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Extrovert quotes by Bill Bryson
#1. The people are immensely likable - cheerful, extrovert, quick-witted, and unfailingly obliging. Their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water. They have a society that is prosperous, well ordered, and instinctively egalitarian. The food is excellent. The beer is cold. The sun nearly always shines. There is coffee on every corner. Life doesn't get much better than this. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Extrovert quotes by Elissa Washuta
#2. That's it: watch your moods. Don't let people see you fluctuate. Don't let yourself run your mouth. Never ever cry, even alone, because your cat or your kettle might tell. Always smile, but don't laugh loudly. Mania is an extrovert, but if you need to vent, tell your mattress or maybe your therapist, but put nothing in writing and never tell a friend or coworker how you're really feeling. Downplay any problem or joy. Pay attention to any signs that your life is shitty or excellent, because either is an illusion. Be careful around men, especially ones with big arms or opinions. Stop talking. #Quote by Elissa Washuta
Extrovert quotes by Amit K Ghosh
#3. Introverts are dependent on their own inside noise, extroverts are dependent of outside noise. The outputs are dependent on quality of those noise. #Quote by Amit K Ghosh
Extrovert quotes by Carl Jung
#4. There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert. Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum. #Quote by Carl Jung
Extrovert quotes by Sanhita Baruah
#5. There is no window to look outside.
There is no window to look within.
Open the doors. #Quote by Sanhita Baruah
Extrovert quotes by Matthew Donnelly
#6. I recognize the power of silence in an extroverted world but there is a time for silence and a time to speak up about things that matter that continue to be left unsaid. #Quote by Matthew Donnelly
Extrovert quotes by Michael Fassbender
#7. You use words like 'introvert' and 'extrovert,' various traits of a personality. A lot of that stuff, we used in drama school, and that was kind of interesting, to realize my teachers sort of ripped off a lot of Jung. And how much of it is part of our society now, these phrases, introvert and extrovert, where it actually came from. #Quote by Michael Fassbender
Extrovert quotes by Drew Kimble
#8. A lot of extroverts become quiet when they are feeling sad, angry, or trying to send someone else a message. They think that if they stop talking, the other person will automatically realize that something is wrong, and we will ask them about it (i.e. passive-aggressive behavior). This is why when an extrovert runs into a quiet, introverted person, they assume that person is quiet because they are sad/angry/depressed, and they are waiting for someone to ask them about it. This may also be the reason why extroverts always seem to be telling introverts to "cheer up," or asking them if everything is okay? #Quote by Drew Kimble
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#9. Our lives are shaped as profoundly by personality as by gender or race. And the single most important aspect of personality - the "north and south of temperament," as one scientist puts it - is where we fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum. Our place on this continuum influences our choice of friends and mates, and how we make conversation, resolve differences, and show love. It affects the careers we choose and whether or not we succeed at them. It governs how likely we are to exercise, commit adultery, function well without sleep, learn from our mistakes, place big bets in the stock market, delay gratification, be a good leader, and ask "what if."* It's reflected in our brain pathways, neurotransmitters, and remote corners of our nervous systems. Today introversion and extroversion are two of the most exhaustively researched subjects in personality psychology, arousing the curiosity of hundreds of scientists. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Laurie A. Helgoe
#10. Secondly, extroverts often incorrectly assume that introverts are suffering. Introverts internalize problems; we like to take things inside and work on them there. Extroverts prefer to externalize and deal with problems interactively. Because of this difference, introverts may seem psychologically burdened, while extroverts spread the burden around and seem healthier - from an extroverted standpoint. But note that I said introverts like to take problems inside. Sure, an introvert can overdo it, but so can the extrovert who feels compelled to express every unresolved thought or emotion. The former gets depressed or anxious and goes to therapy; the latter sends others to therapy. #Quote by Laurie A. Helgoe
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#11. Extroverts are better than introverts at handling information overload. Introverts' reflectiveness uses up a lot of cognitive capacity, according to Joseph Newman. On any given task, he says, 'if we have 100 percent cognitive capacity, an introvert may have only 75 percent on task and 25 percent off task, whereas an extrovert may have 90 percent on task.' This is because most tasks are goal-directed. Extroverts appear to allocate most of their cognitive capacity to the goal at hand, while introverts use up capacity by monitoring how the task is going. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Laurie A. Helgoe
#12. The Socially Accessible introvert looks like an extrovert on the outside and sees extroversion as a bar that he or she can never quite reach. These individuals are often very successful in social arenas, but fault themselves for not having more fun. #Quote by Laurie A. Helgoe
Extrovert quotes by Peter SMith Talking Cures
#13. 1. A negative thinking introvert will rise to the occasion a positive extrovert will only fall - given time. #Quote by Peter SMith Talking Cures
Extrovert quotes by Will Cuppy
#14. I do not travel. I am not much of an extrovert, and I'm not much interested in extroverted objects. I do not care for the 'ideas' of novelists. Novels are wonderful, of course, but I prefer newspapers. #Quote by Will Cuppy
Extrovert quotes by Hal Porter
#15. The Australian form of self-respect, however rough-and-ready, heart-of-gold, come-and-take-pot-luck-with-us, and matily extrovert it is, essentially, genteel, ingrowing, self-pitying, vanilla-ice-cream hearted, its central fear a fear of intellect. #Quote by Hal Porter
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#16. Nor are introverts necessarily shy. Shyness is the fear of social disapproval or humiliation, while introversion is a preference for environments that are not overstimulating. Shyness is inherently painful; introversion is not. One reason that people confuse the two concepts is that they sometimes overlap (though psychologists debate to what degree). Some psychologists map the two tendencies on vertical and horizontal axes, with the introvert-extrovert spectrum on the horizontal axis, and the anxious-stable spectrum on the vertical. With this model, you end up with four quadrants of personality types: calm extroverts, anxious (or impulsive) extroverts, calm introverts, and anxious introverts. In other words, you can be a shy extrovert, like Barbra Streisand, who has a larger-than-life personality and paralyzing stage fright; or a non-shy introvert, like Bill Gates, who by all accounts keeps to himself but is unfazed by the opinions of others. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#17. The Extrovert Ideal has been documented in many studies, though this research has never been grouped under a single name. Talkative people, for example, are rated as smarter, better-looking, more interesting, and more desirable as friends. Velocity of speech counts as well as volume: we rank fast talkers as more competent and likable than slow ones. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Gillian Dance
#18. She towered over me, extrovertly telling me all about herself and her beliefs, unbidden. #Quote by Gillian Dance
Extrovert quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#19. So, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a woman-loving woman, or a man-loving woman, or a God-loving woman, or all of the above: Whether you are possessed of a simple heart or the ambitions of an Amazon, whether you are trying to make it to the top or just make it to tomorrow, whether you be spicy or somber, regal or roughshod - the wild woman belongs to you. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#20. In a way, education by its nature favours the extrovert because you are taking kids and putting them into a big classroom, which is automatically going to be a high-stimulation environment. Probably the best way of teaching in general is one on one, but that's not something everyone can afford. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Pablo
#21. Extroverts communicate well with others, Introverts communicate well with themselves #Quote by Pablo
Extrovert quotes by Jennifer Echols
#22. She'd explained that I was an extrovert, and extroverts got their energy from being around other people. She was an introvert, and introverts got their energy from being by themselves. She needed to go home, be by herself, #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Extrovert quotes by Paula Hawkins
#23. I'm not naturally an extrovert. I'm a writer - I sit in a room by myself making things up. That is where I'm happiest. #Quote by Paula Hawkins
Extrovert quotes by Cora Carmack
#24. I always thought I was an extrovert until I became a theatre major. Then I realised I just didn't like silence. #Quote by Cora Carmack
Extrovert quotes by Clive Sinclair
#25. As I was writing, I realised I wasn't sufficiently extrovert to gather enough interesting souls with tall tales around me. I was no Louis Theroux. But neither was I interested in exploring my inner life in public, in the manner of a Jonathan Raban. #Quote by Clive Sinclair
Extrovert quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#26. Broad minded people dream bigger, they are very keen to meet others and share their dreams. It doesn't matter if you are an introvert, extrovert, what colour you are or what gender you are. Their mission is to offload what's inside of them and leave footprints wherever they go. These are called the world impactors. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Extrovert quotes by Criss Jami
#27. The exaggerated dopamine sensitivity of the introvert leads one to believe that when in public, introverts, regardless of its validity, often feel to be the center of (unwanted) attention hence rarely craving attention. Extroverts, on the other hand, seem to never get enough attention. So on the flip side it seems as though the introvert is in a sense very external and the extrovert is in a sense very internal - the introvert constantly feels too much 'outerness' while the extrovert doesn't feel enough 'outerness'. #Quote by Criss Jami
Extrovert quotes by Richard M. Weaver
#28. To one completely committed to this realm of becoming, as are the empiricists, the claim to apprehend verities is a sign of psychopathology. Probably we have here but a highly sophisticated expression of the doctrine that ideals are hallucination and that the only normal, sane person is the healthy extrovert, making instant, instinctive adjustments to the stimuli of the material world. #Quote by Richard M. Weaver
Extrovert quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#29. Shyness is a symptom of and a punishment for thinking too little of and too much about yourself. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Extrovert quotes by Wendy Wunder
#30. There is such a thing as a shy extrovert. People think extroverts are all loud and mouthy, like Rebecca Forman, but that's not true. The definitions of extrovert and introvert have do with how you process the world and from where you draw your energy. I'm shy, but I process my world by talking about it. Which makes me an extrovert. But I don't talk about it with just anyone. I have to talk about it with Zoe. #Quote by Wendy Wunder
Extrovert quotes by Osho
#31. Avoid extremes. Don't make a distinction between outer and inner and don't become one of Jung's types, either extrovert or introvert.

Sosan says: Be flowing, balancing. Outer and inner are just like the right and left leg. Why choose one? If you choose one, all movement stops. They are like two eyes: if you choose one then you will be able to see but your vision is no more three dimensional, the depth is lost. You have two ears: you can use one, you can be addicted to the idea that you are a left ear type or a right ear type, but then you lose. Then half the world is closed to you.

The inner and outer are just two eyes, two ears, two legs – why choose? Why not use both choicelessly? And why divide? Because you are one! The left leg and the right leg only appear two. You flow within both – the same energy, the same being. You look through both your eyes. Why not use inner and outer and give them a balance? Why move to the extreme? #Quote by Osho
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#32. Moreover, they tell us that the Extrovert Ideal is not as sacrosanct as we may have thought. So if, deep down, you've been thinking that it's only natural for the bold and sociable to dominate the reserved and sensitive, and that the Extrovert Ideal is innate to humanity, Robert McCrae's personality map suggests a different truth: that each way of being - quiet and talkative, careful and audacious, inhibited and unrestrained - is characteristic of its own mighty civilization. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#33. If you're an introvert, find your flow by using your gifts. You have the power of persistence, the tenacity to solve complex problems, and the clear-sightedness to avoid pitfalls that trip others up. You enjoy relative freedom from the temptations of superficial prizes like money and status. Indeed, your biggest challenge may be to fully harness your strengths. You may be so busy trying to appear like a zestful, reward-sensitive extrovert that you undervalue your own talents, or feel underestimated by those around you. But when you're focused on a project you care about, you probably find that your energy is boundless.
So stay true to your own nature. If you like to do things in a slow, steady way, don't let others make you feel as if you have to race. If you enjoy depth, don't force yourself to seek breadth. If you prefer single-tasking to multi-tasking, stick to your guns. Being relatively unmoved by rewards gives you the incalculable power to go your own way. It's up to you to use that independence to good effect. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#34. The article said that Kevin Keegan was an extrovert while Kenny Dalglish was an introvert.
Just seeing the word introvert threw me into despair.
Was I an introvert?
Wasn't I?
Didn't I cry more than I laughed? Didn't I spend all my time reading in my room?
That was introverted behavior, wasn't it?
Introvert, introvert, I didn't want to be an introvert.
That was the last thing I wanted to be, there could be nothing worse.
But I was an introvert, and the insight grew like a kind of mental cancer within me.
Kenny Dalglish kept himself to himself.
Oh, so did I! But I didn't want that. I wanted to be an extrovert! An extrovert! #Quote by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Extrovert quotes by Clint Eastwood
#35. When I was growing up, I wasn't an extrovert. If anything, I was an introverted kid and a very average pupil at school. I was very quiet. #Quote by Clint Eastwood
Extrovert quotes by Serena Williams
#36. I'm a real extrovert, but when I'm round someone new, I'm super shy. #Quote by Serena Williams
Extrovert quotes by Jamie Campbell Bower
#37. I'm an extrovert, I like to gesticulate and talk loud and stuff, and the theater is easy for me. #Quote by Jamie Campbell Bower
Extrovert quotes by Laurie A. Helgoe
#38. Isn't it refreshing to know that what comes perfectly natural for you is your greatest strength? Your power is in your nature. You may not think it's a big deal that you can spend hours immersed in something that interests you - alone - but the extrovert next door has no idea how you do it. #Quote by Laurie A. Helgoe
Extrovert quotes by Matthew Pollard
#39. It's not your prospect's fault if they have sticker shock; it's yours. #Quote by Matthew Pollard
Extrovert quotes by Aryan Jain
#40. They cry because they care about your opinion, but you don't. #Quote by Aryan Jain
Extrovert quotes by Jenny Colgan
#41. If you weren't an extrovert, if you weren't shoving yourself out into the open all the time, posting selfies everywhere, demanding attention, talking constantly, people just gazed right past you. You got overlooked. #Quote by Jenny Colgan
Extrovert quotes by Matthew Pollard
#42. Contrary to all myths and beliefs, introverts make the best salespeople. #Quote by Matthew Pollard
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#43. A Manifesto for Introverts
1. There's a word for 'people who are in their heads too much': thinkers.
2. Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.
3. The next generation of quiet kids can and must be raised to know their own strengths.
4. Sometimes it helps to be a pretend extrovert. There will always be time to be quiet later.
5. But in the long run, staying true to your temperament is key to finding work you love and work that matters.
6. One genuine new relationship is worth a fistful of business cards.
7. It's OK to cross the street to avoid making small talk.
8. 'Quiet leadership' is not an oxymoron.
9. Love is essential; gregariousness is optional.
10. 'In a gentle way, you can shake the world.' -Mahatma Gandhi #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#44. Introverts living under the Extrovert Ideal are like women in a man's world, #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#45. Invisibility can be good as a superpower. But psychiatry reveals people don't like it very much. #Quote by Joyce Rachelle
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#46. Introversion- along with its cousins sensitivity, seriousness, and shyness- is now a second-class personality trait, somewhere between a disappointment and a pathology. Introverts living in the Extrovert Ideal are like women in a man's world, discounted because of a trait that goes to the core of who they are. Extroversion is an enormously appealing personality style, but we've turned it into an oppressive standard to which most of us feel we must conform. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Alex Kapranos
#47. Just because you can leap off a drum kit doing a scissors kick while hitting a chord, people expect you to be an extrovert socially. But I'm not always comfortable with the idea of small talk at a party. #Quote by Alex Kapranos
Extrovert quotes by Dan Skinner
#48. I have only one thing to say. I'm an aggressive extrovert. A warning is advisable. I hunt down people lurking in corners and shadows, and absolutely no one is safe #Quote by Dan Skinner
Extrovert quotes by Gautam Adani
#49. Either you are extrovert or introvert, and so I am an introvert in that sense. I'm not a social person that wants to go to parties. #Quote by Gautam Adani
Extrovert quotes by Freddie Mercury
#50. I'm so powerful in stage that I seem to have created a monster. When I'm performing I'm an extrovert, yet inside I'm a completely different man. #Quote by Freddie Mercury
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#51. (You wouldn't be reading this book if I hadn't convinced my publisher that I was enough of a pseudo-extrovert to promote it.) #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#52. He was left a good deal to himself. He had been inclined to talkativeness, but gradually he became silent. He began to think of the difference between himself and others. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Extrovert quotes by John Ortberg
#53. A boss who interrupts an employee a lot is called an extrovert, whereas an employee who interrupts a boss too often is called an ex-employee. #Quote by John Ortberg
Extrovert quotes by Jonathan Rauch
#54. Leave an extrovert alone for two minutes and he will reach for his cell phone. In contrast, after an hour or two of being socially on, we introverts need to turn off and recharge. My own formula is roughly two hours alone for every hour of socializing. This isn't antisocial. It isn't a sign of depression. It does not call for medication. For introverts, to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, as nourishing as eating. Our motto: I'm okay, you're okay-in small doses. #Quote by Jonathan Rauch
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#55. What psychologists call "the need for intimacy" is present in introverts and extroverts alike. In fact, people who value intimacy highly don't tend to be, as the noted psychologist David Buss puts it, "the loud, outgoing, life-of-the-party extrovert." They are more likely to be someone with a select group of close friends, who prefers "sincere and meaningful conversations over wild parties. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Theo James
#56. Inherently, I'm not a huge extrovert, so I actually find interviews and all the glamour to be a bit challenging sometimes. #Quote by Theo James
Extrovert quotes by Susan Barbara Apollon
#57. It's important to cultivate friendships. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, as a human you are a social being. For the sake of your mental and emotional health, it's important to be honest about and honor your need for meaningful connections. #Quote by Susan Barbara Apollon
Extrovert quotes by John Mulaney
#58. As I got into high school and after puberty, I was a little more inward. I was a real extrovert when I was little, but I don't know, I just got quieter ... With my friends, I was still an extrovert. #Quote by John Mulaney
Extrovert quotes by Andie MacDowell
#59. I'm not a party person. I'm a nerd. I'm not an extrovert in that way at all. The things I enjoy doing could be boring to somebody else. #Quote by Andie MacDowell
Extrovert quotes by Claire McCaskill
#60. It was a very easy way to have a group of friends on a very large campus - a sense of identity. It was a great place to learn how to navigate a variety of personalities, which you kind of have to do in life. You've got the shy woman and you've got the obnoxious woman and you've got the brainiac and you've got the social climber and you've got the introvert and the extrovert, and you're all living together. I think it gave me valuable experience in learning how to live with people that are different than you are. And that's an important lesson. You can bet it comes in very handy in the Senate. #Quote by Claire McCaskill
Extrovert quotes by Roger Moore
#61. Maybe come to think about it, that is the sign of an extrovert, in any event I have always from the earliest of ages found it difficult to wander into a restaurant on my own. #Quote by Roger Moore
Extrovert quotes by Dion Fortune
#62. There are two Paths to the Innermost: the Way of the Mystic, which is the way of devotion and meditation, a solitary and subjective path; and the way of the occultist, which is the way of the intellect, of concentration, and of trained will; upon this path the co-operation of fellow workers is required, firstly for the exchange of knowledge, and secondly because ritual magic plays an important part in this work, and for this the assistance of several is needed in most of the greater operations. The mystic derives his knowledge through the direct communion of his higher self with the Higher Powers; to him the wisdom of the occultist is foolishness, for his mind does not work in that way; but, on the other hand, to a more intellectual and extrovert type, the method of the mystic is impossible until long training has enabled him to transcend the planes of form. We must therefore recognize these two distinct types among those who seek the Way of Initiation, and remember that there is a path for each. #Quote by Dion Fortune
Extrovert quotes by Padmasree Warrior
#63. I think one challenge is that having few women in your work environment makes you feel a little isolated and alone. I'm an extrovert; I like talking to people, and I make friends easily, but if your personality is somewhat different, I think you would struggle to connect with people. #Quote by Padmasree Warrior
Extrovert quotes by Adam S. McHugh
#64. Introverted seekers need introverted evangelists. It's not that extroverts can't communicate the gospel, either verbally or nonverbally, in ways that introverts find appealing, it's that introverted seekers need to know and see that it's possible to lead the Christian life as themselves. It's imperative for them to understand that becoming a Christian is not tantamount with becoming an extrovert. #Quote by Adam S. McHugh
Extrovert quotes by William H. Whyte
#65. Society is itself an education in the extrovert values, and rarely has there been a society that has preached them so hard. No man is an island, but how John Donne would writhe to hear how often, and for what reasons, the thought is so tiresomely repeated. #Quote by William H. Whyte
Extrovert quotes by Rebecca Pippert
#66. Being an extrovert isn't essential to evangelism - obedience and love are. #Quote by Rebecca Pippert
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#67. In fact, some scientists are starting to explore the idea that reward-sensitivity is not only an interesting feature of extroversion; it is what makes an extrovert an extrovert. Extroverts, in other words, are characterized by their tendency to seek rewards, from top dog status to sexual highs to cold cash. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#68. Evangelical churches often make extroversion a prerequisite for leadership, sometimes explicitly. "The priest must be ... an extrovert who enthusiastically engages members and newcomers, a team player," reads an ad for a position as associate rector of a 1,400-member parish. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#69. Evangelicalism has taken the Extrovert Ideal to its logical extreme ... If you don't love Jesus out loud, then it must not be real love. It's not enough to forge your own spiritual connection to the divine; it must be displayed publicly. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#70. I attract a crowd, not because I'm an extrovert or I'm over the top or I'm oozing with charisma. It's because I care. #Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk
Extrovert quotes by William S. Burroughs
#71. If a weaker baboon be attacked by a stronger baboon the weaker baboon will either (a) present his hrump fanny I believe is the word, gentlemen, heh heh for passive intercourse or (b) if he is a different type baboon more extrovert and well-adjusted, lead an attack on an even weaker baboon if he can find one. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Extrovert quotes by Marti Olsen Laney
#72. The second difference between the introvert and the extrovert is how they experience external stimulation. Extroverts like to experience a lot, and introverts like to know a lot about what they experience. #Quote by Marti Olsen Laney
Extrovert quotes by Pierce Brown
#73. There is no greater plague to an introvert than the extrovert. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#74. Society often overlooks us introverts. We idolize the talkers and the spotlight seekers, as if they are the role models everyone should be emulating. I call this the Extrovert Ideal. This is the belief that we're all supposed to be quick-thinking, charismatic risk takers who prefer action to contemplation. The Extrovert Ideal is what can make you feel as if there's something wrong with you because you're not at your best in a large group. It's an especially powerful force in school, where the loudest, most talkative kids are often the most popular, and where teachers reward the students who are eager to raise their hands in class. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#75. The names we use to describe personality traits - such as extrovert, high achiever, or paranoid - refer to the specific patterns people have used to structure their attantion. At the same party, the extrovert will seek out and enjoy interactions with others, the high achiever will look for useful business conacts, and the paranoid will be on guard for signs of danger he must avoid. Attention can be invested in innumerable ways, ways that can make life eihther rich or miserable. #Quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Extrovert quotes by Eric Samuel Timm
#76. An extrovert looks at a stack of books and sees a stack of papers, while an introvert looks at the same stack and sees a soothing source of escape. #Quote by Eric Samuel Timm
Extrovert quotes by Reid Hoffman
#77. I'm a little unusual: I'm a six-person-or-less extrovert. #Quote by Reid Hoffman
Extrovert quotes by William Randolph
#78. Hopped up out the bed, turn my extrovert on, took a look in the mirror said "Oh my god, what's up dude! I haven't seen you in forever, how've you been? #Quote by William Randolph
Extrovert quotes by Sondra Faye
#79. Underground, mí corazón
spoke to everyone
danced with me/alone/ #Quote by Sondra Faye
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#80. To some extent, we've always had an admiration for extroversion in our culture. But the extrovert ideal really came to play at the turn of the 20th century when we had the rise of big business. #Quote by Susan Cain
Extrovert quotes by Criss Jami
#81. The introvert's anthem for not wanting to hang out is 'It's not you; it's me. #Quote by Criss Jami
Extrovert quotes by Chicha Bans
#82. I'm a simple girl who is incredibly absurd and extrovert in the internet. #Quote by Chicha Bans
Extrovert quotes by Criss Jami
#83. In an extroverted society, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an introvert is often unconsciously deemed guilty until proven innocent. #Quote by Criss Jami
Extrovert quotes by Eve Hewson
#84. I think I always knew I was going to somehow be on a stage. I was quite an extrovert, as a child. And I did a lot of music, when I was younger, so I thought I was going to go into music, but I fell into acting, in a really weird way. #Quote by Eve Hewson
Extrovert quotes by Susan Cain
#85. Indeed, your biggest challenge may be to fully harness your strengths. You may be so busy trying to appear like a zestful, reward-sensitive extrovert that you undervalue your own talents, or feel underestimated by those around you. But when you're focused on a project that you care about, you probably find that your energy is boundless. #Quote by Susan Cain

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