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Editing quotes by Jason Reitman
#1. I'm too big a fan of rhythm and editing. I'd much rather my editing be brave than my shooting. #Quote by Jason Reitman
Editing quotes by Ed Weeks
#2. Editing is the most companionable form of education. #Quote by Ed Weeks
Editing quotes by David G. McAfee
#3. When you etch your moral code in stone, you have no room for editing. You leave open the possibility that, as our ethical views evolve, your code becomes less relevant. You could find yourself with four of ten divine moral laws describing how to treat God and zero that prohibit rape or slavery. #Quote by David G. McAfee
Editing quotes by David Sedaris
#4. I tend to write things seven times before I show them to my editor. I write them seven times, then I take them on tour, read them like a dozen times on tour, then go back to the room and rewrite, read and rewrite ... I would never show him a first draft, because then he's really going to be sick of it by the twelfth draft. #Quote by David Sedaris
Editing quotes by Kira Hawke
#5. If someone doesn't understand the importance of sensitivity readers, chances are they may need them the most... #Quote by Kira Hawke
Editing quotes by T. Davis Bunn
#6. A writer must have all the confidence in the world when writing the first draft and none whatsoever when editing subsequent drafts. #Quote by T. Davis Bunn
Editing quotes by Leila Janah
#7. Bling is passe, and I like my style to reflect just that. Ruthless editing defines true style perfectly. #Quote by Leila Janah
Editing quotes by Angeline Trevena
#8. Your first draft is a petulant teenager, sure it knows best, adamant that its Mother is wrong. Your third draft has emerged from puberty, realising that its Mother was right about everything. #Quote by Angeline Trevena
Editing quotes by J.J. Abrams
#9. Directing's the best part. Whenever I've directed something, there's this feeling of demand and focus that I like. And secondly, it means that you've gotten through all the writing stuff, and the producing stuff, and casting, and prep, and all those stages that are seemingly endless. So directing is sort of the reward for all the work you put in before. And then there's the editing, which is another amazing stage of the process. It's incredible the moments you can create. #Quote by J.J. Abrams
Editing quotes by Campbell Scott
#10. In the editing room, 20 percent of the time you're using stuff from before the actor knew the camera was rolling or you're taking a line from somewhere else and putting it in his mouth. #Quote by Campbell Scott
Editing quotes by Joe Dante
#11. It's a lot of power to give the director to edit his own stuff. It's also a time thing: you don't want to have to wait for the guy to finish shooting before he starts editing. #Quote by Joe Dante
Editing quotes by Chris Hegedus
#12. Even after forty years of directing, shooting and editing films, when I collaborate with a male partner, people still perceive the man as the primary filmmaker. #Quote by Chris Hegedus
Editing quotes by Remy De Gourmont
#13. Everything, indeed, in a work of art should be unedited,
and even the words, by the manner of grouping them, of shaping them to new meanings,
and one often regrets having an alphabet familiar to too many half-lettered persons. #Quote by Remy De Gourmont
Editing quotes by Ellen Datlow
#14. Editing cannot be taught. Developing your own taste cannot be taught. #Quote by Ellen Datlow
Editing quotes by Edward Blishen
#15. The (editing) work was like peeling an onion. The outer skin came off with difficulty ... but in no time youd be down to its innards, tears streaming from your eyes as more and more beautiful reductions became possible. #Quote by Edward Blishen
Editing quotes by Jonathan Glazer
#16. When you're making the film, you don't really think the audience; it's only when you start editing that you really start to became aware of your audience because you're thinking of how you communicate these ideas, and how lucid can you be, and yet stay within the language you've established. #Quote by Jonathan Glazer
Editing quotes by ZZ Packer
#17. The big issue was cutting. I finally cut as much as I could, about a fourth of the story, and actually liked it. #Quote by ZZ Packer
Editing quotes by Rebecca Skloot
#18. Nader's data could not have been clearer, or more unsettling. He demonstrated that the very act of remembering something makes it vulnerable to change. Like a text recalled from a computer's hard drive, each memory was subject to editing. First you have to search the computer for the the text and then bring it to the screen, at which point you can alter it and save it. Whether the changes are slight or extensive, the new document is never quite the same as the original. #Quote by Rebecca Skloot
Editing quotes by Thomas Tull
#19. When I watch the movie, which is I don't know how many times I've done now with editing and everything, I walk out giddy just because I feel like that's the movie that I want to see. #Quote by Thomas Tull
Editing quotes by V.S. Watson
#20. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to get a second wind on the revision process. Try viewing your material on a different medium; it will shed a new light on the inconsistencies in the dark. #Quote by V.S. Watson
Editing quotes by Gregory Nicotero
#21. During the preproduction when I'm shooting and then once we wrap we go away. And then the visual effects guys take over. And then they add all those little bits and pieces. They come up with ideas during the cut in the editing, and they said while would be really cool if we did this thing here where the blade pops out. So then you see the movie and say wow that's a really neat idea. I wish we would have thought of that. #Quote by Gregory Nicotero
Editing quotes by Edward St. Aubyn
#22. He had only just made the Elysian deadline; hanging onto the typescript until the last moment in case there was something still to be done; two sentences turned into one, one sentence broken into two, the substitution of a slightly resistant adjective to engender a moment's reflection, in short, the joys of editing, all carried out without forgetting the art that disguises art. #Quote by Edward St. Aubyn
Editing quotes by George Sanders
#23. How, then, to proceed? My method is: I imagine a meter mounted in my forehead, with 'P' on this side ('Positive') and 'N' on this side ('Negative'). I try to read what I've written uninflectedly, the way a first-time reader might ('without hope and without despair'). Where's the needle? Accept the result without whining. Then edit, so as to move the needle into the 'P' zone. Enact a repetitive, obsessive, iterative application of preference: watch the needle, adjust the prose, watch the needle, adjust the prose (rinse, lather, repeat), through (sometimes) hundreds of drafts. Like a cruiseship slowly turning, the story will start to alter course via those thousands of incremental adjustments. #Quote by George Sanders
Editing quotes by Joel Osteen
#24. In my early teens, I knew I wanted to do television production. I loved cameras, editing and producing, anything that had to do with television production. My friend had a production studio across town, and we'd go over there at night and shoot and edit. I produced my father's televised service for 17 years. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Editing quotes by Juliana Hatfield
#25. Songwriting is like editing. You write down all this stuff - all this bad, stupid stuff - and then you have to get rid of everything except the very best. #Quote by Juliana Hatfield
Editing quotes by Jessica De La Davies
#26. Good writing is both what one does and does not say. #Quote by Jessica De La Davies
Editing quotes by Casey Neistat
#27. I always see the filming as basically going to the grocery store and buying a bunch of ingredients and that's about as far from having a dinner as you can possibly be. Then editing is the cooking, the preparation of the meal and if you don't edit it you've just got a pile of raw meat. #Quote by Casey Neistat
Editing quotes by Tim Story
#28. When it comes to the ratings, I don't know what the rating system is. So when it comes to me, I've learned, with the little experience that I have, that when I feel really good about a movie in the editing room, it works. And when I've felt like a movie wasn't working, it didn't work. #Quote by Tim Story
Editing quotes by C.S. Lewis
#29. Whatever in a work of art is not used, is doing harm. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Editing quotes by Anna Raverat
#30. The material is already so compromised. It has been edited once, by memory, then again by substances - both processes I recognize but can't know the extent of - and now I am editing again, to shape events into a story. #Quote by Anna Raverat
Editing quotes by Mary Norris
#31. Muphry's Law: "If you write anything criticising editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written. #Quote by Mary Norris
Editing quotes by Lilly Singh
#32. Everything I do with my day is related to Superwoman. I'm either doing conference calls or writing a script or reading a script, editing a video, shooting a video. #Quote by Lilly Singh
Editing quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#33. A brain is like a muscle, a serial connection that you should train everyday; if you don't use it, you loose it #Quote by Ana Claudia Antunes
Editing quotes by Ira Glass
#34. Writing is just very difficult. I'm an adequate performer. And I think I have a special talent as an editor. Editing is what I do best. #Quote by Ira Glass
Editing quotes by Katie Holmes
#35. I used to get so worried that if a scene didn't go a certain way, then it was horrible. But then I realized that it was better to give the director options in the editing room than just being locked into how it's supposed to be. #Quote by Katie Holmes
Editing quotes by Lee Boudreaux
#36. KA: What is your basic process working with a writer?

LB: I read a manuscript very quickly first, then I sit down the second time and start reading very carefully and do the detail work, the minute hammering on every page. At this point, I know where the story goes so I'm looking for holes. I'm looking for anything that doesn't add up. The best way to edit is to live entirely in the world as much as you can. Before I had a child I would edit ten hours on Friday ten hours on Saturday and ten hours on Sunday (obviously I had no hobbies or any nee to go outdoors). You knew everything about the book. You were in tune with every character. You have the voice in your head. Then the author gets a hugely marked up manuscript with all these little scribbles. I'm asking them every question that occurs to me. I give them as much time as they want to sit and digest it. Again, this is one of the reasons I like working far in advance. I have time with the manuscript and they have time with the manuscript. I'm happy to let them work in peace and quiet.

Then we go back and forth as long as is helpful to them. They do the revision and it lands on my desk again. I read it again beginning to end. I assume it doesn't need a line edit at that point, although I tend to read with a pencil in my hand. There could be one big thing still sticking in your craw that didn't get fixed, so you just roll up your sleeves… #Quote by Lee Boudreaux
Editing quotes by Steven Pinker
#37. Modern biblical scholars have established that the bible is a wiki. It was compiled over half a millennium from writers with different styles, dialects, character names, and conceptions of God and was subjected to haphazard editing that left it with many contradictions, duplications and non-sequiturs. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Editing quotes by Donald Lambert
#38. My wife convinced me to try doing the restorations digitally. I thought I could learn the photo editing software over the Thanksgiving weekend. It took me until May of the next year before I sold anything I did with it. #Quote by Donald Lambert
Editing quotes by John Negroponte
#39. It should be obvious that this pattern of systematic holes and gaps in Iraq's declaration is not the result of accidents, editing oversights or technical mistakes. These are material omissions that - in our view - constitute another material breach. It is up to Iraq to prove that there is some other explanation besides the obvious one, that this declaration is just one more act of deception in a history of lies from a defiant dictator. #Quote by John Negroponte
Editing quotes by David Schwimmer
#40. It was really interesting to be editing the film [Trust] in New York and directing the play in Chicago, and one definitely informed the other. The play probably benefitted more because I realized what scenes could be cut, and I cut those scenes from the play. #Quote by David Schwimmer
Editing quotes by Richard Corliss
#41. 'Under the Skin' is handsome, in a dour way, but inert - a cunning experiment that died in the shooting or on the editing table. You'll want to get the DVD, though, and not just for its study of Scarlett. Odds are that the Making-Of documentary will be far stranger and more fascinating than the movie that was made. #Quote by Richard Corliss
Editing quotes by Troye Sivan
#42. When I made YouTube videos, I am the one who's uploading it, I'm the one who's editing it, so I'm very in control of what I'm sharing and not sharing. Whereas in music, it's a lot more of pouring my heart out and kind of just putting it out there for the best. #Quote by Troye Sivan
Editing quotes by Tim Pratt
#43. I love drafting like I love eating ice cream or having sex; I love revising like I love doing logic puzzles; I love line-editing like I love perfectly organizing a bookshelf; I hate reviewing copyedits and the second round of proofreading because, by then, I'm getting pretty tired of my own words. They all have their own challenges, though. #Quote by Tim Pratt
Editing quotes by M.M. John
#44. Her face was as red as her hair. "What are you doing," she cried.
Devon put a question mark next to the sentence. "Editing your paper." What did it look like he was doing?
"You're just cutting out stuff!"
"What do you think editing is? #Quote by M.M. John
Editing quotes by Steve Forbert
#45. You start to think in terms of making an album that might be greater than the sum of its parts. It's sort of like having a lot of footage and then editing it into something that will make sense to a viewer, you know. Sometimes it might involve even working on an older song that might complete that picture. #Quote by Steve Forbert
Editing quotes by Marcia Clark
#46. There is interest in a crime-based reality show. With my novels, we are now editing the second book in a series about a defense lawyer whose name is Samantha Brinkman. And I am reviewing speaking engagement opportunities. #Quote by Marcia Clark
Editing quotes by Markus Zusak
#47. I guess if editing doesn't hurt, you're probably not doing it properly. I find it quite difficult. The hardest part is believing that it's actually working and getting rid of the doubt that always creeps in. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Editing quotes by Antony Hegarty
#48. I think what holds people up in creative processes is the expectation of what it is they're doing. It's also the sense of judgement, you know, people editing themselves. #Quote by Antony Hegarty
Editing quotes by Mira Gonzalez
#49. I enjoy twitter accounts that are meticulously edited just as much as I enjoy twitter accounts that aren't edited at all, but it can feel kind of disappointing to me when I see that someone is editing their tweets out of self-consciousness. #Quote by Mira Gonzalez
Editing quotes by Linda Wertheimer
#50. Hundreds of scientists from around the world are gathering in Washington, D.C. for what some say could be a historic meeting. They are attending an international summit to debate one of the most controversial subjects in modern science , editing human DNA. #Quote by Linda Wertheimer
Editing quotes by Craig Newmark
#51. A lot of people, myself included, are excited about blogging and stuff like that, citizen journalism, but I do remind people that no matter how excited we are, there's no substitute for professional writing, no substitute for professional editing, and no substitute for professional fact-checking. #Quote by Craig Newmark
Editing quotes by Philip Seymour Hoffman
#52. The film is made in the editing room. The shooting of the film is about shopping, almost. It's like going to get all the ingredients together, and you've got to make sure before you leave the store that you got all the ingredients. And then you take those ingredients and you can make a good cake - or not. #Quote by Philip Seymour Hoffman
Editing quotes by Joshua Oppenheimer
#53. You finish a film not in the editing, but in the conversations that audiences have with themselves - and in that sense, every viewer is making a slightly different film. And that's wonderful. #Quote by Joshua Oppenheimer
Editing quotes by Alex Kapranos
#54. The best songwriting comes from being as creative as you can and editing it down to the good bits, essentially. #Quote by Alex Kapranos
Editing quotes by Michael Rooker
#55. As the actor, you can't be worried about the scene that you're going to playing two days from now. You think about what's going on, right now and in the moment. That's what you worry about. Everything is right then and there. In the end, all of the pieces come together, thanks to the editing and James Gunn. #Quote by Michael Rooker
Editing quotes by Arthur Plotnik
#56. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke. #Quote by Arthur Plotnik
Editing quotes by Anthony Horowitz
#57. You'd have thought that after twenty years editing murder mysteries I'd have noticed when I found myself in the middle of one. #Quote by Anthony Horowitz
Editing quotes by Tiffany Madison
#58. While writing is like a joyful release, editing is a prison where the bars are my former intentions and the abusive warden my own neuroticism. #Quote by Tiffany Madison
Editing quotes by Jenna Bush
#59. [My mom] is quite the strict editor. I feel like maybe she has more of the old-school editing style, which really works in picture books, because you don't want to articulate anything in words that is already shown through the pictures. #Quote by Jenna Bush
Editing quotes by Brene Brown
#60. We love seeing raw truth and openness in other people, but we're afraid to let them see it in us. We're afraid that our truth isn't enough - that what we have to offer isn't enough without the bells and whistles, without editing, and impressing. #Quote by Brene Brown
Editing quotes by George Carlin
#61. The writing is what gives me the joy, especially editing myself for the page, and getting something ready to show to the editors, and then to have a first draft and get it back and work to fix it, I love reworking, I love editing, love love love revision, revision, revision, revision. #Quote by George Carlin
Editing quotes by Walter Murch
#62. But first I'd like to take a moment to emphasize the astronomical number of ways that images can be combined in a motion picture. This has always been the case, no matter what editing system is used: manual, mechanical, or electronic. If a scene is photographed with only two shots - one each from two different camera positions (A and B, let's say)-you can choose one or the other or a combination of both. As a result, you have at least four ways of using these two images: A, B, A+B, and B+A. However, once the number gets much larger than two shots-and a director might shoot twenty-five shots for an average scene-the number of possible combinations quickly becomes astronomical. #Quote by Walter Murch
Editing quotes by Mark Stone
#63. If you don't take your work seriously enough for proper editing, why should anyone take your book seriously enough to buy? #Quote by Mark Stone
Editing quotes by Randy Thom
#64. Sound and Visual Effects and Editing are sometimes referred to as technical awards. They're not technical awards. They're given for artistic decisions. And sometimes we make them better than others, and I guess we made a couple of good ones on this one. #Quote by Randy Thom
Editing quotes by D. A. Pennebaker
#65. When you're editing, you're putting it together in a way that makes sense metaphysically. You're not inventing it, but you're finding the story that's there. You're making a play that's eventually going to go on stage and present itself to an audience. You want to show what happened, not exactly what you have evidence of happening. #Quote by D. A. Pennebaker
Editing quotes by E.B. White
#66. The main thing I try to do is write as clearly as I can. I rewrite a good deal to make it clear. #Quote by E.B. White
Editing quotes by Alexander Payne
#67. I definitely in filmmaking more and more find writing and directing a means to harvest material for editing. It's all about editing. #Quote by Alexander Payne
Editing quotes by Graydon Carter
#68. I don't do any research. It's all about gut. Editing - it's always about gut. #Quote by Graydon Carter
Editing quotes by Will.i.am
#69. You know, I do music. If you look under the hood of the industry I'm in, it's all based on technology. From radio to phonographs to CDs, it's all technology. Microphones, reel-to-reels, cameras, editing, chips, it's all technology. #Quote by Will.i.am
Editing quotes by Lucy Walker
#70. With portable cameras and affordable data and non-linear digital editing, I think this is a golden age of documentary filmmaking. These new technologies mean we can make complicated, beautifully crafted and cinematic films about real-life stories. #Quote by Lucy Walker
Editing quotes by Mary J. Miller
#71. There were definitely scenes I struggled with more than others: the car accident and the thunderstorm are two that come to mind. It's difficult to write about a thunderstorm. There are only so many ways to describe it and our vocabulary is so limited. And the car accident scene required a tense, manic quality that had to be conveyed in the language, as well as the character's dialogue and actions. I was editing these scenes long after I thought I was finished with them. #Quote by Mary J. Miller
Editing quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#72. The rhythm of editing, the length of a frame- these are not merely dictated by the professional need to establish a link with the audience (as they are thought to be). They express the character and the originality of the author of the film. At the present time cineastes use editing rhythm to gild the pill that has to be swallowed by the unfortunate audience. According to me, entirely in order to make money. #Quote by Andrei Tarkovsky
Editing quotes by Steve Martin
#73. I don't think anyone is ever writing so that you can throw it away. You're always writing it to be something. Later, you decide whether it'll ever see the light of day. But at the moment of its writing, it's always meant to be something. So, to me, there's no practicing; there's only editing and publishing or not publishing. #Quote by Steve Martin
Editing quotes by Liev Schreiber
#74. There's something cathartic about swearing 150 times after spending ten hours in the editing room. #Quote by Liev Schreiber
Editing quotes by Gerald Brommer
#75. Editing and selectivity are processes that provide the first steps in determining and conveying content. #Quote by Gerald Brommer
Editing quotes by Hart Bochner
#76. I love directing more than anything in the world, and I love being in the editing room. I love cutting. When I'm shooting, I cut it in my head anyway. That's not to say that it always turns out that way, but you have a sense when you're composing a sequence or a scene how you want it to look anyway. #Quote by Hart Bochner
Editing quotes by Mort W. Lumsden
#77. Isn't one of the first lessons of good elocution that there's nothing one can say in any rambling, sprawling rant that can't, through some effort, be said shorter and better with a little careful editing? Or that, in writing, there's nothing you can describe in any page-filling paragraph that can't be captured better in just a sentence or two? Perhaps even nothing in any sentence which cannot better be refined in a single, spot-on word? Does it not follow, then, that there's likely nothing one can say in any word - in saying anything at all - that, ultimately, isn't better left unsaid?
(attrib: F.L. Vanderson) #Quote by Mort W. Lumsden
Editing quotes by J. C. Chandor
#78. I wrote 'All is Lost' while editing 'Margin Call'. I did that long before I knew if I was ever going to get to make another movie. #Quote by J. C. Chandor
Editing quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#79. Writing
is therapeutic. It helps you cope with issues that seem gargantuan at the time.
The process of expressing yourself about a problem, editing your thoughts, and
writing some more can help you control issues that you face. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Editing quotes by Charlie Hunter
#80. Bobby is really the one who did all the editing on that stuff. And he did all the mixing. I particularly like the record we did with Logic because Scott Harding did a great job mixing it. He's really a killing engineer. #Quote by Charlie Hunter
Editing quotes by Austin Kleon
#81. The computer is really good for editing your ideas, and it's really good for getting your ideas ready for publishing out into the world, but it's not really good for generating ideas. #Quote by Austin Kleon
Editing quotes by A.J. Flowers
#82. Put your manuscript down, I'd recommend at least two months. Six would be ideal. You really need to get away from it long enough to change your mindset. Unless you have a photographic memory, this technique will work. You'll transform into the one thing you crave feedback from: a reader. #Quote by A.J. Flowers
Editing quotes by Cuba Gooding, Jr.
#83. As an actor you have to bring to the table your creative input. But when a director like Ridley Scott says I want you to do this this way, you know when he gets to the editing room he has a reason for it. It's like watching a masterpiece. #Quote by Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Editing quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#84. In a way, editing is not unlike the movies. The best books, just like the best movies, are a collaboration. They're only as good as the compromise made between the artists involved. #Quote by Viggo Mortensen
Editing quotes by Kiernan Shipka
#85. One of my favorite apps is VSCO, which is for editing photos. I think they have great filters. And then I read the New York Times. #Quote by Kiernan Shipka
Editing quotes by John Boyega
#86. My stormtrooper suit would chip underneath the armpits and in between the thighs. So they had to do a lot of editing for my costume and shave some areas down. #Quote by John Boyega
Editing quotes by Robert E.      Lee
#87. Why, sir, in the beginning we appointed all our worst generals to command the armies, and all our best generals to edit the newspapers. As you know, I have planned some campaigns and quite a number of battles. I have given the work all the care and thought I could, and sometimes, when my plans were completed, as far as I could see, they seemed to be perfect. But when I have fought them through, I have discovered defects and occasionally wondered I did not see some of the defects in advance. When it was all over, I found by reading a newspaper that these best editor generals saw all the defects plainly from the start. Unfortunately, they did not communicate their knowledge to me until it was too late." Then, after a pause, he added, with a beautiful, grave expression I can never forget: "I have no ambition but to serve the Confederacy, and do all I can to win our independence. I an willing to serve in any capacity to which the authorities may assign me. I have done the best I could in the field, and have not succeeded as I could wish. I am willing to yield my place to these best generals, and I will do my best for the cause in editing a newspaper."

In the same strain he once remarked to one of his generals: "Even as poor a soldier as I am can generally discover mistakes after it is all over. But if I could only induce these wise gentlemen who see them so clearly beforehand to communicate with me in advance, instead of waiting until the evil has come upon us, to let #Quote by Robert E. Lee
Editing quotes by Ricky Gervais
#88. When you get back into the editing suite in the cold light of day, the written stuff is better. #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Editing quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#89. A book that is made up of only great sentences is not necessarily a great book. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Editing quotes by Casey Neistat
#90. I moved to New York City when I was 20 years old, started making movies non-stop. I didn't have any friends, so I would just sit at home all night editing on my iMac. #Quote by Casey Neistat
Editing quotes by Amor Towles
#91. But after the war, when editors like Martin Durk came to prominence by trumpeting the timely death of the novel, Parish opted for a reflective silence. He stopped taking on projects and watched with quiet reserve as his authors died off one by one--at peace with the notion that he would join them soon enough in that circle of Elysium reserved for plot and substance and the judicious use of the semicolon. #Quote by Amor Towles
Editing quotes by Tiberius
#92. Caesar is not above the grammarians. #Quote by Tiberius
Editing quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#93. Performance is made in the editing room, and I've come to see the truth in that - the idea that they say performances are usually made in the editing room because what you film is the raw material. I think just going through the process of saying, "Which take do we use? Why is that the take we want? I want that take can you edit again, I'm not sure that's the one, I think it's this one." And just because you go through that process, I think somehow it's made me sort of more open about the [actor's] possibilities. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Editing quotes by Mike Mills
#94. There's some things that you learn as you're shooting, and as you're editing that are key, because when you start you don't have the brain that can finish it. You don't really know what it is, and that's the key job; figuring out what you actually have, not what you're dreaming of having. #Quote by Mike Mills
Editing quotes by A.T.W.
#95. Remembering things or processing memories can be a charged, or frightening, or uncomfortable time. It can help to imagine yourself being a reporter. This can take pressure off of needing to remember 'all the details' or not wanting to 'be wrong about something', if you simply just write down whatever comes to you down on paper without editing it, censoring it, or passing judgment - for the time being - on either its content, or on whether it is l00% accurate in every way. Simply write it down and come back to it later, when things may make more sense, or as additional information comes to you... #Quote by A.T.W.
Editing quotes by Mira Nair
#96. I came from the school of cinema verite documentaries, which was: Do not manipulate reality as it was happening but create a narrative in the editing room. #Quote by Mira Nair
Editing quotes by Karen Thompson Walker
#97. I like to edit my sentences as I write them. I rearrange a sentence many times before moving on to the next one. For me, that editing process feels like a form of play, like a puzzle that needs solving, and it's one of the most satisfying parts of writing. #Quote by Karen Thompson Walker
Editing quotes by Jack Lewis Baillot
#98. Don't all Air Pirates know how to fry? #Quote by Jack Lewis Baillot
Editing quotes by Rachel Zucker
#99. When I edit the poems - and I do edit, which some people don't mean when they use the term "stream of consciousness" - I'm usually editing toward greater accuracy, which sometimes means more fragmentation, because that is the way I think. #Quote by Rachel Zucker
Editing quotes by Horace
#100. One gains universal applause who mingles the useful with the agreeable, at once delighting and instructing the reader. #Quote by Horace
Editing quotes by Michael Kenna
#101. It's possible to think of photography as an act of editing, a matter of where you put your rectangle pull it out or take it away. Sometimes people ask me about films, cameras and development times in order to find out how to do landscape photography. The first thing I do in landscape photography is go out there and talk to the land - form a relationship, ask permission, it's not about going out there like some paparazzi with a Leica and snapping a few pictures, before running off to print them. #Quote by Michael Kenna
Editing quotes by Storm Saulter
#102. As a young filmmaker, I shot a lot of stuff because I wanted to make sure that I got everything, but now I've gotten much more precise with my shooting. Editing is a whole other layer because then, sometimes you realize characters don't even need to say this or that. It becomes an issue of exposition, and over-explaining something. In the script, I'd reinforce certain things about what I wanted people to know two or three times, but in the editing room, I'd be like, "I only need to say this once, maybe twice." #Quote by Storm Saulter
Editing quotes by Norman Cousins
#103. The one thing I have learned about editing over the years is that you have to edit and publish out of your own tastes, enthusiasms, and concerns, and not out of notions or guesswork about what other people might like to read. #Quote by Norman Cousins
Editing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#104. Our emotional valence – positive or negative experiences – affects not only how we narrate childhood events, but also which memories we retain. The interplay between a person encountering environment experiences meshed with self-editing of various aspects of their complex memory system results in a person becoming more than a collection of memories: a person creates their personalized version of a self. A person integrates many experiences into creating their being. Personal encounters with other people as well as moments of personal solitude contemplating ideas and personal existence congeal to form the depiction of a self. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Editing quotes by Hunter Hayes
#105. I'm not a photographer, so I need all the help I can get when it comes to make a picture look cool. #Quote by Hunter Hayes
Editing quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#106. I've always equated the writing process with editing, sort of like when I get through editing the movie, that's like my last draft of the screenplay. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Editing quotes by Steve Martin
#107. I take editing seriously. It's a joy to edit. I always hand a manuscript to several editors and can't wait to get back their notes and see what they've said. I don't criticize myself for making blunders here and there, because it's just natural. You write in chunks, and you may not remember that that sentence you wrote yesterday had the same word repeated three times. I do enjoy that. I love the feeling of repairing. Repairing is really nice. #Quote by Steve Martin
Editing quotes by Stefan Dimov
#108. I want you to judge me without thinking about it.
I want you to give me advice without considering my opinion.
I want you to expecting anything without the need to trust me.
I want you to decide for me with all the care in the world.
I want you to help me without smothering me.
I want you to decide without seeing my point of view.
I want you to hug me without holding me...
I want you to feel protected in my presence without me having to lie.
I want you to be close without suffocating me.
I want you to know everything without knowing anything...
I want you to know that both love and friendship should always be Unconditional. #Quote by Stefan Dimov
Editing quotes by Sheila Heti
#109. In the transcribing and the editing, you want some retention of how the person speaks - you don't want to edit out all of the hesitations and idiosyncrasies. And to get people to say something they've never said before. That's big. #Quote by Sheila Heti
Editing quotes by David Richo
#110. Fate often allows a future to take shape with no regard for our expectation, plan, or readiness. Fate's skillful editing of our life choices is like the careful grooming of lads on their first day of school: combed, polished, scrubbed, newly dressed, and glowing too. This is how we become ready for our life lessons. #Quote by David Richo
Editing quotes by Patricia Fuller
#111. Writing without revising is the literary equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear. #Quote by Patricia Fuller
Editing quotes by K.C. Woodworth
#112. The editing of a good piece of writing is like the editing of one's life: never quite complete; rendering all, ultimately, unfinished works when we perish from this earth. #Quote by K.C. Woodworth
Editing quotes by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
#113. Of every four words I write, I strike out three. #Quote by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
Editing quotes by Willie Robertson
#114. I found out Si was taking naps every day on Kay's couch! I went to Phil and told him it was a problem.
"Look, I know he's your brother and he's my uncle, but he's not the kind of worker we need to have," I told Phil, while trying to make a good first impression.
I was trying to instill a new work ethic and culture in Duck Commander, and I couldn't have Si sleeping on the job!
"Don't touch Si," Phil told me. "You leave him alone. He's making reeds and that's the hardest thing we do. Si is the only guy who wants to do it, and he's good at it. Si is fine."
Amazingly enough, in the ten years I've been running Duck Commander, we've never once run out of reeds. Six years ago, Si suffered a heart attack. He smoked cigarettes for almost forty years and then quit after his heart attack, so we were all so proud of him. Even before his heart attack, I wasn't sure about putting Si on our DVDs because I thought he would just come across too crazy. He cracked us up in the duck blind and we all loved him, but I told Jep and the other camera guys to film around him. Honestly, I didn't think anyone would understand what he was saying. When we finally tried to put him on the DVDs, he clammed up in front of the camera and looked like a frog in a cartoon just sitting there. He wouldn't perform. Finally, we put a hidden camera under a shirt on Si's desk. We were near the end of editing a DVD and showed a shooting scene to Si. He always takes credit for shooting more ducks than #Quote by Willie Robertson
Editing quotes by Kevin Smith
#115. Whenever I'm not shooting, I'm in the editing room with my footage. While the crew is taking 15 minutes to an hour to set up the next shot, I'm behind the Avid, putting the flick together. #Quote by Kevin Smith
Editing quotes by Taika Waititi
#116. I've always been a relaxed person on set, but I think the main thing is I think about it from an editing point of view way more than I did before. #Quote by Taika Waititi
Editing quotes by Yuriy Tarnawsky
#117. I was always creatively stubborn, adverse to editing by others, and wanted to use the kind of Ukrainian we spoke among ourselves rather than the more artificial prescribed literary Ukrainian. The problem was the greatest in prose, where editors would change my language because "it sounded better this way." My poetry they left alone probably out of deference to that hallowed genre. #Quote by Yuriy Tarnawsky
Editing quotes by Nicholas Jarecki
#118. Feature filmmaking is a different kind of complication as documentary comes in the editing room. #Quote by Nicholas Jarecki
Editing quotes by Richard Due
#119. I was asked the age old question today: why are you an author? I suppose there are lots of answers to this question that would suffice, but for me there is really only one answer that will do: the blank paper taunts me, and I am weak. #Quote by Richard Due
Editing quotes by David Antin
#120. There are editing procedures for talks just as there are editing procedures in jazz improvisation. #Quote by David Antin
Editing quotes by Sally Rooney
#121. I laughed to myself although there was no one there to see me. I loved when he was available to me like this, when our relationship was like a Word document that we were writing and editing together, or a long private joke that nobody else could understand. I liked to feel that he was my collaborator. I liked to think of him waking up at night and thinking of me. #Quote by Sally Rooney
Editing quotes by Jack Dorsey
#122. Your job as an executive is to edit, not write. It's OK to write once in a while but if you do it often there's a fundamental problem with the team. Every time you do something ask if you're writing or editing and get in the mode of editing. #Quote by Jack Dorsey
Editing quotes by Gary Thorp
#123. Whether working in the yard or just going about the daily business of life, you are continually adjusting, trimming, touching, shaping, and tinkering with the wealth of things around you. It may be difficult for you to know when to stop. We are all torn between the extremes of taking care of things and leaving them alone, and we question whether many things could ever get along without us. We find ourselves with pruning shears in hand, snipping away at this or that, telling ourselves that we're only being helpful, redefining something else's space, removing that which is unappealing to us. It's not that we really want to change the world. We just want to fix it up slightly. We'd like to lose a few pounds or rid ourselves of some small habit. Maybe we'd like to help a friend improve his situation or repair a few loose ends in the lives of our children. All of this shaping and controlling can have an adverse affect. Unlike someone skilled in the art of bonsai gardening, we may *unintentionally* stunt much natural growth before it occurs. And our meddling may not be appreciated by others. Most things will get along superbly without our editing, fussing, and intervention. We can learn to just let them be. As a poem of long ago puts it, "In the landscape of spring, the flowering branches grow naturally, some are long, some are short. #Quote by Gary Thorp
Editing quotes by C.K. Webb
#124. We never end up with the book we began writing. Characters twist it and turn it until they get the life that is perfect for them. A good writer won't waste their time arguing with the characters they create ... It is almost always a waste of time and people tend to stare when you do! #Quote by C.K. Webb
Editing quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#125. A writer should be of as great probity and honesty as a priest of God. He is either honest or not, as a woman is either chaste or not, and after one piece of dishonest writing he is never the same again. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Editing quotes by Mort Sahl
#126. My whole life is a movie. It's just that there are no dissolves. I have to live every agonizing moment of it. My life needs editing. #Quote by Mort Sahl
Editing quotes by Arthur Miller
#127. The structure of a play is always the story of how the birds came home to roost. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Editing quotes by Isabella Rossellini
#128. My father's films are often very slow for the modern audiences, which are used to a lot of editing. It's the audience that watches the film instead of the director dictating the reaction he wants from you. #Quote by Isabella Rossellini
Editing quotes by Hannah Fidell
#129. Shooting an improv-based film is incredibly liberating, exhilarating, and fun, but editing that kind of movie can be difficult for obvious continuity reasons. #Quote by Hannah Fidell
Editing quotes by Jeanne Voelker
#130. I edit my own stories to death. They eventually run and hide from me. #Quote by Jeanne Voelker
Editing quotes by Spike Jonze
#131. There were times in 'Adaptation' during the editing where I really thought, 'Okay, well, this was a noble failure. I tried to do something good, but this is not going to work.' #Quote by Spike Jonze
Editing quotes by Clifford Stoll
#132. Over the past decade Stallman created a powerful editing program called Gnu-Emacs. But Gnu's much more than just a text editor. It's easy to customize to your personal preferences. It's a foundation upon which other programs can be built. It even has its own mail facility built in. Naturally, our physicists demanded Gnu; with an eye to selling more computing cycles, we installed it happily. #Quote by Clifford Stoll
Editing quotes by Jonas Mekas
#133. I brought Yoko Ono to New York and gave her her first job there. I was editing a magazine called 'Film Culture.' #Quote by Jonas Mekas
Editing quotes by George D. Prentice
#134. Many writers profess great exactness in punctuation who never yet made a point. #Quote by George D. Prentice
Editing quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#135. Editing is the most obvious way of manipulating vision. And yet, the camera sometimes sees what you don't - a person in the background, for example, or an object moving in the wind. I like these accidents. My first full-length film, Esperanza, was about a woman I befriended on the Lower East Side when I was a film student at NYU. Esperanza had hoarded nearly all the portable objects she had touched every day for thirty years: the Chock Full O'Nuts paper coffee cups, copies of the Daily News, magazines, gum wrappers, price tags, receipts, rubber bands, plastic bags from the 99-cent store where she did most of her shopping, piles of clothes, torn towels, and bric-a-brac she had found in the street. Esperanza's apartment consisted of floor-to-ceiling stacks of stuff. At first sight, the crowded apartment appeared to be pure chaos, but Esperanza explained to me that her piles were not random. Her paper cups had their own corner. These crenellated towers of yellowing, disintegrating waxed cardboard stood next to piles of newspapers …
One evening, however, while I was watching the footage from a day's filming, I found myself scrutinizing a pile of rags beside Esperanza's mattress. I noticed that there were objects carefully tucked in among the fraying bits of coloured cloth: rows of pencils, stones, matchbooks, business cards. It was this sighting that led to the "explanation." She was keenly aware that the world at large disapproved of her "lifestyle," and that there was litt #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Editing quotes by Rohit Shetty
#136. When I am shooting, I am inside the theatre, when I am in the editing room, I am inside the theatre. I always try to feel what they will feel. I see a film, not as a director, but as the audience. If I am entertained, they will be, too. #Quote by Rohit Shetty
Editing quotes by Joe Dante
#137. Movies get found in the editing room. The movie that you make is not always necessarily the movie that comes out of the editing room. The trick is to perfect the movie that you have and make it the best version of what you've shot, regardless of what the intent may have been. #Quote by Joe Dante
Editing quotes by Walker Evans
#138. With the camera, it's all or nothing. You either get what you're after at once, or what you do has to be worthless. I don't think the essence of photography has the hand in it so much. The essence is done very quietly with a flash of the mind, and with a machine. I think too that photography is editing, editing after the taking. After knowing what to take, you have to do the editing. #Quote by Walker Evans
Editing quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#139. I love editing. I think I like it more than any other phase of film making. If I wanted to be frivolous, I might say that everything that precedes editing is merely a way of producing film to edit. #Quote by Stanley Kubrick
Editing quotes by Brad Pitt
#140. The best moments can't be preconceived. I've spent a lot of time in editing rooms, and a scene can be technically perfect, with perfect delivery and facial expression and timing, and you remember all your lines, and it is dead. #Quote by Brad Pitt
Editing quotes by Anthony Minghella
#141. Once you start to realize that a film is the sum of its editing, then editing is the thing you're always looking at. #Quote by Anthony Minghella
Editing quotes by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
#142. Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out Training Crazy Dogs from Over-the-Top to Under Control Laura VanArendonk Baugh CPDT-KA KPACTP Copyright 2013 Laura VanArendonk Baugh Cover design by Laura VanArendonk Baugh and Alena Van Arendonk Author portrait by Elemental Photography Technical editing by Casey Lomonaco Interior photos pages 25, 67, 77 by Alena Van Arendonk #Quote by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Editing quotes by Walter Murch
#143. I re-mastered 'The Conversation' a few years ago for DVD. 'The Conversation' was the first film I edited on a flatbed machine - a KEM editing machine. I've been using Final Cut or the AVID for 12 years now, so I was interested in looking at this film and seeing if I could tell if it had been edited the old way. Truth be told, I couldn't. #Quote by Walter Murch
Editing quotes by Paul Schneider
#144. I think a lot about the editing of the films when we're making them, partly because I studied that, and partly because if you think about being in love while you're supposed to be acting in love, there's nowhere to go. You have to focus on something else and then do what's being asked, and you might get some semblance of something interesting. #Quote by Paul Schneider
Editing quotes by Ben Marcus
#145. How did one even fraternize with people who could not entertain vivid scenarios of self-mutilation? How was the sexual act even possible if one's partner could not entertain being crushed under a truck, just as a cathartic exercise? What important piece of her brain was missing that deprived her of such, well, deeply necessary acts of physical editing? #Quote by Ben Marcus
Editing quotes by Tahlia Newland
#146. When I'm self-editing, I search for all those 'was'es and 'were's and see if I can write the sentences better without them. I usually can. This one tip made a huge difference to the quality of my prose. #Quote by Tahlia Newland
Editing quotes by Dolph Lundgren
#147. When you are acting in a film, you have no idea what scene the editor is going to choose. For instance, after you have directed, you feel more comfortable delivering a performance. Because you know the real performance is put together in the editing room. #Quote by Dolph Lundgren
Editing quotes by Rick Moranis
#148. This whole blogging stuff has been bugging me for years. Talk about no filter on things. People feel free to do and say whatever they want with no vetting, with no editing, with nothing. #Quote by Rick Moranis
Editing quotes by Sue Tompkins
#149. The way I perform or the setup is always same - just me and a microphone and the text - and they usually have some relation of how physical that stack becomes. When I'm editing it together, the density of the papers is an indicator to be like, "You need to stop." #Quote by Sue Tompkins
Editing quotes by Edgar Wright
#150. The editing process, to use a slightly grim analogy, is like the slow suffocation of lots of babies. It's like, which finger do you want to cut off first? #Quote by Edgar Wright
Editing quotes by Stieg Larsson
#151. I am not altogether confident of my ability to put my thoughts into words: My texts are usually better after an editor has hacked away at them, and I am used to both editing and being edited. Which is to say that I am not oversensitive in such matters. #Quote by Stieg Larsson
Editing quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#152. Having gone through editing process, I can see that in actor's faces there's point where they're not managing their performance and that's, I think, the best place to be. You've done the homework, you've learned the lines, at that point you just sort of let it out. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Editing quotes by Pirjo Honkasalo
#153. If you take a big epic novel and you shoot it, when you get to the editing room you notice that it has 2 million climaxes, which fill the whole 90 or 100 minutes. Then you realize you can't cut them out because if somebody is dying and you cut that out it seems like they just disappear from the film. #Quote by Pirjo Honkasalo
Editing quotes by Lasse Hallstrom
#154. To make a movie charming, you have to be playful on all levels and open to ideas, and you have to have an idea for how to do that within the confines of the shooting schedule and editing and all that. #Quote by Lasse Hallstrom
Editing quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#155. I have a great editor and I enjoy, in a masochistic way, being ruthless about my own performance. There's an initial point in the editing, if you're directing yourself, especially in my case, where you go, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, I can't watch this." And then, there's a point where you become hard-nosed and just take your neurosis away and go, "What's working? That's okay. That's okay. We can lose that, and lose that." You get objective about it. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Editing quotes by Dennis Cooper
#156. My novels tend to take a long time to become exactly what they're going to be. They're fluid messes until I've done a ton of editing and refining and rewriting. When I write novels, I always make related scrapbooks to help me organize and test my intentions. #Quote by Dennis Cooper
Editing quotes by Colette
#157. Put down everything that comes into your head and then you're a writer. But an author is one who can judge his own stuff's worth, without pity, and destroy most of it.
(Casual Chance, 1964) #Quote by Colette
Editing quotes by Rogena Mitchell-Jones
#158. You only have one chance to make a great first impression. You make that first impression with a great cover, an intriguing synopsis, and professional editing. Let my inner editor polish your ​manuscript ​the 'write' way. #Quote by Rogena Mitchell-Jones
Editing quotes by Margo Lanagan
#159. My mum was a librarian, and she brought home a lot of interesting books, and we just read and read. I suppose I didn't really think I could be a writer myself until I was working in editing in my 20s and discovered that actually, the books that came in were not very much like published books. #Quote by Margo Lanagan
Editing quotes by Michael Morpurgo
#160. With all editing, no matter how sensitive - and I've been very lucky here - I react sulkily at first, but then I settle down and get on with it, and a year later I have my book in my hand. #Quote by Michael Morpurgo
Editing quotes by Spike Jonze
#161. I'm in awe of directors like the Coen brothers who can shoot their script and edit it, and that's the movie. They're not discovering the movie in postproduction. They're editing the script they shot. #Quote by Spike Jonze
Editing quotes by Woody Allen
#162. I never start editing a film until it's completely shot; I don't edit along the way, ever. When it's finished I come in here and we start with reel one, scene one and start editing shot by shot by shot until we're finished. #Quote by Woody Allen
Editing quotes by Maya Lin
#163. My goal is to strip things down so that you need just the right amount of words or shape to convey what you need to convey. I like editing. I like it very tight. #Quote by Maya Lin
Editing quotes by Ron Brackin
#164. A curse of being a writer is the compulsion to edit. Take the sign on my walking trail, for example. It reads, 'Watered by well water.' One of these days, no matter how hard I try to resist, I just know I'm going to paint it out to read, 'Irrigated by well water.' If you don't get this, it's because you're not a writer. #Quote by Ron Brackin
Editing quotes by Hal Duncan
#165. A 3K word story might well be done in some caffeine-and-nicotine-fuelled 36 hour session, and at the end of it, there'll be a few passes of editing required, but I basically have a polished draft. #Quote by Hal Duncan
Editing quotes by Biz Stone
#166. Embrace constraint. What you get in return is the art and craft of editing your own life, weeding out what is and isn't necessary. #Quote by Biz Stone
Editing quotes by Chris Hillman
#167. I think Gram did his best work in co-writes. Sometimes when you're working with one other person, it's such a magical thing. You're editing each other and you're trying to create that one spark. #Quote by Chris Hillman
Editing quotes by Donald Murray
#168. The longer I write, the more important I believe it is to write the first draft as fast as possible. In drafting, I push myself so I am at the edge of discomfort ... Later, it will be time for consideration and reconsideration, slow, careful revision and editing. But on the first draft I have to achieve velocity, just as you do if you want the bike to balance. #Quote by Donald Murray
Editing quotes by Celine Kiernan
#169. On the Hunger Games Fan Race fail and the portrayal of POC in fantasy literature:
It is as if the POC in the text are walking around with a great big red sign over them for some editors and it reads I AM NOT A REAL CHARACTER. I AM A PROBLEM YOU MUST DEAL WITH. The white characters are permitted to saunter about with their physical descriptions hanging out all over the place, but best not make mention of dark skin or woolly/curly hair or dark eyes (Unless, of course, that character is white. None of my white-skinned dark-eyed characters had any problem being described as such. And I'm pretty sure that Sól's curly hair never gave anyone a single pause for thought.) As I said, I understand the desire not to define a POC simply by their physical attributes, and I understand cutting physical descriptions if no other character is described physically – but pussyfooting about in this manner with POC is doing nothing but white wash the characters themselves. It's already much too hard to get readers to latch onto the fact that some characters may not be caucasian, why must we dance about their physical description as if it were some kind of shameful dirty little secret. You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of the way homosexuality used to only ever be hinted at in texts. It was up to the reader to 'read between the lines' or 'its there if you look for it' and all that total bullshit which used to be the norm. #Quote by Celine Kiernan
Editing quotes by Judith Thurman
#170. The border between editing and ghostwriting is, at its extremes, a bit porous. An editor really improves and sometimes restructures a manuscript and suggests changes. #Quote by Judith Thurman
Editing quotes by Wes Anderson
#171. Sometimes when you're editing a movie, you have the thing that you don't expect - which is you make it longer and longer as you go along. #Quote by Wes Anderson
Editing quotes by Lana Del Rey
#172. I'm a writer first and a singer second. And then I started editing my own videos when I was 17, so it's a process I've been doing since I was younger. #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Editing quotes by May Sarton
#173. The sheer vital energy of the Woolfs always astonishes me when I stop to consider what they accomplished on any given day. Fragile she may have been, living on the edge of psychic disturbance, but think what she managed to do nonetheless -- not only the novels (every one a breakthrough in form), but all those essays and reviews, all the work of the Hogarth Press, not only reading mss. and editing, but, at least at the start, packing the books to go out!

And besides all that, they lived such an intense social life. (When I went there for tea, they were always going out for dinner and often to a party later on.) The gaiety and the fun of it all, the huge sense of life! The long, long walks through London that Elizabeth Bowen told me about. And two houses to keep going! Who of us could accomplish what she did?

There may be a lot of self-involvement in A Writer's Diary, but there is no self-pity (and what has to be remembered is that what Leonard published at that time was only a small part of all the journals, the part that concerned her work, so it had to be self-involved). It is painful that such genius should evoke such mean-spirited response at present. Is genius so common that we can afford to brush it aside? What does it matter if she is major or minor, whether she imitated Joyce (I believe she did not), whether her genius was a limited one, limited by class? What remains true is that one cannot pick up a single one of her books and read a page withou #Quote by May Sarton
Editing quotes by Joe Dante
#174. When you make a 3-D movie you actually have to plan the way the visuals look because there's a parallax issue, and there's an issue of editing; you can't edit very quickly in 3-D because the eye won't adjust fast enough for it. #Quote by Joe Dante
Editing quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#175. The world could be as small as it was cruel. She wondered at God sometimes, his schemes, his plans, his plots, his sense of order. Maybe he was just like the Bible - beautiful and overwritten and redundant and badly in need of editing. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Editing quotes by Garth Kravits
#176. One of the first decisions I made, as the director of "Hide and Seek," was that our film would be silent and use underscoring of original music that I was planning on composing. The decision was mostly predicated on knowing how time consuming the editing of dialogue can be and given the various locations we shot in, I didn't want to worry about having to mix room tones in such a short amount of time. #Quote by Garth Kravits
Editing quotes by Robert Fulghum
#177. If you notice phrases, ideas, and anecdotes that closely resemble those that appear elsewhere in my writing, it's not a matter of sloppy editing. I'm repeating myself. I'm reshuffling words in the hope that just once I might say something exactly right. And I'm still wrestling with dilemmas that are not easily resolved or easily dismissed. I run at them again and again because I am not finished with them. Any may never be. Work-in- progress on a life-in-progress is what my writing is about. And some progress in the work is enough to keep it going on. #Quote by Robert Fulghum
Editing quotes by Tom Stoppard
#178. Good things, when short, are twice as good. #Quote by Tom Stoppard
Editing quotes by Red Red Rover
#179. Apparently, my hopes, dreams and aspirations were no match against my poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. #Quote by Red Red Rover
Editing quotes by Walter Murch
#180. 'The Conversation' was the first film I edited on a flatbed machine - a KEM editing machine. I've been using Final Cut or the AVID for 12 years now, so I was interested in looking at this film and seeing if I could tell if it had been edited the old way. #Quote by Walter Murch
Editing quotes by Shaila M. Abdullah
#181. How do you end a story that's not yours? Add another sentence where there is a pause? Infiltrate the story with a comma when really there should have been a period? Punctuate with an exclamation point where a period would have sufficed? What if you kill something breathing and breathe life into something the author wanted to eliminate? How do you get inside the mind of a person who isn't there? Fill the shoes of someone who will never again fill his own? #Quote by Shaila M. Abdullah
Editing quotes by Albert Brooks
#182. What naturally stops you making the film is there is no more money in the budget. That's really what it is. If you had an unlimited budget, if you were a billionaire and you financed your own movies, then you can either date, because you can sit in an editing room for six years, like Howard Hughes, and never finish anything. #Quote by Albert Brooks
Editing quotes by Macklemore
#183. I put myself in the place of the listener when editing my writing. The last thing that I want to do is be preached at and told who to be or what to think when listening to an artist. However, I do want to be inspired. There's a fine line. #Quote by Macklemore
Editing quotes by Martin Scorsese
#184. The creation of the island, or the impression of the island, as it changes in the mind of the character also came in to play ... there was another very important collaborator, Rob Legato, on special visual effects. And then ultimately there's Thelma Schoonmaker, who keeps me focused during the editing of the picture. #Quote by Martin Scorsese
Editing quotes by Agnes Varda
#185. This is what cinema is all about. Images, sound, whatever, are what we use to construct a way which is cinema, which is supposed to produce effects, not only in our eyes and ears, but in our "mental" movie theater in which image and sound already are there. There is a kind of on-going movie all the time, in which the movie that we see comes in and mixes, and the perception of all these images and sound proposed to us in a typical film narration piles up in our memory with other images, other associations of images, other films, but other mental images we have, they pre-exist. So a new image in a film titillates or excites another mental image already there or emotions that we have so when you propose something to watch and hear, it goes, it works. It's like we have sleeping emotions in us all the time, half-sleeping, so one specific image or the combination of one image and sound, or the way of putting things together, like two images one after another, what we call montage, editing - these things ring a bell. These half-asleep feelings just wake up because of that - that is what it is about. This is not to make a film and say: "Okay, let's get a deal, let's tell the story, let's have a good actress, good-bye, not bad," and we go home and we eat. What I am dealing with is the effects, the perception, and the subsidiary effects of my work as proposals, as an open field, so that you can get there things you always wanted to feel and maybe didn't know how to express, imagine, wa #Quote by Agnes Varda
Editing quotes by Kim Smith
#186. The editing process is a necessary evil. I can write until the cows come home but it is all garbage until it gets edited. #Quote by Kim Smith
Editing quotes by R.C. Sproul
#187. by the Draft Committee. The present text makes clear exactly what the Council affirmed and denied. Obviously, those who signed the articles do not necessarily concur in every interpretation advocated by the commentary. Not even the members of the Draft Committee are bound by this, and perhaps not even Dr. Sproul, since his text underwent certain editorial revisions. However, this commentary represents an effort at making clear the precise position of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy as a whole.
In the editing process, we strove to take account of the comments that were forwarded to us. In some cases, we could not concur with those who made comments,
and therefore the #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Editing quotes by Jason Reitman
#188. I'm really specific in the way that I shoot. I've always had a very good sense of what I need in the editing room. #Quote by Jason Reitman
Editing quotes by Alberto Manguel
#189. However readers make a book theirs, the end is that book and reader become one. The world that is a book is devoured by a reader who is a letter in the world's text; thus a circular metaphor is created for the endlessness of reading. We are what we read. The process by which the circle is completed is not, Whitman argued, merely an intellectual one; we read intellectually on a superficial level, grasping certain meanings and conscious of certain facts, but at the same time, invisibly, unconsciously, text and reader become intertwined, creating new levels of meaning, so that every time we cause the text to yield something by ingesting it, simultaneously something else is born beneath it that we haven't yet grasped. That is why - as Whitman believed, rewriting and re-editing his poems over and over again - no reading can ever be definitive. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Editing quotes by Betsy Lerner
#190. It was a miracle to me, this transformation of my acorns into an oak. #Quote by Betsy Lerner
Editing quotes by Richard Gere
#191. Editing a film is always a question of time, and the director. I've worked with a lot of directors who don't mind my involvement. They appreciated it. #Quote by Richard Gere
Editing quotes by Chris Squire
#192. 'Close To The Edge,' we actually had played it from beginning to end before we recorded it in the studio. So we knew how long it was, and we knew it would fit on the album fine, so we didn't do any editing. #Quote by Chris Squire
Editing quotes by Terry Pratchett
#193. Hey, let me tell you about the weirdness, like when he was staying with us for the editing, and we heard a noise and went into his room and two of our white doves had got in and couldn't get out; they were panicking around the room and Neil was waking up in a storm of snowy white feathers saying, "Wstfgl?" which is his normal ante meridian vocabulary. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Editing quotes by William Safire
#194. If you re-read your work, you can find on re-reading a great deal of repetition can be avoided by re-reading and editing. #Quote by William Safire
Editing quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#195. The writing itself is no big deal. The editing, and even more than that, the self-doubt, is excruciatingly impossible. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Editing quotes by Neil Gaiman
#196. I love the auditioning process. I love working with the technical guys. I absolutely love the editing room. That was completely fascinating to me, working with an editor in crafting the thing into something you had in your head. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Editing quotes by James Thurber
#197. Editing should be, especially in the case of old writers, a counselling rather than a collaborating task. The tendency of the writer-editor to collaborate is natural, but he should say to himself, 'How can I help this writer to say it better in his own style?' and avoid 'How can I show him how I would write it, if it were my piece?' #Quote by James Thurber
Editing quotes by Simon Baker
#198. For an actor working in television or film, I think it's important to understand how the medium works - how the camera and lenses work and how the sound and the editing works. #Quote by Simon Baker
Editing quotes by Brent Sexton
#199. The bottom line is that your performance is made in the editing room. #Quote by Brent Sexton
Editing quotes by Agnes Varda
#200. Andrea Meyer: What do you think your films offer to people today?
Agnès Varda: I would say energy. I would say love for filming, intuition. I mean, a woman working with her intuition and trying to be intelligent. It's like a stream of feelings, intuition, and joy of discovering things. Finding beauty where it's maybe not. Seeing. And, on the other hand, trying to be structural, organized; trying to be clever. And doing what I believe is cinécriture, what I always call cine-writing. Which is not a screenplay. Which is not only the narration words. It's choosing the subject, choosing the place, the season, the crew, choosing the shots, the place, the lens, the light. Choosing your attitude towards people, towards actors. Then choosing the editing, the music. Choosing contemporary musicians. Choosing the tune of the mixing. Choosing the publicity material, the press book, the poster. You know, it's a handmade work of filmmaking - that I really believe. And I call that cine-writing. #Quote by Agnes Varda

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