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Family Feud Game Show quotes by Lev Grossman
#1. I used to write in a local coffee shop, but there was another guy, another writer, who kept sitting in my favorite seat. I would show up, and he would be there, and I would get exiled to a couch or something, and it would throw me off my game. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Family Feud Game Show quotes by George Will
#2. Just as the common law derives from ancient precedents - judges' decisions - rather than statutes, baseball's codes are the game's distilled mores. Their unchanged purpose is to show respect for opponents and the game. In baseball, as in the remainder of life, the most important rules are unwritten. But not unenforced. #Quote by George Will
Family Feud Game Show quotes by W. Patterson
#3. Bear in mind three essential qualities in all games of intellect:– Never to show selfishness or to wound the feelings of your adversary. To be modest with a good game. To lose without ill-temper, and to win without bragging. #Quote by W. Patterson
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#4. You must not, when you have gained a victory, use any triumphing or insulting expressions, nor show too much of the pleasure you feel; but endeavour to console your adversary, and make him less dissatisfied with himself by every kind and civil expression that may be used with truth; such as, you understand the game better than I, but you are a little inattentive, or, you play too fast; or, you had the best of the game, but something happened to divert your thoughts, and that turned it in my favour. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Ben Yagoda
#5. Memoir today is like one big game of misery poker: The more outlandish, outrageous, or just plain out-there the recounted life, the more likely the book is to attract the attention of reviewers, talk-show bookers, and, ultimately, the public. #Quote by Ben Yagoda
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Ray Wise
#6. The devil is a cross between a really good used-car salesman and a game-show host, but with a lot more style and charm.There's a little Cary Grant thrown in there too. #Quote by Ray Wise
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Bill Bryson
#7. Whereas the food debris of the Neanderthals shows a wide variety of animal bones, suggesting that they took whatever they could find, archaeological remnants from Homo sapiens show that they sought out particular kinds of game and tracked animals seasonally. All of this strongly suggests that they possessed a linguistic system sufficiently sophisticated to deal with concepts such as: "Today let's kill some red deer. You take some big sticks and drive the deer out of the woods and we'll stand by the riverbank with our spears and kill them as they come down towards us." By comparison Neanderthal speech may have been something more like: "I'm hungry. Let's hunt. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Alexander Lowen
#8. There are many roles that people play and many images that they project. There is, for example, the "nice" man who is always smiling and agreeable. "Such a nice man," people say. "He never gets angry." The facade always covers its opposite expression. Inside, such a person is full of rage that he dares not acknowledge or show. Some men put up a tough exterior to hide a very sensitive, childlike quality. Even failure can be a role. Many masochistic characters engage in the game of failure to cover an inner feeling of superiority. An outward show of superiority could bring down on them the jealous wrath of the father and the threat of castration. As long as they act like failures they can retain some sexuality, since they are not a threat to her father. #Quote by Alexander Lowen
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Randy West
#9. From my years of work with so many game show production companies and their producers I'm probably no longer eligible to be a contestant on any American game show. #Quote by Randy West
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Kurt Braunohler
#10. It is true that I do not wear shoes as the host of 'Bunk.' I want 'Bunk' to feel like there's a slight possibility that a confident homeless man just wondered into the studio and started hosting a game show. #Quote by Kurt Braunohler
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Kathryn Smith
#11. There's just one thing I don't understand," she remarked, setting the periodical aside for a moment.
"And that is?"
She tucked her skirts around her legs, denying him further glimpses of her ankles. "Would you by chance know what gamahuching is?"
Grey would have thought himself far beyond the age of blushing, but the heat in his cheeks was unmistakable. "Good lord, Rose." His voice was little more than a rasp. "That is hardly something a young woman brings up in casual conversation."
Oh, but he could show her what gamahuching was. He'd be all too happy to crawl between those trim ankles and climb upward until he found the slit in her drawers…
Rose shrugged. "I suppose it might be offensive to someone of your age, but women aren't as sheltered as they once were, Grey. If you won't provide a definition, I'm sure Mr. Maxwell will when I see him tonight." And with that threat tossed out between them, the little baggage returned her attention to her naughty reading.
His age? What did she think he was, an ancient? Or was she merely trying to bait him? Tease him? Well, two could play at that game.
And he refused to think of Kellan Maxwell, the bastard, educating her on such matters.
"I believe you've mistaken me if you think I find gamahuching offensive," he replied smoothly, easing himself down onto the blanket beside her. "I have quite the opposite view."
Beneath the high collar of her day gown, Rose's throat worked as she swallowed. "O #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Nora Sakavic
#12. This isn't about the Ravens. This is about you. This is about everything it took you to get to this point, everything it cost you, and everyone who laughed when you dared to dream of something big and bright. You're here tonight because you refused to give up and refused to give in. You're here where they all said you'd never be, and no one can say you haven't earned the right to play this game.
"All eyes are on you. It's time to show them what you're made of. There's no room for doubt, no room for second guesses, no room for error. This is your night. This is your game. This is your moment. Seize it with everything you've got. Pull out all the stops and lay it all on the line. Fight because you don't know how to die quietly. Win because you don't know how to lose. This king's ruled long enough - it's time to tear his castle down. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Robin Sloan
#13. Neel cuts in: "Where'd you grow up?"
"Palo Alto," she says. From there to Stanford to Google: for a girl obsessed with the outer limits of human potential, Kat has stayed pretty close to home.
Neel nods knowingly. "The suburban mind cannot comprehend the emergent complexity of a New York sidewalk."
"I don't know about that," Kat says, narrowing her eyes. "I'm pretty good with complexity."
"See, I know what you're thinking," Neel says, shaking his head.
"You're thinking it's just an agent-based simulation, and everybody out here follows a pretty simple set of rules"-- Kat is nodding--"and if you can figure out those rules, you can model it. You can simulate the street, then the neighborhood, then the whole city. Right?"
"Exactly. I mean, sure, I don't know what the rules are yet, but I could experiment and figure them out, and then it would be trivial--"
"Wrong," Neel says, honking like a game-show buzzer. "You can't do it. Even if you know the rules-- and by the way, there are no rules--but even if there were, you can't model it. You know why?"

My best friend and my girlfriend are sparring over simulations. I can only sit back and listen.

Kat frowns. "Why?"
"You don't have enough memory."
"Oh, come on--"
"Nope. You could never hold it all in memory. No computer's big enough. Not even your what's-it-called--"
"The Big Box."
"That's the one. It's not big enough. This box--" Neel stretches out h #Quote by Robin Sloan
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Haruki Murakami
#14. My peak? Would I even have one? I hardly had had anything you could call a life. A few ripples. some rises and falls. But that's it. Almost nothing. Nothing born of nothing. I'd loved and been loved, but I had nothing to show. It was a singularly plain, featureless landscape. I felt like I was in a video game. A surrogate Pacman, crunching blindly through a labyrinth of dotted lines. The only certainty was my death. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Peter Capaldi
#15. What annoys me about it is that your fate is always in somebody else's hands. It's always up to somebody else to decide whether or not they want you in their show and so the majority of actors have to play out a waiting game. The constant fear is that it could all end tomorrow. #Quote by Peter Capaldi
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#16. It's hard to imagine him angry without them. It must be like watching a game show by yourself, how calling out the answers feels silly and pointless. What is fury without witnesses? Where's the tension minus an audience to wonder what you'll do next? #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Michael Jordan
#17. My challenge when I came back was to face the young talent, dissect their games, and show them maybe that they needed to learn more about the game than just the money aspect. #Quote by Michael Jordan
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Cara McKenna
#18. Is six a.m. too early to watch The Bachelor and mock all the giggly, desperate women?"
"Go for it. Though I bet it'd work better as a drinking game," Laurel said. "One shot for the flirty arm touch. Chug if they strip and bum-rush the pool."
Anne hit play. "Like they'd get their hair wet."
Laurel stared at the screen, laughed at Anne's comments but felt another weird pang upset her insides. "Would you say this show makes something incredibly complex--you know, relationships--into something mind-numbingly vapid? Or does it make something actually rather simple into a big fucking circus?"
"Both. That's why I love it."
"I couldn't stand competing for a man like that," Laurel murmured. "I don't have the right...programming for it. Like to fight like that. Some people get an adrenaline rush and they're like foosh, give me somebody to beat down. I just, like curl up into a ball and want to hide."
"I'm somewhere in the middle," Anne said. "I'm like a ninja. I'll like, come out of my shadowy hiding space and beat you down, bitches. You won't even see me. #Quote by Cara McKenna
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Marilyn Grey
#19. I'm not forcing you to do anything. You need to make your own damn decisions . And I'm not playing this game where we ignore reality and pretend to have a normal conversation for a few hours. You need to face reality and stop turning life into a movie. I'm not a puppet in your show. This is real life and you're always trying to ignore it for some cheap fantasy version where no problems exist. That's not noble of you, okay? You're not strong. You're a weak person like the rest of us. You've just learned to excel at avoiding issues. But there are issues . Life has so many freaking issues and if you can't force your own self to face life and make decisions without someone telling you what the hell to do, you're just going to end up another chess piece moved around by others. #Quote by Marilyn Grey
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Greg Fitzsimmons
#20. My dad was in radio; he was a broadcaster, and it was in the family. He hosted kind of a game show at one point on TV; he was the original host of 'Good Day New York,' and he hosted the Jerry Lewis telethon for 15 years. #Quote by Greg Fitzsimmons
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Alex Graves
#21. 'Game of Thrones' is shot on a very similar kind of schedule to a TV show, but there's a lot more time and focus put into the script. #Quote by Alex Graves
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Orson Scott Card
#22. Ender's Game is set more than a century in the future and has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984 ... It will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Leon Wieseltier
#23. It's exemplification of our moment in American culture and American cultural journalism. It is an accurate document of the discourse of "takes." This movie, that book, this poem, that painting, this record, that show: Make a smart remark and move on. A take is an opinion that has no aspiration to a belief, an impression taht never hardens into a position. Its lightness is its appeal. It is provisional, evanescent, a move in a game, an accredited shallowness, a bulwark against a pause in the conversation. A take is expected not to be true but to be interesting, and even when it is interesting it makes no troublesome claim upon anybody's attention. Another take will quickly follow, and the silence that is a mark of perplexity, of research and reflection, will be mercifully kept at bay. A take asks for no affiliation. It requires no commitment. #Quote by Leon Wieseltier
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Antoine D'Agata
#24. And one has to remember that no photography can pretend to show the truth. A picture only shows a given situation under a very specific perspective, consciously or not, openly or not, relevantly or not. Photographers have to accept they can just convey fragments of illusory realities and relate their own intimate experience of the world. In this process of fictionalising an unreachable truth, it's up to them to impose their doubts about any photographic truth, or accept being impotent pawns in the mediatic game. #Quote by Antoine D'Agata
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Kate Micucci
#25. I used to be obsessed with game shows. When the Game Show Network became popular in the late '90s, I was all about reruns of 'The Price Is Right.' I knew all the prices from the '70s. #Quote by Kate Micucci
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Brooke Burke
#26. In the United States, viewers don't get to see a lot of things we can show in other countries. We didn't get to show our naked Twister game from Wild On Jamaica, but we definitely filmed it. #Quote by Brooke Burke
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Jon Stewart
#27. Maybe we should always show pictures. Bin Laden, pictures of our wounded service people, pictures of maimed innocent civilians. We can only make decisions about war if we see what war actually is - and not as a video game where bodies quickly disappear leaving behind a shiny gold coin. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Claire North
#28. Life is lived through things which are not true. We pretend ourselves foolish in order to show our wisdom. We find things funny, which are sad. We smile at those who we would destroy, make alliances with those we do not respect, admire ourselves for our intellect and always look for the ultimate prize. We would be great, every one of us, and to achieve greatness do not bother to look at those we have destroyed in our path. A game is all of this and more, and nobler, for those who play at last transcend themselves, and see both the consequences of their choices, and the board as a whole. I do not think there is a nobler calling than the game, and I would have you a part of it.) #Quote by Claire North
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Sandeep N. Tripathi
#29. Ego said, 'treat me like a game and I will show you how it's played'; Soul replied, 'ego can never lose; it is always a winner because ego is playing against itself [ego is me; soul is we]'. #Quote by Sandeep N. Tripathi
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Lisa Daily
#30. You know that feeling when you're suddenly startled out of a deep sleep, and you're in that hazy middle world where you're not sure what's real - like maybe you actually could be chasing after an ice cream truck wearing only fishing waders and a canary yellow bridesmaid's dress, or you're just one answer away from winning a year's supply of adult diapers on a Japanese game show?
- SINGLE-MINDED #Quote by Lisa Daily
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Jessie Burton
#31. In many instances, politics was the cover for personal vendetta and family feud. Most of the right-wing terror was directed against those who had influenced the violence against the priests and the factory owners back in 1934 - union leaders, prominent anti-clericals, several Republican mayors. And yet - mechanics, butchers, doctors, builders, labourers, barbers - they too were 'taken for a walk', as the phrase came to be known. And it wasn't just men. Certain women who had become teachers under the Republic were removed, as were known anarchists' wives. None of it was legal, of course, but there seemed no means of stopping it, when hate and power were in play. Pg 348 #Quote by Jessie Burton
Family Feud Game Show quotes by John F. Kennedy
#32. Show me a man with a great golf game, and I'll show you a man who has been neglecting something. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Jordana Spiro
#33. I think there's really no rhyme or reason as to what keeps a show on air. Surely it's a numbers game, but some of the best shows get canceled, and some shows where you don't totally understand why they're on the air stay on for 15 or 20 years. #Quote by Jordana Spiro
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Andre Ward
#34. The part that sickens me about boxing is guys fight their whole careers and they have nothing to show for it. That's not going to be my testimony. When it's time to get out of the game, I want to be able to walk away. I'm not going to jeopardize my health. I will have no problems walking away. #Quote by Andre Ward
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Jim Butcher
#35. In the Midwest, if you show up to a college town on a weekend, you risk running into a football game. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#36. The differences were plain enough, and yet I saw that they were as nothing compared with what we had in common. As I lay in bed at night, the sky outside my window reflecting the city's dim glow, I thought about Abuelita's fierce loyalty to blood. But what really binds people as family? The way they shore themselves up with stories; the way siblings can feud bitterly but still come through for each other; how an untimely death, a child gone before a parent, shakes the very foundations; how the weaker ones, the ones with invisible wounds, are sheltered; how a constant din is medicine against loneliness; and how celebrating the same occasions year after year steels us to the changes they herald. And always food at the center of it all. #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Shreya Naik
#37. People who come into our lives for a season are the souls who show up whenever you forget how to play the game called, 'Life.' They enter your life with a sole purpose to help you define the goals so that you come out of it victorious.

When they teach you the basics and set a solid foundation for you, they walk out of your game choosing not to be your opponent but stand at a distance just to see you win.

Whenever you forget the rules, they come back, again and again, to remind you the rules of the games and to make sure that you don't lose, in any case. #Quote by Shreya Naik
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Michael Ian Black
#38. Hosting a show, even a talk show or a game show, there's so much business you have to conduct. There's so much guiding you have to do. #Quote by Michael Ian Black
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Robert Griffin III
#39. I want to be one of the guys, but I also want to be 'the' guy, the guy that can go out there and they can rely on in crunch time. I'm going to be the guy that they know will show up every day, every game, every play and show up on a consistently great level. #Quote by Robert Griffin III
Family Feud Game Show quotes by David Moyes
#40. I found the support inside Old Trafford has been terrific and, if there was ever a show of support for the football club and team, it was in this game. Inside Old Trafford it was terrific, it really was. #Quote by David Moyes
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Sable Grace
#41. Your house, huh?"
"I've seen yours, I think it's time I show you mine."
"Ya know, when people say that, they're not usually talking about houses."
He chuckled. "Yeah, but we've already played that game. We can play it again later, if you like. #Quote by Sable Grace
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Kevin Spacey
#42. Why is 'Game of Thrones' the most pirated show in the history of TV? Because people can't get it fast enough, that's why. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Family Feud Game Show quotes by Megan Alexander
#43. During the game, we never sit down. Not only is there action on the field, but we also have to cover the half-time show and interview all the celebrities attending. But once it's all over, it's a pretty satisfying feeling. My team and I love delivering an exciting and all-encompassing story the next day for our viewers. We want them to see and experience all that we did. #Quote by Megan Alexander

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