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Duncans Highland quotes by Shehanne Moore
#1. The damned bitch has questions to answer. So she better not be dead. She can save that for when we've done. #Quote by Shehanne Moore
Duncans Highland quotes by Mark Knopfler
#2. The drinking dens are spilling out
There's staggering in the square
There's lads and lasses falling about
And a crackling in the air
Down around the dungeon doors
The shelters and the queues
Everybody's looking for
Somebody's arms to fall into
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

There's frost on the graves and the monuments
But the taverns are warm in town
People curse the government
And shovel hot food down
The lights are out in the city hall
The castle and the keep
The moon shines down upon it all
The legless and asleep

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the wagons creeping through
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

The garrison sleeps in the citadel
With the ghosts and the ancient stones
High up on the parapet
A Scottish piper stands alone
And high on the wind
The highland drums begin to roll
And something from the past just comes
And stares into my soul

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the Caledonian Blues
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
What it is
It's what it is now

There's a chink of light, there's a burning wick
There's a lantern in the tower
Wee Willie Winkie with a candlestick
Still writing songs #Quote by Mark Knopfler
Duncans Highland quotes by Gordon Highland
#3. Heavenly Father, I promise never again (or for three business days, whichever comes first) to take your blessings for granted if your boundless wisdom can manifest to smite this motherfucker. I don't know, rain down some sulphur, whisper divine suggestion into his ear, even the old salt pillar trick would suffice. But ... I will take up thy sword and act as the county's mortal archangel once again if I must. I swear to your oft-alleged earthly son that if this thug doesn't put the toddler down and stop swinging that oversized plastic bat at us, he'll spend his weekend removing my well-shined size eleven Florsheim from his PCP-smoking ass at the Ballard Institute for Deadbeat Dad Castration. #Quote by Gordon Highland
Duncans Highland quotes by Cairns Craig
#4. The attempt to separate Lowland from Highland Scotland ignores the extent to which Lowland Scots are the descendants of Highlanders, and how many Lowland Scots, like Nan Shepherd, made the country's mountains the focus of their spiritual aspirations. 'Highlandism' is not simply the ersatz adoption of a stereotypical version of Scottish culture which is entirely unconnected with the reality of modern Scottish life: the Highlands are both the geographical and the historical backdrop with which 'Lowland' Scottish culture interacts. #Quote by Cairns Craig
Duncans Highland quotes by Krista Ritchie
#5. Charlie. That little bastard hooked me up with Highland, and somehow, it worked. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
Duncans Highland quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#6. All eyes flew to the entrance.
A great gray stallion reared up in the doorway, its breath frosting the air with puffs of steam. It was a scene from every fairy-tale romance she'd ever read: the handsome prince bursting into the castle astride a magnificent stallion, ablaze with desire and honor as he'd declared his undying love before all and sundry. Her heart swelled with joy.
Then her brow puckered as she scrutinized her "prince." Well, it was almost like a fairy tale. Except this prince was dressed in nothing but a drenched and muddy tartan with blood on his face and hands and war braids plaited at his temples. Although determination glittered in his gaze, a declaration of undying love didn't appear to be his first priority.
"Jillian!" he roared.
Her knees buckled. His voice brought her violently to life. Everything in the room receded and there was only Grimm, blue eyes blazing, his massive frame filling the doorway. He was majestic, towering, and ruthless. Here was her fierce warrior ready to battle the world to gain her love.
He urged Occam into the crowd, making his way toward the altar.
"Grimm," she whispered. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Duncans Highland quotes by Gordon Highland
#7. Hold the mail, I could swear that was funny. He must draw his powers from the others. A malevolent synergy, like when you multiply negative numbers. #Quote by Gordon Highland
Duncans Highland quotes by Monica McCarty
#8. What was she trying to do to him? Was this what being in love was supposed to feel like? Was it supposed to make him feel out of control? Was it supposed to rip him apart, pulling him in two opposite directions? Was it supposed to make him want to tear his hair out in frustration? If it was, he didn't need it. #Quote by Monica McCarty
Duncans Highland quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#9. The Hawk hired fifty harpers and jesters and taught them new songs. Songs about the puny fairy fool who had been chased away from Dalkeith-Upon-the-Sea by the legendary
Hawk. And being such a legend in his own time, his tales were ceded great truth and staying power. The players
were delighted with the epic grandeur of such a wild tale. When they had rehearsed to perfection the ditties and
refrains portraying the defeat of the fool, the Hawk sent them into the counties of Scotland and England. Grimm
accompanied the group of players traveling to Edinburgh to help spread the tale himself, while Hawk spent late hours by the candle scribbling, crossing out and perfecting his command for when the fool came. Sometimes, in the wee hours of the morning, he would reach for his set of sharp awls and blades and begin carving toy soldiers and dolls, one by one. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Duncans Highland quotes by Kerrigan Byrne
#10. Mena knew men like the Laird of Ravencroft Keep rarely existed, and when they did, history made gods of them.
Or demons. #Quote by Kerrigan Byrne
Duncans Highland quotes by Laura Hunsaker
#11. he loved her deeply and irrevocably. His life would be forever changed and if she weren't in his life, well, it would be meaningless". #Quote by Laura Hunsaker
Duncans Highland quotes by Monica McCarty
#12. He was standing so close to her, all six feet plus inches of masculine strength. So solid and safe. Her valiant protector. It seemed only natural to seek the safe enclosure of his embrace. She ran into his arms, burying her head against the hard wall of his chest. He smelled ... wonderful. Warm. Of leather and pine needles and strength. Savoring the distinctly masculine scents, she closed her eyes. Only then did the tears start to fall. #Quote by Monica McCarty
Duncans Highland quotes by Kaitlyn Dunnett
#13. I always thought there were no secrets in a small town, but I'd never guessed that one. #Quote by Kaitlyn Dunnett
Duncans Highland quotes by T.E.D. Klein
#14. Kenilworth, Mountainside, Scotch Plains, Dunellen... they themselves seemed far from Jersey: names out of Waverley novels, promising vistas of castles, highland waterfalls, and meadows dotted with flocks of grazing sheep. But the signboards lied, the books had lied, the Times had lied; the land here was one vast and charmless suburb, and as the bus passed through it, speeding west across the state, Freirs saw before him only the flat grey monotony of highway, broken from time to time by gas stations, roadhouses, and shopping malls that stretched away like deserts.

The bus was warm, and the ride was beginning to give him a headache. He could feel the backs of his thighs sweating through his chinos. Easing himself farther into the seat, he pushed up his glasses and rubbed his eyes. The scenery disappointed him, yet it was still an improvement over what they'd just come through. Back there, on the fringes of the city, every work of man seemed to have been given over to the automobile, in an endless line of showrooms and repair shops for mufflers, fenders, carburetors, ignitions, tires, brakes. Now at last he could make out hills in the distance and extended zones of green, though here and there the nearness of some larger town or development meant a length of highway lined by construction, billboards touting banks or amusement parks, and drive-in theaters, themselves immense blank billboards, their signs proclaiming horror movies, "family pictures," soft-core porn. A #Quote by T.E.D. Klein
Duncans Highland quotes by Terry Spear
#15. She hadn't said a word about his comment concerning marrying her. If she was of the French nobility, she might not wish to marry him. But still, he was of the mind he would change her thoughts concerning the matter - despite that he had no title or lands to call his own. What Highlander could say that he had a wife who would fight a Highland warrior, wielding only a pitchfork, or that she would raise a Highlander's sword to fight a Viking warrior to protect him?
Her stories fascinated him, and he was thinking that if he had a bairn with her, how she would tell the child her delightful tales. And he would settle down with them to listen, too. Most of all, he loved the way she worried about his health, snuggled with him as if it was for more than warmth, and even kissed him back when he weakly attempted to kiss her earlier. #Quote by Terry Spear
Duncans Highland quotes by Amy Jarecki
#16. I would like to know the given name of the woman who can kiss me so passionately she makes me want to climb to the roof tops and roar. #Quote by Amy Jarecki
Duncans Highland quotes by John Flanagan
#17. Well, I suppose you're right about the forgery," he admitted. "After all, it's only the Gallican's seal we're forging, isn't it? It's not as if you're forging a document from King Duncan. Even you wouldn't go as far as that, would you?"
Of course not," Halt replied smoothly. He began to pack away his forgery tools. He was glad he'd laid hands on the forged Gallican seal on his pack so easily. It was as well that he hadn't had to tip them all out and risk Horace's seeing the near perfect copy of King Duncan's seal that he carried among other. "Now may I suggest you climb into your elegant tin suit and we'll go sweet-talk the Skandian border guards. #Quote by John Flanagan
Duncans Highland quotes by Therese Anne Fowler
#18. In the deep, wet tangled, wild jungle where even natives won't go is a mystical, dangerous river. The river's got no name because naming it would make it real, and no one wanted to believe that river be real. They say you get there only inside a dream-but don't you think of it at bedtime, now, 'cause not everyone who goes there be able to leave! That jungle canopy, it so leafy true daylight can never break in the riverbank, it be wet muck thick with creatures that eat you alive if you stay still too long. To miss that fate, you gots to go into the black water. But the water be heavy as hot tar; once you in, it bind you and pull you along, bit by bit, 'til you come to the end of the land, and then over the water goes in a dark, slow cascade, the highest falls in the history of the world ever. There be demons in that cascading water, and snakes, and wraiths that whisper in your ears. They love you, they say. You should give yourself to them, stay with them, become one of them, they say. 'Isn't it good here?' they say. 'No pain, no trouble.' But also no light and no love and no joy and no ground. You tumble and tumble as you fall, and you try and choose, but your mind be topsy-turvy and maybe you can't think so well, and maybe you can't choose right, and maybe you never wake up. "It felt like that," I tell Tootsie, "even after you got me out and Scott moved me to Highland. I couldn't choose. I couldn't shut out the wraiths...But you would say, 'Hang on, sweetie,' and Scottie wou #Quote by Therese Anne Fowler
Duncans Highland quotes by Jamie Farrell
#19. She was fixated on replaying the image of a tall, broad, Highland warrior marching into battle against the evil waterfalls of doom to rescue a stuffed dinosaur.
He'd saved Cindy.
For Noah.
CJ Blue was making it very difficult for Natalie to continue to dislike him. #Quote by Jamie Farrell
Duncans Highland quotes by Amy Jarecki
#20. The softness of her touch, the emerald eyes gazing into his when they held hands and circled, attacked his defenses and flung them aside as if he were a helpless lad. If she'd come at him with a dagger, he might have let her stab him in the heart. #Quote by Amy Jarecki
Duncans Highland quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#21. For God's sake!" Hart sprang to his feet.
Everyone at the table stopped and stared at him, including Ian. "Do I have to be made a mockery of in my own house?"
Mac leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head. "Would you prefer we made a mockery of you in the street? In Hyde Park, maybe? In the middle of Pall Mall? The card room in your club?"
"Mac, shut it! #Quote by Jennifer Ashley
Duncans Highland quotes by Kaitlyn Dunnett
#22. I can't help wishing that the killer had waited until after this weekend to do him in. Or, better yet, had murdered him somewhere else entirely. Neither the Highland games nor this town needs the bad publicity murder generates."
"I'm sure Jason Graye would have preferred not to be murdered at all. #Quote by Kaitlyn Dunnett
Duncans Highland quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#23. In her dreams the Hawk would be waiting for her by the sea's edge; her kilt-clad, magnificent Scottish laird. He would smile and his eyes would crinkle, then turn dark with
smoldering passion.
She would take his hand and lay it gently on her swelling abdomen, and his face would blaze with happiness and
pride. Then he would take her gently, there on the cliff's edge, in tempo with the pounding of the ocean. He would
make fierce and possessive love to her and she would hold on to him as tightly as she could. But before dawn, he would melt right through her fingers. And she would wake up, her cheeks wet with tears and her hands clutching nothing but a bit of quilt or pillow. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Duncans Highland quotes by Monica McCarty
#24. As soon as the man had gone, Caitrina moved to stand before him, her soft feminine scent clouding his senses. Would it always be like this - this clawing need for her? The inability to think when she was near? The feeling that if he didn't take her in his arms and kiss her, he would surely die? #Quote by Monica McCarty
Duncans Highland quotes by Willa Blair
#25. Then she smiled.

But there was something different about this one. Like she'd decided something, and it had to do with him.

This smile hit Donal like a fist to the gut. He got the distinct impression that he might be in a different sort of trouble than he'd ever been in before. But this trouble, he might come to enjoy. #Quote by Willa Blair
Duncans Highland quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#26. The smile, the look, tugged at Eleanor's heart. Even in the fleeting glance, she'd seen great love in Ian's eyes, his determination to finish this letter and send it to Beth so she could enjoy decoding it. A way to tell her sweet nothings that no one else could understand. Private thoughts, shared between husband and wife. #Quote by Jennifer Ashley
Duncans Highland quotes by Laura Hunsaker
#27. He made her feel small. Since there weren't too many men out there who could make her feel small, this frightened her a bit. It actually frightened her more than the huge sword slung across his back. #Quote by Laura Hunsaker
Duncans Highland quotes by Priya Parmar
#28. Duncan's hands are long and soft, with a small, neat callus on his thumb from holding a brush - the painter's hallmark. I felt it when he shook my hand. #Quote by Priya Parmar
Duncans Highland quotes by Graham Greene
#29. Had Shakespeare listened to the news of Duncans death in a tavern or heard the knocking on his own bedroom door after he had finished the writing of Macbeth? #Quote by Graham Greene
Duncans Highland quotes by Gordon Highland
#30. You remind Cruise that I was the one who begged him to run screaming from that script," Graham shouts into a speakerphone on his desk in an office just like every office in movies with studio executive scenes. Where a window fills the entire rear wall on a floor so high you could see your house from it if it weren't obscured by its own weather system. The kind that silhouettes the man in power with a Christ-like halo of sunlight meant to intimidate guests into squinting in what could be mistaken for awe. He waves me inside to sit in a chair that's at least one strategic foot lower than his own. #Quote by Gordon Highland
Duncans Highland quotes by Cynthia Hand
#31. woman's mouth opened and she brandished the rolling pin over her head like a Highland warrior. "PERVERRRRRRRT!" she screamed, and then she ran at him, clubbing him wherever she could reach. Edward #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Duncans Highland quotes by Shelly Thacker
#32. He watched her emerald eyes darken with need until they were the color of the Highland hills warmed by the summer sun. #Quote by Shelly Thacker
Duncans Highland quotes by Monica McCarty
#33. And how do you propose we sort this out?" His voice was wonderfully hoarse.
She smiled, a devilish glint in her eyes. "Oh, I'm sure we can figure something out." Her gaze dropped to the hefty bulge in his pants.
Dear God.
Her mouth suddenly went dry. Her bravado faltered. She wasn't nearly
as confident as she pretended.
Unconsciously, she licked her bottom lip. If possible, the prodigious
bulge seemed to grow a little bigger. He appeared to be in a great deal of
pain, but Elizabeth was discovering that she had a rather ruthless streak
when it came to this man.
She approached him slowly, #Quote by Monica McCarty
Duncans Highland quotes by Herman Melville
#34. Few are the foreheads which like Shakespeare's or Melancthon's rise so high, and descend so low, that the eyes themselves seem clear, eternal, tideless mountain lakes; and all above them in the forehead's wrinkles, you seem to track the antlered thoughts descending there to drink, as the Highland hunters track the snow prints of the deer. #Quote by Herman Melville
Duncans Highland quotes by Willa Blair
#35. Micheil growled an oath and shoved through the crowd into the circle. "They're too young to take up fighting," he argued. "No one would accost them."

"Were those lads on the whisky wagon too young to be waving their dirks at brigands armed with claymores, then?"

That stopped Micheil in his tracks. He drew his weapon.

Donal grinned. "That's better. Let's dance, shall we? #Quote by Willa Blair
Duncans Highland quotes by Monica McCarty
#36. Her body sighed, taking him in as if she'd been waiting for this her
whole life.
Perhaps she had. #Quote by Monica McCarty

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