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Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#1. It is time that outraged public sentiment cry out in detestation of the outrages committed in the name of religion. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella March Chase
#2. Ramblings of a madwoman might be deadly. The same words, spoken in sanity: treason. This truth I have discovered to my woe. Yet, imprisoned within my cell, I find it hard to discern the difference. What is truth? What is lie? God alone knows, for by my soul, I do not. Still, death silences all. And death waits for me beyond this vaulted chamber, its walls etched with the words of prisoners who came before me. Their names haunt me; their pleas for mercy mock me, letters chipped into stone during endless hours. #Quote by Ella March Chase
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Frank
#3. I need a suit of armor and the courage to stand behind my convictions to fight for what I want. #Quote by Ella Frank
Ella Santorini quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#4. My stomach growled again, even more loudly than the first time. I flushed in embarrassment.
Jack's brows lifted. "Sounds like you haven't eaten in days, Ella."
"I'm starving. I'm always hungry." I sighed. "The reason I eat vegan is because my boyfriend Dane does. I never feel full for more than twenty minutes, and it's hard to keep up my energy."
"Then why do you do it?"
"I like the health benefits. My cholesterol and blood pressure are really low. And my conscience feels better when I eat an animal-free diet."
"I know of some good remedies for an active conscience," he said.
"I'm sure you do."
"It sounds like if it weren't for your boyfriend, you'd be eating meat."
"Probably," I admitted. "But I agree with Dane's take on the issues, and most of the time it's not a problem for me. Unfortunately, I'm temptable."
"I like that in a woman. It almost makes up for your conscience."
-Jack & Ella #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#5. 'Tis they who are in their own chambers haunted By thoughts that like unbidden guests intrude, And sit down, uninvited and unwanted, And make a nightmare of the solitude. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#6. Admit it, Ella. It's not so bad being a carnivore."
I reached for a chunk of bread and dabbed it in soft yellow butter. "I'm not a carnivore, I'm an opportunistic omnivore. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Frank
#7. She hadn't heard anything from him, not a single word. Really, she hadn't expected to, but knowing it and then living it were two totally different things. #Quote by Ella Frank
Ella Santorini quotes by Melody  Lee
#8. Off the Santorini cliff on a dark, starless night, I tossed a message in a bottle and love found me washed up on the black lava sand of the Aegean shore. As with my previous loves, volcanic in nature. Almost destructive before it started. #Quote by Melody Lee
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Frank
#9. I've never wanted something more. But with you, I can't seem to stop myself. I want to look at you and know that you're mine, and that terrifies me." Tate's fingers wrapped around his own as he brought their arms in close to his sides, and then Tate asked again, "Why?" Logan found Tate's eyes and finally acknowledged, "Because I think I could love someone like you. #Quote by Ella Frank
Ella Santorini quotes by Rick Riordan
#10. Her words had the intended effect. The Roman officers laughed nervously. Some sized up Ella, then looked at Octavian and snorted. The idea of a chicken lady issuing prophecies was apparently just as ridiculous to Romans as it was to Greeks. "I, uh ... " Octavian dropped his teddy bear. "No, but - #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Rose Carlos
#11. Fair as a lily, joyous and free, light of that little home was she.
Ev'ryone who knew her felt the gentle pow'r of Scarlett Rain, my sweet wildflow'r. #Quote by Ella Rose Carlos
Ella Santorini quotes by Sara Ella
#12. Because true beauty comes from within, from the person you are. #Quote by Sara Ella
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Henderson
#13. My plan was always to leave school and live in a flat with some friends, have a 9 to 5 job, and try to get as many gigs as I could. I wanted to keep writing and then eventually, in my twenties, head to a record label and hope they'd sit down and listen to my book of songs, sign me as a songwriter and maybe an artist in development. #Quote by Ella Henderson
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella James
#14. Isn't ignorance bliss?" "Ignorance is drunkenness, #Quote by Ella James
Ella Santorini quotes by Estelle
#15. I would say my greatest musical influences have been Ella Fitzgerald and Mary J. Blige. #Quote by Estelle
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Frank
#16. He had to admit that it was a thrill to be wanted by Logan Mitchell. #Quote by Ella Frank
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Baker
#17. The major job was getting people to understand that they had something within their power that they could use, and it could only be used if they understood what was happening and how group action could counter violence. #Quote by Ella Baker
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Fox
#18. You're the reason that my life wound up being worth anything angel, and I swear to you that I'll move Heaven and Earth to be worthy of you, always. #Quote by Ella Fox
Ella Santorini quotes by Quincy Jones
#19. I believe that a hundred years from now, when people look back at the 20th century, they will look at Miles, Bird, Clifford Brown, Ella and Dizzy, among elders as our Mozarts, our Chopins, our Bachs and Beethovens. #Quote by Quincy Jones
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Frank
#20. Don't," he said in a voice that was soft but adamant. His troubled expression reminded me that I was not the calming force in his life.
I was the exact opposite.
Moving the bulky camera aside, I asked, "Don't..?"
"Don't look too close."
Lowering the Nikon, I touched the stubble on his jaw. "What are you afraid I'll see?"
Without touching any part of my naked body, he still managed to slay me.
"Everything I've become. #Quote by Ella Frank
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#21. Give us that grand word 'woman' once again, and let's have done with 'lady'; one's a term full of fine force, strong, beautiful, and firm, fit for the noblest use of tongue or pen; and one's a word for lackeys. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#22. It is easy enough to be virtuous When nothing tempts you to stray; When without or within No voice of sin Is luring your soul away. But it is only a negative virtue until it is tried by fire. For the soul that is worth the treasures of the earth is the soul that resists desire. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Gladys Knight
#23. I'm comfortable singing jazz. The only thing I was concerned about is that everybody, even in jazz, has their own style. To me, the queen of doodling was Ella Fitzgerald, and scatting is something I never thought I could do. #Quote by Gladys Knight
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Carey
#24. best things in life are mad, you know, darling. Instinctive," he said. "You don't understand that yet . . . but, in time, you will. That's where the magic lies. And that, my darling, is what you are lacking in your life." "What? #Quote by Ella Carey
Ella Santorini quotes by Brad Barkley
#25. Okay, Ella. Is it possible for you to be any more vague?"
"Maybe," I say, smiling at her. #Quote by Brad Barkley
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Eyre
#26. I've always had loads of teddy bears. #Quote by Ella Eyre
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#27. Look in; and learn the wrong, and right,
From your own soul's unwritten laws.
And when you question, or demur,
Let Love be your Interpreter. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Henderson
#28. Growing up, I listened and was influenced by a lot of those around me. I have a big family, and my dad listened to '80s music, my mom listened to Motown, my brother listened to reggae, and my granddad was the one that got me into jazz and swing music. #Quote by Ella Henderson
Ella Santorini quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#29. You know, Ella, you're not the first woman who's ever been in this shower with me
"I'm shocked." I leaned back against him as he soaped my back.
but you're for damn sure the first one who's ever worried about wasting water."
"How much, would you say?"
"Ten gallons per minute, give or take."
"Oh my God. Hurry.We can't stay in here long. We'll throw the entire ecological system out of balance. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Fitzgerald
#30. When we were at the Apollo, Holiday was a block away. I asked her for her autograph. #Quote by Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#31. For every hour of pain I have had a day of pleasure. For every moment of worry, an hour of content. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Melissa Lemon
#32. Tanner: I think that I might kiss you to keep your lips busy with something other than insulting me.
Ella: If you think you can do it without getting lost. #Quote by Melissa Lemon
Ella Santorini quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#33. Our lives are songs; God write the words And we set them to music at pleasure; And the song grows glad, or sweet or sad, As we choose to fashion the measure. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Santorini quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#34. Dear Miss Independent,
I've decided that of all the women I've ever known, you are the only one I will ever love more than hunting, fishing, football, and power tools.
You may not know this, but the other time I asked you to marry me, the night I put the crib together, I meant it. Even though I knew you weren't ready.
God, I hope you're ready now.
Marry me, Ella. Because no matter where you go or what you do, I'll love you every day for the rest of my life.
- Jack #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ella Santorini quotes by Sarah Jio
#35. I think of the way James proposed, at our favorite New York City restaurant. He'd tucked the ring in his pocket and gotten down on one knee. Simple, perfect. I feel the familiar pain creeping back, and then I remember what Alex said. I know I may always ache for the past, for the two greatest loves of my life, but I want to be a bird now. I want to flap my wings through the rainstorms. I want to start my day with the earnestness of the morning glory, the way its blossoms open with the sunrise, ready to shine no matter what. #Quote by Sarah Jio

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