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Duck quotes by Ella Dominguez
#1. I barely duck out of the way of an empty coffee mug flying dangerously close to my head. It crashes and breaks loudly near the marble fireplace and Isa stomps into our bedroom. What the living fuck? Of course, the pussy-whipped jackass that I am, I follow her like a puppy dog, five steps behind her pouting ass. I make it to the bedroom in time to have the door promptly slammed in my face. #Quote by Ella Dominguez
Duck quotes by Stephen Beal
#2. On Becoming a Poet in the 1950s"

There was love and there was trees.
Either you could stay inside and probe your emotions
or you could go outside and keenly observe nature.
Describe the sheen on carapaces,
the effect of breeze on grass.

What's the fag doing now? Dad would say.
Picking the nose of his heart?
Wanking off on a daffodil?

He's not homosexual, Mom would retort, using her apron as a potholder to
remove the apple brown betty from the oven.
He's sensitive. He cares.
He wishes to impart values and standards to an indifferent world.

Wow! said Dad, stomping off to the pantry for another scotch. Two poets in
the family. Ain't I a lucky duck?

As fate would have it, I became one of your tweedy English teachers, what
Dad would call a daffodil-wanker,
and Mom ended up doing needlepoint, seventy-two kneelers for St. Fred's
before she expired of the heart broken on the afternoon that Dad
roared off with the Hell's Angels.
We heard a little from Big Sur. A beard. Tattoos. A girlfriend named Strawberry.
A boyfriend named Thor.
Bars and pot and coffeehouses, stuff like that.

After years of quotation by younger poets, admiration but no real notice,
Dad is making the anthologies now.
Critics cite his primal rage, the way he nails Winnetka. #Quote by Stephen Beal
Duck quotes by Rachel Reiland
#3. Some scientists were conducting an experiment, he said, trying to gauge the impact of abuse on children. Ducks, like people, develop bonds between mother and young. They call it imprinting. So the scientists set out to test how that imprint bond would be affected by abuse.

The control group was a real mother duck and her ducklings. For the experimental group, the scientist used a mechanical duck they had created - feathers, sound, and all - which would, at timed intervals, peck the ducklings with its mechanical beak. A painful peck, one a real duck would not give.

They varied these groups. Each group was pecked with a different level of frequency. And then they watched the ducklings grow and imprint bond with their mother.

Over time, he went on, the ducklings in the control group would waddle along behind their mother. But as they grew, there would be more distance between them. They'd wander and explore.

The ducklings with the pecking mechanical mother, though, followed much more closely. Even the scientists were stunned to discover that the group that bonded and followed most closely was the one that had been pecked repeatedly with the greatest frequency. The more the ducklings were pecked and abused, the more closely they followed. The scientist repeated the experiment and got the same results. #Quote by Rachel Reiland
Duck quotes by Brock Clarke
#4. Some of the men were dressed like Peter and wore red plaid hunting jackets or bulky tan Carhartt jackets or lined flannel shirts, and all of those men were wearing jeans and work boots. Some of the men wore ski jackets and hiking boots and the sort of many-pocketed army green pants that made you want to get out of your seat and rappel. Some of the men wore wide-wale corduroy pants and duck boots and cable0knit sweaters and scarves. It was a regular United Nations of white American manhood. But all the men, no matter what they were wearing, were slouching in their chairs, with their legs so wide open that it seemed as though there must be something severely wrong with their testicles. #Quote by Brock Clarke
Duck quotes by Manoj Arora
#5. Be like a duck, paddling and working very hard inside the water, but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face. #Quote by Manoj Arora
Duck quotes by Beryl Dov
#6. Shit Attracts More Shit.
When one door closes,
duck! #Quote by Beryl Dov
Duck quotes by Barry Cryer
#7. Quick: noise made by a dyslexic duck #Quote by Barry Cryer
Duck quotes by Massad Ayoob
#8. The Second Amendment isn't about duck hunting or target shooting. #Quote by Massad Ayoob
Duck quotes by Bram Stoker
#9. Friend John, to you with so much experience already, and you too, dear Madam Mina, that are young, here is a lesson. Do not fear ever to think. A half thought has been buzzing often in my brain, but I fear to let him loose his wings. Here now, with more knowledge, I go back to where that half thought come from and I find that he be no half thought at all. That be a whole thought, though so young that he is not yet strong to use his little wings. Nay, like the 'Ugly Duck' of my friend Hans Andersen, he be no duck thought at all, but a big swan thought that sail nobly on big wings, when the time come for him to try them. #Quote by Bram Stoker
Duck quotes by Sophie Wilkinson
#10. The smallest objects in the room began to spin round and
move close to the mirrored object in the room. I managed to duck
as a chair came flying toward my head and missed me by a few
millimeters. I could feel myself being pulled in, being dragged
like someone was physically pulling me across the room. It was
hard not to begin to move forward. I couldn't stop myself. I tried
to grab onto an object, but my hand slipped, and I went flying.
Fran's arm caught me, but she wasn't strong enough; we both
went flying toward the mirror. Faster and faster we were falling,
falling downward in a horizontal room. I felt like I was about to
hit the floor, like I was going to fall and fall forever.
I was scared for Fran and especially scared for me. Eventually,
we were consumed by the light. It was hard to breath. I couldn't
feel, hear, or see anything. #Quote by Sophie Wilkinson
Duck quotes by Lisa Scottoline
#11. He's an odd duck
but he's a good kid, with a good heart. #Quote by Lisa Scottoline
Duck quotes by Ashley Herring Blake
#12. I watch her duck into the building, a cavern in my chest so huge, I'm sure my next breath will flip me inside out. #Quote by Ashley Herring Blake
Duck quotes by Si Robertson
#13. Si, the speed limit sign said 35. Your Goin' 55." -Sadie Robertson
"Oh, that's just a suggestion. #Quote by Si Robertson
Duck quotes by Walt Disney Company
#14. Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg
Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it's a duck-blur!
Might solve a mystery
Or rewrite history!

DuckTales! Woo-oo!
Everyday they're out there making
DuckTales! Woo-oo!
Tales of derring do-bad and good
Luck Tales! Woo-oo!

When it seems they're heading for final curtain,
Good deduction never fails, that's for certain!
The worst of messes
Become successes!

D-d-d-danger! Watch behind you!
There's a stranger out to find you
What to do, just grab on to some

DuckTales! Woo-oo!

D-d-d-danger! Watch behind you!
There's a stranger out to find
What to do, just grab on to some
DuckTales! Woo-oo! #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Duck quotes by Daniel Dumile
#15. Soup's on and I got a coupon.
Chinese restaurant asking for the Grey Poupon.
He said "No, duck sauce, soy sauce ...
And this ain't no Burger King, so you no get no toy, boss." #Quote by Daniel Dumile
Duck quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#16. No, I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Duck quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#17. Miss Prudence Mercer
Stony Cross
Hampshire, England

7 November 1854

Dear Prudence,

Regardless of the reports that describe the British soldier as unflinching, I assure you that when riflemen are under fire, we most certainly duck, bob, and run for cover. Per your advice, I have added a sidestep and a dodge to my repertoire, with excellent results. To my mind, the old fable has been disproved: there are times in life when one definitely wants to be the hare, not the tortoise.

We fought at the southern port of Balaklava on the twenty-fourth of October. Light Brigade was ordered to charge directly into a battery of Russian guns for no comprehensible reason. Five cavalry regiments were mowed down without support. Two hundred men and nearly four hundred horses lost in twenty minutes. More fighting on the fifth of November, at Inkerman.

We went to rescue soldiers stranded on the field before the Russians could reach them. Albert went out with me under a storm of shot and shell, and helped to identify the wounded so we could carry them out of range of the guns. My closest friend in the regiment was killed.

Please thank your friend Prudence for her advice for Albert. His biting is less frequent, and he never goes for me, although he's taken a few nips at visitors to the tent.

May and October, the best-smelling months? I'll make a case for December: evergreen, frost, wood smoke, cinnamon. As for you #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Duck quotes by Yu Hua
#18. Those immediately behind number 50 were anguish personified. They let loose an endless stream of foul language and it was hard to tell whether they were cursing themselves or cursing something else. My neighbours and I in the last third of the queue only felt a pang of disappointment whereas those who just missed out on the coupon were like people who see the duck that they had cooked flap its wings and fly away. #Quote by Yu Hua
Duck quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#19. You have to sit by the side of a river a very long time before a roast duck will fly into your mouth. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Duck quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#20. And what about your brother, Agus? Will he be entertaining us with his pipes?"

"Agg," Shanks rasped, wrinkling his nose. "I didn't tell you? He ain't with us no more." A heavy fist slammed on the arm of the Viidun's chair as he growled, "The idiot went off and got himself killed!"

"What?" Derian and Eena replied in unison, both horrified by the news.

"You heard me!" Shanks bellowed. "The crazy fool should've known when to duck. He died in a bloody challenge with some brainless Deramptium! A downright disgraceful way to die! I'm ashamed to say he was my brother!"

"That's a little harsh, isn't it?" Eena muttered, mostly speaking to Derian.

"What was that?" the Viidun demanded.

Derian whispered a hush to Eena. Addressing Shanks, he expressed their condolences. "We are truly sorry for your loss. Your brother will be sorely missed. On the other hand, we look forward to welcoming you and your crew aboard the Kemeniroc." Derian held up his right hand, extending his thumb and two adjoining fingers. "Strength, truth, and honor, friend," he said, ending their conversation.

"Strength, truth, and honor," Shanks repeated.

The screen went black. The captain turned to Eena who was still in shock.

"You have to understand," he explained, "the Viiduns are a fiercely competitive people with proud, warring ways. Their culture doesn't call for much sympathy, especially when it appears one of their #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Duck quotes by Lani Lynn Vale
#21. I had the sense of direction of a lame duck that couldn't follow the flock in front of him to get to where he needed to be. #Quote by Lani Lynn Vale
Duck quotes by Charles Dickens
#22. Meow says the cat ,quack says the duck , Bow wow wow says the dog !
Grrrr! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Duck quotes by Amy Gerstler
#23. People hit the sauce in a big way all winter. Amidst blizzards they wrestle unsuccessfully with the dark comedy of their lives, laughter trapped in their frigid gizzards. Meanwhile, the mercury just plummets, like a migrating duck blasted out of the sky by some hunter in a cap with fur earflaps. #Quote by Amy Gerstler
Duck quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#24. I was peace pipes and treaties. My style was to talk and duck. It was an animal tactic, playing dead in hopes that the predators would move to an actual fight. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Duck quotes by Isobel Irons
#25. Bitch, please," Brady pursed his lips like a duck. "You know I'll be the belle of the cell block with my creamy smooth skin and my tight little ass. #Quote by Isobel Irons
Duck quotes by Marcus Major
#26. Don't ya'll have anything better to do than to mess with Myles?" she asked. "Sadly, Mom, they don't," Myles said. It's the only respite they have from their monotonous, inconsequential tedium of an existence." Amir's eyes widened. "Duck, Pop! He's gonna big word us to death." Amir lifted his forearm. "Thesaurus-shields up! #Quote by Marcus Major
Duck quotes by Chris Colfer
#27. I was a lone duck in a swan-filled pond who criticized everyone. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Duck quotes by Grey Owl
#28. Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down & hope nothing hits you, Or stand as tall as you can, show it your teeth & say: "Dish it up, baby, and don't be stingy with the jalapenos." - must be female ;-) #Quote by Grey Owl
Duck quotes by Daichō Rōryō
#29. If I could dam up the flow of Duck River channel its waters into my inkstone pool I'd use it up expressing my congratulations and I could celebrate your birthday forever. #Quote by Daichō Rōryō
Duck quotes by Robert Carlyle
#30. I want to keep audiences off balance, so they don't know who I am or how to take me. If I duck and weave, as Frank Bruno might say, I'll have a longer shelf life. #Quote by Robert Carlyle
Duck quotes by John Steinbeck
#31. But the loneliness was still on Danny and demanded an outlet.
'Here we sit,' he began at last.
' - broken-hearted,' Pilon added rhythmically.
'No, this is not a poem,' Danny said. 'Here we sit, homeless. We gave our lives for our country, and now we have no roof over our head.'
'We never did have,' Pilon added helpfully.
Danny drank dreamily until Pilon touched his elbow and took the bottle.
'That reminds me,' Danny said, 'of a story of a man who owned two whore-houses
' His mouth dropped open. 'Pilon! my little fat duck of a baby friend. I had forgotten! I am an heir! I own two houses.'
'Whore-houses?' Pilon asked hopefully. 'Thou art a drunken liar,' he continued.
'No, Pilon. I tell the truth. The viejo died. I am the heir. I, the favourite grandson.'
'Thou art the only grandson,' said the realist Pilon. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Duck quotes by Bunmi Laditan
#32. Story time isn't much better. Imagine sitting in a circle with acquaintances, chanting spells and being drilled on a variety of subjects. "What sound does a duck make?" Who cares? When will I need to know that? How is this knowledge of barnyard animals and their corresponding noises going to improve my life? Toddlers who get up to stretch their legs or explore will be publicly admonished. The participation reward will not be a glazed doughnut, so don't bother. #Quote by Bunmi Laditan
Duck quotes by Terry Pratchett
#33. Rob Anybody clearly noticed this, because he turned to his brother and said, "Ye will bring tae mind, brother o' mine, that there was times when ye should stick your head up a duck's bottom rather than talk?" Daft Wullie looked down at his feet. "Sorry, Rob. I couldna find a duck just noo. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Duck quotes by Cindy Pon
#34. A plate of roast duck, steamed dumplings, spicy noodles with beef gravy, pickled cucumbers, stewed tongue and eggs if you have them, cold please, and sticky rice pearls, too,' Ai Ling said, before the server girl could open her mouth. "I don't know what he wants." Ai Ling nodded toward Chen Yong.
'I'm not sure I have enough coins to order anything more,' he said, laughing. #Quote by Cindy Pon
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#35. Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn't make it a rubber duck, does it? And God help the poor bastard who decides they want to take a bath with the duckie. (Jace Wayland) #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#36. No girl can permanently bolster up a lame-duck visitor, because these day it's every girl for herself. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Duck quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#37. You'll never be the heavyweight champion of the world," he said, "but you should be able to duck anything Edward throws at you."
Theo wanted his turn, but John said it was too hot for more lessons. He looked up into the tree where Hannah sat swinging her feet, and smiled. "Maybe your sister will come down from her perch and offer us a nice cold glass of lemonade."
Hannah gave her hand to John and allowed him to help her. "Not that I need your assistance," she said. "I'm merely practicing my manners."
We watched John and Hannah walk away, still holding hands. "He's as bad as diphtheria," Theo muttered.
"What do you mean?"
"Diphtheria made you into a perfect gentleman," Theo said, "and John makes Hannah into a perfect lady. I'm sure I don't know which is worse--being sick or falling in love. #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
Duck quotes by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
#38. My dear Mama, you are definitely the hen who hatched a famous duck. #Quote by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
Duck quotes by Krystyna Faroe
#39. Note to self: jogging on trails with disgruntled dogs and duck hunters will make you run faster. #Quote by Krystyna Faroe
Duck quotes by Mos Def
#40. If you're going to do Chuck Berry, you got to, you know, go all out, and the duck walk is just kind of you know, cursory. That's like standing. #Quote by Mos Def
Duck quotes by James Patterson
#41. HYSTERICAL HISTORY Bumping into Vincent O'Neil makes me think about what Uncle Frankie said. I need new material for Boston, not Vincent's stale and stinky fart jokes from The Big Book of Butt Bugles and Blampfs. So I keep my eyes open for new concepts to work out as I go to history class that afternoon. We're supposed to give a presentation on our favorite president. I chose Millard Fillmore. Why? Because nobody else will. Plus, his name is funny. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a whole bit out of him for Boston. I roll to the front of the class and prop a portrait of President Fillmore on the flip-chart easel. "Millard Fillmore was the thirteenth president of the United States. Born in January 1800, he was named after a duck. No, I'm sorry. That was his brother Mallard Fillmore. Millard Fillmore was the last member of the Whig Party to ever hold the office of president. Probably because they all wore wigs. #Quote by James Patterson
Duck quotes by Adrienne Bailon
#42. I don't love duck nails, where the nails are really wide on top. I am not a fan of that! #Quote by Adrienne Bailon
Duck quotes by Lewis H. Lapham
#43. Among all the emotions, the rich have the least talent for love. It is possible to love one's dog, dress or duck-shooting hat, but a human being presents a more difficult problem. The rich might wish to experience feelings of affection, but it is almost impossible to chip away the enamel of their narcissism. They take up all the space in all the mirrors in the house. Their children, who represent the most present and therefore the most annoying claim on their attention, usually receive the brunt of their irritation. #Quote by Lewis H. Lapham
Duck quotes by Tara Sivec
#44. Oh, sweetie, you are a jackass. I love you, but you are dumber than a one legged duck in an ass kicking contest when pigs fly. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Duck quotes by Charles Hampden-Turner
#45. If an instrument similar to a geiger-counter could be invented that counted moral judgements instead, we would learn to duck as people became increasingly 'moral', since lethal force is usually imminent. So far from moral fervour being an alternative to force, it is frequently the overture, the accompaniment and the memorial to it. #Quote by Charles Hampden-Turner
Duck quotes by Terry Teachout
#46. In 2004, the iPod was a novelty, and tablet computers were a dream. Now we take for granted that we can see whatever we want whenever and wherever we want to see it, be it 'Grand Illusion' or 'Duck Dynasty.' #Quote by Terry Teachout
Duck quotes by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor
#47. If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…you should not be so quick to jump to conclusions. #Quote by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor
Duck quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#48. He didn't know if he was more furious with his brother, for knowing precisely how to loop the wire around his neck, or with himself, for his inability to duck out of the noose. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Duck quotes by Leif Herrgesell
#49. Don't stop aspiring. Just learn to duck. . . #Quote by Leif Herrgesell
Duck quotes by Jincy Willett
#50. Kenneth was a sitting duck. In fewer than three years he would kneel alone in this very room, on the exact spot where he now stood, emptying the contents of his desk into cardboard boxes from the liquor store while his gaunt bitter wife reviled him in the Goldbergs' living room and choked the Goldbergs' big brass ashtray with with unfiltered cigarette butts, and if anyone were then to ask him for the secret of a happy life, he would answer: Stasis. #Quote by Jincy Willett
Duck quotes by Kristi Cook
#51. Hey!" a voice calls out behind us, and we turn to find Ryder standing beside the row of orange lockers outside Mr. Jepsen's classroom. I have no idea why he's out of class early, and I don't care. "I just heard the announcement--congrats."
"Thanks," Morgan chirps. "This is epic, right? Both of us."
Ryder nods, his gaze shifting from Morgan to me.
I duck my head, averting my eyes. This is worse than when I hated him, I realize. At least then, it wasn't awkward. I could just ignore him and go about my business. Now I feel all queasy and mad and breathless and guilty. I need to get away from him. Fast.
Mercifully, Morgan glances down at her watch. "We gotta get going. There's a meeting in the media center."
"Right," Ryder says. "But, uh…Jemma, could I talk to you for a second after school today? Before practice, maybe?"
My gaze snaps up to meet his. "I…um, I don't think that's a good idea."
"I'll be quick," he says. "Actually, maybe I'll come over to your house after dinner. That way I can say hi to Nan."
"She's…really not up to visitors."
"Really?" He fixes me with a stare, one brow raised in disbelief. "'Cause your mom said just the opposite."
Crap. Now what? I'm out of excuses. Besides, the last thing I want to do is pique Morgan's curiosity. "Oh, fine. Whatever."
"Great. See you then." He turns and heads back into the classroom without a backward glance.
I have no clue what he wants to talk about. Things are already #Quote by Kristi Cook
Duck quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#52. I know, I know. I rescued him and he's bonded to me like a baby duck. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Duck quotes by Joel Samaha
#53. If you were up to your neck in cat vomit and someone threw dog poop at you would you duck? #Quote by Joel Samaha
Duck quotes by Jade Puget
#54. I love your duck with all its ducky goodness! #Quote by Jade Puget
Duck quotes by Chubby Checker
#55. Wiggle like a stick, wobble like a duck, that's what you do when you do the Hucklebuck. #Quote by Chubby Checker
Duck quotes by Suzanne Collins
#56. I notice her blouse has pulled out of her skirt in the back again and force myself to stay calm. "Tuck your tail in, little duck," I say, smoothing the blouse back in place.
Prim giggles and give me a small "Quack."
"Quack yourself," I say with a light laugh. The kind only Prim can draw out of me. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Duck quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#57. I don't understand anything. Life is so strange. I feel like some one who's lived all his life by a duck-pond and suddenly is shown the sea. It makes me a little breathless, and yet it fills me with elation. I don't want to die, I want to live. I'm beginning to feel a new courage. I feel like one of those old sailors who set sail for undiscovered seas and I think my soul hankers for the unknown. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Duck quotes by Bob Dylan
#58. I didn't know whether to duck or to run, so I ran. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Duck quotes by David Wong
#59. John ducked casually across some DO NOT DUCK CASUALLY ACROSS THIS TAPE tape #Quote by David Wong
Duck quotes by Cindy Fisk
#60. Feeling a little grumpy, Melvin decided he would no longer take a bath ever again. Therefore, with that in mind, he marched off into the woods. #Quote by Cindy Fisk
Duck quotes by Kiera Cass
#61. But what I liked the best was that, while the room giggled at her request, she didn't duck her head or blush or think to ask for something else. She wanted what she wanted.
There was something charming about that. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#62. Be brave," she said. "It's not a duck, is it?" He #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by Terry Pratchett
#63. In front of the group was a legless man on a small wheeled trolley, who was singing at the top of his voice and banging two saucepans together. His name was Arnold Sideways. Pushing him along was Coffin Henry, whose croaking progress through an entirely different song was punctuated by bouts of off-the-beat coughing. He was accompanied by a perfectly ordinary-looking manin torn, dirty and yet expensive looking clothing, whose pleasant tenor voice was drowned out by the quaking of a duck on his head. He answered to the name of Duck Man, although he never seemed to understand why, or why he was always surrounded by people who seemed to see ducks where no ducks could be. And finally, being towed along by a small grey dog on a string, was Foul Ole Ron, generally regarded in Ankh-Morpork as the deranged beggars' deranged beggar.
He was probably incapable of singing, but at least he was attempting to swear in time to the beat, or beats.

The wassailers stopped and watched them in horror.

People have always had the urge to sing and clang things at the dark stub of the year, when all sorts of psychic nastiness has taken advantage of the long grey days and the deep shadows to lurk and breed. Lately people had taken to singing harmoniously, which rather lost the affect. Those who really understood just clanged something and shouted.

The beggars were not in fact this well versed in folkloric practice. They were just making a din in the well-founde #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Duck quotes by David Letterman
#64. John Kerry went duck hunting and he's doing that to fulfill his campaign pledge to hunt down the ducks and kill them wherever they are! Kerry did pretty well; he came back with four ducks and three Purple Hearts. #Quote by David Letterman
Duck quotes by Neil Gaiman
#65. Liza Hempstock, who had been Bod's friend for the last six years, was different in another way; she was less likely to be there for him when Bod went down to the nettle patch to see her, and on the rare occasions when she was, she would be short-tempered, argumentative and often downright rude.
Bod talked to Mr Owens about this, and after a few moments' reflection, his father said, "It's just women, I reckon. She liked you as a boy, probably isn't sure who you are now you're a young man. I used to play with one little girl down by the duck pond every day until she turned about your age, and then she threw an apple at my head and did not say another word to me until I was seventeen."
Mrs Owens stiffened. "It was a pear I threw," she said, tartly, "and I was talking to you again soon enough, for we danced a measure at your cousin Ned's wedding, and that was but two days after your sixteenth birthday."
Mr Owens said, "Of course you are right, my dear." He winked at Bod, to tell him that it was none of it serious. And then mouthed "Seventeen" to show that, really, it was. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Duck quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#66. What is that smell? (Nick)
(It was like three-day-old cat vomit mixed with rotten asparagus.)
Duck urine. It keeps the zombies from thinking I'm human. (Mark)
Yeah, well it keeps me from thinking you're sane. (Nick) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#67. Trains are great dirty smoky things," said Will. "You won't like it."
Tessa was unmoved. "I won't know if I like it until I try it, will I?"
"I've never swum naked in the Thames before, but I know I wouldn't like it."
"But think how entertaining for sightseers," said Tessa, and she saw Jem duck his head to hide the quick flash of his grin. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by Hafez
#68. The small man builds cages for everyone he knows While the sage, who has to duck his head when the moon is low, Keeps dropping keys all night long For the beautiful rowdy prisoners. #Quote by Hafez
Duck quotes by Billie Holiday
#69. Singing songs like 'The Man I Love' or 'Porgy' is no more work than sitting down and eating Chinese roast duck, and I love roast duck. #Quote by Billie Holiday
Duck quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#70. Guy goes into a bar with a duck under his arm. Bartender says, "Where'd you get the pig?" Guy says, "This is a duck." Bartender says, "I was talking to the duck." #Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
Duck quotes by Bun B.
#71. My parents are from a whole different culture. My parents are from small-town Louisiana. It's like, if it walk like a duck, talk like a duck, then it's a duck. And if you ain't quacking, you ain't no duck. #Quote by Bun B.
Duck quotes by Alex Garland
#72. As for me ... I'm fine. I have bad dreams, but I never saw Mister Duck again. I play video games. I smoke a little dope. I got my thousand-yard stare. I carry a lot of scares. I like the way that sounds. I carry a lot of scares. #Quote by Alex Garland
Duck quotes by Mike Quigley
#73. Growing up during the Cold War, I remember the seemingly imminent threat of nuclear war. In primary school we were taught to 'duck-and-cover' for protection. But even as children hiding under wooden desks, we recognized the inadequacies of this strategy. #Quote by Mike Quigley
Duck quotes by Karen Karbo
#74. Once in a great while, she was distressed by the way she looked. As she was rounding the bend to forty she would write to Avis DeVoto that whenever she read Vogue she "felt like a frump....but I suppose that is the purpose of all of it, to shame people out of their frumpery so they will go out and buy 48 pairs of red shoes, have a facial, pat themselves with deodorizers, buy a freezer, and put up the new crispy window curtains with a draped valence."
Julia was able to deconstruct the disingenuous motives that drive women's magazines with the ease she normally reserved for deboning a duck, seeing quite clearly that while ostensibly offering inspiration and useful advice, the stories and articles quietly pummel the reader's sense of self, the better to drive her into the arms of the advertisers. #Quote by Karen Karbo
Duck quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#75. The Bostonians are very well in their way. Their hotels are bad. Their pumpkin pies are delicious. Their poetry is not so good. Their Common is no common thing - and the duck pond might answer - if its answer could be heard for the frogs. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Duck quotes by P.C. Cast
#76. Oh, please, if its ass is feathered and waterproof, its a duck. Hello, pictures with little word balloons makes it a comic book. They're dorky comic books for nerdy antisocial, nonbathing people. End of discussion. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Duck quotes by Judith Martin
#77. Smart people duck when they hear the dread announcement 'I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. #Quote by Judith Martin
Duck quotes by Robert Creeley
#78. Memories

Hello, duck,
in yellow

cloth stuffed from
inside out,

pillow. #Quote by Robert Creeley
Duck quotes by Cody Lundin
#79. Rat is a lot like duck, except with a wonderfully nutty flavor. #Quote by Cody Lundin
Duck quotes by Sam Perry
#80. It's incredible, really, the amount of pain cricketers are prepared to put themselves through. Say you're an opening batsman who gets out for a duck in the first over on day one. What compels you to hang around for the rest of the day, let alone turn up the following Saturday for day two? Yet you do, lest 10 blokes who you don't even like think slightly less of you. You retain a sense of loyalty to the club, to your teammates, even though those same teammates will not hesitate to rate your girlfriend a 'six out of 10' in front of your face. During the time I've spent watching my teammates bat after getting out cheaply, I could have learned a language by now. I could be speaking Mandarin. Instead, all I've got to show for it is a career average of 13.6 and a 10 percent discount at our local pub. #Quote by Sam Perry
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#81. Let's go see who can eat the most dumplings in the shortest amount of time. And duck! You really ought to try pressed duck! It's a great delicacy." Jem looked at Will, suppressing a smile. His friend glared back, but at last neither of them could hold back their laughter. Will said, "There is nothing so sweet as feasting upon the bones of my enemies. Especially with you at my side. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by Jodi Picoult
#82. A duck walks into a bar and the bartender asks, what'll it be? The duck doesn't answer because it's a duck. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Duck quotes by Lewis Grizzard
#83. Kinky sex involves the use of duck feathers. Perverted sex involves the whole duck. #Quote by Lewis Grizzard
Duck quotes by Chic Murray
#84. I went to the butchers to buy a leg of lamb. "Is it Scotch?", I asked. "Why?" the butcher said in reply. "Are you going to talk to it or eat it?". "In that case, have you got any wild duck?". "No", he responded, "but I've got one I could aggravate for you." #Quote by Chic Murray
Duck quotes by Farrah Gray
#85. Never duck responsibility, its like running from the rain only to fall into the river. #Quote by Farrah Gray
Duck quotes by Jack Kirby
#86. I never duck out of a fight; I don't care what the hell the odds are, and I'm rough at times, but I try to be a decent guy all the time. That's the way I've always lived. #Quote by Jack Kirby
Duck quotes by Lewis Carroll
#87. I thought you did,' said the Mouse. `--I proceed. "Edwin and Morcar, the earls of Mercia and Northumbria, declared for him: and even Stigand, the patriotic archbishop of Canterbury, found it advisable--"'

`Found WHAT?' said the Duck.

`Found IT,' the Mouse replied rather crossly: `of course you know what "it" means.'

`I know what "it" means well enough, when I find a thing,' said the Duck: `it 's generally a frog or a worm. The question is, what did the archbishop find?'

The Mouse did not notice this question, but hurriedly went on, `"--found it advisable to go with Edgar Atheling to meet William and offer him the crown. William's conduct at first was moderate. But the insolence of his Normans--" How are you getting on now, my dear?' it continued, turning to Alice as it spoke. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Duck quotes by Larry Correia
#88. The sight of so many guns, mostly deer rifles and duck guns but with a smattering of black rifles and riot shotguns, made him glad that this was going down in a rural area where people still had their heads screwed on right about personal defense. #Quote by Larry Correia
Duck quotes by Clark Zlotchew
#89. The boxers were banging away at each other. Go on, go on, go on, keep punching, Antonio, keep punching. I'm blasting away at the Cuban guy. He can't hurt me. I'm made of iron. His fists feel like friendly pats when he manages to land a punch, which he doesn't do too often, 'cause I'm fast on my feet, and I duck and weave. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. But I'm punching the hell out of him. I'm creaming the bastard, creaming the Cuban, creaming my old man... What?!... Creaming my boss,I mean. That son-of-a-bitch Mr. Hanson. For an instant he saw Janey at the receiving end of his fists. Again. He pushed the image from his mind. It was Mr. Hanson. It was the Cuban champion. And the crowd was cheering. They were on their feet and screaming. They love me. Yes, they love me. Yes they do. They really do." pg. 113. #Quote by Clark Zlotchew
Duck quotes by James Whitcomb Riley
#90. When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. #Quote by James Whitcomb Riley
Duck quotes by Tara Brown
#91. Did you make the crawl of shame?"
I open one eye and smirk, "What?"
She pulls back the covers and plucks my t-shirt, "What is this?"
I swallow and stretch and moan a little, "My…" I clear my throat, "Uhm...t-shirt."
I make duck lips and watch her.
She arches her eyebrow and shakes her head, pointing at my shirt and waggling her finger. "Nuh uh. No. I know all your dirty skeezy little orphan clothes and this shit isn't yours." She bats her eyelashes blankly, "Spill bitch. #Quote by Tara Brown
Duck quotes by Martin Filler
#92. Architectural kitsch is most common in the commercial pop vernacular - typified by the Big Duck of 1931 in Flanders, New York, a Long Island roadside poultry stand resembling a duck, which Venturi and Scott Brown made a cult object through their writings. #Quote by Martin Filler
Duck quotes by James Hadley Chase
#93. Now women are funny animals. You never know when you are with them - they don't often know where they are with themselves . It's no good trying to find out what makes them tick. It just can't be done. They have more moods than an army of cats with lives, and all you can hope is to spot the mood you're after when it turns up and step in quick. Hesitate you're a dead duck, unless you're one of those guys who like slow approach that might get you somewhere in a week or in a month or even a year. #Quote by James Hadley Chase
Duck quotes by Kelley York
#94. ...I have a magical duck-kitten. #Quote by Kelley York
Duck quotes by Bill Mollison
#95. You don't have a snail problem, you have a duck deficiency. #Quote by Bill Mollison
Duck quotes by Jessica Simpson
#96. What if I accidentally hit somebody? Because my dad took one of his friends golfing, and it was, like, one of his first times and he knocked out a duck. Like, I'm scared that's going to happen. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Duck quotes by Lemony Snicket
#97. Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Duck quotes by Victoria Schwab
#98. The moments that define lives aren't always obvious. They don't scream LEDGE, and nine times out of ten there's no rope to duck under, no line to cross, no blood pact, no official letter on fancy paper. They aren't always protracted, heavy with meaning. Between one sip and the next, Victor made the biggest mistake of his life, and it was made of nothing more than one line. Three small words.
I'll go first. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Duck quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#99. North Korea is a famine state. In the fields, you can see people picking up loose grains of rice and kernels of corn, gleaning every scrap. They look pinched and exhausted. In the few, dingy restaurants in the city, and even in the few modern hotels, you can read the Pyongyang Times through the soup, or the tea, or the coffee. Morsels of inexplicable fat or gristle are served as 'duck.' One evening I gave in and tried a bowl of dog stew, which at least tasted hearty and spicy - they wouldn't tell me the breed - but then found my appetite crucially diminished by the realization that I hadn't seen a domestic animal, not even the merest cat, in the whole time I was there. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Duck quotes by Steve Silberman
#100. Childhood schizophrenia walked like a duck and quacked like a duck but was not a duck. Instead, it was the psychotic goose that suddenly seemed to be in everyone's backyard. #Quote by Steve Silberman
Duck quotes by Terry Pratchett
#101. Carrot stared straight ahead of him with the glistening air of one busting with duty and efficiency and an absolute resolve to duck and dodge any direct questions put to him #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Duck quotes by Holly Smale
#102. Your daughter is adorable. I've never seen such an alien duck in my entire life. #Quote by Holly Smale
Duck quotes by Roger Bart
#103. I'm a huge fan of Warner Brothers cartoons. I would spend many hours alone after school watching Daffy Duck. I think Daffy Duck is one of the great comedic villains. #Quote by Roger Bart
Duck quotes by Peter Mayle
#104. It was a meal that we shall never forget; more accurately, it was several meals that we shall never forget, because it went beyond the gastronomic frontiers of anything we had ever experienced, both in quantity and length. It started with homemade pizza - not one, but three: anchovy, mushroom, and cheese, and it was obligatory to have a slice of each. Plates were then wiped with pieces torn from the two-foot loaves in the middle of the table, and the next course came out. There were pates of rabbit, boar, and thrush. There was a chunky, pork-based terrine laced with marc. There were saucissons spotted with peppercorns. There were tiny sweet onions marinated in a fresh tomato sauce. Plates were wiped once more and duck was brought in... We had entire breasts, entire legs, covered in a dark, savory gravy and surrounded by wild mushrooms.

We sat back, thankful that we had been able to finish, and watched with something close to panic as plates were wiped yet again and a huge, steaming casserole was placed on the table. This was the specialty of Madame our hostess - a rabbit civet of the richest, deepest brown - and our feeble requests for small portions were smilingly ignored. We ate it. We ate the green salad with knuckles of bread fried in garlic and olive oil, we ate the plump round crottins of goat's cheese, we ate the almond and cream gateau that the daughter of the house had prepared. That night, we ate for England. #Quote by Peter Mayle
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#105. My parents have always been vocal about "the birds and the bees." People who watched the Duck Dynasty episode in which my dad gave Willie's son John Luke and his girlfriend the sex talk while motoring down the river in a boat might not be surprised that I heard this exact speech countless times in my childhood. I remember coming home one day after hearing my buddies talking about sexually transmitted diseases and asking my dad about it. I don't remember the specifics of his speech, but I would never forget the last thing he said. "Son, you keep that thing in your pocket until you get married and you'll never have to worry about it," he told me. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#106. Confused and Stunned, like a duck hit on the head. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Duck quotes by Kay Robertson
#107. My kids would come in from school and sit on the floor in front of the TV and line up duck call boxes and put the stickers on the duck call and then put them in the boxes. #Quote by Kay Robertson
Duck quotes by Willie Robertson
#108. I found out Si was taking naps every day on Kay's couch! I went to Phil and told him it was a problem.
"Look, I know he's your brother and he's my uncle, but he's not the kind of worker we need to have," I told Phil, while trying to make a good first impression.
I was trying to instill a new work ethic and culture in Duck Commander, and I couldn't have Si sleeping on the job!
"Don't touch Si," Phil told me. "You leave him alone. He's making reeds and that's the hardest thing we do. Si is the only guy who wants to do it, and he's good at it. Si is fine."
Amazingly enough, in the ten years I've been running Duck Commander, we've never once run out of reeds. Six years ago, Si suffered a heart attack. He smoked cigarettes for almost forty years and then quit after his heart attack, so we were all so proud of him. Even before his heart attack, I wasn't sure about putting Si on our DVDs because I thought he would just come across too crazy. He cracked us up in the duck blind and we all loved him, but I told Jep and the other camera guys to film around him. Honestly, I didn't think anyone would understand what he was saying. When we finally tried to put him on the DVDs, he clammed up in front of the camera and looked like a frog in a cartoon just sitting there. He wouldn't perform. Finally, we put a hidden camera under a shirt on Si's desk. We were near the end of editing a DVD and showed a shooting scene to Si. He always takes credit for shooting more ducks than #Quote by Willie Robertson
Duck quotes by Groucho Marx
#109. You know I could rent you out as a decoy for duck hunters? #Quote by Groucho Marx
Duck quotes by Richie Norton
#110. The competition is out to get you. Are you a moving target or a sitting duck? Innovate or die. #Quote by Richie Norton
Duck quotes by Nalini Singh
#111. Llium snorted. "I look like a damned duck." His words weren't far off the mark. The feathers that had grown over the injured section were soft, white, and delicately ... fluffy. "I hope to hell these baby feathers fall off and get replaced by real ones. They will, won't they?" He sounded worried. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Duck quotes by Si Robertson
#112. I'm the master of distractions. A couple of hand gestures and BAM! I'll pull the underwear clean off your butt. #Quote by Si Robertson
Duck quotes by M.K. Schiller
#113. Fork you, Kyle," she said and took a bite of her duck, chewing it with deliberate slowness.
"Fork yourself, Lanie," he replied, irritated by her rant.
She got quiet for a minute, swallowed, and then said barely above a whisper, "I tried but it didn't work. That's why I have you. #Quote by M.K. Schiller
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#114. You point your feet out too much when you walk," Will went on. He was busy polishing an apple on his shirtfront, and appeared not to notice Tessa glaring at him. "Camille walks delicately. Like a faun in the woods. Not like a duck"
"I do not walk like a duck."
"I like ducks," Jem observed diplomatically. "Especially the ones in Hyde Park. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by Derrick Jensen
#115. I waited for him to come out. He didn't. I considered going in after him, but knew the fact that I had readied myself to kill him did not mean that he had readied himself to die. #Quote by Derrick Jensen
Duck quotes by Larry McMurtry
#116. Blue Duck could never avoid a moment of fear, when his father's eyes became the eyes of a snake. He choked off his insult
he knew that if he spoke, he might, in an instant, find himself fighting Buffalo Hump. He had seen it before, with other warriors. Someone would say one word too many, would fail to see the snake in his father's eyes, and the next moment Buffalo Hump would be pulling his long bloody knife from between the other warrior's ribs.
Blue Duck waited. He knew that it was not a day to fight his father. #Quote by Larry McMurtry
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#117. If you've watched enough of Duck Dynasty, you might actually believe Uncle Si is certifiably insane. He is actually just as crazy off camera--if not more so! Like Uncle Si says, you'd never want to be left alone with the thoughts inside his head. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by Matt Taibbi
#118. Duck Dynasty viewers think they're the experts on hunting, but actually they're the hunted ones, just another dumb demographic to be captured, laughed at and force-fed commercials for Geico and Home Depot by the Smart People in New York and L.A. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Duck quotes by Edeet Ravel
#119. Love means you are completely helpless and there's nothing you can do about it except duck or plunge. But you can't change it, you can't change the way you feel. #Quote by Edeet Ravel
Duck quotes by Conrad  Wesselhoeft
#120. Maybe we don't need to hit the duck, Jonathan. Maybe all we need to do is say what we must say once, to another human being, openly and honestly, with humility and remorse. Maybe that's enough. #Quote by Conrad Wesselhoeft
Duck quotes by Elmer Seward
#121. Duck wasn't sure if it was optimism or fantasy, but hope had been such uncharted waters for him recently that he was having difficulty navigating them. #Quote by Elmer Seward
Duck quotes by Brian Spellman
#122. The fine line between genius and madness is a punch line. Duck, you idiot! #Quote by Brian Spellman
Duck quotes by J.K. Rowling
#123. What exactly is the function of a rubber duck? #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Duck quotes by Melissa A. Craven
#124. You do remember how dangerous I am with those?"
"Aye, that's the point. Everyone will duck and cover if they see you wielding these."
"Even my teammates?"
"Especially your teammates. #Quote by Melissa A. Craven
Duck quotes by George C. Wallace
#125. I'm the lamest lame duck there could be. #Quote by George C. Wallace
Duck quotes by Frank Rich
#126. My particular historical vantage point is a product of my upbringing as that odd duck, a native Washingtonian whose parents were not in government. The first presidential transition of my sentient lifetime, Kennedy's, I remember vividly. #Quote by Frank Rich
Duck quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#127. Hey, did somebody step on a duck? #Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
Duck quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#128. We communicated with pithy, rather monosyllabic thoughts: viz. Run, Jump, Where? Left, Up, Duck, ect. (This latter was an observation I made on the edge of a lake. Nathaniel unfortunately took it as a command, which resulted in our temporary immersion.) We didn't ever quite say Ug, but it was a close-run thing. #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Duck quotes by Ted Cruz
#129. Voting for a candidate for the DC circuit is very different from confirming someone to the US Supreme Court. I have been very clear that the Senate should not confirm any nominee in a lame duck session. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#130. About the time Phil set out to film the first Duckmen of Louisiana video in 1987, there had been a really bad ice storm in West Monroe, which was kind of rare. It was so cold that a lot of the water on our property froze, so there was nowhere for the ducks to go. We climbed into our trucks and headed south to find the ducks. When we arrived at Lake Maurepas in South Louisiana, our guide took us to a hunting camp that was located about eight miles into the swamp. As we made our way to the camp near sunset, there were so many ducks flying overhead that duck feces started hitting the boat like it was a hailstorm--that's what we call a poop storm! The sound of all those ducks was like a roar. The ice storm had pushed all the ducks south. It was the most ducks I'd ever seen.
The next morning, we called in a group of about three thousand ducks! They funneled into our decoys like a cyclone. It took them over thirty minutes to land. Hundreds of ducks landed in front of us and swam to the edge of our hole, and then more would land in the vacated areas. We sat in stunned silence during the entire event. Finally, Phil whispered to us to be careful because we might kill more ducks than we needed with stray shot, since there were so many of them and they were so close together. My dad thought he saw a rare duck and without warning broke the silence with a gun blast. The roar of the ducks getting up was deafening. We only shot once per hunter and had our limit. It would have never hap #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by Mary Stewart
#131. It was nearing 9 O'clock, and the fist duck was drawing down. Behind the trees, the first star pricked out, low and brilliant. The light breeze of the day had dropped, and the evening was very still. The stream sounded loud. I walked down to the gate and stood leaning on the top bar, enjoying the scent of the roses, and straining to listen for any sound from the lane or the road beyond. #Quote by Mary Stewart
Duck quotes by Rubber Duck
#132. I'm not afraid to stand out
Because if no one does
We'd all just be standing in a line.
#Quote by Rubber Duck
Duck quotes by Bill James
#133. One of those largish US women writers on the metaphysics of shagging had declared, as if it were a revelation - and a terrible one - that the sex act inevitably entailed violence on the female. Well, of course it did, you well-meaning, trite, benighted duck. #Quote by Bill James
Duck quotes by Joey Comeau
#134. I love those dark moments in Peanuts. I love that they're in there, that Charles Schulz put the sad lonely bits of himself into the comic. I love the silliness too, the dancing Snoopy strips. The little boy Rerun drawing "basement" comics about Tarzan fighting Daffy Duck in a helicopter. Those are the bits that keep me reading. The funny parts! The fun parts. The silly bits that don't make any sense. And when I get to the sad lonely Peppermint Patty standing in a field wondering why nobody shook hands and said "good game," well, it works because that's not all she was. I try to think that way about everything. That's the kind of person I want to be. #Quote by Joey Comeau
Duck quotes by Bill Maher
#135. Disneyland's a mess. And it's not just the measles. Donald Duck has bird flu. Pocahontas has small pox. The Little Mermaid has crabs. And the Monorail? Mono. #Quote by Bill Maher
Duck quotes by Jim Cummings
#136. Darkwing Duck and Don Karnage are the most fun to do, because they're both probably the closest to me - I kinda improvise a lot of them, kinda ad lib. #Quote by Jim Cummings
Duck quotes by Katie Thornton-K.
#137. You know in most fantasy books the main meat is venison? Ever wonder how it tastes? I can tell you from first hand experience that venison tastes delicious. So does roasted duck, lamb and mutton. #Quote by Katie Thornton-K.
Duck quotes by Amy Harmon
#138. So what made you think he was a ghost?" Maggie interrupted.

"The next time I saw him it was five years later, and he hadn't aged at all. Then a few years passed, and I saw him again. He looked exactly the same, same blue jeans and white shirt, same everything right down to the 50s hair do with the duck butt in the back. Pardon the language, Miss Honeycutt." Gus gave a sheepish grin. "I just didn't know what else to call it.

"I'm well aware of what a duck's butt is Gus," Aunt Irene said primly.

"A duck's butt?" Shad hooted. Rising from his seat he squatted down and waddled around the table, shaking his skinny butt wildly. "That's what this move is called, Maggie, a duck's butt."

"Shadrach, sit down." Gus smiled to soften the reprimand.

Maggie tried not to laugh and ended up snorting instead. Aunt Irene looked at her sharply, and Maggie quickly changed the subject. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Duck quotes by Geoffrey Zakarian
#139. Confit is not something that comes to mind for summer. Usually it means duck confit, made by cooking the legs and thighs in duck fat to preserve them for winter. #Quote by Geoffrey Zakarian
Duck quotes by Rosamund Hodge
#140. My back crawls with icy fear; it takes all my will not to duck behind statues and into doorways every time somebody passes me. The only thing that holds me to my steady, purposeful stride is the knowledge that if I run, I will look guilty, and if I look guilty, I will be caught, and if I am caught, I will be punished, and if I am punished, Mother will know and she can't know, she can't, she can't.

My cheeks ache. I realize I'm smiling. #Quote by Rosamund Hodge
Duck quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#141. For a while it was forever, and then things started to fall apart. There isn't a story to tell, because a relationship is a story you construct together and take up residence in, a story as sheltering as a house. You invent this story of how your destinies were made to entwine like porch vines, you adjust to a big view in this direction and no view in that, the doorway that you have to duck through and the window that is jammed, how who you think you are becomes a factor of who you think he is and who he thinks you are, a castle in the clouds made out of the moist air exhaled by dreamers. It's a shock to find yourself outdoors and alone again, hard to imagine that you could ever live in another house, big where this one was small, small where it was big, hard when your body has learned all the twists and turns of the staircase so that you could walk it in your sleep, hard when you have built it from scratch and called it home, hard to imagine building again. But you lit the fire that burned it down yourself. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Duck quotes by Michael Leunig
#142. Apparently, the pathfinder duck is a psychological archetype in certain cultures. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Duck quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#143. I wish I could be better for you." She looks over at me, and I duck my head, shame sinking its teeth in. "I'm older and I know I'm supposed to be... an example, I don't know. At least someone you aren't embarrassed of." "You do fine." "I don't." "You're right, you don't. But you're getting better. And that isn't nothing. #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Duck quotes by Richard Ford
#144. The worst thing about regret is that it makes you duck the chance of new regret, just as you get a glimmer that nothing is worth doing unless it has the potential to fuck up your whole life.
#Quote by Richard Ford
Duck quotes by Clayton Smith
#145. Thought you could steal the pepper, did you?! Thought you could try darning my socks while I was asleep, did you?! I wanted those holes there, you little bastard! I wanted those holes there!" He throttled the duck and swung it up and down, whumping it on the table. #Quote by Clayton Smith
Duck quotes by Bud Grant
#146. Now, with Annie gone, I'm looking for a new dog. I have a lot of duck hunting planned, and I can't imagine doing it without a dog. I'm 84, so I won't get a puppy. #Quote by Bud Grant
Duck quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#147. Okay, so we have a ghost-spy."
"A ghost-spy who can do magic," Jenna added.
I nodded. "Even better. Which means that maybe the playing field is leveled after all."
Jenna squeezed my hand, and I was actually feeling kind of optimistic as we approached the greenhouse. I mean, I wasn't going to start skipping or anything (mostly because I was afraid I'd slip in all the muck), but all in all, I felt worlds better.
Through the glass walls of the greenhouse, I could see most of the other students standing in a circle, and I was in a good enough mood to joke to Jenna, "Ooh, wonder if we're gonna play Duck, Duck, Demon. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Duck quotes by Fred Shero
#148. I'm like a duck: calm above the water, and paddling like hell underneath. #Quote by Fred Shero
Duck quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#149. What problems?" "Well for starters.. you're an evil duck killer. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Duck quotes by Nicholson Baker
#150. No animal likes to be pecked on the anus by a duck. #Quote by Nicholson Baker
Duck quotes by Marco Rubio
#151. A lot of bad things happen in lame duck sessions. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Duck quotes by Steven Erikson
#152. Tis the grand stupidity of our kind, dear Cutter, to see all the errors of our ways, yet find in ourselves the inability to do anything about them. We sit, dumbfounded by despair, and for all our ingenuity, our perceptivity, for all our extraordinary capacity to see the truth of things, we hunker down like snails in a flood, sucked tight to our precious pebble, fearing the moment is is dislodged beneath us. Until that terrible calamity, we do nothing but cling.
"Can you even imagine a world where all crimes are punished? Where justice is truly blind and holds out no hands happy to yield to the weight of coin and influence? Where one takes responsibility for his or her mistakes, acts of negligence, the deadly consequences of indifference or laziness? Nay, instead we slip and duck, dance and dodge, dance the dodge slip duck dance, feet ablur. Ourselves transformed into shadows that flit in chaotic discord. We are indeed masters of evasion--no doubt originally a survival trait, at least in the physical sense, but to have such instincts applied to the soul is perhaps our most egregious crime against morality. What we will do so that we may continue living with ourselves. In this we might assert that a survival trait can ultimately prove its own antithesis, and in the cancelling out thereof, why, we are left with the blank, dull, vacuous expression that Kruppe sees before him."
~Kruppe, #Quote by Steven Erikson
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#153. My tradition of shaving on the final day of hunting season lasted until Duck Dynasty started. Now I keep the beard year-round because we're filming episodes all the time. The last time I completely shaved my face, my daughter, Mia, was about five years old. I had to go to the barbershop to get my beard shaved off because it was so thick and long. When I walked in, the look on the barber's face was priceless. We both knew I was fixing to get my money's worth. When I came home, I walked in the door and Mia started crying. She even took off running! She didn't know who I was! She wouldn't speak to me for about a week out of fear. Finally, she realized it really was me. That was the last time my face was ever completely smooth. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by Florentijn Hofman
#154. I think places that need the rubber duck the most are the ones in distress. #Quote by Florentijn Hofman
Duck quotes by John Grisham
#155. Okay, let's pretend to be friends. Just two friends having dinner." "That doesn't work in the South. A male friend cannot have dinner with a female friend if the male friend has a wife. It just doesn't work down here." "Why not?" "Because men don't have female friends. No way. I don't know of a single man in the entire South who is married and has a female friend. I think it goes back to the Civil War." "I think it goes back to the Dark Ages. Why are Southern women so jealous?" "Because that's the way we've trained them. They learned from us. If my wife met a male friend for lunch or dinner, I'd tear his head off and file for divorce. She learned it from me." "That makes absolutely no sense." "Of course it doesn't." "Your wife has no male friends?" "None that I know of. If you learn of any, let me know." "And you have no female friends?" "Why would I want female friends? They can't talk about football, or duck hunting, or politics, or lawsuits, or anything that I want to talk about. They talk about kids, clothes, recipes, coupons, furniture, stuff I know nothing about. No, I don't have any female friends. Don't want any." "That's what I love about the South. The people are so tolerant." "Thank you. #Quote by John Grisham
Duck quotes by Brian Jacques
#156. The seer crow was outraged. "Mangiz does not forget an insult, hedgepig."
Ambrose smiled cheekily. "Good, then here's a few more for you to remember, you pot-bellied, cross-eyed, feather-bottomed excuse for a duck. #Quote by Brian Jacques
Duck quotes by Melissa McClone
#157. Do I look like someone who would make a duck face or do a fish gape? #Quote by Melissa McClone
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#158. Shortly after we returned from the Platte River in Nebraska, I scouted a few of our duck holes on my dad's property. I wanted to see what kind of ducks had gathered on our land while we were gone. On this particular day, it was cool and crisp as it got close to sunset. As I sat in a deer stand waiting for nightfall, I was counting mallard ducks that flew over my head. Meanwhile, there were fox squirrels scurrying in the trees around me looking for acorns, while groups of wood ducks waited in the water for the squirrels to drop acorns. A few minutes later, fifteen wild turkeys walked in front of me. I thought to myself, Man, this is paradise. As I soaked in my surroundings, I heard the sounds of footsteps in shallow water. A majestic eight-point buck walked right in front of me. I raised my rifle and fired. The buck hit the ground. My dad was in the woods with me and heard me shoot. As we loaded up the deer, I shared the details of what I had seen with my dad. We both agreed that there is nothing better than the beauty of the outdoors. It was about as perfect a day as I've ever had in the woods. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#159. On the way to Santa Cruz Dirk and Duck stopped along the coast to surf. They stopped so many times to surf and eat (they finished the avocado sandwiches in the first fifteen minutes and bought sunflower seeds, licorice, peaches, and Foster's Freeze soft ice cream along the way) that they didn't get to Santa Cruz until late that night. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Duck quotes by Todd Strasser
#160. I'd learned a little about nuclear war from duck-and-cover air-raid drills at school, but most of what I knew about the Russians came from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show on TV. #Quote by Todd Strasser
Duck quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#161. Duck, big brother! Here comes another day! #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Duck quotes by V.C. Andrews
#162. Though I'm not sure, I thought I saw women dressed in black, with her head and face covered by a black veil, duck behind a tree as we approached the road and parked car. Hiding so we wouldn't see her. But I caught a glimpse, enough to reveal the rope of lustrous pearls she wore. Pearls that were there for a thin white hand to lift and nervously, out of long habit, twist and untwist into a knot. Only one women I knew did that
and she was the perfect one to wear black, and should run to hide!
Forever hide! Color all her days black! Every last one! #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Duck quotes by Emma Chase
#163. I squint. "Married?" Lily nods enthusiastically. "At the Drive-Through Wedding Chapel. We took some great pictures. And now I'm Mrs. Billy Warren." Nope, still can't wrap my head around it. "Married? Really?" Warren's expression goes from sappy to annoyed. "Yeah, Long Duck Fuckin' Dong - married. What's your problem? #Quote by Emma Chase
Duck quotes by Naomi Klein
#164. In 1991, Disney forced a group of New Zealand parents in a remote country town to remove their amateur renditions of Pluto and Donald Duck from a playground mural; and Barney has been breaking up children's birthday parties across the U.S., claiming that any parent caught dressed in a purple dinosaur suit is violating its trademark. The Lyons Group, which owns the Barney character, "has sent 1,000 letters to shop owners" renting or selling the offending costumes. "They can have a dinosaur costume. It's when it's a purple dinosaur that it's illegal, and it doesn't matter what shade of purple, either," says Susan Elsner Furman, Lyons' spokesperson. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Duck quotes by Phil Robertson
#165. I'm standing under a sign that says, 'Budweiser is king of beers,' and everybody's got their beers here today," I told them. "But I'm here to talk about the King of Kings. I know I might look like a preacher, but I'm not. Here's how you can tell whether someone's a preacher or not: if he gets up and says some words and passes a hat for you to put money in, that's a preacher. This is free. This if free of charge, which proves I'm not a preacher. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Duck quotes by Martin Freeman
#166. It's a bit like a fledgeling duck, finding your flippers. #Quote by Martin Freeman
Duck quotes by Bear Bryant
#167. If you are going to be a successful duck hunter, you must go where the ducks are. #Quote by Bear Bryant
Duck quotes by Bill Bryson
#168. Equally arresting are British pub names. Other people are content to dub their drinking establishment with pedestrian names like Harry's Bar and the Greenwood Lounge. But a Briton, when he wants to sup ale, must find his way to the Dog and Duck, the Goose and Firkin, the Flying Spoon, or the Spotted Dog. The names of Britain's 70,000 or so pubs cover a broad range, running from the inspired to the improbable, from the deft to the daft. Almost any name will do so long as it is at least faintly absurd, unconnected with the name of the owner, and entirely lacking in any suggestion of drinking, conversing, and enjoying oneself. At a minimum the name should puzzle foreigners-this is a basic requirement of most British institutions-and ideally it should excite long and inconclusive debate, defy all logical explanation, and evoke images that border on the surreal. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Duck quotes by Karl Pilkington
#169. I've always wanted to kick a duck up the ass. #Quote by Karl Pilkington
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#170. My wife hates the beard. When we dated, I would grow it out during duck season. She said she could handle anything for three months - but now I have it all the time. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by George R R Martin
#171. She has never seen a dwarf before, he realized, much less a dwarf without a nose. He made a face, and stuck his tongue out, and the girl began to cry.
'What did you do to her?' Duck asked.
'I blew her a kiss. All girls cry when I kiss them. #Quote by George R R Martin
Duck quotes by Michael Leunig
#172. If you know anything about ducks, you know a baby duck will imprint itself on you. It misses its mother. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Duck quotes by Garrison Keillor
#173. As a former English major, I am a sitting duck for Gift Books, and in the past few years I've gotten Dickens, Thackeray, Smollet, Richardson, Emerson, Keats, Boswell and the Brontes, all of them Great, none of them ever read by me, all of them now on a shelf, looking at me and making me feel guilty. #Quote by Garrison Keillor
Duck quotes by L. H. Cosway
#174. You're a bit of an odd duck aren't you Freda,' she says, her glasses hanging too low on her nose. 'Quack,' I reply. #Quote by L. H. Cosway
Duck quotes by Amy Tan
#175. The old woman remembered a swan she had bought many years ago in Shanghai for a foolish sum. This bird, boasted the market vendor, was once a duck that stretched its neck in hopes of becoming a goose, and now look!
it is too beautiful to eat. #Quote by Amy Tan
Duck quotes by Ray Bradbury
#176. I wonder how many men, hiding their youngness, rise as I do, Saturday mornings, filled with the hope that Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam and Daffy Duck will be there waiting as our one true always and forever salvation? #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Duck quotes by Alwyn Hamilton
#177. I barged through the palace, dripping a trail of blood behind me as I held the dead bird by the neck. #Quote by Alwyn Hamilton
Duck quotes by Rick Perry
#178. When it comes to conservative social issues, it saddens me when sometimes my fellow Republicans duck and cover in the face of pressure from the left. Our loudest opponents on the left are never going to like us so let's quit trying to curry favor with them. #Quote by Rick Perry
Duck quotes by Amanda Burton
#179. I think some people think that being on television makes you a sitting duck, but you have the right to remain private. #Quote by Amanda Burton
Duck quotes by J.M. Hushour
#180. Blockades of Earth by the other planets meant as little to him as chimney-sweeping to a duck.
J.M. Hushour, Eddies in the Space-Time Continuum #Quote by J.M. Hushour
Duck quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#181. What do you want to show me?"

"Nothing, really. I just want to be alone with you for a minute."

He pulled her to the back of the driveway, where they were almost completely hidden by a line of trees and the RV and the garage.

"Seriously?" she said. "That was so lame."

"I know," he said, turning to her. "Next time, I'll just say, 'Eleanor, follow me down this dark alley, I want to kiss you.'"

She didn't roll her eyes. She took a breath, then closed her mouth. He was learning how to catch her off guard.

She pushed her hands deeper in her pockets, so he put his hands on her elbows. "Next time," he said, "I'll just say, 'Eleanor, duck behind these bushes with me, I'm going to lose my mind if I don't kiss you.'"

She didn't move, so he thought it was probably okay to touch her face. Her skin was as soft as it looked, white and smooth as freckled porcelain.

"I'll just say, 'Eleanor, follow me down this rabbit hole...'"

He laid his thumb on her lips to see if she'd pull away. She didn't. He leaned closer. He wanted to close his eyes, but he didn't trust her not to leave him standing there. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Duck quotes by Ashley Poston
#182. Really, if you don't want to, you don't have to," I say. "You can duck out - "

"Elle." She comes around to my side of the truck and extends a hand inside. "Let us flee to yonder basement room and sew thy starry helm."

When I don't move, she yanks the passenger door open and grabs the duffel bag, pulling me out with it. #Quote by Ashley Poston
Duck quotes by Jase Robertson
#183. As awkward as our first night together was, our honeymoon was even worse. As soon as we arrived in Hawaii, I became ill with strep throat. I mostly slept and lay in the bathtub in our hotel room for a week shaking violently with a fever. Missy looked out the window at the beautiful beach and Pacific Ocean and cried. It was miserable. I was sweating profusely and thought I was going to die. We'd saved our money for months--about eight hundred dollars--to go to Hawaii, and it ended up being the worst trip of our lives. My getting sick actually saved us from the embarrassment of realizing that we couldn't do much on eight hundred bucks anyway. We laugh now at being so naïve and young. When we went back to Hawaii for the season finale of Duck Dynasty last year, Missy was determined to make up for a lot of bad memories. I did everything she wanted to do. We went on helicopter rides, boat rides, romantic dinners, and everything else you could do in Hawaii. She got her money's worth the second time! #Quote by Jase Robertson
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#184. Never trust a duck - Will Herondale #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by Alessandra Hazard
#185. Hannah was his love, but she couldn't fill the place in his heart that had been occupied ever since one pale, ridiculous posh boy had imprinted on him like a baby duck and started following him around. #Quote by Alessandra Hazard
Duck quotes by Cassandra Clare
#186. I do not walk like a duck. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Duck quotes by George Orwell
#187. This was not a real human being but some kind of dummy. It was not the man's brain that was speaking, it was his larynx. The stuff that was coming out of him consisted of words, but it was not speech in the true sense: it was a noise uttered in unconsciousness, like the quacking of a duck. #Quote by George Orwell
Duck quotes by Manuel Vazquez Montalban
#188. To begin cooking duck at one in the morning is one of the finest acts of madness that can be undertaken by a human being who is not mad. #Quote by Manuel Vazquez Montalban
Duck quotes by Ogden Nash
#189. Tonight's December thirty-first, something is about to burst. The clock is crouching, dark and small, like a time bomb in the hall. Hark, it's midnight, children dear. Duck! Here comes another year! #Quote by Ogden Nash
Duck quotes by Adrianne Brooks
#190. If it looked like a duck, and quacked like a duck, then guess what?
It was probably a goddamned werewolf. #Quote by Adrianne Brooks
Duck quotes by Cindi Madsen
#191. Oh, I'm just checking out books. I glanced at the one I was holding. Somehow, of all the places I could duck into, I'd wound up in the erotica section. In my hands was a book about bondage. Somebody kill me now. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Duck quotes by Bear Grylls
#192. I remember, for example, the time at prep school when I was chosen for the under nines' rugby team. Well, to be more accurate, I was chosen to be linesman, as I wasn't good enough for the actual team.
Anyway, it was a cold, miserable winter's day, and there were no spectators out watching, which was uncommon. (Normally, at least a few boys or teachers would come out to watch the school matches.) But on this cold, blustery day the touchlines were deserted, except for one lone figure.
It was my dad, standing in the rain, watching me, his son, perform my linesman duties.
I felt so happy to see him, but also felt guilty. I mean, I hadn't even made the team and here he was to watch me run up and down waving a silly flag.
Yet it meant the world to me.
When the halftime whistle blew it was my big moment.
On I ran to the pitch, the plate of oranges in my hands, with Dad applauding from the touchline.
Lives are made in such moments.
Likewise, I remember Dad playing in the fathers-and-sons cricket match. All the other fathers were taking it very seriously, and then there was Dad in an old African safari hat, coming in to bat and tripping over his wicked--out for a duck.
I loved that fun side of Dad, and everyone else seemed to love him for it as well.
To be a part of that always made me smile. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Duck quotes by Martin Amis
#193. The past weaves all around this; we still duck in and out of its lost but shimmering kingdoms. #Quote by Martin Amis
Duck quotes by Philip Roth
#194. My God! The English language is a form of communication! Conversation isn't just crossfire where you shoot and get shot at! Where you've got to duck for your life and aim to kill! Words aren't only bombs and bullets - no, they're little gifts, containing meanings! #Quote by Philip Roth
Duck quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#195. Dan moans behind me, reminding her of the problem. She straightens in fear at the sound of his voice, peers over my shoulder at the chunk of bloody beef that is Dan Sikorsky. She looks slowly from him to me. "What did you do?" I duck my head, embarrassed. "I sort of lost my temper. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Duck quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#196. When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Duck quotes by Belle Aurora
#197. Fuck a duck! The asshole has a girlfriend. Great! Just great. Which makes me that woman. The other woman. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Duck quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#198. Dirk, this is Peace, Granola, Crystal, Chi, Aura, Tahini, and the twins, Yin and Yang," Duck said.
"They had all of us one right after the other. Me while they were into the total surf scene when they lived in Malibu, Peace and Granola during their hippie-rebel phase, and then they got more into Eastern philosophy-you know, the twins Yin and Yang. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Duck quotes by Terry Pratchett
#199. We may even find out why the duck-billed platypus.*
*Not why is it anything. Just why it is. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Duck quotes by Dave Barry
#200. What happened was, they put me and my co-marshal, author Ridley Pearson, into an antique fire truck along with Daisy Duck and Clarabelle the Cow. I have nothing against either of these veteran Disney characters, but let's be honest, their careers are not currently sizzling, especially in the case of Clarabelle, who hasn't had a hit cartoon since roughly the Civil War. #Quote by Dave Barry

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