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Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Jeb Bush
#1. I think the lesson's learned are that we have to have to have a strategy to get and a strategy to get out. Which means, that you create a stable situation. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Ted McMeekin
#2. Every Ontarian deserves to have a stable, affordable home. As we update our Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy, I want to hear your views on how we can make Ontario's housing system work better for you, your family, and your community. #Quote by Ted McMeekin
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Hillary Clinton
#3. It is time to put policy ahead of politics and success ahead of the status quo. It is time for a new strategy to produce what we need: a stable Iraq government that takes over for its own people so our troops can finish their job. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Frank Wilczek
#4. Supersymmetry was (and is) a beautiful mathematical idea. The problem with applying supersymmetry is that it is too good for this world. We simply do not find particles of the sort it predicts. We do not, for example, see particles with the same charge and mass as electrons, but a different amount of spin.

However, symmetry principles that might help to unify fundamental physics are hard to come by, so theoretical physicists do not give up on them easily. Based on previous experience with other forms of symmetry, we have developed a fallback strategy, called spontaneous symmetry breaking. In this approach, we postulate that the fundamental equations of physics have the symmetry, but the stable solutions of these equations do not. The classic example of this phenomenon occurs in an ordinary magnet. In the basic equations that describe the physics of a lump of iron, any direction is equivalent to any other, but the lump becomes a magnet with some definite north-seeking pole. #Quote by Frank Wilczek
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Anthony Marais
#5. Homosexuality is the most beautiful aspect of humanity. For its existence is proof that altruism is natural; it is to demonstrate that the theory of the "survival of the fittest" can only apply to the species as a whole, and that reproduction is insufficient to secure our place in the great jungle of life, which means being nice is a more stable evolutionary strategy than making kids; and if the homosexual is attracted to religion or to art - or, in smaller societies, to shamanism or caring for other people's children - is this not due to his or her search for purpose? If so, then what we call purpose must be something that encompasses all modes of life. What we call love must be greater than child rearing or caring for a mate. #Quote by Anthony Marais
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by David J. Lieberman
#6. The fields of clinical psychology and psychiatry exist specifically to help the emotionally unstable become more stable and lead happier, healthier lives. Unlike in the eras of Vincent Van Gogh and Abraham Lincoln, there is now professional help available for those who suffer from emotional illness. Treatment may require therapy or even medication, but hope is now available every single day in practically every city in the civilized world. #Quote by David J. Lieberman
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by James A. Baldwin
#7. A society must assume that it is stable, but the artist must know, and he must let us know, that there is nothing stable under heaven. #Quote by James A. Baldwin
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by John McEnroe
#8. I think the players, I put in the book for example that we should go back to wood rackets, probably they laughed at me, I'm a dinosaur, but I think that you see these great players, have even more variety and you see more strategy, there'd be more subtlety. #Quote by John McEnroe
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Fredric Jameson
#9. (On George Eliot's narrative strategy)
It also forfeits the great game of the omniscient narrator, which is to know secrets which none of the characters involved will ever learn, ironically taking their unhappy ignorance to the grave. #Quote by Fredric Jameson
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Curtis Jackson
#10. I like generals. I like Napoleon. I like strategy. The majority of them are praised for mass destruction, but it's exciting to see how it comes to the mind mentally. #Quote by Curtis Jackson
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by James Buchan
#11. At the heart of banking is a suicidal strategy. Banks take money from the public or each other on call, skim it for their own reward and then lock the rest up in volatile, insecure and illiquid loans that at times they cannot redeem without public aid. #Quote by James Buchan
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Lionel Suggs
#12. Learn how to think a few moves ahead at once. In life, if you can anticipate the human mind, you can anticipate all possible futures. #Quote by Lionel Suggs
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Francis Bacon
#13. The best armor is to keep out of gunshot. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Michael Crichton
#14. Living systems are never in equilibrium. They are inherently unstable. They may seem stable, but they're not. Everything is moving and changing. In a sense, everything is on the edge of collapse. #Quote by Michael Crichton
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Stephen Covey
#15. Above all, success in business requires two things: a winning competitive strategy, and superb organizational execution. Distrust is the enemy of both. I submit that while high trust won't necessarily rescue a poor strategy, low trust will almost always derail a good one. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Michael Lewis
#16. Once handed the money, Paulson abandoned his promised strategy and instead essentially began giving away billions of dollars to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and a few others unnaturally selected for survival. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Robert Moor
#17. When I was younger I used to see the earth as a fundamentally stable and serene place, possessed of a delicate, nearly divine balance, which humans had somehow managed to upset. But as I studied trails more closely, this fantasy gradually evaporated. I now see the earth as the collaborative artwork of trillions of sculptors, large and small. Sheep, humans, elephants, ants: each of us alters the world in our passage. When we build hives or nests, mud huts or concrete towers, we re-sculpt the contours of the planet. When we eat, we convert living matter into waste. And when we walk, we create trails. The question we must ask ourselves is not whether we should shape the earth, but how. #Quote by Robert Moor
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Serge Daney
#18. According to U.S. strategy, if you never see the other, his destruction will be more acceptableso that when Iraqi soldiers surrendered, sooner than expected, it was as if they emerged from a dream, a flash-back, a lost epoch
an epoch when the enemy still had a body and was still like us. #Quote by Serge Daney
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Tina Fey
#19. A new study suggests that middle-aged adults who go on periodic drinking binges may face a heightened risk of dementia later on in life. The study is entitled, 'National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.' #Quote by Tina Fey
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Athol Fugard
#20. Night-time is when I brainstorm; last thing, when the family's asleep and I'm alone, I think about the next day's writing and plan a strategy for my assault on the blank page. #Quote by Athol Fugard
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Naomi Klein
#21. Each one of these decisions, even when they were ultimately reversed, set recovery efforts back further. Is this all a masterful conspiracy to make sure Puerto Ricans are too desperate, distracted, and despairing to resist Wall Street's bitter economic medicine? I don't believe it's anything that coordinated. Much of this is simply what happens when you bleed the public sphere for decades, laying off competent workers and neglecting basic maintenance. Run-of-the-mill corruption and cronyism are no doubt at work as well.

But it's also true that many governments have deployed a starve-then-sell strategy when it comes to public services: cut health care/transit/education to the bone until people are so disillusioned and desperate that they are willing to try anything, including selling off those services altogether. And if Rosselló and the Trump administration have seemed remarkably unconcerned about the nonstop relief and reconstruction screw-ups, the attitude may be at least partly informed by an understanding that the worse things get, the stronger the case for privatization becomes. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Emma Forrest
#22. There's a boy whose affection I am determined to hunt down and kill. It used to be material objects I felt I needed to be happy. It would make me feel stable if I had him. If I had someone like him, it would prove that I'm stable, and then I wouldn't have to do the work to get there. I am constantly looking for ways to cede control of my worries to someone, anyone. #Quote by Emma Forrest
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Elizabeth Arthur
#23. Memories are peculiar...You think the past is there, all fixed and stable, but it is really chock full of surprises and endlessly susceptible to change...So maybe it is true that we are constantly rewriting our past; they are not something fixed and unchangeable for all time. There is a basic structure, of course, a canvas stretched across boards, which cannot be remodeled at will, but the surface of that canvas can be shaded, rearranged, touched up, continually worked on to correspond to the needs of the present. In fact, the present moment is largely the focal point from which you shape the direction of your future and juggle the implications of your past. #Quote by Elizabeth Arthur
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Pittacus Lore
#24. Walker covers the mouthpiece of the phone and holds it out for me. "John, uh, I have the president on the line for you."
I stare at her. "What? Seriously?"
Walker nods. "He's apparently ... um, changed his opinion on fully supporting the Loric. He wants you in Washington right away to discuss strategy."
[ ... ]
I'm about to talk to the president. I shake my head, eyeing Walker. "This isn't some kind of trick, is it?"
"No," Walker says, shaking the phone at me. "He's for real. It sounds nuts but, apparently, his older daughter just experienced some kind of ... vision? Where you gave a speech?"
Sam can't hold back the laughter. "Get out! #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Caitlin Doughty
#25. He had been a criminal, but he was also beautiful. I wasn't there to judge, only to make him clean and dressed him in his powder-blue polyester suit with the ruffled tuxedo shirt. Holding up his arm to wash it, I paused: I was comfortable. I wanted other people to know that they could do this too. The washing, the comfort. This confident, stable feeling was available to anyone, if society could overcome the burden of superstition. #Quote by Caitlin Doughty
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by David Brier
#26. Every great brand goes back to a courageous individual who dared to say 'NO' to the status quo. #Quote by David Brier
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Pearl Zhu
#27. The scoreboard is strategy focused, and the dashboard is operation oriented. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#28. Delicate, hauntingly uncertain music floated out of the house. Vane heard it as he walked up from the stables. The lilting strains reached him, then wrapped about him, about his mind, sinking into his senses. They were a siren's song- and he knew precisely who was singing.
Halting on the graveled drive before the stable arch, he listened to the moody air. It drew him- he could feel the tug as if it was physical. The music spoke- of need, of restless frustration, of underlying rebellion. #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Martin O'Malley
#29. Triangulation is not a strategy that will move America forward, #Quote by Martin O'Malley
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Zvz
#30. The 14 Day Get better at Cleanser, a few Day Cleansing Diet and the 1 Week Cleanse Diet Plan

The actual 12 morning master Facial cleanser, the three day detox diet regime, and the 7 days detox eating habits are strategies associated with the Master cleanse detox Body Purify Program and Diet. This plan of action offers folks the assistance of taking away harmful as well as unwanted toxic compounds essentially located in the body simply by using a natural and safe indicates. It focuses on the bodily, mental, and also spiritual types and elements associated with the persons body along with their determination to get a healthier strategy for eating and also lifestyle too.

The A dozen day master cleanser, the 14 Day Detox, and also the 1 week diet plan consists of cleaning the body naturally and also teaches the individual around the toxins they're removing from their body.

#Quote by Zvz
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Randy Alcorn
#31. We've fallen for the devil's lie. His most basic strategy, the same one he employed with Adam and Eve, is to make us believe that sin brings fulfillment. However, in reality, sin robs us of fulfillment. Sin doesn't make life interesting; it makes life empty. Sin doesn't create adventure; it blunts it. Sin doesn't expand life; it shrinks it. Sin's emptiness inevitably leads to boredom. When there's fulfillment, when there's beauty, when we see God as he truly is - an endless reservoir of fascination - boredom becomes impossible. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Marty Neumeier
#32. Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity. #Quote by Marty Neumeier
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Hu Jintao
#33. Building a good, stable, and productive China-U.S. relationship is in our mutual interest of our two countries and our two peoples, and also contributes to peace and development. #Quote by Hu Jintao
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Kate Morgenroth
#34. He took a moment, as if he were deciding which tack to go with. I think he chose honesty, but it's so hard to tell. And if you chose honesty as a strategy, is it still honesty? #Quote by Kate Morgenroth
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Anonymous
#35. And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, a doing evil deeds, 22he has now reconciled b in his body of flesh by his death, c in order to present you holy and blameless and d above reproach before him, 23 e if indeed you continue in the faith, f stable and steadfast, not shifting from g the hope of the gospel that you heard, which has been proclaimed h in all creation [7] under heaven, i and of which I, Paul, became a minister. #Quote by Anonymous
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#36. Believing that the happiness of mankind is best promoted by the useful pursuits of peace, that on these alone a stable prosperity can be founded, that the evils of war are great in their endurance, and have a long reckoning for ages to come, I have used my best endeavors to keep our country uncommitted in the troubles which afflict Europe, and which assail us on every side. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Christian Rudder
#37. Going to a site with more users seems obviously better to me, but at the same time, having a bland, middle of the road profile with bland, middle of the road pictures seems like a bad strategy to me. #Quote by Christian Rudder
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Anatol Rapoport
#38. Although the drama of games of strategy is strongly linked with the psychological aspects of the conflict, game theory is not concerned with these aspects. Game theory, so to speak, plays the board. It is concerned only with the logical aspects of strategy. #Quote by Anatol Rapoport
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#39. There is a belief advanced today, and in some cases by conservative black authors, that poor children and particularly black children should not be allowed to hear too much about these matters. If they learn how much less they are getting than rich children, we are told, this knowledge may induce them to regard themselves as "victims," and such "victim-thinking," it is argued, may then undermine their capacity to profit from whatever opportunities may actually exist. But this is a matter of psychology-or strategy-and not reality. The matter, in any case, is academic since most adolescents in the poorest neighborhoods learn very soon that they are getting less than children in the wealthier school districts. They see suburban schools on television and they see them when they travel for athletic competitions. It is a waste of time to worry whether we should tell them something they could tell to us. About injustice, most poor children in American cannot be fooled. #Quote by Jonathan Kozol
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Camille Paglia
#40. The idea that emotion can be separated from sex is a Christian illusion, one of the most ingenious but finally unworkable strategies in Christianity's ancient campaign against pagan nature.? #Quote by Camille Paglia
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Constance Friday
#41. Desperation is not an evidence of hard work, it's a sign of lack of faith #Quote by Constance Friday
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy quotes by Amy Tan
#42. I was six when my mother taught me the art of invisible strength. It was a strategy for winning arguments, respect for others, and eventually thought neither of us knew it at the time, chess games ... Come from the South, blow from the wind
North will follow. Strongest wind cannot be seen. #Quote by Amy Tan

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