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Estrecha In English quotes by H.L. Mencken
#1. The general burden of the Coolidge memoirs was that the right hon. gentleman was a typical American, and some hinted that he was the most typical since Lincoln. As the English say, I find myself quite unable to associate myself with that thesis. He was, in truth, almost as unlike the average of his countrymen as if he had been born green. The Americano is an expansive fellow, a back-slapper, full of amiability; Coolidge was reserved and even muriatic. The Americano has a stupendous capacity for believing, and especially for believing in what is palpably not true; Coolidge was, in his fundamental metaphysics, an agnostic. The Americano dreams vast dreams, and is hag-ridden by a demon; Coolidge was not mount but rider, and his steed was a mechanical horse. The Americano, in his normal incarnation, challenges fate at every step and his whole life is a struggle; Coolidge took things as they came. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Estrecha In English quotes by Ben Jonson
#2. [The play] is like to be a very conceited scurvy one, in plain English. #Quote by Ben Jonson
Estrecha In English quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#3. They do not practise the art of conversation in quite the way the English do, but are straightforward to the point of bluntness. #Quote by Tracy Chevalier
Estrecha In English quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#4. What do you paint?"
Hans shrugged. "Nudes. Mostly men."
"No," Hans said defensively. "I think the naked male form is beautiful. Erotic, yes, but also sublime."
"I have a very good English vocabulary," Boris said. "I write in English to avoid having my work mangled in translation. But I cannot remember that word."
"Sublime?" Hans asked. He had to think about it. That was a tough word to define, even for native English speakers. At last he said, "Perfect. So beautiful it's like glimpsing the face of God."
Boris nodded. "I sometimes feel that when I am writing #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Estrecha In English quotes by Oscar Wilde
#5. JACK
That is nonsense. If I marry a charming girl like Gwendolen, and she is the only girl I ever saw in my life that I would marry, I certainly won't want to know Bunbury.
Then your wife will. You don't seem to realize, that in married life three is company and two is none.
That, my dear young friend, is the theory that the corrupt French Drama has been propounding for the last fifty years.
Yes; and that the happy English home has proved in half the time. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Estrecha In English quotes by Cassandra Clare
#6. In one hallway, the floor gleaming parquet and the ceiling festooned with golden cherubs, there was a boy in a grumpy cat mask and biker boots, not involved in any sexual activity, legs crossed and leaning against the wall. As a bevy of faeries passed the boy, giggling and groping, the boy scooted away.
Alec remembered being younger, and how overwhelming large groups of people had seemed. He came over and leaned against the wall beside the boy. He saw the boy texting, PARTIES WERE INVENTED TO ANNOY ME. THEY FEATURE MY LEAST FAVORITE THING: PEOPLE, ALL INTENT ON MY LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITY: SOCIAL INTERACTION.
"I don't really like parties either," Alec said sympathetically.
"No hablo italiano," the boy mumbled without looking up.
"Er," said Alec. "This conversation is happening in English."
"No hablo ingles," he said without missing a beat.
"Oh, come on. Really?"
"Worth a shot," said the boy.
Alec considered going away. The boy wrote another text to a contact he had saved as RF. Alec could not help but notice that the conversation was entirely one-sided, the boy sending text after text with no response. The last text read VENICE SMELLS LIKE A TOILET. AS A NEW YORKER, I DO NOT SAY THIS LIGHTLY.
The weird coincidence emboldened Alec to try again.
"I get shy when there are strangers too," Alec told the kid.
"I'm not shy," the boy sneered. "I just hate everyone around me and everything that is happening."
"Well." Alec shru #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Estrecha In English quotes by Victor De Laveleye
#7. I am proposing to you as a rallying emblem the letter V, because V is the first letter of the words 'Victoire' in French, and 'Vrijheid' in Flemish ... the Victory which will give us back our freedom, the Victory of our good friends the English. Their word for Victory also begins with V. As you see, things fit all round. #Quote by Victor De Laveleye
Estrecha In English quotes by Neal Stephenson
#8. On the kitchen table a MakerBot was producing a small plastic part, watched intently by a young woman who was talking on her phone in a mix of English and Mandarin. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Estrecha In English quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#9. It is left ... to the juries, if they think the permanent judges are under any bias whatever in any cause, to take on themselves to judge the law as well as the fact. They never exercise this power but when they suspect partiality in the judges; and by the exercise of this power they have been the firmest bulwarks of English liberty. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Estrecha In English quotes by Lady Gregory
#10. The Gaelic language itself depends very much on ear and rhythm, and when those who are thinking in Gaelic speak in English, they get the same rhythm. #Quote by Lady Gregory
Estrecha In English quotes by Paz Vega
#11. I want to have roles in English. #Quote by Paz Vega
Estrecha In English quotes by Bel Kaufman
#12. The clerical work is par for the course. "Keep on file in numerical order" means throw in wastebasket. You'll soon learn the language. "Let it be a challenge to you" means you're stuck with it; "interpersonal relationships" is a fight between kids; "ancillary civic agencies for supportive discipline" means call the cops; "Language Arts Dept." is the English office; "literature based on child's reading level and experiential background" means that's all they've got in the Book Room; "non-academic-minded" is a delinquent; and "It has come to my attention" means you're in trouble. #Quote by Bel Kaufman
Estrecha In English quotes by John Edward Redmond
#13. Fraud, robbery, and murder have characterized the English usurpation of the government of our country. Why, for the last fifty years we have been robbed in the matter of taxes of hundreds of millions. #Quote by John Edward Redmond
Estrecha In English quotes by James Callis
#14. I went to study English for two reasons. Principally because when I was in university, studying drama wasn't considered an option. You couldn't get a degree course for it. And so many plays and things that I was interested in landed themselves in a broader spectrum of literature. #Quote by James Callis
Estrecha In English quotes by Gary Govich
#15. The Jewish center on Kings Highway scheduled an interview at the local labor hall downtown for my father to meet one of their counselors in order to asses his skills and capabilities. When my father sat down with the fellow and asked all sorts of questions, his reply was a blank stare. Boris didn't understand a word. He did speak a little English | He knew two words, pipe and chair. So Boris did the smart thing. He kept saying pipe over and over. Whatever question, he simply replied... pipe. The counselor soon got the gist | Boris must be a plumber. He was handed a small slip of paper and was instructed to report to the address penciled on it at 6 am sharp the following day. #Quote by Gary Govich
Estrecha In English quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#16. Viola had a harrowing story about riding a bicycle west out of the burnt-out ruins of a Connecticut suburb, aged fifteen, harboring vague notions of California but set upon by passersby long before she got there, grievously harmed, joining up with other half feral teenagers in a marauding gang and then slipping away from them, walking alone for a hundred miles, whispering French to herself because all the horror in her life had transpired in English and she thought switching languages might save her, wandering into a town through which the Symphony passed five years later. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Estrecha In English quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#17. I certainly didn't concur with Edward on everything, but I was damned if I would hear him abused without saying a word. And I think this may be worth setting down, because there are other allegiances that can be stress-tested in comparable ways. It used to be a slight hallmark of being English or British that one didn't make a big thing out of patriotic allegiance, and was indeed brimful of sarcastic and critical remarks about the old country, but would pull oneself together and say a word or two if it was attacked or criticized in any nasty or stupid manner by anybody else. It's family, in other words, and friends are family to me. I feel rather the same way about being an American, and also about being of partly Jewish descent. To be any one of these things is to be no better than anyone else, but no worse. When confronted by certain enemies, it is increasingly the 'most definitely no worse' half of this unspoken agreement on which I tend to lay the emphasis. (As with Camus's famous 'neither victim nor executioner,' one hastens to assent but more and more to say 'definitely not victim.') #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Estrecha In English quotes by Damian Lewis
#18. When I'm working in America, I wake up with an American accent and stay with it all day till makeup comes off. I just want everyone to be at ease, and not have the show's creators think, 'Oh my god, he's so English, why did we hire him?' #Quote by Damian Lewis
Estrecha In English quotes by Hugo Hamilton
#19. He said you have to be on the side of the losers, the people with bad lungs. You have to be with those who are homesick and can't breathe very well in Ireland. He said it makes no sense to hold a stone in your hand. A lot more people would be homeless if you speak the killer language. He said Ireland has more than one story. We are the German-Irish story. We are the English-Irish story, too. My father has one soft foot and one hard foot, one good ear and one bad ear, and we have one Irish foot and one German foot and a right arm in English. We are the brack children. Brack, homemade Irish bread with German raisins. We are the brack people and we don't have just one language and one history. We sleep in German and we dream in Irish. We laugh in Irish and we cry in German. We are silent in German and we speak in English. We are the speckled people. #Quote by Hugo Hamilton
Estrecha In English quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
#20. He belonged to a walled city of the fifteenth century, a city of narrow, cobbled streets, and thin spires, where the inhabitants wore pointed shoes and worsted hose. His face was arresting, sensitive, medieval in some strange inexplicable way, and I was reminded of a portrait seen in a gallery I had forgotten where, of a certain Gentleman Unknown. Could one but rob him of his English tweeds, and put him in black, with lace at his throat and wrists, he would stare down at us in our new world from a long distant past - a past where men walked cloaked at night, and stood in the shadow of old doorways, a past of narrow stairways and dim dungeons, a past of whispers in the dark, of shimmering rapier blades, of silent, exquisite courtesy. #Quote by Daphne Du Maurier
Estrecha In English quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#21. The English Language Amendment says above all, 'Let's see to it that our children, our young people, learn English. Let us not deny them the opportunity to participate in American life, so that they can go as far as their dreams and talents can take them. #Quote by S.I. Hayakawa
Estrecha In English quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#22. To whomever she speaks, African students on the shores of Lake Victoria, farmers in a Cuban sugar field, prisoners in an English penitentiary or factory workers in Uzbekistan, she brings the truth they learned in Ravensbruck: Jesus can turn loss into glory. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Estrecha In English quotes by Max Minghella
#23. I'm so disappointed in the frat parties at Columbia. I'm like an English boy going to an American college. I'm thinking cheerleaders, I'm thinking kegs. That's not what's on the cards. #Quote by Max Minghella
Estrecha In English quotes by Cotton Mather
#24. What was it that obliged Jerome to write his book, Concerning Illustrious Men? It was the common reproach of old cast upon Christians, 'That they were all poor, weak, unlearned men.' The sort of men sometime called 'Puritans' in the English nation have been reproached with the same character ... But when truth shall have liberty to speak, it will be known that Christianity never was more expressed unto the life than in the lives of the persons that have been thus reproached. #Quote by Cotton Mather
Estrecha In English quotes by John Loengard
#25. When I go to photograph somebody, they say, "What do you want me to do?" Those are the most frightening words in the English language. I want to say, "Please, go over into good light and do something unusual. #Quote by John Loengard
Estrecha In English quotes by Shailja Patel
#26. The children in my dreams
speak in Gujarati
turn their trusting faces to the sun
say to me
care for us nurture us
in my dreams I shudder and I run.
I am six
in a playground of white children
Darkie, sing us an Indian song!
in a roomful of elders
all mock my broken Gujarati
English girl!
Twelve, I tunnel into books
forge an armor of English words.
Eighteen, shaved head
combat boots -
shamed by masis
in white saris
neon judgments
singe my western head.
Mother tongue.
tongue of the mother
I murder in myself.
Through the years I watch Gujarati
swell the swaggering egos of men
mirror them over and over
at twice their natural size.
Through the years
I watch Gujarati dissolve
bones and teeth of women, break them
on anvils of duty and service, burn them
to skeletal ash.
Words that don't exist in Gujarati :
English rises in my throat
rapier flashed at yuppie boys
who claim their people "civilized" mine.
Thunderbolt hurled
at cab drivers yelling
Dirty black bastard!
Force-field against teenage hoods
F****ing Paki bitch!
Their tongue - or mine?
Have I become the enemy?
my father speaks Urdu
language of dancing peacocks
rosewater fountains
even its curses a #Quote by Shailja Patel
Estrecha In English quotes by Delphine Arnault
#27. Although I feel very French, a part of my heart is in the States. When my brother and I arrived, we didn't really speak any English, and when we left, that's all we spoke when we played together. It was just a beautiful place to grow up. #Quote by Delphine Arnault
Estrecha In English quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
#28. The English never abolish anything. They put it in cold storage. #Quote by Alfred North Whitehead
Estrecha In English quotes by Mary Ellen Hannibal
#29. To Michael Soule's three C's-cores, carnivores, and corridors-Foreman added "three W's: wilderness, wildways, and my favorite word in the English language, wildeor, which is Middle English and means `self-willed animal.' The ancient people who saw animals as self-willed and the land as self-willed had respect for the earth. #Quote by Mary Ellen Hannibal
Estrecha In English quotes by Simon Kuper
#30. The average player has the ball for only 53.4 seconds every game (according to Chris Carling, the English performance analyst at Lille in France) so any player's main job is to occupy the right positions for the other eighty-nine minutes and 6.6 seconds. #Quote by Simon Kuper
Estrecha In English quotes by Tim Kreider
#31. It came as a belated epiphany to me when I learned that the Greeks had several different words for the disparate phenomena that in English we indiscriminately lump together under the label love. Our inability to distinguish between, say, eros (sexual love) and storgé (the love that grows out of friendship) leads to more than semantic confusion. Careening through this world with such a crude taxonomical guide to human passion is as foolhardy as piloting a plane ignorant of the difference between stratus and cumulonimbus, knowing only the word cloud. #Quote by Tim Kreider
Estrecha In English quotes by Calvin Trillin
#32. Even today, well-brought-up English girls are taught by their mothers to boil all veggies for at least a month and a half, just in case one of the dinner guests turns up without his teeth. #Quote by Calvin Trillin
Estrecha In English quotes by Harlan Coben
#33. I remember one time I heard this English professor asking the class what the world's scariest noise is. Is it a man crying out in pain? A woman's scream of terror? A gunshot? A baby crying? And the professor shakes his head and says, 'No, the scariest noise is, you're all alone in your dark house, you know you're all alone, you know that there is no chance anyone else is home or within miles - and then, suddenly, from upstairs, you hear the toilet flush. #Quote by Harlan Coben
Estrecha In English quotes by Robert Giroux
#34. Isaac Singer always wrote in Yiddish. He was so unsure of his English at the beginning that he was easy to edit and he learned fast. #Quote by Robert Giroux
Estrecha In English quotes by Donald Spoto
#35. What Joan impressed on the men by her faith and her actions, then, had more to do with the things of God that the machinery of war or prevailing politics. For her the struggle against English occupation and the eventual permanent establishment of French sovereignty were matters of justice, and justice was regarded as a major virtue in the Middle Ages. From justice came the origins of chivalry, which was about much more than mere courtesy: it concerned the order of a sovereign society and its place in the economy of God's plan for the world. #Quote by Donald Spoto
Estrecha In English quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#36. I know your head aches. I know you're tired. I know your nerves are as raw as meat in a butcher's window. But think what you're trying to accomplish - just think what you're dealing with. The majesty and grandeur of the English language; it's the greatest possession we have. The noblest thoughts that ever flowed through the hearts of men are contained in its extraordinary, imaginative and musical mixtures of sounds. And that's what you've set yourself out to conquer, Eliza. And conquer it you will. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw

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