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Explicitness Examples quotes by John Donne
#1. Of all the commentaries on the Scriptures, good examples are the best. #Quote by John Donne
Explicitness Examples quotes by Dalai Lama
#2. If a harmonious relationship is established amongst societies and religious beliefs in today's multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural world, then it will surely set a very good example for others. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Explicitness Examples quotes by Kenneth E. Boulding
#3. In calling society an ecological system we are not merely using an analogy; society is an example of the general concept of an " ecosystem " that is, an ecological system of which biological systems
forests, fields, swamps
are other examples. #Quote by Kenneth E. Boulding
Explicitness Examples quotes by Charlotte Turner Smith
#4. I was told, and indeed I saw several examples, that neither time nor place was much minded, and that I might hazard being equally careless of chronology and geography; but I piqued myself on having studied Aristotle, and scrupulously attended to the probabilities of time and place. #Quote by Charlotte Turner Smith
Explicitness Examples quotes by Neal Stephenson
#5. Why, exactly, is Marduk handing Hammurabi a one and a zero in this picture?"
Hiro asks.
"They were emblems of royal power," the Librarian says. "Their origin is
"Enki must have been responsible for that one," Hiro says.
"Enki's most important role is as the creator and guardian of the me and the
gis-hur, the 'key words' and 'patterns' that rule the universe."
"Tell me more about the me."
"To quote Kramer and Maier again, '[They believed in] the existence from time
primordial of a fundamental, unalterable, comprehensive assortment of powers and
duties, norms and standards, rules and regulations, known as me, relating to the
cosmos and its components, to gods and humans, to cities and countries, and to
the varied aspects of civilized life.'"
"Kind of like the Torah."
"Yes, but they have a kind of mystical or magical force. And they often deal
with banal subjects -- not just religion."
"In one myth, the goddess Inanna goes to Eridu and tricks Enki into giving her
ninety-four me and brings them back to her home town of Uruk, where they are
greeted with much commotion and rejoicing."
"Inanna is the person that Juanita's obsessed with."
"Yes, sir. She is hailed as a savior because 'she brought the perfect execution
of the me.'"
"Execution? Like executing a computer program?"
"Yes. Apparently, they are like algorithms for carrying out certain #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Explicitness Examples quotes by David Hilbert
#6. Begin with the simplest examples. #Quote by David Hilbert
Explicitness Examples quotes by Caleb Wilde
#7. Along the way, I learned the Jewish concept of tikkun olam, which means 'the healing of the world' and is accomplished through presence in the midst of pain. It can be summarized in the phrase "I'm here with you and I love you" and is accomplished through simple acts of presence. It became a rallying cry for me in my work as a funeral director. Rachel Naomi Remen, in an interview with Krista Tippett, describes it as 'a collective task. It involves all people who have ever been born, all people presently alive, all people yet to be born. We are all healers of the world...It's not about healing the world by making a huge difference. It's about the world that touches you.' Presence and proximity before performance. As I took that to heart, I started to see small, everyday examples of tikkun olam everywhere. When a mother comforts a child, she's healing the world. Every time someone listens to another - deeply listens - she's healing the world. A nurse who bathes the weakened body of an elderly patient is healing the world. The teacher who invests herself in her students is healing the world. The plumber who makes the inner workings of a house run smoothly is healing the world. A funeral director who finds that he can heal the world even at his family's business. When we practice presence and proximity, we may not change anyone, we may not shift culture or move mountains, but it's a healing act, if for none other than ourselves. When we do our work with kindness - no matter what #Quote by Caleb Wilde
Explicitness Examples quotes by Frans De Waal
#8. There are beautiful examples of art done by chimpanzees in human care. #Quote by Frans De Waal
Explicitness Examples quotes by Jane Austen
#9. I do not think I ever opened a book in my life which had not something to say upon woman's inconstancy. Songs and proverbs, all talk of woman's fickleness. But perhaps you will say, these were all written by men."
"Perhaps I shall. Yes, yes, if you please, no reference to examples in books. Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands. I will not allow books to prove anything. #Quote by Jane Austen
Explicitness Examples quotes by Brad McQueen
#10. The U.S. Department of Education changed the education privacy regulations in at least two crucial ways. Firstly, it increased the number of players that could have access to your child's centralized personal data to include, not just your child's teachers, but any organization or group tangentially involved in your child's education. This can include testing, technology, textbook, and research companies, just to name a few examples. Secondly, it no longer requires parent notification or permission when it shares your child's personal data with these chosen groups or companies. #Quote by Brad McQueen
Explicitness Examples quotes by Vera Brittain
#11. Tired as I was of conflict, I felt that I must not shrink from the fight, nor abandon in cowardice the attempt to prove, as no theories could ever satisfactorily prove without examples, that marriage and motherhood need never tame the mind, nor swamp and undermine ability and training, nor trammel and domesticise political perception and social judgement. Today, as never before, it was urgent for individual women to show that life was enriched, mentally and spiritually as well as physically and socially, by marriage and children; that these experiences rendered the woman who accepted them the more and not the less able to take the world's pulse, to estimate its tendencies, to play some definite, hard-headed, hard-working part in furthering the constructive ends of a political civilisation #Quote by Vera Brittain
Explicitness Examples quotes by Cesar Chavez
#12. I have met many, many farm workers and friends who love justice and who are willing to sacrifice for what is right. They have a quality about them that reminds me of the beatitudes. They are living examples that Jesus' promise is true: they have ben hungry and thirsty for righteousness and they have been satisfied. They are determined, patient people who believe in life and who give strength to others. They have given me more love and hope and strength than they will ever know. #Quote by Cesar Chavez
Explicitness Examples quotes by James Clarke
#13. All boys wish to be manly; but they often try to become so by copying the vices of men rather than their virtues. They see men drinking, smoking, swearing; so these poor little fellows sedulously imitate such bad habits, thinking they are making themselves more like men. They mistake rudeness for strength, disrespect to parents for independence. They read wretched stories about boy brigands and boy detectives, and fancy themselves heroes when they break the laws, and become troublesome and mischievous. Out of such false influences the criminal classes are recruited. Many a little boy who only wishes to be manly, becomes corrupted and debased by the bad examples around him and the bad literature which he reads. The cure for this is to give him good books, show him truly noble examples from life and history, and make him understand how infinitely above this mock-manliness is the true courage which ennobles human nature. #Quote by James Clarke
Explicitness Examples quotes by A.S. Byatt
#14. The Historian and the Man of Science alike may be said to traffic with the dead. Cuvier has imparted flesh and motion and appetites to the defunct Megatherium, whilst the living ears of M.M. Michelet and Renan, of Mr. Carlyle and the Brothers Grimm, have heard the bloodless cries of the vanished and given them voices. I myself, with the aid of the imagination, have worked a little in that line, have ventriloquised, have lent my voice to, and mixt my life with, those past voices and lives whose resuscitation in our own lives as warnings, as examples, as the life of the past persisting in us, is the business of every thinking man and woman. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Explicitness Examples quotes by Desmond Tutu
#15. I have heard and seen many examples of the cruelty that we are able to visit on one another during my time ... I have also seen incredible forgiveness and compassion. Yes, each of us has the capacity for great evil. But for every act of evil there are a dozen acts of goodness in our world that go unnoticed. It is only because we believe that people should be good that we despair when they are not. Indeed, if people condoned the evil, we would be justified in losing hope. But most of the world does not. We know that we are meant for better. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Explicitness Examples quotes by Greg Sams
#16. How many examples do we have of these bodies [of the state] set up to eliminate a problem, actually eliminating it, shutting down their operations and going home? #Quote by Greg Sams
Explicitness Examples quotes by Craig Venter
#17. Traditional autobiography has generally had a poor press. The novelist Daphne du Maurier condemned all examples of this literary form as self-indulgent. Others have quipped that autobiography reveals nothing bad about its writer except his memory. #Quote by Craig Venter
Explicitness Examples quotes by Timothy Keller
#18. The Cross is not simply a lovely example of sacrificial love. Throwing your life away needlessly is not admirable - it is wrong. Jesus' death was only a good example if it was more than an example, if it was something absolutely necessary to rescue us. And it was. Why did Jesus have to die in order to forgive us? There was a debt to be paid - God himself paid it. There was a penalty to be born - God himself bore it. Forgiveness is always a form of costly suffering. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Explicitness Examples quotes by Fred Phillips III
#19. Don't get wrapped around the axle about examples that occur in life. These examples, lessons, and stories are actually life-changing steps to bring you into the person and adult that will be full of wisdom; able to share with the next generation of children. #Quote by Fred Phillips III
Explicitness Examples quotes by Theodore Hesburgh
#20. It is easier to exemplify values than teach them. #Quote by Theodore Hesburgh
Explicitness Examples quotes by Bill Vaughan
#21. There is that in the soul of man which must respond to the highest in virtue. It may not respond at once. Human nature can easily be over-faced by examples too remote and austere. Moreover, human nature can easily deny God because the whole race has long been in rebellion against Him. Yet there is that in human nature which calls out to the supreme examples of virtue: owns, as it were, the intention of God who made it, and feels the unmistakable homesickness of the soul. #Quote by Bill Vaughan
Explicitness Examples quotes by Thucydides
#22. For the whole earth is the tomb of famous men; not only are they commemorated by columns and inscriptions in their own country, but in foreign lands there dwells also an unwritten memorial of them, graven not on stone but in the hearts of men. Make them your examples, and, esteeming courage to be freedom and freedom to be happiness, do not weigh too nicely the perils of war.
[Funeral Oration of Pericles] #Quote by Thucydides
Explicitness Examples quotes by Hugh Dalton
#23. Are not the worst examples of architecture to be found in private enterprise in cheap jerry-built homes? #Quote by Hugh Dalton
Explicitness Examples quotes by Vic Snyder
#24. Unfortunately, our history has abundant examples of patriotism being used to hurt those who express views in disagreement with that of the majority. #Quote by Vic Snyder
Explicitness Examples quotes by Hugh Miller
#25. The geologist, in those tables of stone which form his records, finds no examples of dynasties once passed away again returning. There has no repetition of the dynasty of the fish, of the reptile, of the mammal. The dynasty of the future is to have glorified man for its inhabitant; but it is to be the dynasty-"the kingdom"-not of glorified man made in the image of God, but of God himself in the form man. #Quote by Hugh Miller
Explicitness Examples quotes by Lisa Randall
#26. For me, the most absorbing films are those that address big questions and real ideas but embody them in small examples that we can appreciate and comprehend. #Quote by Lisa Randall
Explicitness Examples quotes by Louis O. Kelso
#27. The owners of labor, on the other hand, are being taught, by the most powerful and well-publicized examples, that the highest rewards are not for production, but for the employment of organized power to take over a share of what others produce. #Quote by Louis O. Kelso
Explicitness Examples quotes by Mark Steyn
#28. Popular culture as a whole is popular, but in today's fragmented market it's a jostle of competing unpopular popular cultures. As the critic Stanley Crouch likes to say, if you make a movie and 10 million people go see it, you'll gross $100 million - and 96 per cent of the population won't have to be involved. That alone should caution anyone about reading too much into individual examples of popular culture. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Explicitness Examples quotes by Seneca The Younger
#29. Long is the road to learning by precepts, but short and successful by examples. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Explicitness Examples quotes by Jonathan Swift
#30. I enjoyed perfect health of body, and tranquillity of mind; I did not feel the treachery or inconstancy of a friend, nor the injuries of a secret or open enemy. I had no occasion of bribing, flattering, or pimping, to procure the favour of any great man, or of his minion; I wanted no fence against fraud or oppression: here was neither physician to destroy my body, nor lawyer to ruin my fortune; no informer to watch my words and actions, or forge accusations against me for hire: here were no gibers, censurers, backbiters, pickpockets, highwaymen, housebreakers, attorneys, bawds, buffoons, gamesters, politicians, wits, splenetics, tedious talkers, controvertists, ravishers, murderers, robbers, virtuosos; no leaders, or followers, of party and faction; no encouragers to vice, by seducement or examples; no dungeon, axes, gibbets, whipping-posts, or pillories; no cheating shopkeepers or mechanics; no pride, vanity, or affectation; no fops, bullies, drunkards, strolling whores, or poxes; no ranting, lewd, expensive wives; no stupid, proud pedants; no importunate, overbearing, quarrelsome, noisy, roaring, empty, conceited, swearing companions; no scoundrels raised from the dust upon the merit of their vices, or nobility thrown into it on account of their virtues; no lords, fiddlers, judges, or dancing-masters. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Explicitness Examples quotes by Vint Cerf
#31. Energy, health care and education are just three examples of areas in which information and information management are critically important. How are we using our energy? What appliances in homes or business are consuming the most energy? When do they consume it? Can the load be shifted? How efficient are these devices? #Quote by Vint Cerf
Explicitness Examples quotes by Mary Roach
#32. Other examples of human-sourced pharmaceuticals surely causing more distress than they relieved include strips of cadaver skin tied around the calves to prevent cramping, "old liquified placenta" to "quieten a patient whose hair stands up without cause" (I'm quoting Li Shih-chen on this one and the next), "clear liquid feces" for worms ("the smell will induce insects to crawl out of any of the body orifices and relieve irritation"), fresh blood injected into the face for eczema #Quote by Mary Roach
Explicitness Examples quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
#33. The way to happiness requires that one set a good example for others. #Quote by L. Ron Hubbard
Explicitness Examples quotes by Barack Obama
#34. Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives, we are reminded today that family is the most important. And we are called to recognize and honor how critical every father is to that foundation. They are teachers and coaches. They are mentors and role models. They are examples of success and the men who constantly push us toward it. #Quote by Barack Obama
Explicitness Examples quotes by Giorgio Armani
#35. I love things that age well - things that don't date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best. #Quote by Giorgio Armani
Explicitness Examples quotes by Latorria Freeman
#36. Rejoice and thank God in the midst of your storms. For those people who have been through hell and back but continue to have smiles on their faces, they are the examples of God's grace and mercy #Quote by Latorria Freeman
Explicitness Examples quotes by Pierre Abelard
#37. Strive now to unite in yourself all the virtues of these different examples. Have the purity of virgins, the austerity of anchorites, the zeal of pastors and bishops, and the constancy of martyrs. #Quote by Pierre Abelard
Explicitness Examples quotes by Alison Weir
#38. Zionists exploited, exaggerated, invented, or even perpetrated "anti-Semitic" incidents both to procure support and to drive Jews to immigrate to the Zionist-designated homeland. A few examples are discussed below. #Quote by Alison Weir
Explicitness Examples quotes by Cordelia Fine
#39. The tape measures and weighing scales of the Victorian brain scientists have been supplanted by powerful neuroimaging technologies, but there is still a lesson to be learned from historical examples such as these. State-of-the-art brain scanners offer us unprecedented information about the structure and working of the brain. But don't forget that, once, wrapping a tape measure around the head was considered modern and sophisticated, and it's important not to fall into the same old traps. As we'll see in later chapters, although certain popular commentators make it seem effortlessly easy, the sheer complexity of the brain makes interpreting and understanding the meaning of any sex differences we find in the brain a very difficult task. But the first, and perhaps surprising, issue in sex differences research is that of knowing which differences are real and which, like the intially promising cephalic index, are flukes or spurious. #Quote by Cordelia Fine
Explicitness Examples quotes by Billy Graham
#40. Much of the world believes little or nothing. People are broad but shallow. Agnosticism, anxiety, emptiness, and meaninglessness have gripped much of the world - and even the church ... By contrast, our Pilgrim forebears stand as shining examples of men who were narrow but deep, certain of what they believed, unswerving in their loyalty,
and passionately dedicated to the God they trusted, and for whom they would willingly have died. #Quote by Billy Graham
Explicitness Examples quotes by Mark Samuel
#41. This book is easy to understand and gets your attention. The real life examples are effective in delivering the message on the tremendous power of personal accountability. At the Callaway Energy Center, we trained our leaders on personal accountability and used this book as a guide. This resulted in notable improvements in our teamwork, engagement, accountability, and performance. I highly recommend it." - Fadi Diya, vice president, nuclear operations, Ameren Corporation #Quote by Mark Samuel
Explicitness Examples quotes by Vladimir Putin
#42. I have a very positive attitude to anyone who is protecting the environment, but it's inadmissible when people are using it as a means of promoting themselves, using it as a source of self-enrichment. I don't want to name any specific examples ... but often, environmentalism is used to blackmail companies. #Quote by Vladimir Putin

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