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False Promise quotes by Barbara Mertz
#1. Spring is always cruel, with its false promise of resurrection ... #Quote by Barbara Mertz
False Promise quotes by Richard Engel
#2. ...if the United States never intended to help, it shouldn't have built up the expectation. The false promise of help was cruel and inexcusable and it would only get worse over time. If a man is drowning and a boat drives past in the distance, the man accepts his death and goes down quietly. If a man is drowning and a boat pulls up beside him, dangles a life jacket, tells the world he wants to help, but then doesn't throw the life jacket, the drowning man dies crying and his family might take a blood oath to take revenge on the boat's crew. This type of anger was already starting to build in Syria and al-Qaeda would capitalize on it. #Quote by Richard Engel
False Promise quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#3. Since man always remains free and since his freedom is always fragile, the kingdom of good will never be definitively established in this world. Anyone who promises the better world that is guaranteed to last forever is making a false promise; he is overlooking human freedom. Freedom must be constantly won over for the cause of good. Free assent to the good never exists simply by itself. If there were structures which could irrevocably guarantee a determined and good state of the world, man's freedom would be denied, and hence they would not be good structures at all. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
False Promise quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#4. One of the main reasons and excuses behind every religious failure is a" FALSE PROMISE". #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
False Promise quotes by Nel Noddings
#5. The Great Stone at the center of the Somme memorial has this inscription: "Their name liveth for evermore." The memorial contains 73,077 names, the names of young men who were robbed of life. Note that we often say that they gave their lives, but of course, this is not true; their lives were taken from them. It is not outrageous to consider the carving of their names and the false promise of "evermore" another act of violence. #Quote by Nel Noddings
False Promise quotes by Wayne LaPierre
#6. We've witnessed a fire sale of American liberties at bargain basement prices, in return for the false promise of more security ... The America being designed right now won't resemble the America we've been defending ... The danger isn't that Big Brother may storm the castle gates. The danger is that Americans don't realize that he is already inside the castle walls. #Quote by Wayne LaPierre
False Promise quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#7. Allow a friend to believe in a bogus prospectus or a false promise and you cease, after a short while, to be a friend at all. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
False Promise quotes by Neil Young
#8. The interstate seems to stretch for miles in a straight line as the fields and farms give way to a more barren landscape. Loneliness has been good to me' is playing on my personal radio where I hear songs before I write them, and I wonder if this is just another mirage I will forget or if this will become a real song. It has been a long time since I've written a song, and the visits from the muse seem to be lessened by something. I still keep my faith that the muse knows best and whn I am ready the inspiration will be there. I am trying not to look too ready. I know that just invites false promise. #Quote by Neil Young
False Promise quotes by Theodore J. Forstmann
#9. In a state-run society the government promises you security. But it's a false promise predicated on the idea that the opposite of security is risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. The opposite of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take risks. The gentle government that promises to hold your hand as you cross the street refuses to let go on the other side. #Quote by Theodore J. Forstmann
False Promise quotes by Aleatha Romig
#10. Hope was nothing but a vindictive bastard that took up residence inside and gave a false promise of something outside of your control. #Quote by Aleatha Romig
False Promise quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#11. your one true promise can make someone's life beautiful , in the same way your one false promise can destroy someone's life
So make sure yourself about your promise before make sure someone other that you will keep stand on your words. #Quote by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
False Promise quotes by Barry  Lopez
#12. During the brief summer (in Antarctica), it is warm enough for a few days or weeks to create meltwater; a few, inconsequential streams tumble down from the glaciers above the valleys. The sparking surface of the water is aberrant, a false promise, the land's irony. The only really animate force here is the wind. It blows, always, from the interior, from the west- often, in the spring, at well over sixty knots. It wallops and scours the mountains, eroding and fracturing, sweeping clear the debris… the wind, a katabatic or gravity-driven wind, enters the valleys after falling vertically nearing two miles from the summit of the East Antarctic ice sheet; it comes into the valleys with a discernible hunger, and its effect on the land, which it abrades an lacerates with bits of sand and ice are often peculiar #Quote by Barry Lopez
False Promise quotes by Kent Dunnington
#13. Addiction is-like all sin-a form of idolatry because it elevates some proximate good to the status of ultimate good, a status that belongs to God alone. But addiction is uniquely alluring, uniquely captivating and uniquely powerful because its object comes so close to making good on its false promise to be God. #Quote by Kent Dunnington
False Promise quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#14. Having confronted the world with little except a battered typewriter and a certain resilience, he can now take posthumous credit for having got the three great questions of the 20th century essentially 'right.' Orwell was an early and consistent foe of European imperialism, and foresaw the end of colonial rule. He was one of the first to volunteer to bear arms against fascism and Nazism in Spain. And, while he was soldiering in Catalonia, he saw through the biggest and most seductive lie of them all - the false promise of a radiant future offered by the intellectual underlings of Stalinism. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
False Promise quotes by Elaine Sciolino
#15. Massoumeh Ebtekar is the highest-ranking woman in Iran's government, a symbol of President Mohammed Khatami's promise to promote women into high-profile positions. #Quote by Elaine Sciolino
False Promise quotes by Michael Richardson
#16. Surrealism also refuses the representation of reality: reality can only be; its existence proves its reality. Fiction thereby becomes impossible or is, by definition, false. #Quote by Michael Richardson
False Promise quotes by Daniel H. Pink
#17. Next time you're selling yourself, don't fixate only on what you achieved yesterday. Also emphasize the promise of what you could accomplish tomorrow. - 141 #Quote by Daniel H. Pink
False Promise quotes by Roger Wolcott Sperry
#18. The new way of thinking, spawned by the cognitive revolution, shows strong promise ... Reversing previous doctrine in science, the new paradigm affirms that the world we live in is driven not solely by mindless physical forces but, more crucially, by subjective human values. Human values become the underlying key to world change. #Quote by Roger Wolcott Sperry
False Promise quotes by Pepper Winters
#19. You'll never forget how it feels when I touch you." He pinched me, wrenching a breathy moan from my lips."Never." His teeth graced over my breast. "You'll never forget how it feels when I taste you." I smashed my face into a pillow as he sucked greedily. "Never. I promise. I promise forever. #Quote by Pepper Winters
False Promise quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#20. False greatness is unsociable and remote: conscious of its own frailty, it hides, or at least averts its face, and reveals itself only enough to create an illusion and not be recognized as the meanness that it really is. True greatness is free, kind, familiar and popular; it lets itself be touched and handled, it loses nothing by being seen at close quarters; the better one knows it, the more one admires it. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
False Promise quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#21. I've never regretted doing anything in my life as much as I've regretted not doing it. There were a few times when in my heart I knew the right thing to do, but I listened to other people, or I didn't have the guts, or it didn't make sense, or I don't know. ... There was some false voice inside posing as logic when it was really just my own fear talking. The times I didn't stay true, didn't stay congruent, I paid the price. #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
False Promise quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
#22. As the films of clay are removed from our eyes, Death loses the false aspect of the spectre, and we fall at last into its arms as a wearied child upon the bosom of its mother. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
False Promise quotes by Robert W. Service
#23. A promise made is a debt unpaid #Quote by Robert W. Service
False Promise quotes by Debra Anastasia
#24. I promise you, Cole Bridge, that in honor of the little child you once were, I will never forget that JB is a gift from God. I will honor his unique, gorgeous person with enough love for both him and the memory of a little boy who deserved so much more than he got, for as long as I live and beyond."
She kissed his lips.
He held her close and kissed her hard, her tears salty on both of their lips. "You are so much. I have no words."
"I know," she said. "I feel that way about you too. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
False Promise quotes by Erasmus
#25. But I am well aware of the excuse which men, ever ingenious in devising mischief to themselves as well as others, offer in extenuation of their conduct in going to war. They allege, that they are compelled to it; that they are dragged against their will to war. I answer them, deal fairly; pull off the mask; throw away all false colours; consult your own heart, and you will find that anger, ambition, and folly are the compulsory force that has dragged you to war, and not any necessity; unless indeed you call the insatiable cravings of a covetous mind, necessity" ` The Complaint of Peace #Quote by Erasmus
False Promise quotes by Elizabeth Lesser
#26. The great loneliness- like the loneliness a caterpillar endures when she wraps herself in a silky shroud and begins the long transformation from chrysalis to butterfly. It seems we too must go through such a time, when life as we have known it is over- when being a caterpillar feels somehow false and yet we don't know who we are supposed to become. All we know is that something bigger is calling us to change. And though we must make the journey alone, and even if suffering is our only companion, soon enough we will become a butterfly, soon enough we will taste the rapture of being alive. #Quote by Elizabeth Lesser
False Promise quotes by Moira Young
#27. Whatever's broke, he says, I can fix it. I'll fix it all. I promise. #Quote by Moira Young
False Promise quotes by Martin Amis
#28. If what we're doing is good, why does it smell so lancingly bad? On the ramp at night, why do we feel the ungainsayable need to get so brutishly drunk? Why did we make the meadow churn and spit? The flies as fat as blackberries, the vermin, the diseases, ach, scheusslich, schmierig - why? Why do rats fetch 5 bread rations per cob? Why did the lunatics, and only the lunatics, seem to like it here? Why, here, do conception and gestation promise not new life but certain death for both woman and child? Ach, why all der Dreck, der Sumpf, der Schleim? Why do we turn the snow brown? Why do we do that? Make the snow look like the shit of angels. Why do we do that? #Quote by Martin Amis
False Promise quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#29. Haven't we all heard some irritating person saying that if so-and-so is elected, then he/she is absolutely definitely leaving the country? There must be some reason why it is mainly liberals who tend to say this, but the chief thing to note about the promise is that it is usually an empty one. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
False Promise quotes by Katharine McGee
#30. You really want to do something for me?" Eris said suddenly, her lovely face turned up to the sun. She closed her eyes. Her lashes fell in thick brushstrokes across her cheeks. "Live, Avery. With or without Atlas, here in New York or on the damned moon, I don't care. Just live, and be happy, since I can't. Promise me that. #Quote by Katharine McGee
False Promise quotes by Victoria Griffith
#31. So it looks like I'll be stuck hugging a photograph."
"I'm sorry," Emma said. "No, that's not true. I'm glad. I want you to miss me desperately."
"I think you'll get your wish," Jimmy said. "When will you come back?"
"Next summer, definitely, whether Dad wants me to come or not. I'll be an independent girl with a college degree. Maybe some paper like the Miami Herald or the LA Times will offer me a job. In the meantime, we have the National Geographic piece to pull together. We can still be a team."
"Be warned that I may come after you."
"If you do, there's something I want you to bring me."
"Sure. Anything," Jimmy said, "as long as it's not some kind of exotic pet. What?"
"This." Emma took Jimmy's face in her hands and looked straight in his eyes. She then placed her lips on his and gave him a kiss. It was a kiss that erased the pain and eradicated the bad memories, a kiss that left nothing but joy and a promise for things to come. #Quote by Victoria Griffith
False Promise quotes by Sherry J. Soule
#32. Quote from BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN – pgs. 86 -87 "A Kiss":

I went to snatch my hand away, but Trent caught my hand in his, startling me. I looked up to see warmth on his face. His smile held the promise of happiness. He scooted closer and held my gaze for a breath, glanced down. He leaned forward, as if he had no control over his actions. I inhaled his nice, soapy-clean scent, and all coherent thought left my head.

His hands gripped my waist and Trent yanked me against him, his mouth covering mine in a deep kiss. The caress of his lips was softer than I'd imagined. An unfamiliar rush of excitement engulfed my senses. My hands wrapped around his neck, fingering his silky tousled hair. His moist lips seared a path from my lips to my neck, igniting a blaze of desire that flooded my skin everywhere his lips and roaming hands touched. Boys had kissed me before, but not like this. Never like this... #Quote by Sherry J. Soule
False Promise quotes by Anne Ursu
#33. Teachers loved to say people had potential; that's what teachers did to keep themselves from getting canned. What were they supposed to say-I'm sorry, your kid has no promise whatsoever? She's utterly mediocre in every way? #Quote by Anne Ursu
False Promise quotes by Sami Yusuf
#34. Our words must count. Hunger will not wait for promises we made. #Quote by Sami Yusuf
False Promise quotes by Jeanne Ryan
#35. The calmness of dawn offers a daily promise that all things will shift back to normal #Quote by Jeanne Ryan
False Promise quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#36. They'll go to jail' said the Captain. 'And they'll stay there until Christmas. Then, if they promise to give up piracy and take an honest job somewhere, they may be allowed to go free. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
False Promise quotes by Gillian McAllister
#37. It's so easy for false thoughts to pass through the net of your mind, not being caught, and to become truths. #Quote by Gillian McAllister
False Promise quotes by Philippa Pearce
#38. The children's writer not only makes a satisfactory connection between [the writer's] present maturity and his past childhood, he also does the same for his child-characters in reverse - makes the connection between their present childhood and their future maturity. That their maturity is never visibly achieved makes no difference; the promise of it is there. #Quote by Philippa Pearce
False Promise quotes by Nicholson Baker
#39. A problem that I have with everything fictional is that writers are always having to come up with sudden artillery explosions in the middle of whatever is going on. The characters are having interesting, subtle interactions, or jealousies, or whatever it is, and suddenly some gigantic angry eruption has to happen, a giant gasp where everyone has to scramble around. That's the point where I'm turned off. I want the dynamic range to be a little smaller. I don't like the big false bangs. #Quote by Nicholson Baker
False Promise quotes by Charles L. Whitfield
#40. The observer self, a part of who we really are, is that part of us that is watching both our false self and our True Self. We might say that it even watches us when we watch. It is our Consciousness, it is the core experience of our Child Within. It thus cannot be watched - at least by anything or any being that we know of on this earth. It transcends our five senses, our co-dependent self and all other lower, though necessary parts, of us.
Adult children may confuse their observer self with a kind of defense they may have used to avoid their Real Self and all of its feelings. One might call this defense "false observer self" since its awareness is clouded. It is unfocused as it "spaces" or "numbs out." It denies and distorts our Child Within, and is often judgmental. #Quote by Charles L. Whitfield
False Promise quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#41. It's not something you can control, Mare," he replies, still standing so far away. "We can't choose who we love. I wish, more than anything, that we could." I feel cracked open. My skin still runs hot from Cal's embrace, remembering the feel of him only moments ago. But in the deepest part of me, in spite of every fiber of my being, I think beyond the clearing, to ice-colored eyes, an empty promise, and a kiss aboard a boat. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
False Promise quotes by D.L. Moody
#42. Then there is another I will in John, sixth chapter, verse forty; it occurs four times in the chapter: "I will raise him up at the last day." I rejoice to think that I have a Savior who has power over death. My blessed Master holds the keys him, and I got more comfort out of that promise "I will raise him up at the last day," than anything else in the Bible. How #Quote by D.L. Moody
False Promise quotes by David Mermin
#43. Contemporary physicists come in two varieties. Type 1 physicists are bothered by EPR and Bell's Theorem. Type 2 (the majority) are not, but one has to distinguish two subvarieties. Type 2a physicists explain why they are not bothered. Their explanations tend either to miss the point entirely (like Born's to Einstein) or to contain physical assertions that can be shown to be false. Type 2b are not bothered and refuse to explain why. #Quote by David Mermin
False Promise quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#44. Assuming that he believes at all, the everyday Christian is a pitiful figure, a man who really cannot count up to three, and who besides, precisely because of his mental incompetence, would not deserve such a punishment as Christianity promises him. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
False Promise quotes by Gyorgy Ligeti
#45. It isn't false modesty when I say this, but although I am supposed to be a famous person it doesn't mean anything to me. I just sit at home and work. #Quote by Gyorgy Ligeti
False Promise quotes by Plutarch
#46. Even so the more a vicious man denies his vice, the more does it insinuate itself and master him: as those people really poor who pretend to be rich get still more poor from their false display. #Quote by Plutarch
False Promise quotes by Rachel Vincent
#47. I signed on for the role of 'boyfriend,' not 'conscience.' If you want wholesome and ethical, you'll have to look elsewhere. But I promise that won't be half as much fun as this is…."

His hand slid down my side and over my hip, and my heart beat faster. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
False Promise quotes by William J. Casey
#48. We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false. #Quote by William J. Casey
False Promise quotes by Stefan Zweig
#49. But don't despise error. When touched by genius, when led by chance, the most superior truth can come into being from even the most foolish error. The important inventions which have been brought about in every realm of science from false hypotheses number in the hundreds, indeed in the thousands. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
False Promise quotes by Antonios Chalkiopoulos
#50. when the first false is returned. The following example will start taking all lines from the pipe until the condition age <= 4 is broken: val takeGroup = kidsPipe.groupAll { group => group.takeWhile('age) { age:Int => age <= 4 } } The syntax of the drop group operation is as follows: group.drop(number) #Quote by Antonios Chalkiopoulos
False Promise quotes by Michelle Alexander
#51. Reagan's promise to enhance the federal government's role in fighting crime was complicated by the fact that fighting street crime has traditionally been the responsibility of state and local law enforcement. After a period of initial confusion and controversy...the Justice Department announced its intention to cut in half the number of specialists assigned to identify and prosecute white collar criminals and to shift its attention to street crime, especially drug-law enforcement. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
False Promise quotes by Jarod Kintz
#52. I'll give you the key to my heart, if you promise not to make duplicates. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
False Promise quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#53. I don't know what to do if I am not inspiring some sort of false fascination. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
False Promise quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#54. When people don't respect one another seldom is there honesty. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
False Promise quotes by Tracy Brogan
#55. But I promise, if you start looking for the best in people, you'll be very surprised at what you find. #Quote by Tracy Brogan
False Promise quotes by Abbi Glines
#56. This is new for me. I'm learning how to have a realtionship with someone other than Ashton. I made a horrible mistake. It was like a relapse. But you," I reached up and tucked the tear dampened hair that had worked its way loose behind her ear. "You touch a place inside of me that Ashton never did. I feel things with you I never felt for her. I loved her for a very long time. I can't help the fact I still want to be there if she needs me. Next time there is a choice to make it will be you I choose first. I can promise you that. #Quote by Abbi Glines
False Promise quotes by Neal Shusterman
#57. Just because the law says it, that doesn't make it true."
"Yeah, well, just because the law says it, it doesn't make it false, either. It's only the law because a whole lot of people thought abou it, and decided it made sense." ( ... )
"But if it weren't for the law, would you still believe it? #Quote by Neal Shusterman
False Promise quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#58. Hush, Sophie. You're beautiful." It was, mostly, a quote from the movie, and it finished Elijah off. Shutting his eyes, he leaned into Baz's touch. "Don't eat my heart, Howl." "Never," Baz vowed, sealing the promise with a kiss. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
False Promise quotes by Khaled Mashal
#59. I bring good tidings to our beloved Prophet Muhammad: Allah's promise and the Prophet's prophecy of our victory in Palestine over the Jews and over the oppressive Zionists has begun to come true. #Quote by Khaled Mashal
False Promise quotes by Osho
#60. Nobody can say anything about you. Whatsoever people say is about themselves. But you become very shaky, because you are still clinging to a false center. That false center depends on others, so you are always looking to what people are saying about you. And you are always following other people, you are always trying to satisfy them. You are always trying to be respectable, you are always trying to decorate your ego. This is suicidal. Rather than being disturbed by what others say, you should start looking inside yourself…

Whenever you are self-conscious you are simply showing that you are not conscious of the self at all. You don't know who you are. If you had known, then there would have been no problem - then you are not seeking opinions. Then you are not worried what others say about you - it is irrelevant!

When you are self-conscious you are in trouble. When you are self-conscious you are really showing symptoms that you don't know who you are. Your very self-consciousness indicates that you have not come home yet. #Quote by Osho

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