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Dreamful Delights quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#1. Behold great Whitman, whose licentious line Delights the rake, and warms the souls of swine; Whose fever'd fancy shuns the measur'd pace, And copies Ovid's filth without his grace. In his rough brain a genius might have grown, Had he not sought to play the brute alone; But void of shame, he let his wit run wild, And liv'd and wrote as Adam's bestial child. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Dreamful Delights quotes by Lettie Cowman
#2. God delights to disappoint man's fears. #Quote by Lettie Cowman
Dreamful Delights quotes by Muriel Barbery
#3. Levin delights in the forgetfulness that movement brings, where the pleasure of doing is marvellously foreign to the striving of the will. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
Dreamful Delights quotes by Mark Twain
#4. Of the delights of this world, man cares most for sexual intercourse, yet he has left it out of his heaven. #Quote by Mark Twain
Dreamful Delights quotes by Francois Fenelon
#5. All earthly delights are sweeter in expectation than in enjoyment; but all spiritual pleasures more in fruition than in expectation. #Quote by Francois Fenelon
Dreamful Delights quotes by Peter Hoeg
#6. Cantor illustrated the concept of infinity for his students by telling them that there was once a man who had a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, and the hotel was fully occupied. Then one more guest arrived. So the owner moved the guest in room number 1 into room number 2; the guest in room number 2 into number 3; the guest in 3 into room 4, and so on. In that way room number 1 became vacant for the new guest.
What delights me about this story is that everyone involved, the guests and the owner, accept it as perfectly natural to carry out an infinite number of operations so that one guest can have peace and quiet in a room of his own. That is a great tribute to solitude. #Quote by Peter Hoeg
Dreamful Delights quotes by Francois De Malherbe
#7. Our days and nights have sorrows woven with delights. #Quote by Francois De Malherbe
Dreamful Delights quotes by Mary Shelley
#8. My greatest pleasure was the enjoyment of a serene sky amidst these verdant woods: yet I loved all the changes of Nature; and rain, and storm, and the beautiful clouds of heaven brought their delights with them. When rocked by the waves of the lake my spirits rose in triumph as a horseman feels with pride the motions of his high fed steed.
But my pleasures arose from the contemplation of nature alone, I had no companion: my warm affections finding no return from any other human heart were forced to run waste on inanimate objects. #Quote by Mary Shelley
Dreamful Delights quotes by Debasish Mridha
#9. Feel the delights of love with the heart, not with the mind. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Dreamful Delights quotes by Carrie Fisher
#10. Madonna has no equal at getting attention. She often seems to behave like someone who has been under severe restraint and can now say and do whatever she likes without fear of reprisal. She delights in being challenged, in telling more than she planned, in going further than she had intended. She will answer any question because she is genuinely interested in her own reply. A conversation or an interview then can become an opportunity for self-discovery, or just discovery. It's a hearty mix of self-consciousness and self-confidence. It's a type of courage, this free fall into the perplexing public now. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Dreamful Delights quotes by Peter De Vries
#11. I believe that man must learn to live without those consolations called religious, which is own intelligence must by now have told him belong to the childhood of the race. Philosophy can really give us nothing permanent to believe either; it is too rich in answers, each canceling out the rest. The quest for Meaning is foredoomed. Human life 'means' nothing. But this is not to say that it is not worth living. What does a Debussy Arabesque 'mean,' or a rainbow or a rose? A man delights in all of these, knowing himself to be no more
a wisp of music and a haze of dreams dissolving against the sun. Man has only his own two feet to stand on, his own human trinity to see him through: Reason, Courage, and Grace. And the first plus the second equals the third. #Quote by Peter De Vries
Dreamful Delights quotes by Nicole Brossard
#12. To be a poet is to place pleasure, beauty and sensual delights front and centre, it means having a predilection for debauchery. #Quote by Nicole Brossard
Dreamful Delights quotes by Susan Orlean
#13. The idea of being forgotten is terrifying. I fear not just that I, personally, will be forgotten but that we are all doomed to being forgotten; that the sum of life is ultimately nothing; that we experience joy and disappointment and aches and delights and loss, make our little mark on the world, and then we vanish, and the mark is erased, and it is as if we never existed. If you gaze into that bleakness even for a moment, the sum of life becomes null and void, because if nothing lasts nothing matters. Everything we experience unfolds without a pattern, and life is just a baffling occurrence, a scattering of notes with no melody. But if something you learn or observe or imagine can be set down and saved, and if you can see your life reflected in previous lives, and can imagine it reflected in subsequent ones, you can begin to discover order and harmony. You know that you are a part of a larger story that has shape and purpose - a tangible, familiar past and a constantly refreshed future. We are all whispering in a tin can on a string, but we are heard, so we whisper the message into the next tin can and the next string. Writing a book is an act of sheer defiance. It is a declaration that you believe in the persistence of memory. #Quote by Susan Orlean
Dreamful Delights quotes by James Nayler
#14. There is a spirit which I feel that delights to do no evil, nor to revenge any wrong, but delights to endure all things, in hope to enjoy its own in the end. Its hope is to outlive all wrath and contention, and to weary out all exaltation and cruelty, or whatever is of a nature contrary to itself #Quote by James Nayler
Dreamful Delights quotes by Bob Goff
#15. God searches for us, no matter what dark place we're in or what door we're behind. He hears our impossible, audacious prayers for ourselves and others. And He delights in forgiving us and then answering those prayers by letting us return home to Him. #Quote by Bob Goff
Dreamful Delights quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#16. He's in the right, he's in the right!" she muttered; "of course he always is in the right, he is a Christian, he is magnanimous! Yes, a mean, horrid man! And no one but I understands or will understand it, and I cannot explain it. They say he's a religious, moral, honest, and wise man, but they do not see what I have seen. They do not know how for eight years he has been smothering my life, smothering everything that was alive in me, that he never once thought I was a live woman, in need of love. They do not know how at every step he hurt me and remained self-satisfied. Have I not tried to love him, tried to love my son when I could no longer love my husband? But the time came when I understood that I could no longer deceive myself, that I am alive, and cannot be blamed because God made me so, that I want to love and to live." … "And he knows it all; knows that I cannot repent of breathing, of loving, knows that nothing but lies and deception can come of this arrangement, but he wants to continue to torture me. I know him; I know that he swims and delights in falsehood as a fish in water. But no! I will not give him that pleasure, come what will. I will break this web of lies in which he wishes to entangle me. Anything is better than lies and deception! #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Dreamful Delights quotes by Theodore Dreiser
#17. To the untraveled, territory other than their own familiar heath is invariably fascinating. Next to love it is the one thing that solaces and delights. #Quote by Theodore Dreiser
Dreamful Delights quotes by Max Anders
#18. The heart that delights in God and longs only to see His glory advance will seldom be conscious of sacrifice. God in His wisdom asks that we first love Him and then live in keeping with that core value. He does not want His people to think of what they do as sacrificial, even though from the world's point of view it may be just that. Gratitude for grace of God will always be found near the center of the Biblical Christian's most powerful motivations. #Quote by Max Anders
Dreamful Delights quotes by Nick Harkaway
#19. I read my father's books growing up. I thought then and I still think now that his writing is wonderful. It delights and infuriates me in equal measure that he's still that good. #Quote by Nick Harkaway
Dreamful Delights quotes by Rikki Ducornet
#20. Terrible things happen all the time, he thinks, but not today. Terrible things, beautiful things, things of such power, of such bewilderment, lucent and dark as tar. But right now the universe, restless beyond imagining, a universe of rock and flame, whose nature is incandescence - a universe that flickers, its impatient forms blinking like fireflies in the night - astounds and delights him. #Quote by Rikki Ducornet
Dreamful Delights quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
#21. I could write pages and pages about the delights of being a full-time housewife and mother and trying to write and support a family with two babies - but I don't use that kind of language in public. #Quote by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Dreamful Delights quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#22. Your person, your slightest movements seemed to me to possess a superhuman importance in the world. My heart used to raise like the dust in your footsteps. The effect you had on me was that of a moonlit night in summer, when all is perfume, soft shadows, pale light, and infinite horizons. For me your name contained all the delights of flesh and spirit, and I repeated it again and again, trying to kiss it with my lips. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Dreamful Delights quotes by K.M. Shea
#23. I was going to bring Sir Kay and Gawain with me, but at the last minute Lancelot pushed Kay back.So I had no choice but to bring Lancelot in Kay's place," Merlin said, sounding just the smallest bit disgusted.
"I find myself gladdened by this news," Britt said.
Merlin raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Are you?"
Lancelot beamed. "I am pleased my presence delights you, My Lord."
"It's not that. Since you kept Kay from coming to get me,in all likeliness that means you are now higher on his list of people to MAIM than I am," Britt said. Merlin coughed to cover a laugh, #Quote by K.M. Shea
Dreamful Delights quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#24. The pleasures of humility are really the most refined, inward, and exquisite delights in the world. #Quote by Jonathan Edwards
Dreamful Delights quotes by Salman Rushdie
#25. Unashamed, accustomed to solitude, he began to enjoy his near-invisibility. From his position at the edge of the school around him, he took vicarious pleasure in the activities of those around him, silently celebrating the rise or fall of this or that playground emperor, or the examination failures of particularly unappetizing class-fellows: the delights of the spectator. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Dreamful Delights quotes by Maxwell Grantly
#26. Don't think that we know everything there is to know. There are secrets to be found and unknown facts to be discovered. Who knows what delights there are to be discovered beyond our current knowledge. #Quote by Maxwell Grantly
Dreamful Delights quotes by Franz Grillparzer
#27. From a distance the rushing of the torrent delights and uplifts us, but it rocks us in a flimsy boat, we are overwhelmed by despair. The same applies to danger. #Quote by Franz Grillparzer
Dreamful Delights quotes by Richard Matheson
#28. That's what was wrong with drinking too much. You became immune to drunken delights. There was no solace in liquor. Before you got happy, you collapsed. #Quote by Richard Matheson
Dreamful Delights quotes by Dante Alighieri
#29. Often a retrospect delights the mind. #Quote by Dante Alighieri
Dreamful Delights quotes by The Dolgyal Shugden Research Society
#30. Beyond each mountain pass is a different religious sect with thousands of scholars and fools who follow it, saying, "Only this is true; this will not deceive you." This self-authorization of one's own truth delights a group of similar beings: when told to a group that does not agree, they are scornful." Gendun Chopel "An Adornment for Nagarjuna's Thought #Quote by The Dolgyal Shugden Research Society
Dreamful Delights quotes by Heinrich Harrer
#31. Admittedly, man is small and insignificant in nature's scheme; but he is part of it. And are we to think less of the man who exposes himself to nature's forces than of him who just delights in looking at her, safe from dangers and tempests? Even those ridiculous earthworms know that an icicle can "sneeze"; but they have learned by obervation when and where it happens, and will do their best to avoid the danger with clear-eyes alertness and which they owe to their own daring. They are not deaf; they too hear the mighty voice of the mountains, but they understand and interpret it in a different way from those who enjoy it so passively and with such self-satisfaction. #Quote by Heinrich Harrer
Dreamful Delights quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#32. I find it odd- the greed of mankind. People only like you for as long as they perceive they can get what they want from you. Or for as long as they perceive you are who they want you to be. But I like people for all of their changing surprises, the thoughts in their heads, the warmth that changes to cold and the cold that changes to warmth ... for being human. The rawness of being human delights me. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Dreamful Delights quotes by Diana Athill
#33. The extension of power offered by a pony, the ease and speed of movement, the tapping of unsuspected courage, the satisfaction of collaboration with another creature and of controlling it in order to improve the collaboration, the joy of fussing over it - of loving it - these, from the age of about eight to sixteen were the most completely realised delights of my life. #Quote by Diana Athill
Dreamful Delights quotes by Edward T. Welch
#34. Do you believe that it is impossible for the Holy God to love you and even delight in you? If so, you are believing Satan's lie that God loves you because of what you do. The truth is that he loves you because he is the God who loves, and the sacrifice of Jesus proves it. The cross of Christ expresses God's delight in all who believe, and if you believe that Jesus is the risen Lord, he delights in and loves you. #Quote by Edward T. Welch

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