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Everlark Fan quotes by Karen Walton
#1. I'd never imagined myself writing at all until I was almost 30. And horror films weren't to my taste, at least the super popular (slasher-y) ones of the day back then. The first novel I ever loved as a kid was Frankenstein, and I was always a crazy Hitchcock and Polanski fan ... but I never saw myself - a square spazzy girl from the suburbs - writing anything that would horrify anyone. Or so I thought ... #Quote by Karen Walton
Everlark Fan quotes by Slash
#2. My dad is a huge rock and roll lead guitar fan. I didn't even really know that until recently. Everything has to have a guitar solo in it. #Quote by Slash
Everlark Fan quotes by Romany Malco
#3. I don't want every fan; I'm interested in fans interested in quality work, authentic archetype depictions. #Quote by Romany Malco
Everlark Fan quotes by Morgan Spurlock
#4. People were always pointing the finger at the fast food industry. And I was a big fan of personal responsibility - you know, no one is forcing you to eat. We're not geese being stuffed with corn. #Quote by Morgan Spurlock
Everlark Fan quotes by Tony DiTerlizzi
#5. I'm a huge fan of process. Even if it's a movie that I don't think is quite as successful, I'm really intrigued by the process of it. #Quote by Tony DiTerlizzi
Everlark Fan quotes by Jesse McCartney
#6. I grew up as a huge comic fan and a huge Batman & Robin fan. I watched all the TV shows, went to all the movies - I even had the lunch box; man, I was in! #Quote by Jesse McCartney
Everlark Fan quotes by Tony Oller
#7. I love country; I'm gonna do a country solo album at one point just 'cause. I'm a big fan of Keith Urban, Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts, even though that's more pop. I grew up on country. #Quote by Tony Oller
Everlark Fan quotes by Ramsey Lewis
#8. Our intention is to not only attract the hardcore jazz fan, but we're doing it in such a way that it will also be easy to take for those who are not necessarily steeped in the ways of jazz. #Quote by Ramsey Lewis
Everlark Fan quotes by Doug Flutie
#9. I live for the Red Sox. I thoroughly enjoy them. For whatever reason, baseball has been a lot more fun for me in recent years. I loosely follow the Patriots and I root for them. I loosely follow the Celtics and then it gets to playoff time and I don't miss a game. Same with the Bruins. I'm not the diehard fan anymore. #Quote by Doug Flutie
Everlark Fan quotes by Ringo Starr
#10. I am a big Beatles fan. And, you know, unbeknownst to anyone, I used to be one. But I have no problems of putting titles and lines from other songs in my songs, because they're great lines and great titles. #Quote by Ringo Starr
Everlark Fan quotes by Amy Lowell
#11. In my stiff, brocaded gown.
With my powdered hair and jeweled fan,
I too am a rare
Pattern. #Quote by Amy Lowell
Everlark Fan quotes by Kathleen Edwards
#12. I'm a huge fan of a lot of different genres of music, and I really felt like somehow I had been pigeonholed a little bit - maybe of my own doing - and in a way where I felt like I was sort of falsely defined. What my music was being called wasn't really the music I was always listening to. #Quote by Kathleen Edwards
Everlark Fan quotes by Lzzy Hale
#13. That's actually pretty tame, but the fact that it was coming from this unexpected adorable little 17-year-old, I thought I'd be getting a letter about her first rock show, but it's nothing like that - she gives me a tampon. It's a true testament to how the majority of our fan base - and I say this in the most respectful and best way I can - they're little freaks. #Quote by Lzzy Hale
Everlark Fan quotes by Daniel Clowes
#14. I'm a fan of parchment and wood pulp. #Quote by Daniel Clowes
Everlark Fan quotes by Mike Trout
#15. I grew up a Phillies fan. Me and my buddies tailgated a couple of times when they won the World Series. I like just being in that atmosphere. #Quote by Mike Trout
Everlark Fan quotes by Pink
#16. I wanted to do it my way with my career, and I had this arrogant notion that people weren't just interested in my music but me as a person. That was my bit of arrogance, I guess. That's something I learned from Madonna. I was a fan right from the first time I heard 'Holiday.' #Quote by Pink
Everlark Fan quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#17. It was love at first touch rather than at first sight, for I had met her several times before without experiencing any special emotions; but one night as I was seeing her home, something quaint she had said made me stoop with a laugh and lightly kiss her on the hair - and of course we all know of that blinding blast which is caused by merely picking up a small doll from the floor of a carefully abandoned house: the soldier involved hears nothing; for him it is but an ecstatic soundless and boundless expansion of what had been during his life a pinpoint of light in the dark center of his being. And really, the reason we think of death in celestial terms is that the visible firmament, especially at night (above our blacked-out Paris with the gaunt arches of its Boulevard Exelmans and the ceaseless Alpine gurgle of desolate latrines), is the most adequate and ever-present symbol of that vast silent explosion'

The time, the place, the torture. Her fan, her gloves, her mask. I spent that night and many others getting it out of her bit by bit, but not getting it all. I was under the strange delusion that first I must find out every detail, reconstruct every minute, and only then decide whether I could bear it. But the limit of desired knowledge was unattainable, nor could I ever foretell the approximate point after which I might imagine myself satiated, because of course the denominator of every fraction of knowledge was potentially as infinite as the number of intervals #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Everlark Fan quotes by Martin Parr
#18. I am a big fan of Jim Jarmusch, and I do love big screen documentaries. #Quote by Martin Parr
Everlark Fan quotes by Garth Brooks
#19. My hardest thing was to let go, to be happy for everybody and just to enjoy. And go back to being what you were before you became an artist, and that was just a fan. #Quote by Garth Brooks
Everlark Fan quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#20. The peak of being a fan is a hotdog and a beer and a seat at the game. There's nothing above that. Nothing above it. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Everlark Fan quotes by Princess Jones
#21. I fucking hate Thursdays. Most of the time, people focus their hate on Mondays. I wasn't a fan of those either. Mondays are the hall monitors of the week. They tell you to stop enjoying your time off and get back to work. But at least you know where you stand with a Monday. Thursday is a fence sitter on the other hand. It's almost the weekend but not quite there. #Quote by Princess Jones
Everlark Fan quotes by Brent Schlender
#22. the Apple III, whose footprint had to be small enough to leave lots of open room on an office desk, would be absolutely silent, which meant no internal cooling fan. #Quote by Brent Schlender
Everlark Fan quotes by Sean Penn
#23. I'm a huge Woody Allen fan. Good movie, bad movie, it doesn't matter - I just like his movies. #Quote by Sean Penn
Everlark Fan quotes by Cory Monteith
#24. I'm a big fan of 'Glee.' I think it's really smart. And I think it's well-timed. But you can't not be surprised at the reception this show's received. It's really something else. #Quote by Cory Monteith
Everlark Fan quotes by Keegan Allen
#25. I personally call one of my fans every month. I answer all of my own fan mail. #Quote by Keegan Allen
Everlark Fan quotes by Imani Hakim
#26. I was a big fan of Raven Symone, when 'That's So Raven' was out. I used to say, 'Oh my God, that should be my show!' #Quote by Imani Hakim
Everlark Fan quotes by Dustin Lynch
#27. I love all types of music. I love top 40 dance pop, hip-hop, I don't even know what they call it now. I'm a huge fan of all that. #Quote by Dustin Lynch
Everlark Fan quotes by Jared Gilman
#28. I'm a huge movie buff, so I'm a fan of a lot of actors and actresses. #Quote by Jared Gilman
Everlark Fan quotes by Lily Collins
#29. I'm a huge fan of the series of books by Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments. I'm a fan myself, so to be cast as the lead heroine is completely incredible. #Quote by Lily Collins
Everlark Fan quotes by Karl Urban
#30. Yeah, I played video games on and off for quite a few years. I played Doom and was a fan of the game and that was my prime reason for doing the film. #Quote by Karl Urban
Everlark Fan quotes by Roe Horvat
#31. I was not a fan of euphemisms. If you couldn't say it, you shouldn't touch it, and definitely not fuck it or lick it. A cock was a cock, maybe a dick; an ass was an ass, possibly a hole. No shafts, no members, thank you very much. Some words had the power to put me off. Like rod. Or bud. That was just eww. #Quote by Roe Horvat
Everlark Fan quotes by Walter Isaacson
#32. The Macintosh lacked a fan, another example of Jobs's dogmatic stubbornness. Fans, he felt, detracted from the calm of a computer. This caused many component failures and earned the Macintosh the nickname "the beige toaster," which did not enhance its popularity. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Everlark Fan quotes by Henry Selick
#33. 'Coraline' is Neil Gaiman's book, it sold a lot, it has a big fan base. It was originally conceived to be live action, but I never really wanted it to be. I always thought that it would work better as an animated film. #Quote by Henry Selick
Everlark Fan quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#34. It had a huge impact on me, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' – and I was very proud when I found out that Kurt Cobain was a fan of mine. I thought he was awesome. #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
Everlark Fan quotes by Chris Riddell
#35. Fans write to us via our publisher and more than ever via the Internet, blogs and fan sites, and good writers should be actively seeking out that interaction. Gone are the days when writers are dead or hidden away in dusty attics; nowadays, you've got to get out there. #Quote by Chris Riddell

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