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Famous Quotes About Eskiye Dair

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Eskiye Dair quotes by Lecia Cornwall
#1. I won't be at the bonfire," Dair repeated stubbornly....
But Dair would not go. He didn't dare. Fia in firelight would drive even the sanest man to sin. #Quote by Lecia Cornwall
Eskiye Dair quotes by Gail Carriger
#2. Countess Nadasdy served the tea. Miss Tarabotti took hers with milk, Miss Dair took hers with lemon, and the vampires took theirs with a dollop of blood #Quote by Gail Carriger
Eskiye Dair quotes by Lecia Cornwall
#3. The cat let out a low, anguished yowl, and all three warriors jumped to attention and looked at the creature. Beelzebub prowled in a circle, then flopped over onto his side.
"He's dying," Jock whispered.
The cat gave an exasperated sigh and shut his eyes.
Dair regarded Fia's pet. "He wants a lass, a female cat," he said....
He looked at the cat again, at the bored expression, the edgy swish of his tail, the tense, restless muscles, and knew just how the beast felt. #Quote by Lecia Cornwall
Eskiye Dair quotes by Lecia Cornwall
#4. Dair had always been lucky - until he wasn't. #Quote by Lecia Cornwall
Eskiye Dair quotes by Vivian Swift
#5. The French abhor drafts. They do not like the feel of the courant d'air , which is why they do not take it kindly when a foreigner opens a window on a train or a bus, which is probably why all the windows on the bus to Giverny were locked. Never think that, when you let in some fresh air in France, the natives won't hate you for it. #Quote by Vivian Swift

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