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Emceeing Dance quotes by Kevin J. Estes
#1. The Sunlight reflects on,
Pieces of clear, green beer glass on sidewalks,
Where I Break-dance on broken promises,
Trying to repair shattered dreams. #Quote by Kevin J. Estes
Emceeing Dance quotes by Vera Wang
#2. Figure skating has been a great influence for me. I took dance at the School of American Ballet, which helped my own skating. And whether you are a skater or a dancer, without sounding narcissistic, it is all about looking in the mirror. #Quote by Vera Wang
Emceeing Dance quotes by Connilyn Cossette
#3. The dance of ink over finely woven plant fibers became an act of worship, a connection to the Creator of language himself, especially when the words of a new song spilled from my heart onto a sheet of papyrus. #Quote by Connilyn Cossette
Emceeing Dance quotes by Matti Nykanen
#4. As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back. #Quote by Matti Nykanen
Emceeing Dance quotes by J.R. Ward
#5. Fucking hell. "Did you guys plan that out?"
"Yeah, and if you don't fight us"
Hollywood bit down on his grape Tootsie-Pop
"we'll do it again
only with dance moves this time."
"Spare me."
"Fine. Unless you agree to home it, we will rock the dance moves.". To prove the point, the moron linked his palms behind his head and started doing something obscene with his hips. Which was backed up by a series of, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, ohhh, yeeeeeeaaaah, who's your daddy ... #Quote by J.R. Ward
Emceeing Dance quotes by Janet Frame
#6. When our thoughts revolve we are so often deceived into supposing that their violent movement is an indication of their vigorous originality, the upheaval of prejudice and fixed ideas, when all the time it is more likely that the machine which contains them is only an elaborate cement-mixer, and when the thinking is finished, those whirling thoughts are smoothed into the unchanged conventional mould and seeing them set solid enough to dance, to build, to travel upon, we would never dream of their first deceit, of the hope once roused by their apparently violent reorganisation ... #Quote by Janet Frame
Emceeing Dance quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#7. Scott gave my knee an affectionate squeeze. "You'll never hear me admit this again, so listen up. You look good, Grey. On a scale from one to ten, you're definitely in the top half."

"Gee, thanks."

"You're not the kind of girl I would have chased after when I was in Portland, but I'm not the same guy I was back then either. You're a little too good for me, and let's face it, a little too smart."

"You've got street smarts," I pointed out.

"Stop interrupting. You're going to make me lose my place."

"You've got this speech memorized?"

A smirk. "I've got a lot of time on my hands. As I was saying--hell. I forgot where I was."

"You were telling me I can rest assured that I'm better-looking than half the girls at my school."

"That was a figure of speech. If you want to get technical, you're better-looking than ninety percent. Give or take."

I laid a hand over my heart. "I'm speechless."

Scott got down on his knee and clasped my hand dramatically. "Yes, Nora. Yes, I'll go to the homecoming dance with you. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Emceeing Dance quotes by Dean Koontz
#8. When balancing a bottle of nitroglycerin on the point of a sword, never complicate the task by trying to tap dance. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Emceeing Dance quotes by Tehya Sky
#9. Celebration is the sparkle in the eye of the one who glows. It is the song that plays in the house of freedom. Celebration is the dance of life, it's the one dancing to the drumbeat of the heart, it's your birthday cake, it's you blowing out the trick candles, it's you delighting in the fire of life. #Quote by Tehya Sky
Emceeing Dance quotes by Johanna Lindsey
#10. She thought I should woo you into removing the mask I told her you were wearing."
She'd managed to surprise him yet again, to go by his expression and the lambent look that entered his eyes. "That sounds entirely too interesting. You have my rapt attention. Woo away."
"I wouldn't know how," she admitted, lowering her head and suddenly feeling embarrassed.
"Move a little closer,m'dear. I promise I'll get the message."
Her head shot back up. "You're entirely too bold,Rupert St. John."
"I know.It's wonderful,isn't it?"
She rolled her eyes. She supposed this Rupert was much preferable to the dangerous one she'd briefly met in Nigel's room.But which was the real St. John?
Aware that the dance was going to end at any moment,she said, "Now it's my turn.Are you really a spy?"
"Good God,do you really think I'd say so if I was?" he replied,aghast, which was obviously feigned.
"I thought we were being honest."
"No,you are being honest. I'm merely being delighted by it."
Rebecca gritted her teeth. He'd finally managed to provoke her ire with his evasiveness. She stopped dancing, pulled away from his hands,and walked away.
But she heard him call softly after her, "Wait! You haven't heard my dire warnings!"
"Keep them," she shot back. "I wouldn't believe them anyway."
DId he have to laugh at that? #Quote by Johanna Lindsey
Emceeing Dance quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#11. If someone who wanted to learn to dance were to say: For centuries, one generation after the other has learned the positions, and it is high time that I take advantage of this and promptly begin with the quadrille
people would presumably laugh a little at him, but in the world of spirit this is very plausible. What, then, is education? I believed it is the course the individual goes through in order to catch up with himself, and the person who will not go through this course is not much helped by being born in the most enlightened age. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Emceeing Dance quotes by Alice Walker
#12. The earth is for joy, and dancing is a big part of that. And you dance with nature. Nature is always dancing. If you're not harassing it and killing it and mutilating it, nature is dancing. That's what the leaves are doing when the wind blows through them. We live in a magical wonderful universe. And just spoil it while thinking we can at some point go to heaven or some other planet. #Quote by Alice Walker
Emceeing Dance quotes by Anne Stuart
#13. I will give you a little hint," Emma said with a wry smile. "A whore's trick, but a good one. It's a part that you're playing, like a grand actress on the stage. It isn't you. It has nothing to do with you. You're simply using your body in service to something necessary. You can smile and flirt and dance and pretend you're someone entirely different, and it won't matter. You, the real you, will still be safe inside. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Emceeing Dance quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#14. The dance began. Caran remained silent the entire time.
When the instruments slowed to an end, a lute picking a light tune downward until there was no more music, Kestrel broke away. Caran gave her an awkward bow and left.
"Well, that didn't look very fun," said a voice behind her. Kestrel turned. Gladness washed over her.
It was Ronan. "I'm ashamed of myself," he said. "Heartily ashamed, to be so late that you had to dance with such a boring partner as Caran. How did that happen?"
"I blackmailed him."
"Ah." Ronan's eyes grew worried. "So things aren't going well. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Emceeing Dance quotes by Masiela Lusha
#15. I would much rather sit, dimmed by inattention, and study the atmosphere and the silence and dance between people, but often times I'm not offered this privilege. The necessity for isolation, and the striving for attention is the only contradiction I find in being a writer and an actress. #Quote by Masiela Lusha
Emceeing Dance quotes by Craig Taylor
#16. I love roundabouts. I absolutely think they're the best invention, and I don't care who invented the pen, the biro; whoever invented the roundabout, they should be up there on that plinth that they've got going on in Trafalgar Square. You can have a little bit of fun with it, you know. Will I go? Will I not go? The other car might go in my lane. There's a bit of a dance going. It's like a samba. Because in this city, sometimes you just come to a sudden gridlock and you think, well I'm waiting for him, he's waiting for me, he's waiting for him, and you've got everyone looking at everyone - who will make the first move? And you begin to move and he begins to move and then you stop, and everyone's being really polite. But every day you get somebody who just doesn't care, a young lad and he doesn't give a monkey's. #Quote by Craig Taylor
Emceeing Dance quotes by Giles Smith
#17. Astonishing times. Who would have imagined that the Crazy Gang would yield a Hollywood film star (Vinny Jones), a British television ever-present (John Fashanu) and now a televised African dance champion? #Quote by Giles Smith
Emceeing Dance quotes by Willa Cather
#18. But she's the kind that won't be downed easily. She'll work all day and go to a Bohemian wedding and dance all night, and drive the hay wagon for a cross man next morning. #Quote by Willa Cather
Emceeing Dance quotes by W.H. Auden
#19. Ladies and gentlemen, you have made most remarkable
Progress, and progress, I agree, is a boon;
You have built more automobiles than are parkable,
Crashed the sound-barrier, and may very soon
Be setting up juke-boxes on the Moon:
But I beg to remind you that, despite all that,
I, Death, still am and will always be Cosmocrat.

Still I sport with the young and daring; at my whim,
The climber steps upon the rotten boulder,
The undertow catches boys as they swim,
The speeder steers onto the slippery shoulder:
With others I wait until they are older
Before assigning, according to my humor,
To one a coronary, to one a tumor.

Liberal my views upon religion and race;
Tax-posture, credit-rating, social ambition
Cut no ice with me. We shall meet face to face,
Despite the drugs and lies of your physician,
The costly euphenisms of the mortician:
Westchester matron and Bowery bum,
Both shall dance with me when I rattle my drum. #Quote by W.H. Auden
Emceeing Dance quotes by Aimee Garcia
#20. I always promised myself if I ever got the chance to do a 'Flashdance'-type of movie, I would do my own dancing. I can say with pride that every single dance move in 'Go For It!' is my own dance move. #Quote by Aimee Garcia
Emceeing Dance quotes by Anita Diamant
#21. I like the way he danced. And then I like the way we danced together. #Quote by Anita Diamant
Emceeing Dance quotes by Adam Haslett
#22. Kind of gay? I wanted to say. Do you have any notion how many homosexuals sweated their ass off on the dance floor to make this soaring bit of derivative trash possible? How many died of AIDS, OD'd, or went broke on the way to that girl from Texas cutting a deal... #Quote by Adam Haslett
Emceeing Dance quotes by Confucius
#23. Never overlook wallflower at dance; may be dandelion in grass. #Quote by Confucius
Emceeing Dance quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#24. Hard and dry, a chickpea is inedible.
Hard and dry, a heart is unlovable.
Presoak it in dance, music and art. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Emceeing Dance quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#25. He who cannot dance blames the song. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Emceeing Dance quotes by Nishta Kochar
#26. The night lantern next to Begum's khaat(Bed) was buzzing with mosquitoes and insects like a cheap night disco bar where they came in for their daily dose of dance and music. #Quote by Nishta Kochar
Emceeing Dance quotes by Marcha A. Fox
#27. Win demagnetized and then pried off the power chamber faring and tossed it aside. Then he started to laugh. And dance. And slap Dirck on the back. And dance some more. He was laughing so hard he was crying.
'Hey,' Dirck said, the entertainment value of his friend's behavior rapidly depreciating. 'Don't you think we ought to do what we have to and get out of here, before they send another veke? #Quote by Marcha A. Fox
Emceeing Dance quotes by Miley Cyrus
#28. When in doubt dance out #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Emceeing Dance quotes by Adam Johnson
#29. The autopilot is a hands-free piece of electronic wizardry. It's not some brutal application of electricity like one of the Pubyok's car batteries ... Think of its probing as a conversation with the mind, imagine it in a dance with identity. Yes, picture a pencil and eraser engaged in a beautiful dance across the page. The pencil's tip bursts with expression - squiggles, figures, words - filling the page, as the eraser measures, takes note, follows in the pencil's footsteps, leaving only blankness in its wake. The pencil's next seizure of scribbles is perhaps more intense and desperate, but shorter lived, and the eraser follows again. They continue in lockstep this way, the self and the state, coming closer to one another until finally the pencil and the eraser are almost one, moving in sympathy, the line disappearing even as it's laid down, the words unwritten before the letters are formed, and finally there is only white. #Quote by Adam Johnson
Emceeing Dance quotes by Patrick White
#30. Life doesn't end on the kitchen floor while there is the will to dance. #Quote by Patrick White
Emceeing Dance quotes by Christiane Northrup
#31. [A]ny ecstatic experience can be healing not just for you but for others. Therapy is good to help you think differently and break patterns of pessimistic thinking or negative self-talk. But we have to be joyful, dance, and bring pleasure into our lives deliberately. #Quote by Christiane Northrup
Emceeing Dance quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#32. Most people don't get to laugh, be free, dance, be surrounded by this energy. It's important to remind people to take that home. I want the world to start shifting [to] a more positive energy. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Emceeing Dance quotes by Rumi
#33. Dance, and make joyous the love around you. Dance, and your veils which hide the Light shall swirl in a heap at your feet. #Quote by Rumi
Emceeing Dance quotes by Jamie Bell
#34. As a kid I never had the impulse to climb anything. I think that most kids who live in small towns or rural areas outside of the city, that's what they do - climb walls, or trees, or whatever. To me, it was more dance classes and not being very boyish. #Quote by Jamie Bell
Emceeing Dance quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#35. Luke! ... We have to be able to do cool dancing so we don't embarrass our child!"
"I'm a very cool dancer," replies Luke. "Very cool indeed,"
"No you're not!"
"I had dance lessons in my teens, you know," he retorts. "I can waltz like Fred Astire."
"Waltz?" I echo derisively. "That's not cool! We need to know all the street moves. Watch me."
I do a couple funky head-wriggle body-pop maneuvers, like they do on rap videos. When I look up, Luke is gaping at me.
"Sweetheart," he says. "What are you doing?"
"It's hip-hop!" I say. "It's street!"
"Becky! Love!" Mum has pushed her way through her dancing guests to reach me. "What's wrong? Has labour started?"
Honestly. My family has no idea about contemporary urban steet dance trends. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella

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