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Fakes quotes by Ava Dellaira
#1. Grownups can be such fakes, I thought. They are always acting like they are trying to help you, and like they want to take care of you, but really they just want something from you. #Quote by Ava Dellaira
Fakes quotes by Gilbert Sorrentino
#2. Rapacity plus taste is a formidable combination, since it so often passes for intelligence. One pities the artist in a world of such predators, all of whom are deeply engaged in the arts too. #Quote by Gilbert Sorrentino
Fakes quotes by Cesar Vallejo
#3. The pure and poorly adapted one who crashed against the world of fakes and cheats. #Quote by Cesar Vallejo
Fakes quotes by Martha Gellhorn
#4. All politicians are bores and liars and fakes. I talk to people. #Quote by Martha Gellhorn
Fakes quotes by Wordions
#5. The Sieves of time, filter out the fakes from the real.
Don't look back for them, they were filtered out for
your refinement. #Quote by Wordions
Fakes quotes by Donna Tartt
#6. Well, is true. I did know. Because if possible to paint fakes that look like that? Las Vegas would be the most beautiful city in the history of earth! #Quote by Donna Tartt
Fakes quotes by Me
#7. The world is full of fakes, trust no one. #Quote by Me
Fakes quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#8. She laughs an honest laugh ... one that puts the fakes on edge and makes them dream of being better. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Fakes quotes by Christopher L. Hayes
#9. Imagine a weary sailor coming home to port in the midst of a brutal storm. Along the horizon he sees the burning lights of dozens of lighthouses. And yet he knows from experience that some are so old they've receded miles inland as the shore has grown. Others are simply fakes, put out by sadists and rivals. To be a citizen in these strange times is to perpetually find oneself in that poor sailor's perilous state. We know that danger lurks in the darkness, but we don't know if we have the means to avoid it. #Quote by Christopher L. Hayes
Fakes quotes by Saleem Sharma
#10. The truth about people is that there are more fakes than originals. #Quote by Saleem Sharma
Fakes quotes by Dennis Fakes
#11. Any child can tell you that the sole purpose of a middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble. #Quote by Dennis Fakes
Fakes quotes by Kirtida Gautam
#12. There is a difference between a good society and a society that fakes goodness. #Quote by Kirtida Gautam
Fakes quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#13. According to intelligence contacts of Sauncho's, it had been common CIA practice for a while to put Nixon's face on phony North Vietnamese bills, as part of a scheme to destabilize the enemy currency by airdropping millions of these fakes during routine bombing raids over the north. But Nixonizing U.S. currency this way was not as easily explained, nor sometimes even appreciated. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Fakes quotes by Colleen Hoover
#14. I feel like everyone fakes who they really are, when deep down we're all equal amounts of screwed up. Some of #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Fakes quotes by Osamu Dazai
#15. I am convinced that those people whom the world considers good and respects are all liars and fakes. I do not trust the world. My only ally is the tagged dissolute. The tagged dissolute. That is the only cross on which I wish to be crucified. Though ten thousand people criticize me, I can throw in their teeth my challenge: Are you not all the more dangerous for being without tags? #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Fakes quotes by Leonard Cohen
#16. Out of the thousands who are known or who want to be known as poets, maybe one or two are genuine and the rest are fakes, hanging around the sacred precincts, trying to look like the real thing. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Fakes quotes by Dalton Trumbo
#17. Nobody but the dead know whether all these things people talk about are worth dying for or not. And the dead can't talk. So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead. If a man says death before dishonor he is either a fool or a liar because he doesn't know what death is. He isn't able to judge. He only knows about living. He doesn't know anything about dying. #Quote by Dalton Trumbo
Fakes quotes by Ronald Rolheiser
#18. To be connected with the church is to be associated with scoundrels, warmongers, fakes, child-molesters, murderers, adulterers, and hypocrites of every description. It also, at the same time, identifies you with saints and the finest persons of heroic soul within every time, country, race, and gender. To be a member of the church is to carry the mantle of both the worst sin and the finest heroism of soul ... because the church always looks exactly as it looked at the original crucifixion, God hung among thieves. #Quote by Ronald Rolheiser
Fakes quotes by Drake
#19. Pray the real live forever man. Pray the fakes get exposed. #Quote by Drake
Fakes quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#20. The poet is a faker / Who's so good at his act / He even fakes the pain / Of pain he feels in fact. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Fakes quotes by Fabolous
#21. I keep chicks in my lap, throwing me head fakes! #Quote by Fabolous
Fakes quotes by Michael Chabon
#22. Sooner or later, you will discover which kind of father you are, and at that moment you will, with perfect horror, recognize the type. You are the kind of father who fakes it, who yells, who measures his children with greatest accuracy only against one another, who evades the uncomfortable and glosses over the painful and pads the historic records of his sorrows and accomplishments alike. You are the kind who teases and deceives and toys with his children and subjects them to displays of rich and manifold sarcasm when--as is always the case--sarcasm is the last thing they need. You are the kind of father who pretends knowledge he doesn't possess, and imposes information with implacable gratuitousness, and teaches lessons at the moment when none can be absorbed, and is right, and has always been right, and always will be right until the end of time, and never more than immediately after he has been wrong. And when your daughter's body begins to betray her, and her sky flickers in the distance with the heat lightning of sex, you clear your throat and stroke your chin whiskers and tell her to go ask her mother. You can't help it--you're a walking cliché. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Fakes quotes by Kat Unda
#23. How many secrets you can save?
How many tears you can endure?
How many fakes smiles can give?
When all you want is tell the truth,
shed all tears saved
and stop giving false smiles. #Quote by Kat Unda
Fakes quotes by Philip K. Dick
#24. A Gresham's Law: the fakes would undermine the value of the real. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Fakes quotes by Juan Manuel Marquez
#25. Manny Pacquiao always makes a fake move that I know too well. He fakes a charge forward and then looks like he is going to follow with a one-two. That's a common fake he has. #Quote by Juan Manuel Marquez
Fakes quotes by Darian Leader
#26. Neurotic people often feel as if they are fakes, playing the social game while inwardly despising it, and have a sense of illegitimacy as if they lacked a place in the world. This sense of having a double life creates conflict, yet in as-if cases, there is never a struggle between the "real me" and the social self, as one might expect. It is an identification without conflict. Sometimes, their stiffness and superficiality in social relations may be noticed by other people, and it can give the picture of the commitment-phobe. In fact, the person just knows at some level to stay away from situations that would involve an appeal to the symbolic, those, precisely, where a commitment is involved. #Quote by Darian Leader
Fakes quotes by Laini Taylor
#27. In truth, she had claim to no nationality. Her papers were all forgeries, and her accents -all except one, in her first language, which was not of human origin- were all fakes. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Fakes quotes by Orson Welles
#28. In attempting to explain F For Fake's state-side failure, it has occurred to me that perhaps the subject matter was at least partially to blame, and that this country is so blissfully enslaved by the notion of the special sanctity of the expert that an overtly anti-expert film was bound to go too much against the national grain. #Quote by Orson Welles
Fakes quotes by J.G. Ballard
#29. The dealing rooms were a con, and only the river was real. The money was all on tick, a stream of coded voltages sluicing through concealed conduits under the foreign exchange floors. Facing them across the river were two more fakes, the replica of Shakespeare's Globe, and an old power station made over into a middle class disco – Tate Modern. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Fakes quotes by Lauren Conrad
#30. Hollywood was fine with fakes, but it was most definitely not okay with frauds. #Quote by Lauren Conrad
Fakes quotes by Christopher Morley
#31. THIS SHOP IS HAUNTED by the ghosts
Of all great literature, in hosts;
We sell no fakes or trashes.
Lovers of books are welcome here,
No clerks will babble in your ear,
Please smoke
but don't drop ashes!
Browse as long as you like.
Prices of all books plainly marked.
If you want to ask questions, you'll find the proprietor
where the tobacco smoke is thickest.
We pay cash for books.
We have what you want, though you may not know you want it.
Malnutrition of the reading faculty is a serious thing.
Let us prescribe for you.
By R. & H. MIFFLIN, #Quote by Christopher Morley
Fakes quotes by Osamu Dazai
#32. I have no desire for others to take it on themselves to analyze my thoughts. I am without thoughts. I have never, not even once, acted on the basis of any doctrine or philosophy.I am convinced that those people whom the world considers good and respects are all liars and fakes. I do not trust the world. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Fakes quotes by Nima Davani
#33. When you see the genuine, you don't deal with the fakes anymore. #Quote by Nima Davani
Fakes quotes by Bridget Collins
#34. There's a growing trade in fakes, you know. Does that concern you? He paused, but he didn't seem surprised not to get an answer. I've never seen one - well, as far as I know - but I'm curious. Could one really tell the difference? Novels, they call them. They must be much cheaper to produce. You can copy them, you see. use the same story over and over, and as long as you're careful how you sell them, you can get away with it. It makes one wonder who would write them. People who enjoy imagining misery, I suppose. People who have no scruples about dishonesty. People who can spend days writing a long sad lie without going insane. #Quote by Bridget Collins
Fakes quotes by Arthur Miller
#35. See, Biff, everybody around me is so false that I'm constantly lowering my ideals ... #Quote by Arthur Miller
Fakes quotes by Francis Kurkdjian
#36. The perfumer fakes nature by blending different types of materials to reproduce their scent. #Quote by Francis Kurkdjian
Fakes quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#37. Why didn't you guys dress up?" Lindsey asks.
"We did." Calliope cracks her first smile. "we're dressed as twins."
Lindsey grins back. "Hmm, I see it now. Fraternal or identical?"
"You'd be surprised how many people ask," Cricket says.
"What do you tell them?" Lindsey asks.
"That I have a penis."
Oh God. My cheeks burn as they all burst into laughter. Think about something else, Dolores. ANYTHING else. Cucumbers, Bananas, Zucchini. AHHHH! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I turn my face away from them as Calliope fakes a yakking sound. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Fakes quotes by William Gibson
#38. Science fiction writers aren't fortune tellers. Fortune tellers are fakes. #Quote by William Gibson
Fakes quotes by Ira Kaplan
#39. I think the record-buying public know what they like, and when people are trying to pander to them, I think they know it. They want the genuine article, so if we try to sort of "dumb down" for the mass public, I think they're too smart for that, and would recognize us as fakes. It seems like the bands that do crossover do so really on their own terms, and they just find that their terms just kind of make a big dove-tail with the masses. #Quote by Ira Kaplan
Fakes quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#40. Despite all of our incessant tinkering, we can't manufacture the things we most desperately need. And if perchance we do, they will never be more than pathetically emaciated facsimiles that will leave us emaciated. And until we finally realize that we can only 'find' these things, we will never sense any compulsion to 'find' God. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Fakes quotes by Bo Ryan
#41. Shot fakes and ball fakes work. No one uses more than Wisconsin. It's amazing how many people don't use them #Quote by Bo Ryan
Fakes quotes by Wordions
#42. You never lose Friends.
Real ones will always stay - no matter what
and the fakes, you don't need anyways. #Quote by Wordions
Fakes quotes by John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)
#43. Tell people how it is, be real and be honest.
If you see something wrong make sure you speak up.
Being this way will naturally eliminate the snakes and fakes. #Quote by John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)
Fakes quotes by Charles Bukowski
#44. But it seems that the most beautiful women always go for the most horrible shits, the most obvious fakes. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Fakes quotes by Robert A. Giacalone
#45. We have become a society of fakes, so intent copying the famous that we cannot figure out who we are. #Quote by Robert A. Giacalone
Fakes quotes by Craig Groeschel
#46. The younger generation can smell fakes - Authenticity trumps cool. #Quote by Craig Groeschel
Fakes quotes by Margaret Smith
#47. Multiple Personality Disorder - MPD - is not a game. It's not "acting" to impress anyone. Trust me, survivors do not receive positive attention for being multiple. Anyone who fakes it would be setting themselves up for a lot of rejection. #Quote by Margaret Smith
Fakes quotes by Budd Schulberg
#48. He was one of those magnificent fakes who could overwhelm himself with his own sincerity. #Quote by Budd Schulberg
Fakes quotes by Salman Rushdie
#49. But then the subject turned to the spiritual life and Meg talked about her many visits to ashrams in India and her admiration for Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi. That got in the way, especially because he told her of his skepticism regarding the guru industry, and suggested she might profitably read Gita Mehta's book Karma Cola. "Why are you so cynical?" she asked him, as if she genuinely wanted to know the answer, and he said that if you grew up in India it was easy to conclude that these people were fakes. "Yes, of course there are lots of charlatans," she said, reasonably, "but can't you discriminate?" He shook his head sadly. "No," he said. "No, I can't." That was the end of their chat. #Quote by Salman Rushdie

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