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Faeces quotes by Angela Carter
#1. Excretion is his first concrete production and, through it, the child gains his first experience of labour relations. He may reserve the right to go on excremental strike or to engage in a form of faecal offensive. The excremental faculty is a manipulative device and to be baulked of the free control of it is to be deprived of the first, most elementary, expression of autonomy. #Quote by Angela Carter
Faeces quotes by Alexis Hall
#2. I pulled out a half-used Merchant Gourmet packet from behind a dusty colander. Darian took it from me and peered inside, then flinched back like I'd handed him a box of alligator faeces.
"Ahh, it's dead as well, mate."
"They're not dead. They're
porcini mushrooms. They're supposed to be like that."
"I nevva seen a flat mushroom. That ain't right #Quote by Alexis Hall
Faeces quotes by Sigmund Freud
#3. All neurotics, and many others besides, take exception to the fact that 'inter urinas et faeces nascimur. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Faeces quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#4. Faeces by any other name would smell as gross #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Faeces quotes by Ian C. Esslemont
#5. There is much running of vomit and faeces on board this ship. Please stop adding to it. #Quote by Ian C. Esslemont
Faeces quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#6. Christian worship of Jesus is an idolatry much worse than the Israelites' worship of the golden calf, for the Christians err in saying something holy entered into a woman in that stinking place ... full of faeces and urine, which emits discharge and menstrual blood and serves as a receptacle for men's semen. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Faeces quotes by Ralph Raico
#7. (P170) In his passion to malign moneymaking, Keynes even resorted to calling on psychoanalysis for support. Fascinated like most of the Bloomsbury circle by the work of Sigmund Freud, Keynes valued it above all for the "intuitions" which paralleled his own, especially on the significance of the love of money . In his Treatise on Money, Keynes refers to a passage in a 1908 paper by Freud, in which he writes of the "connections which exist between the complexes of interest in money and of defaecation" and the unconscious "identification of gold with faeces." This psychoanalytical "finding" - by the man Vladimir Nabokov correctly identified as the Viennese Fraud - permitted Keynes to assert that love of money was condemned not only by religion but by "science" as well. #Quote by Ralph Raico
Faeces quotes by M.T. Anderson
#8. The times, the seasons, the signs may have been mythical; but the sufferings were not. I lay in the dark with the breathing of men around me and knew that then, at that selfsame moment, where dawn groped across the sea, my brethren lay bound in ships, one body atop another, smelling of their green wounds and faeces; I knew in dark houses, there was torture, arms held down, firebrands approaching the soft skin of the belly or arm; and still - there is screaming in the night; there is flight; mothers sob for children they shall not see again; girls feel the weight of men atop them; men cry for their wives; boys dangle dead in the barn; and we smoke their sorrow contentedly; and we eat their sorrow; and we wear their sorrow; and wonder how it came so cheap.
It was for this that we labored and fought, risking our very lives. #Quote by M.T. Anderson
Faeces quotes by Robert Higgs
#9. If anarchists are idealists, they may simply be likened to someone who finds himself swimming in a cesspool and, rather than paddling about looking for the area with the least amount of floating faeces, seeks to climb out of the pool completely. #Quote by Robert Higgs
Faeces quotes by Anthony Burgess
#10. There she was, welcoming him in, farting prrrrrrp like ten thousand earthquakes, belching arrrp and og like a million volcanoes, while the whole universe roared with approving laughter. She swung tits like sagging moons at him, drew from black teeth an endless snake of bacon-rind, pelted him with balls of ear-wax and snuffled green snot in his direction. The thrones roared and the powers were helpless. Enderby was suffocated by smells: sulphuretted hydrogren, unwashed armpits, halitosis, faeces, standing urine, putrefying meat - all thrust into his mouth and nostrils in squelchy balls. 'Help,' he tried to call. 'Help help help.' He fell, crawled, crying, 'Help, help.' The black, which was solid laughter and filth, closed on him. He gave one last scream before yielding to it. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Faeces quotes by Colleen McCullough
#11. His sudden and utterly overwhelming panic was over almost before it began; but not quickly enough. In the midst of his brief yet total terror, the King of Pontus shat himself. It went everywhere, solid faeces mixed with what seemed an incredible amount of more liquid bowel contents, a stinking brown mess all over the gold-encrusted purple cloth of his cushion, trickling down the legs of his throne, running down his own legs into the manes of the golden lions upon the flaps of his boots, pooling and plopping on the deck around his feet when he jumped up. And there was nowhere to go! He could not conceal it from the amazed eyes of his attendants and officers, he could not conceal it from the sailors below amidships who had looked up instinctively to make sure their King was safe. #Quote by Colleen McCullough

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