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Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#1. Truth comes out in wine. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Steven Erikson
#2. They consider themselves masters at cheating. But then, I think this will be the first time that they sit at a table with mortal humans facing them. Cheating? When it comes to that, the Elder Gods are as children compared to humans. Since the time of my return, this much at least I have learned. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Elder quotes by D.L. Given
#3. I thought I lost you again. You couldn't know what those four years were like. To not know where you were, who you were with, or if you were being treated well? I wasn't sure for a long time if you were even alive. I don't ever want to go through that again. Vance ... The Elder Effect #Quote by D.L. Given
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#4. As for the garden of mint, the very smell of it alone recovers and refreshes our spirits, as the taste stirs up our appetite for meat. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Erin Hunter
#5. Look Rushtail," Crowfeather was meowing frustratedly "WindClan is gathering farther down the hill. If you stay here, you'll get mixed up with ThunderClan" "So?" ThunderClan never did me any harm," rasped the elder "I'm not moving a pawstep from here, young fellow, until I've had something to eat" Crowfeather rolled his eyes " Great StarClan #Quote by Erin Hunter
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#6. As a logical thinker, I cannot help thinking, based on the evidence, that many people who exhibit dramatic reactions to bad news involving strangers are hypocrites. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#7. Wonderful is the wit and subtiltie that dumb creatures have & how they shift for themselves and annoy their enemies: which is the only difficultie that they have to arise and grow to so great an height and excessive bignesse. The dragon therefore espying the Elephant when he goeth to releese, assaileth him from an high tree and launceth himselfe upon him; but the Elephant knowing well enough well enough he is not able to withstand his windings and knittings about him, seeketh to come close to some trees or hard rockes, and so forth to crush and squise the dragon between him and them: the dragons ware hereof, entangle and snarle his feet and legges first with their taile: the Elephants on the other side, undoe those knots with their trunke as with a hand: but to prevent that againe, the dragons put in their heads into their snout, and so stop their breath, and withall, fret and gnaw the tenderest parts that they find there.

(Translated by Philomel Holland, 1601.
"The Book of Naturalists: An Anthology of the Best Natural History", 1944. p. 20) #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#8. Alyosha, was not at all a fanatic, and, in my view at least, even not at all a mystic. I will give my full opinion beforehand: he was simply an early lover of mankind,1 and if he threw himself into the monastery path, it was only because it alone struck him at the time and presented him, so to speak, with an ideal way out for his soul struggling from the darkness of worldly wickedness towards the light of love. And this path struck him only because on it at that time he met a remarkable being, in his opinion, our famous monastery elder Zosima, to whom he became attached with all the ardent first love of his unquenchable heart. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Elder quotes by Alexander Elder
#9. Beginners focus on analysis, but professionals operate in a three dimensional space. They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. #Quote by Alexander Elder
Elder quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#10. One of our Church educators published what he purports to be a history of the Church's stand on the question of organic evolution. His thesis challenges the integrity of a prophet of God. He suggests that Joseph Fielding Smith published his work, Man: His Origin and Destiny, against the counsel of the First Presidency and his own Brethren. This writer's interpretation is not only inaccurate, but it also runs counter to the testimony of Elder Mark E. Petersen, who wrote this foreword to Elder Smith's book, a book I would encourage all to read. Elder Petersen said:

Some of us [members of the Council of the Twelve] urged [Elder Joseph Fielding Smith] to write a book on the creation of the world and the origin of man.... The present volume is the result. It is a most remarkable presentation of material from both sources [science and religion] under discussion. It will fill a great need in the Church and will be particularly invaluable to students who have become confused by the misapplication of information derived from scientific experimentation.

When one understands that the author to whom I alluded is an exponent of the theory of organic evolution, his motive in disparaging President Joseph Fielding Smith becomes apparent. To hold to a private opinion on such matters is one thing, but when one undertakes to publish his views to discredit the work of a prophet, it is a very serious matter.

It is also apparent to all who have the Spirit o #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Elder quotes by Alexander Elder
#11. Traders lose because the game is hard, or out of ignorance, or lack of discipline or because of both. #Quote by Alexander Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#12. It has become quite a common proverb that in wine there is truth (In Vino Veritas). #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#13. God has no power over the past except to cover it with oblivion. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Qian Zhongshu
#14. Why do charming girls all have fathers? She can be hidden away all by herself in one's heart to cuddle, but when her father, uncle, and brother are dragged along with her, the girl stops being so cute and carefree and it's not so easy to conceal her away in your heart anymore. Her charm has been mixed in with the dregs. Some people talk about marriage as though it were homosexual love. It's not the girl they fancy, but her old man or her elder brother they admire. #Quote by Qian Zhongshu
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#15. True happiness consists in being considered deserving of it. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Julie Kagawa
#16. You have no idea what you really are," the Elder Wyrm went on, "or why you are special to the dragons of Talon. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Elder quotes by Annie Dillard
#17. One of the best stories of the early Christian desert hermits goes like this: 'Abbe Lot came to Abbe Joseph and said: Father, according as I am able, I keep my little rule, and my little fast, prayer, meditation and contemplative silence; and according as I am able I strive to cleanse my heart of thoughts: Now what more should I do? The elder rose up in reply and stretched out his hands to heaven, and his fingers became like ten lamps of fire. He said: Why not be totally changed into fire? #Quote by Annie Dillard
Elder quotes by Bob Craton
#18. Madrére Sybille, an elder of the Sistéria, is speaking to twenty-four year old Sistére Graice:

Sybille – I won't lecture you but twenty-four is still young. Age brings experience and . .

Graice – And wisdom? That's just what old people say. #Quote by Bob Craton
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#19. Now, that the sovereign power and deity, whatsoever it is, should have regard of mankind, is a toy and vanity worthy to be laughed at. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Alice Walker
#20. As an elder of the Americas and of the rest of the planet, it is my responsibility to care for and protect, to the best of my ability, the young. #Quote by Alice Walker
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#21. The largest land animal is the elephant, and it is the nearest to man in intelligence: it understands the language of its country and obeys orders, remembers duties that it has been taught, is pleased by affection and by marks of honour, nay more it possesses virtues rare even in man, honesty, wisdom, justice, also respect for the stars and reverence for the sun and moon. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#22. And this feeling had been more painfully perceived by young d'Artagnan - for so was the Don Quixote of this second Rosinante named - from his not being able to conceal from himself the ridiculous appearance that such a steed gave him, good horseman as he was. He had sighed deeply, therefore, when accepting the gift of the pony from M. d'Artagnan the elder. He was not ignorant that such a beast was worth at least twenty livres; and the words which had accompanied the present were above all price. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#23. Grief has limits, whereas apprehension has none. For we grieve only for what we know has happened, but we fear all that possibly may happen. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#24. If they want to flirt or initiate a friendship, they should carefully avoid giving the impression they are taking the initiative; men do not like tomboys, nor bluestockings, nor thinking women; too much audacity, culture, intelligence, or character frightens them.

In most novels, as George Eliot observes, it is the dumb, blond heroine who outshines the virile brunette; and in The Mill on the Floss, Maggie tries in vain to reverse the roles; in the end she dies and it is blond Lucy who marries Stephen. In The Last of the Mohicans, vapid Alice wins the hero's heart and not valiant Cora; in Little Women kindly Jo is only a childhood friend for Laurie; he vows his love to curly-haired and insipid Amy.

To be feminine is to show oneself as weak, futile, passive, and docile. The girl is supposed not only to primp and dress herself up but also to repress her spontaneity and substitute for it the grace and charm she has been taught by her elder sisters. Any self-assertion will take away from her femininity and her seductiveness. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#25. By the time I was twelve, I had progressed from "If he doesn't get better, he may have to be institutionalized" to "He's a weird, screwed-up kid. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Wayne A. Grudem
#26. Again and again, we keep returning to this question: what does the Bible say? If it forbids women from taking the office of pastor or elder (as I have argued extensively elsewhere),4 then we have no right to say this is a "unique time" when we can disobey what God's Word says. Therefore those who argue that women should have all ministry roles open to them because this is a "unique time" in history are taking the church another step down the path toward liberalism. #Quote by Wayne A. Grudem
Elder quotes by Jane Fonda
#27. I'm now the elder in the position of doling out wisdom and trying to mend fences. #Quote by Jane Fonda
Elder quotes by Richard M. Weaver
#28. There was a time when the elder generation was cherished because it represented the past; now it is avoided and thrust out of sight for the same reason. #Quote by Richard M. Weaver
Elder quotes by Elder Paisios Of Mount Athos
#29. Live simply and without thinking too much, like a child with his father. Faith without too much thinking works wonders. The logical mind hinders the Grace of God and miracles. Practice patience without judging with the logical mind. #Quote by Elder Paisios Of Mount Athos
Elder quotes by Michael Scott
#30. Sisters are a trial," he said. "And it doesn't matter if they're Elder or humani. Sometimes I think they exist solely to upset and annoy their brothers. #Quote by Michael Scott
Elder quotes by Dennis Mccullough
#31. Far from the cinematic drama of hospital emergency rooms, Slow Medicine embraces the unsung work of daily attention that is the greatest need and firmest foundation for longevity and quality of life at the farthest reach of age. Excellent chronic care attends to the day-to-day needs and conditions of the patient - by offering emotional support and social stimulation, supplying better nutrition, easing chronic skin and nail conditions, and making sleeping, moving, bathing, dressing, and voiding easier. Slow Medicine is the careful practice that most reliably sustains fragile patterns of well-being. This foundation for better elder care strengthens, rather than replaces, the selective use of high-tech care. During the time of the writing of this book, I have lived the #Quote by Dennis Mccullough
Elder quotes by Cato The Elder
#32. Tis sometimes the height of wisdom to feign stupidity. #Quote by Cato The Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#33. The only thing man knows instinctively is how to weep. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#34. The mind is slow to unlearn what it learnt early. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by William Shakespeare
#35. Danger knows full well that Caesar is more dangerous than he. We are two lions litter'd in one day, and I the elder and more terrible. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Elder quotes by Elizabeth I
#36. Eyes of youth have sharp sight but commonly not so deep as those of elder age. #Quote by Elizabeth I
Elder quotes by Indra Nooyi
#37. But the good news was that my elder sister refused to get married straight away and I couldn't get married until she did so I had the licence to go off and dream. #Quote by Indra Nooyi
Elder quotes by Anonymous
#38. Jake Sullivan, elder of the Grimnoir Society, kept the sword and watched the sunrise. Someday he would pass it to his son. END #Quote by Anonymous
Elder quotes by Robert Galbraith
#39. Optimumque est, ut volgo dixere, aliena insania frui. And the best plan is, as the popular saying was, to profit by the folly of others. Pliny the Elder, Historia Naturalis #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Elder quotes by George Colman The Elder
#40. Oh how will crime engender crime! throw guilt
Upon the soul, and like a stone cast on
The troubled waters of a lake,
'Twill form in circles round succeeding round;
Each wider than the first. #Quote by George Colman The Elder
Elder quotes by Arla Williams
#41. Respecting this planet we live on is a must. I heard an elder say, "When we begin to see what we call resources as relatives a healing can come." If we ruin this planet we live on where will we go? #Quote by Arla Williams
Elder quotes by Andrew Tobias
#42. There were no jobs created in America from 1945, when the war ended, through 2003. How could there be? Taxes were too high. Preposterously so under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan (who left office with a 28 percent rate on long-term capital gains) and Bush the Elder. #Quote by Andrew Tobias
Elder quotes by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
#43. The surest way of achieving your goal is through the single-minded pursuit of simple actions. #Quote by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
Elder quotes by Joe Ducie
#44. I could do anything - be anything.
I could be a blackberry farmer.
I could worry about phone bills and nipping out to the corner shop for milk and bread of a morning.
Little Declan Jr. could learn to walk and talk with his real father, alive and well, and I could teach him how to wear a waistcoat with just the right amount of tragic charm, take him to school in a few years, maybe makehim a little sister to look out for, someone to keep him on his toes. He could play a sport - tennis, maybe, or football. I'd attend parent-teacher meetings and have after-work drinks with the neighbors, talking about how well so-and-so is doing, and why yes, Declan Jr. is learning to play the piano. Top of his class, you know - he has his mother's grace…
I could see all of that, as clear in my mind as sunlight on fresh snow, and so much more.
Just living day to day. One morning we could have picnics, my family and I, next to blue glacial lakes. One afternoon my son would be old enough to meet a girl, get in a fight, need to shave. One evening his sister will need help with her homework, and he'll complain, but he'll help.
And then one day the Elder Gods would descend from a blood-red sky in chariots lashed together from bone and flame and take away all my blackberries. #Quote by Joe Ducie
Elder quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#45. Strive to have the faith of a child; endeavour to have the wisdom of an elder. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#46. All art is an imitation of nature. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#47. A god cannot procure death for himself, even if he wished it, which, so numerous are the evils of life, has been granted to man as our chief good. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#48. It is wrong not to give a hand to the fallen. This right is common to the whole human race. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Alexander Elder
#49. The market does not know you exist. You can do nothing to influence it. You can only control your behavior. #Quote by Alexander Elder
Elder quotes by Shailender Singh
#50. Harry is my elder brother. He is the wiser one who leads Percept, he shows us the path. My job is to run it, create the relationships, and run the business as profitably as I can. Harry acquires, merges, expands he is responsible for Percept's growth. #Quote by Shailender Singh
Elder quotes by Jonathan Swift
#51. No preacher is listened to but time, which gives us the same train and turn of thought that elder people have in vain tried to put into our heads before. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Elder quotes by Nancy Gibbs; Michael Duffy
#52. The elder Bush explained later that "watching your son taking a pounding from his critics was much, much harder" than being president. "Barbara quit reading the papers and watching the new, but I couldn't do that #Quote by Nancy Gibbs; Michael Duffy
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#53. I apologize for my earlier behavior."
She gave him a sidelong grin. "You're not really sorry."
He gave that due thought. Carefully he said, "I am regretful that I am not sorry. Does that count? #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Pier Paolo Pasolini
#54. The birds sang in the dust
in an elaborate weave, ambiguous,
deafening, prey to existence
poor passions lost between the modest
summits of groves of mulberry and elder;
and I, like them, in secluded places
reserved for the lost and pure,
would wait for evening to fall,
for the silent smells of fire
and joyous misery to fill the air,
for the Angelus bell to toll, veiled
in the new peasant mystery
fulfilled in the ancient mystery. #Quote by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Elder quotes by Cato The Elder
#55. It is a hard matter to save a city in which a fish sells for more than an ox. #Quote by Cato The Elder
Elder quotes by Red Buttons
#56. Pliny the Elder, who when Rome was burning requested Nero to play You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille. Never got a dinner! #Quote by Red Buttons
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#57. He had taken to asking himself WWPD? (What Would Pia Do?) #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#58. The enjoyments of this life are not equal to its evils. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Robert L. Sumner
#59. Abel was also the first of the human family to experience physical death- and it was through murder! He suffered death because of another's sin, the transgression of his elder brother Cain, who, in a fit of rage, killed him in cold blood. At the same time, thanks to faith in the sin-offering, he overcame death. The first man to descend into the Valley of the Shadow of Death was the first one to triumphantly march straight through it into the Paradise of Glory. He stepped from the excruciating pain of mortal manslaughter's hate into the exquisite land of eternal delights prepared by the Father's love! He led the way, like a pioneer, for all subsequent generations of men and women of faith throughout human history. #Quote by Robert L. Sumner
Elder quotes by Matt Ridley
#60. Yet Nancy Wexler's obsession with finding the gene was driven by her desire to mend it or cure it when she did find it. And she is undoubtedly closer to that goal now than ten years ago. 'I am an optimist', she writes, 'Even though I feel this hiatus in which we will be able only to predict and not to prevent will be exceedingly difficult .. . I believe the knowledge will be worth the risks.'
What of Nancy Wexler herself? Several times in the late 1980s, she and her elder sister Alice sat down with their father Milton to discuss whether either of the women should take the test. The debates were tense, angry and inconclusive. Milton was against taking the test, stressing its uncertainties and the danger of a false diagnosis. Nancy had been determined that she wanted the test, but her determination gradually evaporated in the face of a real possibility. Alice chronicled the discussions in a diary that later became a soulsearching book called Mapping fate. The result was that neither woman took the test. Nancy is now the same age as her mother was when she was diagnosed. #Quote by Matt Ridley
Elder quotes by Agatha Christie
#61. Ah yes, the people concerned. That is very important. You remember, perhaps, who they were?'

Depleach considered.

'Let me see-it's a long time ago. There were only five people who were really in it, so to speak-I'm not counting the servants-a couple of faithful old things, scared-looking creatures-they didn't know anything about anything. No one could suspect them.'

'There are five people, you say. Tell me about them.'

'Well, there was Philip Blake. He was Crale's greatest friend-had known him all his life. He was staying in the house at the time.He's alive. I see him now and again on the links. Lives at St George's Hill. Stockbroker. Plays the markets and gets away with it. Successful man, running to fat a bit.'

'Yes. And who next?'

'Then there was Blake's elder brother. Country squire-stay at home sort of chap.'

A jingle ran through Poirot's head. He repressed it. He mustnot always be thinking of nursery rhymes. It seemed an obsession with him lately. And yet the jingle persisted.

'This little pig went to market, this little pig stayed at home…'

He murmured:

'He stayed at home-yes?'

'He's the fellow I was telling you about-messed about with drugs-and herbs-bit of a chemist. His hobby. What was his name now? Literary sort of name-I've got it. Meredith. Meredith Blake. Don't know whether he's alive or not.'

'And who next?'

'Next? Well, #Quote by Agatha Christie
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#62. Wine maketh the band quivering, the eye watery, the night unquiet, lewd dreams, a stinking breath in the morning, and an utter forgetfulness of all things. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#63. Many other means there be, that promise the foreknowledge of things to come: besides the raising up and conjuring of ghosts departed, the conference also with familiars and spirits infernal. And all these were found out in our days, to be no better than vanities and false illusions ... #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by J.K. Rowling
#64. Avada Kedavra!" "Expelliarmus!" The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead center of the circle they had been treading, marked the point where the spells collided. Harry saw Voldemort's green jet meet his own spell, saw the Elder Wand fly high, dark against the sunrise, spinning across the enchanted ceiling like the head of Nagini, spinning through the air toward the master it would not kill, who had come to take full possession of it at last. And Harry, with the unerring skill of the Seeker, caught the wand in his free hand as Voldemort fell backward, arms splayed, the slit pupils of the scarlet eyes rolling upward. Tom Riddle hit the floor with a mundane finality, his body feeble and shrunken, the white hands empty, the snakelike face vacant and unknowing. Voldemort was dead, killed by his own rebounding curse, and Harry stood with two wands in his hand, staring down at his enemy's shell. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#65. Liam can't be a rebellious son and expect to be a sentinel at the same time. I won't allow it. Sentinels obey orders. They have to. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Alexander Elder
#66. Markets are actually set up so that most traders must lose money #Quote by Alexander Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#67. Honey comes out of the air At early dawn the leaves of trees are found bedewed with honey. Whether this is the perspiration of the sky or a sort of saliva of the stars, or the moisture of the air purging itself, nevertheless it brings with it the great pleasure of its heavenly nature. It is always of the best quality when it is stored in the best flowers. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Rick Perlstein
#68. A candidate with no experience they would package as a citizen politician, a lifetime hack as an elder statesman. #Quote by Rick Perlstein
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#69. No book so bad but some part may be of use. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#70. Giving her a slow, coaxing smile that turned the heat in the room up by a thousand degrees, he stroked her lips with the balls of his thumbs as he murmured, "Can we get back to talking about possibly inviting that werewolf for sex? #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Hassan Blasim
#71. The operation would be in a week...I didn't know if I would survive. How I longed to go back to reading! There was nowhere I longed to be more than the university campus. I was preparing for a master's on fantasy literature. I was interested in why the country's literature did not include this distinctive genre. I had this great passion for studying and writing, which they explained in my household with the story of the umbilical cord. When I was born, and at my father's request, my elder sister buried my umbilical cord in the courtyard of her primary school. My father attributed my {brother's} academic failure to the fact that my mother buried his umbilical cord in the garden of our house. #Quote by Hassan Blasim
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#72. When I act politely, I build a reserve of goodwill in others. That reserve allows those people to cut me some slack when I do something annoying. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Robin Wall Kimmerer
#73. Nanabozho also had the task to learn how to live from his elder brothers and sisters. When he needed food, he noticed what the animals were eating and copied them. Heron taught him to gather wild rice. One night by the creek, he saw a little ring-tailed animal carefully washing his food with delicate hands. He thought, "Ahh, I am supposed to put only clean food in my body."
Nanabozho was counseled by many plants too, who shared gifts, and learned to treat them always with the greatest respect. After all, plants were here first on the earth and have had a long time to figure things out. Together, all the beings, both plants and animals, taught him what he needed to know. The Creator had told him it would be this way. #Quote by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Elder quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#74. Here indeed is a major difference between people and ants: where we send our young men to war, ants send their old ladies. No moral lesson there, unless you are looking for a less expensive form of elder care. #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#75. There was nothing else in the entire universe, nothing but the two of them together. Her curves, his angles. Her light, his darkness. Her softness, his exquisitely aching hardness.
Male. Female. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Richard Kadrey
#76. THERE'S ONLY ONE problem with L.A. It exists. L.A. is what happens when a bunch of Lovecraftian elder gods and porn starlets spend a weekend locked up in the Chateau Marmont snorting lines of crank off Jim Morrison's bones. If the Viagra and illegal Traci Lords videos don't get you going, then the Japanese tentacle porn will. #Quote by Richard Kadrey
Elder quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#77. The story is told that someone stopped Elder J. Golden Kimball on the street on one occasion. There had been a little difficulty in Elder Kimball's family that had become publicly known, and whoever it was who stopped him, no doubt with a mind to injure, said, ' Brother Kimball, I understand you're having some problems with one of your children.' His answer was, ' Yes, and the Lord is having some problems with some of his, too. #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Elder quotes by Elder Porphyrios
#78. Love Christ and put nothing before His Love. He is joy, He is life, He is light. Christ is Everything. He is the ultimate desire, He is everything. Everything beautiful is in Christ. #Quote by Elder Porphyrios
Elder quotes by Grace Draven
#79. She tried to imagine him as an elder Kai man, with hair turned silvery white instead of its current sloe darkness. He'd still be as handsome and regal as he was now. She chuckled under her breath, amused at the idea that she once thought him hideous.

One yellow eye peered up at her. "What amuses you, wife?" The question fell away to a moan as she rubbed his scalp.

"I was just thinking you are far too handsome for your own good."

"It's the scars," he said. "They give me a certain air. #Quote by Grace Draven
Elder quotes by Charles Darwin
#80. The elder Geoffroy and Goethe propounded, at about the same time, their law of compensation or balancement of growth; or, as Goethe expressed it, in order to spend on one side, nature is forced to economise on the other side. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Elder quotes by Ilaria Ramelli
#81. Supporters of apokatastasis in roughly chronological order:

-[c. 30-105] Apostle Paul and various NT authors
-[c. 80-150] Scattered likely references among Apostolic Fathers
oJustin Martyr
oTheophilus of Antioch (explicit references)
-[130-202] Irenaeus
-[c. 150-200] Pantaenus of Alexandria
-[150-215] Clement of Alexandria
-[154-222] Bardaisan of Edessa
-[c. 184-253] Origen (including The Dialogue of Adamantius)
-[♱ 265] Dionysius of Alexandria
-[265-280] Theognustus
-[c. 250-300] Hieracas
-[♱ c. 309] Pierius
-[♱ c. 309] St Pamphilus Martyr
-[♱ c. 311] Methodius of Olympus
-[251-306] St. Anthony
-[c. 260-340] Eusebius
-[c. 270-340] St. Macrina the Elder
-[conv. 355] Gaius Marius Victorinus (converted at very old age)
-[300-368] Hilary of Poitiers
-[c. 296-373] Athanasius of Alexandria
-[♱ c. 374] Marcellus of Ancrya
-[♱378] Titus of Basra/Bostra
-[c. 329-379] Basil the Cappadocian
-[327-379] St. Macrina the Younger
-[♱387] Cyril of Jerusalem (possibly)
-[c. 300-388] Paulinus, bishop of Tyre and then Antioch
-[c. 329-390] Gregory Nazianzen
-[♱ c. 390] Apollinaris of Laodicaea
-[♱ c. 390] Diodore of Tarsus
-[330-390] Gregory of Nyssa
-[c. 310/13-395/8] Didymus the Blind of Alexandria
-[333-397] Ambrose of Milan
-[345-399] Evagrius Ponticus
-[♱407] Theotimus of Scythia
#Quote by Ilaria Ramelli
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#82. In wine there is health (In vino sanitas) #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#83. Find Your Strengths and Interests #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Lemony Snicket
#84. And a refrigerator may hold a basket of strawberries, which would be important if a maniac said to you, "If you don't give me a basket of strawberries right now, I'm going to poke you with this large stick." But when the two elder Baudelaires and Quigley Quagmire opened the refrigerator, they found nothing that would help someone who was wounded, dying of thirst, or being threatened by a strawberry-crazed, stick-carrying maniac. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Elder quotes by James Thurber
#85. History is replete with proofs, from Cato the Elder to Kennedy the Younger, that if you scratch a statesman you find an actor, but it is becoming harder and harder, in our time, to tell government from show business. #Quote by James Thurber
Elder quotes by Various
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#87. It is this earth that, like a kind mother, receives us at our birth, and sustains us when born; it is this alone, of all the elements around us, that is never found an enemy of man. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#88. It is best not to be born or to die as soon as possible. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Thomas B. Holman
#89. Many of us have the mote and beam problem (see Matt. 7:3–5) - that is, we can easily see the faults of others, but not our own. So before we start holding others up to scrutiny to see if they are worthy of us, maybe we ought to work first on becoming a "right person" for someone else. Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles offered this counsel: "If the choice is between reforming other Church members [including fiancés, spouses, and children] or ourselves, is there really any question about where we should begin? The key is to have our eyes wide open to our own faults and partially closed to the faults of others - not the other way around! The imperfections of others never release us from the need to work on our own shortcomings." 5 Therefore, when we focus on finding the right person, we should also focus on becoming the right person for someone else. The strengths we bring to a marriage will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the marriage. #Quote by Thomas B. Holman
Elder quotes by Jonathan Messinger
#90. The quotes are often poignant or funny (one man before the firing squad requests a bulletproof vest) and often don't register as much more than interesting historical documents from centuries past. But read in aggregate, all that pain piles up. Essentially, Elder has amassed a collection of what people say when they know they are going to die, the final product of what could be seen as psychological torture. #Quote by Jonathan Messinger
Elder quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#91. Love, care and treasure the elderly people in the society. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Elder quotes by John Piper
#92. I spoke the hardest words and almost broke:
'There is another kinsman still
More close to you than I. He will
Be given legal right to take
You if he will. Tomorrow make
Your prayer, and I will settle this
With elder in the gate.' No kiss
That night. But when she left, still dark,
She took my hand and drew and arc
And said, 'The God of Exodus
And flood at dawn will fight for us.'
That was our only touch. #Quote by John Piper
Elder quotes by Brian  Doyle
#93. These things matter to me, Daniel, says the man with six days to live. They are sitting on the porch in the last light. These things matter to me, son. The way the hawks huddle their shoulders angrily against hissing snow. Wrens whirring in the bare bones of bushes in winter. The way swallows and swifts veer and whirl and swim and slice and carve and curve and swerve. The way that frozen dew outlines every blade of grass. Salmonberries thimbleberries cloudberries snowberries elderberries salalberries gooseberries. My children learning to read. My wife's voice velvet in my ear at night in the dark under the covers. Her hair in my nose as we slept curled like spoons. The sinuous pace of rivers and minks and cats. Fresh bread with too much butter. My children's hands when they cup my face in their hands. Toys. Exuberance. Mowing the lawn. Tiny wrenches and screwdrivers. Tears of sorrow, which are the salt sea of the heart. Sleep in every form from doze to bone-weary. Pay stubs. Trains. The shivering ache of a saxophone and the yearning of a soprano. Folding laundry hot from the dryer. A spotless kitchen floor. The sound of bagpipes. The way horses smell in spring. Red wines. Furnaces. Stone walls. Sweat. Postcards on which the sender has written so much that he or she can barely squeeze in the signature. Opera on the radio. Bathrobes, back rubs. Potatoes. Mink oil on boots. The bands at wedding receptions. Box-elder bugs. The postman's grin. Linen table napkins. Tent flaps. The #Quote by Brian Doyle
Elder quotes by Elder Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
#94. Question: How can we consider created matter to be better than us if God has endowed us with a rational mind and has called us His sons?

Answer: If you place your hand over your heart and are entirely sincere with yourself, you will realize that you are indeed less than many created things. Look at the bee, how diligently it labors! It gives of itself without reserve, sparingly. The lifespan of a bee is a month and a half at the most. It often dies working, without going back to its home, the hive. And we? How we pity ourselves and spare ourselves! Or, look at the ant who is never tired of dragging a heavy burden. Even when its burden falls down, the ant patiently picks it up and goes on with its work. As for us, we give up immediately if things do not go the way we want them to! #Quote by Elder Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
Elder quotes by James M.  Robinson
#95. Old Ways May Not Give You Up

An elderly man in a Lobi village once renounced the spirits in favor of Islam by discarding the very beliefs in spirits and mystical inanimate objects that have held our societies together for more three centuries. He threw his fetishes in a nearby lake. Sadly he turned and walked away from the lake and the traditions. As the elder walked away, the fetishes leaped out of the lake onto his back again to reclaim him.

"Sometimes the old ways will not give you up"…Chief–Lobi Tribe #Quote by James M. Robinson
Elder quotes by Bell Hooks
#96. Paul and Elder remind us: Critical thinkers are clear as to the purpose at hand and the question at issue. They question information, conclusions and point of view. They strive to be clear, accurate, precise, and relevant. They seek to think beneath the surface, to be logical and fair. They apply these skills to their reading and writing as well as to their speaking and listening. Critical thinking #Quote by Bell Hooks
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#97. The desire to know a thing is heightened by its gratification being deferred. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by James Wright
#98. Beginning"

The moon drops one or two feathers into the field.
The dark wheat listens.
Be still.
There they are, the moons young, trying
Their wings.
Between trees, a slender woman lifts up the lovely shadow
Of her face, and now she steps into the air, now she is gone
Wholly, into the air.
I stand alone by an elder tree, I do not dare breathe
Or move.
I listen.
The wheat leans back toward its own darkness,
And I lean toward mine. #Quote by James Wright
Elder quotes by Larry Elder
#99. Studies show that children of divorced parents can have outcomes as positive as those coming from intact homes, provided the father remains financially supportive and active in his children's lives. #Quote by Larry Elder
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#100. She was truly one of the most ancient and wildest of creatures. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#101. The young might have been restless around any primal fire where an elder was saying, Know this. Certainly they would have been restless. Their bodies were consumed with the business of lengthening limbs, sprouting hair, fitting themselves for procreation. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#102. The lust of avarice as so totally seized upon mankind that their wealth seems rather to possess them than they possess their wealth. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#103. And besides, look at elder flowers and bluebells-they are a sign that pure creation takes place - even the butterfly.
But humanity never gets beyond the caterpillar stage -it rots in the chrysalis, it never will have wings.It is anti-creation, like monkeys and baboons. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#104. Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Temple West
#105. Oh my gosh, you totally have a Gryffindor scarf, don't you? And an Elder wand and a Goblet of Fire. Tell me you have a Goblet of Fire."
He blushed,and it was adorable. "No Goblet of Fire…I might have the wand. #Quote by Temple West
Elder quotes by Pierce Brown
#106. If Titus raped a little girl who happened to be a Red, how would you feel?"

She doesn't know how to answer. The Law does. Nothing would happen. It isn't rape unless she wears the sigil of an elder House like Augustus. Even then, the crime is against her master.

"Now look around," I say quietly. "There are no Golds here. I'm a Red. You're a Red. We are all Reds till one of us gets enough power. Then we get rights. Then we make our own law." I lean back and raise my voice. "That is the point of all this. To make you terrified of a world where you do not rule. Security and justice aren't given. They are made by the strong."

"You should hope that is not true," Mustang says quietly to me.


"Because there is a boy here like you." Her face takes on a gloomy aspect, as though she regrets what she must say. "My Proctor calls him the Jackal. He is smarter and crueler and stronger than you, and he will win this game and make us his slaves if the rest of us go about acting like animals." Her eyes implore me. "So please, hurry up and evolve. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#107. The feasant hens of Colchis, which have two ears as it were consisting of feathers, which they will set up and lay down as they list. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Larry Elder
#108. But did the Founding Fathers ever intend for the federal government to involve itself in education, health care or retirement benefits? The answer, quite clearly, is no. The Constitution, in Article I, Section 8 - which contains the general welfare clause - seeks to restrain federal government, not expand it. #Quote by Larry Elder
Elder quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#109. There were two sisters, they went playing,

To see their father's ships come sailing …

And when they came unto the sea-brim

The elder did push the younger in
Sometimes she sank, and sometimes she swam,

'Til her corpse came to the miller's dam

"But what did he do with her breastbone?

He made him a viol to play on.

What'd he do with her fingers so small?

He made pegs to his viol withall

And what did he do with her nose-ridge?

Unto his viol he made a bridge.

What did he do with her veins so blue?

He made strings to his viol thereto

What did he do with her eyes so bright?

On his viol he set at first light.

What did he do with her tongue so rough?

'Twas the new till and it spoke enough

"Then bespake the treble string,

'O yonder is my father the king.'

Then bespake the second string,

'O yonder sits my mother the queen.'

Then bespake the strings all three,

'Yonder is my sister that drowned me.' #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Elder quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#110. And Gandalf said: This is your realm, and the heart of the greater realm that shall be. The Third Age of the world is ended, and the new age is begun; and it is your task to order its beginning and to preserve what must be preserved. For though much has been saved, much must now pass away; and the power of the Three Rings also is ended. And all the lands that you see, and those that lie round about them, shall be dwellings of Men. For the time comes of the Dominion of Men, and the Elder Kindred shall fade or depart. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Elder quotes by Jane Austen
#111. Advantage, spent the chief of her time with her two elder sisters. In society so superior to what she had generally known, her improvement was great. #Quote by Jane Austen
Elder quotes by Suzanne Johnson
#112. I talked to Zrakovi this afternoon," Alex said, giving me an undecipherable look. "He's putting me back on sentinel duty for the next few weeks while you handle a special assignment."
Special assignment had an ominous ring to it.
"What kind of special assignment? And why am I hearing it from you instead of Zrakovi?" Elder Z was my boss, not Alex, however Mr. Bossy liked to think otherwise.
"You're going to be babysitting Jean Lafitte and making sure he doesn't try to take revenge on anyone for what happened last month."
At my horrified, speechless gape, Alex gave me a grim smile and held his glass of port up in salute as my dessert congealed into a lump in my stomach. "Good luck with that, Jolie. #Quote by Suzanne Johnson
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#113. The love has got to be bigger than everything else. The isolation, the separation, the danger. When the love is bigger than all of that – you just do it. You pay the price in uncertainty and sometimes bereavement, because every moment you're together is worth the cost. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#114. As in our lives so also in our studies, it is most becoming and most wise, so to temper gravity with cheerfulness, that the former may not imbue our minds with melancholy, nor the latter degenerate into licentiousness. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Andrew Lang
#115. I sha'n't let my prisoners go as easily as all that!' she said. 'Make my hair grow as thick and as black as yours, or else your husbands shall never see daylight again.' 'That is quite simple,' replied the elder sister; 'only you must do as we did - and perhaps you won't like the treatment.' 'If you can bear it, of course I can,' answered the witch. And so the girls told her they had first smeared their heads with pitch and then laid hot stones upon them. 'It is very painful,' said they, 'but there is no other way that we know of. And in order to make sure that all will go right, one of us will hold you down while the other pours on the pitch.' And so they did; and the elder sister let down her hair till it hung over the witch's eyes, so that she might believe it was her own hair growing. Then the other brought a huge stone, and, in short, there was an end of the witch. The sisters were savages who had never seen a missionary. #Quote by Andrew Lang
Elder quotes by Clifford D. Simak
#116. This is written in the elder days as the Earth rides close to the rim of eternity, edging nearer to the dying Sun, into which her two inner companions of the solar system have already plunged to a fiery death. The Twilight of the Gods is history; and our planet drifts on and on into that oblivion from which nothing escapes, to which time itself may be dedicated in the final cosmic reckoning. #Quote by Clifford D. Simak
Elder quotes by Yanni
#117. Sometimes the knowledge you've been given in school or by an elder - 'this is just the way it is' - keeps you from accomplishing because it traps you in a box in your mind and limits your freedom to deliver. #Quote by Yanni
Elder quotes by Lauren Kate
#118. Presidia, you fool," Dee shouted at the nun, dragging the arrow backward with her high heel. Luce leaned down to pick it up and slipped it inside the satchel. "You know that won't hurt me! Now you've annoyed my friends." She gestured broadly at the angels darting forward to disarm the costumed Elders.
"Stand down, defector!" Presidia replied. "We require the girl! Surrender her and we will-"
But Presidia never finished. Arriane was at the Elder's back in a flash, brushing the veil from her head, taking her white hair in her fists.
"Because I respect my Elders," Arriane hissed through her clenched teeth, "I feel I must prevent them from embarrassing themselves." Then she lifted off the ground, still holding Presidia by the air. The Elder kicked the air as if pedaling an invisible bicycle. Arriane pivoted and slammed the old woman's body into the cornice of the church's façade with such force it left an indention when she collapsed in a twisted heap, hands and legs sticking out at grisly angles. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Elder quotes by Neil Leckman
#119. Has anybody ever written a horror pop-up book? The center of the book pops up and opens the gate to the elder gods. Of course you'll want to shrink wrap these books because you want people to buy them before they get sucked into another dimension. #Quote by Neil Leckman
Elder quotes by Beverly Campbell
#120. We are reminded of the equity of eternal principles by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, "We share in a single system of salvation. We strive to walk the same strait and narrow path. We read the same scriptures. We frequent the same holy temples of God, participating in its holy ordinances. We partake of the same sacrament and share spiritual gifts. We are called to serve the kingdom of God--and released--by the same divine authority. We depend on the same Atonement for immortality, and upon obeying the same commandments for eternal life. We are to cultivate the same celestial attributes and to develop the same righteous reflexes. #Quote by Beverly Campbell
Elder quotes by Beth Revis
#121. I run and run and run. Past the hospital, through the garden, past a pond. And to the cold metal wall. I stop, gulping at the air, my heart racing in my ears. I reach up with one hand and touch the wall. My fingers curl into a fist, but it falls weakly to my side. And that's when I realize there is no where to run. 'But', my heart whispers, 'there is Elder. #Quote by Beth Revis
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#122. Fortune reveres the brave, and overwhelms the cowardly. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#123. The People of the Eastern Ice, they are melting like the snow -
They beg for coffee and sugar; they go where the white men go.
The People of the Western Ice, they learn to steal and fight;
"They sell their furs to the trading-post: they sell their souls to the white.
The People of the Southern Ice, they trade with the whaler's crew;
Their women have many ribbons, but their tents are torn and few.
But the People of the Elder Ice, beyond the white man's ken -
Their spears are made of the narwhal-horn, and they are the last of the Men! #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Elder quotes by Lois Lowry
#124. The Receiver was the most important Elder. Jonas had never even seen him, that he knew of; someone in a position of such importance lived and worked alone. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Elder quotes by Cato The Elder
#125. Patience is the greatest of all virtues. #Quote by Cato The Elder
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#126. Unhappy is the man, though he rule the world, who doesn't consider himself supremely blessed. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Sherman Alexie
#127. Jeez, how stupid was I? What kind of job can a reservation Indian boy get? I was too young to deal blackjack at the casino, there were only about fifteen green grass lawns on the reservation (and none of their owners outsourced the mowing jobs), and the only paper route was owned by a tribal elder named Wally. And he had to deliver only fifty papers, so his job was more like a hobby. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Elder quotes by Hillel The Elder
#128. If not now, when? If not you, who? #Quote by Hillel The Elder
Elder quotes by Mary Doria Russell
#129. The Elder is called Dee, first-born, of the Yarbrough lineage, whose landname is VaWaco. #Quote by Mary Doria Russell
Elder quotes by Lew Wallace
#130. Difference in their ages. The elder was bareheaded. A loose tunic, dropping to the knees, was his attire complete, except sandals and a light-blue mantle spread under him on the seat. The costume left his arms and legs exposed, and they were brown as the face; nevertheless, a certain grace of manner, refinement of features, and culture of voice decided his rank. The tunic, of softest woollen, gray-tinted, at the neck, sleeves, and edge of the skirt bordered with red, and bound to the waist by a #Quote by Lew Wallace
Elder quotes by Lynne Truss
#131. That man was Aldus Manutius the Elder (1450-1515) and I will happily admit I hadn't heard of him until about a year ago, but am now absolutely kicking myself that I never volunteered to have his babies. #Quote by Lynne Truss
Elder quotes by Cato The Elder
#132. Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise. #Quote by Cato The Elder
Elder quotes by Cato The Elder
#133. Farming, if you do one thing late, you will be late in all your work. #Quote by Cato The Elder
Elder quotes by Joe Hill
#134. He didn't finish most of the stories he started anymore, couldn't bear to. He felt weak at the thought of reading another story about vampires having sex with other vampires. He tried to struggle through Lovecraft pastiches, but at the first painfully serious reference to the Elder Gods, he felt some important part of him going numb inside, the way a foot or a hand will go to sleep when the circulation is cut off. He feared the part of him being numbed was his soul. #Quote by Joe Hill
Elder quotes by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
#135. Strategy is a system of expedients #Quote by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
Elder quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#136. They filed out in descending order by altitudes, the father first, out through the sunlit doors in a sextet of calico isotropes and into the street, the elder smiling, along through the crowds and down the road toward the river still single file and with deadpan decorum leaving behind a congregation mute and astounded. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Elder quotes by Jane Austen
#137. The younger brother must help to pay for the pleasures of the elder. #Quote by Jane Austen
Elder quotes by A.S. Peterson
#138. Turn it beautiful.

His words came faintly at first, but they came again and again, always softly, always with the insistence of an elder commanding wisdom.

Turn it all to beauty.

She walked to the rail. When she turned and sat upon it, she heard a sailor in the crowd murmur that she might play them a tune. She hoped he was right. She needed the voices to be wrong. Fin raised the instrument to the cleft of her neck and closed her eyes. She emptied her mind and let herself be carried back to her earliest memory, the first pain she ever knew: the knowledge that her parents didn't want her. The despair of rejection coursed through her. It fathered a knot of questions that bound her, enveloped her. Waves of uncertainty and frailty shook her to the bones. Her body quivered with anger and hopelessness. She reeled on the edge of a precipice. She wanted to scream or to throw her fists but she held it inside; she struggled to control it. She fought to subjugate her pain, but it grew. It welled up; it filled her mind. When she could hold it no more, exhausted by defiance and wearied by years of pretending not to care, Bartimaeus's words surrounded her.

Got to turn it beautiful.

She dropped her defenses. She let weakness fill her. She accepted it. And the abyss yawned. She tottered over the edge and fell. The forces at war within her raced down her arms and set something extraordinary in motion; they became melody and harmony: r #Quote by A.S. Peterson
Elder quotes by Nancy L. Kriseman
#139. As your care recipient's advocate, be involved, don't accept the status quo, and don't be afraid to voice your concerns. #Quote by Nancy L. Kriseman
Elder quotes by Virginia Woolf
#140. However, the majority of women are neither harlots nor courtesans; nor do they sit clasping pug dogs to dusty velvet all through the summer afternoon. But what do they do then? and there came to my mind's eye one of those long streets somewhere south of the river whose infinite rows are innumerably populated. With the eye of the imagination I saw a very ancient lady crossing the street on the arm of a middle-aged woman, her daughter, perhaps, both so respectably booted and furred that their dressing in the afternoon must be a ritual, and the clothes themselves put away in cupboards with camphor, year after year, throughout the summer months. They cross the road when the lamps are being lit (for the dusk is their favourite hour), as they must have done year after year. The elder is close on eighty; but if one asked her what her life has meant to her, she would say that she remembered the streets lit for the battle of Balaclava, or had heard the guns fire in Hyde Park for the birth of King Edward the Seventh. And if one asked her, longing to pin down the moment with date and season, but what were you doing on the fifth of April 1868, or the second of November 1875, she would look vague and say that she could remember nothing. For all the dinners are cooked; the plates and cups washed; the children sent to school and gone out into the world. Nothing remains of it all. All has vanished. No biography or history has a word to say about it. And the novels, without meaning to, inevit #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Elder quotes by Elder Paisios Of Mount Athos
#141. When there is a respect for small things, there will be an even greater respect towards the bigger things. When there is no respect for small things, then neither will there be for the bigger ones. This is how the Fathers maintained Tradition. #Quote by Elder Paisios Of Mount Athos
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#142. Know this, that he that is a friend to himself, is a friend to all men. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Morgan Matson
#143. It's always a risk," the Elder said, but more quietly now, like perhaps he was no longer speaking to her. "Wherever there is
great emotion. Because there is power in that. And few people handle power well."
"It was only a kiss," Tamsin said, focusing back on the owl.
"Oh," the Elder said, shaking this head, "that is where you are mistaken. Believing that such a thing - just a kiss - has ever, for even a second, existed in this world #Quote by Morgan Matson
Elder quotes by Hilary Mantel
#144. I'm one of these children who grew up at the knee of my grandmother and her elder sister, listening to very old people talk about their memories. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Elder quotes by Carl Jung
#145. Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious. #Quote by Carl Jung
Elder quotes by Matthew Hayden
#146. My brother Gary, who was my coach, five years my elder, studied human movements at Queensland University in Brisbane. We used to train together every day, and we'd train for so long that at the end of a session, we would physically almost collapse. #Quote by Matthew Hayden
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#147. I think it is the most beautiful and humane thing in the world, so to mingle gravity with pleasure that the one may not sink into melancholy, nor the other rise up into wantonness. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by D.L. Given
#148. You'll be civilized or we'll leave your arse here." Johan ... "Vital Perception #Quote by D.L. Given
Elder quotes by Isabel Allende
#149. I think that my life changed at 50. Many things happened. Menopause, the end of youth and my daughter died that year after being a whole year in a coma. So I think that I changed and I became an elder at 50. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Elder quotes by Georgette Heyer
#150. The Reverend William Trent, whose mind was of a serious order, had several times warned his elder sister that too lively a sense of humour frequently led to laxity of principle. She now perceived how right he was; and wondered, in dismay, whether it was because he invariably made her laugh that instead of regarding the Nonesuch with revulsion she was obliged to struggle against the impulse to cast every scruple to the winds, and to give her life into his keeping. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#151. No mortal man, moreover is wise at all moments. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#152. But what a painful difference between the two! The father bends over his returning son. The elder son stands stiffly erect, a posture accentuated by the long staff reaching from his hand to the floor. The father's mantle is wide and welcoming; the son's hangs flat over his body. The father's hands are spread out and touch the homecomer in a gesture of blessing; the son's are clasped together and held close to his chest. There is light on both faces, but the light from the father's face flows through his whole body - especially his hands - and engulfs the younger son in a great halo of luminous warmth; whereas the light on the face of the elder son is cold and constricted. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#153. Wine takes away reason, engenders insanity, leads to thousands of crimes, and imposes such an enormous expense on nations. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
#154. No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force, #Quote by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
Elder quotes by Thomas Hardy
#155. There were a few middle-aged and even elderly women in the train, their silver-wiry hair and wrinkled faces, scourged by time and trouble, having almost a grotesque, certainly a pathetic, appearance in such a jaunty situation. In a true view, perhaps, there was more to be gathered and told of each anxious and experienced one, to whom the years were drawing nigh when she should say, 'I have no pleasure in them', than of her juvenile comrades. But let the elder be passed over here for those under whose bodices the life throbbed quick and warm. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#156. As a functional Aspergian adult, one thing troubles me deeply about those kids who end up behind the second door. Many descriptions of autism and Asperger's describe people like me as "not wanting contact with others" or "preferring to play alone." I can't speak for other kids, but I'd like to be very clear about my own feelings: I did not ever want to be alone. And all those child psychologists who said "John prefers to play by himself" were dead wrong. I played by myself because I was a failure at playing with others. I was alone as a result of my own limitations, and being alone was one of the bitterest disappointments of my young life. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Gemma Burgess
#157. That's the best thing about little sisters: They spend so much time wishing they were elder sisters that in the end they're far wiser than the elder ones could ever be. #Quote by Gemma Burgess
Elder quotes by Larry Elder
#158. Individuals can spend their money more wisely, efficiently and more humanely than can government. #Quote by Larry Elder
Elder quotes by Angela Carter
#159. When he combs his hair that is the colour of dead leaves, dead leaves fall out of it; they rustle and drift to the ground as though he were a tree and he can stand as still as a tree, when he wants the doves to flutter softly, crooning as they come, down upon his shoulders, those silly, fat, trusting woodies with the pretty wedding rings round their necks. He makes his whistles out of an elder twig and that is what he uses to call the birds out of the air--all the birds come; and the sweetest singers he will keep in cages. #Quote by Angela Carter
Elder quotes by James McBride
#160. Since I was a little boy, she had always wanted me to go. She was always sending me off on a bus someplace, to elementary school, to camp, to relatives in Kentucky, to college. She pushed me away from her just as she'd pushed my elder siblings away when we lived in New York, literally shoving them out the front door when they left for college. #Quote by James McBride
Elder quotes by Edward Gibbon
#161. We stand in need of such reflections to comfort us for the loss of some illustrious characters, which in our eyes might have seemed the most worthy of the heavenly present. The names of Seneca, of the elder and the younger Pliny, of Tacitus, of Plutarch, of Galen, of the slave Epictetus, and of the emperor Marcus Antoninus, adorn the age in which they flourished, and exalt the dignity of human natures. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Elder quotes by Michael Scott
#162. The only consolation we have is that few of those will have active weapons either," Prometheus told them.
Palamedes looked over at Scathach. "When you say 'few...,'" she began.
"Some will be armed," Prometheus clarified.
"Incoming!" Saint-Germain yelled. "Two of them have launched missiles."
"Sit down and strap yourselves in," Prometheus commanded. The group scrambled to get into the seats behind him, and he added, "We're too slow to outrun them, and the smaller ones are infinitely more maneuverable."
"Is there good news?" Scathach demanded.
"I am the finest flier in Danu Talis," The Elder said.
Scathach smiled. "If anyone else said that I would think they were boasting. But not you,Uncle."
Prometheus glanced quickly at the Warrior. "How many times do I have to tell you-I'm not your uncle."
"Not yet,anyway," she muttered under her breath.
"Everyone strapped in?" Prometheus asked. Without waiting for an answer, he brought the triangular vimana straight up into the air, then flipped it back, so that the ground was directly overhead and the sky below them, before he leveled it off and the earth and sky resumed their normal positions.
"I'm going to throw up," Scatty muttered. #Quote by Michael Scott
Elder quotes by Cato The Elder
#163. I think the first virtue is to restrain the tongue; he approaches nearest to gods who knows how to be silent, even though he is in the right. #Quote by Cato The Elder
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#164. As I've gotten older, I have taught myself to act "normal." I can do it well enough to fool the average person for a whole evening, maybe longer. But it all falls apart if I hear something that elicits a strong emotional reaction from me that is different from what people expect. In an instant, in their eyes, I turn into the sociopathic killer I was believed to be forty years ago. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Alexander Elder
#165. Many traders ride an emotional roller coaster and miss the essential element of winning: the management of their emotions. #Quote by Alexander Elder
Elder quotes by John Donne
#166. Though truth and falsehood be Near twins, yet truth a little elder is. #Quote by John Donne
Elder quotes by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
#167. The Jews form a state, and, obeying their own laws, they evade those of their host country. the Jews always considered an oath regarding a Christian not binding. During the Campaign of 1812 the Jews were spies, they were paid by both sides, they betrayed both sides. It is seldom that the police investigate a robbery in which a Jew is not found either to be an accomplice or a receiver. #Quote by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#168. Aryal whispered, If I start slapping people, I might not be able to stop. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Beth Revis
#169. It's Elder who's my safe place. Elder's my home. #Quote by Beth Revis
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#170. Most men are afraid of a bad name, but few fear their consciences. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by George Eliot
#171. Away from her sister, Celia talked quite easily, and Sir James said to himself that the second Miss Brooke was certainly very agreeable as well as pretty, though not, as some people pretended, more clever and sensible than the elder sister. He felt that he had chosen the one who was in all respects the superior; and a man naturally likes to look forward to having the best. He would be the very Mawworm of bachelors who pretended not to expect it. #Quote by George Eliot
Elder quotes by Carl Sandburg
#172. The books awed her by size, thickness, the staggering mass of lines and words to read before she could read all of them. Then having read all of the books must she carry in her head all that knowledge from the books? This too staggered her.
"Wouldn't my head feel queer?" she asked Elder Brewster. "Wouldn't my head feel heavy carrying so much knowledge? Could any of it spill out if there was too much? #Quote by Carl Sandburg
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#173. Giving her a slight smile, he whispered, "I'm putting my hand to your cheek right now."
The stubborn strength that had kept her knees locked threatened to give way. Closing her eyes, she whispered back, "I'm putting my arms around you, and leaning my head on your shoulder."
"And I'm stroking your hair, and kissing you." He took a deep breath. "And I am always, always going to hold on to you with all of my strength. Always, Pia. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#174. As Elder George F. Richards, President of the Council of the Twelve, said in a conference address in April 1947, 'when we say anything bad about the leaders of the Church, whether true or false, we tend to impair their influence and their usefulness and are thus working against the Lord and his cause.' ... The Holy Ghost will not guide or confirm criticism of the Lord's anointed, or of Church leaders, local or general. This reality should be part of the spiritual evaluation that LDS readers and viewers apply to those things written about our history and those who made it. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Elder quotes by Michael Meade
#175. Mentoring is an archetypal activity that has timeless elements which can connect us to the universal ground where nature renews itself and culture becomes reimagined. Youth and elder meet where the pressure of the future meets the presence of the past. Old and young are opposites that secretly identify with each other; for neither fits well into the mainstream of life. #Quote by Michael Meade
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#176. In comparing various authors with one another, I have discovered that some of the gravest and latest writers have transcribed, word for word, from former works, without making acknowledgment. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Michael Scott
#177. Two against thirty two," Niten said. "Good odds."
"I've never fought the Spartoi before," Prometheus admitted. "I only know of them by their reputation - and it's fearsome."
"We have an equal reputation," Niten said.
"Well, you do," the Elder said. "I was never that much of a fighter. And after the fall of the island, I rarely took up weapons again."
"Fighting is a skill you never forget," Niten said, a touch of sadness in his voice. "I fought my first duel when I was thirteen. I've been fighting ever since."
"But you are more than just a swordsman," Prometheus said. "You are an artist, a sculptor and a writer."
"No man is ever just one thing," Niten answered. His shoulder dropped and his short sword appeared in his left hand, water droplets sparkling from the blade. "But first and foremost, I was always a warrior." He jabbed his sword into the fog and stirred it like liquid. #Quote by Michael Scott
Elder quotes by D. Todd Christofferson
#178. It was the ultimate sacrilege that Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, was rejected and even put to death. And it continues. In many parts of the world today we see a growing rejection of the Son of God. His divinity is questioned. His gospel is deemed irrelevant. In day-to-day life, His teachings are ignored. Those who legitimately speak in His name find little respect in secular society.

If we ignore the Lord and His servants, we may just as well be atheists - the end result is practically the same. It is what Mormon described as typical after extended periods of peace and prosperity: "Then is the time that they do harden their hearts, and do forget the Lord their God, and do trample under their feet the Holy One" (Helaman 12:2). And so we should ask ourselves, do we reverence the Holy One and those He has sent?

Some years before he was called as an Apostle himself, Elder Robert D. Hales recounted an experience that demonstrated his father's sense of that holy calling. Elder Hales said:

"Some years ago Father, then over eighty years of age, was expecting a visit from a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on a snowy winter day. Father, an artist, had painted a picture of the home of the Apostle. Rather than have the painting delivered to him, this sweet Apostle wanted to go personally to pick the painting up and thank my father for it. Knowing that Father would be concerned that everything was in readiness for the forthcoming visit, I #Quote by D. Todd Christofferson
Elder quotes by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
#179. And what is this wild summons? What art is asked of us? The gift offered is different for each but all are equal in grandeur. To paint, draw, dance, compose. To write songs, poems, letters, diaries, prayers. To set a violet on the sill, stitch a quilt,; bake bread; plant marigolds, beans, apple trees. To follow the track of the forest elk, the neighborhood coyote, the cupboard mouse. To open the windows, air beds, sweep clean the corners. To hold the child's hand, listen to the vagrant's story, paint the elder friend's fingernails a delightful shade of pink while wrapped in a blanket she knit with deft young fingers of her past. To wander paths, nibble purslane, notice spiders. To be rained upon. To listen with changed ears and sing back what we hear. #Quote by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#180. I think you might be both my suicide and my salvation.'
And he needed her for both. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Charles Lapworth
#181. All that comes above the surface [of the globe] lies within the province of Geography; all that comes below that surface lies inside the realm of Geology. The surface of the earth is that which, so to speak, divides them and at the same time 'binds them together in indissoluble union.' We may, perhaps, put the case metaphorically. The relationships of the two are rather like that of man and wife. Geography, like a prudent woman, has followed the sage advice of Shakespeare and taken unto her 'an elder than herself; but she does not trespass on the domain of her consort, nor could she possibly maintain the respect of her children were she to flaunt before the world the assertion that she is 'a woman with a past. #Quote by Charles Lapworth
Elder quotes by Thea Harrison
#182. That wild, dangerous part of him. He knew now where it was running, and to whom. He could never have known that the one place he would find peace was in the heart of the wildest, edgiest creature of all. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#183. Always act in such a way as to secure the love of your neighbour. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#185. Girls are the trickiest and most unpredictable creatures a fellow like me will ever talk to. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#186. S., a clever and truthful man, once told me the story of how he ceased to believe. On a hunting expedition, when he was already twenty-six, he once, at the place where they put up for the night, knelt down in the evening to pray -- a habit retained from childhood. His elder brother, who was at the hunt with him, was lying on some hay and watching him. When S. had finished and was settling down for the night, his brother said to him: 'So you still do that?' They said nothing more to one another. But from that day S. ceased to say his prayers or go to church. And now he has not prayed, received communion, or gone to church, for thirty years. And this not because he knows his brother's convictions and has joined him in them, nor because he has decided anything in his own soul, but simply because the word spoken by his brother was like the push of a finger on a wall that was ready to fall by its own weight. The word only showed that where he thought there was faith, in reality there had long been an empty space, and that therefore the utterance of words and the making of signs of the cross and genuflections while praying were quite senseless actions. Becoming conscious of their senselessness he could not continue them. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Elder quotes by Dennis Liggio
#187. Unfortunately, when a flat footed Elder God wants to harass you, there's not a lot you can do but sit there and take it. #Quote by Dennis Liggio
Elder quotes by Bertrand Russell
#188. Religion is based primarily upon fear. It is partly the terror of the unknown and partly as the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by you in all your troubles and disputes. Fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand in hand. It is because fear is at the basis of those two things. In this world we can now begin a little to understand things, and a little to master them by help of science, which has forced its way step by step against the opposition of all the old precepts. Science can help us to get over this craven fear in which mankind has lived for so many generations. Science can teach us, and I think our own hearts can teach us, no longer to look around for imaginary supports, no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make this world a fit place to live in, instead of the place that the churches in all these centuries have made it. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Elder quotes by Will Cuppy
#189. [Footnote:] Pliny the Elder perished in 79 A.D. when he refused to flee from the great eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, insisting that everything would be all right. It wasn't. #Quote by Will Cuppy
Elder quotes by Larry Elder
#190. Rent-control laws disproportionately benefit the non-poor because the elite pull strings, work the system and are better connected than the non-poor. #Quote by Larry Elder
Elder quotes by Victor LaValle
#191. Silver mining in the United States didn't start, like hard-core, until the mid-1850s," Louis said. "And only really got big when the Comstock Lode was discovered in 1859 in California."

"It was bad work. Dangerous. Like any mining. But silver also lets out fumes when it's mined. Even Pliny the Elder wrote about how harmful the fumes were, especially to animals. You know Pliny the Elder?"

"The problem with the silver fumes," Louis continued, "is that, over time, they gave the miners delusions. Bad enough that they had to stop mining. Their health deteriorated. And a bunch of them even died." Hard to make fun of something like that, so Pepper didn't. "Do you know what people would say, in these mining towns, when they saw one of these miners falling apart? Walking through town muttering and swinging at phantoms? They said the Devil in Silver got them. It became shorthand. Like someone might say, 'What happened to Mike?' And the answer was always the same. 'The Devil in Silver got him.' " Louis sat straight and crossed his arms and surveyed the table. "Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?" "You're saying we're just making this thing up," Pepper said quietly. Louis seemed disappointed. He dropped his hands into his lap and folded them there. He looked at his sister and Pepper. He turned his head to take in the other patients gathered with their family members there in the hospital. "I'm saying they were dying," Louis said. "They definitely weren't #Quote by Victor LaValle
Elder quotes by Pliny The Elder
#192. Such is the audacity of man, that he hath learned to counterfeit Nature, yea, and is so bold as to challenge her in her work. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Elder quotes by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
#193. In the last analysis, luck comes only to the well prepared. #Quote by Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder
Elder quotes by Mickey Rooney
#194. To those seniors, and especially elderly veterans like myself, I want to tell you this: You are not alone, and you having nothing to be ashamed of. If elder abuse happened to me, it can happen to anyone. I want you to know that you deserve better. #Quote by Mickey Rooney
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#195. Add each day something to fortify you against poverty and death. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Dorotheus Of Gaza
#196. Virtues are in the middle, the royal way about which the saintly elder (Saint Basil the Great) said, "Travel on the royal way and count the miles." As I said, the virtues are at the midpoint between excess and laxness. That is why it is written, "Do not turn to the right or the left" (Prov 4:27) but travel on the "royal way" (Num. 20:17). Saint Basil also says, "The person who does not allow his thoughts to incline towards excess or deprivation but directs it to the midpoint, that of virtue, is upright in heart." #Quote by Dorotheus Of Gaza
Elder quotes by Seneca The Elder
#197. The road to learning by precept is long, but by example short and effective. #Quote by Seneca The Elder
Elder quotes by Leonard Peltier
#198. Each and every Indian, man or woman, child or Elder, is a spirit-warrior. #Quote by Leonard Peltier
Elder quotes by John Elder Robison
#199. Sociopath" and "psycho" were two of the most common field diagnoses for my look and expression. I heard it all the time: "I've read about people like you. They have no expression because they have no feeling. Some of the worst murderers in history were sociopaths. #Quote by John Elder Robison
Elder quotes by Parul Wadhwa
#200. Well, it's true for every elder sibling, We have this supremely potent weapon "parents " on our side in such matters. In fact, such are the times when our maturity works wonders in hitching parents to our side over these younger siblings. #Quote by Parul Wadhwa

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