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Famous Quotes About Easter

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Easter quotes by Leif Enger
#1. Let me say something about that word: miracle. For too long it's been used to characterize things or events that, though pleasant, are entirely normal. Peeping chicks at Easter time, spring generally, a clear sunrise after an overcast week
a miracle, people say, as if they've been educated from greeting cards. #Quote by Leif Enger
Easter quotes by Liane Moriarty
#2. Afterward, I felt it had been wrong not telling the family about the baby, because then I wanted them to know about the miscarriage, so that they knew the baby had existed. But when I told people, they seemed more interested in the fact that I'd kept the pregnancy a secret. They felt they'd been tricked. They said things like "Oh, I did wonder that day when you didn't drink at the Easter BBQ but you said you just didn't feel like drinking!" In other words, LIAR. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Easter quotes by Shay Caroline
#3. The Easter egg which was not found
contained a letter from the hen who laid it,
saying Fuck your kids,
What about mine? #Quote by Shay Caroline
Easter quotes by N. T. Wright
#4. We cannot use a supposedly objective historical epistemology as the ultimate ground for the truth of Easter. To do so would be like someone who lit a candle to see whether the sun had risen. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Easter quotes by Henry Miller
#5. Christ will never more come down to earth nor will there be any law-giver, nor will murder cease nor theft, nor rape, and yet ... and yet one expects something, something terrifyingly marvellous and absurd, perhaps a cold lobster with mayonnaise served gratis, perhaps an invention, like the electric light, like television, only more devastating, more soul rending, an invention unthinkable that will bring a shattering calm and void, not the calm and void of death but of life such as the monks dreamed, such as is dreamed still in the Himalayas, in Tibet, in Lahore, in the Aleutian Islands, in Polynesia, in Easter Island, the dream of men before the flood, before the word was written, the dream of cave men and anthropophagists, of those with double sex and short tails, of those who are said to be crazy and have no way of defending themselves because they are outnumbered by those who are not crazy. #Quote by Henry Miller
Easter quotes by Thomas Hardy
#6. It was the week after Easter holidays, and he was journeying along with Smart the mare and the light spring-cart, watching the damp slopes of the hill-sides as they steamed in the warmth of the sun, which at this unsettled season shone on the grass with the freshness of an occasional inspector rather than as an accustomed proprietor. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Easter quotes by Watchman Nee
#7. Christ is the Son of God. He died to atone for men's sin, and after three days rose again. This is the most important fact in the universe. I die believing in Christ. #Quote by Watchman Nee
Easter quotes by Walter Brueggemann
#8. On Generosity

On our own, we conclude:
there is not enough to go around

we are going to run short
of money
of love
of grades
of publications
of sex
of beer
of members
of years
of life

we should seize the day
seize our goods
seize our neighbours goods
because there is not enough to go around

and in the midst of our perceived deficit
you come
you come giving bread in the wilderness
you come giving children at the 11th hour
you come giving homes to exiles
you come giving futures to the shut down
you come giving easter joy to the dead
you come – fleshed in Jesus.

and we watch while
the blind receive their sight
the lame walk
the lepers are cleansed
the deaf hear
the dead are raised
the poor dance and sing

we watch
and we take food we did not grow and
life we did not invent and
future that is gift and gift and gift and
families and neighbours who sustain us
when we did not deserve it.

It dawns on us – late rather than soon-
that you "give food in due season
you open your hand
and satisfy the desire of every living thing."

By your giving, break our cycles of imagined scarcity
override our presumed deficits
quiet our anxieties of lack
transform our perceptual field to see
the abundance………mercy upon mercy
#Quote by Walter Brueggemann
Easter quotes by Frederica Mathewes-Green
#9. Easter tells us of something children can't understand, because it addresses things they don't yet have to know: the weariness of life, the pain, the profound loneliness and hovering fear of meaninglessness. #Quote by Frederica Mathewes-Green
Easter quotes by Jessica Day George
#10. If it's easter than east and wester than west, it must be north. #Quote by Jessica Day George
Easter quotes by John C. Wright
#11. Or, in your case, as wide. Wait. Did you just say Gandalf?"
"He is the founder of our order, and the first of the Five Warlocks. He comes from afar across the Western Ocean, from Easter Island, or perhaps from Japan."
"No, I think he comes from the mind of a story writer. An old-fashioned Roman Catholic from the days just before First Space Age. Unless I am confusing him with the guy who wrote about Talking Animal Land? With the Cowardly Lion who gets killed by a Wicked White Witch? I never read the text, I watched the comic."
"Oh, you err so! The Witches, we have preserved this lore since the time of the Fall of the Giants, whom we overthrew and destroyed. The tale is this: C. S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke were led by the Indian Maiden Sacagawea to the Pacific Ocean and back, stealing the land from the Red Man and selling them blankets impregnated with smallpox. It was called the Lewis and Clarke Expedition. When they reached the Pacific, they set out in the Dawn Treader to find the sea route to India, where the sacred river Alph runs through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea. They came to the Last Island, called Ramandu or Selidor, where the World Serpent guards the gateway to the Land of the Dead, and there they found Gandalf, returned alive from the underworld, and stripped of all his powers. He came again to mortal lands in North America to teach the Simon Families. The Chronicle is a symbolic retelling of their journey. It is one of our #Quote by John C. Wright
Easter quotes by B. B. Warfield
#12. From the empty grave of Jesus the enemies of the cross turn away in unconcealable dismay. Those whom the force of no logic can convince, and whose hearts are steeled against the appeal of almighty love from the cross itself, quail before the irresistible power of this simple fact. Christ has risen from the dead! After two thousand years of the most determined assault upon the evidence which demonstrates it, that fact stands. And so long as it stands Christianity, too, must stand as the one supernatural religion. #Quote by B. B. Warfield
Easter quotes by N. T. Wright
#13. Here, then, is the message of Easter, or at least the beginning of that message. The resurrection of Jesus doesn't mean, "It's all right. We're going to heaven now." No, the life of heaven has been born on this earth. It doesn't mean, "So there is a life after death." Well, there is, but Easter says much, much more than that. It speaks of a life that is neither ghostly nor unreal, but solid and definite and practical. The Easter stories come at the end of the four gospels, but they are not about an "end." They are about a beginning. The beginning of God's new world. The beginning of the kingdom. God is now in charge, on earth as in heaven. And God's "being-in-charge" is focused on Jesus himself being king and Lord. The title on the cross was true after all. The resurrection proves it. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Easter quotes by Jarrid Wilson
#14. Jesus is for life, not just for Easter. #Quote by Jarrid Wilson
Easter quotes by Robert Barron
#15. For many people, the big feast of the year is Christmas, but for Christians, the truly great feast is Easter. Without Easter, without the Resurrection, we would not have the gift of salvation. Jesus had to rise from the dead or else he would have just been another failed Messiah and his birth would be a forgotten footnote of history. #Quote by Robert Barron
Easter quotes by Bryan Bishop
#16. Alison Rosen IWHI! From the easter egg chapter. #Quote by Bryan Bishop
Easter quotes by Heather Choate Davis
#17. We love Christmas presents but not Christ; Easter baskets but not crosses. We want to tell our friends with cancer that we will pray for them (we don't) and our puddle-eyed children that their goldfish have gone to heaven (doubtful). When we lose our jobs we want to take comfort in the idea that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but really, how can we? We have absolutely no idea what God has given us or what it might be for. We haven't talked to Him in ages. #Quote by Heather Choate Davis
Easter quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#18. Bubble-gum angels swooped from top margins, or scraped their wings between teeming paragraphs. Maidens with golden hair dripped sea-blue tears into the books spine. Grape-colored whales spouted blood around a newspaper item (pasted in) listing arrivals to the endangered species list. Six hatchlings cried from shattered shells near an entry made on Easter. Cecilia had filled the pages with a profusion of colors and curlicues, Candyland ladders and striped shamrocks. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Easter quotes by Susan Gaddis
#19. Love paid a price so hope could become a reality. #Quote by Susan Gaddis
Easter quotes by George Horace Lorimer
#20. Let patriotism have its high days and freedom its monuments, and let the triumphs of navigators and generals be annually observed; but surely, beyond all these, a season that stands for as much to the race as Easter does may well be remembered each year with songs and flowers and with every mark of gratitude and of loftiest jubilation. #Quote by George Horace Lorimer
Easter quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#21. It's strange. How hollow i feel. Like there might be echoes inside of me. Like I'm one of those chocolate rabbits they used to sell around Easter, the ones that were nothing more than a sweet shell encapsulating a world of nothing. I'm like that. I encapsulate a world of nothing. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Easter quotes by Francis George
#22. Both the Church and the Eucharist have their source and receive their present vitality from the events celebrated in Holy Week: the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles, his atoning passion and death on Good Friday and his bodily resurrection on Easter Sunday #Quote by Francis George
Easter quotes by Robert Paxton
#23. For example, while new fascism would necessarily diabolize some enemy, both external and internal, the enemy would not necessarily be Jews. An authentically popular American Fascism would be pious, antiblack, and since September 11, 2001, anti-Islamic as well; in western Europe, secular and, these days, more likely anti-Islamic than anti-Semitic; in Russia and easter Europe, religious, anti-Semitic, Slavophile and anti-Western. New Fascism would probably prefer the mainstream patriotic dress of their own in place and time to alien swastikas or fasces. #Quote by Robert Paxton
Easter quotes by Deborah Lawrenson
#24. I still dream in pictures and color, always the world of my childhood. I see the purple Judas trees at Easter lighting up the roadsides and terraces of the town. Ochre cliffs made of cinnamon powder. Autumn clouds rolling along the ground of the hills, and the patchwork of wet oak leaves on the grass. The shape of a rose petal. And my parents' faces, which will never grow any older.
"But it is strange how scent brings it all back too. I only have to smell certain aromas, and I am back in a certain place with a certain feeling."
The comforting past smelled of heliotrope and cherry and sweet almond biscuits: close-up smells, flowers you had to put your nose to as the sight faded from your eyes. The scents of that childhood past had already begun to slip away: Maman's apron with blotches of game stew; linen pressed with faded lavender; the sheep in the barn. The present, or what had so very recently been the present, was orange blossom infused with hope. #Quote by Deborah Lawrenson
Easter quotes by Alexander Schmemann
#25. ...the liturgical traditions of the Church, all its cycles and services, exist, first of all, in order to help us recover the vision and the taste of that new life which we so easily lose and betray, so that we may repent and return to it. ... It is through her liturgical life that the Church reveals to us something of that which "the ear has not heard, the eye has not seen, and what has not yet entered the heart of man, but which God has prepared for those who love Him." And in the center of that liturgical life, as its heart and climax, as the sun whose rays penetrate everywhere, stands Pascha. #Quote by Alexander Schmemann
Easter quotes by Marcel Proust
#26. From the sound of pattering raindrops I recaptured the scent of the lilacs at Combray; from the shifting of the sun's rays on the balcony the pigeons in the Champs-Elysées; from the muffling of sounds in the heat of the morning hours, the cool taste of cherries; the longing for Brittany or Venice from the noise of the wind and the return of Easter. Summer was at hand, the days were long, the weather was warm. It was the season when, early in the morning, pupils and teachers repair to the public gardens to prepare for the final examinations under the trees, seeking to extract the sole drop of coolness vouchsafed by a sky less ardent than in the midday heat but already as sterilely pure. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Easter quotes by Chris Manby
#27. There is never a right time to break someone's heart. And anyone with even a microgram of sensitivity in his or her body will agonise for an age over that timing. Only problem is there is always some reason not to make someone unhappy. The day a relationship end, if that relationship was at all important to the suckers involved, becomes as important an anniversary as a wedding day or birthday.
Obviously, the average person doesn't want to kick someone they once loved while that person is down.
It's not just hard times when someone is down that become obstacles to making your getaway. After times of bereavement, unemployment and general unhappiness, those events that should be happy ones also make some times off limits for the eager would- be dumper. Christmas, birthdays, Easter all impossible. A clever person with a sensitive lover that they sense is not quite as into them as he or she used to be, could starve off the inevitable for years by carefully spacing out this crucial dates. #Quote by Chris Manby
Easter quotes by Joanne Harris
#28. Magic carpet rides, rune magic, Ali Baba and visions of the Holy Mother, astral travel and the future in the dregs of a glass of red wine. Buddha. Frodo's journey into Mordor. The transubstantiation of the sacrament. Dorothy and Toto. The Easter Bunny. Space aliens. The Thing in the closet. The Resur-rection and the Life at the turn of a card ... I've believed them all at one time or another. Or pretended to. Or pretended not to.
And now? What do I believe right now?
'I believe that being happy is the only important thing,' I told him at last.
Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the hear. Bitter. Sweet. Alive. #Quote by Joanne Harris
Easter quotes by Fred Astaire
#29. Why didn't you tell me i was in love with you? #Quote by Fred Astaire
Easter quotes by Sushil Singh
#30. i m tune with WEST but everything Also Found In EAST #Quote by Sushil Singh
Easter quotes by Corey Ann Haydu
#31. Like Christmas trees and Easter egg hunts and the block party on the last day of summer, we do things because traditions feel cozy and safe. #Quote by Corey Ann Haydu
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#32. I don't need to paint a picture of what I want my life to look like. What I need to do is to study the picture that God painted of me so that I can better understand how to live out the splendor of the painting. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#33. The resurrection is the keystone of the arch on which our faith is supported. If Christ has not risen, we must impeach all those witnesses for lying. If Christ has not risen, we have no proof that the crucifixion of Jesus differed from that of the two thieves who suffered with him. If Christ has not risen, it is impossible to believe his atoning death was accepted. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#34. An end is only a beginning in disguise. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Douglas Coupland
#35. With Jason I thought I'd finally played my cards right, and now I'm just one more of those
broken, sad people out there, figuring out a year in advance where they can have Easter and
Christmas dinner without feeling like a burden or duty to others, cursing the quality of modern
movies because it's so hard to fill weeknights with movies when they're all crap, and waiting, just
waiting, for those three drinks a night to turn into four - and then, well, then I'll be applying my
makeup in the morning, combing my hair, washing my clothes, but it's not really for anyone. I'm
alive, but so what. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Easter quotes by Jay Leno
#36. You know what I'm doing for Easter? I'm gonna be hanging with my Peeps. #Quote by Jay Leno
Easter quotes by Beatrix Potter
#37. Here comes Peter Cottontail right down the bunny trail ... #Quote by Beatrix Potter
Easter quotes by John Prescott
#38. In the north east, there, they have had quite a bit of government offices moving in. It's not a new policy. #Quote by John Prescott
Easter quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#39. He takes men out of time and makes them feel eternity. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Easter quotes by Robert South
#40. God expects from men something more than at such times, and that it were much to be wished for the credit of their religion as well as the satisfaction of their conscience that their Easter devotions would in some measure come up to their Easter dress. #Quote by Robert South
Easter quotes by Phillips Brooks
#41. Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer; Death is strong, but Life is stronger; Stronger than the dark, the light; Stronger than the wrong, the right; Faith and Hope triumphant say Christ will rise on Easter Day. #Quote by Phillips Brooks
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#42. Easter is the one morning in all of history where the dawn came twice; once on the eastern horizon and again in eternity. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Marianne Williamson
#43. Christmas and Easter are attitudinal bookends for an enlightened world view. With an enlightened view of Christmas, we understand that it is within our power through God to give birth to a divine self. With an enlightened view of Easter, we understand that this self is the power of the universe before which death itself has no real power. Resurrection is the symbol of joy, it is the great 'ah-ha!' The acceptance of the resurrection is the realization of the fact that we need wait no longer to see ourselves as healed and whole. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Easter quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#44. Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed Nick's free arm. His wet white T-shirt and jeans rippled, and suddenly he was wearing a Day-Glo yellow tank top and acid-washed jeans. "And you look better like this."
(…) As Daisy hooted with laughter, Nick narrowed his eyes at me. "Okay, now you're in for it." He waved his hand, and suddenly I was sweltering. When I glanced down, I saw that it was because I was now dressed like the Easter Bunny. But with the flick of one fuzzy paw, I'd transformed Nick's jeans and tank top into a snowsuit.
Then I was in a bikini.
So Nick was wearing a particularly poofy purple prom dress.
By the time he'd turned my clothes into a showgirl's costume, complete with a feathery headdress, and I'd put him in a scuba suit, we were both completely magic drunk and giggling. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Easter quotes by Taya Kyle
#45. This reminds me of a funny Chris story.
Back when we lived in California, Easter was coming up and Chris was home with the kids. I forget exactly what the children did, but they got out of line and Chris decided rather than disciplining them, he'd use a little daddy logic on them.
Daddy logic, as expressed by a SEAL sniper.
"I'll tell you, you better behave," he said, "or I'll keep the Easter Bunny from coming."
"How?" one of them wondered.
Daddy logic met kid logic and raised the ante through the roof.
"I'll sit on the stoop and I'll shoot him when he comes," said Chris. Somehow he kept a straight face. "You'll ruin it for everyone, not just yourselves."
We had great behavior for weeks.
It's different living with a sniper as a dad. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Easter quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#46. Large, naked, raw carrots are acceptable as food only to those who live in hutches eagerly awaiting Easter. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Easter quotes by Vera Brittain
#47. I know of no place where the wind can be as icy and the damp so penetrating as in Oxford round about Easter time. #Quote by Vera Brittain
Easter quotes by Roseanne Barr
#48. Hollywood is the only place on earth that has more vampires, more undead, more resurrections than a month of Easter Sundays. #Quote by Roseanne Barr
Easter quotes by Luke Easter
#49. A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows that it is in the journey where she will become strong. #Quote by Luke Easter
Easter quotes by Chris Chocola
#50. Iraq can emerge as a beacon of hope and democracy in the Middle East, and the world, with our help. #Quote by Chris Chocola
Easter quotes by David Sedaris
#51. The rabbit of Easter. He bring of the chocolate. #Quote by David Sedaris
Easter quotes by Eric Overby
#52. Easter Contemplations

It does not concern me
If this life is all I have.
I do not need a resurrection
Or reincarnation
Or to live with the gods.

It is enough to live
With you here
In the days of your presence.

When my breathes
Are complete,
Lay me by your side
In the dust.
As in life, so in death.
Let us become one
With each other again. #Quote by Eric Overby
Easter quotes by Tiffany D. Jackson
#53. If Mrs. Charles were a color, she'd be yellow - bright, cheerful, golden rays of sunshine. A ripe banana, a fresh highlighter, sweet like pineapples, tart like lemons, you could lose her in a field of dandelions. One drop of her coloring could turn plain buttercream frosting into the sweetest Easter cake.

But one drop of another color could spoil her brightness. Leave her out in the heat too long and her banana peel would start to rot. The tip of her highlighter blackens with wear. The prickling of her pineapple skin sometimes leaves her impossible to open.

And dandelions are nothing but pretty weeds."
-Claudia #Quote by Tiffany D. Jackson
Easter quotes by Kelly Oram
#54. The Easter Bunny could have come down the chimney armed with machine guns and opened fire on the house, and everyone would have been less surprised. #Quote by Kelly Oram
Easter quotes by John Keble
#55. Thou art the Sun of other days.
They shine by giving back the rays. #Quote by John Keble
Easter quotes by Autumn Doughton
#56. In my defense, the Easter Bunny is the weakest link in magical lore. I mean, you have to admit that the whole thing is ridiculous. A giant rodent who sneaks into people's homes at night to leave eggs filled with candy? How in the world is that symbolic of the Easter celebration? #Quote by Autumn Doughton
Easter quotes by Justine Kurland
#57. It seemed clear to me early on that one of the things a photograph could do was make a reality, and I wanted to do that. I always think of looking inside an Easter egg and seeing a perfect world. #Quote by Justine Kurland
Easter quotes by Amor Towles
#58. ...But a cocktail is not meant to be a mélange. It is not a potpourri or an Easter parade. At its best, a cocktail should be crisp, elegant, sincere - and limited to two ingredients."
"Just two?"
"Yes. But they must be two ingredients that complement each other; that laugh at each other's jokes and make allowances for each other's faults; and that never shout over each other in conversation. Like gin and tonic," he said, pointing to his drink. #Quote by Amor Towles
Easter quotes by Edie Brickell
#59. I'll protect myself by making up all this crazy stuff. It'll be like a little shell. Like an Easter egg shell that's all decorated. #Quote by Edie Brickell
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#60. Perfect majesty that deliberately chose to be born into abject poverty, walk a road of perpetual poverty, and be unjustly executed in the raw nakedness of poverty is utterly ludicrous unless I realize that this is the single and sole way that God can reach me in the suffocating poverty that I myself have created. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Phil Mitchell
#61. Spend every moment in "Hope" and "Love" for God for he has risen and brought us courage. #Quote by Phil Mitchell
Easter quotes by Jodi Picoult
#62. One Easter, when she heard the priest say He is risen, she found herself standing up from the pew and walking out the cathedral door. She left the order, dyed her hair pink, and hiked the Appalachian Trail. It was somewhere on the Presidential Range that Jesus appeared to her in a vision, and told her there were many souls to feed. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Easter quotes by Jan Karon
#63. Easter is never deserved. #Quote by Jan Karon
Easter quotes by Sloane Crosley
#64. When I was five, my mother and sister sat me up on the kitchen counter and explained the facts of life: the Easter Bunny didn't exist, Elijah was God's invisible friend, with any luck Nana would die soon and If I ever saw a unicorn, I should kill it or catch it for cash. #Quote by Sloane Crosley
Easter quotes by Louis Evely
#65. The best proof that Christ has risen is that he is still alive. And for the immense majority of our contemporaries, the only way of seeing him alive is for us Christians to love one another. #Quote by Louis Evely
Easter quotes by Bernhard Langer
#66. To a Christian, Easter Sunday means everything, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. #Quote by Bernhard Langer
Easter quotes by Ryszard Kapuscinski
#67. Amin knew that neither West nor East would criticize him for fear that he would support the other side. He felt he was untouchable and he said so openly. #Quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Easter quotes by Niall Williams
#68. The History of Ireland in two words: Ah well.

The Invasion by the Vikings: Ah well.

The Invasion by the Normans. The Flight of the Earls, Mr Oliver Cromwell. Daniel O'Connell, Robert Emmett, The Famine, Charles Stewart Parnell, Easter Rising, Michael Collins, Éamon De Valera, Éamon De Valera again (Dear Germany, so sorry to learn of the death of your Mr Hitler), Éamon De Valera again, the Troubles, the Tribunals, the Fianna Fáil Party, The Church, the Banks, the eight hundred years of rain: Ah well.

In the Aeneid Virgil tells it as Sunt lacrimae rerum, which in Robert Fitzgerald's translation means 'They weep for how the world goes', which is more eloquent than Ah well but means the same thing. #Quote by Niall Williams
Easter quotes by Melissa Tagg
#69. Well, she'd been in shock. She could've believed just about anything. The Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, Santa... Yes, Virginia, men do let you down. #Quote by Melissa Tagg
Easter quotes by Carolyn Arnold
#70. Murder mystery featuring woman detective and two suicide/murder victims. Threw in three read herring suspects before the big reveal (the cuckolded wife) which I saw coming. Way too much brainstorming different scenarios by the detective and her partner. They dreamed up every possible scenario but "the Easter Bunny did it", seemingly to fill pages. Meh. #Quote by Carolyn Arnold
Easter quotes by S.D. Gordon
#71. Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that men can understand. #Quote by S.D. Gordon
Easter quotes by Keith O'Brien
#72. I know that many of you do wear such a cross of Christ, not in any ostentatious way, not in a way that might harm you at your work or recreation, but a simple indication that you value the role of Jesus Christ in the history of the world, that you are trying to live by Christ's standards in your own daily life. #Quote by Keith O'Brien
Easter quotes by Ethel Merman
#73. At one time I smoked, but in 1959 I couldn't think of anything else to give up for Lent so I stopped - and I haven't had a cigarette since. #Quote by Ethel Merman
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#74. Easter is God throwing everything at death so that I can give everything to life. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Desmond Tutu
#75. Easter says to us that despite everything to the contrary, his will for us will prevail, love will prevail over hate, justice over injustice and oppression, peace over exploitation and bitterness. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Easter quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#76. We decided to set our direct-action program around the Easter season, realizing that, with exception of Christmas, this was the largest shopping period of the year. Knowing that a strong economic withdrawal program would be the by-product of direct action. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#77. And because it's all that we can see, the ending becomes an end in itself when directly ahead of us new beginnings are being forged and fresh byways are being laid out from the very ending that we're caught up in. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Phillips Brooks
#78. Christ will rise on Easter day! #Quote by Phillips Brooks
Easter quotes by George MacDonald
#79. Mary Magdalene

With wandering eyes and aimless zeal,
She hither, thither, goes;
Her speech, her motions, all reveal
A mind without repose.

She climbs the hills, she haunts the sea,
By madness tortured, driven;
One hour's forgetfulness would be
A gift from very heaven!

She slumbers into new distress;
The night is worse than day:
Exulting in her helplessness;
Hell's dogs yet louder bay.

The demons blast her to and fro;
She has not quiet place,
Enough a woman still, to know
A haunting dim disgrace.

A human touch! a pang of death!
And in a low delight
Thou liest, waiting for new breath,
For morning out of night.

Thou risest up: the earth is fair,
The wind is cool; thou art free!
Is it a dream of hell's despair
Dissolves in ecstasy?

That man did touch thee! Eyes divine
Make sunrise in thy soul;
Thou seest love in order shine:-
His health hath made thee whole!

Thou, sharing in the awful doom,
Didst help thy Lord to die;
Then, weeping o'er his empty tomb,
Didst hear him Mary cry.

He stands in haste; he cannot stop;
Home to his God he fares:
'Go tell my brothers I go up
To my Father, mine and theirs.'

Run, Mary! lift thy heavenly voice;
Cry, cry, and heed not how;
Make all the new-risen world rejoice-
Its #Quote by George MacDonald
Easter quotes by John Kennedy Toole
#80. I want that Easter Ham. Where's my Thanksgiving Turkey? Miss Trixie snarled #Quote by John Kennedy Toole
Easter quotes by Studs Terkel
#81. I'll never forget that Depression Easter Sunday. Our son was four years old. I bought ten or fifteen cents' worth of eggs. You didn't get too many eggs for that. But we were down. Margaret said, 'Why he'll find those in five minutes.' I had a couple in the piano and all around. Tommy got his little Easter basket, and as he would find the eggs, I'd steal 'em out of the basket and re-hide them. The kid had more fun that Easter than he ever had. He hunted Easter eggs for three hours and he never knew the difference. (Laughs.) "My son is now thirty-nine years old. And I bore him to death every Easter with the story. He never even noticed his bag full of Easter eggs never got any fuller. . . . #Quote by Studs Terkel
Easter quotes by John Piper
#82. Life is wasted if we do not grasp the glory of the cross, cherish it for the treasure that it is, and cleave to it as the highest price of every pleasure and the deepest comfort in every pain. What was once foolishness to us - a crucified God - must become our wisdom and our power and our only boast in this world. #Quote by John Piper
Easter quotes by Theodore L. Cuyler
#83. A happy and a glorious Easter will this one be to all of us who get a new vision of the risen Christ, and prostrate ourselves in humble adoration at His feet, and cry out: "Rabboni! Rabboni!" Then shall we set our hearts, lifted into a new atmosphere, on things above, and reach an actual higher life. We shall know more of what it is to live by Christ, in Christ, for Christ, and with Christ, till we reach the marvelous light around the throne in glory. #Quote by Theodore L. Cuyler
Easter quotes by George Herbert
#84. Rise, heart; thy Lord is risen. Sing His praise Without delays, Who takes thee by the hand, that thou likewise With Him mayst rise: That, as His death calcined thee to dust, His life may make thee gold, and, much more, just. #Quote by George Herbert
Easter quotes by Katharine Lee Bates
#85. It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls. #Quote by Katharine Lee Bates
Easter quotes by J.K. Rowling
#86. February by a nasty bout of flu. I myself will lose my voice. And around Easter, one of our number will leave us forever. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Easter quotes by Alyson Noel
#87. Nothing in my life had prepared me for this.Not one single thing.I feel like a lad rat stuck in some horrible experiment meant to measure how I adapt to brutal forms of social segregation and weirdness.And the sad news is,I'm producing way below average results.
I stand to the side of the lunchroom or cafeteria,or whatever they call it.The vegetarian lunch Paloma packed with great love and care tightly clutched in my fist,though I've no clue as to where I'm supposed to go eat it.
Having already committed the most heinous crime of all by sitting at the wrong table, I'm not sure I'm up for trying again.I'm still shaken by the way those girls acted-so self-righteous and territorial,so burdened by my presence at the end of their bench.
It's the seniors' table, I was told. I have no right to sit there. Ever. And that includes holidays and weekends.
"Duly noted," I replied, grabbing my lunch and standing before them. "I'll do my best to steer clear of it on Christmas.Easter as well.Though Valentine's Day is a wild card I just can't commit to." And though it felt good at the time,I've no doubt it was a reckless act that only made things worse. #Quote by Alyson Noel
Easter quotes by Bob Uecker
#88. They have Easter egg hunts in Philadelphia, and if the kids don't find the eggs, they get booed. #Quote by Bob Uecker
Easter quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#89. She had long accepted the fact that happiness is like swallows in Spring. It may come and nest under your eaves or it may not. You cannot command it. When you expect to be happy you are not, when you don't expect to be happy there's suddenly Easter in your soul, though it be midwinter. #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#90. Despite the fact that life has repeatedly reinforced my conviction that the tomb was empty, some of my most profound errors have occurred when I was straining under the weight of a death that was in reality the liberation of a transition. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Michael Leunig
#91. It is at Easter that Jesus is most human, and like all humans, he fails and is failed. His is not an all-powerful God, it is an all-vulnerable God. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Easter quotes by Deepak Chopra
#92. The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Easter quotes by David Letterman
#93. Kids in Washington every year have the big Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. The kids found 300 Easter eggs. They also found about 10,000 missing Hillary emails. #Quote by David Letterman
Easter quotes by Michelle Mankin
#94. Guess it didn't go so well, huh?"

"What was your first clue?" I turned my head slightly, then went back to staring blankly out at the city street below.

"Did your really expect it to? I mean the two of you together make no sense at all. It's like putting the Easter Bunny together with a crocodile. At first everyone's all nervous and shit like 'Oh, how cute. Look how they're getting along.' And then of course the predicable happens, the rabbit's a reptile snack and all the kids are cryin' 'cause Easter ain't comin' next year. #Quote by Michelle Mankin
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#95. We can walk to 'nowhere' and think that 'nowhere' is 'somewhere.' For such are the roads paved by men. Yet, the humility of a manger and the magnificence of a cross constructed a road to the 'everywhere' that forever abolished the 'nowhere' of men. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Fred Allen
#96. I'm a little hoarse tonight. I've been living in Chicago for the past two months, and you know how it is, yelling for help on the way home every night. Things are so tough in Chicago that at Easter time, for bunnies the little kids use porcupines. #Quote by Fred Allen
Easter quotes by Emma Chase
#97. Here's an interesting fact: how you eat a gingerbread man says a lot about your personality. Head-first eaters are ambitious, independent, and magnetic. Feet-first are the more artistic, creative types, and those who start with the hands are kind and nurturing. Same rules apply to chocolate Easter bunnies. #Quote by Emma Chase
Easter quotes by Michael Leunig
#98. Easter is reflecting upon suffering for one thing, but it also reflects upon Jesus and his non compliance in the face of great authority where he holds to his truth - so there's two stories there. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Easter quotes by Laura Kasischke
#99. I am
the impossibility of desiring
the person you pity.
And the petal of the Easter lily - #Quote by Laura Kasischke
Easter quotes by Ebony Easter
#100. Good writers look it up.
Great writers experience it. #Quote by Ebony Easter
Easter quotes by Nick Land
#101. This book was supposed to be finished at Easter, like God. #Quote by Nick Land
Easter quotes by Sarah Christmyer
#102. Every Holy Saturday, the Church waits as it were beside the tomb, meditating on Christ's death while awaiting the announcement of his resurrection. Like John, we can take Mary into our homes and ponder with her the last words of Christ. Like her, we can rest in a place between anguish and joy, waiting in quiet hope. We can pray the Divine Office, which parts the veil to show us Christ defeating death and releasing sinners from captivity. The King is not dead; he rests from his work. A new day will come. His Cross is not defeat; it is victory! #Quote by Sarah Christmyer
Easter quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#103. When I observe Gram, I see how fragile the notion of tradition can be. If I take my eyes off the way she kneads her Easter bread, or if I fail to study the way she sews a seam in suede, or if I lose the mental image I have of her when she negotiates a better deal with a button salesman, somehow, the very essence of her will be lost. When she goes, the responsibility for carrying on will fall to me. My mother says I'm the keeper of the flame, because I work here, and because I choose to live here. A flame is a very fragile thing, too, and there are times when I wonder if I'm the on who can keep it going. #Quote by Adriana Trigiani
Easter quotes by Craig D Lounsbrough
#104. It would behoove us to remember that the life we live involves the death of something so that it can become the birth of something. #Quote by Craig D Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Dennis Vickers
#105. Rang in my ears like Easter morning churchbells in Rome, rumble from an unmuffled Harley, fireworks shells exploding over a Fourth-of-July parade. #Quote by Dennis Vickers
Easter quotes by Tony Hendra
#106. Like the rest of Holy Week, Easter is also a terrific story. It starts as tragedy: the hero broken and bloody, against all expectation dead, his followers' joyful hope in him entombed with his corpse, the rock rolled into place, sealing their despair.

But the curtain doesn't fall there. The next morning at dawn they discover the rock has been rolled back. The tomb is empty, the body's gone! A missing corpse? Great stuff. A whisper of comedy. Now a touch of farce as Mary Magdalen and the guys chase frantically around looking for help, or the corpse, when suddenly, out of nowhere, up it pops - alive!

Of course it's Jesus, who's done the impossible and beaten death.

And they're so amazed they think he's the gardener! It's a payoff way beyond the Hollywood ending: all the flooding emotion and uplift of a tragedy followed by all the bubbling joy and optimism of a comedy.

Is that possible? Not just to live happily ever after but to die - and still live happily ever after? It's the most audacious claim of Christianity, the one element that marks the brand indelibly, that trumps the claims of all other major faiths. #Quote by Tony Hendra
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#107. An ending is only happening because at some point it was a beginning. And if an ending is dependent upon a beginning, I would be well advised to focus on the miracle of beginnings verses the pain of endings. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Kirk Windstein
#108. Drinking goes with everything, there's always an excuse to drink. We sell beer and liquor 24/7/365 everywhere, you can buy a 5th of vodka at 3am on Easter Sunday if you want. #Quote by Kirk Windstein
Easter quotes by Bill Hybels
#109. God led Jesus to a cross, not a crown, and yet that cross ultimately proved to be the gateway to freedom and forgiveness for every sinner in the world. #Quote by Bill Hybels
Easter quotes by Lawrence Block
#110. My mother's father was from Sligo, and he used to say it was the hardest thing in the world to find a man alive in Dublin who wasn't in the GPO during the Easter Rising. Twenty brave men marched into that post office, he said, and thirty thousand marched out. #Quote by Lawrence Block
Easter quotes by Christina Dodd
#111. Although his honor demanded he immediately leave Juliana, he couldn't, for the queen visited. He couldn't seek an annulment, for the king demanded he retain Juliana's lands. He would remain her husband, and even if he moved his official residence to Barton-hale and she stayed at Lofts, he would still have to meet with her at Christmastide and Easter, at harvest accounting and at Midsummer ... what pleasure he would find in the touch of her hand! What agony he would endure while away from her. So it was a painful reprieve, but a reprieve nonetheless. #Quote by Christina Dodd
Easter quotes by John Updike
#112. When the first blooms came they were like the single big flower Oriental prostitutes wear on the sides of their heads ... But when the hemispheres of blossom appear in crowds they remind him of nothing so much as hats worn by cheap girls to church on Easter. #Quote by John Updike
Easter quotes by Simon Kinberg
#113. I'm Jewish, so I don't know much about Easter eggs. #Quote by Simon Kinberg
Easter quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#114. When we preach Christ crucified, we have no reason to stammer, or stutter, or hesitate, or apologize; there is nothing in the gospel of which we have any cause to be ashamed. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Easter quotes by M.E. Skeel
#115. Easter was around long before Christianity. It was called Estrus and was a fertility celebration in the spring in Northern lands. The rabbit was a symbol of fertility because of its ability to breed and produce many young. Out of that tradition came our Easter Bunny. In Australia we celebrate Easter but it occurs in autumn, not spring. We inherited the Easter Bunny but in the past few years, there has been a movement to change to an Easter Bilby in order #Quote by M.E. Skeel
Easter quotes by David Sedaris
#116. The italian nanny was attempting to answer the teachers latest question when the moroccan student interupted, shouting "Excuse me, What is an easter?"
it would seem that depsite having grown up in a muslim country, she would have heard it mentioned once or twice, but no. "I mean it," She said. " I have no idea what you people are talking about."
The teacher called upon the rest of us to explain.
The poles led the charge to the best of their ability. It is," said one, "a party for the little boy of god who call his self jesus and... oh shit." She faltered and her fellow country man came to her aid.
He call his self Jesus and then he die one day on two... morsels of... lumber."
The rest of the class jumped in, offering bits of information that would have given the pope an aneurysm.
he die one day and then he go above of my head to live with your father."
he weared of himself the long hair and after he die. the first day he come back here for to say hello to the peoples."
he Nice the jesus."
he make the good things, and on the easter we be sad because somebody makes him dead today. #Quote by David Sedaris
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#117. My limitations abruptly define the frighteningly negligible extent of my existence, yet my soul utterly perishes if bound by those very same limits. And does this not somehow evidence both the reality of and need for God? #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#118. Easter is not about immortality but about resurrection from a death that is a real death with all its frightfulness and horrors, resurrection from a death of the body and the soul, of the whole person, resurrection by the power of God's mighty act. This is the Easter message. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Easter quotes by Craig D Lounsbrough
#119. Easter recognizes that I am living in a prison of my own making, and that God is in the demolition business. #Quote by Craig D Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#120. We Christians do not believe that Jesus Christ was the only one that ever rose from the dead. We believe that every death-bed is a resurrection; that from every grave the stone, is rolled away. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Easter quotes by Charles Wesley
#121. Christ the Lord is risen to-day, Sons of men and angels say. Raise your joys and triumphs high; Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply. #Quote by Charles Wesley
Easter quotes by N. T. Wright
#122. Easter is about Jesus: the Jesus who announced God's saving, sovereign kingdom ... #Quote by N. T. Wright
Easter quotes by Charles Bukowski
#123. The ladies usually go for the biggest damn fool they can find; that is why the human race stands where it does today: we have bred the clever and lasting Casanovas, all hollow inside, like the chocolate Easter bunnies we foster upon our poor children. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Easter quotes by Nancy Pearcey
#124. During the first 13 centuries after the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, no one thought of setting up a creche to celebrate Christmas. The pre-eminent Christian holiday was Easter, not Christmas. #Quote by Nancy Pearcey
Easter quotes by Keith Green
#125. Christ is risen from the dead! #Quote by Keith Green
Easter quotes by Jared Diamond
#126. What did the last Easter Islander say as he chopped down the last tree? The Easter Islanders didnt have anthropologists. #Quote by Jared Diamond
Easter quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#127. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation upon which sincere and meaningful repentance must be built. If we truly seek to put away sin, we must first look to Him who is the Author of our salvation. #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Easter quotes by Phillips Brooks
#128. Up and down our lives obedient
Walk, dear Christ, with footsteps radiant,
Till those garden lives shall be
Fair with duties done for Thee;
And our thankful spirits say,
"Christ arose on Easter Day." #Quote by Phillips Brooks
Easter quotes by Craig D Lounsbrough
#129. Maybe every now and then I need something 'unbelievable' to happen to help make that which is 'believable' a place where I start, but not a place where I stop. #Quote by Craig D Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Amit Abraham
#130. Good Friday was when the Good was crucified but then on Easter the Good arose back.... So wait to realize that be it God or be it human the good never perishes it's rises above. #Quote by Amit Abraham
Easter quotes by Stephen Colbert
#131. We all know why [the generals] are so critical of the defense secretary. They're being defensive because they weren't able to implement his brilliant plan [on screen: Operation 'Greet Us As Liberators']. It was so simple: Go in with 100,000 troops, topple the regime, everybody loves us, and we leave by Easter 2003. These ex-military men have their right to their opinions, that's fine. They just shouldn't voice them during a war [on screen: 'Loose Lips Sink Approval Ratings'] #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Easter quotes by Juan Pablo Di Pace
#132. I went to church every Sunday ... I understood Christmas and what Easter was about. I understood the persecution of Christ, the crucifixion of Christ, the Resurrection of Christ. I understood all that but I have to say that beyond that ... for me, my knowledge after that was quite vague. #Quote by Juan Pablo Di Pace
Easter quotes by Jaachynma N.E. Agu
#133. Jesus Is The Resurrection, therefore, Resurrection Is Not A Thing Or An Event, RESURRECTION Is A PERSONALITY. #Quote by Jaachynma N.E. Agu
Easter quotes by Jill Shalvis
#134. Dell pulled out his cell phone, speed-dialed a number, and put the phone on speaker. A woman answered with a professionally irritated tone: "What do you need now?"

"Jade," Dell said.

"Nope, it's the Easter Bunny. And your keys are on your desk."

Dell shook his head. "Now darlin', I don't always call you just because I've lost my keys."

"I'm sorry, you're right. You wallet's on your desk, too. As for your little black book, you're on your own with that one, Dr. Flirt. I'm at lunch."

Dell sighed. "What did we say about you and the whole power-play thing?"

"That it's good for your ego to have at least one woman in your life that you can't flash a smile at and have them drop their panties?"

Dell grinned. "I really like it when you say 'panties.' And for the record, I knew where my keys and wallet were."

"No you didn't."

"Okay, I didn't, but that's not why I'm calling. Can you bring burgers and fries for me and Brady? Oh, and Adam, too, or he'll bitch like a little girl."

"You mean 'Jade, will you pretty please bring us burgers and fries?'"

"Yes," Dell said, nodding. "That. And Cokes." He looked at Brady, who nodded. "And don't forget the ketchup."

"You forgot the nice words."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Dell said. "You look fantastic today, I especially love the attitude and sarcasm you're wearing."

Jade's voice went saccharine sweet. "So #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#135. God declared that the end of ourselves need not be the end of ourselves. And if we don't somehow find that exhilarating, we will end ourselves. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Gunter Grass
#136. At the beginning of the semester, Ulla wanted to pose only for the 'new trends' - a flea that Meiter, her Easter egg painter had put in her ear; his engagement present to her had been a vocabulary which she tried out in conversations with me. She spoke of relationships, constellations, actions, perspectives, granular structures, processes of fusion, phenomena of erosion. She, whose daily fare consisted exclusively of bananas and tomato juice, spoke of proto-cells, color atoms which in their dynamic flat trajectories found their natural positions in their fields of forces, but did not stop there; no, they went on and on... This was the tone of the conversation with me during our rest periods or when we went out for an occasional cup of coffee in Ratinger-Strasse. Even when her engagement to the dynamic painter of Easter eggs had ceased to be, even when after a brief episode with a Lesbian she took up with one of Kuchen's students and returned to the objective world, she retained this vocabulary which so strained her little face that two sharp, rather fanatical creases formed on either side of her mouth. #Quote by Gunter Grass
Easter quotes by Johnny Corn
#137. Pakistan is an Islamic country and the victim of an Easter terrorist attack. Groups like Isis or in this case the Taliban are not about religion. No more than the KKK is about Christianity. These groups are about hate! I did post on the Pakistani attack because it is really important to point out that brown and black people in the middle east and Africa are being killed. Terrorism isn't about Islam. It is about hate. SO let's fight this hate. Let's stand united with our Islamic brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered. Step back from judging a religion you are not exposed to. Understand that we need to work together. ALL faiths. That's how we defeat this #Quote by Johnny Corn
Easter quotes by N. T. Wright
#138. Left to ourselves we lapse into a kind of collusion with entrophy, acquiescing in the general belief that things may be getting worse but that there's nothing much we can do about them. And we are wrong. Our task in the present ... is to live as resurrection people in between Easter and the final day, with our Christian life, corporate and individual, in both worship and mission, as a sign of the first and a foretaste of the second. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Easter quotes by Giannina Braschi
#139. The president, the secretary of state, the businessman, the preacher, the vendor, the spies, the clients and managers - all walking around Wall Street like chickens with their heads cut off - rushing to escape bankruptcy - plotting to melt down the Statue of Liberty - to press more copper pennies - to breed more headless chickens - to put more feathers in their caps - medals, diplomas, stock certificates, honorary doctorates - eggs and eggs of headless chickens - multitaskers - system hackers - who never know where they're heading
northward, backward, eastward, forward, and never homeward - (where is home) - home is in the head - (but the head is cut off) - and the nest is full of banking forms and Easter eggs with coins inside. Beheaded chickens, how do you breed chickens with their heads cut off? By teaching them how to bankrupt creativity. #Quote by Giannina Braschi
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#140. What would behoove me to instantly declare God not to be God unless He followed my script in some tediously exacting manner? I must confess that I am less likely to believe that it's a matter of some narcissistic demand that I freely pen my own script. Rather, I think it's fear that I'm too inadequate to follow God's. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by George Herbert
#141. The Jewes spend at Easter, the Moors at marriages, the Christians in sutes. #Quote by George Herbert
Easter quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#142. Lent is like a long 'retreat' during which we can turn back into ourselves and listen to the voice of God, in order to defeat the temptations of the Evil One. It is a period of spiritual 'combat' which we must experience alongside Jesus, not with pride and presumption, but using the arms of faith: prayer, listening to the word of God and penance. In this way we will be able to celebrate Easter in truth, ready to renew the promises of our Baptism. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
Easter quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#143. You do know what happens at Easter!" Ceolnoth demanded sternly.
"Of course I know," I said, "we make babies."
"That is the most ridiculous ... " Ceolberht began to protest, then went silent when his brother glared at him.
"It's my favourite feast," I continued happily. "Easter is baby-making day! #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Easter quotes by Douglas Coupland
#144. He felt intact but worthless, like a chocolate rabbit selling for 75 percent off the month after Easter. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Easter quotes by Max Von Essen
#145. My passion was to be on Broadway and to be part of this community because I saw what it was like from the outside as the young kid in and around New York, and I would see things like the 'Easter Bonnet' or 'Broadway Bares,' things I would sneak into. #Quote by Max Von Essen
Easter quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#146. The benefits [of the resurrection] are innumerable. To list a few: Our illnesses don't seem nearly so final; Our fears fade and lose their grip; Our grief over those who have gone on is diminished; Our desires to press on in spite of the obstacles is rejuvenated ... Our identity as Christians is strengthened as we stand in the lengthening shadows of saints down through the centuries, who have always answered back in antiphonal voice: 'He is risen, indeed!' #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Easter quotes by Marilu Henner
#147. Because I work with so many people on the east coast, I get some work done before I get the kids up. #Quote by Marilu Henner
Easter quotes by Adam Ferrara
#148. My favorite Catholic holiday is Easter. For those of you that don't know, Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave and coming back to Earth as a rabbit that hides colored eggs. #Quote by Adam Ferrara
Easter quotes by Charles Stanley
#149. There is only one secure foundation: a genuine, deep relationship with Jesus Christ, which will carry you through any and all turmoil. No matter what storms are raging all around, you'll stand firm if you stand on His love. #Quote by Charles Stanley
Easter quotes by Easter Seals
#150. The worst thing about a disability is that people see it before they see you. #Quote by Easter Seals
Easter quotes by Enid Bagnold
#151. A landscape glittered behind her voice. There were icicles in it and savage fields of ice, great storms boiling over a flat countryside striped with white rails - a chessboard beneath a storm. Horses were stretched forever at the gallop. Tiny men in silk were brave beyond bearing and sat on the horses like embryos with their knees in their mouths. The gorgeous names of horses were cried from mouth to mouth and circulated in a steam of fame. Lottery, The Hermit, the great mare Sceptre; the glorious ancestress Pocahontas, whose blood ran down like time into her flying children; Easter Hero, the Lamb, that pony stallion. #Quote by Enid Bagnold
Easter quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#152. Each and all of us must summon to mind the words of Him whom we honor this Easter time: 'When a strong man, armed, keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace'. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Easter quotes by Ramon Ravenswood
#153. Easter blessings
All life's sacrifices like autumn leaves
awaken our senses
and power to love and be whole
Our Mother Earth, Our Father Sky
embraces our happiness and laughter
Praise be to freedom and life's seasons
Praise be to Christ's freedom song #Quote by Ramon Ravenswood
Easter quotes by Max Lucado
#154. Want to know the coolest thing about the coming? Not that the One who played marbles with the stars gave it up to play marbles with marbles. Or that the One who hung the galaxies gave it up to hang doorjambs to the displeasure of a cranky client who wanted everything yesterday but couldn't pay until tomorrow.
Not that he, in an instant, went from needing nothing to needing air, food, a tub of hot water and salts for his tired feet, and, more than anything, needing somebody - anybody - who was more concerned about where he would spend eternity rather than where he would spend Friday's paycheck.
Or that he resisted the urge to fry the two=bit, self-appointed hall monitors of holiness who dared suggest that he was doing the work of the devil.
Not that he kept his cool while the dozen best friends he ever had felt the heat and got out of the kitchen. Or that he gave no command to the angels who begged, "Just give us the nod, Lord. One word and these demons will be deviled eggs."
Not that he refused to defend himself when blamed for every sin of every slut and sailor since Adam. Or that he stood silent as a million guilty verdicts echoed in the tribunal of heaven and the giver of light was left in the chill of a sinner's night.
Not even that after three days in a dark hole he stepped into the Easter sunrise with a smile and a swagger and a question for lowly Lucifer - "Is that your best punch?"
That was cool, incredibly cool.
But want to k #Quote by Max Lucado
Easter quotes by Nick Pageant
#155. fired up my e-reader to get lost in Easter Lust. It's a story about a bunny rabbit shifter who meets a chicken shifter. They come together, fall in love, and then, tragically, discover they're both submissive bottoms. #Quote by Nick Pageant
Easter quotes by Kate Bornstein
#156. There are Easter eggs in every book I've ever written. I think in the first one I called [Scientology] "Diabology," but I was scared, so I didn't tell many people what it really meant. #Quote by Kate Bornstein
Easter quotes by Robert Barron
#157. Easter is an earthquake, an explosion. If you see it as less than that, you're not getting it. #Quote by Robert Barron
Easter quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
#158. A good thing this was, and that we should be so care-free and irresponsible, enjoying every minute of every day; for it was the Easter of 1914, the last Easter of the old, easy world, and our last, as well as our first, Easter as children together in the little house I had built for happiness. #Quote by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Easter quotes by Paul L. Maier
#159. If all the evidence is weighed carefully and fairly, it is indeed justifiable, according to the canons of historical research, to conclude that the sepulcher of Joseph of Arimathea, in which Jesus was buried, was actually empty on the morning of the first Easter. And no shred of evidence has yet been discovered in literary sources, epigraphy, or archaeology that would disprove this statement. #Quote by Paul L. Maier
Easter quotes by Frederica Mathewes-Green
#160. Easter may seem boring to children, and it is blessedly unencumbered by the silly fun that plagues Christmas. Yet it contains the one thing needful for every human life: the good news of Resurrection. #Quote by Frederica Mathewes-Green
Easter quotes by Jay-Z
#161. I use a lot of double meanings. I hide 'em like Easter eggs. #Quote by Jay-Z
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#162. Starting over is an acceptance of a past we can't change, an unrelenting conviction that the future can be different, and the stubborn wisdom to use the past to make the future what the past was not. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#163. Easter is a time where we are reminded that conclusions in man's mind are beginnings in God's plan. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#164. He was in the hospital from the middle of Lent till after Easter. When he was better, he remembered the dreams he had had while he was feverish and delirious. He dreamt that the whole world was condemned to a terrible new strange plague that had come to Europe from the depths of Asia. All were to be destroyed except a very few chosen. Some new sorts of microbes were attacking the bodies of men. Whole villages, whole towns and peoples went mad from the infection. All were excited and did not understand one another. All men and all things were involved in destruction. The plague spread and moved further and further. Only a few man could be saved in the whole world. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Easter quotes by J.D. Salinger
#165. A few years before, it had taken her three days to dispose of the Easter chick she had found dead on the sawdust in the bottom of her wastebasket. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Easter quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#166. An ending is something like a caboose on a train that just pulled out so that there's room for the train that's now arriving. The problem is, we forget that a caboose is only one part of one train. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Easter quotes by Neil Gaiman
#167. There,' said Wednesday, 'is one who "does not have the faith and will not have the fun". Chesterton. Pagan indeed. So. Shall we go out onto the street, Easter my dear, and repeat the exercise? Find out how many passers-by know that their Easter festival takes its name from Eostre of the Dawn? Let's see - I have it. We shall ask a hundred people. For every one that knows the truth, you may cut off one of my fingers, and when I run out of them, toes; for every twenty who don't know you spend a night making love to me. And the odds are certainly in your favour here - this is San Francisco, after all. There are heathens and pagans and Wiccans aplenty on these precipitous streets. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Easter quotes by Billy Wells
#168. My mother told me," the boy replied, turning a page of the catalog. "Haven't you seen Santa at the mall and all the kids who sit on his knee and tell him what they want for Christmas?" "My mother says they're just men in Santa suits." "Do you get presents on Christmas morning?" "Yes." "And you don't think Santa brings them." "Nope. My mother brings them." "What about the Easter Bunny?" "There's no such thing as the Easter Bunny." The two little girls at the table behind them heard this and started to cry. Their parents glared at Harriman and the boy #Quote by Billy Wells
Easter quotes by Anna Quindlen
#169. I Remember how we put in a security system to keep intruders out of the house, and how we only used it when we went on vacations. It didn't matter: OUr intruder had a place at our table, kew where we hid the Easter eggs and where we'd buried the pet guinea pigs, was so familiar that when I saw him in the bedroom doorway that last time I thought he was my own son, come to kill me. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Easter quotes by N. T. Wright
#170. Love is the deepest mode of knowing, because it is love that, while completely engaging with reality other than itself, affirms and celebrates that other-than-self reality. This is the mode of knowing that is necessary if we are to live in the new public world, the world launched at Easter, the world in which Jesus is Lord and Caesar isn't. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Easter quotes by Chris Crutcher
#171. I figure if Doc is right about the time I have left,I should wrap up my adolescence in the next few days, get into my early productive stages about the third week of school, go through my midlife crisis during Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, redouble my efforts at productivity and think about my legacy, say, Easter, and start cashing in my 401(k)s a couple weeks before Memorial Day. #Quote by Chris Crutcher
Easter quotes by William E. Rees
#172. Human societies as temporally and spatially far-flung as the Mesopotamians, Mayans, and Easter Islanders likely came to ruin by expanding beyond the capacity of their environments to sustain them. #Quote by William E. Rees
Easter quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#173. These special holidays give rise to various liturgical calendars that suggest we should mark our days not only with the cycles of the moon and seasons, but also with occasions to tell our children the stories of our faith community's past so that this past will have a future, and so that our ancient way and its practices will be rediscovered and renewed every year. #Quote by Brian D. McLaren
Easter quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin
#174. The beauty of the cross and our crucified Lord cannot be easily fathomed by human mind or by barely reading scriptures in bits, but by careful reading of entire scripture in the spirit which will in turn engulf one with wisdom n love. #Quote by Henrietta Newton Martin
Easter quotes by Siobhan Fahey
#175. I absolutely hate Take That, East 17, the Spice Girls. #Quote by Siobhan Fahey
Easter quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#176. Brothers and sisters, one of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so. His solitary journey brought great company for our little version of that path - the merciful care of our Father in Heaven, the unfailing companionship of this Beloved Son, the consummate gift of the Holy Ghost, angels in heaven family members on both sides of the veil, prophets and apostles, teachers, leaders, friends. All of these and more have been given as companions for our mortal journey because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His gospel. Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even sometimes we may feel that we are. Truly the Redeemer of us all said: "I will not leave you comfortless: [My Father and] I will come to you [and abide with you]. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Holland
Easter quotes by Arnaldur Indridason
#177. What we preach in church. We believe in the resurrection on the Day of Judgement and in eternal life. The reunion of loved ones is the essence of the Easter message. #Quote by Arnaldur Indridason
Easter quotes by Michael Stevens From VSauce
#178. The bigger question now becomes, "so what? Who cares?" You will never have an infinite number of balls and you will never have a large enough urn to hold all of them. You will never build a lamp that can turn on and off arbitrarily fast. We cannot investigate time or space past a certain smallness, except when pretending, so what are supertasks, but recreational fictions, entertaining riddles? We can ask more questions than we can answer, so what?

Well, here's what. Neanderthals. Neanderthals and humans, us, Homo sapiens, lived together in Europe for at least five thousand years. Neanderthals were strong and clever, they may have even intentionally buried their dead, but for hundreds of thousands of years, Neanderthals barely went anywhere. They pretty much just explored and spread until they reached water or some other obstacle and then stopped. Homo sapiens, on the other hand, didn't do that. They did things that make no sense crossing terrain and water without knowing what lay ahead. Svante Pääbo has worked on the Neanderthal genome at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and he points out that technology alone didn't allow humans to go to Madagascar, to Australia. Neanderthals built boats too. Instead, he says, there's "some madness there. How many people must have sailed out and vanished on the Pacific before you found Easter Island? I mean, it's ridiculous. And why do you do that? Is it for the glory? For immortality? For curiosity? And now #Quote by Michael Stevens From VSauce
Easter quotes by Walter Raleigh
#179. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, My God shall raise me up, I trust. #Quote by Walter Raleigh
Easter quotes by B. B. Warfield
#180. We can no longer speak of a bourne from which no traveler e'er returns. The middle wall of partition has been broken down and the boundary become but an invisible line by the resurrection of Christ. That He who died has been raised again and ever lives in the form of a complete humanity is the fundamental fact in the revelation of the Christian doctrine of immortality. #Quote by B. B. Warfield
Easter quotes by Paul F. Kortepeter
#181. Would you like some warm Spring pie?
Then, take a cup of clear blue sky.
Stir in buzzes from a bee,
Add the laughter of a tree.

A dash of sunlight should suffice
To give the dew a hint of spice.
Mix with berries, plump and sweet.
Top with fluffy clouds, and eat! #Quote by Paul F. Kortepeter
Easter quotes by Conan O'Brien
#182. Today was the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. Usually when you see something rolling on the White House lawn it's a drunk Secret Service agent. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Easter quotes by Antonin Scalia
#183. To many Americans, everything from the Easter morning to the Ascension had to be made up by the groveling enthusiasts as part of their plan to get themselves martyred. #Quote by Antonin Scalia
Easter quotes by Dan Barker
#184. I have an Easter challenge for Christians. My challenge is simply this: tell me what happened on Easter. I am not asking for proof. My straightforward request is merely that Christians tell me exactly what happened on the day that their most important doctrine was born. #Quote by Dan Barker
Easter quotes by Henny Youngman
#185. Two Santa Clauses on the corner. How can you tell the Polish one? The one with the Easter basket. #Quote by Henny Youngman
Easter quotes by N. T. Wright
#186. This means that the church, the followers of Jesus Christ, live in the bright interval between Easter and the final great consummation. Let's make no mistake either way. The reason the early Christians were so joyful was because they knew themselves to be living not so much in the last days (that that was true too) as in the first days - the opening days of God's new creation. What Jesus did was not a mere example of something else, not a mere manifestation of some larger truth; it was itself the climatic event and fact of cosmic history. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Easter quotes by Shana Alexander
#187. As a general rule, fans and idols should always be kept at arm's length, the length of the arm to be proportionate to the degree of sheer idolatry involved. Don't take a Beatle to lunch. Don't wait up to see if the Easter Bunny is real. Just enjoy the egg hunt. #Quote by Shana Alexander
Easter quotes by Drew Busby
#188. When you ran out the tunnel at the old Easter Road for a derby game, you'd get a spittal right on the back of your head. They were spitting on you as you ran out, which actually helped get you going. It was some place. #Quote by Drew Busby
Easter quotes by Megan Abbott
#189. A few years ago, long after it had been closed, Eli said he saw a girl swimming in it, coming out of the water in a bikini, laughing at her frigthtened boyfriend, seaweed snaking around her. He said she looked like a mermaid.
Deenie always pictured it like in one of those books of mythology she used to love, a girl rising from the foam gritted with pearls, mussels, the glitter of the sea.
"It looks beautiful", her mother had said once when they were driving by at night, its waters opaline. "It is beautiful. But it makes people sick."
To Deenie, it was one of many interesting things that adults said would kill you: Easter lilles, jellyfish, copperhead snakes with their diamond heads, tails bright as sulfur. Don't touch, don't taste, don't get too close.
And then, last week. #Quote by Megan Abbott
Easter quotes by Bono
#190. But with Christ, we have access in a one-to-one relationship, for, as in the Old Testament, it was more one of worship and awe, a vertical relationship. The New Testament, on the other hand, we look across at a Jesus who looks familiar, horizontal. The combination is what makes the Cross. #Quote by Bono
Easter quotes by Skitch Henderson
#191. And then I went into television; and then television moved from the East Coast to Hollywood. #Quote by Skitch Henderson
Easter quotes by Kenneth Scott Latourette
#192. The primary source of the appeal of Christianity was Jesus - His incarnation, His life, His crucifixion, and His resurrection. #Quote by Kenneth Scott Latourette
Easter quotes by Daniel Morgan
#193. I believe in one God, the first and great cause of goodness. I also believe in Jesus Christ, the rebirth of the world. I also believe in the Holy Ghost, the comforter. #Quote by Daniel Morgan
Easter quotes by Trae Crowder
#194. Church is important to most folks in the South. So the most important thing going is basically ruled by men as decreed by the Big Man himself. Not only that, but the church puts pressures on women that it does not put on men. Young women are expected to be chaste, moral, and pure, whereas young men are given way more leeway, 'cause, ya know, boys will be boys. Girls are expected to marry young and have kids, be a helpmate to their husbands (who are basically like having another child), and, of course, raise perfect little Christian babies to make this world a better place.

So while it's the preacher man who controls the church, it's the women - those helpmates - who keep that shit going. They keep the pews tidy and wash the windows; type up the bulletins; volunteer for Sunday school, the nursery, youth group, and Vacation Bible School; fry the chicken for the postchurch dinners; organize the monthly potluck dinners, the spaghetti supper to raise money for a new roof, and the church fund drive; plant flowers in the front of the church, make food for sick parishioners, serve food after funerals, put together the Christmas pageant, get Easter lilies for Easter, wash the choir robes, organize the church trip, bake cookies for the bake sale to fund the church trip, pray unceasingly for their husband and their pastor and their kids and never complain, and then make sure their skirts are ironed for Sunday mornin' service. All this while in most churches not being allowed #Quote by Trae Crowder
Easter quotes by Gene Autry
#195. You'll wake up on Easter morning, And you'll know that he was there, When you find those choc'late bunnies, That he's hiding ev'rywhere. #Quote by Gene Autry
Easter quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#196. I want to believe him, my lady!" Leofstan said earnestly. "I want to believe that this is a miracle to accompany my enthronement! That on Easter day we will have the joy of bringing a pagan horde into the service of Jesus Christ!" "This is Christ's doing!" Father Ceolberht said through his toothless gums. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Easter quotes by Nadia Bolz-Weber
#197. New doesn't always look perfect. Like the Easter story itself, new is often messy. New looks like recovering alcoholics. New looks like reconciliation between family members who don't actually deserve it. New looks like every time I manage to admit I was wrong and every time I manage to not mention when I'm right. New looks like every fresh start and every act of forgiveness and every moment of letting go of what we thought we couldn't live without and then somehow living without it anyway. New is the thing we never saw coming - never even hoped for - but ends up being what we needed all along. It #Quote by Nadia Bolz-Weber
Easter quotes by Douglas Horton
#198. Sherrill On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer. #Quote by Douglas Horton
Easter quotes by Martin Luther
#199. In the bonds of Death He lay Who for our offence was slain; But the Lord is risen to-day, Christ hath brought us life again, Wherefore let us all rejoice, Singing loud, with cheerful voice, Hallelujah! #Quote by Martin Luther
Easter quotes by Janet Evanovich
#200. I swear," Hal said, "this place is like the Bermuda Triangle. It's friggin' spooky. I went out to feed the monkeys last night, and I saw the Easter Bunny walking down the road with Sasquatch. And now there are rockets shooting into the sky from nowhere. #Quote by Janet Evanovich

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