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Eat Your Fruits quotes by Cornelia Funke
#1. Never develop a passion you can't afford. It'll eat your heart away like a bookworm. #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Antonio Iturbe
#2. There are those who might think that this was an act of useless bravery in an extermination camp when there were other, more pressing concerns-- books don't cure illnesses; they can't be used as weapons to defeat an army of executioners; they don't fill your stomach or quench your thirst. It's true: culture isn't necessary for the survival of mankind; for that, you only need bread and water. It's also true that with bread to eat and water to drink, humans survive; but with only this, humanity dies. If human beings aren't deeply moved by beauty, if they don't close their eyes and activate their imaginations, if they aren't capable of asking themselves questions and discerning the limits of their ignorance, then they are men or women, but they are not complete persons. #Quote by Antonio Iturbe
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Roald Dahl
#3. We may see a Creature with forty-nine heads
Who lives in the desolate snow,
And whenever he catches a cold (which he dreads)
He has forty-nine noses to blow.
'We may see the venomous Pink-Spotted Scrunch
Who can chew up a man with one bite.
It likes to eat five of them roasted for lunch
And eighteen for its supper at night.
'We may see a Dragon, and nobody knows
That we won't see a Unicorn there.
We may see a terrible Monster with toes
Growing out of the tufts of his hair.
'We may see the sweet little Biddy-Bright Hen
So playful, so kind and well-bred;
And such beautiful eggs! You just boil them and then
They explode and they blow off your head.
'A Gnu and a Gnocerous surely you'll see
And that gnormous and gnorrible Gnat
Whose sting when it stings you goes in at the knee
And comes out through the top of your hat.
'We may even get lost and be frozen by frost.
We may die in an earthquake or tremor.
Or nastier still, we may even be tossed
On the horns of a furious Dilemma.
'But who cares! Let us go from this horrible hill!
Let us roll! Let us bowl! Let us plunge!
Let's go rolling and bowling and spinning until
We're away from old Spiker and Sponge! #Quote by Roald Dahl
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Li-Young Lee
#4. A bruise, blue
in the muscle, you
impinge upon me.
As bone hugs the ache home, so
I'm vexed to love you, your body
the shape of returns, your hair a torso
of light, your heat
I must have, your opening
I'd eat, each moment
of that soft-finned fruit,
inverted fountain in which I don't see me. #Quote by Li-Young Lee
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Ann Patchett
#5. Time is the most extraordinary gift for friendship. You'll get to eat your meals together and study together; in some cases you'll even sleep in the same room. You'll have time to waste on each other. You'll find out every single thing you have in common and still have time to catalogue all of your differences. Don't underestimate the vital necessity of friendship in your life because it is the thing that will sustain you later, when there will be considerably less time. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Steve McConnell
#6. Testing by itself does not improve software quality. Test results are an indicator of quality, but in and of themselves, they don't improve it. Trying to improve software quality by increasing the amount of testing is like trying to lose weight by weighing yourself more often. What you eat before you step onto the scale determines how much you will weigh, and the software development techniques you use determine how many errors testing will find. If you want to lose weight, don't buy a new scale; change your diet. If you want to improve your software, don't test more; develop better. #Quote by Steve McConnell
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Don Carpenter
#7. Didn't they understand that for some people the opera, the drama, the ballet, were only boring, and yet a peepshow on Market Street was art? They want to make everything gray and tasteful. Don't they understand how awful good taste seems to people who don't have it? Ha, what do they care about people with bad taste! Nothing. But I do. I love them. They wear cheap perfume and carry transistor radios. They buy plastic dog turds and painted turtles and pennants and signs that say, "I don't swim in your toilet, so please don't pee in my pool!" and they buy smelly popcorn and eat it on the street and go to bad movies and stand here in doorways sneaking nips of whiskey just like I'm doing, and they're all so nice. #Quote by Don Carpenter
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Stephen King
#8. I believe instinct's the iron skeleton under all our ideas of free will. Unless you're willing to take the pipe or eat the gun or take a long walk off a short dock, you can't say no to some things. You can't refuse to pick up your option because there is no option. #Quote by Stephen King
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Anthony Doerr
#9. A one-armed bunk master sets forth rules in a belligerent torrent. "This is your parade uniform, this is your field uniform, this is your gym uniform. Suspenders crossed in the back, parallel in the front. Sleeves rolled to the elbow. Each boy is to carry a knife in a scabbard on the right side of the belt. Raise your right arm when you wish to be called upon. Always align in rows of ten. No books, no cigarettes, no food, no personal possessions, nothing in your locker but uniforms, boots, knife, polish. No talking after lights-out. Letters home will be posted on Wednesdays. You will strip away your weakness, your cowardice, your hesitation. You will become like a waterfall, a volley of bullets - you will all surge in the same direction at the same pace toward the same cause. You will forgo comforts; you will live by duty alone. You will eat country and breathe nation." Do #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Kathy Acker
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Vera Nazarian
#11. Creativity is not so much a boundless well, but an all-you-can-eat buffet of elements for your creative endeavor.
Eventually you've eaten your fill, and it's time to digest and then make something.
But at some point, it will be time to return to the restaurant. #Quote by Vera Nazarian
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
#12. To paint one must forget everything else. Where you live, who you know, what you eat, when to sleep. The landscape of the canvas becomes your only reality. The planet you inhabit is a single plane of infinite dimensions, stretched like a guitar string, and standing before you like a concubine waiting for your command. #Quote by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Eve Langlais
#13. And you're sane?" He couldn't help but chuckle. "I guess that depends on who you ask." "I mean, you don't feel an urge to throw yourself off the cliff? Claw out your own eyes? Choke yourself? Jab needles in your ears?" As her list went on and one, his eyes widened until with her, "Have an urge to eat brains?", he halted her. "Slow down, sweetheart. If you're asking if I have any suicidal, homicidal, or cannibalistic desires currently on my mind, then the answer is no. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Richard Llewellyn
#14. I wonder is happiness only an essence of good living, that you shall taste only once or twice while you live, and then go on living with the taste in your mouth, and wishing you had the fullness of it solid between your teeth, like a good meal that you have tasted and cherished and look back in your mind to eat again. #Quote by Richard Llewellyn
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Sara Suleri
#15. Speaking two languages may seem a relative affluence, but more often it entails the problems of maintaining a second establishment even though your body can be in one place at a time. When I return to Urdu, I feel shocked at my own neglect of a space so intimate to me: like relearning the proportions of a once-familiar room, it takes me by surprise to recollect that I need not feel grief, I can eat grief; that I need not bury my mother but instead can offer her into the earth, for I am in Urdu now. #Quote by Sara Suleri
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#16. Ll K Hamilton
Some days the lion eats you, but some times you shove your arm down it's throat and pull it's visera out through it's mouth and kill it. Of course, sometimes it bites your arm off, and then eats you, but you tried, that's what counts. Some days it's not about winning, but about fighting. If you don't try, the lion will most definetely eat you. But sometimes when you put your all into something, and don't give up even when the odds are so against you, you surprise the lion and yourself, and you win. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Anonymous
#17. If I knew you were going to die, I'd make your last moment on earth last forever. I'd take you to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and make sure that you have the most romantic dinner your life. I'd fill your room with hundreds of wild sunflowers, so that even in death, you may carry the scent of something beautiful. If you were to die I'd make sure to drag you through an amusement park and ride all the crazy rides with you, eat all that ice cream with you, win all those stuffed animals for you.
If you were to die, I'd beat up every single person in the world who has ever hurt you. I'd protect you with my life. I'll protect you with everything I own, everything I have, everything I can give. If I knew you were going to die, I'd cut out my own heart for you. I'd cut it out so you could have it. So that you could live. Because I sure as hell can't live without you. #Quote by Anonymous
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Rochelle Paige
#18. I'm not used to sugar-coating my words, Delia. I call 'em like I see 'em and sometimes I can be a dick." This wasn't news to me, not after the way he'd ended our conversation this morning. "Is that supposed to be an apology?" His chest shook as he laughed, the sound wrapping around me as I felt the reverberations on my cheek. "More like a heads up. You wanna do this thing with me, you better be prepared to brace and take me as I am - in bed and out." "This thing?" "Baby, you just gave yourself to me. When you got on your knees and crawled over my body so I could eat your pussy while you sucked my dick? That was the start of something between us. I'm not sure what to call it. Words are your thing, not mine. Feel free to put a name to it. #Quote by Rochelle Paige
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Gail Mazur
#19. There's a conspiracy / to protect the young, so they'll be fearless, / it's why you travel - it's a way of trying / to let go, of lying. You don't sit / in a stiff chair and worry, you keep moving. / Postcards from the Alamo, the Alhambra. / ... / You, fainting at the Buddhist caves. / Climbing with thousands on the Great Wall, / ... / Having the time of your life, blistered and smiling. / The acid of your fear could eat the world. #Quote by Gail Mazur
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Brian Henson
#20. And then while she's lip-syncing, "I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face," to this little head next to her, the head eats the cloth fabric and swallows it and it's sort of this weird, demonic character there, who then tries to eat the singer. But it's a lot of fun. So there's a couple of pieces like that. #Quote by Brian Henson
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Shauna Niequist
#21. Good friendships are like breakfast. You think you're too busy to eat breakfast, but then you find yourself exhausted and cranky halfway through the day, and discover that your attempt to save time totally backfired. #Quote by Shauna Niequist
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#22. Next morning, when Semyon woke up, the children were still asleep and his wife had gone over to the neighbour's to borrow some bread. Only the stranger was sitting on the bench, wearing the old trousers and shirt and looking up. His face was brighter than the evening before. Semyon said, 'Well, my friend. The belly needs food and the body clothes. We all have to earn a living, so what sort of work can you do?'
'I can't do anything.'
Semyon was amazed and replied, 'If a man has the will he can learn anything.'
'Yes, men work for their living, so I'll work too.'
'What's your name?'
'Well, Mikhail, if you don't want to tell us about yourself that's your affair. But we have to earn our living. If you do as I tell you I'll see you have enough to eat.'
'God bless you! I'll learn how to work, just tell me what to do.'
Semyon took a piece of yarn, wound it round his fingers and twisted it.
'It's not hard, just watch...'
Mikhail watched and right away he caught the knack, winding the yarn and twisting it just like Semyon.
Then Semyon showed him how to wax it and Mikhail understood at once. Then he showed him how to draw it through and how to stitch. Again Mikhail immediately understood.
Whatever Semyon showed him he mastered right away and within three days was working as if he had been making shoes all his life. He would work without any let-up and ate very little. Only when one job was finished would he stop for #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Neal Stephenson
#23. The franchise and the virus work on the same principle: what thrives in one place will thrive in another. You just have to find a sufficiently virulent business plan, condense it into a three-ring binder ― its DNA ― xerox it, and embed it in the fertile lining of a well-traveled highway, preferably one with a lef- turn lane. Then the growth will expand until it runs up against its property lines.

In olden times, you'd wander down to Mom's Café for a bite to eat and a cup of joe, and you would feel right at home. It worked just fine if you never left your hometown. But if you went to the next town over, everyone would look up and stare at you when you came in the door, and the Blue Plate Special would be something you didn't recognize. If you did enough traveling, you'd never feel at home anywhere.

But when a businessman from New Jersey goes to Dubuque, he knows he can walk into a McDonald's and no one will stare at him. He can order without having to look at the menu, and the food will always taste the same. McDonald's is Home, condensed into a three-ringed binder and xeroxed. "No surprises" is the motto of the franchise ghetto, its Good Housekeeping seal, subliminally blazoned on every sign and logo that make up the curves and grids of light that outline the Basin.

The people of America, who live in the world's most surprising and terrible country, take comfort in that motto. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Sarah Ellis
#24. What if you could just invent your family, your home, your life?
You could. You could call Sunday Wednesday. Be awake and living at 3 a.m. Use T-shirts instead of sheets. Eat lettuce like an apple. Blow your nose on socks.
Take four unrelated people and make a family. #Quote by Sarah Ellis
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#25. Something in my patience snaps.. 'I'd really rather die than eat your food food and hear you call me 'love'... He holds my gaze for a few infinitely long seconds before he pulls a gun out of jis jacket pocket, He fires. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Steven Rowley
#26. There are times when Los Angeles is the most magical city on Earth. When the Santa Ana winds sweep through and the air is warm and so, so clear. When the jacaranda trees bloom in the most brilliant lilac violet. When the ocean sparkles on a warm February day and you're pushing fine grains of sand through your bare toes while the rest of the country is hunkered down under blankets slurping soup. But other times, like when the jacaranda trees drop their blossoms in an eerie purple rain, Los Angeles feels like only a half-formed dream. Like perhaps the city was founded as a strip mall in the early 1970s and has no real reason to exist. An afterthought from the designer of some other, better city. A playground made only for attractive people to eat expensive salads. #Quote by Steven Rowley
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Jared Padalecki
#27. I'm a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn't show! #Quote by Jared Padalecki
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Joel Robuchon
#28. As a chef, you need to respect your guests and their needs. If they decide that they want to eat certain things and not eat others, if for religious reasons or just decide they don't want to eat certain ingredients, you have to respect that. #Quote by Joel Robuchon
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Mariana Zapata
#29. I want my goddamn Luna back," he breathed, stealing the air from my lungs. "I don't want you to leave me alone. I want you bugging my ass for random shit again. I wanna see your fucking face first thing in the morning, even if you don't bring me my coffee anymore. I wanna make you something to eat so you don't end up with Salmonella from that shit you try to cook, #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Susan Albers
#30. Changing what you eat isn't going to help unless you start managing your stress level, #Quote by Susan Albers
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Ruby Tandoh
#31. No doubt some people, probably guys, will be thrown off balance by your forthrightness. Who cares. Eat their leftovers. If they carry on judging you, eat them, too. #Quote by Ruby Tandoh
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Darlene Schacht
#32. The flesh is that voice in your head that tells you, "If it feels good do it." It tells us that we need things when we don't, and if we followed it we'd sleep too late, eat too much, and eventually come to poverty. That's where the heart wants to lead us. #Quote by Darlene Schacht
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#33. Go ahead and eat your bread, a time will come when it shall get to you breath. Go ahead and leave your pen, exams will come when you shall remember the pen! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Rick Joyner
#34. This is now your daily bread. It will never be withheld from you. You may eat as much and as often as you like. There is no end to My love. #Quote by Rick Joyner
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Hayley DiMarco
#35. A frantic stream of words flows from us because we are in a constant process of adjusting our public image. we fear so deeply what we think, other people see in us that we talk in order to straighten out their understanding ... one of the fruits of silence (or keeping your mouth shut) is the freedom to let God be our justifier. we don't need to straighten out others. when we can allow God to justify and set things right, that brings us to believe that God can care for us-reputation and all #Quote by Hayley DiMarco
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Edouard Leve
#36. In the midst of this utopia, which only your fellow lone voyagers would perceive, you used to transgress society's rules unknowingly, and no one would hold you accountable for it. You would mistakenly enter private residences, go to concerts to which you had not been invited, eat at community banquets where you could only guess the community's identity when they started giving speeches. Had you behaved like this in your own country, you would have been taken for a liar or a fool. But the improbable ways of a foreigner are accepted. Far from your home, you used to taste the pleasure of being mad without being alienated, of being an imbecile without renouncing your intelligence, of being an impostor without culpability. #Quote by Edouard Leve
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Robert Smigel
#37. Remember kids: brush your greens, eat your teeth, stay in milk, drink your school, don't do sleep, and get your eight hours of drugs! #Quote by Robert Smigel
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Thomas Goodwin
#38. It is not enough to hear a sermon, but you must eat it down, take in what it commands, and then it will purge your heart ... Take the word and digest it, squeeze the juice of it into thy heart, and it will purge thee from all contrary corruption. pg. 73- 'Mans Guiltiness Before God #Quote by Thomas Goodwin
Eat Your Fruits quotes by Sydney Croft
#39. Want my mouth between your legs? Want me to suck you off again and again?"

His voice grew deep and husky, and she knew he was as affected by his graphic talk as she was.

"I can tast you already. You're wet for me, aren't you? I'm going to bury my tongue in your pussy and eat you until my cock is ready to explode."

He backed toward the house as she climbed out of the vehicle.

"And then I'm going to flip you over and fuck you, long and hard."

She growled low in her throat and stalked him, thinking she could pounce when he stopped to unlock the front door. Good thing they didn't have neighbors, because she was ripping off her top and he was rubbing his dick, and fuck, they'd had some intense sex over the last couple of years, but this was going to blow the lid off all those other times.

"You want it, baby?" he murmured, as he jerked himself with long, tantalizing pulls.

"You want this buried so deep you can taste it when I come? #Quote by Sydney Croft

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