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Famous Quotes About Ewiges Eis

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Ewiges Eis quotes by Magda M. Olchawska
#1. Mikolay took his wand out, touched the cage's lock and said: "Eis Izras" three times.
The door opened at once, unfortunately making lots of noise and waking the humans up.
Mikolay knew a few powerful hexes and he was able to create small flying dragons.
He hoped that he could stop the people, animals, and block the shadows to buy some time. #Quote by Magda M. Olchawska
Ewiges Eis quotes by Isaac Newton
#2. If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
- From a letter to Robert Hooke dated February 5th, 1676.
The metaphor was first recorded in 1159 by John of Salisbury and attributed to Bernard of Chartres:
Dicebat Bernardus Carnotensis nos esse quasi nanos, gigantium humeris insidentes, ut possimus plura eis et remotiora videre, non utique proprii visus acumine, aut eminentia corporis, sed quia in altum subvenimur et extollimur magnitudine gigantea. #Quote by Isaac Newton
Ewiges Eis quotes by Plautus
#3. Who wishes to give himself an abundance of business let him equip these two things, a ship and a woman. For no two things involve more business, if you have begun to fit them out. Nor are these two things ever sufficiently adorned, nor is any excess of adornment enough for them.
[Lat., Negotii sibi qui volet vim parare,
Navem et mulierem, haec duo comparato.
Nam nullae magis res duae plus negotii
Habent, forte si occeperis exornare.
Neque unquam satis hae duae res ornantur,
Neque eis ulla ornandi satis satietas est.] #Quote by Plautus
Ewiges Eis quotes by Mira Grant
#4. You mean I'm standing in a room with the Vice President of the United States, a member of the Secret Service and two renegade EIS scientists, and you expect the clone to make the decisions? See, this is why this country is in trouble all the damn time. The people running it are crazy. #Quote by Mira Grant
Ewiges Eis quotes by Chanakya
#5. Everybody has same or the other weakness. This eis also a a general tendency to conceal theee weaknesses. For people may not harm for these, but they will surely ridicule or make fun of. Friendship, of course feigned should be retained with enemy till his weakness is known. Let him remain elated. #Quote by Chanakya

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