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Excel Data quotes by J. D. Hayworth
#1. Recent economic data shows that our economy is robust, growing and headed in the right direction. The numbers don't lie. Americans are currently enjoying falling gas prices, low unemployment, increased job creation, and a stock market that has reached an all-time high. #Quote by J. D. Hayworth
Excel Data quotes by Queen Rania Of Jordan
#2. A woman caring for her children; a woman striving to excel in the private sector; a woman partnering with her neighbors to make their street safer; a woman running for office to improve her country - they all have something to offer, and the more our societies empower women, the more we receive in return. #Quote by Queen Rania Of Jordan
Excel Data quotes by Ram Shriram
#3. I think, ultimately, open always wins out. It wins out because you cannot lock data in; you can't lock people in. They will find a way out. #Quote by Ram Shriram
Excel Data quotes by Deyth Banger
#4. Relationships are ruin by secrets, but in the same time secrets make more mysteries and more work. If you knew well this person, you won't go over this data and this about stuff... #Quote by Deyth Banger
Excel Data quotes by Caroline Myss
#5. For me, all of the data that is contained in your cell memory, and in your energetic field, is able to be picked up. #Quote by Caroline Myss
Excel Data quotes by Pedro Domingos
#6. It's not man versus machine; it's man with machine versus man without. Data and intuition are like horse and rider, and you don't try to outrun a horse; you ride it. #Quote by Pedro Domingos
Excel Data quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#7. Our five senses are faulty data-taking devices, and they need help. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Excel Data quotes by Bryan Eisenberg
#8. Buyer Legends is a business process that uses storytelling techniques to map the critical paths a prospective buyer might follow on his journey to becoming a buyer.

This process aligns strategy to brand story to the buyer's actual experience on their customer journey.

These easy-to-tell stories reveal the opportunities and gaps in the customer's experience versus the current marketing & sales process.

These legends communicate the brand's story intent and critical touch point responsibilities within every level of an organization, from the boardroom to the stockroom.

Buyer Legends reconcile the creative process to data analysis; aligning metrics with previously hard-to-measure marketing, sales, and customer service processes. The first result is improved execution, communications, and testing. The second result is a big boost to the bottom line. #Quote by Bryan Eisenberg
Excel Data quotes by Jeremy Stoppelman
#9. Yelp is in a very nice spot: local data, and especially review data, is one of the killer apps on mobile phones. #Quote by Jeremy Stoppelman
Excel Data quotes by David Hume
#10. Praise never gives us much pleasure unless it concur with our own opinion, and extol us for those qualities in which we chiefly excel. #Quote by David Hume
Excel Data quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#11. Beyond our perceptional distortions, there is a problem with logic itself. How can someone have no clue yet be able to hold a set of perfectly sound and coherent viewpoints that match the observations and abide by every single possible rule of logic? Consider that two people can hold incompatible beliefs based on the exact same data. Does this mean that there are possible families of explanations and that each of these can be equally perfect and sound? Certainly not. One may have a million ways to explain things, but the true explanation is unique, whether or not it is within our reach. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Excel Data quotes by R.F. Georgy
#12. We believe that information is an enlightening agent, but I can assure you it is not. We consume information, but we can't read. We forgot how to sit down and engage the dense layers of a text. We are so busy devouring information that we forgot how to dance with ideas. We confuse linguistic bits of data for knowledge and ideas. I can assure you, gentlemen, they are not the same. Ideas require effort and the kind of sensibility that engages the subtle layers of meaning. What the hell does information require? #Quote by R.F. Georgy
Excel Data quotes by Peter Watts
#13. Computers bootstrap their own offspring, grow so wise and incomprehensible that their communiqués assume the hallmarks of dementia: unfocused and irrelevant to the barely-intelligent creatures left behind. And when your surpassing creations find the answers you asked for, you can't understand their analysis and you can't verify their answers. You have to take their word on faith. #Quote by Peter Watts
Excel Data quotes by Edward R. Tufte
#14. Small, noncomparative, highly labeled data sets usually belong in tables. #Quote by Edward R. Tufte
Excel Data quotes by Jacques Villeneuve
#15. I would rather have racing without computers. The human side is forgotten, and instead of talking over what's happening and just trusting the feel of the driver, the data becomes almost more important. #Quote by Jacques Villeneuve
Excel Data quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#16. If you grew up, and you never had a computer, and you've never used the Internet, and someone asked you if you wanted to buy a data plan, your response would be 'What's a data plan, and why would I want to use this?' #Quote by Mark Zuckerberg
Excel Data quotes by Irving Kirsch
#17. Our analyses of the FDA data showed relatively little difference between the effects of antidepressants and the effects of placebos. Indeed, the effects were so small that they did not qualify as clinically significant. The drug companies knew how small the effect of their medications were compared to placebos, and so did the FDA and other regulatory agencies. The companies found various ways to make the data seem more favorable to their products, and the FDA helped them keep their negative data secret. In fact, in some instances, the FDA urged the companies to keep negative data hidden, even when the companies wanted to reveal them. My colleagues and I hadn't really discovered anything new. We had merely revealed their 'dirty little secret'. #Quote by Irving Kirsch
Excel Data quotes by Annette Wise
#18. 10 Steps Process Requirement

So that we can get a clear picture of your current financial position and your future lifestyle desires our 10-step process requires 2 meetings.

Meeting #1 include steps 1 through 5 and should take no longer than 45 minutes. If in meeting #1 we determine that what we do fit with what you are looking for, you will receive 2 very short questionnaires to complete and we will then schedule meeting #2. The first is a very short and simple financial questionnaire. The second is an online communication profile that assesses how you like to be communicated to and how you naturally approach or respond to problems, information, change and risk. Both are very important to us moving forward. They help us be more effective in how we communicate your data to you.

Meeting #2 include steps 6 – 10 and should take no longer than one (1) hour. In this meeting we will identify areas in which you are losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily. We will customize appropriate wealth strategies to help you become more efficient in your finances so that you can achieve your goals and objectives. #Quote by Annette Wise
Excel Data quotes by Henry Kissinger
#19. From all the great and indispensable achievements the Internet has brought to our era, its emphasis is on the actual more than the contingent, on the factual rather than the conceptual, on values shaped by consensus rather than by introspection. Knowledge of history and geography is not essential for whose who can evoke their data with the touch of a button. The mindset for walking lonely political paths may not be self-evident to those who seek confirmation by hundreds, sometimes thousands of friends on Facebook #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Excel Data quotes by Dan Heath
#20. Data are just summaries of thousands of stories - tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful. #Quote by Dan Heath
Excel Data quotes by Lee Strobel
#21. the scientific data point powerfully toward the existence of a Creator and that the historical evidence for the resurrection establishes convincingly that Jesus is divine. #Quote by Lee Strobel
Excel Data quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#22. It is a must to excel in the area God has called us. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Excel Data quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#23. It's a capital mistake to draw conclusion without data. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Excel Data quotes by Eli Pariser
#24. What was once an anonymous medium where anyone could be anyone - where, in the words of the famous New Yorker cartoon, nobody knows you're a dog - is now a tool for soliciting and analyzing our personal data. According to one Wall Street Journal study, the top fifty Internet sites, from CNN to Yahoo to MSN, install an average of 64 data-laden cookies and personal tracking beacons each. Search for a word like "depression" on Dictionary.com, and the site installs up to 223 tracking cookies and beacons on your computer so that other Web sites can target you with antidepressants. Share an article about cooking on ABC News, and you may be chased around the Web by ads for Teflon-coated pots. Open - even for an instant - a page listing signs that your spouse may be cheating and prepare to be haunted with DNA paternity-test ads. The new Internet doesn't just know you're a dog; it knows your breed and wants to sell you a bowl of premium kibble. #Quote by Eli Pariser
Excel Data quotes by Yolanda Adams
#25. Education helps you to be a well-rounded person, period. It teaches you how to take in information and data, process it, and use it for life building. Education was key in my family. You were going to college. #Quote by Yolanda Adams
Excel Data quotes by Aaron Koblin
#26. I've always been interested in technology, but specifically how we can use machines to engage the imagination. I started using computers when I was young and was fascinated by creating rules and instructions that allow a computer to engage in a dialogue with humans. The stories found in the data all around us can do just that. #Quote by Aaron Koblin
Excel Data quotes by Tracy Kidder
#27. One time I listened to Farmer give a talk on HIV to a class at the Harvard School of Public Health, and in the midst of reciting data, he mentioned the Haitian phrase "looking for life, destroying life," Then he explained, "It's an expression Haitians use if a poor woman selling mangoes falls off a truck and dies." I felt as if for that moment I could see a little way into his mind, It seemed like a place of hyperconnectivity, At moments like that, I thought that what he wanted was to erase both time and geography, connecting all parts of his life and tying them instrumentally to a world in which he saw intimate, inescapable connections between the gleaming corporate offices of Paris and New York and a legless man lying on the mud floor of a hut in the remotest part of remote Haiti. Of all the world's errors, he seemed to feel, the most fundamental was the "erasing" of people, the "hiding away" of suffering. "My big struggle is how people can not care, erase, not remember. #Quote by Tracy Kidder
Excel Data quotes by Ma Jun
#28. People realised this is real pollution; it is not fog. Now everyone has to face the data and come out of their comfort zone. #Quote by Ma Jun
Excel Data quotes by Brian D'Ambrosio
#29. One thing that unites triumphant entrepreneurs, whether in Brooklyn, San Francisco or Great Falls, Montana, is strength of character.Individuality is the goal that we all strive to excel at in some way; the notion that we are distinct, special, that there is something teachable about our wisdom, something remarkable about our outlook. #Quote by Brian D'Ambrosio
Excel Data quotes by Robert C. Martin
#30. Procedural code (code using data structures) makes it easy to add new functions without changing the existing data structures. OO code, on the other hand, makes it easy to add new classes without changing existing functions. #Quote by Robert C. Martin
Excel Data quotes by Ryan Trecartin
#31. In the future, I think movies are going to be more of data sets that viewers have a hand in controlling - where the narrative originates and what happens to the content. #Quote by Ryan Trecartin
Excel Data quotes by Grea Alexander
#32. The true key to success: Skew data and/or change your stated goals until they align with your reality. - Grea Alexander #Quote by Grea Alexander
Excel Data quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#33. The data-processing system invented by the Sumerians is called 'writing'. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Excel Data quotes by Joel Salatin
#34. Realize that agendas drive data, not the other way round #Quote by Joel Salatin
Excel Data quotes by Michael Polanyi
#35. I hold that the propositions embodied in natural science are not derived by any definite rule from the data of experience, and that they can neither be verified nor falsified by experience according to any definite rule. #Quote by Michael Polanyi
Excel Data quotes by Star Trek The Next Generation
#36. Data: My positronic brain has several layers of shielding to protect me from power surges. It would be possible for you to remove my cranial unit and take it with you.
Riker: Let me get this straight
you want me to take off your head?
Data: Yes sir #Quote by Star Trek The Next Generation
Excel Data quotes by John P. Kotter
#37. Good communication is not just data transfer. You need to show people something that addresses their anxieties, that accepts their anger, that is credible in a very gut-level sense, and that evokes faith in the vision. #Quote by John P. Kotter
Excel Data quotes by W. Edwards Deming
#38. Scientific data are not taken for museum purposes; they are taken as a basis for doing something. If nothing is to be done with the data, then there is no use in collecting any. The ultimate purpose of taking data is to provide a basis for action or a recommendation for action. The step intermediate between the collection of data and the action is prediction. #Quote by W. Edwards Deming
Excel Data quotes by Don DeLillo
#39. This is what comes from the wrong kind of attentiveness. People get brain fade. This is because they've forgotten how to listen and look as children. They've forgotten how to collect data. In the psychic sense a forest fire on TV is on a lower plane than a ten-second spot for Automatic Dishwasher All. The commercial has deeper waves, deeper emanations. But we have reversed the relative significance of these things. This is why people's eyes, ears, brains and nervous systems have grown weary. It's a simple case of misuse. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Excel Data quotes by Steven D. Levitt
#40. The economic approach is both broader and simpler than that. It relies on data, rather than hunch or ideology, to understand how the world works, to learn how incentives succeed (or fail), how resources get allocated, and what sort of obstacles prevent people from getting those resources, whether they are concrete (like food and transportation) or more aspirational (like education and love). #Quote by Steven D. Levitt
Excel Data quotes by Danah Boyd
#41. We're so obsessed with [big] data, we forget how to interpret it. #Quote by Danah Boyd
Excel Data quotes by George Arthur Crump
#42. Tape allows for a clean sweep of data that simply doesn't need to be on any form of disk but still needs to be kept. The cost and capacity of tape makes these 'just in case' copies very affordable. #Quote by George Arthur Crump
Excel Data quotes by Virginia Eubanks
#43. While poorhouses have been physically demolished, their legacy remains alive and well in the automated decision-making systems that encage and entrap today's poor. For all their high-tech polish, our modern systems of poverty management - automated decision-making, data mining, and predictive analysis - retain a remarkable kinship with the poorhouses of the past. Our new digital tools spring from punitive, moralistic views of poverty and create a system of high-tech containment and investigation. The digital poorhouse deters the poor from accessing public resources; polices their labor, spending, sexuality, and parenting; tries to predict their future behavior; and punishes and criminalizes those who do not comply with its dictates. In the process, it creates ever-finer moral distinctions between the 'deserving' and 'undeserving' poor, categorizations that rationalize our national failure to care for one another. #Quote by Virginia Eubanks
Excel Data quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#44. I got entangled in my own data, and my conclusion directly contradicts the original idea from which I start. Starting from unlimited freedom, I conclude with unlimited despotism. I will add, however, that apart from my solution of the social formula, there can be no other. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Excel Data quotes by James Comey
#45. When someone is tired, their judgment can be impaired. When they are dragging, it is hard for them to float above a problem and picture themselves and the problem in another place and time, so I gave them another directive: sleep. When you sleep, your brain is actually engaged in the neurochemical process of judgment. It is mapping connections and finding meaning among all the data you took in during the day. Tired people tend not to have the best judgment. #Quote by James Comey
Excel Data quotes by E. O. Wilson
#46. Search until you find a passion and go all out to excel in its expression. #Quote by E. O. Wilson
Excel Data quotes by Albert Einstein
#47. The supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a simple datum of experience. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Excel Data quotes by Peter L. Bernstein
#48. So we pour in data from the past to fuel the decision-making mechanisms created by our models, be they linear or nonlinear. But therein lies the logician's trap: past data from real life constitute a sequence of events rather than a set of independent observations, which is what the laws of probability demand.[...]It is in those outliers and imperfections that the wildness lurks. #Quote by Peter L. Bernstein

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