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Empty Bowls quotes by Justin Torres
#1. We wanted more. We knocked the butt ends of our forks against the table, tapped our spoons against our empty bowls; we were hungry. We wanted more volume, more riots. We turned up the knob on the TV until our ears ached with the shouts of angry men. We wanted more music on the radio; we wanted beats; we wanted rock. We wanted muscles on our skinny arms. We had bird bones, hollow and light, and we wanted more density, more weight. We were six snatching hands, six stomping feet; we were brothers, boys, three little kings locked in a feud for more. #Quote by Justin Torres
Empty Bowls quotes by Sirshree
God fills knowledge in empty bowls, hence first empty your bowl. #Quote by Sirshree
Empty Bowls quotes by Sonali Dev
#3. From what I just heard, my greatest fault is that I dare to take pride in my work, in knowing I'm excellent at it." The brown paper crumpled tighter in her hands. "How is that snobbery?"
"Of course being excellent at your work and knowing it isn't snobbery. But believing that you are somehow unique in excelling at your work while looking down on what others do- that's the snobbish part. Especially given the life you were born into."
She paled at that. "I'm not going to apologize for the life I was born into. Which, by the way, I have never taken for granted or misused for one moment. Tell me, if I were a man, would you see my confidence in my work and my pride in where I come from as arrogance?"
"This gets better and better. As you pointed out, so disdainfully, I cook for a living. Nurturing people, nourishing them holds incredible meaning to me. You cannot pull the gender-role card on me. Plus, I have a vested interest in you being good at your work. My issue is with how you think it absolves you from treating those around you with consideration and respect. Cooking for a living is something I happen to be incredibly proud of."
"As you should be. You're amazing at it." That of all things made her voice crack. She threw a look of such longing at the two empty bowls on the table that despite his anger, pride swelled inside him.
It was followed by a sense of hypocrisy that he pushed away. "Yes, I am, and I don't appreciate when someone treats me like a #Quote by Sonali Dev
Empty Bowls quotes by Ally Carter
#4. So this is the young man who has intentions toward my little girl." Bobby shifted in his seat and crossed his legs. "It is not fun on this side of the table, is it, Robert?" Uncle Eddie huffed, and Kat had to remember that once upon a time her mother had been a dark-haired girl in that kitchen, and her dad had been the stray she'd brought home. She watched the two men looking at Hale as if they'd never before laid eyes on him. "He's better-looking than the last vagabond I had to take in," Eddie said, standing and carrying empty bowls to the sink. "I'll give him that. #Quote by Ally Carter
Empty Bowls quotes by Angel Wagenstein
#5. The fruit of empty hopes is more bitter than the saddest truth. #Quote by Angel Wagenstein
Empty Bowls quotes by LeCrae
#6. Man what's the point of living if I'm living for myself
Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf #Quote by LeCrae
Empty Bowls quotes by Jack Hyles
#7. There is nothing in this world so empty as getting what you want. #Quote by Jack Hyles
Empty Bowls quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#8. When fiction has become reality, life may turn into a fairy tale or a firestorm. Tina, time has come to pull up one's socks and start relearning and reassessing living. ("Another empty room") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Empty Bowls quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#9. I wonder at my incapacity for easy banter, smooth conversation, empty words to fill awkward moments. I don't have a closet filled with umms and ellipses ready to insert at the beginnings and ends of sentences. I don't know how to be a verb, an adverb, any kind of modifier. I'm a noun through and through. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Empty Bowls quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#10. Who has never killed an hour? Not casually or without thought, but carefully: a premeditated murder of minutes. The violence comes from a combination of giving up, not caring, and a resignation that getting past it is all you can hope to accomplish. So you kill the hour. You do not work, you do not read, you do not daydream. If you sleep it is not because you need to sleep. And when at last it is over, there is no evidence: no weapon, no blood, and no body. The only clue might be the shadows beneath your eyes or a terribly thin line near the corner of your mouth indicating something has been suffered, that in the privacy of your life you have lost something and the loss is too empty to share. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Empty Bowls quotes by Emily Dickinson
#11. Why joys so scantily disburse,
Why Paradise defer,
Why floods are served to us in bowls,
I speculate no more. #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Empty Bowls quotes by Slipknot
#12. I've been with you all day.
I'm trying to stay calm.
I'm impatient and it's really hard to breathe.
I'm going to empty you and fill you in with me ... #Quote by Slipknot
Empty Bowls quotes by Julian Of Norwich
#13. Pray, even if you feel nothing, see nothing. For when you are dry, empty, sick or weak, at such a time is your prayer most pleasing to God, even though you may find little joy in it. This is true of all believing prayer. #Quote by Julian Of Norwich
Empty Bowls quotes by Nick McDonell
#14. You will not be remembered if you die now. You will be buried and mourned by a few, and what more can you ask for. But you feel so tremendously alone, because you fear that your blood is not strong or good and your friends are few and embattled too. But so what. That is the answer. So what so what so what so what so what so what so what. The world will spiral out from underneath you, and you will find nothing to hold on to because you are either too smart or too dumb to find God, and because what the fuck will Camus ever do for you? Just ideas. You are not an artist, you will not leave something behind. Maybe you are angry only because the way out is through love and you are horny and lonely. And she's dead, of course. Maybe this is the way it is for everybody, only you are weaker, or less lucky, or have seen something they all have not. You have seen that before you lies a great stretch of road, and it is windswept or blasted by the hot sun or covered in snow, or it is dirt or concrete or shrouded in darkness or bright and clear so you have to squint, but no matter what, it is utterly empty. #Quote by Nick McDonell
Empty Bowls quotes by Stanislas Wawrinka
#15. When you win a big title like the French Open, it's tough. The emotion in doing this is really up and down. Afterwards, you feel a little bit lonely, a bit of depression mentally. Because it's so much stress and emotion, so many people around - and then it's completely empty. #Quote by Stanislas Wawrinka
Empty Bowls quotes by B. B. Warfield
#16. From the empty grave of Jesus the enemies of the cross turn away in unconcealable dismay. Those whom the force of no logic can convince, and whose hearts are steeled against the appeal of almighty love from the cross itself, quail before the irresistible power of this simple fact. Christ has risen from the dead! After two thousand years of the most determined assault upon the evidence which demonstrates it, that fact stands. And so long as it stands Christianity, too, must stand as the one supernatural religion. #Quote by B. B. Warfield
Empty Bowls quotes by Philip Pullman
#17. She couldn't get any further at that point. The sky full of stars seemed dead and cold, everything in it the result of the mechanical, indifferent interactions of molecules and particles that would continue for the rest of time whether Lyra lived or died, whether human beings were conscious or unconscious: a vast silent empty indifference, all quite meaningless.
Reason had brought her to this state. She had exalted reason over every other faculty. The result had been - was now - the deepest unhappiness she had ever felt. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Empty Bowls quotes by Susanna Centlivre
#18. My present Profession is Physick - Now, when my Pockets are full, I cure a Patient in three Days; when they are empty, I keep him three Months. #Quote by Susanna Centlivre
Empty Bowls quotes by Tomas Transtromer
#19. The airy sky has taken its place leaning against the wall. It is like a prayer to what is empty And what is empty turns its face to us and whispers: 'I am not empty, I am open'. #Quote by Tomas Transtromer
Empty Bowls quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#20. Why am I violent, competitive, ambitious, acquisitive? Why is there in me this constant struggle to become? Obviously, I am running away, taking flight from something through ambition, through acquisitiveness, through wanting to be a success. I am afraid of something, which is making me do all these things. I am not for the moment concerned with the fear of darkness, of public opinion, of what somebody may or may not say of me, because all that is very superficial; I am trying to find out what it is that fundamentally making me afraid, which in turn drives me to be ambitious, competitive, acquisitive, envious, thereby creating animosity and all the rest of it.
First of all, it seems to me that we are very lonely people. I am very lonely, inwardly empty, and I don't like that state; I am afraid of it, so I shun it, I run away from it. The very running away creates fear, and to avoid that fear, I indulge in various kinds of action. There is obviously this emptiness in me, in you, from which the mind is escaping through action, through ambition, through the urge to be somebody, to acquire more knowledge - you know, the whole business of violence. And without running away, can the mind look at this emptiness, this extraordinary sense of loneliness, which is the ultimate expression of the self? - the self being the entity, the self-consciousness which is empty when it doesn't run. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Empty Bowls quotes by Mary-Kate Olsen
#21. Now that im older i'm more aware of things that make me feel complete as a person. I'm trying to concentrate on those things as opposed to things that make feel empty #Quote by Mary-Kate Olsen
Empty Bowls quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#22. Aside from recurrance, revision, and commensurate symbolic reference, echoes also reveal emptiness. Since objects always impede acoustic reflection, only empty places can create echoes of lasting clarity. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Empty Bowls quotes by Jonathan Swift
#23. I enjoyed perfect health of body, and tranquillity of mind; I did not feel the treachery or inconstancy of a friend, nor the injuries of a secret or open enemy. I had no occasion of bribing, flattering, or pimping, to procure the favour of any great man, or of his minion; I wanted no fence against fraud or oppression: here was neither physician to destroy my body, nor lawyer to ruin my fortune; no informer to watch my words and actions, or forge accusations against me for hire: here were no gibers, censurers, backbiters, pickpockets, highwaymen, housebreakers, attorneys, bawds, buffoons, gamesters, politicians, wits, splenetics, tedious talkers, controvertists, ravishers, murderers, robbers, virtuosos; no leaders, or followers, of party and faction; no encouragers to vice, by seducement or examples; no dungeon, axes, gibbets, whipping-posts, or pillories; no cheating shopkeepers or mechanics; no pride, vanity, or affectation; no fops, bullies, drunkards, strolling whores, or poxes; no ranting, lewd, expensive wives; no stupid, proud pedants; no importunate, overbearing, quarrelsome, noisy, roaring, empty, conceited, swearing companions; no scoundrels raised from the dust upon the merit of their vices, or nobility thrown into it on account of their virtues; no lords, fiddlers, judges, or dancing-masters. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Empty Bowls quotes by Mariana Zapata
#24. I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel as I looked around the empty lot. I wavered on getting out when a giant lightning bolt painted a jagged streak across the rainy lavender-gray sky. Minutes passed and still he didn't come out of the Three Hundreds' building.

Damn it. Before I could talk myself out of it, I jumped out of the car, cursing at myself for not carrying an umbrella for about the billionth time and for not having waterproof shoes, and ran through the parking lot, straight through the double doors. As I stomped my feet on the mat, I looked around the lobby for the big guy. A woman behind the front desk raised her eyebrows at me curiously. "Can I help you with something?" she asked.

"Have you seen Aiden?"


Were there really that many Aidens? "Graves."

"Can I ask what you need him for?"

I bit the inside of my cheek and smiled at the woman who didn't know me and, therefore, didn't have an idea that I knew Aiden. "I'm here to pick him up."

It was obvious she didn't know what to make of me. I didn't exactly look like pro-football player girlfriend material in that moment, much less anything else. I'd opted not to put on any makeup since I hadn't planned on leaving the house. Or real pants. Or even a shirt with the sleeves intact. I had cut-off shorts and a baggy T-shirt with sleeves that I'd taken scissors to. Plus the rain outside hadn't done my hair any justice. It looked like a #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Empty Bowls quotes by Hollywood Undead
#25. I wont cry, it'll be fine. I'll take my last breath. Push it out my chest 'til there's nothing left. #Quote by Hollywood Undead
Empty Bowls quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#26. It takes so little to make a child happy, that it is a pity in a world full of sunshine and pleasant things, that there should be any wistful faces, empty hands, or lonely little hearts. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Empty Bowls quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#27. They try to assign Him the power and public sway He always resisted; people want to make a starlet out of Jesus. But He insisted His power was activated in the margins. Jesus didn't redeem the world on the throne but through the cross. I don't want to consume the redemption Jesus made possible then spurn the methods by which He achieved it. Jesus' kingdom continues in the same manner it was launched; through humility, subversion, love, sacrifice; through calling empty religion to reform and behaving like we believe the meek will indeed inherit the earth. We cannot carry the gospel to the poor and lowly while emulating the practices of the rich and powerful. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Empty Bowls quotes by Stephen Colbert
#28. I may be just an empty flesh terminal reliant on technology for all my ideas, memories and relationships, but I am confident that all of that everything that makes me a unique human being is still out there somewhere, safe in a theoretical storage space owned by giant, multinational corporations. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Empty Bowls quotes by Randy Pausch
#29. When they talk of building self-esteem, they often resort to empty flattery rather than character-building honesty. I've heard so many people talk of downward spiral in our educational system, and I think one key factor is that there is too much stroking and too littke real feedback. #Quote by Randy Pausch
Empty Bowls quotes by Deyth Banger
#30. Porn was something, it was a fill with lessons, full of them..., but for now it's empty so far and what I see I have already saw. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Empty Bowls quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#31. When you attain the highest wisdom, you will disappear physically because people will start seeing only your ideas and thinking about only your wisdom; you will die physically and you will turn into an empty chair full of universe simply! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Empty Bowls quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#32. And so you live like this, day after day, striving and fighting simply to become, or even better - to be. Something better, something more. Something you can live as, live with. A little more developed, a little more define and decluttered. But then there's the people, the world, telling you over and over who you are and what you actually like and who you actually want to be, and so that real voice in your head speaks softer every day, until one day you wake up and it's gone. They killed it, these bastards, with their empty words and useless talk. These people who are acting like stones, walking without bending their knees, without rolling their feet. Talking with empty words and doing tasks without a heart. They broke it. Drowned it. These damn "experts". #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Empty Bowls quotes by Larsen Bowker
#33. When I was young
I wanted to be just like him.
One of the charm, of a bright orange smile
and muscular laughter.
Bold brown eyes flashing fearless
when he sat not alone
on cold blue nights
in empty boxcars.

Riding a freight train's
solitary wail
away from Nebraska
Depression, accompanying dreams
withered farms.
Nothing left but the
leaves of possibilities. #Quote by Larsen Bowker
Empty Bowls quotes by Gail Collins
#34. It is more a mentality than the actual places people live, as Jefferson and Hamilton would argue about - city versus country. For example, someone could have an empty place mentality yet be living in a condo in Boca Raton. #Quote by Gail Collins
Empty Bowls quotes by Randy Moss
#35. I had to get some things right in my personal life. And once I got my family on the same page, to understand who I am and what I do for a living, I asked my oldest daughter, 'What do you think about Daddy coming back?' And she said, 'I didn't think you were done. I want you to win the Super Bowl.' #Quote by Randy Moss

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