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Drama quotes by Judy Parfitt
#1. Because 'Call The Midwife' is a gentle drama, not a documentary, it's not appropriate to portray Sister Monica Joan's condition in all its brutal reality. #Quote by Judy Parfitt
Drama quotes by Lee Jin-wook
#2. Studying is also important, but we must become humans first. #Quote by Lee Jin-wook
Drama quotes by Jin Sun Mi
#3. Love does not solely belong to one person. No matter how hard you try, if the feeling is not mutual, it'll be fruitless. #Quote by Jin Sun Mi
Drama quotes by John Eldredge
#4. As Buechner says, we are in constant danger of being not actors in the drama of our lives but reactors, to go where the world takes us, to drift with whatever current happens to be running the strongest. #Quote by John Eldredge
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#5. Keep that in mind, and always remember that you have a choice to listen or to walk away because you are somebody special. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Hirokazu Koreeda
#6. I don't believe in making movies to cater to a foreign audience. You never know what the reaction is going to be anyhow. At the time I made Maborosi, the Japanese movies getting any foreign attention were all period dramas and seemed to be about some representative element of Japanese life, and my movie was contemporary movie about one specific woman trying to understand her husband's suicide. #Quote by Hirokazu Koreeda
Drama quotes by Steve Maraboli
#7. Stop validating your victim mentality. Shake off your self-defeating drama and embrace your innate ability to recover and achieve. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Drama quotes by Nick Hornby
#8. Deaner ran down to the barrier separating the crowd from the pitch, and eventually persuaded the stewards that he had a part to play in the unfolding drama. (Anyone who has ever attempted to talk to a steward at a Premiership football ground will recognize that, whatever else during the afternoon required divine intervention, Deaner's success in getting on to the White Hart Lane turf really was a miracle.) #Quote by Nick Hornby
Drama quotes by Jo Min-Hyuk
#9. This thing called curiosity ... it's a scary thing. #Quote by Jo Min-Hyuk
Drama quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#10. Students of media are persistently attacked as evaders, idly concentrating on means or processes rather than on 'substance'. The dramatic and rapid changes of 'substance' elude these accusers. Survival is not possible if one approaches his environment, the social drama, with a fixed, unchangeable point of view - the witless repetitive response to the unperceived. #Quote by Marshall McLuhan
Drama quotes by Ricky Gervais
#11. That's what life is, it's the small struggles. You walk down the street for half an hour, you see half an hour of drama. You don't need convoluted plot lines. You don't need long-lost brothers. You don't need it's set on the future; it's set on the moon. #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Drama quotes by Shekhar Kapur
#12. Film is drama. You've only two hours, so you lie by exclusion, and try to make up for it by portraying the environment. #Quote by Shekhar Kapur
Drama quotes by Nicholas Jarecki
#13. I think that ultimately any effective drama or tragedy tries to put you as much as it can into the protagonist's shoes. #Quote by Nicholas Jarecki
Drama quotes by Theodore Bikel
#14. I am first, and foremost, an actor. That's what I am. To me, a song is a mini-drama. My musical ability informs the actor as well because it gives me a sense of timing that non-musicians don't have. So, one hand washes the other. #Quote by Theodore Bikel
Drama quotes by Erica Jong
#15. Why are women so ungenerous to other women? Is it because we have been tokens for so long? Or is there a deeper animosity we owe it to ourselves to explore?
A publisher...couldn't understand why women were so loath to help each other.... The notion flitted through my mind that somehow, by helping..., I might be hurting my own chances for something or other -- what I did not know. If there was room for only one woman poet, another space would be filled....
If I still feel I am in competition with other women, how do less well-known women feel? Terrible, I have to assume.

I have had to train myself to pay as much attention to women at parties as to men.... I have had to force myself not to be dismissive of other women's creativity. We have been semi-slaves for so long (as Doris Lessing says) that we must cultivate freedom within ourselves. It doesn't come naturally. Not yet.
In her writing about the drama of childhood developments, Alice Miller has created, among other things, a theory of freedom. in order to embrace freedom, a child must be sufficiently nurtured, sufficiently loved. Security and abundance are the grounds for freedom. She shows how abusive child-rearing is communicated from one generation to the next and how fascism profits from generations of abused children. Women have been abused for centuries, so it should surprise no one that we are so good at abusing each other. Until we learn how to stop doing that, we cannot make our revoluti #Quote by Erica Jong
Drama quotes by Arthur Miller
#16. By whatever means it is accomplished, the prime business of a play is to arouse the passions of its audience so that by the route of passion may be opened up new relationships between a man and men, and between men and Man. Drama is akin to the other inventions of man in that it ought to help us to know more, and not merely to spend our feelings. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Drama quotes by Kim A-joong
#17. In that endless time, we are born in the same age. In that infinite space, to be able to meet and become one with you, that fate is really amazing and the miracle is really beautiful. #Quote by Kim A-joong
Drama quotes by Darlenne Susan Girard
#18. Sometimes you wonder why you're out here. And the stupid thing about it, is you haven't got an answer. - excerpt from: freefalling #Quote by Darlenne Susan Girard
Drama quotes by Sidney Lumet
#19. In drama, the characters should determine the story. In melodrama, the story determines the characters. #Quote by Sidney Lumet
Drama quotes by Michael Loceff
#20. I think ultimately what makes the show is not the reality but the drama. #Quote by Michael Loceff
Drama quotes by Joseph B. Soloveitchik
#21. Who knows what kind of loneliness is more agonizing: the one which befalls man when he casts his glance at the mute cosmos, at its dark spaces and monotonous drama, or the one that besets man exchanging glances with his fellow man in silence? #Quote by Joseph B. Soloveitchik
Drama quotes by Dan Wakefield
#22. Religion is rarely mentioned in current prime-time dramas or sitcoms that supposedly reflect the way we live now. #Quote by Dan Wakefield
Drama quotes by Steve James
#23. It's usually human drama that carries with it issues of race or class that attracts me. That was certainly the case with 'No Crossover.' #Quote by Steve James
Drama quotes by David Petersen
#24. Physicality is the basis of performance. #Quote by David Petersen
Drama quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#25. Look. Survey. Inspect. My hair is ruined! I look like a pan of bacon and eggs! #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Drama quotes by John Grierson
#26. Beware the ends of the earth and the exotic: the drama is on your doorstep wherever the slums; are, wherever there is malnutrition, wherever there is exploitation and cruelty. #Quote by John Grierson
Drama quotes by Drew Gerald
#27. Om is said to be a four-syllable word in Sanskrit, originally as AUM. A, the waking state. U, the dream state. M, the unconscious state. And the fourth, the silence that surrounds it - wherefrom everything arises and whereto everything inevitably returns.

It is the silence that surrounds om that contains everything. It is the silence in your own life that contains and gives birth to everything you have, and everything you will ever need.

It is this same silence we avoid, overlook, and disregard as nothing. The white space of life we abhor. We fill our lives with noise, drama, screens, people, and "stuff" to avoid the void that reminds us of our truth - that beyond flesh that once was not, and will inescapably become not, we are eternal. #Quote by Drew Gerald
Drama quotes by Raduan Nassar
#28. Reflection is nothing more than the excretions of the drama of our existence, foolishly put on a pedestal by us. #Quote by Raduan Nassar
Drama quotes by James Franco
#29. In the movie of your entire life, do you want drama and conflict or a straight shot to the top, unencumbered? #Quote by James Franco
Drama quotes by Adele
#30. I love a bit of drama. That's a bad thing. I can flip really quickly. #Quote by Adele
Drama quotes by Edith Wharton
#31. is probable that, like the illustrious author of the drama, all were unconscious of any incongruity between their sentiments and actions. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Drama quotes by John Webster
#32. Heaven-gates are not so highly arched
As princes' palaces; they that enter there
Must go upon their knees. #Quote by John Webster
Drama quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#33. To nobody's surprise, steroid use is common among gay men. When you combine a love for men with a love for drama, you end up with a guy on steroids. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Drama quotes by Kenneth Williams
#34. People need to be peppered or even outraged occasionally. Our national comedy and drama is packed with earthy familiarity and honest vulgarity. Clean vulgarity can be very shocking and that, in my view, gives greater involvement. #Quote by Kenneth Williams
Drama quotes by Errol Morris
#35. There are many dramas that I would like to make: dramas based on real stories. It's approaching things from the other side. #Quote by Errol Morris
Drama quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#36. Then why don't you and Bubba have girlfriends? (Nick)
I don't want the drama of it. After the last one burnt up all my clothes with my Jack Daniel's Black Label collection and tried to decapitate me with my CDs, I decided I'd take a hiatus for a bit. (Mark) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Drama quotes by Thomas Hardy
#37. To be loved to madness
such was her great desire. Love was to her the one cordial which could drive away the eating loneliness of her days. And she seemed to long for the abstraction called passionate love more than for any particular lover. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Drama quotes by Igor Eliseev
#38. What if initially they had named you Faith and me Hope, but afterwards they forgot who of us had which name and swapped them around by mistake? You always believe that everything is going to be all right, and your faith helps me."
"And you hope that it will be that way. We have this close bond between us," and, after thinking a while, you added, "All people need hope, no one can live without it; and our hope is way stronger when it is warmed up by faith. So it isn't really important who is Faith and who is Hope; the main thing is that we are connected together. #Quote by Igor Eliseev
Drama quotes by Stefan Zweig
#39. The Battle of Waterloo is a work of art with tension and drama with its unceasing change from hope to fear and back again, changewhich suddenly dissolves into a moment of extreme catastrophe, a model tragedy because the fate of Europe was determined within this individual fate. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Drama quotes by Courtney Summers
#40. Girls go missing all the time.

Restless teenage girls, reckless teenage girls. Teenage girls and their inevitable drama. Sadie had survived a terrible loss, and with very little effort on my part, I dismissed it. Her. I wanted a story that felt fresh, new and exciting and what about a missing teenage girl was that?

We've heard this story before. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Drama quotes by Natalie Dormer
#41. I was frequently told at drama school that I was thinking too much. And I still have to suppress that part of me because it can sometimes be a hindrance. #Quote by Natalie Dormer
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#42. I am trying my best to build a solid foundation. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Rhiannon Frater
#43. You could tell exactly where the popular kids were sitting, the jocks, the drama kids, the band kids, the goths, the kickers, and the other kids who just floated in the middle of it all were, of course, the outsiders. #Quote by Rhiannon Frater
Drama quotes by Kim Ok-gyun
#44. A scar left behind by a woman typically goes forever. #Quote by Kim Ok-gyun
Drama quotes by Brandi Salazar
#45. Wes sat in a cracked vinyl booth picking at his fries and listening to Amanda go on and on about the dress she'd found.
' ... and it has these little lavender bows. Oh, Wes, I can't wait 'til you see it.' She gesticulated wildly, and her only saving grace right now was her amazing rack that swayed and bounced with each movement. Sometimes he swore that was the only reason he ever looked crosswise at Amanda Price. That, and her daddy's checkbook.
'And I found these shoes

'Uh huh, that's nice,' he cut her off and slid free from the booth. He held out his hand. 'Got the card?' He waved the bill in the air at her questioning gaze. Was she a little cross-eyed, maybe? He thought so. #Quote by Brandi Salazar
Drama quotes by Paul Henry Lang
#46. What the music offers in a good opera is something that comes from a region that precedes the concrete concept of drama and, strictly speaking, stands outside the world of drama. Opera does not permit men to appear in nakedly logical acts, for the music dissolves feelings and thoughts into melodies and rhythms, harmonies and counterpoints, which in themselves have no conceptual meaning. Thus in opera objective situations may very well become entirely subjective expressions. Because of its paradoxical nature opera is capable of paradoxical effects; it can express purely sensuously the most profound abstractions, and the musical drama, exerting a mass effect far more than does the spoken drama, is much more primitive as drama than the spoken theatre; it must render conflict and character in immediate symbols. #Quote by Paul Henry Lang
Drama quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
#47. Love means to understand the drama that happens between the inner man and woman. It means to allow both the inner man and woman to find their creative roots and expression. #Quote by Swami Dhyan Giten
Drama quotes by James P. Carse
#48. There is no narrative without structure, or plot. In a great story this structure seems like fate, like an inescapable judgment descending on its still unaware heroes, a great metaphysical causality, that crowds out all room for choice. Fate arises not as a limitation on our freedom, but as a manifestation of our freedom, testimony that choice is consequent. The exercise of your freedom cannot prevent the exercise of my own freedom, but it can determine the context in which I am to act freely. You cannot make choices for me, but you can largely determine what my choices will be about. Great stories explore the drama of this deeper touching of one free person by another. They are therefore genuinely sexual dramas astounding us once more with the magic of origins. #Quote by James P. Carse
Drama quotes by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
#49. So the first time she and Leo combusted, she'd practically been poised for the breakup. In some inexplicable way, she'd been looking forward to it and all its attendant drama, because wasn't there something nearly lovely–when you were young enough–about guts churning and tear ducts being put to glorious overuse? She recognized the undeniable satisfaction of the first emotional fissure because an unraveling was still something grown-up and, therefore, life affirming. See? The broken heart signalled. I loved enough to lose; I felt enough to weep. Because when you were young enough, the stakes of love were so very small, nearly insignificant. How tragic could a breakup be when it was part of the fabric of expectation from the beginning? The hackneyed fights, the late-night phone calls, the indignant recounting for friends over multiple drinks and in earshot of an appropriately flirtatious bartender–it was theatre for a certain type of person . . . Until it wasn't. #Quote by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
Drama quotes by Rohinton Mistry
#50. You fellows are amazing,' the sweaty cook roared over the stoves. 'Everything happens to you only. Each time you come here, you have a new adventure story to entertain us #Quote by Rohinton Mistry
Drama quotes by Evan Peters
#51. I think it's harder to go from comedy to drama than from drama to comedy. Seeing you dramatic all the time, they crave to see you being silly or funny. But, seeing you in comedy all the time, it's hard to see that person go be serious, for some reason. #Quote by Evan Peters
Drama quotes by Carey Mulligan
#52. I was quite straight-laced. I was quite academic until I was about 14 and then I went to boarding school where I had the opportunity to continue to be very academic, but got less interested in it and became more involved in acting. And then when I was applying for universities I used a couple of places on my UCAS form to apply for drama school without telling anyone ... but didn't get into drama school. But that was the most rebellious thing I did #Quote by Carey Mulligan
Drama quotes by Heather Brooke
#53. It is quite surreal having a film made about your life. The whole process of turning real life into drama is interesting in itself, but even more so when it is your own life being put into the narrative forge. #Quote by Heather Brooke
Drama quotes by Isabel Lopez
#54. It never dawned on us that life is unpredictable, that one day, one of us could suddenly cease to exist and what then? What would be the joy in having left so much unsaid? With what memories would we fill the empty silence? #Quote by Isabel Lopez
Drama quotes by Jeanne McDonald
#55. Of course, in my mind, violence would have been better, but since that wasn't an option, I decided to play along. "It's okay, handsome. I've only been here a few minutes. I'd like to introduce you to Dick."
"No, it's ... " Richard tried to correct me only to be interrupted by Drew.
"Nice to meet you, Dick," Drew retorted. #Quote by Jeanne McDonald
Drama quotes by Dino De Laurentiis
#56. The audience wants to be attracted not by the critics, but by a great story. You must deliver to the audience emotion - and when I say emotion, I mean suspense, drama, love. #Quote by Dino De Laurentiis
Drama quotes by Amy Poehler
#57. I would love to do a serious period drama. Oh, absolutely. I mean, you'll find most comedians want to do more serious stuff, most musicians want to be comedians, and most serious actors want to be musicians. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Drama quotes by Diana Peterfreund
#58. I mean being a knight," she said."Was it worth it?"
The drama, the heartache, the stress? The friendships, the conspiracies, the pranks, the bonding ... Was it worth it?Oh, yeah.But then her words sunk in. Was. Past tense. For I was no longer an active knight of Rose & Grave.I was a patriarch. #Quote by Diana Peterfreund
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#59. I want to be myself, but how can I be myself when I do not know who to be? #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Merri Lisa Johnson
#60. I bored myself to tears with the daytime television drama of confrontation (I've been wronged!). I winced at sluggish morning half-memories of wearing wrongness like a lampshade on my head (I'm mentally ill!). #Quote by Merri Lisa Johnson
Drama quotes by Matthew Weiner
#61. Identity is part of drama to me. Who am I, why am I behaving this way, and am I aware of it? #Quote by Matthew Weiner
Drama quotes by Lindsay Duncan
#62. I was the suburban kid of Scottish parents, and the idea of an acting career was so beyond my experience. I didn't even know there were drama schools until a friend told me. #Quote by Lindsay Duncan
Drama quotes by Missy Mazzoli
#63. If the music is good, and if it makes sense as a strong structure and as a drama, and things happen as a result of what happened before, not just as a string of unrelated events, then the question doesn't come up. #Quote by Missy Mazzoli
Drama quotes by Karasu Yamazaki
#64. Adults are always like that, They only see what they want to see, As such, I am disapointed in them, but... That's convenient for me. - Fujisawa Ayana #Quote by Karasu Yamazaki
Drama quotes by Tye Sheridan
#65. Drama is something I'm good at, I guess. #Quote by Tye Sheridan
Drama quotes by Grant Bowler
#66. Comedy has to be so much cleaner than drama. You can't layer it in the way you can a dramatic performance. Which is why it's more difficult than drama - you don't have so many tricks. #Quote by Grant Bowler
Drama quotes by Emmanuel Levinas
#67. A fine risk is always something to be taken in philosophy ... Philosophy thus arouses a drama between philosophers and an intersubjective movement which does not resemble the dialogue of teamworkers in science, nor even the Platonic dialogue which is the reminiscence of a drama rather than a drama itself. It is sketched out in a different structure; empirically it is realized as the history of philosophy in which new interlocutors always enter who have to restate, but in which the former ones take up the floor to answer in the interpretations they arouse, and in which, nonetheless, despite a lack of "certainty in one's movements" or because of it, no one is allowed a relaxation of attention or a lack of strictness. #Quote by Emmanuel Levinas
Drama quotes by Aidan Chambers
#68. I am without any doubt whatever a NON-actor. For a start, the gushing pretension of would-be actors puts me off. Ergo ego. I watch them preening in front of the rehearsal mirrors in the drama hall. Just waiting for applause. All they want is to be liked. Plus admired, adored, idolized, flattered, etc. And they're more like groupy than glue. If they're on their own for more than five minutes they get withdrawal symptoms and go walkabout, looking for kindred lost souls to coagulate with. #Quote by Aidan Chambers
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#69. Never say never. It is possible. I know it is because I didn't think I would have gotten this far. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Nicholas Lea
#70. Comedy and drama are both challenging to me. #Quote by Nicholas Lea
Drama quotes by Alan Ruck
#71. When I'm doing a drama, I wish I was doing something funny. When I'm doing something funny, I wish I was doing something more serious. I think it's just human nature. #Quote by Alan Ruck
Drama quotes by Gary Sinise
#72. The wonderful drama teacher at my high school, Barbara Patterson, saw me standing in the hall and told me I should audition for 'West Side Story.' I guess she thought I looked like a gang member. #Quote by Gary Sinise
Drama quotes by J'son M. Lee
#73. Shame is the demon that keeps many of us trapped in our pain; healing comes when we gain the courage to confront our demon(s). #Quote by J'son M. Lee
Drama quotes by James Gunn
#74. I really like people who can do both drama and comedy and not some like middle of the road do both drama and comedy. I'm not talking about some guy who does these bland dramedies all the time. I'm talking about people that have done heavy drama and who have done heavy comedy. #Quote by James Gunn
Drama quotes by Alan Parry
#75. There's no end to the stoppage of this drama #Quote by Alan Parry
Drama quotes by Anodea Judith
#76. The cultural transformation from the love of power to the power of love is the drama of our time. #Quote by Anodea Judith
Drama quotes by Abby Jimenez
#77. She was like a unicorn. A mythical creature. An honest, no-drama woman who didn't bullshit and drank beer and cussed and didn't care about what people thought of her. She was a unicorn, tucked in the body of an attractive woman with a great ass.
And I couldn't have her. #Quote by Abby Jimenez
Drama quotes by Asghar Farhadi
#78. It's not some big event that creates the drama, it's the little things of everyday life that bring about that drama. #Quote by Asghar Farhadi
Drama quotes by Milton Avery
#79. Nature is my springboard. From her I get my initial impetus. I have tried to relate the visible drama of mountains, trees, and bleached fields with the fantasy of wind blowing and changing colors and forms. #Quote by Milton Avery
Drama quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#80. What I wanted was for them to have a grand, sweeping narrative that they deserved, the kind of American history that belongs to the Wright Brothers and the astronauts, to Alexander Hamilton and Martin Luther King Jr. Not told as a separate history, but as part of the story we all know. Not at the margins, but at the very center, the protagonists of the drama. And not just because they are black, or because they are women, but because they are part of the American epic. #Quote by Margot Lee Shetterly
Drama quotes by Rachael Wade
#81. The second he slipped inside of me, all I'd doubted, questioned, or feared evaporated, leaving me with one single, definite truth
I'd fallen in love with him in an all-consuming blaze that would blind me if I wasn't careful. We fit together like poorly cut puzzle pieces, but when the edges joined and were positioned just right, our scattered images came together to create a solid, deliberate piece of art, completely crystal clear and in focus. I was a goner. #Quote by Rachael Wade
Drama quotes by Joe Dunthorne
#82. Are we making a bomb?"
"This is a trust exercise, like in drama," she says.
"Are we making a bomb as a trust exercise? #Quote by Joe Dunthorne
Drama quotes by Alexandra Engellmann
#83. If he just had the decency to die silently yesterday, not squeal like a girl, I'd be free right now. Probably even doing some real job," she sneered. #Quote by Alexandra Engellmann
Drama quotes by Mary Antin
#84. I have so little mastered the art of tranquil living that wherever I go I trail storm clouds of drama around me. #Quote by Mary Antin
Drama quotes by Alexandra Engellmann
#85. He had a semicircle tattoo with an indecent word on the back of his head, suggesting all people around him to leave him alone – in a much more impolite manner. #Quote by Alexandra Engellmann
Drama quotes by Vivian Amis
#86. All problems, though appearing outside of you, must be resolved within YOU. #Quote by Vivian Amis
Drama quotes by Texas Battle
#87. I find that comedy is my specialty, but drama is slowly starting to move up in that rank. I've always liked playing a character that has depth and that I'm able to bring my own niche to. #Quote by Texas Battle
Drama quotes by Will Packer
#88. My philosophy is making a movie is difficult enough and I just feel as if you should have a really good time when you do make films whether it's a drama or a comedy. #Quote by Will Packer
Drama quotes by Baz Luhrmann
#89. When I was growing up you would see big American films that really mythologised their landscape, that really showed the vastness and the drama of their country. #Quote by Baz Luhrmann
Drama quotes by Michael Patrick King
#90. There's no reason to do 'ex and the City' if it's not going to be everything 'Sex and the City' is, which is vibrant emotions, comedy, drama ... and also, style. #Quote by Michael Patrick King
Drama quotes by John McWhorter
#91. Every third person in the world is a drama queen. And crying 'victim,' especially when you're not really a victim in any real way, feels good. It feels good to cry victim if you're not one. #Quote by John McWhorter
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#92. How much better is it going to get than this?" I do not know - but I cannot wait to find out! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#93. I had to fake it until I made it, but sadly, I never made it until today. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Yael Grobglas
#94. Back home, almost everything I did, I did in Hebrew. I went to drama school in Hebrew, my whole career was in Hebrew, and to switch languages was something that was fascinating and more complicated than I expected it to be, even though I've been speaking English since I could speak. #Quote by Yael Grobglas
Drama quotes by Stephanie Witter
#95. It only wakes up the burning desire I always feel whenever I'm close to this man and the shadows of my fears back away. - Skye #Quote by Stephanie Witter
Drama quotes by Stephanie Witter
#96. With you and me, I don't know what anything means. We're pushing each other away and yet I don't seem to be able to let you go. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
Drama quotes by Herman Wouk
#97. Willie didn't have a historian's respect for the victories at Guadalcanal, Stalingrad, and Midway. The stream of news as it burbled by his mind left only a confused impression that our side was a bit ahead in the game, but making painful slow work of it. He had often wondered in his boyhood what it must have been like to live in the stirring days of Gettysburg and Waterloo; now he knew, but he didn't know that he knew. This war seemed to him different from all the others: diffuse, slogging, and empty of drama. #Quote by Herman Wouk
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#98. I have people who love me and who wouldn't give up on me - and that is a wonderful feeling. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by John Berger
#99. Compare the cinema with theatre. Both are dramatic arts. Theatre brings actors before a public and every night during the season they re-enact the same drama. Deep in the nature of theatre is a sense of ritual. The cinema, by contrast, transports its audience individually, singly, out of the theatre towards the unknown. #Quote by John Berger
Drama quotes by Kang Jae-won
#100. I'm not superman who saves both Earth and the girl. #Quote by Kang Jae-won
Drama quotes by Jennifer Latham
#101. Well, if 'exciting means drama and people dying and doctors and nurses rushing around like in the movies, then no, it wasn't. But if it means doing something that seems small now but can make a big difference in the long run, then it was. #Quote by Jennifer Latham
Drama quotes by Kim Do-hoon
#102. DO you know how people who have nothing delude themselves? You believe that there are things like truth and pity. There aren't such things. Do you still not know? Love or righteousness ... strong people are the ones who can't protect those things. #Quote by Kim Do-hoon
Drama quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#103. The history of ideas is like a drama in many acts. #Quote by Jostein Gaarder
Drama quotes by Siobhan Davis
#104. He's a mass of contradictions. Unfortunately, that only seems to enhance his appeal. I'm one sick bitch, that's for sure. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Drama quotes by Courtney Giardina
#105. It was a constant battle not to turn her head in his direction; but every time she did, he was looking over at her. Each time he'd smile, and Rylan would jerk her gaze away. She knew what that smile was capable of, and she was doing a good job avoiding it until it suddenly appeared over her shoulder. #Quote by Courtney Giardina
Drama quotes by Brooklen Borne
#106. Bringing Thoughts 2 Life #Quote by Brooklen Borne
Drama quotes by J. D. Souther
#107. I never fully understand all the drama and machinations within the Eagles. #Quote by J. D. Souther
Drama quotes by Jessalyn Gilsig
#108. I remember before I did 'Boston Public,' I couldn't get seen for drama. Once I'd done 'Boston Public,' I couldn't get seen for a comedy. #Quote by Jessalyn Gilsig
Drama quotes by Howard Shore
#109. I grew up in repertory theaters, so it was comedy one night, drama the next. I'm used to going from one to the other. And I worked for years in television as well. So, I like the interrelationship of it and having a good relationship with a group of artists creating something really where the sum is greater than all of our individual contributions, our parts. #Quote by Howard Shore
Drama quotes by Lee Min-ho
#110. I think it would be really fun to film a drama in a foreign country. If the opportunity presents itself, I want to film a Chinese production. #Quote by Lee Min-ho
Drama quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#111. On the Greek stage a drama, or acted story, consisted in reality of three dramas, called together a trilogy, and performed consecutively in the course of one day. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Drama quotes by Kristin Kimball
#112. Everything ends. The natural order of things is immutable. Seed, flower, fruit, decline, death, decay. Seed. Each stage has its own drama and its own particular beauty. If you can see it, you can accept it. The parts are graceful, and so is the whole. #Quote by Kristin Kimball
Drama quotes by Hans Matheson
#113. Put me in a costume, and I'm your man. I must have one of those faces which seems to suit period drama more than modern films and TV programmes. But I'm not complaining, I love going back in time. I feel quite lucky because nobody knows who I am. I can walk about and have ordinary conversations with people. #Quote by Hans Matheson
Drama quotes by Michale Callahan
#114. world is a drama, we are the actors with our play role #Quote by Michale Callahan
Drama quotes by Charles Walters
#115. Timing and pace are important in any film, whether it be comedy or drama. And how better to learn the fundamentals of these show show business ingredients than by dancing? #Quote by Charles Walters
Drama quotes by Jessica Biel
#116. It's the same kind of preparation you do for something like this you do for anything. It doesn't matter if it's a drama or a comedy, the need to get the emotion and the character arc across is way harder in something like this so was more of a preparation. #Quote by Jessica Biel
Drama quotes by Courteney Cox
#117. I would probably say I identified more with drama. I'm a really emotional, sensitive person. I'm family-minded and I'm the youngest of four kids. I have nine stepbrothers and sisters. And I love drama. I really do. #Quote by Courteney Cox
Drama quotes by Chauncey Depew
#118. Blot out from the page of history the names of all the great actors of his time in the drama of nations, and preserve the name of Washington, and the century would be renowned. #Quote by Chauncey Depew
Drama quotes by James Lipton
#119. We are the only school in America, drama school in America that trains actors, writers and directors side by side for three years in a master's degree program, and we want them - to expose them to everything. #Quote by James Lipton
Drama quotes by Rakim
#120. So all hail the honorable, microphone phenomenal
Persona is unbombable? Trust me son,
I continue like a saga do, bringin' you the drama to
allow you that the chronicle has just begun. #Quote by Rakim
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#121. Nothing in life is easy. If it is, I don't think it is worth having. But if you work hard at it and never give in, once the doors open, it is rightfully yours because you've worked for it. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Nic Pizzolatto
#122. I find the constraints of drama actually freeing: It brings everything down to character and action. #Quote by Nic Pizzolatto
Drama quotes by John Blase
#123. I charge you with a phrase from the gospel of John, Updike that is: Your only duty is to give the mundane its beautiful due.

You step from this moment with scripture and stole ordained to the ordinary. Ours is an existence in something more than the husk it once was but not yet the bloom it shall be; in other words, you are charged to the in-between, middle-earth, us.

Yes, our lives are sewn on occasion with a texture of joy unmistakable, the foretastes. But many days, if not most hours, reek of repetition, a mundane rising and falling punctuated with what the old hymn writer penned as "seasons of distress and grief." The relief you are charged to bring to our souls in times like these is beauty – nothing more, nothing less. It is your only duty. Give up all other ambitions for the dross they are.

Give the mundane its beautiful due.

Bear witness to the truth we so often bury, that our lives are shot through with drama, interest, relevance, importance, and poetry. Live among us, story by story, with both precision and surprisingness. Help us to believe in God by startling us with the kicker – God believes in us. Know this, that yours is not so much a high calling as it is a careful attention; you are to be a person of prayer, not big britches.

Once you begin a gesture it's often fatal not to go through with it, so please, for the love of God and us and you, go through with this. The world for you may be even harder fr #Quote by John Blase
Drama quotes by Edward Bond
#124. The human mind is a dramatic structure in itself and our society is absolutely saturated with drama. #Quote by Edward Bond
Drama quotes by Rhys Thomas
#125. There is a little bit of snobbery with casting, and unless you're a really successful comedian like Ruth Jones, you don't get to be in the drama side of things. #Quote by Rhys Thomas
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#126. The process of healing is draining, but it has to be done because this time around I am not half-stepping - I am going all the way. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Whitney Barbetti
#127. This doesn't have to be anything more than what we want, Andra. We don't need to define this. You are warm, honest, beautiful, and full of wit. I appreciate how vibrant you are, and how you challenge me. I want to spend time with you simply because I enjoy being around you." I heard his sigh. "I don't want to suffocate you. No labels, no drama. Just fun. Maybe a kiss or two."
"Or three. Or four," I added. #Quote by Whitney Barbetti
Drama quotes by Karina Halle
#128. My nickname in high school, aside from Amanda Panda, Lord of the Geeks, and Tits McGee, was Sir Pukes-A-Lot. It didn't matter that I wasn't a sir. I still got sick every time I got really nervous, which led to many embarrassing moments during presentations, PE, and drama class. #Quote by Karina Halle
Drama quotes by Christy Leigh Stewart
#129. Humor, drama, romance, whatever genre of entertainment you create or consume is only effective if it is challenging to your sensibilities. When the sexuality of seeing a woman's ankles became trumped by her calf, society changed. When the calf was later trumped by a woman offering shots of alcohol from her vagina on Rock of Love, society changed again. My hope for this world is that we can soon run out of shocking body parts and can finally see the humor in our aetheric bodies. #Quote by Christy Leigh Stewart
Drama quotes by Lynn Messina
#130. Dead parents are gruesome, yes, but anyone who's anyone in children's literature has either been orphaned or abandoned; well-adjusted kids from stable two-parent homes don't go on hero quests. #Quote by Lynn Messina
Drama quotes by James Marsden
#131. I know I have a face like a model. But I'm actually just a goofy drama nerd underneath. #Quote by James Marsden
Drama quotes by Syd Field
#132. All drama is conflict. Without conflict, there is no action. Without action, there is no character. Without character, there is no story. And without story, there is no screenplay. #Quote by Syd Field
Drama quotes by Frantz Fanon
#133. As I begin to recognise that the Negro is the symbol of sin, I catch myself hating the Negro. But then I recognise that I am a Negro. There are two ways out of this conflict. Either I ask others to pay no attention to my skin, or else I want them to be aware of it. I try then to find value for what is bad
since I have unthinkingly conceded that the black man is the colour of evil. In order to terminate this neurotic situation, in which I am compelled to choose an unhealthy, conflictual solution, fed on fantasies, hostile, inhuman in short, I have only one solution: to rise above this absurd drama that others have staged around me, to reject the two terms that are equally unacceptable, and through one human being, to reach out for the universal.
When the Negro dives
in other words, goes under
something remarkable occurs. #Quote by Frantz Fanon
Drama quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#135. As his hero and heroine pass the matrimonial barrier, the novelist generally drops the curtain, as if the drama were over then: the doubts and struggles of life ended: as if, once landed in the marriage country, all were green and pleasant there: and wife and husband had nothing to do but to link each other's arms together, and wander gently downwards towards old age in happy and perfect fruition. But our little Amelia was just on the bank of her new country, and was already looking anxiously back towards the sad friendly figures waving farewell to her across the stream, from the other distant shore. #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Drama quotes by E.N. Joy
#136. There are Christian fiction writers and then there are Christians who write fiction. There is Christian fiction, then there is what some consider to be church fiction or church drama. You have some authors who didn't necessarily set out to write Christian fiction, but they were placed in that category by either their publisher or the book stores simply shelve them that way. And of course you have the writers whose work is categorized as Christian fiction but they do not write for a Christian fiction imprint, which means they are not necessarily writing with any type of guidelines. I can't speak for any other Christian fiction author or author who either chose or by default was placed in the Christian fiction category, but I am a Christian fiction writer who writes for a Christian fiction imprint. That is my choice on purpose.

I'll be the first to admit that yes, I have a ghost writer; the Holy Ghost! I take dictation from the Holy Spirit when I write my stories. My Holy Spirit does not curse nor does He describe explicit sex scenes for me to deliver to God's people. I write Christian fiction, not inspirational fiction, not faith based fiction or anything else. Christ is in what I do "CHRISTian" fiction. I'm not worrying about "keepin'" it real. The Bible is as real as it gets and if the Holy Spirit didn't instruct the authors of the Bible to curse people out and describe explicit sex scenes, then why on earth should He start using me to do it now? So my concern is #Quote by E.N. Joy
Drama quotes by Patrick Phillips
#137. If the mobs were not made up of masked Klansmen, just well-known local men 'with their horrible faces,' it is natural to wonder how those ordinary people first coalesced into gangs of night riders. How, that is, did a bunch of farmers decide to set fire to churches led by respected men like Levi Greenlee Jr. and Boyd Oliver, and to train the beads of their shotguns on the houses of peaceful landowners like Joseph and Eliza Kellogg? How did they summon the nerve to threaten the cooks and maids of even the wealthiest, most powerful whites in Cumming? Given that it required an organized efforts, kept up not just over months but years, and given just how much will it took to sustain the racial ban generations - from what source did all that energy come, and in what epic drama did these people think they were at last taking part? #Quote by Patrick Phillips
Drama quotes by John Bradley-West
#138. My tutors at drama school commended and criticised my use of comedy in my acting for a long time at drama school. They said I had a tendency to somehow perform the most tragic of scenes in a slightly flippant way. #Quote by John Bradley-West
Drama quotes by Richard Madden
#139. I'm not naturally a gifted dancer, and I don't enjoy it. I didn't go to any of those classes in drama school 'cause I was like, "I'm not going to dance. I don't need to learn to dance." I regret that. #Quote by Richard Madden
Drama quotes by Spencer Kayden
#140. To be honest, I didn't even know what the Drama Desk Awards were until I was nominated. #Quote by Spencer Kayden
Drama quotes by Choi Woo-shik
#141. The desperate hope that the patient will be healed ... That's the last treatment. #Quote by Choi Woo-shik
Drama quotes by Stella Adler
#142. No actor is a success unless he feels inside himself, as long as he lives, that he is good. #Quote by Stella Adler
Drama quotes by Rocky Carroll
#143. There are always going to be hospital dramas because if you're sitting in an emergency room for two hours, I guarantee you you are going to see something that makes you gasp. That's where drama comes from. #Quote by Rocky Carroll
Drama quotes by Olivier Megaton
#144. The most difficult thing to do is drama. #Quote by Olivier Megaton
Drama quotes by Mark M. Bello
#145. Change was, indeed, possible, one person at a time. #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Drama quotes by Debra Anastasia
#146. She'd made the best decision of her life when she convinced the easy-going David that, yes, he really did want to take her on a date. One year later they were inseparable.
He would make a patient, persistent father. He clearly adored Eve, but he also refused to put up with any of her drama. They solved their problems in quiet, respectful voices. Even Eve's father had seemed convinced that Eve and David would be together until they were old and forgetful. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#147. I know mentally, I'm able to do whatever I put my mind to. It just takes time, love, dedication, strength, and the will to keep pushing forward. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Ethel Merman
#148. As far as dramas are concerned, it's considered passe for playwrights to turn out anything the average person can understand. #Quote by Ethel Merman
Drama quotes by Adam Lambert
#149. In middle school, I really didn't have music, but in high school, I remember taking a lot of choir and drama. #Quote by Adam Lambert
Drama quotes by Max Hastings
#150. Winston Churchill wrote afterwards: 'No part of the Great War compares in interest with its opening. The measured, silent drawing together of gigantic forces, the uncertainty of their movements and positions, the number of unknown and unknowable facts made the first collision a drama never surpassed. Nor was there any other period in the War when the general battle was waged on so great a scale, when the slaughter was so swift or the stakes so high. Moreover, in the beginning, our faculties of wonder, horror, or excitement had not been cauterized and deadened by the furnace fires of years. #Quote by Max Hastings
Drama quotes by Julia Child
#151. Drama is very important in life: You have to come on with a bang. You never want to go out with a whimper. Everything can have drama if it's done right. Even a pancake. #Quote by Julia Child
Drama quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#152. Watch carefully. In forty formidable bosoms we are about to create a climacteric of emotion. In one short speech - or maybe two - I propose to steer your women through excitement, superiority, contempt and anger: we shall have a little drama; just, awful and poetic, spread with uncials and full, as the poet said, of fruit and seriosity. Will they thank me, I wonder? #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Drama quotes by Timothy Miller
#153. You'd think I'd be more comfortable with the action, but actually I'm more comfortable with the drama. I mean you get more instant feedback on what you are seeing and you know if it's working or it's not working. #Quote by Timothy Miller
Drama quotes by Epictetus
#154. Remember that you are an actor in a drama of such sort as the Author chooses: if short, then in a short one; if long, then in a long one. If it be His pleasure that you should enact a poor man, or a cripple, or a ruler, or a private citizen, see that you act it well. For this is your business, to act well the given part. But to choose it belongs to Another. #Quote by Epictetus
Drama quotes by Seohyun
#155. People get desperate when they're backed into a corner. #Quote by Seohyun
Drama quotes by Kim Basinger
#156. I've done so many dramas in my life, and people don't even know I came from comedy. #Quote by Kim Basinger
Drama quotes by George Mikes
#157. American radio is the reverse of the Shakespearean stage. In Shakespeare's time the world's greatest dramas were acted with the most primitive technical arrangements; on the American air the world's most primitive writing is performed under perfect technical conditions. #Quote by George Mikes
Drama quotes by C.S. Lewis
#158. And now, what does it all matter? It matters more than anything else in the world. The whole dance, or drama, or pattern of this three-Personal life is to be played out in each one of us: or (putting it the other way round) each one of us has got to enter that pattern, take his place in that dance. There is no other way to the happiness for which we were made. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Drama quotes by Jessica Pare
#159. I would like to explore comedy more. It's not something that I've done a lot of. Obviously, I'm very at home in drama. I like everything. #Quote by Jessica Pare
Drama quotes by Michael Mosley
#160. I think that there's a fine line between comedy and drama. #Quote by Michael Mosley
Drama quotes by Choi Yoon-young
#161. One line on the arm, one line on the heart. The bastards who stood by my side with two lines. They'll be the hardest farewells I'll have to make in my life and they're the luckiest fortune I've met in my lifetime. #Quote by Choi Yoon-young
Drama quotes by John Dryden
#162. I maintain, against the enemies of the stage, that patterns of piety, decently represented, may second the precepts. #Quote by John Dryden
Drama quotes by Ernest L. Boyer
#163. Art is humanity's most essential, most universal language. It is not a frill, but a necessary part of communication. The quality of civilization can be measured through its music, dance, drama, architecture, visual art and literature. We must give our children knowledge and understanding of civilization's most profound works. #Quote by Ernest L. Boyer
Drama quotes by Upton Sinclair
#164. Human beings suffer agonies, and their sad fates become legends; poets write verses about them and playwrights compose dramas, and the remembrance of past grief becomes a source of present pleasure - such is the strange alchemy of the spirit. #Quote by Upton Sinclair
Drama quotes by Matt Dillon
#165. I like doing comedy, I like doing drama. Naturally I like to do, I like doing dramas, I like conflict, and when I do a comedy, you know, I've found that, like, romantic comedy is the trickiest one, because often it's neither: it's not romantic and it's not funny. So, like, I like a comedy that's biting. It's biting humor or really quirky humor. #Quote by Matt Dillon
Drama quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#166. Socrates, the dialectical hero of the Platonic drama, reminds us of the kindred nature of the Euripidean hero who must defend his actions with arguments and counterarguments and in the process often risks the loss of our tragic pity; for who could mistake the optimistic element in the nature of the dialectic, which celebrates a triumph with every conclusion and can breathe only in cool clarity and consciousness. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Drama quotes by Mallory Jansen
#167. My parents would always tell you that I was the crazy princess growing up. I was a drama queen. #Quote by Mallory Jansen
Drama quotes by Kara DioGuardi
#168. I have breakups that I can credit to every song. In my twenties, I picked people who would create that dysfunction and drama, so I could draw upon it. #Quote by Kara DioGuardi
Drama quotes by Dave Hockaday
#169. Drama is promised to everyone no matter how humble you are. #Quote by Dave Hockaday
Drama quotes by Dennis Quaid
#170. I was a late bloomer. I tried out for the football team, and I got locked off the field. That's how I wound up in drama. #Quote by Dennis Quaid
Drama quotes by Steven Yeun
#171. I know a lot of people who say, "I reluctantly watched the first episode because I don't really like zombies and that stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised by the characters and the drama of it all." I think that's what keeps people coming back and brings new watchers to the show. What the show does is cross many, many different viewerships. #Quote by Steven Yeun
Drama quotes by Rhys Ifans
#172. The strange thing is, if I was speaking to drama students about the thing that you should do if you're lucky enough to know or to meet the character that you're playing, I'd say, 'It's obvious: you quiz them diligently about their experience.' #Quote by Rhys Ifans
Drama quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#173. The great drama of Russian history has been between its state and society. Put simply, Russia has always had too much state and not enough society. #Quote by Fareed Zakaria
Drama quotes by B.C. Morin
#174. Alannah?" He held her limp body waiting for a response. "Don't do this." He put his hand over the other cut whispering his words and healing it as well. "Alannah?" His voice begged, as he held her face in his hand Still no response. He looked at the ground she had laid on realizing that she had lost a lot of blood. Then from the corner of his eye he saw the rise and fall of her chest and let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. She still lives. #Quote by B.C. Morin
Drama quotes by Jason Segel
#175. That's the best advice I can give - when you're trying to write a comedy, first write a drama, and then make it funny. #Quote by Jason Segel
Drama quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
#176. [L]ife, individual or collective, personal or historic, is the one entity in the universe whose substance is compact of danger, of adventure. It is, in the strict sense of the word, drama ... [T]he primary, radical meaning of life appears when it is employed in the sense not of biology, but of biography. For the very strong reason that the whole of biology is quite definitely only a chapter in certain biographies, it is what biologists do in the portion of their lives open to biography. #Quote by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Drama quotes by Brandon Jay McLaren
#177. There are moments of levity. I feel like any great drama has moments of levity, or else it just becomes too hard to watch. 45 minutes of just pain and suffering is not enjoyable. We're trying to entertain people. #Quote by Brandon Jay McLaren
Drama quotes by Paul Langan
#178. If he's the person i think he is, he'll handle it just right" Tarah had said. "If not, your better off without him. #Quote by Paul Langan
Drama quotes by William Carlos Williams
#179. Dear Mama: The reason I didn't write last Sunday was because I was out of town. My friend Pound invited me to spend Saturday and Sunday with him … His parents are very nice people and have always been exceptionally kind to me. Mrs. Pound had prepared a fine meal … After supper Pound and I went to his room where we had a long talk on subjects that I love yet have not time to study and which he is making a life work of. That is literature, and the drama and the classics, also a little philosophy. He, Pound, is a fine fellow; he is the essence of optimism and has a cast-iron faith that is something to admire. If he ever does get blue nobody knows it, so he is just the man for me. But not one person in a thousand likes him, and a great many people detest him and why? Because he is so darned full of conceits and affectation. He is really a brilliant talker and thinker but delights in making himself just exactly what he is not: a laughing boor. His friends must be all patience in order to find him out and even then you must not let him know it, for he will immediately put on some artificial mood and be really unbearable. It is too bad, for he loves to be liked, yet there is some quality in him which makes him too proud to try to please people. I am sure his only fault is an exaggeration of a trait that in itself is good and in every way admirable. He is afraid of being taken in if he trusts his really tender heart to mercies of a cruel crowd and so keeps it hidden and trusts no one #Quote by William Carlos Williams
Drama quotes by Sean Penn
#180. It has nothing to do with the emotional demands of a role; I've done comedies that are as draining to me as any drama. #Quote by Sean Penn
Drama quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#181. I am light. I am not invisible when I look in the mirror - I am my own light that will shine, shine, and shine. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Drama quotes by Rose Blue
#182. Those who truly know, knows
those who don't, will learn if they ask #Quote by Rose Blue
Drama quotes by Gabrielle Union
#183. Drama can feel like therapy whereas comedy feels like there's been a pressure and a weight lifted off of you. You come to work and you laugh all day, you go home and you feel light and there's a certain feeling when you're sitting with the audience and they leave after 90 minutes and it's just pure escapism and they're happy. #Quote by Gabrielle Union
Drama quotes by Gillian Armstrong
#184. We need more drama on Australian TV. We've actually dropped the ball on that. #Quote by Gillian Armstrong
Drama quotes by Ian McKellen
#185. I think the point to be understood is that we're all different. I've never been a fan of theories of acting. I didn't go to drama school, so I was never put through a training that was limited by someone saying, 'This is the way you should act.' #Quote by Ian McKellen
Drama quotes by Cherie Lunghi
#186. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, the higher your profile, the more castable you are in TV dramas. #Quote by Cherie Lunghi
Drama quotes by Linus Roache
#187. When I went to drama school, I thought that everybody would think I was only there because my dad was on TV. #Quote by Linus Roache
Drama quotes by Ava Gardner
#188. When he fell down the stairs, he told people he'd had a stroke. He was just pissed out of his skull. I love Dirk, he is such a drama queen. #Quote by Ava Gardner
Drama quotes by Bill Rancic
#189. So many reality shows are scripted and create this fake drama, and it's a bunch of bull. We wanted to do something real and something wholesome and something that's focused on positive family values. #Quote by Bill Rancic
Drama quotes by Shawn Amos
#190. There was a time when a musician was forced to act in a video. Seeing a singer step too far outside of his comfort zone to pour all of his high-school-drama angst into a poorly scripted scenario was a sight to behold. #Quote by Shawn Amos
Drama quotes by James Mangold
#191. There's a level where the themes of a film are very relevant to me and also the idea of finding out how relevant one genre is to another. I think that westerns and samurai films and superhero films have a lot in common. It's just that the scale of the visuals in tentpole films can sometimes overwhelm the drama. #Quote by James Mangold
Drama quotes by Danny Denzongpa
#192. So one time for my disillusioned artists, I hear ya Two times for the kid that air-guitars in the mirror Three times for the 9-to-5-in' bus ridin' dudes And four times for my dreamers, yo I'm just like you That's why I sing for my queens with their own pair of wings My brothers flyin' beside me, drama behind me Mama tried to find me, she inquired emphatically I was in the sky with all these other ghetto kids, defying gravity, uh #Quote by Danny Denzongpa
Drama quotes by Dennis Mccullough
#193. Far from the cinematic drama of hospital emergency rooms, Slow Medicine embraces the unsung work of daily attention that is the greatest need and firmest foundation for longevity and quality of life at the farthest reach of age. Excellent chronic care attends to the day-to-day needs and conditions of the patient - by offering emotional support and social stimulation, supplying better nutrition, easing chronic skin and nail conditions, and making sleeping, moving, bathing, dressing, and voiding easier. Slow Medicine is the careful practice that most reliably sustains fragile patterns of well-being. This foundation for better elder care strengthens, rather than replaces, the selective use of high-tech care. During the time of the writing of this book, I have lived the #Quote by Dennis Mccullough
Drama quotes by Kyle Muntz
#194. I wish to try my hand at a novel," he said. "Just scribbling, I assure you, but it strikes me as such a noble art, requiring none of the monetary resources of opera or drama, nor the erudition of poetry. Perchance a publisher could be found. I'd be satisfied by the printing of even a score of copies, if only to hold the bound work in my hands. It gives a unique satisfaction, I assume, the writing of a novel. #Quote by Kyle Muntz
Drama quotes by Thomas Hardy
#195. Happiness is but a mere episode in the general drama of pain. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Drama quotes by Orlando Bloom
#196. When I was prepping for my Broadway debut as Romeo, it really hit me that I had never done that. I had trained at drama school for three years in my late teens to early 20s, and I'd studied Shakespeare, of course, but I hadn't actually performed it. So to do something like Romeo for my first Broadway role was a challenge. #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Drama quotes by Alistair Cooke
#197. More than anything else, though, to anyone who would write about it, golf offers a four-hour drama in two acts, which becomes memorable even in the tape-recorded reminiscenses of old champs, and which - in the hands of someone like Herb Wind - can become a piece of war correspondence as artfully controlled as Alan Morehead's account of Gallipoli. #Quote by Alistair Cooke
Drama quotes by Josh Peck
#198. You can bring truth to anything, whether it's a dance movie or an incredibly poignant indie drama or a really broad comedy. As long as you show up to play, I don't think you can go wrong. #Quote by Josh Peck
Drama quotes by Andrew Davies
#199. I'd love to adapt more contemporary novels. But there isn't really enough story and character to make a really satisfying serial, so they tend to be single dramas. #Quote by Andrew Davies
Drama quotes by Ko Joon-hee
#200. Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I will cry in anticipation of you. #Quote by Ko Joon-hee

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