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Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Irving Kirsch
#1. Depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and it is not cured by medication. Depression may not even be an illness at all. Often, it can be a normal reaction to abnormal situations. Poverty, unemployment, and the loss of loved ones can make people depressed, and these social and situational causes of depression cannot be changed by drugs. #Quote by Irving Kirsch
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Neel Burton
#2. You see, people in the depressive position are often stigmatised as 'failures' or 'losers'. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. If these people are in the depressive position, it is most probably because they have tried too hard or taken on too much, so hard and so much that they have made themselves 'ill with depression'. In other words, if these people are in the depressive position, it is because their world was simply not good enough for them. They wanted more, they wanted better, and they wanted different, not just for themselves, but for all those around them. So if they are failures or losers, this is only because they set the bar far too high. They could have swept everything under the carpet and pretended, as many people do, that all is for the best in the best of possible worlds. But unlike many people, they had the honesty and the strength to admit that something was amiss, that something was not quite right. So rather than being failures or losers, they are just the opposite: they are ambitious, they are truthful, and they are courageous. And that is precisely why they got 'ill'. To make them believe that they are suffering from some chemical imbalance in the brain and that their recovery depends solely or even mostly on popping pills is to do them a great disfavour: it is to deny them the precious opportunity not only to identify and address important life problems, but also to develop a deeper and more refined appreciation of themselves and of th #Quote by Neel Burton
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Alan Greenspan
#3. The more flexible an economy, the greater its ability to self-correct in response to inevitable, often unanticipated, disturbances and thus to contain the size and consequences of cyclical imbalances. #Quote by Alan Greenspan
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Jennifer Morrison
#4. I drink coconut water before my workouts. It has just the right amount of calories and electrolytes to get me going. My body has actually started craving it. #Quote by Jennifer Morrison
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Nancy Dale
#5. Eating more than you need is not necessarily a sign of a chemical imbalance or eating the wrong types of food. It is a sign that you are fundamentally out of balance. #Quote by Nancy Dale
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Karen Archer
#6. The divisions in our world are not a result of religious or of culture, but are politically based. There is an imbalance of power in the world and the powerless are beginning to challenge the hegemony fohte Great power. #Quote by Karen Archer
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
#7. It is rarely possible, when a human being is in deep need, to look upon somebody who offers help as merely another flawed human being with whom one is going to engage in a protracted conversation. A kind of wild idealization sets in, and we imagine the person in whom we confide to possess ineffable and valuable traits beyond those attainable by ordinary mortals. We ascribe value, and project qualities onto this person that almost never correspond with reality. It is a little bit like falling in love - powerful emotions are called forth. It takes a strong person not to exploit the ensuing power imbalance. #Quote by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by John Gutfreund
#8. Proprietary stock-index arbitrage is but one aspect of program trading. Arbitrage will take place whenever there is an imbalance created in one or more markets that are similar. #Quote by John Gutfreund
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#9. Never speak of marriage as an achievement. Find ways to make clear to her that marriage is not an achievement, nor is it what she should aspire to. A marriage can be happy or unhappy, but it is not an achievement. We condition girls to aspire to marriage and we do not condition boys to aspire to marriage, and so there is already a terrible imbalance at the start. The girls will grow up to be women preoccupied with marriage. The boys will grow up to be men who are not preoccupied with marriage. The women marry those men. The relationship is automatically uneven because the institution matters more to one than the other. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Amit Ray
#10. The core of the ecological imbalance and global warming is the exploitation mindset. Nature is not for exploitation but exploration for better living, coexistence, co-caring, and co-growing. #Quote by Amit Ray
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Sam Harris
#11. Ethical transgressions are generally divided into two categories: the bad things we do (acts of commission) and the good things we fail to do (acts of omission). We tend to judge the former far more harshly. The origin of this imbalance remains a mystery, but it surely relates to the value we place on a person's energy and intent. #Quote by Sam Harris
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Tarthang Tulku
#12. By means of meditation we can teach our minds to be calm and balanced; within this calmness is a richness and a potential, an inner knowledge which can render our lives boundlessly satisfying and meaningful. While the mind may be what traps us in unhealthy patterns of stress and imbalance, it is also the mind which can free us. Through meditation, we can tap the healing qualities of mind. #Quote by Tarthang Tulku
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Dawn O'Porter
#13. There is a massive gender imbalance on TV #Quote by Dawn O'Porter
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Karen Armstrong
#14. Huge imbalance in power has resulted in the alienation, rage, fury, and awful amoral terrorism that has erupted and is erupting at the present time. And in order to counter this, we need to make the compassionate voice of religion and morality a dynamic force in our world. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Beverly Pepper
#15. In the end, I feel that one has to have a bit of neurosis to go on being an artist. A balanced human seldom produces art. It's that imbalance which impels us. I often think that all I want to do now is to avoid suicide, accidental or otherwise. Other than that, I think living on the edge is what drives my work and me beyond a certain point. The artist lives with anxiety. When you finally reach a plateau of achievement, there comes a new anxiety - the hunger to push on still further. That angst is what makes you go forward. #Quote by Beverly Pepper
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Deepak Chopra
#16. To live without love, compassion, or any other spiritual value creates a state of such severe imbalance that every cell yearns to correct it. Ultimately, that is what lies behind the onset of disease; the body is sending a message that something lacking in the present - an imbalance existing somewhere - has given rise to highly visible, unarguable, physical symptoms. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Cherrie L Moraga
#17. Think of it in terms of men's and women's cultures: women live in male systems, know male rules, speak male language when around men, etc. But what do men really know about women? Only screwed up myths concocted to perpetuate the power imbalance. It is the same situation when it comes to dominant and non-dominant or colonizing and colonized cultures/ countries/ people. As a bilingual/bicultural woman whose native culture is not American, I live in an American system, abide by American rules of conduct, speak English when around English speakers, etc., only to be confronted with utter ignorance or concocted myths and stereotypes about my own culture.

-- Judit Moschkovich - "--But I Know You, American Woman #Quote by Cherrie L Moraga
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Daniel Pinchbeck
#18. The capitalist mind perceives the world purely in terms of material resources to be used for its benefit, to increase productivity and profit without thought of long term consequence. If there is still a vague and oppressive sense of guilt, of wrongness and imbalance, this gnawing guilt spurs capitalism on to greater acts of consumption, more ... Read moreviolent attempts to subjugate nature, more totalizing efforts to create distractions. To the "rational materialist" mind, death is the end of everything; this thought feeds its rage against nature, which has placed it in this position of despair. #Quote by Daniel Pinchbeck
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio
#19. From that imbalance rose the tragic results of the coming together of two worlds. It was the extermination of an ancient dream by the frenzy of a modern one, the destruction of myths by a desire for power. It was gold, modern weapons, and rational thought pitted against magic and gods: the outcome could not have been otherwise. #Quote by Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by David Niven
#20. ...Relationships crumble under the weight of imbalance. Neither person can be more important. Neither person can be more involved or committed. Neither person can make all the decisions. Neither person can make all the sacrifices... #Quote by David Niven
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Anita Moorjani
#21. Cancer is just a word that creates fear. Forget about that word, and let's just focus on balancing your body. All illnesses are just symptoms of imbalance. No illness can remain when your entire system is in balance. #Quote by Anita Moorjani
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Irving Kirsch
#22. Depression, we are told over and over again, is a brain disease, a chemical imbalance that can be adjusted by antidepressant medication. In an informational brochure issued to inform the public about depression, the US National Institute for Mental Health tells people that 'depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain' and adds that 'important neurotransmitters - chemicals that brain cells use to communicate - appear to be out of balance'. This view is so widespread that it was even proffered by the editors of PLoS [Public Library of Science] Medicine in their summary that accompanied our article. 'Depression,' they wrote, 'is a serious medical illness caused by imbalances in the brain chemicals that regulate mood', and they went on to say that antidepressants are supposed to work by correcting these imbalances.
The editors wrote their comment on chemical imbalances as if it were an established fact, and this is also how it is presented by drug companies. Actually, it is not. Instead, even its proponents have to admit that it is a controversial hypothesis that has not yet been proven. Not only is the chemical-imbalance hypothesis unproven, but I will argue that it is about as close as a theory gets in science to being dis-proven by the evidence. #Quote by Irving Kirsch
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Abraham Foxman
#23. I worry because there is a basic asymmetry, an imbalance, between the two parties. For the Palestinians, it is about status and sovereignty, which could always be adjusted, while for Israel it is about security and trust. And security is something you can't adjust. If you make a mistake on the scrutiny issue, there is no going back. #Quote by Abraham Foxman
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Warren Snow
#24. What is Reiki Healing? The term Reiki is a combination of Japanese and Chinese characters, rei, which means spiritual, and ki, which means vital energy. Its healing principle is founded in the age-old belief that diseases are caused by the imbalance of vital energy in the human body and that Reiki healing, #Quote by Warren Snow
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#25. What would be my, how should I call it, spontaneous attitude towards the universe? It's a very dark one. The first thesis would have been a kind of total vanity: there is nothing, basically. I mean it quite literally, like… ultimately there are just some fragments, some vanishing things. If you look at the universe, it's one big void. But then how do things emerge? Here, I feel a kind of spontaneous affinity with quantum physics, where, you know, the idea there is that universe is a void, but a kind of a positively charged void. And then particular things appear when the balance of the void is disturbed. And I like this idea of spontaneous very much that the fact that it's just not nothing… Things are out there. It means something went terribly wrong… that what we call creation is a kind of a cosmic imbalance, cosmic catastrophe, that things exist by mistake. And I'm even ready to go to the end and to claim that the only way to counteract it is to assume the mistake and go to the end. And we have a name for this. It's called love. Isn't love precisely this kind of a cosmic imbalance? I was always disgusted with this notion of "I love the world" universal love. I don't like the world. I don't know how… Basically, I'm somewhere in between "I hate the world" or "I'm indifferent towards it." But the whole of reality, it's just it. It's stupid. It is out there. I don't care about it. Love, for me, is an extremely violent act. Love is not "I love you all." Love means I pick out som #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Tony Curl
#26. I'm not convinced that the universe is balanced. Maybe for the universe to be balanced, first we need to be balanced, becauseit's only then can balance really be delivered. I'm pretty sure if I view the world as a bitter, twisted individual, all I will meet are other bitter, twisted people. When I acknowledge my emtions, but embrace awareness I find balance. When I fight my emotions I find imbalance. #Quote by Tony Curl
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Jenny Lawson
#27. I can tell you that "Just cheer up" is almost universally looked at as the most unhelpful depression cure ever. It's pretty much the equivalent of telling someone who just had their legs amputated to "just walk it off." Some people don't understand that for a lot of us, mental illness is a severe chemical imbalance rather just having "a case of the Mondays." Those same well-meaning people will tell me that I'm keeping myself from recovering because I really "just need to cheer up and smile." That's when I consider chopping off their arms and then blaming them for not picking up their severed arms so they can take them to the hospital to get reattached. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Drew Hayes
#28. Happiness is a temporary chemical imbalance of the true state of mind. #Quote by Drew Hayes
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Cassandra Clare
#29. It occurs to me," said Hodge, "that the dilemmas of power are
always the same." Clary glanced at him sideways. "What do you mean?"
She sat on the window seat in the library, Hodge in his chair with Hugo on
the armrest. The remains of breakfast - sticky jam, toast crumbs, and
smears of butter - clung to a stack of plates on the low table that no one
had seemed inclined to clear away. After breakfast they had scattered to
prepare themselves, and Clary had been the first one back. This was hardly
surprising, considering that all she had to do was pull on jeans and a shirt
and run a brush through her hair, while everyone else had to arm
themselves heavily. Having lost Jace's dagger in the hotel, the only
remotely supernatural object she had on her was the witchlight stone in her
"I was thinking of your Simon," Hodge said, "and of Alec and Jace,
among others."
She glanced out the window. It was raining, thick fat drops spattering
against the panes. The sky was an impenetrable gray. "What do they have
to do with each other?"
"Where there is feeling that is not requited," said Hodge, "there is an
imbalance of power. It is an imbalance that is easy to exploit, but it is not a
wise course. Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist
side by side."
"Simon doesn't hate me."
"He might grow to, over time, if he felt you were using him. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#30. Very often when I see people who are perceived to be, or who call themselves progressives, sometimes I see an imbalance. Yes I understand the courage in their mind but I don't see the spirituality in their heart, good you are questioning the limits, but what about yourself, are you also liberating yourself? #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Ani DiFranco
#31. My feminism has evolved way beyond self-empowerment and I see feminism as a path to peace on earth. The fundamental imbalance that is behind all of the other social diseases is patriarchy. I do believe. As men and women, together, I really long to feel my society evolve its understanding since we're one of the leaders in the f-word. I want us to grow our idea of feminism collectively and get both men and women involved in undoing patriarchy. It's huge. It's a huge job. #Quote by Ani DiFranco
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Gary Hopkins
#32. Loneliness is a condition of energetic imbalance. As with all human conditions it is an illusion, albeit a very debilitating one if left unchecked. The key to overcoming any imbalance is to open your awareness to it, and then simply observe it. By observing the imbalance, the anguish of the emotional aspect dissipates allowing a new perspective to emerge, which ultimately has a smoothing effect on the imbalance itself. A focused mind over a short period of time can conquer any energetic imbalance ... even loneliness #Quote by Gary Hopkins
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Lydia Lunch
#33. I believe happiness is a chemical imbalance - it's a silly thing to strife for. But satisfaction - if you seek satisfaction, you can succeed. Satisfaction is knowing that you're doing the best that you can do; you're living your life to the fullest. #Quote by Lydia Lunch
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Kent Welton
#34. With the recent demise of totalitarian communisms, and new rise of capital'sglobal reach and power, it has become fashionable to explain away today's gross factor imbalance and assume the world has entered a new era of capitalist peace and "new paradigm" of perpetual prosperity. Such assumptions not only run counter to history, and fly in the face of today's growing wealth disparities, depression, stock debacles, and social backlash but also deny the dismal dynamic set into place. #Quote by Kent Welton
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#35. Karhiders discuss sexual matters freely, and talk about kemmer with both reverence and gusto, but they are reticent about discussing perversion - at least they were with me. Excessive prolongation of the kemmer period, with permanent hormonal imbalance toward the male or the female, causes what they call perversion; it is not rare; three or four percent of adults may be physiological perverts or abnormals - normals, by our standard. They are not excluded from society, but they are tolerated with some disdain, as homosexuals are in many bisexual societies, the Karhidish slang for them is halfdeads. They are sterile. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Floyd Skloot
#36. A risk for a poet-novelist is imbalance: The poems can flatten into prose or lose their intensity of focus; the novels can stall amid lofty writing or literary preciousness and ignore the engine of plot and character. #Quote by Floyd Skloot
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Randy S. Woodley
#37. Monotheistic peoples have prayed to the Creator of all things for millennia without ever knowing the Second Testament claim that Jesus Christ is the historic Creator. Put simply, if indigenous people have been praying the Creator and the Creator is Christ, to whom have the been praying? Asked in another way, since there exist among indigenous peoples numerous testimonies of the creator's intervention and blessing in their lives, with whom have they been in relationship?
Certainly a broader missional view would have been good news to such people. Instead, indigenous peoples were most often told by Euro-western missionaries that they worshiped another god. One also wonders what has been the effect of a theology that separates the Creator-Son and Savior/Restorer of all things? Such an imbalance has prevented western theologians from understanding a broader view of salvation that has helped maintain a dualism that prevents people from understanding that all creation, together, comes under the covering of Christ's universal restoration.
Based on the past missional perspectives, the result of such an imbalanced theology is apparent -- a weak salvation theology equals a weak god. A weak god is not great enough to reach all peoples everywhere or able to restore all creation. The god of western mission has too often been capricious, carrying with him an exceptionalist theology that favors the categories and conclusions of the Euro-western world. Perhaps God is greater than t #Quote by Randy S. Woodley
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by John Ralston Saul
#38. Our civilization is locked in the grip of an ideology - corporatism. An ideology that denies and undermines the legitimacy of individuals as the citizen in a democracy. The particular imbalance of this ideology leads to a worship of self-interest and a denial of the public good. The practical effects on the individual are passivity and conformism in the areas that matter, and non-conformism in the areas that don't #Quote by John Ralston Saul
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Ani DiFranco
#39. You can't start with imbalance and end with peace, be that in your own body, in an ecosystem or between a government and its people. What we need to strive for is not perfection, but balance. #Quote by Ani DiFranco
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Frances Mayes
#40. There are reasons we congregate in these hot spots- to worship beauty and to feel its effects light up the electrolytes in the bloodstream. #Quote by Frances Mayes
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Ernst F. Schumacher
#41. The all-pervading disease of the modern world is the total imbalance between city and countryside, an imbalance in terms of wealth, power, culture, attraction and hope. The former has become over-extended and the latter has atrophied. The city has become the universal magnet, while rural life has lost its savour. Yet it remains an unalterable truth that, just as a sound mind depends on a sound body, so the health of the cities depends on the health of the rural areas. The cities, with all their wealth, are merely secondary producers, while primary production, the precondition of all economic life, takes place in the countryside. The prevailing lack of balance, based on the age-old exploitation of countryman and raw material producer, today threatens all countries throughout the world, the rich even more than the poor. To restore a proper balance between city and rural life is perhaps the greatest task in front of modern man. #Quote by Ernst F. Schumacher
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Henci Goer
#42. A study of interactions between women and obstetricians offers an explanation. It described three levels of increasing power imbalance: In the first, you fight and lose; in the second you don't fight because you know you can't win. However, in the highest level of power differential, your preferences are so manipulated that you act against your own interests, but you are content. Elective [meaning requested for no medical reason, not to be confused with needed surgery planned in advance] repeat cesarean exemplifies that highest level. #Quote by Henci Goer
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Bryant McGill
#43. When you succumb to cynicism, darkness, pessimism and sarcasm you are amplifying imbalance and negativity. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#44. Was I tapping into a universal yearning for God? Did I have a chemical imbalance? Or did I just need to get laid? #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Electrolytes Imbalance quotes by Susan Forward
#45. A relationship in which one partner can express hostile feelings but the other cannot is based on a serious imbalance of power. Yet, the woman who sees herself as powerless in such a relationship is not seeing things as they really are. She actually has more power than her partner, because he is far more dependent on her than she is on him. She just doesn't realize it. His neediness, his fears of abandonment, his need to be in total control, his intense possessiveness, and his distorted view of reality make him a paper tiger. No matter how powerful he appears, he feels powerful only when he is subjugating and controlling her. These defenses give him a sense of safety but also keep him locked into a very rigid way of behaving. In contrast, once the woman learns to accurately assess her real strengths, she is in a much better position than he is to change her behavior and her life. #Quote by Susan Forward

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