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European Dismantle San Jose quotes by John Shelton Reed
#1. The nature of the South is changing faster than the stereotypes are. Much of the South now looks like San Jose. Is it still southern? #Quote by John Shelton Reed
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Harry Farrell
#2. San Jose is made up of the finest citizens of any city in the entire United States- peace loving, quiet, cultured people. ... God-fearing, law-observing, good citizens have been watching these murders increasing and have watched crime increase in this country and from the time this splendid young fellow [Brooke Hart] was murdered this vigilance committee had in mind carrying out what in their minds was real justice... #Quote by Harry Farrell
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Boris Fishman
#3. In the end, even the other boys ddn't want it to be over - for two weeks they smoked, flirted, and drank, away from the eyes of their parents. And they learned how to do things. That country, with its chronic breakdowns and shortages, made resourceful improvisers out of the clumsiest hands. A quarter of a century later, at family gatherings in San Francisco and Omaha and Chicago and New Jersey and Brooklyn, we children had to marvel at the hands of our fathers: small, rough with work - sometimes cracked with it - the thumbs squat and broad. Whether molecular biologists, programmers, or taxi drivers, they could dismantle radios, singe potatoes in firepits, swim to the other side of the lake - oh, how these tense men untensed at the sight of a rural body of water - get a chandelier to hang from the ceiling, and strum a guitar. They still worse the mustaches and trimmed beards of their youth, and they were beyond the reach of American fashion. To us, their Americanized children, these men were rigid, frightened, and withdrawn. But you had to love their hands. #Quote by Boris Fishman
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Raven San Jose
#4. The direction in life is the brightest color in life #Quote by Raven San Jose
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#5. I am indebted to the following colleagues for their advice, assistance, or support: Dr. Alfred Lerner, Dori Vakis, Robin Heck, Dr. Todd Dray, Dr. Robert Tull, and Dr. Sandy Chun. Thanks also to Lynette Parker of East San Jose Community Law Center for her advice about adoption procedures, and to Mr. Daoud Wahab for sharing his experiences in Afghanistan with me. I am grateful to my dear friend Tamim Ansary for his guidance and support and to the gang at the San Francisco Writers Workshop for their feedback and encouragement. I want to thank my father, my oldest friend and the inspiration for all that is noble in Baba; my mother who prayed for me and did nazr at every stage of this book's writing; my aunt for buying me books when I was young. Thanks go out to Ali, Sandy, Daoud #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
#6. I worked for 'The Chronicle' in San Francisco, and immigration is a big issue in that region. #Quote by Jose Antonio Vargas
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Ferreira
#7. The San Francisco Bay Area has more VC firms and dollars invested than all East Coast cities combined. #Quote by Jose Ferreira
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by George Vecsey
#8. I love Major League Soccer, covered the first game in 1996 in a funky stadium in San Jose, and I applaud just about every move that its commissioners, Garber and Doug Logan, have made. #Quote by George Vecsey
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose N Harris
#9. IT WAS A HOT AND MUGGY DAY AS I looked up in the powder blue sky that covered the Port of San Pedro. The Bell helicopter circled above like a dragonfly in my Grandma Cholé's rose garden. I don't know if it was the unbearable humidity or the whoop- whoop- whoop of the chopper's rotor blades as they sliced through the air, but something was affecting me. #Quote by Jose N Harris
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Carlo Jose San Juan
#10. I find rest days such a waste when all I do is rest! #Quote by Carlo Jose San Juan
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
#11. After I arrived in Mountain View, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, I entered sixth grade and quickly grew to love my new home, family and culture. I discovered a passion for language, though it was hard to learn the difference between formal English and American slang. #Quote by Jose Antonio Vargas
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Carlo Jose San Juan
#12. No task is too small to not chase perfection and excellence! #Quote by Carlo Jose San Juan
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Lleyton Hewitt
#13. I feel like when I'm match tough and match hard and played a lot of matches I got that competitive winning spirit going and I can get on some rolls like I did last year. I won San Jose, Indian Wells and made the semifinals in Miami so it can happen for me. #Quote by Lleyton Hewitt
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Clint Catalyst
#14. Filip was from San Jose, but his painfully good looks excused that. He was tall, six-foot-something-or-other, intensely blue eyes, chiseled features, massive package. Didn't have Prince Albert in a Can, but he did have a thick gauged one through his cock head. His name really wasn't Filip, it was Brent, an all-American moniker about as dark and mysterious as pastel-colored bobby socks. Initially, I joked about his choice of sobriquet, changing his name to go off to the big city, transform into Mr. Big Stuff, until it dawned on me I'd done the same damn thing with my 'Catalyst' surname. So I shut up.

He comported himself with rigid shoulders and stiff gestures, as if he had a secret. Turns out he did. Filip was married, had a wife for more than a year now, but they had some kind of crazy arrangement. Days they were a couple; evenings they were free to do as they pleased. Where'd they come up with that idea, Jerry Springer?

"If you wanted to go back to your place, we could," Filip suggested. "But only until dawn." Yeah, right. An affair is an affair, the way I see it. What difference is there between 5 and 7 a.m.? Was their marriage some sort of religious fasting thing, starve until the sun sets then binge and party down? I'd never sunk my teeth into married meat, but figured it was a logical progression from my I'm Not Gay But It's Different With You saga. And if I was going to sin, I was gonna sin good. That means no peeking to see whether it's still d #Quote by Clint Catalyst
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Michael Lewis
#15. The relationship between the people and their money in California is such that you can pluck almost any city at random and enter a crisis. San Jose has the highest per capita income of any city in the United States, after New York. It has the highest credit rating of any city in California with a population over 250,000. It is one of the few cities in America with a triple-A rating from Moody's and Standard & Poor's, but only because its bondholders have the power to compel the city to levy a tax on property owners to pay off the bonds. The city itself is not all that far from being bankrupt. #Quote by Michael Lewis
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Ellen Bass
#16. Gate C22

At gate C22 in the Portland airport
a man in a broad-band leather hat kissed
a woman arriving from Orange County.
They kissed and kissed and kissed. Long after
the other passengers clicked the handles of their carry-ons
and wheeled briskly toward short-term parking,
the couple stood there, arms wrapped around each other
like he'd just staggered off the boat at Ellis Island,
like she'd been released at last from ICU, snapped
out of a coma, survived bone cancer, made it down
from Annapurna in only the clothes she was wearing.

Neither of them was young. His beard was gray.
She carried a few extra pounds you could imagine
her saying she had to lose. But they kissed lavish
kisses like the ocean in the early morning,
the way it gathers and swells, sucking
each rock under, swallowing it
again and again. We were all watching–
passengers waiting for the delayed flight
to San Jose, the stewardesses, the pilots,
the aproned woman icing Cinnabons, the man selling
sunglasses. We couldn't look away. We could
taste the kisses crushed in our mouths.

But the best part was his face. When he drew back
and looked at her, his smile soft with wonder, almost
as though he were a mother still open from giving birth,
as your mother must have looked at you, no matter
what happened after–if she beat you or left you #Quote by Ellen Bass
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Christopher R. Beha
#17. Fans of the Peanuts comic strip may also remember Snoopy beginning his novel again and again, always starting with the line 'It was a dark and stormy night' ... In fact, since 1982, San Jose State University has run a writing contest inspired by 'It was a dark and stormy night' ... Charles Dickens opens stave one of A Christmas Carol with 'Once upon a time' ... Similarly, James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man begins: 'Once upon a time' ... and Madeleine L'Engle begins A Wrinkle in Time with the very words 'It was a dark and stormy night.' (From Intro by Francine Prose) #Quote by Christopher R. Beha
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Robert
#18. Division headquarters then located in the San Jose Armory, so I #Quote by Robert "Smoky" Vrilakas
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by John Steinbeck
#19. Sergeant Axel Dane ordinarily opened the San Jose recruiting office at eight o'clock, but if he was a little late Corporal Kemp opened it, and Kemp was not likely to complain. Axel was not an unusual case. A hitch in the U.S. Army in the time of peace between the Spanish war and the German war had unfitted him for the cold, unordered life of a civilian. One month between hitches convinced him of that. Two hitches in the peacetime army completely unfitted him for war, and he had learned enough method to get out of it. The San Jose recruiting station proved he knew his way about. He was dallying with the youngest Ricci girl and she lived in San Jose. Kemp hadn't the time in, but he was learning the basic rule. Get along with the topkick and avoid all officers when possible. #Quote by John Steinbeck
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#20. A creative writing teacher at San Jose State used to say about clichés: 'Avoid them like the plague.' Then he'd laugh at his own joke. The class laughed along with him, but I always thought clichés got a bum rap. Because, often, they're dead-on. But the aptness of the clichéd saying is overshadowed by the nature of the saying as a cliché. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by George Pendle
#21. Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), whose Egyptian museum in San Jose took up an entire city block. It stressed the virtues of reason and science while also suggesting that ancient Egyptian wisdom would allow its followers to re-lease the hidden powers inherent in man. #Quote by George Pendle
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Maggy San Jose-Baas
#22. Most people find a woman being sweetly loved by her man very lovable. #Quote by Maggy San Jose-Baas
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Joe Roman
#23. But having biologists outside the Beltway remained a problem for the adminisration. "They found they couldn't control us," Williams said ... "That sort of thing just drove them up the wall. They were so used to saying 'do this,' and we'll just go away and do it. Never ask questions. The biologists had good connections with the press and national environmental group. "So eventually they said, 'Okay we're going to send you guys out to the hinterlands.'" The Regan administration began to dismantle the Endangered Species Office in D.C. Biologists have been working from regional offices ever since. #Quote by Joe Roman
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by C.L.R. James
#24. Leader of a backward and ignorant mass, he was yet in the forefront of the great historical movement of his time. The blacks were taking their part in the destruction of European feudalism begun by the French Revolution, and liberty and equality, the slogans of the revolution, meant far more to them than to any Frenchman. That was why in the hour of danger Toussaint, uninstructed as he was, could find the language and accent of Diderot, Rousseau, and Raynal, of Mirabeau, Robespierre and Danton. And in one respect he excelled them all. For even these masters of the spoken and written word, owing to the class complications of their society, too often had to pause, to hesitate, to qualify. Toussaint could defend the freedom of the blacks without reservation, and this gave to his declaration a strength and a single-mindedness rare in the great documents of the time. The French bourgeoisie could not understand it. Rivers of blood were to flow before they understood that elevated as was his tone Toussaint had written neither bombast nor rhetoric but the simple and sober truth. #Quote by C.L.R. James
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by T.J. Klune
#25. Also, we would accept donations in our name to Planned Parenthood, because the male Republicans who wish to dismantle it should have their testicles hooked up to a car battery. Maybe then they would understand what it feels like to be a woman in America. #Quote by T.J. Klune
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#26. When I was under house arrest, it was the BBC that spoke to me - I listened. #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Peter Drucker
#27. [T]hroughout the ages to be educated meant to be unproductive ... our word "school" - and its equivalent in all European languages - derives from a Greek word meaning "leisure. #Quote by Peter Drucker
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
#28. Whoever has not felt the danger of our times palpitating under his hand, has not really penetrated to the vitals of destiny, he has merely pricked the surface. #Quote by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Bergamin
#29. To be young is to live in the hope of escaping youth; to be old, in the despair of having succeeded. #Quote by Jose Bergamin
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Rizal
#30. But because their ancestors were men of righteousness, shall we consent to the abuses of their degenerate descendants? Because they did us a great good, would we be guilty if we prevented them from doing us evil? #Quote by Jose Rizal
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Gary Taubes
#31. What I tried to make clear in Good Calories, Bad Calories was that nutrition and obesity research lost its way after the Second World War with the evaporation of the European community of scientists and physicians that did pioneering work in those disciplines. It has since resisted all attempts to correct it. As a result, the individuals involved in this research have not only wasted decades of time, and effort, and money but have done incalculable damage along the way. Their beliefs have remained imperious to an ever-growing body of evidence that refutes them while being embraced by public-health authorities and translated into precisely the wrong advice about what to eat and, more important, what not to eat if we want to maintain a healthy weight and live a long and healthy life. #Quote by Gary Taubes
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Thorsten J. Pattberg
#32. Most American and European scholars believe that the Chinese speak their languages, only that they "talk" in Chinese. #Quote by Thorsten J. Pattberg
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose N Harris
#33. I just read the last page of the Bible again for some reassurance... And yep, everything is going to be alright #Quote by Jose N Harris
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Daniel Barenboim
#34. European anti-Semitism goes much further back than to the partition of Palestine and the establishment of Israel in 1948. It even goes further back than the Holocaust. #Quote by Daniel Barenboim
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Marti
#35. Day and night I always dream with open eyes. #Quote by Jose Marti
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Saramago
#36. God, the devil, good, evil, it's all in our heads, not in Heaven or Hell, which we also invented. We do not realize that, having invented God, we immediately became His slaves. #Quote by Jose Saramago
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Ramos-Horta
#37. In the case of Iraq, notwithstanding the violence there at the moment, the very fact that a hideous regime - responsible for genocide, for the use of chemical and biological weapons, aggression against two neighbors - has been removed in itself is a positive development. #Quote by Jose Ramos-Horta
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Mark M. Bello
#38. Ladies and gentlemen, after Columbine, Newtown, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Orlando, Vegas, Parkland and now in our own community, one thing should be clear to citizens and politicians alike. Our society needs stricter laws for people who purchase guns for the purpose of perpetrating criminal acts. We need tougher laws for people who buy guns to sell to criminals or kids. These laws should severely punish anyone in these categories - neither suggestion steps on the Second Amendment . . . #Quote by Mark M. Bello
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by James A. Michener
#39. The city of Los Angeles is now some twenty-four hundred miles south of central Alaska, and since it is moving slowly northward as the San Andreas fault slides irresistibly along, the city is destined eventually to become part of Alaska. If #Quote by James A. Michener
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Jose Arguelles
#40. As everyone knows, there is no intelligence in coercion or forcing another into action or realization. And if the name of the galactic game is superior, intelligent harmonization, it must be played so that the local intelligence is taught or shown how it works in such a manner that it comes to its own conclusions. In other words, the galactic code of honor is to manifest and demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible. #Quote by Jose Arguelles
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Junipero Serra
#41. Here are also the two vessels, but the San Carlos without sailors, all having died of the scurvy, except two. #Quote by Junipero Serra
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Don Johnson
#42. You can go one block to the next in San Francisco and get a completely different opinion of what the issue is. #Quote by Don Johnson
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by H.G.Wells
#43. And before we judge of them too harshly we must remember what ruthless and utter destruction our own species has wrought, not only upon animals, such as the vanished bison and the dodo, but upon its inferior races. The Tasmanians, in spite of their human likeness, were entirely swept out of existence in a war of extermination waged by European immigrants, in the space of fifty years. #Quote by H.G.Wells
European Dismantle San Jose quotes by Daniel Hannan
#44. Most British people are keen to remain in a European free trade zone; and most EU states are keen to keep us there, because we buy from them more than we sell to them to the tune of £40 million per day. #Quote by Daniel Hannan

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