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Enlighten Every Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. Enlighten every life with love to shine. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Eliphas Levi
#2. EVERY intention which does not assert itself by deeds is a vain intention, and the speech which expresses it is idle speech. It is action which proves life and establishes will #Quote by Eliphas Levi
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Keanu Reeves
#3. Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger. #Quote by Keanu Reeves
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Mariana Zapata
#4. Why are you making that face?" he asked suddenly.

I blinked up at him, caught off guard. I raised my eyebrows, trying to play dumb. "What face?"

It didn't work.

With a fork hanging out of his mouth, he narrowed his dark eyes just the slightest bit. "That one." He gestured toward me with his chin.

I shrugged in an 'I don't know what you're talking about' expression.

"Is there something you want to say?"

There were a hundred things I wanted to tell him on a regular basis, but I knew him too well. He didn't really care if there was something I wanted to say or not. He didn't care if my opinion was different from his or if I thought he should do something differently. He was just reminding me who the boss was.

AKA not me.


"Me?" I blinked. "Nope."

He gave me a lazy glare before his eyes lowered to focus on the hand I had hidden on the other side of the kitchen island. "Then quit flipping me off. I'm not changing my mind about the signing," he said in a deceptively casual voice.

I pressed my lips together as I dropped my hand. He was a goddamn witch. I swear on my life, he was a freaking witch. A wizard. An oracle. A person with a third eye. Every single time I had ever flipped him off, he'd been aware of it. I didn't think I was that obvious about it either. #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Andrea Lochen
#5. It was a lesson she was still learning. When she had first started nursing, she had taken every death personally, like she was losing her father all over again. Every patient lost under her care was a little piece of death she would carry around with her until the end of her own life. But the alternative seemed so unfeeling. Tina and the other nurses could crack jokes and banter back and forth about contestants on American Idol before the body of a deceased patient was even cold. It was a coping mechanism, she knew, but not necessarily one she thought she would ever adopt. There had to be something in between. Olive had been called a bleeding heart before, but her heart no longer had the same plasticity and tenderness - it was scarred and worn beyond repair #Quote by Andrea Lochen
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Michael Merzenich
#6. Whatever the circumstances of a child's early life, and whatever the history and current state of that child, every human has the built-in power to improve, to change for the better, to significantly restore and often to recover. Tomorrow, that person you see in the mirror can be a stronger, more capable, livelier, more powerfully centered, and still-growing person. #Quote by Michael Merzenich
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Marla Miniano
#7. Did I ever tell you that my mother and father started out as pen pals? They wrote these long, unabashedly affectionate love letters to one another, peppered with clichés and pie-in-the-sky proclamations of eternal devotion. Despite my father's eventual dishonesty and unfaithfulness, I have to believe he meant every word he wrote at that time, and it was admittedly romantic, uncovering my parents' yellowed letters, all soft, crumbling corners and black ink stains, one rainy afternoon. Because how can anyone scrawl lies, really, in their own handwriting, the evidence of your own betrayal right in front of you? I sat cross-legged on the floor, holding my breath as I unfolded each letter, fragile and expectant, like a little girl opening her presents on Christmas morning. I sat there and soaked up my parents' love for each other, and then I wondered where all those feelings had escaped to. I wondered where love went when it was lost - did it travel far, across miles and oceans and forests and deserts, or did it linger somewhere nearby, just waiting for a chance to be summoned again? Wherever it was, I could only hope it had ended up settling somewhere quieter, safer. #Quote by Marla Miniano
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Florence Scovel Shinn
#8. There is an old saying: No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher. #Quote by Florence Scovel Shinn
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Paul Brunton
#9. When every situation which life can offer is turned to the profit of spiritual growth, no situation can really be a bad one. #Quote by Paul Brunton
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Katie Reus
#10. She made him want to lose control, something he never did. She also made him want things he'd never imagined for his own life, like a family and someone to come home to every night. #Quote by Katie Reus
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Brian Tracy
#11. I believe in the perfect outcome in every area of my life! Expect to be successful! Expect to win! #Quote by Brian Tracy
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Wilhelm Stekel
#12. Every fear is fear of death. #Quote by Wilhelm Stekel
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Salman Rushdie
#13. The moment I was old enough to play board games I fell in love with Snakes and Ladders. O perfect balance of rewards and penalties O seemingly random choices made by tumbling dice Clambering up ladders slithering down snakes I spent some of the happiest days of my life. When in my time of trial my father challenged me to master the game of shatranji I infuriated him by preferring to invite him instead to chance his fortune among the ladders and nibbling snakes.

All games have morals and the game of Snakes and Ladders captures as no other activity can hope to do the eternal truth that for every ladder you climb a snake is waiting just around the corner and for every snake a ladder will compensate. But it's more than that no mere carrot-and-stick affair because implicit in the game is the unchanging twoness of things the duality of up against down good against evil the solid rationality of ladders balances the occult sinuousities of the serpent in the opposition of staircase and cobra we can see metaphorically all conceivable opposition Alpha against Omega father against mother here is the war of Mary and Musa and the polarities of knees and nose... but I found very early in my life that the game lacked one crucial dimension that of ambiguity - because as events are about to show it is also possible to slither down a ladder and lcimb to truimph on the venom of a snake... Keeping things simple for the moment however I recrod that no sooner had my mother discovered t #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Joseph Addison
#14. Love is a second life; it grows into the soul, warms every vein, and beats in every pulse. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Meg Muldoon
#15. It was so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind. In the little dramas of work, in the trips to the grocery store, in the hours of mindless vegging in front of the television. You could live your life that way, always caught up in the next thing. Always thinking of tomorrow, of your future, of the next paycheck. Never stopping to appreciate the moment you had now. Never stopping to appreciate the friends and family and love and laughter that existed in every single day of your life. Life could just pass you by like that, without you really noticing the good. And it was a shame if it did. It was a sin, if you let it go like that. #Quote by Meg Muldoon
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Sheila Heti
#16. Living one way is not a criticism of every other way of living. Is that the threat of the woman without kids? Yet the woman without kids is not saying that no woman should have kids, or that you-woman with a stroller- have made the wrong choice. Her decision about her life is no statement about yours. One person's life is not a political or general statement about how all lives should be. Other lives should be able to exist alongside our own without any threat or judgment at all. #Quote by Sheila Heti
Enlighten Every Life quotes by J.R. Moehringer
#17. I hate when people ask what a book is about. People who read for plot, people who suck out the story like the cream filling in an Oreo, should stick to comic strips and soap operas ... Every book worth a damn is about emotions and love and death and pain. It's about words. It's about a man dealing with life. Okay? #Quote by J.R. Moehringer
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Anita Shreve
#18. Webster, as if he's done it every day of his life, as if he did it just the day before, trails his fingers from the small of Sheila's back to the nape of her neck.
Sheila turns her head, "Go slowly and be careful," she says. #Quote by Anita Shreve
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Sheryl Crow
#19. I thrive on being on the road, waking up in a different place every day and having my life revolve around music. When you walk out in front of 300,000 people and pull it off, it validates you. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#20. Words of wisdom, the meaning of life, p e r h a p s even the
answer sought by Borges's librarians - all of these may wash over us every day, but they can do little
for us unless we savor them, engage with them, question them, improve them, and connect them to our
lives #Quote by Jonathan Haidt
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Bronnie Ware
#21. The same view you look at every day, the same life, can become something brand new by focusing on its gifts rather than the negative aspects. Perspective is your own choice and the best way to shift that perspective is through gratitude, by acknowledging and appreciating the positives. #Quote by Bronnie Ware
Enlighten Every Life quotes by William Faulkner
#22. The scattered tea goes with the leaves and every day a sunset dies. #Quote by William Faulkner
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Pope John Paul II
#23. The frenetic pace of modern life can lead to an obscuring or even a loss of what is truly human ... Perhaps more than in other periods of history, our time is in need of that genius which belongs to women, and which can ensure sensitivity for human beings in every circumstance. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Jane McGonigal
#24. Even if you never increase your physical or social resilience, seeking out more positive emotions every day alone can add a full decade to your life. #Quote by Jane McGonigal
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Sheila Matharu
#25. Happy?! I don't know. But I am free and I am alive. There are those who resent not being seen, and I suppose that our invisibility, compounded by the thousands of people who pass us on the street every day without looking into our eyes, is indeed a symptom of something being wrong with our society. But I do not mind it. I would rather be out of a system designed to enslave me. This is my pilgrimage; like a monk, I have abandoned my old life in search of myself. #Quote by Sheila Matharu
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Stephen King
#26. That slit was the object of every man's lust - the heterosexual ones, at least - but it was frequently an object of their inexplicable scorn, distrust, and hate. You didn't hear that dark anger in all their jokes, but it was present in enough of them, and in some it was right out front, raw as a sore: What's a woman? A life-support system for a cunt . #Quote by Stephen King
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Silvia Tennenbaum
#27. There comes a time in every rabbi's life when he thinks he's Moses. #Quote by Silvia Tennenbaum
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Evan Osnos
#28. One of the arguments that authoritarian governments use to ward off the call for greater political freedom is to argue that American-style democracy is no guarantee of good policy ... Over the years, I've grown used to these arguments, and my response has rarely wavered: Sure, we might make dumb choices sometimes, but we will defend, to the end, the right to make choices at all, because we believe that our collective conscience, freely expressed, will eventually lead us in the right direction. When it comes to guns, it is getting harder to muster that argument abroad. Every new shooting, every new failure of will and citizenship, slashes another hole in our credibility as a way of life. #Quote by Evan Osnos
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Alice Steinbach
#29. The unexpectedness of life, waiting round every corner, catches even wise women unawares," [Freya] wrote. "To avoid corners altogether is, after all, to refuse to live." ... It was if someone in charge had said to me: not guilty. Permission granted to continue on with your life as usual. #Quote by Alice Steinbach
Enlighten Every Life quotes by David Levithan
#30. That's the law I've set down for myself--don't disrupt the life you're living in. Leave it as close to the same as you can. #Quote by David Levithan
Enlighten Every Life quotes by Julie Johnson
#31. Love isn't some unavoidable destiny, some fate you can't sidestep - It's a choice you make - and keep making - every day of your life. #Quote by Julie Johnson

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