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Entourage Cannes quotes by Luke Evans
#1. To be able to work with people who I have respected and admired, to be a part of something like the Cannes Film Festival, is surreal and brilliant. #Quote by Luke Evans
Entourage Cannes quotes by Randall Wood
#2. Why the man had to have an entourage of ten people everywhere he went was beyond his scope of understanding. Most things about the Senator were. #Quote by Randall Wood
Entourage Cannes quotes by Taryn Manning
#3. It's just different in the music world. You come more with an entourage. #Quote by Taryn Manning
Entourage Cannes quotes by Cheyenne Kimball
#4. I was shopping at my local mall in Dallas that I've gone to for like three years now. And everyone was like "Oh my God, who's that? Who's that?" And I was like whatever, because you know, there are like 20 people traveling with me. It's like I have an entourage following me
which is so funny. #Quote by Cheyenne Kimball
Entourage Cannes quotes by Lili Taylor
#5. Cannes is a very strange place. I tried to show up as best I could and to try not to be cynical. #Quote by Lili Taylor
Entourage Cannes quotes by Lupita Nyong'o
#6. I never understood who all those people are behind the actors! When you see them on the red carpet on TV, you go, 'Why does that person need such a large entourage?' And then you realize that every single person there has a role to play. #Quote by Lupita Nyong'o
Entourage Cannes quotes by Melissa Ordway
#7. I did an episode of 'Entourage.' I played Morgan - I think it was season three or season four. It was actually my third audition, and it was my first big job. #Quote by Melissa Ordway
Entourage Cannes quotes by Alexander Ludwig
#8. I don't really have time to watch too much, but I like 'Family Guy' and 'Entourage.' I'm also obsessed with the YouTube series 'Balls of Steel.' It's hilarious. #Quote by Alexander Ludwig
Entourage Cannes quotes by James Gray
#9. At least in America, the narrative is I'm a Cannes favorite. But, in fact, I've had my best experience in Venice, both with the audience and the jury. #Quote by James Gray
Entourage Cannes quotes by Don DeLillo
#10. She was beautiful in a neutral way, emitting no light, defining herself in terms of attrition, a skinny thing, near blond, far beyond recall from the hard-edged rhythms of her life, Southwestern woman, hard to remember and forget. She went on tour with the band and we lived together in houses, motels and apartments, Bucky and Opel, rarely minus an entourage, the beds piled high with androgynous debris. There was never a moment between us that did not measure the extent of our true connection. To go harder, take more, die first. But before it could happen, Opel began her travel to timeless lands. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Entourage Cannes quotes by David Thewlis
#11. After Cannes, my agent told me to get the next flight to LA. He was right. I had a part in 'Prime Suspect 3' by the end of the week. #Quote by David Thewlis
Entourage Cannes quotes by Nicolas Winding Refn
#12. I like doing the promotional work. It's part of the film's process. Cannes was very wonderful to premiere. #Quote by Nicolas Winding Refn
Entourage Cannes quotes by Mathieu Amalric
#13. Cannes is a circus, so you have to have fun with it. Everything suddenly becomes funny. And the promotion of a movie - that's where you really need to be a good actor. You need to make journalists believe that what you're saying is just for them and you've never said it before, even when you're talking about the same film over and over again. #Quote by Mathieu Amalric
Entourage Cannes quotes by Daryl Hall
#14. If you take a bunch of superstars and put them in a room where they don't have their assistants and entourage, it's funny to see what happens. #Quote by Daryl Hall
Entourage Cannes quotes by Lauren Bacall
#15. I don't have an entourage. In fact, I have no live-in help. #Quote by Lauren Bacall
Entourage Cannes quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
#16. The guilt of Stalin and his immediate entourage before the Party and the people for the mass repressions and lawlessness they committed is enormous and unforgivable. #Quote by Mikhail Gorbachev
Entourage Cannes quotes by Woody Allen
#17. I don't believe in competition for artistic things. I just like the atmosphere of the Cannes festival. I don't want to win anything or lose anything. #Quote by Woody Allen
Entourage Cannes quotes by Chris Rock
#18. A comedian has to live in his head. All this comedy comes from a lonely place. When you're surrounded by an entourage, you're not living in your head. #Quote by Chris Rock
Entourage Cannes quotes by Luciano Vincenzoni
#19. I have written movies that won prizes at Cannes and Venice. #Quote by Luciano Vincenzoni
Entourage Cannes quotes by Kevin Connolly
#20. I got no entourage in real life. Solo. I go solo. No entourage. #Quote by Kevin Connolly
Entourage Cannes quotes by Charlotte Gainsbourg
#21. I was really nervous about people booing, because my mother had gone for a film 20 years earlier and had a terrible time with people booing, whistling, so I knew that in Cannes people can get aggressive. #Quote by Charlotte Gainsbourg
Entourage Cannes quotes by Tahir Shah
#22. There's nothing like a pack of mules to give one a sense of entourage. #Quote by Tahir Shah
Entourage Cannes quotes by Kevin Dillon
#23. I've done a lot of movies before 'Entourage,' and I hope to always have my movie career going. Maybe I could take on another TV show, too. #Quote by Kevin Dillon
Entourage Cannes quotes by Kevin Connolly
#24. My agent said that every Monday after an episode of 'Entourage,' at the staff meeting at the agency, that's all they do is talk about the episode the night before. #Quote by Kevin Connolly
Entourage Cannes quotes by Nicholas Chong
#25. Jealousy & Zeal were the split personalities of Zelos. Just as Eros & Himeros were uncoupled in the Big Bang, so were Jealousy & Zeal. Zelos[Jealousy] remained as part of Eros[Love] whilst Zelos[Zeal] found himself reborn through the descendants of Uranus & Gaea as a son of Styx & Pallas, & accordingly, as a brother of Nike[Victory], Cratos[Power & Strength] & Bia[Force & Violence], all four being in the entourage of Zeus. After Nike combined with Athena to form "Pallas Athena", Zelos[Zeal] merged with Zelos[Jealousy] as part of Eros[Love].Zelos[Jealousy], as part of Love was responsible for the relentless jealousy of Hera who zealously persecuted all her husband`s paramours & their children![GLOS] #Quote by Nicholas Chong
Entourage Cannes quotes by Anonymous
#26. An entourage trailed Hall inside and outside the school district's downtown headquarters; it included a full-time bodyguard whose overtime pay often doubled her $50,000-a-year salary. #Quote by Anonymous
Entourage Cannes quotes by Asif Kapadia
#27. The Monaco Grand Prix is in May right around the time of Cannes. #Quote by Asif Kapadia
Entourage Cannes quotes by Kristin Scott Thomas
#28. The Cannes film festival is about big-budget films but also remarkable films made in different political regimes by film-makers with little resources. #Quote by Kristin Scott Thomas
Entourage Cannes quotes by Leonard Leventon
#29. Gentlemen. You are looking at the true Abraham Lincoln of Arabia. And in order to end our internal bickering - our civil war, if you will - I have solicited your aid. #Quote by Leonard Leventon
Entourage Cannes quotes by Jean-Luc Godard
#30. People come to Cannes just to advertise their films, not with a particular message. But the advantage is that if you go to the festival, you get so much press coverage in three days that it advertises the film for the rest of the year. #Quote by Jean-Luc Godard
Entourage Cannes quotes by Kevin Connolly
#31. 'Entourage' is a very, very, very unique acting experience. I could go in to win 1000 Academy Awards, and it would never be as much fun as the show. #Quote by Kevin Connolly
Entourage Cannes quotes by Amber Hunt
#32. a brief respite with the family in Cannes, he road tripped with Harvard #Quote by Amber Hunt
Entourage Cannes quotes by Abbas Kiarostami
#33. When the film [Certified Copy] was in the Cannes Festival, I realized that the fact of having it shot in a different culture, in a different language, in a different setting, that wasn't mine and that I didn't belong to, gave me a totally different relationship to the film. When I was sitting in the audience during the official screening in Cannes, I didn't feel that it was my film. #Quote by Abbas Kiarostami
Entourage Cannes quotes by Robert Pattinson
#34. I really understood what was happening in Cannes. I was in a restaurant during a break and when I came out 2 hours later, 500 people were waiting for me at the exit. It was total chaos. They literally had to carry me to the car. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Entourage Cannes quotes by Walther Rathenau
#35. Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the other, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage. #Quote by Walther Rathenau
Entourage Cannes quotes by R.C. Sproul
#36. The rapture will not be secret but open and manifest. Its purpose will not be to whisk the elect away from the earth for a while until Christ returns for a 'second' Second Coming. The purpose of the rapture is to allow the saints to meet Jesus in the air as He returns and be included in His entourage during His triumphal descent from Heaven. His coming in this manner will be attended by the general resurrection, the final judgment, and the end of the world. #Quote by R.C. Sproul

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