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Ebays Phone Number quotes by M. Pierce
#1. No pictures," I told Hannah on Skype. "No specifics, no last name, no phone number. Nothing. I don't want to know you, and I don't want you to know me. #Quote by M. Pierce
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Ella Frank
#2. What do I need to get you into my bed?" Logan asked boldly.
Tate couldn't help the laugh escaping his mouth at Logan's directness. "A vagina?" He raised a brow at the man.
Releasing his arm, Logan took a step back and removed his cell phone from his pocket. He dialed a number and placed the phone to his ear.
"Hi hon." He then met Tate's eyes and smirked as he mouthed, A vagina I can get. #Quote by Ella Frank
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Jodi Picoult
#3. Besides the obvious difference, there was not much distinction between losing a best friend and losing a lover: it was all about intimacy. One moment, you had someone to share your biggest triumphs and fatal flaws with; the next minute, you had to keep them bottled inside. One moment, you'd start to call her to tell her a snippet of news or to vent about your awful day before realizing you did not have that right anymore; the next, you could not remember the digits of her phone number. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Stephen Covey
#4. I keep my phone number unlisted and rely on my associates to handle all voice mail, e-mail, faxes. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Jenny Han
#5. I delete the picture of him from my phone; I delete his number. I think that if I just delete him enough, it will be like none of it ever happened and my heart won't hurt so badly #Quote by Jenny Han
Ebays Phone Number quotes by David Baldacci
#6. She wrote the phone number down on another slip of paper, rushed into the bathroom, crumpled up the letter, and flushed it down the toilet. For one paralyzing moment she envisioned federal law enforcement agents hiding somewhere in the White House intercepting her toilet water and reconstructing the letter. But that was impossible. That was the stuff of Orwell's 1984. Yet in some ways, by living at the White House, she had already seen Orwell's masterpiece of "fascism perfected" in a way most Americans could never imagine. She #Quote by David Baldacci
Ebays Phone Number quotes by David Leavitt
#7. Real people have a way of banging against the doors you've closed; they know your name, your phone number. They live with you. #Quote by David Leavitt
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Robert Rosenberg
#8. The dynamic is unmistakable: fixed lines for phones have been declining at a three-percent rate for the last several years, while the number of Americans opting for cell phone calling keeps increasing. If you are a fixed line provider this trend means trouble. Many of the fixed mobile convergence strategies under consideration end up utilizing a smart phone or dual-mode VoWLAN/Cellular phone that works like a landline phone in the local area and then converts to cell phone calling. #Quote by Robert Rosenberg
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Rob Kardashian
#9. I literally change my phone number 10 times a year and I don't ever save my contacts. #Quote by Rob Kardashian
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Abbi Glines
#10. I punched Sawyer's number into my phone and waited while it rang.
"Hello." The cautious tone in his voice told me he knew I'd just found out.
"Meet me on the field, now," I growled.
"You know," he replied in a weary tone.
"Yeah, you stupid fuck, I know. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Spike Jonze
#11. I have a home phone number, and I like it! It's like a throwback already. #Quote by Spike Jonze
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Jarod Kintz
#12. Last week I placed a hand-written sign in front of my neighborhood that read, "Lost Mustache. Please do not feed. If found, contact Mouth," and I left my phone number. Nobody's called. Perhaps the neighborhood cat lady took it in and is petting it on her lap at this very moment. Ah, but that's life, no? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Douglas Adams
#13. You want to check your legal position, you do, mate. Under law the Quest for Ultimate Truth is quite clearly the inalienable prerogative of your working thinkers. Any bloody machine goes and actually finds it and we're straight out of a job, aren't we? I mean, what's the use of our sitting up half the night arguing that there may or may not be a God if this machine only goes and gives you his bleeding phone number the next morning? #Quote by Douglas Adams
Ebays Phone Number quotes by John D. MacDonald
#14. But these are the last remaining years of choice. In the stainless nurseries of the future, the feds will work their way through all the squalling pinkness tattooing a combination tax number and credit number on one wrist, followed closely by the I.T. and T. team putting the permanent phone number, visaphone doubtless, on the other wrist. Die and your number goes back in the bank. It will be the first provable immortality the world has ever known. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Ebays Phone Number quotes by R.C. Ryan
#15. I was never in any danger, Cal." Cora's tone was patient.
"So you say.But you admitted that the heavy snow brought down a tree right beside your tent. You could be lying out there right now, pinned and gravely wounded,and we wouldn't have a clue."
"Cal,I always have my cell phone under my pillow."
"A lot of good that would do if you were crushed beneath a tree. The calendar may say it's springtime, but somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature. If it isn't a tree falling,it could be an avalanche. And there you are, all alone in the wilderness,at the mercy of any number of dangers."
Cora gave a long,deep sigh. "You know I'm not going to give up my excursions. It's where I do my best work.I love it too much to ever stop."
"And I'm not going to stop worrying. I've been doing it too long."
"Now,children," Jesse said with a laugh. "There will be no fighting at the table. #Quote by R.C. Ryan
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Christine Feehan
#16. You listen to me this one time, Dahlia. If something goes wrong, anything at all, you haul butt out of here fast. You have the cell phone and the number. Call Lily. The Ghost Walkers will be here as soon as possible."
She caught him before he could turn away. "You listen to me this one time, Nicholas. If anything goes wrong, don't be a hero. Haul your butt out of there and in one piece. We'll call Lily, and she can send the others. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Carrie Fisher
#17. Maybe I shouldn't have given the guy who pumped my stomach my phone number, but who cares? My life is over anyway. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Barton Gellman
#18. It turns out that American Express honors recurring payments even if the vendor is unable to supply an accurate card number and expiration date. An Amex phone representative said this is a feature, not a bug, which makes sure my bills are paid. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Rikki Ducornet
#19. I knew Donald Fagan at Bard. He was wildly gifted. He gave me a phone number which I never used and I guess I lost! Philosophically it's an interesting song; I mean I think his 'number' is a cipher for the self. #Quote by Rikki Ducornet
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#20. On the other hand, some of the family's impatience with the public is justified. When I use Federal Express, I accept as a condition of business that its standardized forms must be filled out in printed letters. An e-mail address off by a single character goes nowhere. Transposing two digits in a phone number gets me somebody speaking heatedly in Portuguese. Electronic media tell you instantly when you've made an error; with the post office, you have to wait. Haven't we all at some point tested its humanity? I send mail to friends in Upper Molar, New York (they live in Upper Nyack), and expect a stranger to laugh and deliver it in forty-eight hours. More often than not, the stranger does. With its mission of universal service, the Postal Service is like an urban emergency room contractually obligated to accept every sore throat, pregnancy, and demented parent that comes its way. You may have to wait for hours in a dimly lit corridor. The staff may be short-tempered and dilatory. But eventually you will get treated. In the Central Post Office's Nixie unit - where mail arrives that has been illegibly or incorrectly addressed - I see street numbers in the seventy thousands; impossible pairings of zip codes and streets; addresses without a name, without a street, without a city; addresses that consist of the description of a building; addresses written in water-based ink that rain has blurred. Skilled Nixie clerks study the orphans one at a time. Either they find a home for them #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Chris Smith
#21. Bullshit is everywhere." (...) Then there's the more pernicious bullshit… It comes in three flavors: Making bad things sound good… "Patriot Act." Because "Are You Scared Enough to Let Me Look at All Your Phone Records Act" doesn't sell… Number two: hiding bad things under mountains of bullshit. "Hey, a handful of billionaires can't buy our elections, right?" "Of course not. They can only pour unlimited, anonymous cash into a 501( c)( 4) if 50 percent is devoted to 'issue education'"… And finally, my favorite: the bullshit of infinite possibility… "We cannot take action on climate change until everyone in the world agrees gay marriage vaccines won't cause our children to marry goats who are coming for our guns. Until then, I say we teach the controversy."

So I say to you, friends: The best defense against bullshit is vigilance. So if you smell something, say something.

~Jon Stewart #Quote by Chris Smith
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Debra Anastasia
#22. Number 134 was one of the best. Livia had dropped her cell phone and cursed quietly, but creatively: "Hairy-ass bitch." She'd felt Blake's watchful eyes on her and given him an embarrassed smile. Number 134 made Blake realize she was a real, live girl.
On that day he'd had hope. Maybe a girl flawed enough to curse would someday say hello out loud. To him. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Frank Sinatra
#23. [Answering the phone] Hello, this is a recording, you've dialed the right number, now hang up and don't do it again. #Quote by Frank Sinatra
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#24. It seems that the people who come into our lives and stay for the briefest amount of time have the greatest impact upon us. Time may change some things, but not all things. Each day brings me closer to him, and the age in which he passed from this world into the next, but I still fight the urge, on rare occasions, to pick up the phone and dial his number, which I still remember. It's decades later, but that last meal we shared, laughing and smiling at each other from across the table, lost in harmony, seems but yesterday. Then there was the last lingering look and the final wave goodbye. #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Nick Hornby
#25. Asking the head I have now to explain its own thinking is as pointless as dialing your own telephone number on your own telephone: Either way, you get an engaged signal. Or your own answer message, if you have that kind of phone system. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Myiesha
#26. She told Tiffany that it wasn't going to be immediately, but she would have her boys back. I left her my cell phone number and my house number, so she would be able to get in touch with one #Quote by Myiesha
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Nita Ambani
#27. My father-in-law saw me at a dance performance. The next day, I got a phone call, and the caller said, 'I'm Dhirubhai Ambani ... may I talk to Nita?' I said, 'It's a wrong number' and put down the phone. Then he called again ... and I said, 'If you're Dhirubhai Ambani, then I'm Elizabeth Taylor.' #Quote by Nita Ambani
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Steve Munsey
#28. Go to the phone, dial the number on the screen as fast as you can. Give $50 dollars a month for 10 months, God will do a now miracle ... Wooo! I feel the Holy Spirit ... We are not talking hocus pocus, this is a word from God ... I have come to Dallas and Daystar with a word from God ... God is speaking to people to give $5,000. #Quote by Steve Munsey
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Natalie D. Richards
#29. My phone buzzes and I fish it from my pocket, expecting Tacey or maybe my parents checking in to make sure I'm okay. But it's an unfamiliar number.
Do you blame yourself?
I read the words once. Twice. I see Stella's locker door swinging open and I hear a train whistle, but neither are happening. It's all in my head. I force myself to take a breath and head outside. This text is a wrong number. It's not for me, and it's definitely not about Stella.
And then another message.
Do you wish you'd done something? What if you still could?
I text back quickly.
I think you have the wrong number.
I don't have the wrong number, Piper. #Quote by Natalie D. Richards
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Michael Robotham
#30. I know I should have ignored her. I should have called. Many times I almost did. I got as far as picking up the phone. Sometimes I even dialed your parents' number but then I wondered what I'd say to you. We had left it too long. How would we ever get around the silence, which was like an elephant sitting in the room? #Quote by Michael Robotham
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Hans Christian Von Baeyer
#31. To put it one way, a collection of Shakespeare's plays is richer than a phone book that uses the same number of letters; to put it another, the essence of information lies in the relationships among bits, not their sheer number. #Quote by Hans Christian Von Baeyer
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Cassandra Clare
#32. Be nice to Helen Blackthorn," Alec said urgently. "You don't have to like her, but don't treat her differently from any other Shadowhunter."
Aline blinked. "I wasn't planning on it. Of course she's . . . a colleague. I will treat her in a professional fashion. That was my plan on how to treat her. With a calm professionalism."
"Good," said Alec.
"Do you have her phone number?" Aline asked. "In case we get separated, or something?"
"I don't," said Alec.
In the weapon's room, Helen came toward them, her arms full of seraph blades, her fair hair curling around her ears. Aline made a sighing sound. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Ebays Phone Number quotes by C.M. Stunich
#33. my phone starts to buzz on the counter, shaking like an epileptic in a fit.I pick it up,glance at the number and then move over to the sink.
"Turner?" Blair guesses,and I nod as I turn on the water and drop the phone into the drain on the left – the one with the garbage disposal. A second later, I flick the switch and a horrible grinding,screeching sound emanates from down below. #Quote by C.M. Stunich
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Axl Rose
#34. I don't even know my own phone number. #Quote by Axl Rose
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Karen  Lynch
#35. Chris smiled at me, showing two ridiculously cute dimples and a few feet away a waitress dropped an empty cup she had cleared from a table. Blushing, she muttered an apology and hurried inside.

I scowled at him, refusing to be swayed by his charm.

"I see," he murmured, nodding slightly as if he had just solved a puzzle.
"See what?" Ignoring my question, he pulled out a cell phone, hit a number and held the phone out to me. I hesitated for a few seconds then took the phone and put it to my ear.
"What's up, Chris?" said a familiar deep voice on the other end.
"Good question," I responded tersely.
"I told Chris you'd recognize him if he got too close." Was that amusement in his tone?
"Great. You won the bet. Buy him a beer or whatever." I glanced at Chris, saw that he looked amused now, too and I grew even more agitated. "I thought we had an understanding when you left here last week."
"And what understanding would that be?" I gritted my teeth. "The one where you go your way and I go mine and we all live happily ever after."
"I don't recall that particular arrangement," he replied in his infuriatingly easy manner. "I believe I told you I'd be seeing you again."
I opened my mouth but words would not come out. People say 'I'll be seeing you' all the time when they say good bye. It doesn't mean anything. It certainly doesn't mean they will send their friends to stalk you.
"What do you want from me, Niko #Quote by Karen Lynch
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Alafair Burke
#36. When he was gone, I blocked his number and then deleted it from my phone. When I say good-bye, I mean it. #Quote by Alafair Burke
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Robert Smith
#37. I never answer if someone knocks on my door and only the band and my manager have my phone number. In any case my phone doesn't ring so I never notice it. I occasionally just walk past and pick it up to see if anyone's there. #Quote by Robert Smith
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Richard Branson
#38. When I was 15, I left school to start a magazine, and it became a success because I wouldn't take no for an answer. I remember banging on James Baldwin's door to ask for an interview when he came to England. Then I got Jean-Paul Sartre's home phone number and asked him to contribute. If I'd been 30, he might have said no, but I was a 15-year-old with passion and he was charmed. Making money was always just a side product of having a good time and creating things nobody'd seen before. #Quote by Richard Branson
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Meltzer, Brad
#39. 302 phone number. Delaware. Truthfully, I didn't think they allowed anyone to live in Delaware anymore. #Quote by Meltzer, Brad
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Deb Caletti
#40. I confess I had a Child of Divorce Reunion Fantasy Number One Thousand, where I for a moment imagined my father finding out that Dino really was a killer woman and that my parents would have to get back together. I saw them running through a meadow, hand in hand. Okay, maybe not a meadow. But I saw me having only one Christmas and one phone number and only my father's shaved bristles in the bathroom sink. #Quote by Deb Caletti
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Alexandra Adornetto
#41. Put it this way, how do you feel about the supernatural?"
"I'm fine with it," Molly replied coolly. "I used to watch Charmed and Buffy and all those shows."
Gabriel winced slightly. "This isn't quite the same thing."
"Okay, well, listen to this. Last week my horoscope in Cosmo told me I was going to meet an enchanting stranger
and this guy on the bus gave me his phone number. I'm a total believer now."
"Yeah, you've really seen the light," Xavier said under his breath.
"Did you know that Sagittarians have a problem with sarcasm?" Molly snapped.
"That would be very enlightening, except I'm a Leo."
"Yeah, well, everyone knows they're a pack of assholes!"
"My God, you're like talking to a rock."
"You're a rock! #Quote by Alexandra Adornetto
Ebays Phone Number quotes by Shane Miller
#42. Also, I need some duct tape, a shovel, and Brandon's phone number... #Quote by Shane Miller

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