes by Kelli O'Hara
#77. I don't mind talking about my family and how to balance it all. But, in today's world, we should probably be asking both women and men about work and family and how to balance the two. #Quote by Kelli O'Hara
Family Saga quotes by Jung Chang
#78. Every time she went home she found herself being criticized. She was accused of being "too attached to her family," which was condemned as a "bourgeois habit," and had to see less and less of her own mother. #Quote by Jung Chang
Family Saga quotes by Harlan Coben
#79. At the end of the day, Esperanza stepped into Myron's office, sat down, and said, "I don't know much about family values or what makes a happy family. I don't know the best way to raise a kid or what you have to do to make him happy and well adjusted, whatever the hell 'well adjusted' means. I don't know if it's best to be an only child or have lots of siblings or be raised by two parents or a single parent or a gay couple or a lesbian couple or an overweight albino. But I know one thing." Myron looked up at her and waited. "No child could ever be harmed by having you in his life." Esperanza #Quote by Harlan Coben
Family Saga quotes by Edmund Clowney
#80. Christians in community must again show the world, not merely family values, but the bond of the love of Christ. #Quote by Edmund Clowney
Family Saga quotes by Mark Ruffalo
#81. I did grow up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, around a lot of my mom's family. I had a lot of cousins and aunts and uncles around me, and my sisters and my brother. Probably the most formative part of it was that we grew up on the edge of a forest. It wasn't a big forest, but it was enough. When you're a kid, it feels gigantic. #Quote by Mark Ruffalo
Family Saga quotes by Susan Orlean
#82. We were very much a reading family, but we were a borrow-a-book-from-the-library family more than a bookshelves-full-of-books family. My parents valued books, but the grew up in the Depression, aware of the quicksilver nature of money, and they learned the hard way that you shouldn't buy what you could borrow. Because of that frugality, or perhaps independent of it, they also believed that you read a book for the experience of reading it. #Quote by Susan Orlean
Family Saga quotes by Frank Schaeffer
#83. The problem with the evangelical homeschool movement was not their desire to educate their children at home, or in private religious schools, but the evangelical impulse to "protect" children from ideas that might lead them to "question" and to keep them cloistered in what amounted to a series of one-family gated communities. #Quote by Frank Schaeffer
Family Saga quotes by Joe Hill
#84. The Locke family were my teachers and Keyhouse was my school. I learned from you that in this world, family is the final, most elemental unit of power. #Quote by Joe Hill
Family Saga quotes by Robin Hobb
#85. To be part of a family, or any community, is to have duties and responsibility, to be bound by the rules of that group. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Family Saga quotes by Jesmyn Ward
#86. When I was twelve years old, I looked in the mirror and I saw what I perceived to be my faults and my mother's faults. These coalesced into a dark mark that I would carry through my life, a coating of what I saw, which came from others' hatred of me, and all this forested a hatred of myself. I thought being unwanted and abandoned and persecuted was the legacy of the poor southern Black woman. But as an adult, I see my mother's legacy anew. I see how all the burdens she bore, the burdens of her history and identity and of our country's history and identity , enable her to manifest her greatest gifts. My mother had the courage to look at four hungry children and find a way to fill them. My mother had the strength to work her body to its breaking point to provide for herself and her children. My mother had the residence to cobble together a family from the broken bits of another. And my mother's example teaches me other things: This how a transplanted people survived a holocaust and slavery. This is how Black people in the South organized to vote under the shadow of terrorism and the noose. This is how human begins sleep and wake and fight and survive. In the end, this is a how a mother teaches her daughter to have courage, to have strength, to be resilient, to open her eyes to what it is, and to make something of it. #Quote by Jesmyn Ward
Family Saga quotes by Beth Grant
#87. Every character I've played is like family to me. #Quote by Beth Grant
Family Saga quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#88. Beyond culture, beyond tradition, beyond all dogmas and doctrines, there lies a beautiful valley full with real liberty and real harmony - in that valley, diversity is no cause for discrimination or hatred, rather it provides colors to the collective life of humanity as one family - in that valley, the best creed is to have no creed - the best path is to have no path - the best ideology is to have no ideology. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Family Saga quotes by Charlie Crist
#89. You know, as attorney general, there's no issue more important than making sure you are safe, that your families are safe. #Quote by Charlie Crist
Family Saga quotes by Julie Garwood
#90. You might have started out with a clever plan in mind, but you fell in love with her somewhere along the way, didn't you?"
Iain refused to answer him. Douglas wouldn't let it go. "Do you love Judith?"
Iain let out a sigh. Judith's brother was turning out to be one hell of a nuisance. "Do you honestly believe I would marry a Maclean if I didn't love her?"
Laird Maclean let out a snort of laughter. "Welcome to the family, son. #Quote by Julie Garwood

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