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Exhilarating quotes by Annie Dillard
#1. I read with the pure, exhilarating greed of readers sixteen, seventeen years old; #Quote by Annie Dillard
Exhilarating quotes by Richard Stallman
#2. If in my lifetime the problem of non-free software is solved, I could perhaps relax and write software again. But I might instead try to help deal with the world's larger problems. Standing up to an evil system is exhilarating, and now I have a taste for it. #Quote by Richard Stallman
Exhilarating quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#3. It was an ideal spring day, a light blue sky, flecked with little fleecy white clouds drifting across from west to east. The sun was shining very brightly, and yet there was an exhilarating nip in the air, which set an edge to a man's energy. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Exhilarating quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#4. Running! If there is any activity happier, more exhilarating, more nourishing to the imagination, I cannot think of what it might be. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Exhilarating quotes by John Updike
#5. Baseball is meant to be fun, and not all the solemn money-men in fur-collared greatcoats, not all the scruffy media cameramen and sour-faced reporters that crowd around the dugouts can quite smother the exhilarating spaciousness and grace of this impudently relaxed sport, a game of innumerable potential redemptions and curious disappointments. #Quote by John Updike
Exhilarating quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#6. I feel grateful for the slight sprain which has introduced this mysterious and fascinating division between one of my feet and the other. The way to love anything is to realise that it might be lost. In one of my feet I can feel how strong and splendid a foot is; in the other I can realise how very much otherwise it might have been. The moral of the thing is wholly exhilarating. This world and all our powers in it are far more awful and beautiful than even we know until some accident reminds us. If you wish to perceive that limitless felicity, limit yourself if only for a moment. If you wish to realise how fearfully and wonderfully God's image is made, stand on one leg. If you want to realise the splendid vision of all visible things
wink the other eye. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Exhilarating quotes by Ricardo Semler
#7. It is not socialist, as some of our critics contend. It isn't purely capitalist, either. It is a new way. A third way. A more humane, trusting, productive, exhilarating, and, in every sense, rewarding way. #Quote by Ricardo Semler
Exhilarating quotes by Richie Singh
#8. One of the rarest and most beautiful things in this world is to meet someone who has the ability to intoxicate you. Every moment with her was exhilarating, and every moment without her was spent captivated by thoughts about her. She was like the finest of wines. And I was getting drunk. #Quote by Richie Singh
Exhilarating quotes by Myriam Gurba
#9. We act mean to defend ourselves from boredom and from those who would chop off our breasts. We act mean to defend our clubs and institutions. We act mean because we like to laugh. Being mean to boys is fun and a second-wave feminist duty. Being rude to men who deserve it is a holy mission. Sisterhood is powerful, but being a bitch is more exhilarating. Being a bitch is spectacular. #Quote by Myriam Gurba
Exhilarating quotes by William C. Rhoden
#10. The reports of racial episodes are disturbing. But the players' protest is exhilarating because it is the most high-profile example to date in a continuing revolution in which the athletes who drive the multibillion-dollar college sports machine have begun to use their visibility to demand change. #Quote by William C. Rhoden
Exhilarating quotes by Rebecca M. Gibson
#11. He shot everything that moved in a blind fury. It was as if he were floating outside his body, his flesh acting on pure animal instinct. To kill or be killed. It was exhilarating. #Quote by Rebecca M. Gibson
Exhilarating quotes by Catherine Cullen
#12. Its history is an especially rich and intriguing one for women: the great salons of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries gave women an intellectual influence and freedom; in the nineteenth century, for the bohemian and the flâneuse pleasure and revolution were a seductive mix; in the mid-twentieth century, Paris spelled freedom for Simone de Beauvoir who set the standard for contemporary feminism in her exhilarating The Second Sex. #Quote by Catherine Cullen
Exhilarating quotes by A.G. Howard
#13. I should be terrified. I should be committed. But something about the netherling is sensual and exhilarating, more evocative than anything in my world has ever been. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Exhilarating quotes by Lilian Whiting
#14. Service is the joy-giving factor in daily life. It is as spontaneous as light, as subtle as electricity, as exhilarating as sunshine. It exists primarily as a spiritual attitude. It lies in the constant recognition of the brotherhood of humanity toward each and all with whom we come in contact. #Quote by Lilian Whiting
Exhilarating quotes by Bryan Fields
#15. Riding a Dragon is amazing, exhilarating, and murder on the thighs. #Quote by Bryan Fields
Exhilarating quotes by Charles Lamb
#16. 'That Enough Is As Good As a Feast'
... The inventor of [this saying] did not believe it himself ... Goodly legs and shoulders of mutton, exhilarating cordials, books, pictures, the opportunities of seeing foreign countries, independence, heart's ease, a man's own time to himself, are not muck - however we may be pleased to scandalise with that appellation the faithful metal that provides them for us. #Quote by Charles Lamb
Exhilarating quotes by Piper Kerman
#17. How could I admit that the All-American Girl's force field of stoicism and self-reliance and do-unto-others-and-keep-smiling wasn't working, wasn't keeping pain and shame and powerlessness away?

From a young age I had learned to get over - to cover my tracks emotionally, to hide or ignore my problems in the belief that they were mine alone to solve. So when exhilarating transgressions required getting over on authority figures, I knew how to do it. I was a great bluffer. And when common, everyday survival in prison required getting over, I could do that too. This is what was approvingly described by my fellow prisoners as 'street-smarts,' as in 'You wouldn't think it to look at her, but Piper's got street-smarts. #Quote by Piper Kerman
Exhilarating quotes by Patricia Briggs
#18. His arm pulled her a little off balance, and paradoxically it steadied her at the same time. That was what Charles did to her heart, too. He knocked it off balance into what felt like the right position, a safe place that was still exciting, exhilarating, and terrifying. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Exhilarating quotes by H.H. Laura
#19. You came up this gut-wrenching road yesterday by yourself?" Cassie exclaimed. "You deserve a good cuffing just for driving this goat path on your own."
"It's not so bad once you get used to dodging the ruts."
"You've got some nerve calling these canyons ruts."
"Cassandra Hudson, where is your sense of adventure?"
"I dropped it off going over that last rut-crossing when only two wheels were on the ground."
"Those ones are a bit exhilarating, aren't they?" Alexandra shot Cassie a quick look and wink.
"Keep your eyes on the road!"
"What road?"
"Exactly! #Quote by H.H. Laura
Exhilarating quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#20. Trudging alone along that black road, sometimes in the teeth of wind and rain, and watching the white distant gleam of convolvulus through the park railings, gave me an exhilarating sensation of adventure. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Exhilarating quotes by Shawna Grace
#21. Kissing Shilo like this was absolutely exhilarating, like free falling before plummeting into a safety net full of delicious pink cotton candy. I was instantly addicted. #Quote by Shawna Grace
Exhilarating quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#22. While endowed with the morose temper of genius, he [Lakes, Arts Professor] lacked originality and was aware of that lack; his own paintings always seemed beautifully clever imitations, although one could never quite tell whose manner he mimicked. His profound knowledge of innumerable techniques, his indifference to 'schools' and 'trends', his detestation of quacks, his conviction that there was no difference whatever between a genteel aquarelle of yesterday and, say, conventional neoplasticism or banal non-objectivism of today, and that nothing but individual talent mattered--these views made of him an unusual teacher. St Bart's was not particularly pleased either with Lake's methods or with their results, but kept him on because it was fashionable to have at least one distinguished freak on the staff. Among the many exhilarating things Lake taught was that the order of the solar spectrum is not a closed
circle but a spiral of tints from cadmium red and oranges through a strontian yellow and a pale paradisal green to cobalt blues and violets, at which point the sequence does not grade into red again but passes into another spiral, which starts with a kind of lavender grey and goes on to Cinderella shades transcending human perception. He taught that there is no such thing as the Ashcan School or the Cache Cache School or the Cancan School. That the work of art created with string, stamps, a Leftist newspaper, and the droppings of doves is based on a series of dreary plat #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Exhilarating quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#23. THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE do not come only through the senses. Some of the most exhilarating experiences we undergo are generated inside the mind, triggered by information that challenges our ability to think, rather than from the use of sensory skills. As #Quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Exhilarating quotes by Jessica Lee
#24. He couldn't help but chuckle at her defiance. Everything had been a battle with Alexandria. She'd never willingly given into anything he'd wanted of her. And she'd been exhilarating. #Quote by Jessica Lee
Exhilarating quotes by Billy Porter
#25. When you're doing what you love, it's not exhausting at all, actually. It's completely empowering and exhilarating. #Quote by Billy Porter
Exhilarating quotes by Desmond Tutu
#26. It is quite exhilarating to speak about a God who has an incredible bias, a notorious bias in favor of the downtrodden. You look at Exodus and the Israelites' escape from a bottomless pit. God is not evenhanded. God is biased up to his eyebrows. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Exhilarating quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#27. Outbreaks of unvarnished truths in the backyard of our true self can be very precious and inspiring, even though we might inconsistently be tempted to give in to the exhilarating perfume of fables and fairy tales or to flattering praise and fiction. ("The day the mirror was talking back") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Exhilarating quotes by Thomas Moore
#28. That is the point of the night sea journey - to be born into yourself. There, you are in the amniotic fluid, in an alchemical substance once again. You are journeying toward your own life. You are preparing for your fate. The promise is exhilarating, but the dangers are extreme. You have to avoid being just one of the crowd and instead take the chance of being born an individual. Jonah #Quote by Thomas Moore
Exhilarating quotes by Dallas Willard
#29. We should, to begin with, think that God leads a very interesting life, and that he is full of joy. Undoubtedly he is the most joyous being in the universe. The abundance of his love and generosity is inseparable from his infinite joy. All of the good and beautiful things from which we occasionally drink tiny droplets of soul-exhilarating joy, God continuously experiences in all their breadth and depth and richness. #Quote by Dallas Willard
Exhilarating quotes by Lynn Coady
#30. Loneliness sucks. It's a slog. It feels wonderful and exhilarating when someone makes it go away. But love is a whole different ball game. #Quote by Lynn Coady
Exhilarating quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#31. Today's competitiveness, so much imposed from without, is exhausting, not exhilarating; is unending-a part of one's social life, one's solitude, one's sleep, one's sleeplessness. #Quote by Louis Kronenberger
Exhilarating quotes by Lyn Gardner
#32. Enchanting is not the word that would immediately spring to mind when describing a play that deals with fractal geometry, iterated algorithms, chaos theory and the second law of thermodynamics, but it is a perfect fit for Tom Stoppard's astonishing 1993 play, which is as beautiful as it is brilliant. This is one Stoppard drama that you don't have to be Einstein to understand
you can feel it as well as think it. ( ... ) Breathtaking, exhilarating and deeply satisfying. #Quote by Lyn Gardner
Exhilarating quotes by Peter V. Brett
#33. He slowed down when the house was in sight, despite the cries of his parents, despite the terror in their voices. This was the time of day he felt most alive. He watched the sun dip in the sky, eclipsed by the turning of the world beneath him. Shadows began to lengthen. He waited until the last minute, and then ran to his house as fast as he could, the exhilarating tingle of fear sweeping over him, making his heart pound and his hands shake. Air tasted better in those few seconds, his body alive with sensation. No sight was more beautiful than the reds and oranges of dusk, no sound more exciting than his parents' warnings. He tumbled over the threshold, careful not to disturb the wards, and turned to watch the corelings rise. #Quote by Peter V. Brett
Exhilarating quotes by Starhawk
#34. Magic is the craft of shaping, the craft of the wise, exhilarating, dangerous - the ultimate adventure. The power of magic should not be underestimated. It works, often in ways that are unexpected and difficult to control. #Quote by Starhawk
Exhilarating quotes by A.S. Byatt
#35. On buses and trains, I always think about the inexhaustible variety of human genes. We see types, and occasionally twins, but never doubles. All faces are unique, and this is exhilarating, despite the increasingly plastic similarity of TV stars and actors. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Exhilarating quotes by Trevor Dodge
#36. You will leverage everything. And in doing so you will lose everything, and in doing so you will also win everything. This will be the most exhilarating time of your life and it will also be the darkest. You will know beyond the shadow of doubt what possibility really is; you will wonder about things you don't want to wonder about; you will find you are largely alone and powerless; you will find you were never completely alone at all. #Quote by Trevor Dodge
Exhilarating quotes by Rupi Kaur
#37. you were the most beautiful thing i'd ever felt till now. and i was convinced you'd remain the most beautiful thing i'd ever feel. do you know how limiting that is. to think at such a ripe young age i'd experienced the most exhilarating person i'd ever meet. how i'd spend the rest of my life just settling. to think i'd tasted the rawest form of honey and everything else would be refined and synthetic. that nothing else would be refined and synthetic. that nothing beyond this point would add up. that all the years beyond me could not combine themselves to be sweeter than you.

- falsehood #Quote by Rupi Kaur
Exhilarating quotes by Abbie Emmons
#38. For a moment, I'm speechless.
It's the first time in three years anyone has ever met me without that look of pity on their face. The first time anyone has ever looked at me and not seen me. The first time anyone has stood before me – with perfectly normal legs – and complained about their own problem.
The feeling is exhilarating. #Quote by Abbie Emmons
Exhilarating quotes by Sinclair Lewis
#39. The Senator was vulgar, almost illiterate, a public liar easily detected, and in his "ideas" almost idiotic, while his celebrated piety was that of a traveling salesman for church furniture, and his yet more celebrated humor the sly cynicism of a country store.
Certainly there was nothing exhilarating in the actual words of his speeches, nor anything convincing in his philosophy. His political platforms were only wings of a windmill. #Quote by Sinclair Lewis
Exhilarating quotes by Jodi Meadows
#40. It was exhilarating, really.
Being shred asunder.
Burning like a thousand galaxies. #Quote by Jodi Meadows
Exhilarating quotes by Jeffrey Tayler
#41. My writing derived from the conviction I conceived during my college years: one should lead one's life as if one were the protagonist of an epic novel, with the outcome predetermined and chapter after chapter of edifying, traumatic, and exhilarating events to be suffered through. Since the end is known in advance, one must try to experience as much as possible in the brief time allotted. Writing is a way of ensuring that you pay enough attention along the way to understand what you see. #Quote by Jeffrey Tayler
Exhilarating quotes by Lorraine Hansberry
#42. I think that the glorious thing about the human race is that it does change the world
constantly. The world or 'life' may seem to more often overwhelm the human being's capacity for struggling against being overwhelmed which is remarkable and exhilarating. #Quote by Lorraine Hansberry
Exhilarating quotes by Stephen King
#43. It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in a while exhilarating. #Quote by Stephen King
Exhilarating quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#44. Writing is very cathartic for me. As a teacher, I hear many students say that writing can be painful and exhausting. It can be, but ultimately I believe that if you push through, the process is healing and exhilarating. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Exhilarating quotes by Paul Auster
#45. It was one of the most sublimely exhilarating moments of my life. I was half a step in front of the real, an inch or two beyond the confines of my body, and when the thing happened just as I thought it would, I felt my skin had become transparent. I wasn't occupying space anymore so much as melting into it. What was around me was also inside me, and I had only to look into myself in order to see the world. #Quote by Paul Auster
Exhilarating quotes by Jason O'Mara
#46. It's really exhilarating and exciting to be able to meet your fan base and see them in person, and see the lengths that they're willing to go to. #Quote by Jason O'Mara
Exhilarating quotes by Ruskin Bond
#47. The rain swirls over the trees and roofs of the town, and the parched earth soaks it up, exuding a fragrance that comes only once in a year, the fragrance of quenched earth, the most exhilarating of all smells. #Quote by Ruskin Bond
Exhilarating quotes by Jane Goodall
#48. I have found that to love and be loved is the most empowering and exhilarating of all human emotions. #Quote by Jane Goodall
Exhilarating quotes by Rolf Potts
#49. Thus, the question of how and when to start vagabonding is not really a question at all. Vagabonding starts now. Even if the practical reality of travel is still months or years away, vagabonding begins the moment you stop making excuses, start saving money, and begin to look at maps with the narcotic tingle of possibility. From here, the reality of vagabonding comes into sharper focus as you adjust your worldview and begin to embrace the exhilarating uncertainty that true travel promises. #Quote by Rolf Potts
Exhilarating quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#50. Monotony is the law of nature. Look at the monotonous manner in which the sun rises. The monotony of necessary occupation is exhilarating and life giving. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Exhilarating quotes by Esther Hicks
#51. It is so exhilarating to realize that this is all here for our expansion and for our pleasure. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Exhilarating quotes by Emma Stone
#52. Often, joking for me is a way of diffusing the awkwardness of a situation, so it's kind of exhilarating to be a part of projects where there's nothing funny or lighthearted. #Quote by Emma Stone
Exhilarating quotes by Laurie Holden
#53. I'm a tomboy. I really love sports. I'm really looking forward to being the sniper gal, running around and shooting zombies. I find that really exhilarating. #Quote by Laurie Holden
Exhilarating quotes by Ali Harper
#54. Our love is true because the truth is love isn't always kind or patient, sometimes it's raw and passionate and impulsive and can even be cruel. Believe it or not sometimes you have to work at it and when we we're good; we're not even great we're phenomenal. Sometimes I'm temperamental asshole and you're just a crazy grade A bitch! But we work for God's sake so don't throw us away! We are just two imperfect people living in an imperfect world with a slightly imperfect love, is there anything more perfect than that? I love you Sienna, I love you now and I will always love you." He said so sincerely with a look so pure it startled her and set all the nerves in her body alight with an exhilarating intense fire that she tried to extinguish immediately with pails of water. #Quote by Ali Harper
Exhilarating quotes by Fouad Ajami
#55. The end of despots is always odd?exhilarating to those who suffered their tyrannies, and to those who hold despotism in contempt, and anti-climatic at the same time, the discovery that these tyrants were petty, frightened men after all. #Quote by Fouad Ajami
Exhilarating quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#56. I think we're the only ones in the building," he says.
"Then no one will mind when I do this!" I jump onto the desk and parade back and forth. St. Clair belts out a song, and I shimmy to the sound of his voice. When he finishes,I bow with a grand flourish.
"Quick!" he says.
"What?" I hop off the desk. Is Nate here? Did he see?
But St. Clair runs to the stairwell. He throws open the door and screams. The ehco makes us both jump, and then together we scream again at the top of our lungs. It's exhilarating. St. Clair chases me to the elevator,and we ride it to the rooftop. He hangs back but laughs as I spit off the side, trying to hit a lingerie advertisement. The wind is fierce,and my aim is off,so I race back down two flights of stairs. Our staircase is wide and steady, so he's only a few feet behind me. We reach his floor.
"Well," he says. Our conversation halts for the first time in hours.
I look past him. "Um.Good night."
"See you tomorrow? Late breakfast at the creperie?"
"That'd be nice."
"Unless-" he cuts himself off.
Unless what? He's hesitant, changed his mind. The moment passes. I give him one more questioning look, but he turns away.
"Okay." It's hard to keep the disappointment out of my voice. "See you in the morning." I take the steps down and glance back.He's staring at me. I lift my hand and wave. He's oddly statuesque. I push through the door to my floor,shaking my head. I don't understand why things always #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Exhilarating quotes by Abraham Hicks
#57. Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it's the way most of you intended it to be. It's the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? does it get any better than that? You didn't think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create. #Quote by Abraham Hicks
Exhilarating quotes by Jasmine Warga
#58. But in the end it doesn't matter what Roman wants to do. I'm beginning to learn that this is the exhilarating and puzzling and, frankly, the frustrating thing about love. Things that matter to the other person start to seem intriguing, even if they are actually quite trite when you really think about them. #Quote by Jasmine Warga
Exhilarating quotes by Bob Proctor
#59. Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. #Quote by Bob Proctor
Exhilarating quotes by Michael Lerner
#60. Nothing is more contagious than genuine love and genuine care. Nothing is more exhilarating than authentic awe and wonder. Nothing is more exciting than to witness people having the courage to fight for their highest vision. #Quote by Michael Lerner
Exhilarating quotes by Hannah Fidell
#61. Shooting an improv-based film is incredibly liberating, exhilarating, and fun, but editing that kind of movie can be difficult for obvious continuity reasons. #Quote by Hannah Fidell
Exhilarating quotes by Stephen King
#62. Directing teenage actors is like juggling jars of nitro-glycerine: exhilarating and dangerous. #Quote by Stephen King
Exhilarating quotes by Lily King
#63. But I don't trust a crowds - hundreds of people together without cognition and only the basest impulses: food, drink, sex. Fen claims that if you just let go of your brain, find another brain, the group brain, the collective brain, and that it is an exhilarating form of human connection that we have lost in our embrace of the individual except when we go to war. Which is exactly my point. #Quote by Lily King
Exhilarating quotes by Franz Kafka
#64. And so I learned things, gentlemen. Ah, one learns when one has to; one learns when one needs a way out; one learns at all costs. One stands over oneself with a whip; one flays oneself at the slightest opposition. My ape nature fled out of me, head over heels and away, so that my first teacher was almost himself turned into an ape by it and was taken away to a mental hospital. Fortunately he was soon let out again.
But I used up many teachers, several teachers at once. As I became more confident of my abilities, as the public took and interest in my progress and my future began to look bright, I engaged teachers for myself, engaged them in five communicating rooms, and took lessons from all at once by dint of leaping from one room to the other.
That progress of mine! How the rays of knowledge penetrated from all sides into my awakening brain? I do not deny it: I found it exhilarating. But I must also confess: I did not overestimate it, not even then, much less now. With an effort which up till now has never been repeated I managed to reach the cultural level of an average European. In itself that might be nothing to speak of, but it is something insofar as it has helped me out of my cage and opened a special way out for me, the way of humanity. There is an excellent idiom: to fight one's way through the thick of things; that is what I have done, I have fought through the thick of things. There was nothing else for me to do, provided that freedom was not to be my ch #Quote by Franz Kafka
Exhilarating quotes by Louise Penny
#65. Clara shrugged and immediately knew her betrayal of Peter. In one easy movement she'd distanced herself from his bad behavior, even thought she herself was responsible for it. Just before everyone had arrived, she'd told Peter about her adventure with Gamache. Animated and excited she'd gabbled on about her box and the woods and the exhilarating climb up the ladder to the blind. But her wall of words hid from her a growing quietude. She failed to notice his silence, his distance, until it was too late and he'd retreated all the way to his icy island. She hated that place. From it he stood and stared, judged, and lobbed shards of sarcasm.

'You and your hero solve Jane's death?'

'I thought you'd be pleased,' she half lied. She actually hadn't thought at all, and if she had, she probably could have predicted his reaction. But since he was comfortably on his Inuk island, she'd retreat to hers, equipped with righteous indignation and warmed by moral certitude. She threw great logs of 'I'm right, you're an unfeeling bastard' onto the fire and felt secure and comforted. #Quote by Louise Penny
Exhilarating quotes by Sabina Murray
#66. Monstress is an exhilarating rollercoaster of a book. Deeply funny, heartbreaking, hopeful, philosophical, bawdy, and wise, Lysley Tenorio's stories, written from the underbelly of the American Dream, present one brilliant portrait after another. #Quote by Sabina Murray
Exhilarating quotes by Janet McKenzie Hill
#67. In most households a cup of coffee is considered the one thing needful at the breakfast hour. But how often this exhilarating beverage, that 'comforteth the brain and heateth and helpeth digestion' is made muddy and ill-flavoured! ... You may roast the berries 'to the queen's taste,' and grind them fresh every morning, and yet, if the golden liquid be not prepared in the most immaculate of coffee-pots, with each return of morning, a new disappointment awaits you. #Quote by Janet McKenzie Hill
Exhilarating quotes by Edna Ferber
#68. Only amateurs say that they write for their own amusement. Writing is not an amusing occupation. It is a combination of ditch-digging, mountain-climbing, treadmill and childbirth. Writing may be interesting, absorbing, exhilarating, racking, relieving. But amusing? Never! #Quote by Edna Ferber
Exhilarating quotes by W. Clement Stone
#69. There's a great joy in my giving. It's thrilling. It's exhilarating. It's important to be a part of sharing. It is my love. It is my joy. #Quote by W. Clement Stone
Exhilarating quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#70. There's never been a safer time to go for a ride. Sadly, though, there's a problem. You see, cycling is seen now not as something that might be exhilarating or even useful but as a frontline propaganda weapon in the war on capitalism, banking, freedom, McDonald's, injustice, Swiss drug companies, rape and progress. Every morning London is chock-full of little individually wrapped Twiglets, their wizened faces contorted with hatred for all that they see. Fat people. Cars. Chain stores. It's all fascism. Fascism, d'you hear? From what they see as the moral high ground, they sneer at pedestrians, howl at buses, bang on cars, scream at taxi drivers and charge through every convention that defines society with their walnutty bottoms in the air and their stupid legs going nineteen to the dozen. #Quote by Jeremy Clarkson
Exhilarating quotes by Walker Percy
#71. School is disappointing. If science is exciting and art is exhilarating, the schools and universities have achieved the not inconsiderable feat of rendering both dull. As every scientist and poet knows, one discovers both vocations in spite of, not because of school. It takes years to recover from the stupor of being taught Shakespeare in English Lit and Wheatstone's bridge in Physics. #Quote by Walker Percy
Exhilarating quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#72. He felt like a young student again, confronted with all the art and knowledge of mankind. The experience was both exhilarating and depressing; a whole universe lay at his fingertips, but the fraction of it he could explore in an entire lifetime was so negligible that he was sometimes overwhelmed with despair. #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Exhilarating quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#73. We first observe how dreary and disagreeable an overclouded day is when a single sunbeam pierces through, and offers to us the exhilarating splendor of a serene hour. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Exhilarating quotes by John F. MacArthur Jr.
#74. Have you experienced communion with God and Christ? Have you sensed His presence? Do you have a love for Him that draws you to His presence? Have you experienced the sweet communion of prayer - the exhilarating joy of talking to the living God? Have you experienced the refreshing, almost overwhelming sense of grace that comes upon you when you discover a new truth in His Word? #Quote by John F. MacArthur Jr.
Exhilarating quotes by Annie Dillard
#75. Putting a book together is interesting and exhilarating. It is sufficiently difficult and complex and it engages all your intelligence. It is life at its most free. Your freedom as a writer is not freedom of expression in the sense of wild blurting; you may not let it rip. It is life at its most free, if you are fortunate enough to be able to try it, because you select your materials, invent your task, and pace yourself. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Exhilarating quotes by Camille Paglia
#76. Teenage boys, goaded by their surging hormones run in packs like the primal horde. They have only a brief season of exhilarating liberty between control by their mothers and control by their wives. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Exhilarating quotes by Denis Waitley
#77. Winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating. #Quote by Denis Waitley
Exhilarating quotes by Michelle Cooper
#78. When I was little, I longed and longed to be older, except now I can't recall what exactly it was that I most keenly anticipated. Being allowed to stay up as late as I wanted? To wear or eat or read whatever I pleased? Well, I could do all those things now, but mostly I don't
either because I have to get up early for work the next morning, or haven't enough money to buy the outfit I really love, or for some other boring, grown-up reason. Also, children don't realize what a huge proportion of adult life is used up worrying about things
from what to make for dinner and whether one's sheets will get dry in time to make the beds that night, to whether one will ever manage to meet the right man and marry him. Shouldn't being a grown-up be slightly more exhilarating? #Quote by Michelle Cooper
Exhilarating quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#79. The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of. The mite which November contributes becomes equal in value to the bounty of July. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Exhilarating quotes by Brenda Poinsett
#80. Even when you are striving, stumbling and struggling, it's exhilarating if you sense you are growing. #Quote by Brenda Poinsett
Exhilarating quotes by Ted Chiang
#81. Many minutes pass. I learn much from him, and he from me. It's exhilarating, to be suddenly awash in ideas whose implications would take me days to consider fully. But we're also gathering strategic information: I infer the extent of his unspoken knowledge, compare it with my own, and simulate his corresponding inferences. For there is always the awareness that this must come to an end; the formulation of our exchanges renders ideological differences luminously clear. Reynolds hasn't witnessed the beauty that I have; he's stood before lovely insights, oblivious to them. The sole gestalt that inspires him is the one I ignored: that of the planetary society, of the biosphere. I am a lover of beauty, he of humanity. Each feels that the other has ignored great opportunities. He #Quote by Ted Chiang
Exhilarating quotes by Lily King
#82. I love reading fiction about people who are connecting intellectually. I find that exhilarating. #Quote by Lily King
Exhilarating quotes by Amy Christine Parker
#83. It was nice to meet you," I say loudly in a more formal tone than I used when we were alone. And then I surprise myself, lean closer to him and whisper something I know I shouldn't.
"You know, my family's assigned to the next supply run into town this Saturday." I can't quite look at him afterward. What am I doing?
He shoots me a sidelong glance and a slow smile spreads across his face, lighting up his gray-green eyes. "Maybe we'll run into each other. Could happen . . . especially if I have a general idea of where you're going to be."
My breath quickens. I can feel his smile becoming contagious and I return it with one of my own. "We'll probably be at Walmart for most of the morning."
"I happen to love that store. Where else can you get a haircut, goldfish, and camping gear all at the same time?"
He winks at me and I have to clamp my mouth shut to keep from laughing. I've never felt so reckless. It's terrifying, but exhilarating too. #Quote by Amy Christine Parker
Exhilarating quotes by Azar Nafisi
#84. It was one of those rare nights when I was kept awake not by my nightmares and anxieties but by something exciting and exhilarating. Most nights I lay awake waiting for some unexpected disaster ... I think I somehow felt that as long as I was conscious, nothing bad could happen ... #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Exhilarating quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#85. God declared that the end of ourselves need not be the end of ourselves. And if we don't somehow find that exhilarating, we will end ourselves. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Exhilarating quotes by Susan Hockfield
#86. Science, math and engineering can give you the exhilarating power to become not mere spectators or consumers, but the active explorers, makers and doers who will help invent the future. #Quote by Susan Hockfield
Exhilarating quotes by Joe R. Lansdale
#87. Scott Sigler's Infected is a bucking pulp pony that throws you this way and that, and just when you think you've got your balance, that ole pony bucks the other way. All in all, one hell of an exhilarating ride, and highly recommended. #Quote by Joe R. Lansdale
Exhilarating quotes by Elliott James
#88. Have you ever tried to use your eyes to tell someone that you want them, that because of them you're going to do the best you can to survive but that you're willing to die if that's the cost of putting yourself between them and anything that means them harm? That you don't care if they're playing you, or if what you have is really love, or if the two of you have a shot at lasting, that the very fact that they exist has made you come back to life in some way that's terrifying and exhilarating? A few seconds isn't long enough, especially when the person you're looking at is staring back as if she wants to pull you inside her and crush the two of you into one being. #Quote by Elliott James
Exhilarating quotes by Alexander Chase
#89. Lovers of air travel find it exhilarating to hang poised between the illusion of immortality and the fact of death. #Quote by Alexander Chase
Exhilarating quotes by Steven Pinker
#90. I find a naturalistic understanding of human nature to be indispensable to leading a wise and mature life, and it is often exhilarating. Wisdom consists in appreciating the preciousness and finiteness of our own existence, and therefore not squandering it; of being cognizant of what makes people everywhere tick, and therefore enhancing happiness and minimizing suffering; of being alert to limitations and flaws in our own judgments and decisions and passions, and thereby doing our best to circumvent them. The exhilaration comes from understanding that we are a part of natural world; that deep mysteries can be explained; and that the world
including our own mental lives
can be intelligible, rather than a source of superstition and ignorance. Yes, mortality sucks, but given that it exists, I'd rather know that than be kept in a childlike state of delusion. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Exhilarating quotes by Sol Luckman
#91. Flying in his dreams was an exhilarating, breathtaking experience, sometimes literally, that tended to leave reality wanting, like riding a roller coaster compared to mowing the lawn. #Quote by Sol Luckman
Exhilarating quotes by Kate Quinn
#92. Welcome to real spy work. Mostly tedious, occasionally exhilarating. #Quote by Kate Quinn
Exhilarating quotes by Liane Moriarty
#93. Early love is exciting and exhilarating. It's light and bubbly. Anyone can love like that. But after three children, after a separation and a near-divorce, after you've hurt each other and forgiven each other, bored each other and surprised each other, after you've seen the worst and the best
well, that sort of love is ineffable. It deserves its own word. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Exhilarating quotes by Nicole Krauss
#94. Now that mine is almost over, I can say that the one thing that struck me most about life is the capacity for change. One day you're a person and the next day they tell you you're a dog. At first it's hard to bear, but after a while you learn not to look at it as a loss. There's even a moment when it becomes exhilarating to realize just how little needs to stay the same for you to continue the effort they call, for lack of a better word, being human. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Exhilarating quotes by Glenn Tinder
#95. Perhaps too much is said in universities about how "exciting" it is to think. Thinking undoubtedly has its excitements and satisfactions, but these feelings do not disclose its general character, and there is something very much wrong with the idea they should. We do not think in order to have fun but because life is troubling and problematic. We think because we are compelled to. And while thinking occasionally brings exciting discoveries, the periods in between these discoveries are likely to place heavy demands not only on the thinker's energies but on his patience as well. When thinking, we should not need to tell ourselves that it is an exhilarating experience; it should be enough to realize that we are behaving with the seriousness, the rationality, and the self-discipline that the human situation requires of us. #Quote by Glenn Tinder
Exhilarating quotes by Gillibran Brown
#96. Shane often grounds and fetters me, in more ways than one, but there are moments when he gives me wings and allows me to soar in his air stream. Such moments are exhilarating and though rare are worth waiting for. #Quote by Gillibran Brown
Exhilarating quotes by Bill Irwin
#97. It's an exhilarating play, and you come off tired, but thrilled. #Quote by Bill Irwin
Exhilarating quotes by Charlie Cochet
#98. Dex gasped, his back arching at the feel of strong hands kneading his ass cheeks, pushing them apart as the head of his lover's slick cock aligned itself then pushed in slowly, the pressure both painful and exhilarating. God, it had been too long. Dex palmed his erection as he was entered, his lover burying deep inside him inch by inch. Hard muscles pressed up against his back, lowering Dex onto the mattress, his breath coming out ragged as his lover buried himself to the root and started rotating his hips, drawing out then pushing back in painfully slow. Dex moaned, his stomach filled with butterflies, the anticipation building like nothing he'd ever felt before. His whole body was on fire, and he writhed with need beneath the deliciously heavy weight. He couldn't remember Lou feeling like this. Had it always felt this damn good? Dex moaned when lips pressed against his skin beneath his ear. "Easy there, Rookie." Dex's #Quote by Charlie Cochet
Exhilarating quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#99. God beckons me to exhilarating adventures that are without number, beyond all conceivable boundaries, and effortlessly eclipse the furthest reaches of my imagination, all while I sit languishing in stifling adventures of my own limited creation. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Exhilarating quotes by Steven Wright
#100. I've been doing comedy longer than I haven't been doing comedy, as I was performing for three years before I even got on 'The Tonight Show.' There's truly nothing like it; it's intense and exhilarating, even though it looks so casual. #Quote by Steven Wright
Exhilarating quotes by Lily King
#101. For so long I'd felt that what I'd been trained to do in academic writing was to press my nose to the ground, and here was Nell Stone with her head raised and swiveling in all directions. It was exhilarating and infuriating #Quote by Lily King
Exhilarating quotes by Abby Slovin
#102. Speed did not feel exhilarating or thrilling anymore. It only felt like a rapid approach toward something distant that she couldn't make out through the dirty windshield. #Quote by Abby Slovin
Exhilarating quotes by Clive Davis
#103. The music began, and it was one of those life-changing moments. I saw an artist, Janis Joplin. She was exhilarating. She was vibrating. And she was like no other artist that I had ever seen before ... It struck me that hard. Maybe the word is epiphany, when you get that special sensation. #Quote by Clive Davis
Exhilarating quotes by N. T. Wright
#104. Sing these songs, and they will renew you from head to toe, from heart to mind. Pray these poems, and they will sustain you on the long, hard but exhilarating road of Christian discipleship. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Exhilarating quotes by John Lithgow
#105. In animation, there's this exhilarating moment of discovery when you see the film and you say, Oh THAT'S what I was doing. #Quote by John Lithgow
Exhilarating quotes by Maya Angelou
#106. The main thing in one's own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Exhilarating quotes by Osamu Dazai
#107. If you've slept soundly at night the morning is exhilarating, I suppose. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Exhilarating quotes by Joe Hill
#108. There was an intensity of sensation when you were on the edge of what you could handle, when you were physically tested and made to fight for each breath, that was somehow exhilarating. #Quote by Joe Hill
Exhilarating quotes by Elaine Dundy
#109. [W]hat upset grownups of both sexes about Elvis' performance was that he had broken the deepest taboo of all. He used his body as rhythmically and erotically and seductively as a woman
that was the forbidden territory he had entered. It was not only repulsive and offensive
it was nauseating
the word most used. It was an attack on male dignity.
The kids, however, not yet grown into the stereotypes of gender, saw in him an exhilarating physical freedom. #Quote by Elaine Dundy
Exhilarating quotes by Monica Raymund
#110. Performing is my passion. Being onstage is at once exhilarating, beguiling, and fulfilling. But it's hard. #Quote by Monica Raymund
Exhilarating quotes by Nicki Minaj
#111. You should never feel afraid to become a piece of art. It's exhilarating. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Exhilarating quotes by Edward Hoagland
#112. Silence is exhilarating at first - as noise is - but there is a sweetness to silence outlasting exhilaration, akin to the sweetness of listening and the velvet of sleep. #Quote by Edward Hoagland
Exhilarating quotes by Channing Tatum
#113. I don't like doing action movies. They're not that interesting ... it's fun to do the physical element but the really fun stuff, like running into exploding buildings, they won't let you do. There's too much money riding on you not getting hurt. But yes, there's something exhilarating in just sitting on a beach with somebody having a real conversation. There's something exhilarating about being open and honest. #Quote by Channing Tatum
Exhilarating quotes by Patricia Ryan Madson
#114. In the act of balancing, we come alive. Sensations change moment by moment; sometimes we feel secure, sometimes precarious. In the long run we develop tolerance for instability. As we come to accept this insecurity as the norm, as our home ground, it becomes familiar and less frightening. We can stop trying to flee from the wobble. And sometimes this sense of being off balance is exhilarating and reminds us of the impermanence and fragility of life, nudging us to appreciate each imperfect, teetering moment we are alive. Perhaps, like surfers, we can come to feel the power of the waves, the majesty of the elements, and a sense of our own place in this swirling universe. #Quote by Patricia Ryan Madson
Exhilarating quotes by Steve Breen
#115. As an editorial cartoonist now, I live for those moments of inspiration, and it is exhilarating to be inspired by a topic, have an opinion on the topic, come up with a good cartoon on the topic, and to draw it and get it in the paper the next day. That is what I live for. #Quote by Steve Breen
Exhilarating quotes by Isabella Johns
#116. Here's what happens when a single mom meets New York City's hottest fireman…

"Then…seductively…as if he received instruction not from the FDNY's training school but at Chippendale's…he slowly inches each suspender off his bare shoulders."

"You must know that exhilarating feeling of a man's body on top of yours, all that power and muscle pressing you into the bed, the glorious taste of his tongue in your mouth, the manly scent that washes over you and makes you want to melt underneath him."

"Let's not forget about his nine inches of shapely fireman hose dangling so close in front of my face the scent launches me into a blissful fever."

"Every place he touches contradicts his chosen profession, because instead of putting out a fire he surely starts one."

"I'm so darn helpless in the arms of this powerful, young, ripped personification of New York's Bravest that I feel myself about to erupt in the most earth shattering explosion since Mount Vesuvius last announced her presence."

"I wonder if he could be enticed to show us a few maneuvers on the brass pole."

"He orchestrates his own personal opera, inspiring high notes with kisses and licks along my elongated nipples, and deep moans with hands that caress my belly."

"We are drawn uncontrollably to each other and have no power to resist, only the tremendous desire to experience everything in its most intense form. #Quote by Isabella Johns
Exhilarating quotes by Gero Miesenbock
#117. I don't know about you, but I find it exhilarating to see how vague psychological notions evaporate and give rise to a physical, mechanistic understanding of the mind, even if it's the mind of the fly. #Quote by Gero Miesenbock
Exhilarating quotes by John Cheever
#118. Among the rewards of his expatriation were a heightened awareness of what he saw and an exhilarating sense of freedom. Mixed with the love we hold for our native country is the fact that it is the place where we were raised, and, should anything have gone wrong in this process, we will be reminded of this fault, by the scene of the crime, until the day we die. #Quote by John Cheever
Exhilarating quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#119. Well, I'd say all of us are a combination of moods and emotions. In my day to day life I don't go around skipping, but at times one can feel sheer exhilarating joy at the world. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Exhilarating quotes by Jess Walter
#120. To pitch here is to live. People pitch their kids into good schools, pitch offers on houses they can't afford, and when they're caught in the arms of the wrong person, pitch unlikely explanations. Hospitals pitch birthing centers, daycares pitch love, high schools pitch success . . . car dealerships pitch luxury, counselors self-esteem, masseuses happy endings, cemeteries eternal rest . . . It's endless, the pitching - endless, exhilarating, soul-sucking, and as unrelenting as death. As ordinary as morning sprinklers. #Quote by Jess Walter
Exhilarating quotes by Dwight Macdonald
#121. Superior insight into history used to be exhilarating for radicals: if we can see more clearly than the Enemy what is really going on, then we can use this knowledge to advance our values. But now the clearer one's insight, the more numbed one becomes. Thus during the war, some of us wrote articles in this magazine predicting that the conflict would not solve anything,... that the methods used by the Allies were infecting the moral atmosphere, that Russia and America would clash violently as soon as Germany was disposed of, etc., etc.... It turns out we were more right than [the rest]. This should make us feel prescient, confident. Instead, it is discouraging. #Quote by Dwight Macdonald
Exhilarating quotes by Janet Suzman
#122. I find its attention to living this life rather than the next one exhilarating because I think even independently of Judaism that that's the right way to go about life. #Quote by Janet Suzman
Exhilarating quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#123. In the long run there is no more liberating, no more exhilarating experience than to determine one's position, state it bravely, and then act boldly. Action brings with it its own courage, its own energy, a growth of self-confidence that can be acquired in no other way #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Exhilarating quotes by Edna Ferber
#124. Texas history is a varied, tempestuous, and vast as the state itself. Texas yesterday is unbelievable, but no more incredible than Texas today. Today's Texas is exhilarating, exasperating, violent, charming, horrible, delightful, alive. #Quote by Edna Ferber
Exhilarating quotes by Barker, J.D.,  Stoker, Dacre
#125. I often heard the fall winds whistle past my room, but I had never once stood in their midst; I found it exhilarating. The forest was alive around us; from creatures to the swaying trees, I felt the forces of nature in the night air, the delicate balance of life and death. #Quote by Barker, J.D., Stoker, Dacre
Exhilarating quotes by Julie Christie
#126. I never dreamed I'd like any city as well as London. San Francisco is exciting, moody, exhilarating. I even love the muted fogs. #Quote by Julie Christie
Exhilarating quotes by Osamu Dazai
#127. To break free from this vexatious and awful never-ending cycle, this flood of outrageous thoughts, and to long for nothing more than simply to sleep
how clean, how pure, the mere thought of it is exhilarating. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Exhilarating quotes by Larry Ellison
#128. When you're the first person whose beliefs are different from what everyone else believes, you're basically saying, "I'm right, and everyone else is wrong." That's a very unpleasant position to be in. It's at once exhilarating and at the same time an invitation to be attacked. #Quote by Larry Ellison
Exhilarating quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#129. There is nothing quite like the controlled burn of Eugene Marten's prose. Waste is an exhilarating and unnerving piece of fiction. #Quote by Sam Lipsyte
Exhilarating quotes by Ama Ata Aidoo
#130. Clearly, she was enjoying herself to see that woman hurt. It was nothing she had desired. Nor did it seem as if she could control it, this inhuman sweet sensation to see another human being squirming. It hit her like a stone, the knowledge that there is pleasure in hurting. A strong three-dimensional pleasure, an exclusive masculine delight that is exhilarating beyond all measure. And this too is God's gift to man? She wondered. #Quote by Ama Ata Aidoo
Exhilarating quotes by Talia Hibbert
#131. Will you answer me? You don't have to." But he would, because he loved her. The thought froze him for a second before he sank into it like a feather bed. Before it became the comfort that helped him figure out how to speak. He loved Chloe. He loved Chloe like a blank canvas and a finished piece and all the exhilarating, painful, stop-and-start moments in between. #Quote by Talia Hibbert
Exhilarating quotes by C.J. Redwine
#132. I lie sleepless long after Melkin takes the first watch and press my fingers to my lips as I remember Logan leaning in, his breath fanning my face, his eyes locked on my mouth. A delicious ache pulses through me. I feel like a stranger waking up in my own skin
aware of every inch. Heat runs through my veins, both exhilarating and terrifying. #Quote by C.J. Redwine
Exhilarating quotes by Pope John Paul II
#133. Dear young people of every language and culture, a high and exhilarating task awaits you: that of becoming men and women capable of solidarity, peace and love of life, with respect for everyone. Become craftsmen of a new humanity, where brothers and sisters - members all of the same family - are able at last to live in peace. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Exhilarating quotes by Susan Spence
#134. Riding a bull must be a bit like flying an ultralight. You get up there and have an exhilarating ride, but then you still have to get down. #Quote by Susan Spence
Exhilarating quotes by Charles Edward Montague
#135. To possess your soul in patience, with all the skin and some of the flesh burnt off your face and hands, is a job for a boy compared with the pains of a man who has lived pretty long in the exhilarating world that drugs or strong waters seem to create and is trying to live now in the first bald desolation created by knocking them off. #Quote by Charles Edward Montague
Exhilarating quotes by Wes Adamson
#136. Life can be just black and white, but with imagination, life is a kaleidoscope of exhilarating colors and breathtaking adventures. #Quote by Wes Adamson
Exhilarating quotes by D.J. Molles
#137. This was combat. You created the chaos, but at the same time, tried not to be a part of it, tried not to be affected by it. It was a strange mix of hot-blooded instinct, and cold-blooded logic. It was fighting with emotion, but thinking with your head, almost as though your mind was the handler and your body the beast, the two of them at odds, and yet oddly the same. And when the two forces fell into step with each other, it was sickening and exhilarating all at once. #Quote by D.J. Molles
Exhilarating quotes by Cate Blanchett
#138. I saw the first 'How to Train Your Dragon' film with my children, and I found it utterly exhilarating. #Quote by Cate Blanchett
Exhilarating quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#139. I think closeness to death would be pretty exhilarating in a way, and friendship, yeh, and selflessness, a kind of selflessness, a sense of your own worthlessness, I think, is pretty exhilarating. #Quote by Sebastian Faulks
Exhilarating quotes by Susan Orlean
#140. Living in a rural setting exposes you to so many marvelous things - the natural world and the particular texture of small-town life, and the exhilarating experience of open space. #Quote by Susan Orlean
Exhilarating quotes by Colleen Houck
#141. Falling for him would be like cliff diving. It would be either the most exhilarating thing that ever happened to me or the stupidest mistake I'd ever make. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Exhilarating quotes by Edna Ferber
#142. To be alive is a fine thing. It is the finest thing in the world, though hazardous. It is a unique thing. It happens only once in a lifetime. To be alive, to know consciously that you are alive, and to relish that knowledge
this is a kind of magic. Or it may be a kind of madness, exhilarating but harmless. #Quote by Edna Ferber
Exhilarating quotes by Lupita Nyong'o
#143. I can speak of actors that I love. I love Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis, her tenacity. I love Charlize Theron. She's so surprising and so exhilarating, the kinds of projects she takes on. Marion Cotillard as well. #Quote by Lupita Nyong'o
Exhilarating quotes by Dorothy Whipple
#144. Trains passed in the opposite direction, taking back the cotton princes to Tidsley, Elton, Burrows, and further on to Southport, Blackpool, St. Anne's. She could see the occupants of the first-class carriages playing cards, or fallen into unlovely sleep. They did well to avert their eyes from the landscape they had made. They had made it; but they could not, like God, look and see that it was good. Monstrous slag-heaps, like ranges in a burnt-out hell; stretches of waste land rubbed bare to the gritty earth; parallel rows of back-to-back dwellings; great blocks of mill buildings, the chimneys belching smoke as thick and black as eternal night itself; upstanding skeletons of wheels and pulleys. Mills and mines; mills and mines all the way to Manchester, and the brick, the stone, the grass, the very air deadened down to a general drab by the insidious filter of soot.
But Jane, Lancashire born and bred, did not find it depressing. It was no feeble, trickling ugliness, but a strong, salient hideousness that was almost exhilarating. #Quote by Dorothy Whipple
Exhilarating quotes by Sasha Azevedo
#145. I believe in the runner's high, and I believe that those who are passionate about running are the ones who experience it to the fullest degree possible. To me, the runner's high is a sensational reaction to a great run! It's an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and achievement. It's like being on top of the world, and truthfully ... there's nothing else quite like it! #Quote by Sasha Azevedo
Exhilarating quotes by Walt Whitman
#146. Sweet, sane, still Nakedness in Nature! - ah if poor, sick, prurient humanity in cities might really know you once more! Is not nakedness then indecent? No, not inherently. It is your thought, your sophistication, your fear, your respectability that is indecent. There come moods when these clothes of ours are not only too irksome to wear, but are themselves indecent. Perhaps indeed he or she to whom the free exhilarating ecstasy of nakedness in Nature has never been eligible (and how many thousands there are!) has not really known what purity is - nor what faith or art or health really is. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Exhilarating quotes by Cheryl Hines
#147. I just learned how to scuba dive. I'd been scared to rely on one little air hose for oxygen, but swimming with all those fish is exhilarating. #Quote by Cheryl Hines
Exhilarating quotes by Michael Brune
#148. After an exhilarating whitewater ride through America's love-hate relationship with its rivers, Daniel McCool leaves us inspired and hopeful for a happy ending. #Quote by Michael Brune
Exhilarating quotes by Eric Hoffer
#149. Freedom released the energies of the masses not by exhilarating but by unbalancing, irritating, and goading. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Exhilarating quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#150. I know you'll think this odd, but I find it strangely exhilarating not knowing what's coming next. #Quote by Raymond E. Feist
Exhilarating quotes by Cynthia Barnett
#151. Rain brings us together in one of the last untamed encounters with nature that we experience routinely, able to turn the suburbs and even the city wild. Huddled with our fellow humans under construction scaffolding to escape a deluge, we are bound in the memory and mystery of exhilarating, confounding, life-giving rain. #Quote by Cynthia Barnett
Exhilarating quotes by Germaine Greer
#152. Liberty is terrifying but it is also exhilarating. #Quote by Germaine Greer
Exhilarating quotes by Jacob Wren
#153. Capitalism is not the simple desire to make a profit. Capitalism is the fantasy that growth can continue at a consistent rate indefinitely. When a child is young, it cannot yet imagine being an adult, so it thinks it will keep on growing forever. The fantasy that you can grow forever is exhilarating, one of the many aspects that make children seem so alive. We live in fantasy, all of us, all of the time, to a greater or lesser extent. #Quote by Jacob Wren
Exhilarating quotes by Seraphine Abrams
#154. Nature is a beautiful, breathtaking phenomenon that shows us all facets of life, and what life can be... peaceful, beautiful, turbulent, surprising, exhilarating, painful etc. #Quote by Seraphine Abrams
Exhilarating quotes by Todd Henry
#155. One thing about creative work is that it's never done. In different words, every person we interviewed said that it was equally true that they had worked every minute of their careers, and that they had never worked a day in all their lives. They experienced even the most focused immersion in extremely difficult tasks as a lark, an exhilarating and playful adventure. #Quote by Todd Henry
Exhilarating quotes by Abraham Maslow
#156. The loss of illusions and the discovery of identity, though painful at first, can be ultimately exhilarating and strengthening. #Quote by Abraham Maslow
Exhilarating quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#157. It's rather an exhilarating feeling. It's 6 or 7 when you get up and go out into the fields wearing your Wellingtons or high boots. You know that at this very hour half the nation does the same thing, which gives you, with the benefit of hindsight, a satisfaction in doing those things, too, a knowledge, a sense of the nation. I was a city boy until then. #Quote by Joseph Brodsky
Exhilarating quotes by Sebastian Coe
#158. Competing is exciting and winning is exhilarating, but the true prize will always be the self-knowledge and understanding that you have gained along the way. #Quote by Sebastian Coe
Exhilarating quotes by Nate Saint
#159. It was traumatic but exhilarating to feel what my father felt. I remember the ache of the separation from the people I loved. I would never go back to that time. Yet the things I learned benefited my life. #Quote by Nate Saint
Exhilarating quotes by Roger Scruton
#160. Beauty can be consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling. It can affect us in an unlimited variety of ways.. Yet it is never viewed with indifference; beauty demands to be noticed; it speaks to us directly like the voice of an intimate friend. If there are people who are indifferent to beauty, then it is surely because they do not perceive #Quote by Roger Scruton
Exhilarating quotes by Rachel Joyce
#161. As time passed and he found his rhythm, he began to feel more certain. England opened up beneath his feet, and the feeling of freedom, of pushing into the unknown, was so exhilarating he had to smile. #Quote by Rachel Joyce
Exhilarating quotes by Madeleine Peyroux
#162. I've always loved singing. I find it exhilarating. #Quote by Madeleine Peyroux
Exhilarating quotes by John Bradshaw
#163. Guilt is our morality shame and guards our conscience. It tells us we have transgressed our values. It moves us to take action and change. Shame warns us not to try to be more or less than human. Shame signals our essential limitations. Shame limits our desire for pleasure and our interest and curiosity. We could not really be free without our shame. There is an anonymous saying, "Of all the masks of freedom, discipline (limits) is the hardest to understand." We cannot be truly free without having limits. Joy is the exhilarating energy that emerges when all our needs are being met. We want to sing, run and jump with joy. The energy of joy signals that all is well. #Quote by John Bradshaw
Exhilarating quotes by Kevin Starr
#164. Most dramatically, the Bridge served as an agonizing or exhilarating psychological symbol for the more than 1.2 million servicemen and women who sailed beneath it during World War II and for those soldiers and Marines who saw it from the air as their chartered World Airways or Flying Tiger plane took off from the Oakland Airport, banked westward across both bridges, and headed to Vietnam. Seen upon departure, whether from the channel or the air, the Golden Gate Bridge expressed the life left behind and the fearsome dangers to come. Seen upon return, the Bridge suggested safe harbor, recovery, the joy of life in years that now would be theirs. #Quote by Kevin Starr
Exhilarating quotes by Michael Lewis
#165. The sheer quantity of brain power that hurled itself voluntarily and quixotically into the search for new baseball knowledge was either exhilarating or depressing, depending on how you felt about baseball. The same intellectual resources might have cured the common cold, or put a man on Pluto. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Exhilarating quotes by Lynda Barry
#166. Going on Letterman is like going off the high dive. It's exhilarating, but after a while it wasn't the kind of thrill I enjoyed. #Quote by Lynda Barry
Exhilarating quotes by Alfred Austin
#167. Where has thou been all the dumb winter days When neither sunlight was nor smile of flowers, Neither life, nor love, nor frolic, Only expanse melancholic, With never a note of thy exhilarating lays? #Quote by Alfred Austin
Exhilarating quotes by David Ignatius
#168. 2011 is one of those years that historians are likely to look back on as a 'hinge.' And the truth, at once frightening and exhilarating, is that we don't know yet which way the door will swing. #Quote by David Ignatius
Exhilarating quotes by Jessica Verday
#169. It's exhilarating, Abbey. You exhilarate me
-Caspian #Quote by Jessica Verday
Exhilarating quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
#170. Winning an award is a great feeling but winning the Vodafone Crossword Popular Choice Award is particularly exhilarating because it is based upon public voting. I find it a strange quirk of fate that Chanakya's Chant, a political tale, should end up winning an election! #Quote by Ashwin Sanghi
Exhilarating quotes by Courtney Martin
#171. We have a moment of pure creative inspiration - writing or drawing or sculpting - and it feels exhilarating in the moment. And then… we revisit it. We overwork it. The singing intent dies a slow death. Our most basic fear is intellectualized and called "revision." This is not watering the seed; it is poisoning the dirt with too many considerations. #Quote by Courtney Martin
Exhilarating quotes by Terry Pratchett
#172. It was wild, it was exhilarating, it was almost getting killed--and the almost bit is what made it something they would feel able to talk about later, though clearly getting killed would shut up most people. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Exhilarating quotes by Kevin Spacey
#173. 'The 24 Hour Plays' is a quite brilliant, exhilarating event for everyone concerned. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Exhilarating quotes by Nicole Sobon
#174. I knew that I was about to walk into Hell – not literally, of course, but as close to it as one could get on Earth – and I wasn't sure that I'd last to see another day. But I also knew that I didn't regret the actions that had led to me being here.
Love, pure love was one of the most exhilarating things that I'd ever experienced.
I'd never known a feeling more genuine, or thrilling than the feeling of being in love.
It was an all-consuming thing; a feeling that overtook your mind and body, one that I'd hoped I'd never forget because the experience of love was something that every person should have had the right to. #Quote by Nicole Sobon
Exhilarating quotes by Rhiannon Frater
#175. I felt the presence of the night all about me: a living, breathing entity, whispering soft words against my flesh. I had never before felt the silken touch of the night caress me as I did now. It was a frightening, yet exhilarating experience. It was as if the night itself were attempting to seduce me. #Quote by Rhiannon Frater
Exhilarating quotes by Adam Baker
#176. But imagine if we were the only people left. The last men on earth. I'd be the best golfer in the world right now. You'd be the only priest. And Ghost would be the only Sikh. Imagine that. A four-hundred-year religion terminating in a dope-head grease monkey."
"I thought you liked the bloke."
"I do. But think about it. All the people that made you feel worthless and small down the years. The bullies and bosses. All gone. It's exhilarating, if you think about it. Freedom from other people's expectations. We can finally start living for ourselves. #Quote by Adam Baker
Exhilarating quotes by Julia Gregson
#177. One of the the things she most liked about the city -apart from all its obvious attractions, the theatre, the galleries, the exhilarating walks by the river- was that so few people ever asked you personal questions. #Quote by Julia Gregson
Exhilarating quotes by G. Willow Wilson
#178. To live beyond the threshold of identity, to do so in the name of a peace that has not yet occurred but that is infinitely possible - this is exhilarating, necessary, and within reach. #Quote by G. Willow Wilson
Exhilarating quotes by Eli Addis
#179. We live in a gray world. There isn't a black or white answer. There is no finite right or wrong. What we do is wrong for NHT, but right for the resistance. Nothing is for certain. That is what makes life so exhilarating and petrifying. Which in turn, makes it more gray. People will die. A black and white answer. Some of those people may deserve to live. Grey. But, I'd rather it be them than us. Call that whatever color you want, but I will fight to keep all of us alive. #Quote by Eli Addis
Exhilarating quotes by Seann William Scott
#180. Everyone should walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I did it three days in a row because it was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had. The view is breathtaking. #Quote by Seann William Scott
Exhilarating quotes by Gordon Cooper
#181. I live for that exhilarating moment when I'm in an airplane rushing down the runway and pull on the stick and feel lift under its wings. It's a magical feeling to climb toward the heavens, seeing objects and people on the ground grow smaller and more insignificant. You have left that world beneath you. You are inside the sky. #Quote by Gordon Cooper
Exhilarating quotes by Grant Morrison
#182. My interest in comics was scribbled over with a revived, energized passion for clothes, records, and music. I'd wandered in late to the punk party in 1978, when it was already over and the Sex Pistols were history.

I'd kept my distance during the first flush of the new paradigm, when the walls of the sixth-form common room shed their suburban-surreal Roger Dean Yes album covers and grew a fresh new skin of Sex Pistols pictures, Blondie pinups, Buzzcocks collages, Clash radical chic. As a committed outsider, I refused to jump on the bandwagon of this new musical fad,
which I'd written off as some kind of Nazi thing after seeing a photograph of Sid Vicious sporting a swastika armband. I hated the boys who'd cut their long hair and binned their crappy prog albums in an attempt to join in. I hated pretty much everybody without discrimination, in one way or another, and punk rockers were just something else to add to the shit list.

But as we all know, it's zealots who make the best converts. One Thursday night, I was sprawled on the settee with Top of the Pops on the telly when Poly Styrene and her band X-Ray Spex turned up to play their latest single: an exhilarating sherbet storm of raw punk psychedelia entitled "The Day the World Turned Day-Glo" By the time the last incandescent chorus played out, I was a punk. I had always been a punk. I would always be a punk. Punk brought it all together in one place for me: Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius nov #Quote by Grant Morrison
Exhilarating quotes by Camille Paglia
#183. In the west, Apollo and Dionysus strive for victory. Apollo makes the boundary lines that are civilization but that lead to convention, constraint, oppression. Dionysus is energy unbound, mad, callous, destructive, wasteful. Apollo is law, history, tradition, the dignity and safety of custom and form. Dionysus is the new, exhilarating but rude, sweeping all away to begin again. Apollo is a tyrant, Dionysus is a vandal. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Exhilarating quotes by Lauren Blakely
#184. Sex with him was exhilarating. It was the greatest rush, the sweetest high. It was ecstatic amnesia. #Quote by Lauren Blakely
Exhilarating quotes by Paul Graham
#185. The best protection is always to be working on hard problems. Writing novels is hard. Reading novels isn't. Hard means worry: if you're not worrying that something you're making will come out badly, or that you won't be able to understand something you're studying, then it isn't hard enough. There has to be suspense.

Well, this seems a grim view of the world, you may think. What I'm telling you is that you should worry? Yes, but it's not as bad as it sounds. It's exhilarating to overcome worries. You don't see faces much happier than people winning gold medals. And you know why they're so happy? Relief. #Quote by Paul Graham
Exhilarating quotes by Roger Ebert
#186. Exhilarating. Radical Grace moved me to tears with its portrayal of good people putting their beliefs into action in ways that transcend all ideological boundaries. #Quote by Roger Ebert
Exhilarating quotes by Henry Miller
#187. Well, I'll take these pages and move on. Things are happening elsewhere. Things are always happening. It seems wherever I go there is drama. People are like lice - they get under your skin and bury themselves there. You scratch and scratch until the blood comes, but you can't get permanently deloused. Everywhere I go people are making a mess of their lives. Everyone has his private tragedy. It's in the blood now - misfortune, ennui, grief, suicide. The atmosphere is saturated with disaster, frustration, futility. Scratch and scratch, until there's no skin left. However, the effect upon me is exhilarating. Instead of being discouraged or depressed, I enjoy it. I am crying for more and more disasters, for bigger calamities, grander failures. I want the whole world to be out of whack, I want every one to scratch himself to death. #Quote by Henry Miller
Exhilarating quotes by Jacki Weaver
#188. It's fascinating. It's also exhilarating when you see people making the exact same choices that you've made. It kind of validates what you've decided to do. I saw a wonderful production of Jessica Lange doing Streetcar with Alec Baldwin. It was gorgeous. It's a measure of what a great classic that is, that our Cate Blanchett also did an absolute amazing Blanche in Sydney, as well as in New York. #Quote by Jacki Weaver
Exhilarating quotes by Marc Webb
#189. When you get that opportunity to be honest and open with somebody, for the first time, and share things about yourself that you haven't been able to share before, that you might be scared of or ashamed about, that's really exhilarating, and I think that's something that people will really identify with. #Quote by Marc Webb
Exhilarating quotes by B.C. Burgess
#190. She flashed it at him. "May we do some more?" "We can do whatever you want," he agreed, sweeping her hair from her flushed face, any excuse to touch her, to capture the exhilarating energy bursting through her forgotten armor, to absorb a small yet astounding piece of a woman unlike any other. A small moment with her was worth a million moments with anyone else, and he would steal them as often as possible. #Quote by B.C. Burgess
Exhilarating quotes by Anne Marie Gazzolo
#191. We are not placed when and where we are by accident anymore than Bilbo or Frodo. We are given experiences, molded in a particular way, and set along specific roads, so that we may be in the right place at the right time to do what God wants of us. We can discern the unique way that He wishes us to live out our vocation by the interests, talents, and abilities that He gave us. He did not bestow these graces upon anyone else in exactly the same way. Rather than allow our fears to stifle them, we must find the courage to leave our comfortable and secure hobbit holes for an exhilarating and terrifying adventure that will bring us alive in a way that we have not been since childhood. For too many, our youth was the last time that we believed all things were possible. This does not need to be true. #Quote by Anne Marie Gazzolo
Exhilarating quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#192. Everyone who's been in space would, I'm sure, welcome the opportunity for a return to the exhilarating experiences there. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
Exhilarating quotes by Kevin Focke
#193. I think the suicide rate is so high among writers because we force ourselves to stand still, take an outsider's perspective, and realise how quickly a life passes by, and how futile we are. The exhilarating upside is that at a moment's glance all your worries fade away, and you can work on making the most of it. #Quote by Kevin Focke
Exhilarating quotes by Neil Gaiman
#194. There is something about riding a unicorn, for those people who still can, which is unlike any other experience: exhilarating, and intoxicating, and fine. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Exhilarating quotes by J. C. Watts
#195. Serving in Congress has been more than an honor; it has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life ... It has been a wonderful ride. It has been a wonderful journey. #Quote by J. C. Watts
Exhilarating quotes by Jacques Barzun
#196. After being boxed in by man and his constructions in Europe and the East, the release into space is exhilarating. The horizon is a huge remote circle, and no hills intervene. #Quote by Jacques Barzun
Exhilarating quotes by Jason Silva
#197. Mindgasm (noun) - An exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure. Fully revelatory understanding of a certain topic. Involuntary contractions of brain muscles usually accompanied by the overwhelming sensation of truth proximity. Visionarism. State of awe. #Quote by Jason Silva
Exhilarating quotes by Ben H. Winters
#198. Sandy leans forward and kisses me, and I kiss her back, pressing myself against her, my excitement about the investigation rolling over, accelerating, transforming into that other big feeling, that exhilarating and terrifying feeling - not love, but the thing that feels like love - bodies rising to each other, nerve endings opening up and seeking each other - a feeling I know, even as it floods into my veins and my joints, that I will probably never feel again. Last time, for this. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Exhilarating quotes by David Byrne
#199. The physical sensation of gliding with the wind in your face is exhilarating. That automatic activity of pedalling, when you have to be awake but not think too much, allows you to let subconscious thoughts bubble up, and things seem to just sort themselves out. And the adrenaline wakes you up if you weren't properly alert. #Quote by David Byrne
Exhilarating quotes by Adrienne Rich
#200. It's exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful. #Quote by Adrienne Rich

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