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Famous Quotes About Envious Family

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Envious Family quotes by Terry Crews
#1. When I look at my family, that's all life means, right there. #Quote by Terry Crews
Envious Family quotes by Georgina Reilly
#2. I'm always sad when a gig ends. No matter how long the shoot, you become a family for the period of time you are together, and then you separate and rarely see each other for a long time after. #Quote by Georgina Reilly
Envious Family quotes by Malina Suliman
#3. There are two ways. One is to be a puppet, follow the culture, and do whatever they want. That was mentally disturbing to me, and still is. And the other way is to go out. I knew there would be problems from my family, and also from my environment. But I thought that physical pain would be better than the mental pain. And I started working as an artist. #Quote by Malina Suliman
Envious Family quotes by Terri Reid
#4. Whether it's the family we're born into or the family we create, those are the things we should cherish. #Quote by Terri Reid
Envious Family quotes by Christopher Titus
#5. And me having kids, with my family history? My mom: mentally ill, shot and killed her last husband. My father: six ex-wives, four heart attacks. Both of my parents think alcohol is a food group. #Quote by Christopher Titus
Envious Family quotes by Lori Foster
#6. The charity work is just a part of what I do. Like ... I make time to clean my house, to care for my pets, to visit my extended family, because those things are important to me. Same with helping others. #Quote by Lori Foster
Envious Family quotes by Katie Reus
#7. She made him want to lose control, something he never did. She also made him want things he'd never imagined for his own life, like a family and someone to come home to every night. #Quote by Katie Reus
Envious Family quotes by John Lasseter
#8. In dire economic times, movies are relatively inexpensive entertainment for the whole family. #Quote by John Lasseter
Envious Family quotes by Junot Diaz
#9. She was coming over to my place and instead of us hanging with my knucklehead boys - me smoking, her bored out of her skull - we were seeing movies. Driving out to different places to eat. Even caught a play at the Crossroads and I took her picture with some bigwig black playwrights, pictures where she's smiling so much you'd think her wide-ass mouth was going to unhinge. We were a couple again. Visiting each other's family on the weekends. Eating breakfast at diners hours before anybody else was up, rummaging through the New Brunswick library together, the one Carnegie built with his guilt money. A nice rhythm we had going. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Envious Family quotes by Emlyn Chand
#10. Spiritual in nature or clean and wholesome, but the type of reader who'd enjoy my books about angels, love, and family would very much have these expectations. #Quote by Emlyn Chand
Envious Family quotes by Luis Suarez
#11. I'm not envious of Leo [Messi]or Ney [Neymar]. Why would I be? If there is envy in the dressing room, you know it's only going to affect results. #Quote by Luis Suarez
Envious Family quotes by Jep Robertson
#12. The next morning I showed up at dad's house at eight, with a hangover. All my brothers' trucks were parked in front. What are they all doing here?
When I opened the front door, Dad, Alan, Jase, and Willie looked at me. They were sitting around the living room, waiting. No one smiled, and the air felt really heavy.
I looked to my left, where Mom was usually working in the kitchen, but this time she was still, leaning over the counter and looking at me too.
Dad spoke first. "Son, are you ready to change?"
Everything else seemed to go silent and fade away, and all I heard was my dad's voice.
"I just want you to know we've come to a decision as a family. You've got two choices. You keep doing what you're doing--maybe you'll live through it--but we don't want nothin' to do with you. Somebody can drop you off at the highway, and then you'll be on your own. You can go live your life; we'll pray for you and hope that you come back one day. And good luck to you in this world."
He paused for a second then went on, a little quieter.
"Your other choice is that you can join this family and follow God. You know what we stand for. We're not going to let you visit our home while you're carrying on like this. You give it all up, give up all those friends, and those drugs, and come home. Those are your two choices."
I struggled to breathe, my head down and my chest tight. No matter what happened, I knew I would never forget this moment.
My breath le #Quote by Jep Robertson
Envious Family quotes by R.A. Rooney
#13. I love being here, Evelyn, don't think that I don't. Yes, I do miss being in New York, but being with a great family for Christmas is the best thing any guy could get. It's been the best year I've had for a quite a long time. #Quote by R.A. Rooney
Envious Family quotes by Nicole Trope
#14. But there wasn't even a trace of him. It was like the universe had opened up a hole and dragged Lockie down into it.When the family had finally returned home after a month in Sydney there was nothing anyone could say.They were broken. Heartbroken and soul-broken.Sarah had folded up inside herself. Nothing would comfort her. The pills made her numb, but every time he visited Pete could see her punishing herself. There was nothing left of her now. And to think she and Margie used to exchange diet tips. #Quote by Nicole Trope
Envious Family quotes by Michael Hastings
#15. Andrew Warren was a rarity in the CIA's Clandestine Service - African-American, fluent in Arabic, and relatively young for an agent who'd already spent nearly a decade chasing terrorists in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and Algeria, so deep undercover that few of his friends or family knew the nature of his work. #Quote by Michael Hastings
Envious Family quotes by Adam Benforado
#16. We will fight tirelessly to protect the rights of those who spew hate in the public square, stockpile weapons capable of wiping out classrooms of children, and flood our airwaves with lies to sway elections, but we draw the line at permitting a man convicted of stealing videotapes a door to his toilet, the chance to spend a night with his family, or the experience of preparing his own dinner in his own shirt. If ensuring freedom for those who may harm us is worth the risk when the costs are high, that must certainly be the case when protecting their rights leaves us safer. #Quote by Adam Benforado
Envious Family quotes by Fiona McIntosh
#17. We travel a lot from Australia and deliberately route ourselves through the U.A.E. because my whole family loves the place. #Quote by Fiona McIntosh
Envious Family quotes by Diane Ravitch
#18. Social scientists generally agree that students' families (especially family income, which determines advantages and opportunity) have an even bigger impact on student performance than their school or teachers. #Quote by Diane Ravitch
Envious Family quotes by Ewan McGregor
#19. No, I`m putting it away, trying to buy a house for my family. The goal is to use the money to move into a big house, so my daughter can have a garden. #Quote by Ewan McGregor
Envious Family quotes by Jen Lancaster
#20. I don't care how happily married you are or how deeply enmeshed you are with your children and family and career
every woman needs a couple of chicks who'll break out the sangria just because you need to vent. #Quote by Jen Lancaster
Envious Family quotes by Samuel Alito
#21. My mother is a first generation American. Her father worked in the Roebling Steel Mill in Trenton, New Jersey.And yet my mother became the first person in her family to get a college degree. #Quote by Samuel Alito
Envious Family quotes by Tom Vilsack
#22. In the past 40 years, the United States lost more than a million farmers and ranchers. Many of our farmers are aging. Today, only nine percent of family farm income comes from farming, and more and more of our farmers are looking elsewhere for their primary source of income. #Quote by Tom Vilsack
Envious Family quotes by Anonymous Conservative
#23. This may mean that the responsible, intellectual liberal, who uses birth control, can perceive cause and effect, and produces resources while acquiring wealth, is a dying breed. As long as resource availability is sufficient to support unlimited population growth, this will result in an ever increasing ideological divide within our populace. The K-selected individuals will remain relatively similar, though more advanced. However it is likely that the r-selected contingent of the populace will gradually become less industrious, less intelligent, less capable of controlling behavior to alter life outcomes, more envious, more prolific, and more entitled. Given how this is trending, the liberal of today may one day appear to be a trustworthy, responsible, and reasonable intellectual when compared to this future model. #Quote by Anonymous Conservative
Envious Family quotes by Epictetus
#24. Does a man reproach thee for being proud or ill-natured, envious or conceited, ignorant or detracting? Consider with thyself whether his reproaches are true. If they are not, consider that thou art not the person whom he reproaches, but that he reviles an imaginary being, and perhaps loves what thou really art, though he hates what thou appearest to be. #Quote by Epictetus
Envious Family quotes by Liane Moriarty
#25. People can do what they like in the privacy of their own homes. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Envious Family quotes by Adam Smith
#26. To subject every private family to the odious visits and examination of the tax-gatherers ... would be altogether inconsistent with liberty. #Quote by Adam Smith
Envious Family quotes by Sarah Kay
#27. I write poetry to figure things out. It's what I use as a navigating tool in my life, so when there's something that I just can't understand, I have to "poem" my way through it. For that reason I write a lot about family, because my family confuses me and I'm always trying to figure them out. I write a lot about love, because love is continually confusing in all of its many glorious aspects. #Quote by Sarah Kay
Envious Family quotes by Anne Stuart
#28. He's a terrible man, miss," Nanny Maude said. "Consorts with devils, he does, and drinks blood, and ... "
"He was at Culloden!" Lydia blurted out. "He was not even twenty years old, fighting for Bonnie Prince Charlie, and he saw his entire family slaughtered. He barely escaped with his life."
There was a shocked silence. And then Nanny Maude cleared her throat. "I always said there was good in the lad. Indeed, and I tied to tell you so. Handsome, too, and I expect a good woman would put a stop to these parties of his. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Envious Family quotes by Anonymous
#29. I would like to have a child. A very wise and witty little girl who'd grow up to be the woman I could never be. A very independent little girl with no scars on the brain or the psyche ... A little girl who said what she meant and meant what she said. A little girl who was neither bitchy nor mealy-mouthed ... What I really wanted was to give birth to myself - the little girl I might have been in a different family, a different world. - Erica Jong, Fear of Flying #Quote by Anonymous
Envious Family quotes by George Carlin
#30. As much as I love my family, I enjoy it when the house is empty, because then I know I'm truly alone, as we all are on the planet, after all. Every atom in us is originally from a star. And during my moments of aloneness, I'm most mindful of that; that I'm just another group of matter randomly but wonderfully arranged. That's when I feel my immortality. #Quote by George Carlin
Envious Family quotes by Miranda Otto
#31. Some scripts you read and say, 'I've just got to do this' and you find a way of making it work. Some things you turn down because of the impact on family. #Quote by Miranda Otto
Envious Family quotes by Derrick Rose
#32. It's tough growing up where I grew up. My family is very small and really tight. Just being around the neighborhood, my brothers were always around. I didn't want to be in any trouble because I knew my mom or brothers would find out. I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I just tried to do everything right. #Quote by Derrick Rose
Envious Family quotes by Jussie Smollett
#33. My family is from Elmhurst, Queens, 54th Avenue, but I was born in Northern California. #Quote by Jussie Smollett
Envious Family quotes by George H. W. Bush
#34. If I were to give advice to young people, high-achieving young people for example, I'd have to say, don't neglect your family. Politics is important, sitting at the head table is glamorous. Traveling around the world, trying to do something for world peace was wonderful. But ... Family and friends and faith are what are really matters in life. And I know that. I see it so clearly now. #Quote by George H. W. Bush
Envious Family quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#35. Individuality, family, and community are, by definition, expressions of singular organization, never of "one-right-way" thinking on the grand scale. Children and families need some relief from government surveillance and intimidation if original expressions belonging to THEM are to develop. Without these freedom has no meaning. #Quote by John Taylor Gatto
Envious Family quotes by Constance Friday Elias
#36. Don't marry a woman, marry your life. That's why she's called a wife. #Quote by Constance Friday Elias
Envious Family quotes by Irving Pichel
#37. If my father was the head of our house, my mother was its heart. #Quote by Irving Pichel
Envious Family quotes by James Nesbitt
#38. Ours was a very progressive Protestant family, but my parents were God-loving rather than God-fearing. We went to church, and I still go with my mum and dad when I return home - it's a family thing. I played flute in my dad's marching band, but I had an integrated upbringing. We had a lot of Catholic friends. #Quote by James Nesbitt
Envious Family quotes by Dakota Dawn
#39. Women were created gullible. It they weren't no babies would be born. #Quote by Dakota Dawn
Envious Family quotes by Milarepa
#40. When ye look at me I am an idle, idle man; when I look at myself I am a busy, busy man. Since upon the plain of uncreated infinity I am building, building the tower of ecstasy, I have no time for building houses. Since upon the steppe of the void of truth I am breaking, breaking the savage fetter of suffering, I have no time for ploughing family land. Since at the bourn of unity ineffable I am subduing, subduing the demon-foe of self, I have no time for subduing angry foe-men. Since in the palace of mind which transcends duality I am waiting, waiting for spiritual experience as my bride, I have no time for setting up house. Since in the circle of the Buddhas of my body I am fostering, fostering the child of wisdom, I have no time for fostering snivelling children. Since in the frame of the body, the seat of all delight, I am saving, saving precious instruction and reflection, I have no time for saving wordly wealth. #Quote by Milarepa
Envious Family quotes by Jodi Benson
#41. I am really committed to my faith journey, and I am committed to my family. My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years, and we homeschool our kids. We have a different working-out-of the-box family, but we do make it work, obviously with God's grace, and we are very grateful for that. #Quote by Jodi Benson

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