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Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Robert Jordan
#1. Only five of the Bodyguards reached Fal Moran alive, every man wounded, but they had the child unharmed. From the cradle they taught him all they knew. He learned weapons as other children learn toys, and the Blight as other children their mother's garden. The oath sworn over his cradle is graven in his mind. There is nothing left to defend, but he can avenge. He denies his titles, yet in the Borderlands he is called the Uncrowned, and if ever he raised the Golden Crane of Malkier, an army would come to follow. But he will not lead men to their deaths. In the Blight he courts death as a suitor courts a maiden, but he will not lead others to it. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Robert Jordan
#2. In the Borderlands, sheepherder, if a man has the raising of a child, that child is his, and none can say different. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Luis Alberto Urrea
#3. Poverty ennobles no one; it brutalizes common people and makes them hungry and old. #Quote by Luis Alberto Urrea
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Frederick Gowland Hopkins
#4. It is an old saying, abundantly justified, that where sciences meet there growth occurs. It is true moreover to say that in scientific borderlands not only are facts gathered that [are] often new in kind, but it is in these regions that wholly new concepts arise. It is my own faith that just as the older biology from its faithful studies of external forms provided a new concept in the doctrine of evolution, so the new biology is yet fated to furnish entirely new fundamental concepts of science, at which physics and chemistry when concerned with the non-living alone could never arrive. #Quote by Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#5. Kestrel remembered how it felt to lose to her father at Bite and Sting, at Borderlands, at anything he chose to play. The dig at her pride. A hurt certainty that she'd never be able to prove herself to him. Embarrassment for wanting to prove herself.

She remembered her hands clinging to his jacket, her whole self reduced to two claws as she pleaded with him.

War wasn't a game, but she wanted badly to make her father know how it felt to lose. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Sean Michael
#6. Borderlands, Call of Duty, Far Cry ... You got any of those, Charlie? #Quote by Sean Michael
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
#7. To survive the Borderlands you must live sin fronteras be a crossroads. #Quote by Gloria E Anzaldua
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Rachel Hartman
#8. The borderlands of madness used to have much sterner signage around them than they do now. #Quote by Rachel Hartman
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by M.D. Lachlan
#9. There is a moment between waking and sleeping and between sleeping and waking when the mind seems to be in many places at once, when memories mingle with dreams, when what has been and what is yet to be exist side by side, and when the mind slips free of time and personality to wander in strange halls where the familiar and the strange become indistinguishable and ghosts and visions walk hand in hand. Aelis tumbled toward sleep and fell into this place, to the mind's borderlands, where magic is. #Quote by M.D. Lachlan
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#10. Does Britannia, when she sleeps, dream? Is America her dream?
in which all that cannot pass in the metropolitan Wakefulness is allow'd Expression away in the restless Slumber of these Provinces, and on West-ward, wherever 'tis not yet mapp'd, nor written down, nor ever, by the majority of Mankind, seen,
serving as a very Rubbish-Tip for subjunctive Hopes, for all that may yet be true,
Earthly Paradise, Fountain of Youth, Realms of Prester John, Christ's Kingdom, ever behind the sunset, safe til the next Territory to the West be seen and recorded, measur'd and tied in, back into the Net-Work of Points already known, that slowly triangulates its Way into the Continent, changing all from subjunctive to declarative, reducing Possibilities to Simplicities that serve the ends of Governments,
winning away from the realm of the Sacred, its Borderlands one by one, and assuming them unto the bare mortal World that is our home, and our Despair. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#11. So the Juárez/El Paso area before the recent drug violence was not a bilingual, bi-national, bicultural Zion, but it was one world. One entity. One place. One city where you could live in between worlds, and have the hope of creating something new. A third way to be, not along the border, but on the border.

That is what the violence has destroyed, that unity, however tenuous it ever was. It has destroyed the idea of that unity and the reality of living so uniquely astride an international border. This 'real idea' was always a work-in-progress, and for the moment it is lost. Yet that real idea of unity had great value. #Quote by Sergio Troncoso
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Herman Melville
#12. And how nobly it raises our conceit of the mighty, misty monster, to behold him solemnly sailing through a calm tropical sea; his vast, mild head overhung by a canopy of vapor, engendered by his incommunicable contemplations, and that vapor- as you will sometimes see it- glorified by a rainbow, as if Heaven itself had put its seal upon his thoughts. For d'ye see, rainbows do not visit the clear air; they only irradiate vapor. And so, through all the thick mists of the dim doubts in my mind, divine intuitions now and then shoot, enkindling my fog with a heavenly ray. And for this I thank God; for all have doubts; many deny; but doubts or denials, few along with them, have intuitions. Doubts of all things earthly, and intuitions of some things heavenly; this combination makes neither believer nor infidel, but makes a man who regards them both with equal eye. #Quote by Herman Melville
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
#13. At some point, on our way to a new consciousness, we will have to leave the opposite bank, the split between the two mortal combatants somehow healed so that we are on both shores at once and, at once, see through serpent and eagle eyes.
Borderlands/La Frontera (1987) #Quote by Gloria E Anzaldua
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Sally Gardner
#14. There is more betwixt the day and the night than we can ever know. #Quote by Sally Gardner
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Mark Lawrence
#15. I guess even at nine I had a serious lack of spiritual purity, for my wounds soured within two days, and for nine weeks I lay in fever, chasing dark dreams along death's borderlands. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
#16. I can't seem to stay out of my own way. #Quote by Gloria E Anzaldua
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by James Carlos Blake
#17. Some of us are always in the borderlands no matter where we might be on the map. #Quote by James Carlos Blake
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Peter Geye
#18. And though I had misgiving--obvious ones, too--one overwhelming thing drove me on: on the borderlands, my father would need me as much as I'd need him. That's what made me so blindly ready to go off with him. What boy doesn't wait his whole childhood to walk alongside his father on equal terms? #Quote by Peter Geye
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#19. I live in the borderlands. The word ghost sounds like memory. The word therapy means exorcism. My visions echo and multiplymultiply. I don't know how to figure out what they mean. I can't tell where they start or if they will end.
But I know this. If they shrink my head any more, or float me away on an ocean of pills, I will never return. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Melanie Rae Thon
#20. In The Jaguar's Children we enter the dangerous borderlands between countries and generations; myth and magic; human community and the vast, infinitely mysterious, wild environment. Here, John Vaillant proves that his heart and imagination are as expansive and fierce as his radiant intellect. Never have I encountered a writer with more energy or compassion. #Quote by Melanie Rae Thon
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Ed Morales
#21. When I speak of Spanglish I'make talking about a fertile terrain for negotiating a new identity. I'make feeling excited, as Gloria Anzldua did in her book Borderlands/LA Frontera,about "participating in the creation of another culture/in a state of perpetual transition/with a tolerance for ambiguity. #Quote by Ed Morales
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
#22. In the Borderlands

you are the battleground

where enemies are kin to each other;

you are at home, a stranger,

the border disputes have been settled

the volley of shots have scattered the truce

you are wounded, lost in action

dead, fighting back; #Quote by Gloria E Anzaldua
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Holly Black
#23. They are twilight creatures, beings of dawn and dusk, of standing between one thing and another, of not quite and almost, of borderlands and shadows. #Quote by Holly Black
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Czeslaw Milosz
#24. And now I am ready to keep running When the sun rises beyond the borderlands of death. I already see mountain ridges in the heavenly forest Where, beyond every essence, a new essence awaits. #Quote by Czeslaw Milosz
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#25. I believe we have reached a point where those of us who belong to this culture of la frontera in Ysleta and El Paso are not content to sit back and watch others tell us who we are. We know who we are, and we ourselves can tell others about what we love and what we fear and what we hate and what can save us. I believe our community has developed that confidence to step forward and start taking responsibility for the many images that are projected in the name of Ysleta and El Paso. #Quote by Sergio Troncoso
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#26. Why is language in the Borderlands so weird? Some of it's modern, and some of it's medieval, and I guess that makes sense with the influx of a certain amount of new blood to the training camp every year, but how do some words and phrases transfer, while others don't? Why do you know the word 'jerk' and not the word 'bisexual'?"
"I guess people say the first word more," said Luke. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Tana French
#27. He had been lost somewhere in the wild borderlands of nineteen, half in love with his friends with a love passing the love of women, desperate for some mystical rite that would reverse time and put their disintegrating private world back together. #Quote by Tana French
Enkindling Borderlands quotes by Jeanine Cummins
#28. [Author's note:] When I decided to write this book, I worried that my privilege would make me blind to certain truths, that I would get things wrong, as I may well have. I worried that, as a non-immigrant and non-Mexican, I had no business writing a book set almost entirely in Mexico, set entirely among migrants. I wished someone slightly browner than me would write it. But then I thought, 'If you're a person who has the capacity to be a bridge, why not be a bridge?' So I began.

In the early days of my research, before I'd fully convinced myself that I should undertake the telling of this story, I was interviewing a very generous scholar, a remarkable woman who was chair of the Chicana and Chicano studies Department at San Diego State University. Her name is Norma Iglesias Prieto, and I mentioned my doubts to her. I told her I felt compelled, but unqualified, to write this book. She said, "Jeanine. We need as many voices as we can get, telling this story." Her encouragement sustained me for the next four years.

I was careful and deliberate in my research. I traveled extensively on both sides of the border and learned as much as I could about Mexico and migrants, about people living throughout the borderlands. The statistics in this book are all true, and though I changed some names, most of the places are real, too. But the characters, while representative of the folks I met during my travels, are fictional. #Quote by Jeanine Cummins

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