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Encourages quotes by Michael Lewis
#1. Individual Greeks are delightful: funny, warm, smart, and good company. I left two dozen interviews saying to myself, "What great people!" They do not share the sentiment about one another: the hardest thing to do in Greece is to get one Greek to compliment another behind his back. No success of any kind is regarded without suspicion. Everyone is pretty sure everyone is cheating on his taxes, or bribing politicians, or taking bribes, or lying about the value of his real estate. And this total absence of faith in one another is self-reinforcing. The epidemic of lying and cheating and stealing makes any sort of civic life impossible; the collapse of civic life only encourages more lying, cheating, and stealing. Lacking faith in one another, they fall back on themselves and their families. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Encourages quotes by Pico Iyer
#2. The Dalai Lama, these days, encourages Westerners not to take up Buddhism, partly because he feels that our roots are deep in other traditions, and we should go deeper into our own traditions rather than just acquiring the surfaces of others. #Quote by Pico Iyer
Encourages quotes by William James
#3. Our environment encourages us not to be philosophers but partisans. #Quote by William James
Encourages quotes by Margaret Heffernan
#4. According to the psychologist irving Janis, is that our sense of belonging (which makes us feel safe) blinds us to dangers and encourages greater risk-taking. #Quote by Margaret Heffernan
Encourages quotes by Tom Robbins
#5. For all the ugly vices that capitalism encourages, it's at least interesting, exciting, it offers possiblities. In America, the struggle is at least an individual struggle. And if the individual has strength enough of character, salt enough of wit, the alternatives are thicker than polyesters in a car salesman's closet. In a socialistic system, you're no better or no worse than anybody else.'
But that's equality!'
Bullshit. Unromantic, unattractive bullshit. Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Encourages quotes by Carroll Quigley
#6. Inflation, especially a slow steady rise in prices, encourages producers, because it means that they can commit themselves to costs of production on one price level and then, later, offer the finished product for sale at a somewhat higher price level. This situation encourages production because it gives confidence of an almost certain profit margin. #Quote by Carroll Quigley
Encourages quotes by Anita Sarkeesian
#7. There is a clear difference between sexist parody and parody of sexism. Sexist parody encourages the players to mock and trivialize gender issues while parody of sexism disrupts the status quo and undermines regressive gender conventions. #Quote by Anita Sarkeesian
Encourages quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#8. Miracle centered messages encourages instant gratification. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Encourages quotes by Bruce Barton
#9. If advertising encourages people to live beyond their means, so does matrimony. #Quote by Bruce Barton
Encourages quotes by Sue Campbell
#10. The framing of women's abuse narratives as quasi-legal testimony encourages the public, as interpreters, to take the stance of cross-examiners who categorize forgetting as memory failure and insist on completeness and consistency of memory detail through all repeated tellings. The condensed, summarized, or fragmentary nature of abuse memories will rarely withstand this aggressive testing. Few people's memories can. #Quote by Sue Campbell
Encourages quotes by Satoru Iwata
#11. Consumers will purchase high quality products even if they are expensive, or in other words, even if there are slightly reasonable discount offers, consumers will not purchase products unless they truly understand and are satisfied with the quality. Also, product appeal must be properly communicated to consumers, but advertisements that are pushed on consumers are gradually losing their effect, and we have to take the approach that encourages consumers to retrieve information at their own will. #Quote by Satoru Iwata
Encourages quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#12. Beyond infrastructure, the conservative sees the proper role of government as providing not European-style universal entitlements but a firm safety net, meaning Julia-like treatment for those who really cannot make it on their own--those too young or too old, too mentally or physically impaired, to provide for themselves.
Limited government so conceived has two indispensable advantages. It avoids inexorable European-style national insolvency. And it avoids breeding debilitating individual dependency. It encourages and celebrates character, independence, energy, hard work as the foundations of a free society and a thriving economy--precisely the virtues Obama discounts and devalues in his accounting of the wealth of nations. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Encourages quotes by Jeff Goins
#13. Handy then encourages what he calls "portfolio people" to organize their time not based on hours in a week, but rather days in a year. For example, if you need to make $50,000 per year and can figure out a way to make $250 a day, then you only need to work 200 days a year. #Quote by Jeff Goins
Encourages quotes by Ann Veneman
#14. Kate Otto, like so many in her generation, is committed to being a good global citizen and doing her part to make the world a better place. Everyday Ambassador is a refreshing approach which encourages collaborative work with focus, empathy, humility and patience to better affect positive change in communities throughout the world. #Quote by Ann Veneman
Encourages quotes by Michael Eric Dyson
#15. Nd the same rapper who revels in a woman's finely proportioned behind may also speak against racism and on behalf of the poor, even as he encourages them not to look at hip-hop as their salvation. #Quote by Michael Eric Dyson
Encourages quotes by William Hall
#16. Given the central place that technology holds in our lives, it is astonishing that technology companies have not put more resources into fixing this global problem. Advanced computer systems and artificial intelligence (AI) could play a much bigger role in shaping diagnosis and prescription. While the up-front costs of using such technology may be sizeable, the long-term benefits to the health-care system need to be factored into value assessments.
We believe that AI platforms could improve on the empirical prescription approach. Physicians work long hours under stressful conditions and have to keep up to date on the latest medical research. To make this work more manageable, the health-care system encourages doctors to specialize. However, the vast majority of antibiotics are prescribed either by generalists (e.g., general practitioners or emergency physicians) or by specialists in fields other than infectious disease, largely because of the need to treat infections quickly. An AI system can process far more information than a single human, and, even more important, it can remember everything with perfect accuracy. Such a system could theoretically enable a generalist doctor to be as effective as, or even superior to, a specialist at prescribing. The system would guide doctors and patients to different treatment options, assigning each a probability of success based on real-world data. The physician could then consider which treatment was most appropriate. #Quote by William Hall
Encourages quotes by Dara Horn
#17. I mean that we control the way we remember the past, and that's what matters in the present. We choose what is worthy of our memory. We should probably be grateful that we can't remember everything as God does, because if we did, we would find it impossible to forgive anyone. The limit of human memory encourages humility. #Quote by Dara Horn
Encourages quotes by Marguerite Duras
#18. Alcohol doesn't console, it doesn't fill up anyone's psychological gaps, all it replaces is the lack of God. It doesn't comfort man. On the contrary, it encourages him in his folly, it transports him to the supreme regions where he is master of his own destiny. #Quote by Marguerite Duras
Encourages quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
#19. Her family held strongly that for daughters to read in the daytime was to be idle. Well, if it was, thought Ingeborg lifting her head, that head that drooped so apologetically at home, with the defiance that distance encourages, then being idle was a blessed thing and the sooner one got away to where one could be it, uninterruptedly, the better. #Quote by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Encourages quotes by Quentin Blake
#20. With my pictures, what I hope is that it encourages the reader to imagine more pictures of his own. #Quote by Quentin Blake
Encourages quotes by George W. Bush
#21. We need an energy bill that encourages consumption. #Quote by George W. Bush
Encourages quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
#22. Capitalism encourages entrepreneurs to act with consideration for others even when their ultimate motive is to benefit themselves. #Quote by Dinesh D'Souza
Encourages quotes by Kevin McCloud
#23. Because I live in the countryside, I want a building which encourages me to have a fully formed relationship with the environment. It gives me an opportunity to not just be inside or outside, but in a range of contexts. #Quote by Kevin McCloud
Encourages quotes by Debra Moffitt
#24. The soul-Self doesn't follow the crowd. It encourages you to speak up when you need to and live by your truth. #Quote by Debra Moffitt
Encourages quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#25. American culture encourages the process of failure, unlike the cultures of Europe and Asia where failure is met with stigma and embarrassment. America's specialty is to take these small risks for the rest of the world, which explains this country's disproportionate share in innovations. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Encourages quotes by Alan Jacobs
#26. And he encourages Lewis to take the same chance he is taking, to count on the "perchance." And Lewis did. For the rest of his life he was a champion of the knowledge-giving power of myth, fantasy, Faery. #Quote by Alan Jacobs
Encourages quotes by James MacDonald
#27. We also notice that Paul was focused. He had a clear goal, and he would not veer to the right or to the left from it. We can't help but wonder how many emails Paul would have skipped over, or how current he would have been with the news of the day, or even how vigorously he would be rooting for his favorite sports teams or athletes. Our ability to have information quickly is both a blessing and a curse. Our ability to function in a fast-paced society sometimes encourages us to focus on nothing of lasting value, just running from one temporal thing to the next. Just #Quote by James MacDonald
Encourages quotes by Camilla Gibb
#28. It is not simply what one remembers, but why. There are sites of amputation where the past is severed from the body of the present. Remembering only encourages the growth of phantom limbs. And it is not simply what one remembers, or why, but what to do with what one remembers, which of the scattered pieces to carry forward, what to protect and preserve, what to leave behind. #Quote by Camilla Gibb
Encourages quotes by Megan Phelps-Roper
#29. Doubt was nothing more than an epistemological humility: a deep and practical awareness that outside our sphere of knowledge there existed information and experiences that might show our position to be in error. Doubt causes us to hold a strong position a bit more loosely, such that an acknowledgment of ignorance or error doesn't crush our sense of self or leave us totally unmoored if our position proves untenable. Certainty is the opposite: it hampers inquiry and hinders growth. It teaches us to ignore evidence that contradicts our ideas, and encourages us to defend our position at all costs, even as it reveals itself as indefensible. Certainty sees compromise as weak, hypocritical, evil, suppressing empathy and allowing us to justify inflicting horrible pain on others. #Quote by Megan Phelps-Roper
Encourages quotes by Harlan Mills
#30. An interactive debugger is an outstanding example of what is not needed - it encourages trial-and-error hacking rather than systematic design, and also hides marginal people barely qualified for precision programming. #Quote by Harlan Mills
Encourages quotes by Ben Lerner
#31. Poetry: What kind of art assumes the dislike of its audience and what kind of artist aligns herself with that dislike, even encourages it? An art hated from without and within. #Quote by Ben Lerner
Encourages quotes by John Connolly
#32. I think the act of reading imbues the reader with a sensitivity toward the outside world that people who don't read can sometimes lack. I know it seems like a contradiction in terms; after all reading is such a solitary, internalizing act that it appears to represent a disengagement from day-to-day life. But reading, and particularly the reading of fiction, encourages us to view the world in new and challenging ways ... It allows us to inhabit the consciousness of another which is a precursor to empathy, and empathy is, for me, one of the marks of a decent human being. #Quote by John Connolly
Encourages quotes by Pastor Adelaja Sunday
#33. A good shepherd encourages and inspires each one that works alongside him. #Quote by Pastor Adelaja Sunday
Encourages quotes by Mary Kay Zuravleff
#34. Math-thinking, I would say, encourages flipping and substituting letters in words (in the novel, one of the boys double-majors in math and myth, for example, and his twin cracks a joke about the father's handwriting that morphs "cacography" into "dadography"). #Quote by Mary Kay Zuravleff
Encourages quotes by Allan G. Johnson
#35. As a system, patriarchy encourages men to accept male privilege and perpetuate women's oppression, if only through silence. #Quote by Allan G. Johnson
Encourages quotes by Albert Ellis
#36. If you prefer to perform well and want to be accepted by others, you are concerned that you will fail and be rejected. Your healthy concern encourages you to act competently and nicely. But if you devoutly believe that you absolutely, under all conditions, must perform well and that you have to be accepted by others, you will then tend to make yourself - yes, make yourself - panicked if you don't perform as well as you supposedly must. #Quote by Albert Ellis
Encourages quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#37. You can always tell the old river hand by the way in which he stretches himself out upon the cushions at the bottom of the boat, and encourages the rowers by telling them anecdotes about the marvellous feats he performed last season. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
Encourages quotes by David Brooks
#38. We live in a culture that encourages us to be big about ourselves, and I think the starting point of trying to build inner goodness is to be a little bit smaller about yourself. #Quote by David Brooks
Encourages quotes by Holley Gerth
#39. While God does want us to be open with others, he also encourages us to put boundaries in place as we do. He talks repeatedly about guarding our hearts. So what's the difference? Hiding is a response out of fear, while guarding is a proactive choice to protect what matters most. In other words, we're not to deliberately put something of worth where it won't be valued. #Quote by Holley Gerth
Encourages quotes by Steve Maraboli
#40. When you put yourself in the customer's shoes and begin your dialog from there, an immediate connection develops that stems beyond basic commerce and encourages loyalty. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Encourages quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#41. Breast cancer, I can now report, did not make me prettier or stronger, more feminine or spiritual. What it gave me, if you want to call this a "gift," was a very personal, agonizing encounter with an ideological force in American culture that I had not been aware of before - one that encourages us to deny reality, submit cheerfully to misfortune, and blame only ourselves for our fate. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Encourages quotes by Rick Santorum
#42. Capitalism actually encourages morality because capitalism can't function well if people can't trust each other and people aren't honest, if a deal isn't a deal. #Quote by Rick Santorum
Encourages quotes by George Osborne
#43. There are those who are trying to create an anti-business culture in Britain - and we have to stop them. At stake are not pay packages for a few but jobs and prosperity for the many. Everything in politics encourages more red tape - everyone insists government must step in - 'something must be done' is always the cry. We have to resist these pressures. #Quote by George Osborne
Encourages quotes by Kate Bolick
#44. The first thing that struck me was how the single women of my acquaintance were exceptionally alert to the people around them, generous in their attention, ready to engage in conversation or share a joke. Having nobody to go home to at night had always seemed a sad and lonesome fate; now I saw that being forced to leave the house for human contact encourages a person to live more fully in the world. In the best instances, the result was an intricate lacework of friendships varying in intensity and closeness that could be, it seemed, just as sustaining as a nuclear family, and possibly more appealing. #Quote by Kate Bolick
Encourages quotes by Elie Wiesel
#45. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe. #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Encourages quotes by Ralph Regula
#46. We have the Troops to Teachers program, which encourages retired military individuals to go into teaching. #Quote by Ralph Regula
Encourages quotes by Tim Walberg
#47. Talk radio is an asset to our nation because it encourages strong and healthy debate about public policy, and there is no reason to affect that debate with government legislation. #Quote by Tim Walberg
Encourages quotes by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
#48. Every good story starts with a simple premise. This one begins with the notion of survival. The determination to live is both instinctive and ferocious. It often encourages compromise with evil. Only the Devil ever benefits from such a bargain. #Quote by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
Encourages quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#49. Grace releases and affirms. It doesn't smother. Grace values the dignity of individuals. It doesn't destroy. Grace supports and encourages. It isn't jealous or suspicious. #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Encourages quotes by Timothy Snyder
#50. A nationalist encourages us to be our worst, and then tells us that we are the best. #Quote by Timothy Snyder
Encourages quotes by Dean Spade
#51. More conservative advocacy work often encourages portrayals of trans people as people who deserve rights. Deservingness, of course, corresponds to national racial, gender and ability norms. #Quote by Dean Spade
Encourages quotes by A.G. Howard
#52. Oh, but my netherling side did, and she casts my human armor aside.
She guides my hands, knots my fingers through his hair, teases his tongue with hers. She won't let me pull away, because she wants to be there again. In Wonderland, where his tobacco-flavored kisses always take us . . .
Because the things I loathe are the things she adores: His snark, his infuriating condescension. His menacing mastery of half-truths and riddles. The way he shoves me into the face of danger, forces me to look beyond my fears and reach for my full potential.
Most of all, because he encourages me to believe in the madness ...in her . . . the darker side of myself: the queen who was born to reign over the Red kingdom and to give Wonderland a legacy of dreams and imagination.
His gloved palms seek the bend of my waist, the bow of my hips. He moves me on top of him, so close there's not enough space for a blade of grass between us. His kisses grow insistent, desperate. His flavor winds through me, fruit and smoke and earth, and other things born of shadows and storms . . . things I can't put a name to. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Encourages quotes by Rick Kausman
#53. The cultural view of idealistic bodies which is so obviously displayed on television and on billboards, in magazines, advertising and film, can force us into a narrow definition of what is a successful and attractive woman. The standardised 'ideal' promotes the notion that success can be attained through having the 'look', and that this is the cure for unhappiness. The 'thin ideal' is promoted as a happy person. This encourages the view that the 'look' will bring success and relationship happiness. #Quote by Rick Kausman
Encourages quotes by Barack Obama
#54. Are we a nation that educates the world's best and brightest in our universities, only to send them home to create businesses in countries that compete against us? Or are we a nation that encourages them to stay and create jobs, businesses, and industries right here in America? #Quote by Barack Obama
Encourages quotes by Keith Haring
#55. Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further. #Quote by Keith Haring
Encourages quotes by Richard Branson
#56. Making the extra effort to say thanks in a genuine, personal manner goes a long way. It is pleasurable to do, and it encourages more of the same good behavior. #Quote by Richard Branson
Encourages quotes by Bob Goshen
#57. Leaders..should influence others..in such a way that it builds people up, encourages and edifies them so they can duplicate this attitude in others. #Quote by Bob Goshen
Encourages quotes by Christopher Lasch
#58. The parents' failure to serve as models of disciplined self-restraint or to restrain the child does not mean that the child grows up without a superego. On the contrary, it encourages the development of a harsh and punitive superego based largely on archaic images of the parents, fused with grandiose self-images. Under these conditions, the superego consists of parental introjects instead of identifications. It holds up to the ego an exalted standard of fame and success and condemns it with savage ferocity when it falls short of that standard. Hence the oscillations of self-esteem so often associated with pathological narcissism. #Quote by Christopher Lasch
Encourages quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#59. If the thought is slow to come, a glass of good wine encourages it; and when it does come, a glass of good wine rewards it. #Quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Encourages quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#60. The liberal story cherishes human liberty as its number one value. It argues that all authority ultimately stems from the free will of individual humans, as it is expressed in their feelings, desires and choices. In politics, liberalism believes that the voter knows best. It therefore upholds democratic elections. In economics, liberalism maintains that the customer is always right. It therefore hails free-market principles. In personal matters, liberalism encourages people to listen to themselves, be true to themselves, and follow their hearts – as long as they do not infringe on the liberties of others. This personal freedom is enshrined in human rights. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Encourages quotes by Steven Levy
#61. All good teachers will tell you that the most important quality they bring to their teaching is their love for the children. But what does that mean? It means that before we can teach them, we need to delight in them. Someone once said that children need one thing in order to succeed in life: someone who is crazy about them. We need to find a way to delight in all our students. We may be the only one in their lives to do so. We need to look for the best, expect the best, find something in each child that we can truly treasure ... If children recognize that we have seen their genius, who they really are, they will have the confidence and resilience to take risks in learning. I am convinced that many learning and social difficulties would disappear if we learned to see the genius in each child and then created a learning environment that encourages it to develop. #Quote by Steven Levy
Encourages quotes by James Duane
#62. Nobody of sound mind can dispute that there is something fundamentally wrong, and intrinsically corrupt, about a legal system that encourages police officers and prosecutors to do everything in their power to persuade you and your children (no matter how young or old) to "do the right thing" and talk - when they tell their own children the exact opposite. I #Quote by James Duane
Encourages quotes by Pierre De Coubertin
#63. If he is knocked out of the competition, he encourages his brothers with his words and presence. #Quote by Pierre De Coubertin
Encourages quotes by Elie Wiesel
#64. --"And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remained silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the opppresso, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must--at that moment--become the center of the universe."

"Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere."

"As long as one dissident is in prison, our freedom will not be true. As long as one child is hungry, our life will be filled with anguish and shame. What all these victims need above all is to know that they are not alone; that we are not forgetting them, that when their voices are stifled we shall lend them ours, that while their freedom depends on ours, the quality of our freedom depends on theirs."
" We know that every moment is a moment of grace, every hour an offering; not to share them would mean to betray them. Our lives no longer belong to us alone; they belong to all those who need us desperately. #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Encourages quotes by Catherine Robinson-Walker
#65. The Leadership Seduction of storytelling invites self-pity, exaggerates one's importance, and encourages inaction. #Quote by Catherine Robinson-Walker
Encourages quotes by Thomas Hardy
#66. Sometimes a woman's love of being loved gets the better of her conscience, and though she is agonized at the thought of treating a man cruelly, she encourages him to love her while she doesn't love him at all. Then, when she sees him suffering, her remorse sets in, and she does what she can to repair the wrong. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Encourages quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#67. This is stupid."
"Look. You think how stupid people are most of the time. Old men drink. Women at a village fair. Boys throwing stones at birds. Life. The foolishness and the vanity, the selfishness and the waste. The pettiness, the silliness. You think in war it must be different. Must be better. With death around the corner, men united against hardship, the cunning of the enemy, people must think harder, faster, be ... better. Be heroic.
Only it's just the same. In fact do you know, because of all that pressure, and worry, and fear, it's worse. There aren't many men who think clearest when the stakes are highest. So people are even stupider in war than the rest of the time. Thinking about how they'll dodge the blame, or grab the glory, or save their skins, rather than about what will actually work. There's no job that forgives stupidity more than soldiering. No job that encourages it more. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Encourages quotes by Rob Eagar
#68. Your future is in God's hands, but He does not promise you marriage. Finding a spouse is a free will process, in which two people decide to sacrifice themselves for each other's benefit. Marriage is not some predetermined process that happens mysteriously. You will become very frustrated if you think that God mystically pairs people up. He does not unite people by overriding their minds and wills. God brings people together and encourages them to love one another but lets them decide their relational future. #Quote by Rob Eagar
Encourages quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#69. I'm calling for all responsible Americans to fight back and punish Pepsi for using a man who degrades women, who encourages substance abuse, and does all the things that hurt particularly the poor in our society. I'm calling for all Americans to say, hey Pepsi, I'm not drinking your stuff. You want to hang around with Ludacris (a rap singer that Pepsi planned to use for advertising), you do that, I'm not hanging around with you. Am I wrong to do that? #Quote by Bill O'Reilly
Encourages quotes by Emma Watson
#70. I'm a real Londoner. We have very grey weather in London, and I think it encourages a very eclectic and crazy fashion sense. I mix high-street stuff with more high-end fashion, and I love vintage. #Quote by Emma Watson
Encourages quotes by Rob Brezsny
#71. You're a star
and so am I. I'm a genius
and so are you.
Your success encourages my brilliance, and my charisma enhances your power.
Your victory doesn't require my defeat, and vice versa. #Quote by Rob Brezsny
Encourages quotes by Carol Tavris
#72. The individualism of American life, to our glory and despair, creates anger and encourages its release; for when everything is possible, limitations are irksome. When the desires of the self come first, the needs of others are annoying. When we think we deserve it all, reaping only a portion can enrage. #Quote by Carol Tavris
Encourages quotes by Marah J. Hardt
#73. nothing encourages unleashing a torrent of semen like having to fire at the same time as another male. #Quote by Marah J. Hardt
Encourages quotes by Gary Hamel
#74. A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance. #Quote by Gary Hamel
Encourages quotes by Dale Carnegie
#75. he had never heard Owen D. Young give a direct order to anyone. He always gave suggestions, not orders. Owen D. Young never said, for example, "Do this or do that," or "Don't do this or don't do that." He would say, "You might consider this," or "Do you think that would work?" Frequently he would say, "Maybe if we were to phrase it this way it would be better." He always gave people the opportunity to do things themselves; he never told his assistants to do things; he let them do them, let them learn from their mistakes.
A technique like that makes it easy for a person to correct errors. A technique like that saves a person's pride and gives him or her a felling of importance. It encourages cooperation instead of rebellion. p237-238 #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Encourages quotes by Nico Muhly
#76. There's a lot of violence in Beethoven not explicitly suggested by the notes or in his markings, necessarily. There's just a way that it looks on the page that encourages it to be played in a certain fashion. #Quote by Nico Muhly
Encourages quotes by Brian Eno
#77. So I believe in singing to such an extent that if I were asked to redesign the British educational system, I would start by insisting that group singing become a central part of the daily routine. I believe it builds character and, more than anything else, encourages a taste for co-operation with others. This seems to be about the most important thing a school could do for you. #Quote by Brian Eno
Encourages quotes by Jonah Lehrer
#78. The benefit of such horizontal interactions - people sharing knowledge across fields - is that it encourages conceptual blending, which is an extremely important part of the insight process. #Quote by Jonah Lehrer
Encourages quotes by Martin Van Buren
#79. The condition of the tribes which occupy the country set apart for them in the West is highly prosperous, and encourages the hope of their early civilization. They have for the most part abandoned the hunter state and turned their attention to agricultural pursuits. #Quote by Martin Van Buren
Encourages quotes by Julian Castro
#80. The overwhelming success of San Antonio B-Cycle has proven that San Antonio is a model city for bike-sharing, and as we work toward creating a fitter city, the bike-share program encourages a more active and healthy lifestyle. #Quote by Julian Castro
Encourages quotes by Saadat Hasan Manto
#81. Allah sends down natural disasters to control population explosion. He encourages us to go to war, He creates Pakistan and Akhand Bharat. In doing this, He teaches humans new and innovative methods of birth control. #Quote by Saadat Hasan Manto
Encourages quotes by Kate Harding
#82. Rape culture manifests in a myriad ways…but its most devilish trick is to make the average, noncriminal person identify with the person accused, instead of the person reporting the crime. Rape culture encourages us to scrutinize victims' stories for any evidence that they brought the violence onto themselves – and always to imagine ourselves in the terrifying role of Good Man, Falsely Accused, before we 'rush to judgment'.

We're not meant to picture ourselves in the role of drunk teenager at her first college party, thinking 'Wow, he seems to think I'm pretty!' Or the woman who accepts a ride with a 'nice guy,' who's generously offered to see her safely home from the bar. Or the girl who's passed out in a room upstairs, while the party rages on below, so chaotic that her friends don't even notice she's gone.

When it comes to rape, if we're expected to put ourselves in anyone else's shoes at all, it's the accused rapist's. The questions that inevitably come along with 'What was she wearing?' and 'How much did she have to drink?' are, 'What if there was no rape at all? What if she's lying? What happens to this poor slob she's accusing? What if he goes to prison for a crime he didn't commit? #Quote by Kate Harding
Encourages quotes by David Byrne
#83. It can often seem that those in power don't want us to enjoy making things for ourselves - they'd prefer to establish a cultural hierarchy that devalues our amateur efforts and encourages consumption rather than creation. #Quote by David Byrne
Encourages quotes by Tim Ferriss
#84. I think time management as a label encourages people to view each 24-hour period as a slot in which they should pack as much as possible. #Quote by Tim Ferriss
Encourages quotes by Northrop Frye
#85. Literature encourages tolerance-bigots and fanatics seldom have any use for the arts, because they're so preoccupied with their beliefs and actions that they can't see them also as possibilities. #Quote by Northrop Frye
Encourages quotes by Marquis De Sade
#86. The past encourages me, the present electrifies me, and I have little fear for the future; and my hope is that the rest of my life shall by far surpass the extravagances of my youth. #Quote by Marquis De Sade
Encourages quotes by Terry Pratchett
#87. I don't hold with paddlin' with the occult," said Granny firmly. "Once you start paddlin' with the occult you start believing in spirits, and when you start believing in spirits you start believing in demons, and then before you know where you are you're believing in gods. And then you're in trouble."
"But all them things exist," said Nanny Ogg.
"That's no call to go around believing in them. It only encourages 'em. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Encourages quotes by Stephen Poplin
#88. Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth; my interpretation is that the gentle, mature or old souls would inherit, or assume, the power, and create through wise judgments the good and just society that we all have been craving since the earliest dreams of great societies. When a social/political system is crafted that automatically allows or encourages the less aggressive and more circumspect older souls to assume positions of authority, then we will be seeing a better world. #Quote by Stephen Poplin
Encourages quotes by Lundy Bancroft
#89. Alcohol does not a change a person's fundamental value system. People's personalities when intoxicated, even though somewhat altered, still bear some relationship to who they are when sober. When you are drunk you may behave in ways that are silly or embarrassing; you might be overly familiar or tactlessly honest, or perhaps careless or forgetful. But do you knock over little old ladies for a laugh? Probably not. Do you sexually assault the clerk at the convenience store? Unlikely. People's conduct while intoxicated continues to be governed by their core foundation of beliefs and attitudes, even though there is some loosening of the structure. Alcohol encourages people to let loose what they have simmering below the surface.
Encourages quotes by Thomas Paine
#90. Nothing can appear more contradictory than the principles on which the old governments began, and the condition to which society, civilisation and commerce are capable of carrying mankind. Government, one the old system, is an assumption of power, for the aggrandisement of itself; on the new, a delegation of power for the common benefit of society. The former supports itself by keeping up a system of war; the later promotes a system of peace, as the true means of enriching a nation. The one encourages national prejudices; the other promotes universal society, as the means of universal commerce. The one measures its prosperity, by the quantity of revenue it extorts; the other proves its excellence, by the small quantity of taxes it requires. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Encourages quotes by Andrew Forrest
#91. Tax can be structured in a way that actually encourages investment in infrastructure and encourages investment in Australia from overseas. #Quote by Andrew Forrest
Encourages quotes by Blaise Pascal
#92. When you say that Christ did not die for all men, you are abusing a weakness of men, who at once apply this exception to themselves, and this encourages despair, instead of turning them away from it to encourage hope. #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Encourages quotes by Monty Roberts
#93. The wonder of Independence is that it encourages open minds and the desire to improve. #Quote by Monty Roberts
Encourages quotes by Andrew Fastow
#94. I didn't set out to commit a crime. I certainly didn't set out to hurt anyone. When I was working at Enron, you know, I was kind of a hero, because I helped the company make its numbers every quarter. And I thought I was doing a good thing. I thought I was smart... but I wasn't. I wake up every morning, and I take out my prison ID card, which I have with me here today. And it makes certain that I remember all the people. I remember that I harmed so many people in what I did. It encourages me to try to do the little things that I can to make amends for what I did. #Quote by Andrew Fastow
Encourages quotes by Dolly Parton
#95. I was blessed to have family members who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Whether it is your parents, or your uncles or your aunts or even the neighbor down the road, it's important that kids have someone who encourages them to chase their rainbow. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Encourages quotes by Thomas Paine
#96. Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Encourages quotes by Andre Vltchek
#97. The West is supporting, even financing the right-wing media, it is financing 'the opposition', encourages capital flight of billions of dollars, works closely with the local 'elites' to create 'deficits', 'uncertainty' and despair. It creates corruption scandals, and it even supports fake 'left' anti-government movements. And of course it is training and corrupting some key military cadres. #Quote by Andre Vltchek
Encourages quotes by Seth Godin
#98. Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations. #Quote by Seth Godin
Encourages quotes by Adrianne Ambrose
#99. I don't believe in virgin sacrifice. It encourages promiscuity at an early age #Quote by Adrianne Ambrose
Encourages quotes by Leo Strauss
#100. The belief that value judgments are not subject, in the last analysis, to rational control, encourages the inclination to make irresponsible assertions regarding right and wrong or good and bad. One evades discussion of serious issues by the simple device of passing them off as value problems, whereas, to say the least, many of these conflicts arose out of man's very agreement regarding values. #Quote by Leo Strauss
Encourages quotes by Karen Hughes
#101. I can assure you we are all strong-willed, forceful personalities and the president encourages vigorous debate. #Quote by Karen Hughes
Encourages quotes by David Sedaris
#102. Such movies are always a danger ... falling in love is something most adults have actually experienced ... The theme is universal and encourages ... unhealthy comparisons ... why can't our lives be like that? It's a box left unopened, and its avoidance explains the continued popularity of vampire epics and martial-arts extravaganzas. #Quote by David Sedaris
Encourages quotes by The School Of Life
#103. He simply believed that the capitalist system forces everyone to put economic interests at the heart of their lives, so that they can no longer know deep, honest relationships. He called this psychological tendency Warenfetischismus (commodity fetishism) because it makes us value things that have no objective value and encourages us to see our relationships with others primarily in economic terms. This #Quote by The School Of Life
Encourages quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#104. A child should never even think about being a "good son." A parent decides that fate for the child. The parent encourages that. Not the child himself. And the "perfect dad"? I shudder at thinking what that may be. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Encourages quotes by Frank McCourt
#105. Fear? That's it, Francis. The little slum boy still fears loss of job. Fears he'll be cast into the outer darkness and deafened by the weeping, the wailing, the gnashing. Brave, imaginative teacher encourages teenagers to sing recipes but wonders when the axe will fall, when Japanese visitors will shake their heads and report him to Washington. Japanese visitors will instantly detect in my classroom signs of America's degeneracy and wonder how they could have lost the war. And #Quote by Frank McCourt
Encourages quotes by Anne Williams
#106. Mindfulness encourages us to exist in the present moment. #Quote by Anne Williams
Encourages quotes by Wolfgang Gullich
#107. Doing a route at the absolute limit of the possible demands and encourages a coordination of all peripheral factors. It is, at the same time, a sign of joy and contentment with that moment, perhaps even a mirror of the equlibrium in your inner spirit, a mirror of a liberated state of mind. #Quote by Wolfgang Gullich
Encourages quotes by J.I. Packer
#108. The very quality of books to read and facts to master with which the twentieth-century man is confronted encourages him to think broadly and superficially about much, but hinders him from thinking deeply and thoroughly about anything. #Quote by J.I. Packer
Encourages quotes by A.W. Tozer
#109. The greatness of God rouses fear within us, but His goodness encourages us not to be afraid of Him. To fear and not be afraid - that is the paradox of faith. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Encourages quotes by Edward Said
#110. Since the 1960s, we have seen the failure of the melting pot ideology. This ideology suggested that different historical, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds could be subordinated to a larger ideology or social amalgam which is "America." This concept obviously did not work, because paradoxically America encourages a politics of contestation. #Quote by Edward Said
Encourages quotes by Lord Byron
#111. A good coach encourages the same type of resilience in the people they work with. They encourage them to take risks. If the risk results in failure, they help all people to learn from the mistake and then go on to try another way. #Quote by Lord Byron
Encourages quotes by John C. Maxwell
#112. A good leader encourages followers to tell him what he needs to know, not what he wants to hear. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Encourages quotes by Hugh Laurie
#113. I personally believe that the iPod is a frankly corrosive device because it encourages you to surround yourself with your favorites. The whole idea of a playlist is to surround yourself with your favorite things, and the interesting thing is that when you do that, they cease to be your favorites. #Quote by Hugh Laurie
Encourages quotes by Timothy Keller
#114. When we spend time with other believers, we are spending time with those who say: This is true and: This is wonderful to that declaration. We can see faith, and the obedience that flows from it, all around us. We can see others using their gifts for others, and we can use ours for them. That is what encourages and strengthens us. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Encourages quotes by William Barclay
#115. The danger of prosperity is that it encourages a false independence. #Quote by William Barclay
Encourages quotes by Denise Linn
#116. A Quest of any kind is a heroic journey. It is a rite of passage that carries you to an inner place of silence and majesty and encourages you to live life more courageously and genuinely. #Quote by Denise Linn
Encourages quotes by Randy Alcorn
#117. Any concept of grace that makes us feel more comfortable sinning is not biblical grace. God's grace never encourages us to live in sin, on the contrary, it empowers us to say no to sin and yes to truth. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Encourages quotes by Stephen Colbert
#118. The worst thing about affirmative action is that it encourages reverse discrimination, so-called because it goes in the opposite way of how we naturally discriminate. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Encourages quotes by Patricia Schroeder
#119. Our tax code encourages people to raise thoroughbred horses, not children. #Quote by Patricia Schroeder
Encourages quotes by Tarun J. Tejpal
#120. The greatest book in the world, the Mahabharata, tells us we all have to live and die by our karmic cycle. Thus works the perfect reward-and-punishment, cause-and-effect, code of the universe. We live out in our present life what we wrote out in our last. But the great moral thriller also orders us to rage against karma and its despotic dictates. It teaches us to subvert it. To change it. It tells us we also write out our next lives as we live out our present.
The Mahabharata is not a work of religious instruction.
It is much greater. It is a work of art.
It understands men will always fall in the shifting chasm between the tug of the moral and the lure of the immoral.
It is in this shifting space of uncertitude that men become men.
Not animals, not gods.
It understands truth is relative. That it is defined by context and motive. It encourages the noblest of men - Yudhishtra, Arjuna, Lord Krishna himself - to lie, so that a greater truth may be served.
It understands the world is powered by desire. And that desire is an unknowable thing. Desire conjures death, destruction, distress.
But also creates love, beauty, art. It is our greatest undoing. And the only reason for all doing.
And doing is life. Doing is karma.
Thus it forgives even those who desire intemperately. It forgives Duryodhana. The man who desires without pause. The man who precipitates the war to end all wars. It grants him paradise and the admiration of the g #Quote by Tarun J. Tejpal
Encourages quotes by William Kittredge
#121. We must define a story which encourages us to make use of the place where we live without killing it, and we must understand that the living world cannot be replicated. There will never be another setup like the one in which we thrived. Ruin it and we will have lost ourselves, and that is craziness. #Quote by William Kittredge
Encourages quotes by Bill McKibben
#122. TV is sometimes accused of encouraging fantasies. Its real problem, though, is that it encourages-enforces, almost-a brute realism. It is anti-Utopian in the extreme. We're discouraged from thinking that, except for a few new products, there might be a better way of doing things. #Quote by Bill McKibben
Encourages quotes by Julia Glass
#123. I am not opposed to e-readers. Any technology that encourages the reading of literature is a good thing. #Quote by Julia Glass
Encourages quotes by Gloria Steinem
#124. Society definitely encourages and condones men's violence toward women. Not as much as it used to be when it was less visible, and there were still laws on the books that made it alright for men to beat their wives, as long as it was within certain limits, and women were chattel. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Encourages quotes by Janusz Korwin-Mikke
#125. The sleep of reason encourages the elections. #Quote by Janusz Korwin-Mikke
Encourages quotes by Shelby Steele
#126. Too often the result of affirmative action has been an artificial diversity that gives the appearance of parity between blacks and whites that has not yet been achieved in reality ... Preferences tend to attack one form of discrimination with another ... Affirmative action encourages a victim-focused identity, and sends the message that there is more power in our past suffering than in our present achievements. #Quote by Shelby Steele
Encourages quotes by Okakura Kakuzo
#127. Our standards of morality are begotten of the past needs of society, but is society to remain always the same? The observance of communal traditions involves a constant sacrifice of the individual to the state. Education, in order to keep up the mighty delusion, encourages a species of ignorance. People are not taught to be really virtuous, but to behave properly. We are wicked because we are frightfully self-conscious. We nurse a conscience because we are afraid to tell the truth to others; we take refuge in pride because we are afraid to tell the truth to ourselves. How can one be serious with the world when the world itself is so ridiculous! #Quote by Okakura Kakuzo
Encourages quotes by Lyza Matociños
#128. I don't know what love is,
But i know what true love is,
It is when two people encourages each other to grow ,
Who will let you go out the world and trust that you will come back. This is what true love is about. #Quote by Lyza Matociños
Encourages quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#129. According to the current view, the maintenance of sound monetary conditions is only possible with a 'credit balance of payments'.

The confutation of this and related objections is implicit in the Quantity Theory and in Gresham's Law. The Quantity Theory shows that money can never permanently flow abroad from a country in which only metallic money is used (the 'purely metallic currency' of the Currency Principle). The tightness in the domestic market called forth by the efflux of part of the stock of money reduces the prices of commodities, and so restricts importation and encourages exportation, until there is once more enough money at home. The precious metals which perform the function of money are distributed among individuals, and consequently among separate countries, according to the extent and intensity of the demand of each for money. State intervention to assure to the community the necessary quantity of money by regulating its international nlovements is supererogatory. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Encourages quotes by Raphael Zernoff
#130. There is more than enough for everyone. Any idea of lack and so its experience comes from fear. Fear powers greed, which encourages people to save for later just for themselves. #Quote by Raphael Zernoff
Encourages quotes by Pat Conroy
#131. Charleston has a landscape that encourages intimacy and partisanship. I have heard it said that an inoculation to the sights and smells of the Carolina lowcountry is an almost irreversible antidote to the charms of other landscapes, other alien geographies. You can be moved profoundly by other vistas, by other oceans, by soaring mountain ranges, but you can never be seduced. You can even forsake the lowcountry, renounce it for other climates, but you can never completely escape the sensuous, semitropical pull of Charleston and her marshes. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Encourages quotes by John C. Maxwell
#132. Reflective thinking is like the crock pot of the mind. It encourages your thoughts to simmer until they're done. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Encourages quotes by James Surowiecki
#133. If someone really wants my company's business, why shouldn't he be able to do everything he can - including paying me off - to get that business? Because bribery encourages people to make decisions based on the wrong criteria, which means in the business world that it distorts the efficient allocation of resources. #Quote by James Surowiecki
Encourages quotes by Tim Harford
#134. It is not polite to say so, but it is obvious that paying people to be unemployed encourages unemployment. Yet, if a government scrapped unemployment benefit, there would still be jobless people, and supporting the jobless is something that every civilised society should do. The truth is that we have a trade-off: it is bad to encourage unemployment but good to support those without incomes. #Quote by Tim Harford
Encourages quotes by David Harsanyi
#135. Common Core, the initiative that claims to more accurately measure K-12 student knowledge in English and math, also encourages children to step up their 'critical thinking.' #Quote by David Harsanyi
Encourages quotes by Elie Wiesel
#136. Luz Castro "And then i explain that the world did know and remained silent. and that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. NEUTRALITY HELPS THE OPPRESSOR, NEVER THE VICTIM. SILENCE ENCOURAGES THE TORMENTOR, NEVER THE TORMENTED. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must- at that moment- become the center of the universe." Elie Wiesel (from his speech when given the Nobel Peace Prize.) #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Encourages quotes by Kimberly Willis Holt
#137. Other writers definitely influence my writing. What encourages me and inspires me is when I read a good book. It makes me want to be a better writer. #Quote by Kimberly Willis Holt
Encourages quotes by Marcus Buckingham
#138. Of the twelve, the most powerful questions (to employees, guaging their satisfaction with their employers) are those witha combination of the strongest links to the most business outcomes (to include profitability). Armed with this perspective, we now know that the following six ar ethe most powerful questions:
1) Do I know what is expected of me at work?
2) Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?
3) Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?
4) In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise for good work?
5) Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person?
6) Is there someone at work who encourages my development?
As a manager, if you want to know what you should do to build a strong and productive workplace, securing 5s to these six questions would be an excellent place to start. #Quote by Marcus Buckingham
Encourages quotes by Spencer Grammer
#139. My dad has an incredible passion for living life, and he's really, really funny, so he definitely encourages me to enjoy all aspects of life. He's very proud of me and definitely encourages my career path, and we have a good time talking about work. #Quote by Spencer Grammer
Encourages quotes by Porochista Khakpour
#140. There is less gray area there, less doubt. There is a security in being some thing all the way. Our culture, too, encourages this way of being - exaggeration, for example, is the key to advertising success in the United States. But hyperbole also seems a big part of Iranian culture, as well. #Quote by Porochista Khakpour
Encourages quotes by Hu Shih
#141. Even the absolute universality of the law of causality does not necessarily limit a person's freedom, because the law of causality not only enables him to explain the past and predict the future, but also encourages him to use his intelligence to create new causes and attain new results. #Quote by Hu Shih
Encourages quotes by Lee Myung-bak
#142. I plan to lower corporate taxes to create an environment that encourages companies to invest more. #Quote by Lee Myung-bak
Encourages quotes by Brian Boitano
#143. First and foremost I am an American athlete and I am proud to live in a country that encourages diversity, openness and tolerance, #Quote by Brian Boitano
Encourages quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#144. Mostly we think of people with great authority as higher up, far away, hard to reach. But spiritual authority comes from compassion and emerges from deep inner solidarity with those who are 'subject' to authority. The one who is fully like us, who deeply understands our joys and pains or hopes and desires, and who is willing and able to walk with us, that is the one to whom we gladly give authority and whose 'subjects' we are willing to be.
It is the compassionate authority that empowers, encourages, calls forth hidden gifts, and enables great things to happen. True spiritual authorities are located in the point of an upside-down triangle, supporting and holding into the light everyone they offer their leadership to. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Encourages quotes by Amy Jenkins
#145. Oh I believe in loving cats and dogs and children and parents – sometimes – but I don't believe in romantic love. Of course, there's the momentary rush of hormones and chemicals that encourages us to mate, but it's biology – it's no more inherently mystical than the nicotine in that cigarette you're smoking #Quote by Amy Jenkins
Encourages quotes by Bell Hooks
#146. Let's not kid ourselves, we find mutual love only when we know how to love. And the best place to start practicing the art of love is with the self--that body, mind, heart, and soul that we can most know and change.
The one person who will never leave us, whom we will never lose, is ourselves. Learning to love our female selves is where our search for love must begin....rather than embracing faulty thinking that encourages us to believe that females are inherently loving, we make the choice to become loving. Choosing love, we affirm our agency, our commitment to personal growth, our emotional openness. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Encourages quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
#147. Science fiction encourages us to explore ... all the futures, good and bad, that the human mind can envision. #Quote by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Encourages quotes by Huston Smith
#148. No individual is solely reflective, emotional, active, or experimental, and different life situations call for different resources to be brought into play. Most people will, on the whole, find travel on one road more satisfactory than on others and will consequently tend to keep close to it; but Hinduism encourages people to test all four and combine them as best suits their needs. #Quote by Huston Smith
Encourages quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#149. God wants us to be significant; he wants the world to know us that is why He encourages us to have an active civil position in our nations #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Encourages quotes by Leon G. Cooperman
#150. Rather than assume that the wealthy are a monolithic, selfish and unfeeling lot who must be subjugated by the force of the state, set a tone that encourages people of good will to meet in the middle. #Quote by Leon G. Cooperman
Encourages quotes by M. Russell Ballard
#151. Free and open expression coupled with visionary leadership generally encourages good decision-making. #Quote by M. Russell Ballard
Encourages quotes by Michelle Alexander
#152. Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia prohibit inmates from voting while incarcerated for a felony offense. Only two states - Maine and Vermont - permit inmates to vote. The vast majority of states continue to withhold the right to vote when prisoners are released on parole. Even after the term of punishment expires, some states deny the right to vote for a period ranging from a number of years to the rest of one's life.

This is far from the norm in other countries - like Germany, for instance, which allows (and even encourages) prisoners to vote. In fact, about half of European countries allow all incarcerated people to vote, while others disqualify only a small number of prisoners from the polls. Prisoners vote either in their correctional facilities or by some version of absentee ballot in their town of previous residence. Almost all of the countries that place some restrictions on voting in prison are in Eastern Europe, part of the former Communist bloc.

No other country in the world disenfranchises people who are released from prison in a manner even remotely resembling the United States. In fact, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has charged that U.S. disenfranchisement policies are discriminatory and violate international law. In those few European countries that permit limited postprison disqualification, the sanction is very narrowly tailored and the number of people disenfranchised is probably in the dozens or hundreds. In th #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Encourages quotes by Charles Ives
#153. The future of music may not lie entirely in music itself, but rather in the way it encourages and extends, rather than limits the aspirations and ideals of the people, in the way it makes itself a part with the finer things that humanity does and dreams of. #Quote by Charles Ives
Encourages quotes by Jen Lilley
#154. Gratitude not only encourages our hearts, it produces peace. And we could all use a little more peace these days. #Quote by Jen Lilley
Encourages quotes by Taylor Swift
#155. Anything that encourages people to pick up an instrument and play, I'm fully behind. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Encourages quotes by Ed Decker
#156. If the spirits of the dead are either in heaven or hell, then appearances in Mormon Temples, as in seances, can only be demons impersonating the dead to foster belief in Satan's denial of death." This is why attempted communication with the dead, which is called necromancy, is absolutely forbidden in the Bible." Here again, in open rejection of the Word of God, Mormonism not only encourages but boasts of alleged contact with the spirits of the dead. At the same 1982 General Conference mentioned above, Elder A.Theodore Tuttle, another General Authority, proudly declared:
On the third of April 1836, one week after the dedication of the Kirtland Temple, the monumental event occurred-the Savior appeared and accepted the Temple!
Moses and Elias also came. Then, Malachi's prophecy was fulfilled, for Elijah the prophet stood before them...? #Quote by Ed Decker
Encourages quotes by Horace Mann
#157. You may be liberal in your praise where praise is due: it costs nothing; it encourages much. #Quote by Horace Mann
Encourages quotes by Kurt Richebacher
#158. A nation that encourages its people to spend more and save less promotes economic backwardness, social decay and its own financial doom. #Quote by Kurt Richebacher
Encourages quotes by Desmond Tutu
#159. There is no religion in fact that I know that encourages or propagates violence in that its adherents should carry out. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Encourages quotes by Lloyd John Ogilvie
#160. But one of the saddest, most deprecating misuses of power is the withholding of love, affirmation, and delight from other people. Few things keep people in line with our wishes more than an attitude of reserve or aloofness. It is paradoxical that in the power struggle of relationships, the one who loves and encourages the least, gains the most power. This puts people on edge, keeps them guessing, and plays on their need for assurance about their worth. #Quote by Lloyd John Ogilvie
Encourages quotes by Charles Soule
#161. I'm always experimenting and trying different things. That's what keeps it fun and encourages growth. #Quote by Charles Soule
Encourages quotes by Jason Helopoulos
#162. A Christian will find it most beneficial to practice secret worship, corporate worship, and family worship. They are all important for our life in Christ. They each bear a necessary weight, and they all inform one another. When my secret worship is lacking or even non-existent, then my worship in the corporate community and family will be affected. When my attendance at corporate worship is sparse, then my secret worship and family worship will suffer as well. These three spheres of worship are related, informed, and encouraged by one another, because in each I am meeting with the Lord and benefiting from His grace. As I grow in my enjoyment of the Lord in my closet, so my enjoyment of Him in corporate worship will increase. As I hear the preached Word of God in corporate worship, this informs and stimulates my heart and mind in leading my own family in worship. As I worship God with my family, my affection and love for the Lord increases, which encourages my secret and corporate worship. They all inform one another. If I am starving in one area, then as I function in the other spheres I will find that I am malnourished there as well. p. 27 #Quote by Jason Helopoulos
Encourages quotes by Lynn Coady
#163. It's so dangerous to idealize anything, or anyone, or any place, because it gives that thing or person or place a kind of permission to not have to change, and not have to evolve. It encourages us to bury our heads in the sand, or in values that are really morally neutral but that we pretend are moral goods: tradition, community and family for example. #Quote by Lynn Coady
Encourages quotes by Goparaju Ramachandra Rao
#164. Existentialist philosophy recognizes the existence of the individual as the real purpose of human life. The recognition is basically atheistic and it encourages the individual to free himself from the impositions of custom, governmental authority, economic pressures, and cultural inhibitions. #Quote by Goparaju Ramachandra Rao
Encourages quotes by Julius Erving
#165. When the crowd appreciates you, it encourages you to be a little more daring, I think. #Quote by Julius Erving
Encourages quotes by Harry Emerson Fosdick
#166. Fearr imprisons, faith liberates; fear paralyzes, faith empowers; fear disheartens, faith encourages; fear sickens, faith heals; fear makes useless, faith also makes serviceable az quotes. #Quote by Harry Emerson Fosdick
Encourages quotes by Kevin Hearne
#167. The allure of unthinking animal bliss is powerful; it always calls to us, in the same way as the edge of a cliff or the waves of the ocean: Jump. It is a necessary part of our natures, full of delight and danger in equal measure. Yet to the mind trained in language, taught to spy subtleties and take joy in them, such crude, baser matters can pale after a while. But there lies grave peril also: The propensity to empathize with pain expressed in words encourages a poet to avoid the real thing, and a too-passionate love of books can mew one in a cloister, putting up walls where there should be free range. I decided long ago - to keep myself sane amongst the illiterate and unthinking - that there would be poetry in my life. But there would also be fucking. I would have them both, but follow the sage advice of modern beer commercials and enjoy responsibly. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Encourages quotes by Cameron Dokey
#168. The trouble with being angry is that it not only makes you feel stupid, it encourages you to say stupid things as well. Stupid things that are hard to take back and impossible to erase. #Quote by Cameron Dokey
Encourages quotes by Shaheen Mistri
#169. Teacher training institutes should impact training of our nation's teachers in a manner that encourages them to support the holistic development of the child and to continuously refine their own skills to create the best possible learning environments for our children. #Quote by Shaheen Mistri
Encourages quotes by Katha Pollitt
#170. Our society encourages women to place a very high value on maternity as an essential part of female identity, both a high moral calling and the deepest source of satisfaction on earth. It's not easy to redefine motherhood as handing your baby over to a stranger. #Quote by Katha Pollitt
Encourages quotes by Gary Govich
#171. Fear is the primary tool of the mafiya. It's how they contain their vast criminal enterprise. For the mafiya, fear is the grease in the wheel. Fear is much stronger than love | Fear lasts much longer. Love fades and is replaced by hatred and contempt. Fear lingers and brings forth other emotions such as doubt. Fear encourages procrastination and cowardice. Besides, you always hurt the ones you love. Most are too afraid to hurt the ones they fear. #Quote by Gary Govich
Encourages quotes by Sarah Dessen
#172. Society. The same society, I might add, that dictates that little girls should always be sugar and spice and everything nice, which encourages them not to be assertive. And that, in turn, then leads to low self-esteem, which can lead to eating disorders and increased tolerance and acceptance of domestic, sexual, and substance abuse."
"You get all that from a pink Onesie?" Leah said after a moment. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Encourages quotes by Adora Svitak
#173. The current concept of prom just seems so empty. Teenagers get dressed up to go to a dance at a fancy location. It encourages social inclusion or exclusion based on your ability or inability to snag a date. #Quote by Adora Svitak
Encourages quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#174. Devotional singing induces in you a desire for experiencing the truth, to glimpse the beauty that is God, to taste the bliss that is the Self. It encourages man to dive into himself and be genuinely his real Self. #Quote by Sathya Sai Baba
Encourages quotes by Mark Skousen
#175. The income tax is flawed for a number of reasons - it discourages economic growth and encourages a bloated government. #Quote by Mark Skousen
Encourages quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#176. Encourage the beautiful, for the useful encourages itself. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Encourages quotes by Willem Dafoe
#177. Performing is about developing empathy, which leads us to a broader view of the world and encourages us to develop compassion; so we can comfort each other and not be so brutal with each other. #Quote by Willem Dafoe
Encourages quotes by Tao Lin
#178. Focusing on being a person instead of an Asian or an [anything] seems to promote a worldview that encourages people to treat others based on what each person has specifically done in their life, which seems like it would reduce such things as war, racism, unfairness, "hate crimes," [other things most people feel aversion toward]. #Quote by Tao Lin
Encourages quotes by Debasish Mridha
#179. If your vision encourages and enables others to hope more, see more, act more, love more, and live more then you are a true pathfinder. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Encourages quotes by Gene Doucette
#180. New York is the one place in the world that actively encourages rudeness, because that's the only way to get past the fake bag carriers, homeless people, newspaper thieves, Jesus freaks, and everyone else who wants something and isn't afraid to ask for it, repeatedly, at close range. #Quote by Gene Doucette
Encourages quotes by Colleen Hoover
#181. Sorry," Kiersten says to Lake and I. "Mom says the FCC is responsible for inventing cusswords just for media shock value. She says if everyone would just use them enough, they wouldn't be considered cusswords anymore and no one would ever be offended by them"

This kid is hard to keep up with!

"Your mother encourages you to cuss?" Gavin says.

Kiersten nods. "I don't see it that way. It's more like she's encouraging us to undermine a system flawed through overuse of words that are made out to be harmful, when in fact they're just letters, mixed together like every other word. That's all they are, mixed up letters. Like, take the word "butterfly" for example. What if someone decided one day that butterfly is a cussword? People would eventually start using butterfly as an insult, and to emphasize things in a negative way. The actual WORD doesn't mean anything. It's the negative association people give these words that make them cusswords. So if we all just decided to keep saying butterfly all the time, eventually people would stop caring. The shock value would subside…and it would just become another word again. Same with every other so-called bad word. If we would all just start saying them all the time, They wouldn't be bad anymore. That's what my mom says anyway."

"Kiersten?" Eddie says. "Will you be my new best friend?"

Lake grabs a french fry off her plate and throws it at Eddie, hitting her in the face with it. "That' #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Encourages quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#182. Most of us grew up speaking a language that encourages us to label, compare, demand, and pronounce judgments rather than to be aware of what we are feeling and needing. #Quote by Marshall B. Rosenberg
Encourages quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#183. I gauge success in years, not weeks. The weekend box-office approach to book launches is short sighted and encourages crappy books. #Quote by Timothy Ferriss
Encourages quotes by Jean Fleming
#184. View life as a learning opportunity. Ask God what He wants you to learn from the situations you face ... When we set aside specific time to listen, He often encourages us with His presence and promises, and interprets to some degree the circumstances of life. Take advantage of the natural lull after hard times when you're pulling together the pieces to sort through the events and ferret out the lessons. #Quote by Jean Fleming
Encourages quotes by Ron Suskind
#185. When you get people standing up saying, 'I'm going to just tell the truth; what do we have to fear?,' it encourages others, and it creates a counterresponse. #Quote by Ron Suskind
Encourages quotes by Norbet Platt
#186. The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. #Quote by Norbet Platt
Encourages quotes by Rabbi David Cardozo
#187. One of the great tasks of Jewish education is to deliberately create an atmosphere of rebellion among students. Rebellion, after all, is the great emancipator. We owe nearly all of our knowledge and achievements not to those who agreed but to those who differed. That is what brought Judaism into existence. Avraham was the first rebel, destroying idols; and he was followed by his children, by Moshe, by the prophets, and finally, by the Jewish people.

When we teach our children to eat kosher, we should tell them that this is an act of disobedience against consumerism that encourages human beings to eat anything as long as it tastes good. When we go to synagogue, it is a protest against our arrogance in thinking that we can do it alone. When couples observe the laws of family purity, it is a rebellion against the obsession with sex. By celebrating Shabbat, we challenge our contemporary world that believes happiness depends on how much we produce. #Quote by Rabbi David Cardozo
Encourages quotes by Doris Wild Helmering
#188. A friend drops their plans when you're in trouble, shares joy in your accomplishments, feels sad when you're in pain. A friend encourages your dreams and offers advice
but when you don't follow it, they still respect and love you. #Quote by Doris Wild Helmering
Encourages quotes by Ken Bob Saxton
#189. Ironically, more impact may result from more cushioning because, to regain balance, the pillowish pile encourages the foot to plow into the ground like a bull in a china shop. A study Robbins published in 1997 found that runners tend to land harder on soft surfaces to improve stability. He concluded that sports shoes are too soft and thick and recommended they be redesigned to protect the wearer. Most #Quote by Ken Bob Saxton
Encourages quotes by John Gardner
#190. Sometimes when one cannot stand the story or novel one
is working on, it helps to write something else - a different
story or novel, or essays venting one's favorite peeves, or exercises
aimed at passing the time and incidentally polishing up
one's craft. The best way in the world for breaking a writer's
block is to write a lot. Jabbering away on paper, one gets
tricked into feeling interested, all at once, in something one is
saying, and behold, the magic waters are flowing again. Often
it helps to work on a journal, since that allows the writer to
write about those things that most interest him, yet frees him
of the pressure of achievement and encourages him to develop
a more natural, more personal style. #Quote by John Gardner
Encourages quotes by Shaneika Marie
#191. It's rare to find someone who will take the time to cares about you without any hidden agenda. The one that wants to see you achieve your dreams, encourages you to grow & is there for throughout all your mess. Be grateful for those who stand by your side , appreciate them more. #Quote by Shaneika Marie
Encourages quotes by Boutros Boutros-Ghali
#192. I will continue to work for the advancement of freedoms in Egypt and the Arab world until I drop dead ... Education itself - which can and should play an important role in the apprenticeship of tolerance and respect for other people - sometimes encourages identitarian closure, or even extremist behaviour ... It is therefore vital to ensure that education does not encourage rejection of other people or identitarian closure, but that on the contrary it encourages knowledge and respect for other cultures, other religions and other ways of being and living. #Quote by Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Encourages quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#193. The feminist anti-pornography movement, no less than the feminist movement of a century ago, encourages the assumption that male and female sexuality, and possibly morality, are as unlike as yin and yang. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Encourages quotes by Timothy Snyder
#194. same thing as a patriot. A nationalist encourages us to be our worst, and then tells us that we are the best. A nationalist, "although endlessly brooding on power, victory, defeat, revenge," wrote Orwell, tends to be "uninterested in what happens in the real world." Nationalism #Quote by Timothy Snyder
Encourages quotes by Gene Edward Veith Jr.
#195. Rather, the doctrine of vocation encourages attention to each individual's uniqueness, talents, and personality. These are valued as gifts of God, who creates and equips each person in a different way for the calling He has in mind for that person's life. The doctrine of vocation undermines conformity, recognizes the unique value of every person, and celebrates human differences; but it sets these individuals into a community with other individuals, avoiding the privatizing, self-centered narcissism of secular individualism. #Quote by Gene Edward Veith Jr.
Encourages quotes by Georg Feuerstein
#196. Attitudes are enduring tendencies in your mind that show themselves in your behavior as well as your speech. Yoga encourages you to examine all your basic attitudes toward life to discover which ones are dysfunctional so that you can replace them with more appropriate ones. #Quote by Georg Feuerstein
Encourages quotes by Michael Klim
#197. A new environment encourages us to be more mindful and present, as we're more likely to notice and appreciate new surroundings. #Quote by Michael Klim
Encourages quotes by Marcia Gay Harden
#198. In my opinion, Zac Efron is a total hero. Him seeking help encourages other people with addictive issues to seek help. It's brave of him. #Quote by Marcia Gay Harden
Encourages quotes by Jeffrey M. Schwartz
#199. JOURNAL YOUR SUCCESSES To help you realize you truly are making progress, Steve gives this advice to people who are new to the Four Steps: "Write down the successes that you have early on because it encourages you to keep going. It's not always easy, but over the long haul, it does make a big difference and you will see how much progress you've made." The main point to keep in mind is that you want to focus on the things you have accomplished, no matter how small or inconsequential they seem to you. Do not minimize, ignore, or neglect even the most seemingly minuscule achievement. Rather, #Quote by Jeffrey M. Schwartz
Encourages quotes by Takashi Murakami
#200. Contemporary art and manga - what is the same about them? Nothing, right? The manga industry has a lot of talented people, but contemporary art works on more of a solitary model. No one embarks on collaboration in contemporary art in order to make money. But in the manga world, everyone is invested in collaboration. The most important point is that the manga industry constantly encourages new creations and creators. #Quote by Takashi Murakami

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