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Drug User quotes by Craig Clevenger
#1. I woke up with a heart attack just out of my field of vision and with my dick in my hand, saying, I love you I love you I love you over and over ... And that my dear sweet love of my life, is how things were without you and I'd done everything I could to keep you from knowing that #Quote by Craig Clevenger
Drug User quotes by Randy Barnett
#2. Every dollar spent to punish a drug user or seller is a dollar that cannot be spent collecting restitution from a robber. Every hour spent investigating a drug user or seller is an hour that could have been used to find a missing child. Every trial held to prosecute a drug user or seller is court time that could be used to prosecute a rapist in a case that might otherwise have been plea bargained. #Quote by Randy Barnett
Drug User quotes by William F. Buckley, Jr.
#3. Treatment is not now available for almost half of those who would benefit from it. Yet we are willing to build more and more jails in which to isolate drug users even though at one-seventh the cost of building and maintaining jail space and pursuing, detaining, and prosecuting the drug user, we could subsidize commensurately effective medical care and psychological treatment. #Quote by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Drug User quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#4. You can't believe I would knowingly get involved with a drug user. <> I knowingly got involved with a guy who plays the tuba. Finish the story. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Drug User quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#5. I have made efforts to make you appear as a person with less anxiety, as you have commanded me to do on so many occasions. This is difficult to achieve, because in truth you are a person with very much anxiety. Perhaps you should be a drug user. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Drug User quotes by Gabor Mate
#6. One of the greatest difficulties we human beings seem to have is to relinquish long-held ideas. Many of us are addicted to being right, even if facts do not support us. One fixed image we cling to, as iconic in today's culture as the devil was in previous ages, is that of the addict as an unsavoury and shadowy character, given to criminal activity. What we don't see is how we've contributed to making him a criminal.

There is nothing more intrinsically criminal in the average drug user than in the average cigarette smoker or alcohol addict. The drugs they inject or inhale do not themselves induce criminal activity by their pharmacological effect, except perhaps in the way that alcohol can also fuel a person's pent-up aggression and remove the mental inhibitions that thwart violence. Stimulant drugs may have that effect on some users, but narcotics like heroin do not; on the contrary, they tend to calm people down. It is withdrawal from opiates that makes people physically ill, irritable and more likely to act violently - mostly out of desperation to
replenish their supply.

The criminality associated with addiction follows directly from the need to raise money to purchase drugs at prices that are artificially inflated owing to their illegality. The addict shoplifts, steals and robs because it's the only way she can obtain the funds to pay the dealer. History has demonstrated many times over that people will transgress laws and resist coercion when #Quote by Gabor Mate
Drug User quotes by Charles R. Cross
#7. In Newcastle, Kurt announced from the stage, "I am a homosexual, I am a drug user, and I fuck pot-bellied pigs," another classic Cobainism, though only one of his three claims was true. #Quote by Charles R. Cross
Drug User quotes by Bernhard Schlink
#8. Imagine someone is racing intentionally towards his own destruction and you can save him - do you go ahead and save him? Imagine there's an operation, and the patient is a drug user and the drugs are incompatible with the anesthetic, but the patient is ashamed of being an addict and does not want to tell the anesthesiologist - do you talk to the anesthesiologist? Imagine a trial and a defendant who will be convicted if he doesn't admit to being left handed - do you tell the judge what's going on? Imagine he's gay, and could not have committed the crime because he's gay, but is ashamed of being gay. It isn't a question of whether the defendant should be ashamed of being left-handed or gay
just imagine that he is #Quote by Bernhard Schlink
Drug User quotes by Penny Reid
#9. And, by the way, thank you for drugging me with Ketamine in Nigeria. He now thinks I'm a recreational drug user." "You're . . . welcome? #Quote by Penny Reid
Drug User quotes by Anonymous
#10. be because of some physical limitation of the user - such as the need for a larger font size, or the avoiding #Quote by Anonymous
Drug User quotes by Brian Harvey
#11. I've done 12 in one night, you know what I mean - loads of them ... Really, in the long run, it's a safe pill and it ain't doing you no harm. I don't see the problem. #Quote by Brian Harvey
Drug User quotes by CM Punk
#12. Don't let these tattoos fool you. I'm straight edge. I'm a man of great discipline; I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs ... my addiction is wrestling - my obsession is competition. Discipline. My name is C ... M ... Punk. #Quote by CM Punk
Drug User quotes by Dan Ariely
#13. Use a clock in the upper righthand corner to indicate how much time the user has saved because of your product. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Drug User quotes by Elizabeth J. Church
#14. To question, to ponder, and to learn. Education was my drug of choice - classrooms, books, lectures, pushing myself to understand. #Quote by Elizabeth J. Church
Drug User quotes by Michael Porter
#15. The economic distress of America's inner cities may be the most pressing issue facing the nation. The lack of businesses and jobs in disadvantaged urban areas fuels not only a crushing cycle of poverty but also crippling social problems such as drug abuse and crime ... A sustainable economic base can be created in the inner city, but only as it has been created elsewhere: through private, for-profit initiatives and investment based on economic self-interest and genuine competitive advantage. #Quote by Michael Porter
Drug User quotes by Pat Conroy
#16. She thought she brought a gift of compassion for those exhausted souls who had not received a chest portion from the people who raised them. If compassion and therapy did not work, she could always send her patients to the local pharmacy for drugs. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Drug User quotes by Olivia Parker
#17. He did not blame them. Because in truth, that's what he did, what he was. Seduce and dominate. Charm and manipulate. A user of women. How they would scoff, Rothbury mused bitterly, if they knew that he was secretly in love with the silly little chit, spectacles and all. #Quote by Olivia Parker
Drug User quotes by Carmel Rhodes
#18. He is like ice cream without the calories or whiskey without the hangover. He's a drug. My drug. #Quote by Carmel Rhodes
Drug User quotes by Shauna Niequist
#19. My regrets: how many years I bruised people with my fragmented, anxious presence. How many moments of connection I missed - too busy, too tired, too frantic and strung out on the drug of efficiency. #Quote by Shauna Niequist
Drug User quotes by Trip Adler
#20. We see ourselves as the world's digital library. That can be a lot more than books. We do want to expand to other types of content: sheet music, magazines, user-generated content. #Quote by Trip Adler
Drug User quotes by Benjamin Hoff
#21. Practically everything from hairstyles to lifestyles is endorsed as some sort of drug to be taken Now for Instant Relief. #Quote by Benjamin Hoff
Drug User quotes by Talib Kweli
#22. We get high on all types of drugs when, all you really need is Love #Quote by Talib Kweli
Drug User quotes by Ben Goldacre
#23. There is actually quite a lot of crossover between the quacks and drug companies. They use the same tricks and tactics to bamboozle people into buying their pills, but drug firms can afford to use slightly more sophisticated versions. #Quote by Ben Goldacre
Drug User quotes by Taylor Rhodes
#24. The smell of cigarette smoke in the air in a tavern that changes names often,
a bar cursed because of a girl who died of a drug overdose
in the basement, we put a few coins in the jukebox;
chose "Angel Band" by Johnny Cash and sat down at the bar,
ordered a soda, you wanted a whiskey on the rocks.
We saw the coal miner who moved here from West Virginia
knocking back liquor like I drink sweet tea.
No one asked why he was so solemn today.
It was warm. It was relatively quiet.
To anyone else, this place could feel sinister.
But to us, it was freedom. It was a hiding place.
No one was ever here long enough to know us.
And we liked it that way. #Quote by Taylor Rhodes
Drug User quotes by T.C. Boyle
#25. All writers are egomaniacal, manic-depressive, drug-addicted alcoholics. You want to have that fix again. #Quote by T.C. Boyle
Drug User quotes by Kendrick Meek
#26. Looking at affordable health care, I think it is important that we look not only at prescription drugs, but also make sure that there is a major focus on health care. #Quote by Kendrick Meek
Drug User quotes by Jenny Han
#27. I'm going to a party tonight," I said, partly just to say it out loud and partly to brag.
Conrad raised his eyebrows. "You?"
"Whose party?" Jeremiah demanded. "Kinsey's?"
I put down my juice. "How'd you know?"
Jeremiah laughed and wagged his finger at me. "I know everybody in Cousins, Belly. I'm a lifeguard. That's like being the mayor. Greg Kinsey works at that surf shop over by the mall."
Frowning, Conrad said, "Doesn't Greg Kinsey sell crystal meth out of his trunk?"
"What? No. Cam wouldn't be friends with someone like that," I said defensively.
"Who's Cam?" Jeremiah asked me.
"That guy I met at Clay's bonfire. He asked me to go to this party with him, and I said yes."
"Sorry. You aren't going to some meth addict's party," Conrad said.
This was the second time Conrad was trying to tell me what to do, and I was sick of it. Who did he think he was? I had to go to this party. I didn't care if there was crystal meth or not, I was going. "I'm telling you, Cam wouldn't be friends with someone like that! He's straight edge."
Conrad and Jeremiah both snorted. In moments like these, they were a team. "He's straight edge?" Jeremiah said, trying not to smile. "Neat."
"Very cool," agreed Conrad.
I glared at the both of them. First they didn't want me hanging out with meth addicts, and then being straight edge wasn't cool either. "He doesn't do drugs, all right? Which is why I highly doubt he'd be friends with a drug deal #Quote by Jenny Han
Drug User quotes by Tony Wilson
#28. Most of all, I love Manchester. The crumbling warehouses, the railway arches, the cheap abundant drugs. That's what did it in the end. Not the money, not the music, not even the guns. That is my heroic flaw: my excess of civic pride. #Quote by Tony Wilson
Drug User quotes by Ned Vizzini
#29. Sometimes I just think depression's one way of coping with the world. Like, some people get drunk, some people do drugs, some people get depressed. Because there's so much stuff out there that you have to do something to deal with it. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Drug User quotes by James Turner
#30. Isn't it obvious in in today's world from people's preoccupation with self-medication, drug and alcohol use, rationalization and avoidance distraction that the truth doesn't just hurt, it's extremely painful. #Quote by James Turner
Drug User quotes by Wentworth Miller
#31. A great book provides escapism for me. The artistry and the creativity in a story are better than any drugs. #Quote by Wentworth Miller
Drug User quotes by Jess Walter
#32. Maybe it's ALWAYS the end of the world. Maybe you're alive for a while, and then you realize you're going to die, and that's such an insane thing to comprehend, you look around for answers and the only answer is that the world must die with you.

Sure, the world seems crazy now. But wouldn't it seem just as crazy if you were alive when they sacrificed peasants, when people were born into slavery, when they killed first-born sons, crucified priests, fed people to lions, burned them on stakes, when they intentionally gave people smallpox or syphilis, when they gassed them, burned them, dropped atomic bombs on them, when entire races tried to wipe other races off the planet?

Yes, we've ruined the planet and melted the ice caps and depleted the ozone, and we're always finding new ways to kill one another. Yeah, we're getting cancer at an alarming rate and suicides are at an all-time high, and, sure, we've got people so depressed they take a drug that could turn them into pasty-skinned animals who go around all night dancing and having sex and eating stray cats and small dogs and squirrels and mice and very, very rarely- the statistics say you're more likely to be killed by lightning- a person.

But this is the Apocalypse? Fuck you! It's always the Apocalypse. The world hasn't gone to shit. The world is shit.

All I'd asked was that it be better managed. #Quote by Jess Walter
Drug User quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#33. Our current drug crisis is a tragedy born of a phony system of classification. For reasons that are little more than accidents of history, we have divided a group of nonfood substances into two categories: items purchasable for supposed pleasure (such as alcohol), and illicit drugs. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Drug User quotes by Serge Lang
#34. Roughly speaking, this hypothesis asks whether drug use causes some of the diseases officially associated with AIDS, such as immunodeficiency and Kaposi's sarcoma. #Quote by Serge Lang
Drug User quotes by Rick Ross
#35. If you had a magic wand today, and you had one wish - to wipe out all the drug dealers, take them all off the streets and put them in jail, no trial, everybody who sold drugs would automatically be convicted. You know what's going to happen? There's going to be new ones. Why? Because the drug users are going to create them. #Quote by Rick Ross
Drug User quotes by Curtis Sliwa
#36. What we do best is we target the young men and women who are on the fringe. They could go either way. Maybe they have been in trouble before, but not serious trouble ... We cherry-pick them and circumvent them away from the gang members and drug dealers ... (and encourage) them to hang out with us and become a Guardian Angel. #Quote by Curtis Sliwa
Drug User quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#37. For you must know, gentlemen, that when the mariner is dosed, he likes to know that he has been dosed: with fifteen grains or even less of this valuable substance scenting him and the very air about him there can be no doubt of the matter; and such is the nature of the human mind that he experiences a far greater real benefit than the drug itself would provide, were it deprived of its stench. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Drug User quotes by V.K. McAllister
#38. The all-encompassing cure for cancer, heartbreak, irrationality, drug addiction, and every other ailment that plagues humanity?

Fire. #Quote by V.K. McAllister
Drug User quotes by Henry Moore
#39. The creative habit is like a drug. #Quote by Henry Moore
Drug User quotes by Claudius Claudianus
#40. Luxury, that alluring pest with fair forehead, which, yielding always to the will of the body, throws a deadening influence over the senses, and weakens the limbs more than the drugs of Circe's cup. #Quote by Claudius Claudianus
Drug User quotes by Tony Little
#41. Our society's almost doctrinal emphasis upon deductive reasoning, convergent thinking and selective retention perversely excludes divergent thinking, approximation and, importantly, guessing. If we are truly to understand the adolescent mind and develop effective ways to minimize the effects of risk-taking behaviour, we really need to understand these processes and engage with them. There is no logic involved with drug-taking and gambling. Adults can learn, too; understanding these mechanisms will also allow us to encourage creativity and value the spontaneity so characteristic of the adolescent mind. #Quote by Tony Little
Drug User quotes by William Earl Maxwell
#42. The American craving for illegal, mind-altering, addictive chemicals provides a steady flow of American capital through the Texas border into Mexico and South America. Basically, the drug traffic is uncontainable as long as its U.S. market exists, but newspapers and other media virtuously trumpet feel-good headlines about "record drug busts" and arrests while the drug trade continues unabated. #Quote by William Earl Maxwell
Drug User quotes by Michelle Alexander
#43. These rules have made it possible for law enforcement agencies to boost dramatically their rates of drug arrests and convictions, even in communities where drug crime is stable or declining.33 But that is not all. These rules have also guaranteed racially discriminatory results. The reason is this: Drug-law enforcement is unlike most other types of law enforcement. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Drug User quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#44. If you spent a proper amount of time with me, you would probably wonder if I was on drugs - I'm not. I'm just incredibly hyperactive and manic. I can be quiet and serious at the same time. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Drug User quotes by C.M. Stunich
#45. Her body is like the worst drug there is, the kind I just know is going to fuck me up. If you hit this, Ronnie, you are so screwed. #Quote by C.M. Stunich
Drug User quotes by Kate Angell
#46. Adrenaline is my drug of choice. #Quote by Kate Angell
Drug User quotes by Patricia Velasquez
#47. There was a time when I used to live in Spain that it went really crazy with drugs and stuff like that. #Quote by Patricia Velasquez
Drug User quotes by Tom Cruise
#48. I don't care what someone believes. I don't care what nationality they are. But if someone wants to get off drugs, I can help them. If someone wants to learn how to read, I can help them. If someone doesn't want to be a criminal anymore, I can give them tools that can better their life. #Quote by Tom Cruise
Drug User quotes by Alexander Fleming
#49. It is not difficult to make microbes resistant to penicillin in the laboratory by exposing them to concentrations not sufficient to kill them, and the same thing has occasionally happened in the body. The time may come when penicillin can be bought by anyone in the shops. Then there is the danger that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug make them resistant. #Quote by Alexander Fleming
Drug User quotes by Gayle Forman
#50. I was reminded just why God wants us to forgive. Not simply because it's the key to a better world, but because of what it does for ourselves. Forgiveness is God's gift to us. Christ forgave us. He forgave our sins. That was his gift. But by allowing us to forgive each other, he opened us up to that divine love. The article had it right. Forgiveness: It's a miracle drug. It's God's miracle drug. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Drug User quotes by Ben Shneiderman
#51. The old computing was about what computers could do; the new computing is about what users can do. Successful technologies are those that are in harmony with users' needs. They must support relationships and activities that enrich the users' experiences. #Quote by Ben Shneiderman
Drug User quotes by Paul Dix
#52. For invalid user name and password combinations, the service should return a 400 HTTP status code, which means that the server received a "bad request." The service could also use the 401 ("unauthorized") response code, but that code specifies that authentication credentials need to be in the request header, which is not quite what is required. #Quote by Paul Dix
Drug User quotes by Karen Blumenthal
#53. was one of those sort of apocalyptic moments," he said later. After seeing what Xerox called a graphical user interface (sometimes pronounced #Quote by Karen Blumenthal

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