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Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Vanessa Place
#1. Myles P. doesn't resist, he sinks down and down, letting the sound of Willard's lisp close over him light as a foaming wave and he drifts gently down, without a gurgle, past the floating beds of giant kelp and the abalone-eating otters, the unschooled senoritas and egg-filled cabezon, he thinks he might touch his toes to the bottom when he gets there and wonders if it will be mud or just more cement.

'Meaning other animals, shoot, soon as the young's able to hunt or run, mother takes off and dad's eyeing the offsprung for dinner. But we can't let ours be, colic to college, we're constantly wiping their little booger'd noses, dolling out free dough and freer advice, thinking they'll powder our own asses later in the home. But a baby's just a for-instance, fact is, others never tender the way you do. Species'd peter, rent'd come due.' Willard goes to Hiro, 'The punchline, my friend, is giving without wanting's the trick once you've managed that, you've partly pierced heaven a bunghole, but it's a pure penniless instigation that you ain't got 'n ain't gonna get got, 'n ain't gonna get it, not on no roadfuckingtrip.'

'Meaning?' says Hiro

'Meaning love's all true. #Quote by Vanessa Place
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Becca Andre
#2. That's it?"
He smiled. "That's it, unless you'd like to meet again sometime. Perhaps we could haggle over a dinner plate or a piece of cutlery."
The heat rose in my cheeks. "I figured you'd suggest a whole place setting."
He leaned against the counter eying me. "I'd like that."
I was pretty sure I would, too. #Quote by Becca Andre
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Cassandra Clare
#3. Tessa exploded "I am not asking you to maul me in the Whispering Gallery! By the Angel, Will, would you stop being so polite?!"
He looked at her in amazement. "But wouldn't you rather-"
"I would not rather. I don't want you to be polite! I want you to be Will! I don't want you to indicate points of architectural interest to me as if you were a Baedecker guide! I want you to say dreadfully mad, funny things, and make up songs and be-" The Will I fell in love with, she almost said. "And be Will," she finished instead. "Or I shall strike you with my umbrella."
"I am trying to court you," Will said in exasperation. "Court you properly. That's what all this has been about. You know that, don't you?"
"Mr. Rochester never courted Jane Eyre," Tessa pointed out.
"No, he dressed up as a woman and terrified the poor girl out of her wits. Is that what you want?"
"You would make a very ugly woman."
"I would not. I would be stunning."
Tessa laughed. "There," she said. "There is Will. Isn't that better? Don't you think so?"
"I don't know," Will said, eyeing her. I'm afraid to answer that. I've heard that when I speak, it makes American women wish to strike me with umbrellas."
Tessa laughed again, and then they were both laughing, their smothered giggles bouncing off the walls of the Whispering Gallery. After that, things were decidedly easier between them, and Will's smile when he helped her down from the carriage on their return home, was b #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Sylvia Plath
#4. There is a charge For the eyeing of my scars, there is a charge For the hearing of my heart - It really goes. And there is a charge, a very large charge, For a word or a touch Or a bit of blood Or a piece of my hair or my clothes. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Anna Banks
#5. You're sure you want to do this," Galen says, eyeing me like I've grown a tiara of snakes on my head.
"Absolutely." I unstrap the four-hundred-dollar silver heels and spike them into the sand. When he starts unraveling his tie, I throw out my hand. "No! Leave it. Leave everything on."
Galen frowns. "Rachel would kill us both. In our sleep. She would torture us first."
"This is our prom night. Rachel would want us to enjoy ourselves." I pull the thousand-or-so bobby pins from my hair and toss them in the sand. Really, both of us are right. She would want us to be happy. But she would also want us to stay in our designer clothes.
Leaning over, I shake my head like a wet dog, dispelling the magic of hairspray. Tossing my hair back, I look at Galen.
His crooked smile almost melts me where I stand. I'm just glad to see a smile on his face at all. The last six months have been rough. "Your mother will want pictures," he tells me.
"And what will she do with pictures? There aren't exactly picture frames in the Royal Caverns." Mom's decision to mate with Grom and live as his queen didn't surprise me. After all, I am eighteen years old, an adult, and can take care of myself. Besides, she's just a swim away.
"She keeps picture frames at her house though. She could still enjoy them while she and Grom come to shore to-"
"Okay, ew. Don't say it. That's where I draw the line."
Galen laughs and takes off his shoes. I forget all about Mom and Grom #Quote by Anna Banks
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Mario Livio
#6. One of Lindon's amusing word-unit palindromes reads: "Girl, bathing on Bikini, eyeing boy, finds boy eyeing bikini on bathing girl." Other palindromes are symmetric with respect to back-to-front reading letter by letter-"Able was I ere I saw Elba" (attributed jokingly to Napoleon), or the title of a famous NOVA program: "A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama. #Quote by Mario Livio
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by John Halstead
#7. The heron must be used to people, and yet it never lets you get too close. Draw parallel to it with the width of one of the marsh's holding ponds between you, and it will duck its head, eyeing you with suspicion, then fly. I cannot approach the heron, certainly could never touch it; I can only look for it, entranced.
This is how I understand the divine, and why I continue to seek it in the resolutely non-human world, with which we nonetheless recognize a numinous kinship. Sometimes, it will turn and lock eyes with you, lifting you out of yourself, changing everything. Other times, it will give you the side-eye and swoop away, leaving you longing for retreating beauty. You might not see it every single time you go looking, or where you expect to find it. No matter how common the experience, every time you stumble across mystery, or independent wild being, it is a surprise and a miracle. And every day, you can look." - Sara Amis, "A Daily Heron #Quote by John Halstead
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Georgette Heyer
#8. After eyeing her for a moment or two, he said: 'If you let this chance of achieving a respectable alliance slip, you are a bigger fool than I take you for, Hester!' Her eyes came round to his face, a smile quivered for an instant on her lips. 'No, how could that be, Papa? #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#9. She sat at her dressing table, eyeing her reflection warily. Her hair was loose, spilling over her shoulders, a few shades darker than the dress. She gathered a handful and began to braid.
"I hear you're going to the ball tonight."
Kestrel glanced in the mirror to see Arin standing behind her. Then she focused on her own shadowed eyes. "You're not allowed in here," Kestrel said. She didn't look again at him, but sensed him waiting. She realized that she was waiting, too--waiting for the will to send him away.
She sighed and continued to braid.
He said, "It's not a good idea for you to attend the ball."
"I hardly think you're in a position to advise me on what I should or shouldn't do." She glanced back at his reflection. His face frayed her already sheer nerves. The braid slipped from her fingers and unraveled. "What?" she snapped. "Does this amuse you?"
The corner of his mouth lifted, and Arin looked like himself, like the person she had grown to know since summer's end. "'Amuse' isn't the right word."
Heavy locks fell forward to curtain her face. "Lirah usually does my hair," she muttered. She heard Arin inhale as if to speak, but he didn't.
Then, quietly, he said, "I could do it."
"I could braid your hair."
Kestrel's pulse bit at her throat. She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything he had crossed the room and swept her hair into his hands. His fingers began to move. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Grace Draven
#10. He's enchanted with you, I think."

"He's annoying," Anhuset said on a growl. "And human." As if nothing could be more repulsive.

"I'm human." Ildiko pressed her lips together to hold back her laughter at the glare she received.

"You aren't winking at me or staring at my arse every time I walk past."

"Oh ho, you noticed that, did you?" Ildiko chose not to mention that she'd caught Anhuset eyeing Serovek's admittedly attractive backside more than a few times in return.

Anhuset gave a disgusted snort. "Brishen with both eyes patched would notice. His Lordship isn't exactly subtle. #Quote by Grace Draven
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Devon Ashley
#11. Eyeing me playfully, he tossed a rock back and forth between his hands. Was that an accident, or do you have a wet t-shirt competition you need me to get you ready for? #Quote by Devon Ashley
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Katee Robert
#12. She never thought she'd be into sex that was so overwhelming and desperate, but after that night on the dining room table she started eyeing his furniture in a whole new way. Would he take her on the couch in the formal living room? Or how about the kitchen counter? Maybe his wonderful shower with no less than three showerheads? It made her hot all over just thinking about it. #Quote by Katee Robert
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Eric Weiner
#13. Rule number one: wear loose clothing.

No Problem.

Rule number two: no alcohol for the next three days.

Slight problem. I'll miss my evening glass of wine but figure I can go for three days without and compensate later.

And the last rule: absolutely no coffee or tea or caffeine of any kind.

Big problem. This rule hits me like a sucker punch and sure would have knocked me to the floor had I not been sitting there already. I'm eying the exits, plotting my escape. I knew enlightenment came at a price, but i had no idea the price was this steep. A sense of real panic sets in. How am I going to survive for the next seventy-two hours without a single cup of coffee? #Quote by Eric Weiner
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by A.J. Finn
#14. I pause in the doorway of the master bath, eyeing the shower the way one might appraise a painting at a gallery; not for me, I decide, or at least not today. #Quote by A.J. Finn
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#15. As he returned to the bed, he could see Vallant eyeing him warily, but he ignored this, sat on the opposite end and braced the pad on his knee.
You think after all that, I will leave? What sort of monster do you take me for? You think I could be that callous? No better than the piece of filth who used you, nor the soulless fiend who sold you?
He ripped off the page and handed it over, but he began a second note even before Vallant had taken the first from his hand.
Is this bastard still alive? I assume not, that Rodger had him strangled? He had to pause, forcing his grip on the pencil to lighten before he went on. I want his name, if he isn't already dispatched. I'm not without resources or influence. And I'm very difficult to prosecute. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Laura Miller
#16. Girls are treasures, son." He points the key at me while eyeing me from over the top of his glasses. "And when one gives you somethin', it's like she's givin' you a piece of her treasure. #Quote by Laura Miller
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Alan W. Watts
#17. I know, then, that after I die other bodies, other eyeings, will be born. But this is really the same thing as saying that after I die I will again awake as a baby - any baby, but only one - just as I did before but without remembering the previous trip. For anyone who argues that after death there will be nothingness forever is really saying that when he dies the universe will cease to be. But we know that it goes on after people die, and that because it does the eyeing it is really more my self than this particular body. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Mark Twain
#18. Tom felt that it was time to wake up; this sort of life might be romantic enough, in his blighted condition, but it was getting to have too little sentiment and too much distracting variety about it. So he thought over various plans for relief, and finally hit pon that of professing to be fond of Pain-killer. He asked for it so often that he became a nuisance, and his aunt ended by telling him to help himself and quit bothering her. If it had been Sid, she would have had no misgivings to alloy her delight; but since it was Tom, she watched the bottle clandestinely. She found that the medicine did really diminish, but it did not occur to her that the boy was mending the health of a crack in the sitting-room floor with it.

One day Tom was in the act of dosing the crack when his aunt's yellow cat came along, purring, eying the teaspoon avariciously, and begging for a taste. Tom said:

"Don't ask for it unless you want it, Peter."

But Peter signified that he did want it.

"You better make sure."

Peter was sure.

"Now you've asked for it, and I'll give it to you, because there ain't anything mean about me; but if you find you don't like it, you mustn't blame anybody but your own self."

Peter was agreeable. So Tom pried his mouth open and poured down the Pain-killer. Peter sprang a couple of yards in the air, and then delivered a war-whoop and set off round and round the room, banging against furniture, upset #Quote by Mark Twain
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Kimberly Derting
#19. Chelsea, of course, was the first one to speak up. "Okay, am I the only one who noticed how gi-mungous Mimi Nichols's dress makes her ass look? Of course, you can barely notice it since her freakishly giant boobs are practically hanging out the top of it." Chelsea glanced at Jules and grinned. "No offense, of course," she offered, raising her eyebrows at Jules's chest.
Claire giggled, and Jules wrinkled up her face in disgust at Chelsea's teasing barb. "You're just jealous," she retorted, eyeing Chelsea's chest in return.
"Touche, Jules. Touche!" Chelsea admitted.
Claire wanted so badly to join in on the catty conversation, but she was terrible at finding other people's flaws . . . at least intentionally. Still, she gave it her best shot. "And what about Jennifer Cummings?" she asked accusingly, trying to mimic one of Chelsea's cutting looks.
They looked around at one another, wondering what it was that they weren't getting. Chelsea was the only one brave enough to ask, "What about her, Claire?"
"She does not even look kind of cute!" Claire stated, her face a mask of mock horror.
They all stared at her, not sure what to say.
And then once again, of course, it was Chelsea who broke the stunned silence. "I swear, Claire-bear, I am going to call your mom and tell her you need to start riding the short bus. You really need to start practicing your bitchy comments. What are you gonna do when we're not here to get your back?"
Claire rolled he #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Grace Burrowes
#20. That is a very different sort of housekeeper you have there," Val said, when the library door had closed behind her. "I know." Westhaven made a sandwich and checked again to make sure his brother hadn't pilfered the marzipan. "She's a little cheeky, to be honest, but does her job with particular enthusiasm. She puts me in mind of Her Grace." "How so?" Val asked, making a sandwich, as well. "Has an indomitable quality about her," Westhaven said between bites. "She bashed me with a poker when she thought I was a caller molesting a housemaid. Put out my lights, thank you very much." "Heavens." Val paused in his chewing. "You didn't summon the watch?" "The appearances were deceiving, and she doesn't know I'd never trifle with a housemaid." "And if you were of a mind to before," Val said, eyeing the marzipan, "you'd sure as hell think twice about it now. #Quote by Grace Burrowes
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Sharon Olds
#21. Free Shoes

The pairs of shoes stand in rows,
polished and jet, like coffins for small pets,
lined with off-white. Evacuated children
sit in rows eyeing the pairs, child after
child after child, no parents
anywhere near. When it's their turn,
they get a pair of new shoes
and the old ones are taken away.

Of course it is kind of the nice people
to give them the shoes. Of course it is better
to be here in the country, not there where the buildings
explode and hurl down pieces of children.
Of course, of course. This life that has been
given them like a task! This life, this
black bright narrow unbroken-in shoe. #Quote by Sharon Olds
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Penelope Douglas
#22. This isn't high school," I said, eyeing him playfully. "You're way out of your depth. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Cora Carmack
#23. Are you waiting for an invitation?" I asked, eyeing him standing carefully outside my door. "Is this the part where you tell me you're a vampire?" He chuckled. "No, I promise the paleness is only because I'm British. #Quote by Cora Carmack
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Judith McNaught
#24. She had not wanted to come, and now that she was there, she was still praying for deliverance.
"Aunt Berta!" she said forcefully as the front door of the great, rambling house was swung open. The butler stepped aside, and footmen hurried forward. "Aunt Berta!" she said urgently, and in desperation Elizabeth reached for the maid's tightly clenched eyelid. She pried it open and looked straight into a frightened brown orb. "Please do not do this to me, Berta. I'm counting on you to act like an aunt, not a timid mouse. They're almost upon us."
Berta nodded, swallowed, and straightened in her seat, then she smoothed her black bombazine skirts.
"How do I look?" Elizabeth whispered urgently.
"Dreadful," said Berta, eyeing the severe, high-necked black linen gown Elizabeth had carefully chosen to wear at this, her first meeting with the prospective husband whom Alexandra had described as a lecherous old roué. To add to her nunlike appearance, Elizabeth's hair was scraped back off her face, pinned into a bun a la Lucida, and covered with a short veil. Around her neck she wore the only piece of "jewelry" she intended to wear for as long as she was here-a large, ugly iron crucifix she'd borrowed from the family chapel.
"Completely dreadful, milady," Berta added with more strength to her voice. Ever since Robert's disappearance, Berta had elected to address Elizabeth as her mistress instead of in the more familiar ways she'd used before.
"Excellent," Elizabe #Quote by Judith McNaught
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#25. It was a brave city, she decided, eyeing them. Brave in its other sense; not courageous, so much as outstanding, commanding. It was too nice a town to die in. Though it had no honeysuckle vines and no balconies and no guitars, it was meant for love. For living and for love, and the two were inseparable; one didn't come without the other.
("Too Nice A Day To Die") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by James Abel
#26. It was funny, I thought, eyeing the Chinese and English logos on the crates, the names of the companies that supplied both countries, funny because our weapons to kill each other were different. But our medicines to save lives were the same. #Quote by James Abel
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Jennifer Egan
#27. See," Sasha muttered, eyeing the sun. "It's mine. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Roger Ebert
#28. And the sexes eyeing each other uneasily, for nothing is easier for a teenager to imagine than rejection. #Quote by Roger Ebert
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Joseph Heller
#29. The soldier who saw everything twice nodded weakly and sank back on his bed. Yossarian nodded weakly too, eyeing his talented roommate with great humility and admiration. He knew he was in the presence of a master. His talented roommate was obviously a person to be studied and emulated. During the night, his talented roommate died, and Yossarian decided that he had followed him far enough. #Quote by Joseph Heller
Eying Or Eyeing quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#30. Vik?"
The little metallic bird postured on the windowsill, eyeing him coldly. Vik's paint was iridescent and glossed-something the mecha had never liked, since he said it made him look like a girlie bird. "I'm surprised you remember my name." Vik paused before he added an acerbic, "Asshole."
Syn laughed as he rolled away from Shahara. "You prickly little shit, get over here."
Vik swooped in to land between the two of them on the bed. He burst apart, shifting from bird form to that of a more traditional mechbot. With his hand, he smacked Syn in the arm. "I thought you were coming back for me."
"I tried. I really did, but by the time I could, I figured you'd be gone."
Vik hissed then looked at Shahara. "He lie to you like that?"
-Syn & Vik #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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