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Family Dispute quotes by Gerry Anderson
#1. My dementia hasn't just affected me - it's affected my friends and family, too. #Quote by Gerry Anderson
Family Dispute quotes by Armie Hammer
#2. I love art. I used to have a painting of Gorbachev that was given to my family by Gorbachev. #Quote by Armie Hammer
Family Dispute quotes by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
#3. My nation is my family, and a family is the basis of my inner being, the solid ground on which I stand. If a family breaks from the inside, it leads to the complete destruction. I have a mission… Whenever my nation, my family, needs me, I shall be there. #Quote by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Family Dispute quotes by Sarah Mlynowski
#4. In 'Bras & Broomsticks,' Rachel Weinstein gets the shock of her life when she discovers that her mom and her younger sister, Miri, are both ... witches! In 'Frogs & French Kisses,' Rachel and her witchy family are back - Miri is busy zapping up ways to save the world, while Mom has gone boy crazy and become a magicaholic. #Quote by Sarah Mlynowski
Family Dispute quotes by Maya Angelou
#5. The autobiographer looks at life through the lens of his or her own life and really uses herself or himself as the jumping-off place to examine the social mores and the economic and political climates. In a way, the autobiography becomes history as well as the story of one person, for it becomes the story of a family or the story of the state or nation. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Family Dispute quotes by RonaldSaperpc
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Family Dispute quotes by Lupe Fiasco
#7. People don't understand that where I come from, everyone is either a convict, been in jail, been in a gang, is a hooligan of some sorts, but those are my brothers, my family and the people that I travel with. Those are the people that I roll with. #Quote by Lupe Fiasco
Family Dispute quotes by Diane Greene
#8. Creating traditions in the blended family promote unity and a sense of belonging. #Quote by Diane Greene
Family Dispute quotes by Charlotte Raine
#9. People let you down. That includes family. #Quote by Charlotte Raine
Family Dispute quotes by Studs Terkel
#10. I'll never forget one of the first families I visited. The father was a railroad man who had lost his job. I was told by my supervisor that I really had to see the poverty. If the family needed clothing, I was to investigate how much clothing they had at hand. So I looked into this man's closet - (pauses, it becomes difficult) - he was a tall, gray-haired man, though not terribly old. He let me look in the closet - he was so insulted. (She weeps angrily.) He said, "Why are you doing this?" I remember his feeling of humiliation . . . this terrible humiliation. (She can't continue. After a pause, she resumes.) He said, "I really haven't anything to hide, but if you really must look into it. . .." I could see he was very proud. He was so deeply humiliated. And I was, too. . .. #Quote by Studs Terkel
Family Dispute quotes by Simon Hoggart
#11. When you visit a foreign city you are in it, but not of it, separated by a glass wall. Once, while a student, I was getting dressed in my ground-floor room when a family of Italians crossed the grass to watch, as if I were laid on for their amusement and instruction. #Quote by Simon Hoggart
Family Dispute quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#12. EUCHARIST, n. A sacred feast of the religious sect of Theophagi. A dispute once unhappily arose among the members of this sect as to what it was that they ate. In this controversy some five hundred thousand have already been slain, and the question is still unsettled. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Family Dispute quotes by Park Geun-hye
#13. I have no child to inherit my properties. You, the people, are my only family, and to make you happy is the reason I do politics. #Quote by Park Geun-hye
Family Dispute quotes by Frank Turner
#14. Oh maturity's a wrapped up package deal so it seems
And ditching teenage fantasy means ditching all your dreams
All your friends and peers and family solemnly tell you you will
Have to grow up be an adult yeah be bored and unfulfilled
Oh when no ones yet explained to me exactly what's so great
About slaving 50 years away on something that you hate, about meekly shuffling down the path of mediocrity
Well if that's your road then take it but it's not the road for me. #Quote by Frank Turner
Family Dispute quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#15. Not entirely fair?" His voice became that of the inferno: a rushing, booming howl of icy evil that flew around the great cavern, as swift and cold as the Wendigo on skates. "I am Satan, also called Lucifer the Light Bearer ... "
Cabal winced. What was it about devils that they always had to give you their whole family history?
"I was cast down from the presence of God himself into this dark, sulfurous pit and condemned to spend eternity here-"
"Have you tried saying sorry?" interrupted Cabal.
"No, I haven't! I was sent down for a sin of pride. It rather undermines my position if I say 'sorry'! #Quote by Jonathan L. Howard
Family Dispute quotes by Sarah Josepha Hale
#16. Nor need we power or splendor, wide hall or lordly dome;
The good, the true, the tender - these form the wealth of home. #Quote by Sarah Josepha Hale
Family Dispute quotes by Gregory R. Reid
#17. If you're more concerned about our reputation than about me, then I'll just withdraw and not have a family anymore. p.32 #Quote by Gregory R. Reid
Family Dispute quotes by Katharina Manassis
#18. Thus, his school performance would now be affected by a combination of inattention, anxiety, family disorganization, and motivational factors, resulting in further deterioration. #Quote by Katharina Manassis
Family Dispute quotes by David Kuo
#19. It was the bitterest irony; I came to Washington to fight for "the family" and destroyed mine in the process. #Quote by David Kuo
Family Dispute quotes by Des Hanafin
#20. Prince Charles is the only member of the Royal Family who ever left Cinderella for the Ugly Duckling. #Quote by Des Hanafin
Family Dispute quotes by Jennifer Hudson
#21. My family always says my voice is a gift - a precious jewel I inherited from my maternal grandma, Julia Kate Hudson. My sister and I used to joke that the 'Kates' in our family got all the talent. #Quote by Jennifer Hudson
Family Dispute quotes by Mary Antin
#22. Had I been brought to America a few years earlier, I might have written that in such and such a year my father emigrated, just as I would state what he did for a living, as a matter of family history. Happening when it did, the emigration became of the most vital importance to me personally. All the processes of uprooting, transportation, replanting, acclimatization, and development took place in my own soul. I felt the pang, the fear, the wonder, and the joy of it. I can never forget, for I bear the scars. But I want to forget - sometimes I long to forget. #Quote by Mary Antin
Family Dispute quotes by Joe Hill
#23. Eighteen and stupid happens to everyone, I guess. If you survive it, it's probably half luck, and half having the right people in your life to watch out for you. #Quote by Joe Hill
Family Dispute quotes by William J. Clinton
#24. The Reagan-Bush years have exalted private gain over public obligation, special interests over the common good, wealth and fame over work and family. The 1980s ushered in a Gilded Age of greed and selfishness, of irresponsibility and excess, and of neglect. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Family Dispute quotes by Henry R. Van Til
#25. The family is the simplest and smallest unit of society and the real fountain of culture. If this fountain remains pure, man's culture has promise. But if it becomes polluted, all the rest will turn to dust and ashes, since the home is the foundation of the entire social structure. #Quote by Henry R. Van Til
Family Dispute quotes by Niklas Luhmann
#26. But within the framework of an ideology such pluralism cannot be so enlarged as to incorporate into the political system and submit to political arbitration radical structural conflicts between family life and economic development, religión and culture, personality and the need for governmental administration, or between the expected motives of agents and the methods of recruiting. In such States, political pluralism remains on a technical and instrumental level; the problem-solving capacity of the political system is built on the premise that, in the last analysis, all critical problems can be reduced to economic problems. For this reason (and because of the political ideologization of all publíc life) limits are set to the level of complexity such a society can reach. #Quote by Niklas Luhmann
Family Dispute quotes by Matt Dillon
#27. There were six kids in our family, and I grew up fast. I had to do a lot of things on my own. I was a rebellious teenager. That's why coming into the film business was good for me because it gave me some discipline. Once I became an actor, I had to grow up a little more. #Quote by Matt Dillon
Family Dispute quotes by Ron Currie Jr.
#28. Over the years Amy's family has become a cascade of domestic abuse: her father beat on her brother, who grew big and furious and beat on her mother, who had no one but Amy to vent her anger on. Based on this pattern, you'd think that if there were someone in the family after Amy, that someone would do well to take karate classes, or hit the weights. #Quote by Ron Currie Jr.
Family Dispute quotes by Sarah Vowell
#29. I swear on Peter Stuyvesant's peg leg that the country that became the U.S. bears a closer family resemblance to the devil-may-care merchants of New Amsterdam than it does to Boston's communitarian English majors. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Family Dispute quotes by Bill Cosby
#30. I didn't like what was on TV in terms of sitcoms-it had nothing to do with the color of them-I just didn't like any of them. I saw little kids, let's say 6 or 7 years old, white kids, black kids. And the way they were addressing the father or the mother, the writers had turned things around, so the little children were smarter than the parent or the caregiver. They were just not funny to me. I felt that it was manipulative and the audience was looking at something that had no responsibility to the family. #Quote by Bill Cosby
Family Dispute quotes by Picabo Street
#31. There are times everyone needs to be together for me and we all just work together; making sure that my energy is good and right when I go do what I'm going to do. That means the family needs to spend time together. #Quote by Picabo Street

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