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Edgy quotes by Kathleen Norris
#1. Being closed in makes us edgy because it reminds us of our vulnerability before the elements; we can't escape the fact that life is precarious. #Quote by Kathleen Norris
Edgy quotes by Patrice O'Neal
#2. I am that guy who will say things that people seem to think is a little edgy, a little racy. #Quote by Patrice O'Neal
Edgy quotes by Richard Branson
#3. We've got an engaging, edgy, vibrant, fun product, ... It may or may not work, but we're going to give it our best shot. #Quote by Richard Branson
Edgy quotes by Nancy Giles
#4. What must it be like to live in Rush Limbaughs world? A world where when anyone other than conservative, white men attempts to do anything or enter any profession, be it business, politics, art or sports, the only reason theyre allowed entry or, incredibly, attain excellence is because the standard was lowered. Be they liberals, people of color, women, the poor or anyone with an accent ... Edgy, controversial, brilliant. What a way to shake up intelligent sports commentary. Hitler would have killed in talk radio. He was edgy, too. #Quote by Nancy Giles
Edgy quotes by Aaron Paul
#5. I gravitate toward edgy, intense, dark films that just grab you by the throat. #Quote by Aaron Paul
Edgy quotes by Vir Das
#6. I have a rule - 'funny is funny!' When I write comedy, it's not my aim to upset people. I will be offensive, edgy and immature, but I will also be very intelligent and relevant. At my shows, there are no holy cows. #Quote by Vir Das
Edgy quotes by Robert Redford
#7. I was seen in earlier years by family members and people of authority as somebody wasting his time. I had trouble with the restrictions of conformity. It made me edgy. #Quote by Robert Redford
Edgy quotes by Tatiana March
#8. How in hell had a casual embrace turned into an all-consuming kiss?
Edgy and rattled, Joaquin stalked back to his cantina, The Watering Hole. Reluctantly, he accepted it had been one of those moments his mother used to call earthquake moments - they were not significant events, but deep down you knew that the repercussions could alter the course of your life. #Quote by Tatiana March
Edgy quotes by Rebel Wilson
#9. I think I appear very innocent and soft, but I'm actually very dark and edgy. It's a weird dichotomy. #Quote by Rebel Wilson
Edgy quotes by Trent Reznor
#10. My input for the first 16, 17 years of my life was AM radio, FM radio - pretty mainstream stuff. Rolling Stone was probably as edgy as it got. #Quote by Trent Reznor
Edgy quotes by Dean Israelite
#11. I always thought that the movie had to be really raw, very edgy, that everything had to be super grounded and feel very real. If this was going to be a story about kids discovering time travel and building a time machine that we needed to believe that they really did it . #Quote by Dean Israelite
Edgy quotes by Simone Elkeles
#12. I write edgy, sexy teen romances, and that's what I'll continue to do. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Edgy quotes by K. Bromberg
#13. He exudes virility, evokes desire, and commands attention all with a single look from his stunning eyes. He's edgy and reckless and you want to go along for the ride hoping to get a glimpse of his tender side that breaks through every now and again. The bad boy with a touch of vulnerability who leaves you breathless and steals your heart. #Quote by K. Bromberg
Edgy quotes by Adam Clayton
#14. I don't think rock 'n' roll is necessarily a young man's game. #Quote by Adam Clayton
Edgy quotes by Bryan Callen
#15. Some comics really thrive on being disrespectful, especially toward women, and it's somehow understood as edgy, but I'm the opposite. I've never liked curse words for that reason. #Quote by Bryan Callen
Edgy quotes by Miley Cyrus
#16. "I want to stay alive in pretty much 90% of my movies. Slaughtering isn't exactly what I'm going for, but I will play edgy for sure." #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Edgy quotes by Stephan Pastis
#17. I guess that compared to other comic strips, I'm edgy. But put me along something like 'South Park,' and I'm 'Captain Kangaroo.' #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Edgy quotes by Jonathan Taylor Thomas
#18. I wouldn't recommend young kids see 'Speedway Junkie.' It's definitely an age-appropriate movie - dark and realistic and edgy. If young kids want to see me, go see the Christmas movie. #Quote by Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Edgy quotes by Deepak Chopra
#19. Ordinary people aren't going to give up emotions and inspiration just because science sniffs at subjectivity. Science shouldn't be so edgy and defensive. Vandals aren't going to smash their way into laboratories and throw Bibles at the equipment. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Edgy quotes by Joe Goddard
#20. People try to be more edgy, or write about that first explosive meeting between two people in a club, but not so much the long-term issues; I don't know how to write a song about teenage heartbreak anymore. #Quote by Joe Goddard
Edgy quotes by Lance Henriksen
#21. I'm not Tom Cruise. I don't have to look that good. I'm always going to have a problem because I'm thought of as someone edgy, but I'm not. I'm a cupcake. #Quote by Lance Henriksen
Edgy quotes by Zachary Levi
#22. I think that 'Family Guy' is hysterical. It's edgy and hip - and they can do whatever they want to do because it's animated and they're not limited by budget. #Quote by Zachary Levi
Edgy quotes by Jan Greenberg
#23. Her intimate, edgy sculpture was grounded in female experience, including relationships, giving birth and motherhood. #Quote by Jan Greenberg
Edgy quotes by Jordan Castillo Price
#24. Eventually Young Vic would have ditched me for someone with a bunch of piercings and an edgy record collection, if I didn't take off with a pseudo-intellectual political activist first. #Quote by Jordan Castillo Price
Edgy quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#25. I don't think people shouldn't try to be edgy, but you have to take what the audience says to you in consideration. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
Edgy quotes by Patti Smith
#26. The way our big cities change sucks. The beauty of cities was that they were edgy, sometimes even a little dangerous. Artists, poets, and activists could come and unify and create different kinds of scenes. Not just fashion scenes, scenes that were politically active. Big cities are getting so high-end oriented, business corporate fashion, fashion not in an artistic sense but in a corporate sense. For me that edgy beauty of cities is lost, wherever you go. #Quote by Patti Smith
Edgy quotes by Ben Lovett
#27. And my favourite new songwriter is Joe Banfi from Sheffield. He's dark, edgy, serene and beautiful. #Quote by Ben Lovett
Edgy quotes by Emily Nagoski
#28. This means intentionally adding distance that creates an edgy instability or uncertainty, a slight and enjoyable dissatisfaction. #Quote by Emily Nagoski
Edgy quotes by Mickey Rourke
#29. A lot of the stuff I am now seeing is edgy, raw kinda material. #Quote by Mickey Rourke
Edgy quotes by Radha Mitchell
#30. Yeah I think Pitch Black was edgy, I think that's what worked for our film. #Quote by Radha Mitchell
Edgy quotes by Red Army Faction
#31. We're not feeling edgy; the system is feeling nervous. #Quote by Red Army Faction
Edgy quotes by Eddie Murphy
#32. I'm 42 and the age of a guy who has kids, so I guess I'm playing right where I'm supposed to be. I'm comfortable with that, but in the same breath I'd do something edgy. If someone came to me and offered me an edgy and funny story, then I'd do it. #Quote by Eddie Murphy
Edgy quotes by Margaret Atwood
#33. The card-carrying furfuckers looked down their narrow green true-believer noses at Zeb and his edgy like, #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Edgy quotes by Dennis Nurkse
#34. Mary Mackey joins other visionary poets of dpaysement ... recovering a lost part of herself in the edgy lyricism of the tropics, haunted by fado, forr, and death. The lines are tense with the vulnerability of lovers, strangers, and travelers with no ticket home. #Quote by Dennis Nurkse
Edgy quotes by Romany Malco
#35. I'm not really volunteering for no family films. I really like the sweet spot of being able to be edgy and controversial. #Quote by Romany Malco
Edgy quotes by Lorin Stein
#36. When I was a book editor, I got used to being told that my tastes were dark or edgy. These are not words that would've occurred to me, but I was told that enough that I have to believe it's true - that I like things that some other people find off-putting or upsetting. My job is to publish stuff that I really, really care about. That might mean that it doesn't sit well with everybody. #Quote by Lorin Stein
Edgy quotes by Peter R. Pouncey
#37. Bereavement seemed to work on him as a kind of blanket allergy, making him edgy and irritable to all the outside world. And of course it was reciprocal; the world receded on him. #Quote by Peter R. Pouncey
Edgy quotes by Carly Steel
#38. Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Sofia Lauren are my style inspirations. In terms of modern day actresses who I find inspiring, I love Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Kirsten Dunst and Evan Rachel Wood. They aren't afraid to take risks and make edgy. #Quote by Carly Steel
Edgy quotes by Laura Griffin
#39. Apparently having your girlfriend get shot in the head and Life Flighted away takes its toll on a guy. Imagine that? I told him it was no biggie, but he's been kind of edgy about it. #Quote by Laura Griffin
Edgy quotes by Lori Foster
#40. Because Rowdy Yates was that and then some. He was also drop-dead gorgeous in a devilish, careless, edgy way. Where Reese tempered his sex appeal, Rowdy threw it out there without reserve, bludgeoning innocent bystanders with his raw magnetism. #Quote by Lori Foster
Edgy quotes by Edmund White
#41. I was lucky to live in New York when it was dangerous and edgy and cheap enough to play host to young, penniless artists. That was the era of "coffee shops" as they were defined in New York - cheap restaurants open round the clock where you could eat for less than it would cost to cook at home. That was the era of ripped jeans and dirty T-shirts, when the kind of people who are impressed by material signs of success were not the people you wanted to know. #Quote by Edmund White
Edgy quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#42. Your brand is the unique persona and identity of you, your company, product or service that sets it apart from others in the same market space. It is the image you or your business present to the world. A brand is composed of many different pieces which, together, capture the attention of your buyers. Some of the pieces are physical, but much of branding is intangible; ideas and thoughts put into words, pictures and videos. When small business owners ask themselves "What is branding?" the answer is, "the essence of the business, products or services." Your personal brand conveys the way you are perceived; and how you want people to see and feel about you, your business and your products or services. You may want to sound very dignified and reinforce your 'expert status' and credibility depending on your products or services. Or you may want to sound approachable, edgy and smart. Whatever voice you choose, carry it into all your messaging, marketing materials, and web presence (your platform). #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Edgy quotes by Angie Fox
#43. slammed my door shut, a bit edgy. "Frankie's my friendly ghost, the one who tunes me in to the other side," I said, going out on a limb. The words hung between us, making me uncomfortable. #Quote by Angie Fox
Edgy quotes by Adam Johnson
#44. Writing is hard work, and if anything's true about the process, it's that fact that a good story is hard to find and even trickier to get on paper. What's less romantic than staring alone at a blank screen? And edgy? I've changed the cat little because I didn't know what my characters were going to say next. #Quote by Adam Johnson
Edgy quotes by Suzy Valtsioti
#45. We are women. We talk. We all do. I love to talk. It's my reason for being. No. It's my raison d'etre. Now that is fucking classy. Not everyone has one. A classy one. Anyway. #Quote by Suzy Valtsioti
Edgy quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#46. We are permanently walking on a very thin ice whenever we try to measure lasting values in an ever-changing and utterly edgy society, whenever we must define long-term objectives in a short-term spirit. ("Was it all worthwhile?") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Edgy quotes by Shane Bunting
#47. My music is very edgy and the energy is very raw, but I am also getting out this positive message without being a teacher. I don't want to hear anybody preach or teach things to me, especially when I was a kid. But there are messages that people are grabbing onto without me even realizing that they are messages. #Quote by Shane Bunting
Edgy quotes by Jim Norton
#48. You really are a badass, edgy guy who tells it like it is ... about couscous. #Quote by Jim Norton
Edgy quotes by Devon Sawa
#49. I would like to do something a little bit more edgy. #Quote by Devon Sawa
Edgy quotes by Yelawolf
#50. I'm always gonna have the darker edgy music; it is always in my pocket because it comes so naturally to me. #Quote by Yelawolf
Edgy quotes by Chelsea Peretti
#51. When I was in New York, I got to see Joan Rivers do an hour of material, and it blew my mind. I don't remember how old she was at the time, but she just had this edgy hour that had so much funny stuff in it, and she was so fearless. If you only watch her on the red carpet, you don't get a sense of what a legendary standup comedian she is. #Quote by Chelsea Peretti
Edgy quotes by Anonymous
#52. Nevertheless, even with all the very best tips and advice, parenting can sometimes make anyone feel frustrated, edgy, and inadequate. That's why it's crucial that you never shake - or even jiggle - your baby when you're angry! Please - if you're at the end of your patience, put your baby down (even if he is crying) and give yourself a break. Don't hesitate to call for help from your spouse, your family, a friend, or a crisis hotline. #Quote by Anonymous
Edgy quotes by Lecia Cornwall
#53. The cat let out a low, anguished yowl, and all three warriors jumped to attention and looked at the creature. Beelzebub prowled in a circle, then flopped over onto his side.
"He's dying," Jock whispered.
The cat gave an exasperated sigh and shut his eyes.
Dair regarded Fia's pet. "He wants a lass, a female cat," he said....
He looked at the cat again, at the bored expression, the edgy swish of his tail, the tense, restless muscles, and knew just how the beast felt. #Quote by Lecia Cornwall
Edgy quotes by Nora Roberts
#54. Within months, Ray Quinn had died, but he'd kept his word. He'd kept it through the three men he'd made his sons. Those men had given the scrawny, suspicious, and scarred young boy a life.
They had given him a home, and made him a man.
Cameron, the edgy, quick-tempered gypsy; Ethan, the patient, steady waterman; Phillip, the elegant, sharp-minded executive. They had stood for him, fought for him. They had saved him.
His brothers. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Edgy quotes by Alyson Noel
#55. Some may say I'm perceptive"
"And what would you say?" I ask, my voice edgy, tired of being toyed with.
"I'd say I agree. #Quote by Alyson Noel
Edgy quotes by Chris Lilley
#56. To be honest, after all the crap that happened with 'Summer Heights High,' I was like, 'I'm not going to write anything controversial or edgy ever again; I just can't handle the blame.' #Quote by Chris Lilley
Edgy quotes by Stassi Schroeder
#57. Being basic means being true to what you like, without caving to the pressure of being "cool" or "edgy" or whatever basic-haters are into. #Quote by Stassi Schroeder
Edgy quotes by Danielle LaPorte
#58. You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge. #Quote by Danielle LaPorte
Edgy quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#59. The sound here was of no sound, of a place holding its breath, an edgy, bitten-back quiet, as if it would at once explode with the color and noise of a great party. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Edgy quotes by Christa Miller
#60. People have maybe, sometimes, said that I can, occasionally, be a teeny bit edgy and judgmental. #Quote by Christa Miller
Edgy quotes by Peter Baynham
#61. So many Christmas films either are twee, or try and go super edgy, then stick on something Christmassy at the end of the movie. #Quote by Peter Baynham
Edgy quotes by Carl Safina
#62. The coast is an edgy place. Living on the coast presents certain stark realities and a wild, rare beauty. Continent confronts ocean. Weather intensifies. It's a place of tide and tantrum; of flirtations among fresh- and saltwaters, forests and shores; of tense negotiations with an ocean that gives much but demands more. Every year the raw rim that is this coast gets hammered and reshaped like molten bronze. This place roils with power and a sometimes terrible beauty. The coast remains youthful, daring, uncertain about tomorrow. The guessing, the risk; in a way, we're all thrill seekers here. #Quote by Carl Safina
Edgy quotes by Dick Cavett
#63. I like when the ice gets thin, the going gets rough, the guests get edgy. #Quote by Dick Cavett
Edgy quotes by Jerry Byrum
#64. Striptease your mind; read an edgy romance. #Quote by Jerry Byrum
Edgy quotes by James Garcia Jr.
#65. Until the sky rolls back like a scroll, I have failed nothing." --Satan #Quote by James Garcia Jr.
Edgy quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#66. As a creator, you can design any sort of jewelry that you like for the inside of other people's minds (or simply for the inside of your own mind). You can make work that's provocative, aggressive, sacred, edgy, traditional, earnest, devastating, entertaining, brutal, fanciful . . . but when all is said and done, it's still just intracranial jewelry-making. It's still just decoration. And that's glorious. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Edgy quotes by Bill Engvall
#67. I have been passed over on some things because people didn't think I was edgy enough. But the people who took those gigs are gone now, and I am still here. #Quote by Bill Engvall
Edgy quotes by George Noory
#68. 'Beyond Belief with George Noory' will be an hour-long show that cuts to the heart of what's going on with people today, topics wide-ranging and generally nonpolitical, but even more edgy. #Quote by George Noory
Edgy quotes by Lucian Bane
#69. God has protected his anointed. And the wrath of Purgatory is certainly coming for those who run and are in need of its cleansing fire. You can run, but you can't hide. ~Father Abraham #Quote by Lucian Bane
Edgy quotes by Charlotte Rampling
#70. I don't want to play everything. So I'll seek out roles that I'll say, 'This is edgy. This is fun. This is wicked. This suits me.' #Quote by Charlotte Rampling
Edgy quotes by India De Beaufort
#71. I'm a big fan of people like Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth. I think they're so chic and have this cool edgy-rocker feel. For about a month I tried to do that, but what I realized is that I can't be anything other than what I am. #Quote by India De Beaufort
Edgy quotes by Sarah Silverman
#72. I think I've been called edgy - but in all honesty, there is a safety in what I do because I'm always the idiot. Unless you're just listening to buzz words and not taking into account the context of the situation, you see I'm always the ignoramus. #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Edgy quotes by Sam Abell
#73. Above all, it's hard learning to live with vivid mental images of scenes I cared for and failed to photograph. It is the edgy existence within me of these unmade images that is the only assurance that the best photographs are yet to be made. #Quote by Sam Abell
Edgy quotes by Mislina Mustaffa
#74. An alive society is a society that is active with arguments of different opinions at different level; noisy; edgy; aggressive; non-linear and colored with wide range of expressions; a society that permits the progression of thoughts by allowing questions, not only for them to arise but also to be discussed; a society that sees questions as a sign of prosperous health, not a virus that should be treated or a threat that should be corrected or an enemy to be eliminated; a society that is not scared of the word 'subversive' for subversiveness was and still the only catalyst that leads to experiments in discovering new findings of any sort; be it scientific, philosophical, artistic, economic, political and so on; a society that celebrates the capability if its inhabitants being alive; a society that is not only curios but also anxious enough to embark on the journey out of their boxes; a society that sees a resistance as an important message that there is something wrong with its system that needs to be tended to immediately, cleverly; a society that believes that cleverness is a skill that can only be achieved by practicing a lot of 'trial and error'. #Quote by Mislina Mustaffa
Edgy quotes by Steven Spielberg
#75. We all feel that if we have a crazy idea that might get laughed at, there's nothing wrong with seeing if there's a crazy writer out there who agrees with us and can take it to a crazy network and somehow bring something that's a little bit daft and edgy to life. #Quote by Steven Spielberg
Edgy quotes by Nora Roberts
#76. Know what's going on."
Cam looked up in time to see both of his brothers' eyes focus on him. "Oh, come on. Why does it have
to be me?"
"You're the oldest." Phillip grinned at him. "Besides, it'll take your mind off Anna."
"I'm not brooding about her - or any woman."
"Been edgy and broody all week," Ethan mumbled. "Making me nuts."
"Who asked you? We had a little disagreement, that's all. I'm giving her time to simmer down."
"Seems to me she'd simmered down to frozen the last time I saw her." Phillip examined his beer. "That
was a week ago. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Edgy quotes by Caroline Knapp
#77. Things - identifiable objects, products, goals with clear labels and price tags, men you've known for five minutes - make such a handy repository for hungers, such an easy mask for other desires, and such a ready cure for the feelings of edgy discontent that emerge when other desires are either thwarted or unnamed. #Quote by Caroline Knapp
Edgy quotes by Leslie Jamison
#78. In my own life as a reader I experience real moments of alienation when a writer feels too perfect, or like even the flaws they are admitting are somehow noble, or dysfunctional in an overly edgy, aesthetically pleasing way. #Quote by Leslie Jamison
Edgy quotes by Kevin Hearne
#79. He will spit you and roast you with rosemary, and we will all sample your flesh tonight. Tomorrow you will be shat out into the snow.
Your diplomacy is bold and edgy, sir. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Edgy quotes by Jean Hanff Korelitz
#80. Teammates ... were fine things. Piling onto the bus before the game, edgy with shared nerves, egging one another on with the genial, meaningless phrase C'mon, you guys!, collapsing back into the same seats for the ride home - the sense of striving in accord had been a sweet part of high school. Possibly the sweetest. But the camaraderie had not survived graduation, or even the off-seasons. Her teammates, passing in the school corridors in winter or spring, were downshifted to nodding acquaintances who had once been close, that past connection floating off like cotton candy on the tongue. #Quote by Jean Hanff Korelitz
Edgy quotes by Ashley Benson
#81. I had a gothic phase, and now I'm more edgy chic. #Quote by Ashley Benson
Edgy quotes by Eric Schmidt
#82. Find a way to say yes to things. Say yes to invitations to a new country, say yes to meet new friends, say yes to learn something new. Yes is how you get your first job, and your next job, and your spouse, and even your kids. Even if it's a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means that you will do something new, meet someone new, and make a difference. Yes lets you stand out in a crowd, be the optimist, see the glass full, be the one everyone comes to. Yes is what keeps us all young. #Quote by Eric Schmidt
Edgy quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#83. You swear you'll never become your parents. You listen to edgy music, you dress young and hip, you have sex standing up and on kitchen tables, you say "fuck" and "shit" a lot, and then one day, without warning, their words emerge from your mouth like long-dormant sleeper agents suddenly activated. You're still young enough to hear these words through the ears of the teenager sitting beside you, and you realize how pitiful and ultimately futile your efforts will be, a few measly sandbags against the tidal wave of genetic destiny. #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Edgy quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#84. I got so discouraged, I almost stopped writing. It was my 12-year-old son who changed my mind when he said to me, "Mother, you've been very cross and edgy with us and we notice you haven't been writing. We wish you'd go back to the typewriter. That did a lot of good for my false guilts about spending so much time writing. At that point, I acknowledged that I am a writer and even if I were never published again, that's what I am." #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Edgy quotes by Genesis Rodriguez
#85. I really like the risk takers. I like people who make those different choices on the carpet. I really like Charlize Theron. I think she's elegant and edgy as well. I love Zoe Saldana. #Quote by Genesis Rodriguez
Edgy quotes by Ariel Winter
#86. I'd describe my look as girly-edgy. I like black nail polish and eyeliner, but I'll wear them with pink shoes. #Quote by Ariel Winter
Edgy quotes by Ray William Johnson
#87. I was influenced by a lot of stand-up comedians ... Eddie Murphy back when he was doing 'Raw.' I watched that so many times as a kid, I can probably still quote the entire thing to this day. Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle. George Carlin. A lot of the guys who were sort of edgy for their time. #Quote by Ray William Johnson
Edgy quotes by Neil Patrick Harris
#88. On MTV, the dialogue can be a little darker, more interesting and edgy ... the animation is just phenomenal. It's a CGI program that's doing all the animation. #Quote by Neil Patrick Harris
Edgy quotes by Barbara Holland
#89. In the taverns all was amiable and easy, but the coffeehouses were cauldrons of edgy malcontents. #Quote by Barbara Holland
Edgy quotes by Tommy Lee
#90. I wouldn't specifically say rock n' roll is dead, but I don't see a lot of charismatic performers in the way of new blood who are edgy and dangerous on stage, like Marilyn Manson, who you never quite know if he's going to make it through his own show. #Quote by Tommy Lee
Edgy quotes by Brandy Norwood
#91. I wanna sing about something that's sexy and edgy. #Quote by Brandy Norwood
Edgy quotes by Lindy West
#92. Why should I have to sit and cheer through hours of "edgy" misogyny, "edgy" racism, "edgy" rape jokes, just to be included in an industry that belongs to me as much as anyone else? #Quote by Lindy West
Edgy quotes by Chris Hillman
#93. Those Laurel Canyon days were great. I have a real fondness for that era, 'til about '68. Musically, it was wonderful, and there was this great innocence, an idyllic view of the world. After that, everything got a little ... edgy. #Quote by Chris Hillman
Edgy quotes by Sara Sheridan
#94. I decided to coin the term 'cosy crime noir' for Brighton Belle. That is 'cosy crime' for today's sensibilities because there is that slightly edgy element to it. #Quote by Sara Sheridan
Edgy quotes by Dahlia Lithwick
#95. I think men get nervous when women start counting the number of female senators, and whites become edgy when they hear the next Supreme Court seat will probably go to a Latino. This isn't always because they object to sharing the spoils, by the way; it just reminds us that the melting pot may not be working, and we haven't yet achieved the ambiguous national dream of becoming a nation of indistinguishable beige atheists. #Quote by Dahlia Lithwick
Edgy quotes by Ashley Benson
#96. I like edgy but classic looks - like Chanel mixed with Alexander McQueen. My personal style is edgier. My closet is just black, gray, and white. I'm more comfortable in darker colors and leather jackets. #Quote by Ashley Benson
Edgy quotes by Ed Lynskey
#97. He peeled out the banknotes from inside a billfold held on a chain and paid her. Andy Jackson's eyes were X'd out. For an edgy instant she wondered if his money was counterfeit. She also noted his missing middle finger, and a skull tattoo decorated his sinewy wrist.
She put down the card key. "You're in Seven, straight down the courtyard."
He slid the card key off, but it fell to the floor. "Oops. I
haven't gotten used to this high gravity."
"I beg your pardon?"
"Nothing. I'm just punchy from all the driving. #Quote by Ed Lynskey
Edgy quotes by Jerry Saltz
#98. 'Untitled' is a time machine that can transport you to 1992, an edgy moment when the art world was crumbling, money was scarce, and artists like Tiravanija were in the nascent stages of combining Happenings, performance art, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, and the do-it-yourself ethos of punk. Meanwhile, a new art world was coming into being. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Edgy quotes by Julian Barnes
#99. Until I met Annick I'd always been certain that the edgy cynicism and disbelief in which I dealt, plus a cowed trust in the word of any imaginative writer, were the only tools for the painful, wrenching extraction of truths from the surrounding quartz of hypocrisy and deceit. The pursuit of truth had always seemed something combative. Now, not exactly in a flash, but over a few weeks, I wondered if it weren't something both higher – above the supposed conflict – and simpler, attainable not through striving but a simple inward glance. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Edgy quotes by Paul Shaffer
#100. My years on 'SNL' had reconfirmed that what I do best is play for a sort of edgy comedy. #Quote by Paul Shaffer
Edgy quotes by Katie Cassidy
#101. Greg Berlanti, David Nutter, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim are the people I wanted to work with. They're smart, they're funny, they're cool, they're edgy. #Quote by Katie Cassidy
Edgy quotes by Maeve Binchy
#102. If you write what you know about, you will always be on safe ground. I am very edgy and nervous about going into territories I know nothing about. That's why you don't find much high finance, group sex, or yachting parties in my stories. #Quote by Maeve Binchy
Edgy quotes by Michael Cunningham
#103. And so, a never-ending, rather edgy conversation between them, an undercurrent of roiling sound that reminded them they were married, they had two sons, they were living a life, they had preparations to make and disasters to avert and a world to interpret, sign by sign, symbol by symbol, to each other, and that at this point the only fate worse than staying together would be trying, each of them, to live alone. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Edgy quotes by Peter Capaldi
#104. I think it's not misplaced in 'Doctor Who' to have someone who is little bit edgy and maybe a little volatile and dangerous. #Quote by Peter Capaldi
Edgy quotes by J.M. Northup
#105. I was feeling more edgy and uncomfortable as my unquenched desires moved from a feeling of discontent to full blown pain. At first, the sensation was more like an irritation or itch, but the longer I sat there, the more intense it grew. Not only was I burning from the dissatisfaction of my unmet arousal, but my entire body felt like it was on fire. It was as if a billion poisoned needles were being injected into me simultaneously torturing my soul with flames that licked the flesh from my body. #Quote by J.M. Northup
Edgy quotes by Kingsley Amis
#106. When I find someone I respect writing about an edgy, nervous wine that dithered in the glass, I cringe. When I hear someone I don't respect talking about an austere, unforgiving wine, I turn a bit austere and unforgiving myself. When I come across stuff like that and remember about the figs and bananas, I want to snigger uneasily. You can call a wine red, and dry, and strong, and pleasant. After that, watch out ... #Quote by Kingsley Amis
Edgy quotes by Maggie Young
#107. From my first stab at second base, I became obsessively concerned for my vaginal upkeep. I began shaving the day after I felt my first tongue down my throat. The first buzz was a disaster, causing horrifically itchy dull razor breakout that made me look like I made love to a poison ivy bush. Whenever I thought there was a chance of unveiling my privates, I smothered every breakout with the same foundation I used for the occasional teenage acne face breakouts. #Quote by Maggie Young
Edgy quotes by Julian Barnes
#108. Afternoon sex was the best sex of all, Ann thought. Morning sex she'd had enough of in her time: usually it meant, 'Sorry about last night but here it is anyway'; and sometimes it meant, 'This'll make sure you don't forget me today'; but neither attitude charmed her. Evening sex was, well, your basic sex, wasn't it? It was the sex which could vary from enveloping happiness via sleepily given consent to an edgy, 'Look, this is what we came to bed early for, so why don't we just get on with it.' Evening sex was as good or as indifferent, and certainly as unpredictable, as sex could be. But afternoon sex - that was never just a courteous way to round things off; it was keen, intended sex. And sometimes it whispered to you, in a curious way (and even though you were married), 'This is what we're doing now, and I still want to spend the evening with you afterwards.' Afternoon sex gave you unexpected comforts like that. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Edgy quotes by Diablo Cody
#109. I'm not an especially highbrow person, but I have always loved small, quirky, edgy movies. #Quote by Diablo Cody
Edgy quotes by Twyla Tharp
#110. While most people in the arts think they have to be constantly looking forward to be edgy and creative ... the real secret of creativity is to go back and remember. #Quote by Twyla Tharp
Edgy quotes by Adrian Raine
#111. Genetics, accidents of birth or events in early childhood have left criminals' brains and bodies with measurable flaws predisposing them to committing assault, murder and other antisocial acts ...
Many offenders also have impairments in their autonomic nervous system, the system responsible for the edgy, nervous feeling that can come with emotional arousal. This leads to a fearless, risk-taking personality, perhaps to compensate for chronic under-arousal.
Many convicted criminals, like the Unabomber, have slow heartbeats.
It also gives them lower heart rates, which explains why heart rate is such a good predictor of criminal tendencies. The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, for example, had a resting heart rate of just 54 beats per minute, which put him in the bottom 3 per cent of the population. #Quote by Adrian Raine
Edgy quotes by Kit Rocha
#112. The rasp in his voice did her in. It wasn't the lazy boredom of a jackass who wanted a warm place to stick his dick. It was edgy. #Quote by Kit Rocha
Edgy quotes by Kristin Cavallari
#113. My personal style can be everything from girly and flirty to edgy and chic. #Quote by Kristin Cavallari
Edgy quotes by Michelle Sutton
#114. No wonder being a real Christian isn't popular. Who wants to suffer so they can find joy?" ~ Dianne Simmons #Quote by Michelle Sutton
Edgy quotes by Dennis Sharpe
#115. I follow where the story goes. Always. Every time. Sometimes it goes places where I'm not comfortable ... it's at those times that I just listen to my characters, hold on with both hands, and trust that my readers won't lynch me later. #Quote by Dennis Sharpe
Edgy quotes by Fisher Stevens
#116. I wanted to do an episode about Chuck having a gambling problem. I wanted to portray my addiction on the show. But I think it's a little edgy for Saturday night. #Quote by Fisher Stevens
Edgy quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#117. You can't expect everyone to laugh or applaud you for doing edgy things. Sometimes you'll miss. But I think comedians are artists and there's a value in failure. It kind of works both ways between comedians and audiences. The audience has to understand that comedians are going to sometimes tell a joke that doesn't work out with dark subjects, and the comedian has to understand that sometimes they 'll fail and it's not the audience's fault for not getting it or loving it. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
Edgy quotes by Sara Sheridan
#118. When you think about the period in which Agatha Christie's crime novels were written, they are actually quite edgy for the time. #Quote by Sara Sheridan
Edgy quotes by Nell Zink
#119. On one occasion when she was feeling edgy and exhausted and her cartilage ached the way it sometimes did, she stopped off at the memorial park on her way home. It was the biggest public open space in the country. She drove up and down the long rows of granite grave markers set flush to the grass singing, "If you are going to San Francisco," thinking about smothering Byrdie and taking the car and just running away. Her life could start over as it was meant to start – but how was that, pray tell? As a lesbian? What about those two or three months of fixation on sleeping with Lee? Is that what lesbians do? She looked back at Byrdie asleep on the back bench seat and said, "Byrdie boy, I love you so much. #Quote by Nell Zink
Edgy quotes by Ringo Starr
#120. I hate click tracks. A lot of people I know like to use click tracks. Like my son is perfect on the click tracks. It makes me to edgy. #Quote by Ringo Starr
Edgy quotes by Jarvis Cocker
#121. I've stuck to the same things for twenty years. I try to look like a slightly edgy geography teacher. Like what a geography teacher looked like when I was in school. Cords, sensible shoes and glasses. I never liked geography much as a subject though. In fact the only geography teacher I can remember from school was a woman who had a moustache. #Quote by Jarvis Cocker
Edgy quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#122. And nail about it because you think it's meaningless, but the next thing you know you're sitting in a library staring at books filled with pictures of abstract artwork and your heart feels ready to explode." Levi turned to me as I stepped out from behind the corner. Our eyes locked, and he kept speaking. "Because you get it, you know? You get that the colors and the lines and the curves aren't trying to be like everything else in the world. You understand that the abstract art is standing out against the norm because it's the only way abstract art knows how to stand. And you get so fucking happy because it's so beautiful. And unique. And edgy. And ... abstract." The room filled with silence as the three of us stood with no words #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
Edgy quotes by Daniel Boulud
#123. That's what's interesting about the Lower East Side: It's New York, but it's also edgy. It's not as stuffy as Tribeca or Soho. #Quote by Daniel Boulud
Edgy quotes by Jiah Khan
#124. Style to me is a mix between rock star chic-quirky-sexy and expressive. I always dress for my body type, as it's important to highlight your pluses! I like edgy clothes that have character. I usually dress by the mood I'm in - so if I'm in my ripped jeans and leather jacket, you know I'm feeling rebellious! #Quote by Jiah Khan
Edgy quotes by Beth Riesgraf
#125. I am drawn to roles that are strong, intelligent, and a little edgy. With Complications, I navigate my character Samantha Ellison through some really emotionally challenging times. #Quote by Beth Riesgraf
Edgy quotes by Margaret Cho
#126. I don't really know what 'selling out' is exactly. I would sell out if I could, but nobody's buying it. I would love to go mainstream, but my comedy is too edgy. It's always too dirty. It's always too filthy. I'm dying to sell out. But I love doing comedy, I love touring, and I think I would do everything for free. #Quote by Margaret Cho
Edgy quotes by Kaya Scodelario
#127. I like the idea of up-and-coming actors nowadays being a little different and not necessarily the drama-school stereotype, being a bit more edgy. #Quote by Kaya Scodelario
Edgy quotes by Shenae Grimes
#128. Since I have that edgy, rocker-tomboy kind of vibe, it can be very difficult to translate my style for the red carpet. #Quote by Shenae Grimes
Edgy quotes by Douglas Adams
#129. In fact it was altogether an odd dog, of uncertain breed, or breeds. It was large and black, but its hair was tufty, its body scrawny and clumsy, and its manner edgy, anxious, verging on the completely neurotic. Whenever it came to a halt for a moment or so, the business of starting up again often seemed to cause it trouble, as if it had difficulty in remembering where it had left each of its legs. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Edgy quotes by Nick Nolte
#130. Now, there is always a tremendous fear of science and progressing forward into areas of the unknown and it is a valid fear. Some of the genetic alterations of food are a little edgy. #Quote by Nick Nolte
Edgy quotes by Iain Banks
#131. He was one of those men ... who know in their hearts that for all their edgy, belligerent hardness they are just unhappy kids, emotional retards. #Quote by Iain Banks
Edgy quotes by Christine Stockton
#132. I am not sure if we are numbed to the reality of rape, but here's the sad irony. While the word rape can add an edginess to your language, talking about actual rape is taboo. I didn't know this until one of my friends was raped. Then I knew this, because I didn't want to tell anyone. If she were mugged, I would have told everyone and raged. #Quote by Christine Stockton
Edgy quotes by Carl Sagan
#133. For all its material advantages, the sedentary life has left us edgy, unfulfilled. Even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven't forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood. We invest far-off places with a certain romance. This appeal, I suspect, has been meticulously crafted by natural selection as an essential element in our survival. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Edgy quotes by Hilary Duff
#134. You can be edgy without showing off your boobs. #Quote by Hilary Duff
Edgy quotes by Nick Clegg
#135. My head spins. One moment I'm told I'm too edgy, then people say I'm too angry, then that I show too much passion ... make your minds up. #Quote by Nick Clegg
Edgy quotes by David St. John
#136. There is nothing "still" in the remarkably visceral poems of Alexander Long's third collection, Still Life, and nothing is at rest in these restless and edgy poems. Conversational and kinetic, these poems chart the traces left by the shifting overlays of the templates of literature, rock-and-roll, and contemporary culture. As each poem in Still Life attempts to fix a focus upon a scene or subject, the protean natures under view draw the poet into the eddies and complexities of reflection. This is a powerful and moving collection of poems. #Quote by David St. John
Edgy quotes by Tyne O'Connell
#137. London is speared by the tube map of fashion zone: zone one is classic-edgy, zone two is edgy-dowdy while the counties do a classic, edgy, dowdy hotch potch - epitomised so beautifully by Kate Moss. #Quote by Tyne O'Connell
Edgy quotes by Charles Bukowski
#138. I was glad I wasn't in love, that I wasn't happy with the world. I like being at odds with everything. People in love often become edgy, dangerous. They lose their sense of perspective. They lose their sense of humor. They become nervous, psychotic bores. They even become killers. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Edgy quotes by Vir Das
#139. I am edgy, raw, offensive, vulgar, untruthful, but intelligent. My jokes are always realistic. I do not make fun of children or people who cannot fight back. That is my limitation. #Quote by Vir Das
Edgy quotes by John Sutherland
#140. For obvious reasons, the relationship between novelists, the reviewing establishment and critics in general is chronically, and often acutely, edgy. A kind of low-intensity warfare prevails, with outbreaks of savagery. It is partly an ownership issue. Who, other than its creator, is to say what a work of fiction means or is worth? It can take years to write a novel and only a few hours for a critic, or a reviewer rushing for a tight deadline, to trash it. #Quote by John Sutherland
Edgy quotes by Michael Patrick King
#141. With a live audience, it's very clear when you've pushed it too far to the edge - because you fall off that edge and hit bottom with a thud. Nothing abstract about that. You know you went too far when you hear that groan or worse - that silence instead of the big laugh you were expecting following your hilariously edgy joke. #Quote by Michael Patrick King
Edgy quotes by Jarod Kintz
#142. A brick is something solid, stable, and yet edgy. In other words, it's everything a politician isn't. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Edgy quotes by Oliver Burkeman
#143. The real trick to producing great work isn't to find ways to eliminate the edgy, nervous feeling that you might be swimming out of your depth. Instead, it's to remember that everyone else is feeling it, too. We're all in deep water. Which is fine: it's by far the most exciting place to be. #Quote by Oliver Burkeman
Edgy quotes by Sonakshi Sinha
#144. So far, yes, I have been doing only commercial films because those are the kind of films that came my way. Those are the kind of films that I liked, but definitely I'm open to doing other kinds of cinema as well, and if something comes along - if I like a character - then I would definitely do something off-beat or edgy. #Quote by Sonakshi Sinha
Edgy quotes by Stephen Baldwin
#145. I'm excited to create more awareness about the importance of giving the youth of America a choice. There's a 24-hour music channel. There's a 24-hour comedy channel. I believe there's a 24-hour gay channel coming. Why isn't there a 24-hour Christian channel that's edgy and hip and cool and new and different, like all that other stuff? #Quote by Stephen Baldwin
Edgy quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#146. I haven't seen Joel for a while. Where he once projected all laidback cool, now he's edgy, stalking around the kitchen. Alice churns out pancakes and the younger kids sit at the table, watching as if their older siblings are Nickelodeon. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Edgy quotes by Carla J. Hanna
#147. I love you when you're happy.
I love you when you're sad.
I love you if you're angry,
And I love you if you're bad.
No matter how you feel,
I love you all the time.
Oh my sweet, dear baby,
I love you all the time. #Quote by Carla J. Hanna
Edgy quotes by Eric Schmidt
#148. Even if it's a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means that you will do something new, meet someone new and make a difference in your - and likely in others' lives as well. Yes is what keeps us all young. It's a tiny word that can do big things. Say it often. #Quote by Eric Schmidt
Edgy quotes by Jack Valenti
#149. The public's nerves are raw and edgy. You have to be discreet and understanding about the films you are showing. #Quote by Jack Valenti
Edgy quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#150. It could be that all awful dictators are frustrated artists - Mao with his poetry and Mussolini with his monuments. Stalin was once a journalistic hack, and I can personally testify to how frustrated they are. Pol Pot left a very edgy photo collection behind. And Osama seems quite interested in video. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Edgy quotes by Steve Carell
#151. I don't think something necessarily has to be mean or cynical to represent 'edgy.' I think 'edgy' can mean a lot of different things. #Quote by Steve Carell
Edgy quotes by John Cleese
#152. I would say that I began with a very edgy, very driven personality and after a sufficient amount of therapy over many, many years, I managed to become rather relaxed and happy. #Quote by John Cleese
Edgy quotes by Robert Englund
#153. But something about the interesting plot bothered me: one of the major rules that Wes had established on A Nightmare on Elm Street had been broken - Freddy was taken out of the dreams. In Nightmare 2, Freddy would be allowed to manifest outside of the dreamscape. It didn't hurt the quality of the script, but it messed up the continuity. On the plus side, I thought the bisexual-slash-homoerotic subtext was edgy and contemporary, and I appreciated how the plot investigated both the social-class system and the rise of suburban malaise. This may sound pretentious and over-analytical, but I believe that Freddy represented what looked to be a bad future for the post-boomer generation. It's possible that Wes believed the youth of America were about to fall into a pile of shit - virtually all the parents in the Nightmare movies were flawed, so how could these kids turn out safe and sane? - and he might have created Freddy to represent a less-than-bright future. #Quote by Robert Englund
Edgy quotes by Richard Porter
#154. Not everything on TV can be edgy and irreverent, otherwise you'd end up with weather presenters shouting, 'Listen up bitches!', after which the whole of middle England would spin off its axis and someone would get strangled with a tea towel. #Quote by Richard Porter
Edgy quotes by Douglas Wilson
#155. I am the young, edgy New Yorker. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Edgy quotes by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
#156. I've been doing It's Aways Sunny for 12 years, and so I have this cable sensibility. When I read the Grinder script, I was like "this is edgy," which is great, but in a different way from Arrested Development. I feel like the characters are a little more relatable, so maybe that's the difference. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Edgy quotes by Jae T. Jaggart
#157. Rough love. Hard, edgy love. Love that made you bleed. Love hard to find, the kind of love you fought to keep. #Quote by Jae T. Jaggart
Edgy quotes by Sara Shepard
#158. His controlled composure was making Maddox feel edgy. He could be one of those people who seemed perfectly calm but then randomly snapped. #Quote by Sara Shepard
Edgy quotes by Annie Lennox
#159. I wanted to create something that was quite edgy and belonged to me. It wasn't about my sexual orientation, because I'm heterosexual. It was saying that appearance is just temporary, and I want to be as strong as a man. #Quote by Annie Lennox
Edgy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#160. And the Queen was there, in front of her. She was much taller than Tiffany, but just as slim; her hair was long and black, her face pale, her lips cherry red, her dress black and white and red. And it was all, very slightly, wrong. Tiffany's Second Thoughts said: It's because she's perfect. Completely perfect. Like a doll. No one real is as perfect as that. "That's not you," said Tiffany, with absolute certainty. "That's just your dream of you. That's not you at all." The Queen's smile disappeared for a moment and came back all edgy and brittle. "Such rudeness, and you hardly know me," she said, sitting down on the leafy seat. She patted the space beside her. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Edgy quotes by Wendy Higgins
#161. Here he comes," Blake said.

When Kaidan climbed the steps to the deck he came straight for me, his hair slicked back with sweat from running. He took my face in his hands, breathing hard, lips tight, eyes like blue blazes.

"Don't ever do that again," he ground out.

It took a second to process his words and remember what exactly I wasn't supposed to do again. Then I recalled interfering.

"I know it was dangerous," I admitted, "but there were five of them - "

"I can bloody well handle myself, Anna!" His hands flung away from my face.

"Maybe if there were only a couple, but there were five pissed-off psychos with weapons! I couldn't just stand there and watch!"

Kaidan, exasperated, pivoted like he was going to walk away, raked his fingers through his hair, and turned to me again.

"What did you think you could do?" he asked. "You got in a lucky shot when you racked him, but what if it hadn't worked? As you saw today your mind powers don't always work!"

Ah. He had no idea what I was capable of now. I held a hand out. "Give me your knife."

His eyebrows went together. "What?"

"Just give it to me." I stepped closer, feeling edgy.

"No, Anna, I don't know what you're trying to do, but this is ridic - "

My movements were fast as I went for him full force, using all my body weight and strength to hook a foot behind his knee and slam my palm into h #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Edgy quotes by Victoria Justice
#162. I do love getting dressed up, but sometimes it's glam and edgy mixed together. #Quote by Victoria Justice
Edgy quotes by Melissa Rosenberg
#163. My humor tends to be a little more edgy than is appropriate for 'Twilight,' although I got some in there. That was fun! There's just a tonal difference. For me, storytelling is storytelling. But, I do like writing for grown ups. #Quote by Melissa Rosenberg
Edgy quotes by David Hume
#164. Where then is the crime
of turning a few ounces of blood from their natural channel? #Quote by David Hume
Edgy quotes by Lindy West
#165. I used to try to be cool. I said things that I didn't believe about other people, and celebrities, and myself; I wrote mean jokes for cheap, "edgy" laughs; I neglected good friendships for shallow one; I insisted I wasn't a feminist; I nodded along with casual misogyny in hopes that shitty dudes would like me. #Quote by Lindy West
Edgy quotes by Tom Hanks
#166. I'm not interested in doing something edgy with a capital E just so everyone knows, 'Oh, OK, now he's showing us he can do edgy.' #Quote by Tom Hanks
Edgy quotes by Jonathan Banks
#167. If you had told me in the Seventies and Eighties that TV would be as edgy or edgier than most films, and more intelligently written than most films, I wouldn't have believed it. There's great stuff out there. #Quote by Jonathan Banks
Edgy quotes by Jennifer Egan
#168. Yet each disappointment Ted felt in his wife, each incremental deflation, was accompanied by a seizure of guilt; many years ago, he had taken the passion he felt for Susan and folded it in half, so he no longer had a drowning, helpless feeling when he glimpsed her beside him in bed: her ropy arms and soft, generous ass. Then he'd folded it in half again, so when he felt desire for Susan, it no longer brought with it an edgy terror of never being satisfied. Then in half again, so that feeling desire entailed no immediate need to act. Then in half again, so he hardly felt it. His desire was so small in the end that Ted could slip it inside his desk or a pocket and forget about it, and this gave him a feeling of safety and accomplishment, of having dismantled a perilous apparatus that might have crushed them both. Susan was baffled at first, then distraught; she'd hit him twice across the face; she'd run from the house in a thunderstorm and slept at a motel; she'd wrestled Ted to the bedroom floor in a pair of black crotchless underpants. But eventually a sort of amnesia had overtaken Susan; her rebellion and hurt had melted away, deliquesced into a sweet, eternal sunniness that was terrible in the way that life would be terrible, Ted supposed, without death to give it gravitas and shape. He'd presumed at first that her relentless cheer was mocking, another phase in her rebellion, until it came to him that Susan had forgotten how things were between them before Ted began to fold #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Edgy quotes by Theophilus London
#169. I like to keep a uniform - wear a blazer, try to keep the same colour pants; very tailored, very fitted but still edgy. #Quote by Theophilus London
Edgy quotes by Tom Smothers
#170. Every day I think, 'Gosh, I wish I could be like George Carlin, Bill Maher: I want that edge.' But every time I start to get that edgy thing, I get kind of mean. #Quote by Tom Smothers
Edgy quotes by Jessica Hart
#171. Melbourne is very sophisticated and edgy - we wear a lot of black. Things are lightening up a little bit, but truly, everything looks good in black. #Quote by Jessica Hart
Edgy quotes by Rick Riordan
#172. Please tell me your master isn't Aeolus."
"That airhead?" Favonius snorted. "No, of course not."
"He means Eros." Nico's voice turned edgy. "Cupid, in Latin."
Favonius smiled. "Very good, Nico di Angelo. I'm glad to see you again, by the way. It's been a long time. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Edgy quotes by Jennifer Egan
#173. Many years ago he had taken the passion he felt for Susan and folded it in half, so he no longer had a drowning, helpless feeling when he glimpsed her beside him in bed: her ropy arms and soft, generous ass. Then he'd folded it in half again, so when he felt desire for Susan, it no longer brought with it the edgy terror of never being satisfied. Then in half again, so that feeling desire entailed no immediate need to act. Then in half again, so he hardly felt it. His desire was so small in the end that Ted could slip it inside his desk or a pocket and forget about it, and this gave him a feeling of safety and accomplishment, having dismantled a perilous apparatus that might have crushed them both. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Edgy quotes by Ray Liotta
#174. I think people like watching edgy things. #Quote by Ray Liotta
Edgy quotes by Tana French
#175. Then I sit there, running the heat to try and thaw my feet after Lucy's flat, and watch the people going past. They make me edgy. Dozens and dozens of people, they just keep coming, and every single one of their heads is crammed with stories they believe and stories they want to believe and stories someone else has made them believe, and every story is battering against the thin walls of the person's skull, drilling and gnawing for its chance to escape and attack someone #Quote by Tana French
Edgy quotes by Harry Bingham
#176. I like the structure of the crime story, but most of all I like the ecosystem in which the genre flourishes: the festivals, the websites, the fans, the fact that you have your own special section of the bookshop. And crime is cool, too. It's dark and edgy and funny and intelligent. I love it. #Quote by Harry Bingham

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