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Experimenter Trailer quotes by Donald Barthelme
#1. I met you under the balloon, on the occasion of your return from Norway; you asked if it was mine; I said it was. The balloon, I said, is a spontaneous autobiographical disclosure, having to do with the unease I felt at your absence, and with sexual deprivation, but now that your visit to Bergen has been terminated, it is no longer necessary or appropriate. Removal of the balloon was easy; trailer trucks carried away the depleted fabric, which is now stored in West Virginia, awaiting some other time of unhappiness, some time, perhaps, when we are angry with one another. #Quote by Donald Barthelme
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Penny Reid
#2. I lost it in the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, I started to panic when I noticed the graveyard of empty toilet paper rolls. The brown cylinders had ostensibly been placed vertically to form a half oval on top of the flat shiny surface of the stainless steel toilet paper holder. It was like some sort of miniature-recycled Stonehenge in the women's bathroom, a monument to the bowel movements of days past. Actually, it was sometime around 2:30 p.m. when my day exited the realm of country song bad and entered the neighboring territory of Aunt Ethel's annual Christmas letter bad. Last year Aunt Ethel wrote with steady, stalwart sincerity of Uncle Joe's gout and her one - no, make that two - car accidents, the new sinkhole in their backyard, their impending eviction from the trailer park, and Cousin Serena's divorce. To be fair, Cousin Serena got divorced every year, so that didn't really count toward the calamitous computation of yearly catastrophes. I #Quote by Penny Reid
Experimenter Trailer quotes by John Sayles
#3. Basically, if you could get a good trailer out of the script, Roger had no objection to you making a really good movie. He liked it if you did. He liked the more cleverness and ingenuity you could bring to it. He just wasn't going to give you any more money. #Quote by John Sayles
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Matthew Desmond
#4. But it was not enough simply to perceive injustice. Mass resistance was possible only when people believed they had the collective capacity to change things. For poor people, this required identifying with the oppressed, and counting yourself among them - which was something most trailer park residents were absolutely unwilling to do. #Quote by Matthew Desmond
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Alice Greczyn
#5. My family traveled a lot. For a while we even lived in a trailer and traveled from campground to campground. If we got to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, it was the highlight of our whole year! But I don't miss having to share a bathroom with seven people or having powdered milk with my cereal. It was so nasty. #Quote by Alice Greczyn
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Dave Ramsey
#6. That stupid saying "What you don't know can't hurt you" is ridiculous. What you don't know can kill you. If you don't know that tractor trailer trucks hurt when hitting you, then you can play in the middle of the interstate with no fear - but that doesn't mean you won't get killed. #Quote by Dave Ramsey
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Patricia Cornwell
#7. there to Baltimore," he says, and Lucy keeps her helicopter in Norwood, just outside of Boston, where she has her own hangar. "I see. That's why she's in a flight suit. She's taking you," and I think about the timing of her showing up as I emerged from the trailer. Benton must have let her know about Briggs's death hours ago. "When I'm done here I'll come meet you," I promise as we approach a black Tahoe with dark-tinted windows and government plates. #Quote by Patricia Cornwell
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Mindy Kaling
#8. I happen to believe that no one inherently deserves anything, except basic human rights, and not to have to watch an ad before you watch a trailer on YouTube. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#9. As his inner masochist came to bloom against the door of Cooper's trailer, Chenco felt like he'd pulled his chest cavity wide open and stood ready for Steve. He wanted this, he got off on this, not so much with his dick but with something so deep inside him it made dicks seem cheap. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Lorrie Moore
#10. Sometimes as I'm drifting toward sleep, in the beginnings of that dissolution, I wonder where I am, when this is, and realize that at these moments I could be anywhere, anytime, for all I know: eight and napping in the trailer, my broken arm in a cast, or thirteen at night clutching a pillow to my neck, or twenty in the arms of my boyfriend, or twenty-seven in the arms of my husband, or thirty-three next to my imaginary daughter; at every place in the whole spinning shape that is my life, when I am falling asleep, I am the same person, the identical awareness, the same fuzzball of mind, the same muck of nerves, all along the line. I forage through my life and everywhere - there, there, and there - it is only me in it, the very same me, the same harmless lump, the same soggy weirdo, the same sleeping, breathing bun. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Michelle Horst
#11. It's a hundred dollars for ten minutes." "Fuck, that's a lot! She doesn't have a golden pussy!" I hear the Bogeyman laugh that nasty laugh of his. It's slow and deep, making me even more scared. "Her pussy is golden, you'll be the first. So pay up or get your filthy ass out of my trailer! #Quote by Michelle Horst
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#12. The music was linked with almost everything I had done, none of the records came without a memory. Everything that had happened in the last five years rose like steam from a cup when I played a record, not in the form of thoughts or reasoning, but as moods, openings, space. Some general, others specific. If my memories were stacked in a heap on the back of my life's trailer, music was the rope that held them together and kept it, my life, in position. #Quote by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Len Wiseman
#13. I just gravitate to movies where the mystery is the character himself. Any time you see a trailer of something where somebody is questioning 'Who am I?' I'm hooked. #Quote by Len Wiseman
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Tillie Cole
#14. She looked at me like I was suddenly her whole world. I felt that look sear right into my heart. Ain't no one ever looked up on me with such grace, with such trust before, and I felt humbled that she chose to gift it to me
… All anyone ever saw when they looked at me was the white trash ex-gang member from the Heighter-famed trailer park across town.
But not her.
Fuck knows why, but Pix only ever saw more. #Quote by Tillie Cole
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Vincente Minnelli
#15. The Long, Long Trailer (1954) actually happened and the man wrote a book about it. Father of the Bride, same thing; a banker wrote that who had never written anything else. #Quote by Vincente Minnelli
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Bernardine Evaristo
#16. People won't see you as just another woman any more, but as a white woman who hangs with brownies, and you'll lose a bit of your privilege, you should still check it, though, have you heard the expression, check your privilege, babe?
Courtney replied that seeing as Yazz is the daughter of a professor and a very well-known theatre director, she's hardly underprivileged herself, whereas she, Courtney, comes from a really poor community where it's normal to be working in a factory at sixteen and have your first child as a single mother at seventeen, and that her father's farm is effectively owned by the bank
Yes but I'm black, Courts, which makes me more oppressed than anyone who isn't, except Waris who is the most oppressed of all of them (although don't tell her that)
In five categories, black, Muslim, female, poor, hijab bed
She's the only one Yazz can't tell to check her privilege
Courtney replied that Roxane Gay warned against the idea of playing 'privilege Olympics' and wrote in Bad Feminist that privilege is relative and contextual, and I agree, Yazz, I mean, where does it all end? Is Obama less privileged than a white hillbilly growing up in a trailer park with a junkie single mother and a jailbird father? Is a severely disabled person more privileged than a Syrian asylum-seeker who's been tortured? Roxane argues that we have to find a new discourse for discussing inequality
Yazz doesn't know what to say, when did Court read Roxane Gay - who #Quote by Bernardine Evaristo
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Christopher Moore
#17. Winter denial: therein lay the key to California Schadenfreude
the secret joy that the rest of the country feels at the misfortune of California. The country said: "Look at them, with their fitness and their tans, their beaches and their movie stars, their Silicon Valley and silicone breasts, their orange bridge and their palm trees. God, I hate those smug, sunshiny bastards!" Because if you're up to your navel in a snowdrift in Ohio, nothing warms your heart like the sight of California on fire. If you're shoveling silt out of your basement in the Fargo flood zone, nothing brightens your day like watching a Malibu mansion tumbling down a cliff into the sea. And if a tornado just peppered the land around your Oklahoma town with random trailer trash and redneck nuggets, then you can find a quantum of solace in the fact that the earth actually opened up in the San Fernando Valley and swallowed a whole caravan of commuting SUVs. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Natasha Richardson
#18. The degree that these scenes went to ... there was a couple of days I was upset ... I'd have to hurry back to the girls in the makeup trailer and have a bit of a cry because it messes with your head. #Quote by Natasha Richardson
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Carrie Fisher
#19. I really love the internet. They say chat-rooms are the trailer park of the internet but I find it amazing. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Claire Danes
#20. I love sitting in the makeup trailer and getting my makeup done in 15 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half. #Quote by Claire Danes
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Leon M. Lederman
#21. The sequence of theorist, experimenter, and discovery has occasionally been compared to the sequence of farmer, pig, truffle. The farmer leads the pig to an area where there might be truffles. The pig searches diligently for the truffles. Finally, he locates one, and just as he is about to devour it, the farmer snatches it away. #Quote by Leon M. Lederman
Experimenter Trailer quotes by William Monahan
#22. I learned from Ridley [Scott] how to come out of the trailer at a fast walk and make your decisions and keep it going. We were very much on time and under budget, as they say. That was a very important thing for me and very satisfactory. #Quote by William Monahan
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Andrew Thomas
#23. Aristotle was no experimenter, and he relied too much on his preconceptions. Famously, Aristotle once proclaimed that women have fewer teeth than men. Because no one thought to check this proclamation of Aristotle, for a thousand years everyone believed that women have fewer teeth (women and men, of course, actually have the same number of teeth). #Quote by Andrew Thomas
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Stephen King
#24. I wanted monsters that ate whole cities, radioactive corpses that came out of the ocean and ate surfers, and girls in black bras who looked like trailer trash. Horror movies, science fiction movies, movies about losers on motorcycles- this was the stuff that turned my dials up to ten. #Quote by Stephen King
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#25. He wordlessly crossed the floor and sat beside Adam on the mattress. When he held out his hand, Adam put the model into it.
"This old thing," Ronan said. He turned the front tyre, and again the music played out of it. They sat like that for a few minutes, as Ronan examined the car and turned each wheel to play a different tune. Adam watched how intently Ronan studied the seams, his eyelashes low over his light eyes. Ronan let out a breath, put the model down on the bed beside him, and kissed Adam.
Once, when Adam had still lived in the trailer park, he had been pushing the lawn mower around the scraggly side yard when he realized that it was raining a mile away. He could smell it, the earthy scent of rain on dirt, but also the electric, restless smell of ozone. And he could see it: a hazy gray sheet of water blocking his view of the mountains. He could track the line of rain travelling across the vast dry field towards him. It was heavy and dark, and he knew he would get drenched if he stayed outside. It was coming from so far away that he had plenty of time to put the mower away and get under cover. Instead, though, he just stood there and watched it approach. Even at the last minute, as he heard the rain pounding the grass flat, he just stood there. He closed his eyes and let the storm soak him.
That was this kiss.
They kissed again. Adam felt it in more than his lips.
Ronan sat back, his eyes closed, swallowing. Adam watched his chest rise and fall #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Kim Novak
#26. My first day at MGM they decided to bring this lion out, male, and it was not the best time for him to see me. All of a sudden he thought I was in heat and this lion went into the dressing room, which was just a trailer on the sound stage, and went crazy. #Quote by Kim Novak
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Nile Rodgers
#27. You can fool a person into going to see a movie with a good trailer. #Quote by Nile Rodgers
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Joshilyn Jackson
#28. A whole slew of them lived outside Immita on a big piece of trailer-dotted land everyone called Ducktown, and they were all cousins and brothers and aunts with one another so many times over that it was hard to tell who was exactly related and how. Growing up, I'd had six or so in school right around my grade, but I was a sophomore now, and only one was left. Either the rest had failed so many times I'd left them behind by middle school or they had plain dropped out. OMG #Quote by Joshilyn Jackson
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Adam Sandler
#29. Like every other rich asshole, I have a cook and he's in my trailer making food all the time. #Quote by Adam Sandler
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Alfred Tennyson
#30. Never comes the trader, never floats an European flag, -
Slides the bird o'er lustrous woodland, swings the trailer from the crag, -

Droops the heavy-blossomed bower, hangs the heavy-fruited tree, -
Summer isles of Eden lying in dark-purple spheres of sea. #Quote by Alfred Tennyson
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Misha Collins
#31. As an actor, if you want to while shooting, you can run back to your trailer and take a nap. But you cannot do that while directing. #Quote by Misha Collins
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Steve Kazee
#32. All I ever wanted to do was be on Broadway. I mean, remember, I grew up in a trailer. #Quote by Steve Kazee
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Jessica Zafra
#33. We don't really have a movie industry; we have a trailer industry. The movie guys make five minutes worth of stuff to get people in the theatre, and eighty-five minutes of filler. #Quote by Jessica Zafra
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Bill Dedman
#34. In Los Angeles, the Police Department buys a 40-foot refrigerated trailer truck every six months just to hold DNA evidence. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Danielle Panabaker
#35. To do a television show, one can be sort of spoiled. You get to have your own trailer, your own space - that sort of thing. #Quote by Danielle Panabaker
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Hubert Selby Jr.
#36. What the hell is this? Station after station, talk, talk, talk about the devil and the liberal democrats, what??? They still looking for communists? I dont believe this shit. Give me an amen and thank you jesus...whats with these people? This whole world is one big trailer park. They hate everybody. If theyre not hanging 'gays' they are hanging 'feminists', oh thank god for an 'off' button. Krist, my heart is pounding. Where am I? This cant be the same country I spent my entire life in. #Quote by Hubert Selby Jr.
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Eric Rudolph
#37. The profilers' plan to coax me out of the woods resembled a comedy skit. During their search of my Cane Creek trailer, the feds had found dozens of books on the Civil War. And interviews with my friends confirmed that I was a bona fide Civil War buff. The profilers looked at all this Civil War "stimuli" and concluded that my hiding in the mountains was a form of role-playing. Starring in my own Civil War fantasy, I was a lone rebel fighting for the Lost Cause, and the task force was a Yankee army out to capture me. To talk On August 16, the task force pulled out of the woods while Bo and his rebels went in. They had to look the part, so the FBI profilers dressed them in white hats with the word "REBEL" stenciled in red letters across the front; and around their neck each rebel wore a Confederate flag bandanna.me into surrendering, they needed some of my rebel comrades to convince me that
the war was over and it was time to lay down my arms. Colonel Gritz and his crew were assigned the role of my rebel comrades. They were there to "rescue" me from the Yankee horde.

Bo's band of rebels pitched camp down in Tusquitee, north of the town of Hayesville. Beginning at Bob Allison Campground – the place where I'd abandoned Nordmann's truck – they worked their way west into the Tusquitee Mountains. They walked the trails, blowing whistles and yelling "Eric, we're here with Bo Gritz to save you." They searched for a week.

I lost it when I heard on the radio th #Quote by Eric Rudolph
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Doug Liman
#38. The beating heart of your story ... that's not what shows up in a trailer. The other stuff is what shows up in a trailer, because that's what gets people in to the seats, and that's how studios make their money. #Quote by Doug Liman
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Ernest Cline
#39. The rest of the trailer reeked of cat piss and abject poverty. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Experimenter Trailer quotes by Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
#40. I felt like I already knew how to race by the time I was four. I was always at the race track with my dad. I watched him race thousands of laps in a sprint car standing on top of a trailer watching him, getting down and cleaning the mud off his car. That's just what I grew up doing. #Quote by Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

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