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Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#1. I didn't want to have to deal with having any moniker or separation between the self that I see and know myself as. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#2. Focused. I'm a hustler. And my hustle is trying to figure out the best ways to do what I like without having to do much else. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#3. To me, the job of the artist is to provide a useful and intelligent vocabulary for the world to be able to articulate feelings they experience everyday, and otherwise wouldn't have the means to express in a meaningful and useful way. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Gabriel Marcel
#4. A mystery is a problem that encroaches upon itself because the questioner becomes the object of the question. Getting to Mars is a problem. Falling in love is a mystery. #Quote by Gabriel Marcel
Encroaches Def quotes by Morris Chestnut
#5. I think that Mos Def is the best actor, but when you talk about rappers in films, I don't really think the quality of the acting is most important because most rappers are put in movies because of the personality and people want to see that. #Quote by Morris Chestnut
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#6. I got my first exposure to Islam when I was 13. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#7. Fame is like getting across the street. It's like, if there's nothing to be across the street for, it's a pointless destination. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Tara Sivec
#8. I don't wanna be def. Death. Dead. This Burger Twin nappykin just got served as my will, BEOTCH! The fries here suck, by the way. If I die, don't feed my son your shitty fries. Don't give my son to the creepy child molester king you put in your commercials either. What the fuck is wrong with that guy? He's got a normal body and a plastic face that is always smiley. It's not right, man. It's just not right. My ears feel funny. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Encroaches Def quotes by John F. Carlson
#9. You will learn to paint trees only by understanding them, their growth, their nature, their movement - and realizing that they are conscious living things. A tree seldom if ever encroaches upon the liberty of another tree. It never wastes its growth in unnecessary twistings. #Quote by John F. Carlson
Encroaches Def quotes by Larry Wilmore
#10. Hollywood wanted a certain type of comic - that Def Jam comedy style of comic that was very loud, very brash, very much from the ghetto, had that sensibility. #Quote by Larry Wilmore
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#11. I was taught when there's somethin' you can change around keep quiet, you got nothin' to complain about. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Victoria Danann
#12. def leppard lyric from Rock of Ages: It's better to burn out than fade away. This is not a Curt Cobain quote. He was quoting them !!!!! #Quote by Victoria Danann
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#13. And remember don't high post when you're far from home, and high posting when you're all alone. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Talib Kweli
#14. So I think hip-hop is moving and is going to continue to move in the direction of rappers just being honest with themselves, whether you're talking about Common and Mos Def or Nas and 50 cent. #Quote by Talib Kweli
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#15. This thing called rhymin' is no different than coal minin';
We both on assignment to unearth the diamond. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#16. Michael Jordan on the court is a completely different guy. If the play requires him to leap out all the way and grab the ball, that's what he'll do. He may be a completely shy, withdrawn sort of person [off the court]. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Rihanna
#17. It started off really ... claustrophobic. I feel like I was really really protected. Really guarded with myself. I feel like they [Def Jam] were giving me the blueprint and I couldn't get with that #Quote by Rihanna
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#18. I'm inspired by playwrights, novelists, poets: The value of language has been a lifelong passion of mine. I enjoy it. I'm good at it. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Lisa Edelstein
#19. Aging on camera is just very hard. I love my age. I feel good about myself but high definition television is not kind. You don't even look like yourself in high-def. It just makes every little line on your face more exaggerated so it ends up aging you. It's like you're watching yourself seven years older. #Quote by Lisa Edelstein
Encroaches Def quotes by Joanna Wylde
#20. Shit," Clutch said after a few minutes. "The high-def has totally ruined porn. Are those ingrown hairs? #Quote by Joanna Wylde
Encroaches Def quotes by Eddie Trunk
#21. Hard rock for me is AC/DC, Def Leppard, Tesla, Kiss. Metal tends to be louder, ruder, darker, like Judas Priest, Slayer, Iron Maiden. #Quote by Eddie Trunk
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#22. If 'Life in Marvelous Times' can't get on the radio, then I don't need to be on the radio. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#23. Hip-hop is a beautiful culture. It's inspirational, because it's a culture of survivors. You can create beauty out of nothingness. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#24. What I take from writers I like is their economy - the ability to use language to very effective ends. The ability to have somebody read something and see it, or for somebody to paint an entire landscape of visual imagery with just sheets of words - that's magical. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Matthew Skelton
#25. When summer and winter in autumn divide
The sun will uncover a secret inside.
Should winter from summer irrevocably part
The whole of the book will fall quickly apart.
Yet if the seasons join hands together
The order of things will last forever.
These are the words of Endymion spring.
Bring only the insight the Inside brings.

The child may see what the man does not
A future time which time forgot:
Books yet to be and books already written
Within these pages lie dormant and hidden.
Yet darkness seeks what light reveals
A shadow grows: these truths conceal.
These are my words, Endymion spring.
Bring only the insight the Inside brings.

The silence will end-the sum approaches
Mark my word-the shadow encroaches.
The present had passed-the past has gone
The future will come-once Two become One.
The sun must look the shadow in the eye
Then forfeit the book lest one half die.
The lesion of darkness cannot be healed
Until, with Child's Blood, the whole is sealed.
These are the words of Endymion spring.
Bring only the insight the Inside brings. #Quote by Matthew Skelton
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#26. To me, it's like happiness is about happiness, but happiness is a fight. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Ken Bruen
#27. Even Def Leppard couldn't get him out of his funk. When the Def couldn't crank you, it was way past time to shoot someone. #Quote by Ken Bruen
Encroaches Def quotes by Saul Williams
#28. We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun.
We are not afraid of the darkness.
We trust that the moon shall guide us.
We are determining the future at this very moment.
We know that the heart is the philosopher's stone.
Our music is our alchemy. #Quote by Saul Williams
Encroaches Def quotes by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
#29. As populations crowd toward the ocean's edge and the sea encroaches menacingly toward the land, John R. Gillis looks at the history of the world from a fresh perspective and enables readers to see it in a new light. That he has managed to do so in a single conceptual work is nothing short of astounding. #Quote by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#30. Hip-hop is the last true folk art. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Big Sean
#31. I had an advantage because people would post me on blogs because I had co-signs from Kanye West, Def Jam, and G.O.O.D. Music. Everything I put out, the blogs would put up. When I realized that, I used that to my advantage and helped build my following on my own. #Quote by Big Sean
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#32. You can positively affect and change a social circumstance with art, and it's vital that a change happens now. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Talib Kweli
#33. People consider Black Star a great album, and I think it's a classic album. But the fact is, both me and Mos Def have made better albums since Black Star. #Quote by Talib Kweli
Encroaches Def quotes by Joanna Wylde
#34. It didn't occur to me that I was glistening with sweat and wearing a bikini top until they turned off the bikes, pulled off their helmets and turned to scope me out. To make my own personal cliché perfect, Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me blasted through the radio. I winced – I must look like a white-trash princess from hell, basking outside my trailer in a bikini to outdated butt rock. #Quote by Joanna Wylde
Encroaches Def quotes by Rick Rubin
#35. I've always been an outsider. When I did magic, I was the only kid. When I worked with Johnny Cash, I was completely out of place in Nashville. And when I started Def Jam, I was the only white guy in the hip-hop world. #Quote by Rick Rubin
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#36. People don't like the music that's out now, that's on their radio stations, and they want to hear something different, but they're just the audience. You know, people will keep the TV on even if a show is on that they hate - because, unfortunately, they've been programmed to do that. [But] they are really looking for something that's gonna speak to the world that they're living in. That's what people are looking for, but they're not finding it. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#37. Breathe in ... inhale vapors from bright stars that shine,
Breathe out ... weed smoke retrace the skyline. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Vivian Campbell
#38. I actually knew I was going to be perfect for Def Leppard, sorry I hate to say that but I knew it. #Quote by Vivian Campbell
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#39. There was a time when hip-hop was its own musical principle, aside from sampling. Like the entire Wild Style break is instrumental. Kurtis Blow's earliest stuff was studio musicians playing. Whodini had a real clear sound, things like "five minutes of funk," stuff that you could write really beautiful, lush string and horn arrangements around, stuff that was just music. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Joe Budden
#40. I think Def Jam happened to be one of the labels that really didn't have a good grip on things that were going on. I'll say that - that's my political answer. #Quote by Joe Budden
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#41. Beef is not what Jay said to Nas;
Beef is when the working folks can't find jobs. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#42. It's possible and available to any artist to be himself or herself on their own terms, to be accepted and embraced by black people. You don't have to be a thug to get love from black people. #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#43. I can't take it y'all
I can feel the city breathin
Chest heavin, against the flesh of the evening
Sigh before we die like the last train leaving #Quote by Mos Def
Encroaches Def quotes by David Foster Wallace
#44. Recall Part 3c's mention of how Cantor took what had been regarded as a paradoxical, totally unhandlable feature of (Infinity)-namely that an infinite set/class/aggregate can be put into a one-to-one correspondence with its own subset-and transformed it into the technical def. of infinite set. Watch how he does the same thing here, turning what appear to be devastating objections into rigorous criteria, by defining a set S as any aggregate of collection of discrete entities that satisfies two conditions: (1) S can be entertained by the mind as an aggregate, and (2) There is some stated rule or condition via which one can determine, for any entity x, whether or not x is a member of S. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Encroaches Def quotes by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
#45. We are already in the being thus described, that we are of it, that between it and us there is Einfühlung. That means that my body is made of the same flesh as the world, and moreover that this flesh of my body is shared by the world, the world reflects it, encroaches upon it and it encroaches upon the world (the felt at the same time the culmination of subjectivity and the culmination of materiality), they are in a relation of mutual transgression or of overlapping. #Quote by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Encroaches Def quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#46. As soon as the doors were closed, Amelia went to her sister with her hands raised. At first Cam thought she intended to shake her, but instead Amelia pulled Beatrix close, her shoulders trembling. She could barely breathe for laughing.
"Bea ... you did it on purpose, didn't you? ... I couldn't believe my eyes ... that blasted lizard running along the table ... "
"I had to do something," the girl explained in a muffled voice. "Leo was behaving badly - I didn't understand what he was saying, but I saw Lord Westcliff's face - "
"Oh ... oh ... " Amelia choked with giggles. "Poor Westcliff ... one moment he's def-fending the local population from Leo's tyranny, and then Spot comes s-slithering past the bread plates ... "
"Where is Spot?" Twisting away from her sister, Beatrix approached Cam, who deposited the lizard in her outstretched palms. "Thank you, Mr. Rohan. You have very quick hands."
"So I've been told." He smiled at her. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Encroaches Def quotes by Michael Mann
#47. I think the resolution involved in the high-def, Blu-ray image demands we pay attention to every detail to a level we've never seen before. The audiences have to believe everything they're seeing. As viewers, we're all so experienced and so much smarter than we realize. With Blu-ray, there will be less tricking of the eye. #Quote by Michael Mann
Encroaches Def quotes by Noel Gallagher
#48. I don't dislike rappers or hip-hop or people who like it. I went to the Def Jam tour in Manchester in the '80s when rap was inspirational. Public Enemy were awesome. But it's all about status and bling now, and it doesn't say anything to me. #Quote by Noel Gallagher
Encroaches Def quotes by Mos Def
#49. I can't control what people think. I'm not trying to manipulate people's thoughts or sentiments. I write all the time. You have to experience life, make observations, and ask questions. It's machine-like how things are run now in hip-hop, and my ambitions are different. #Quote by Mos Def

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