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Dragon quotes by Cressida Cowell
#1. Perhaps I am a foolish, fond old dragon who never learns from his own mistakes. But I have to believe that the humans and the dragons are capable of living together. I have to hope that the impossible can be possible. I have to trust in the boy and hope for the best... #Quote by Cressida Cowell
Dragon quotes by Havelock Ellis
#2. Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive. #Quote by Havelock Ellis
Dragon quotes by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets
#3. The dragon sat up on his hind legs and swung wide his large wings. Fire sparked and ashes scattered in the air, whirling around Joseph and his friends. While they protected their eyes from the ashes and sparks, they heard the dragon's loud laughter that could freeze the bravest man's heart and the blood in his veins. "Ha, ha, ha, you have not disturbed me at all! It's just time for my lunch, and my lunch will be you! #Quote by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets
Dragon quotes by Sydney Marie Hughes
#4. Do not think me a maiden who needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon, and I will set the world aflame. #Quote by Sydney Marie Hughes
Dragon quotes by Guy Gavriel Kay
#5. Some writers later, describing the events of that night and day, wrote that Wan'yen of the Altai had seen a spirit-dragon of the river and become afraid. Writers do that sort of thing. They like dragons in their tales. #Quote by Guy Gavriel Kay
Dragon quotes by Cassandra Clare
#6. You don't sound very patriotic," observed Tessa.
"Weren't you just reminiscing about the mountains?"
"Patriotic?" Will looked smug.
"I'll tell you what's patriotic," he said.
"In honor of my birthplace, I've the dragon of Wales tattooed on my - "
"You're in a charming temper, aren't you, William?" interrupted Jem,
though there was no edge to his voice. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Dragon quotes by Pliny The Elder
#7. Wonderful is the wit and subtiltie that dumb creatures have & how they shift for themselves and annoy their enemies: which is the only difficultie that they have to arise and grow to so great an height and excessive bignesse. The dragon therefore espying the Elephant when he goeth to releese, assaileth him from an high tree and launceth himselfe upon him; but the Elephant knowing well enough well enough he is not able to withstand his windings and knittings about him, seeketh to come close to some trees or hard rockes, and so forth to crush and squise the dragon between him and them: the dragons ware hereof, entangle and snarle his feet and legges first with their taile: the Elephants on the other side, undoe those knots with their trunke as with a hand: but to prevent that againe, the dragons put in their heads into their snout, and so stop their breath, and withall, fret and gnaw the tenderest parts that they find there.

(Translated by Philomel Holland, 1601.
"The Book of Naturalists: An Anthology of the Best Natural History", 1944. p. 20) #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Dragon quotes by Xia Xia Lake
#8. Oy! Wait!" Hiro called after him.

"Yes, my lord?" "What's your name?"

"Takahashi Ryū. Like the dragon."

"Ryū…" Hiro rolled the name in his mouth, tasting honey. The traitorous sun briefly escaped from the clouds.

"Sayōnara, my lord."

"No," Hiro said. "Not sayōnara. Until we meet again, Ryū."

Ryū flashed him another gap-toothed grin. "Until we meet again, my lord. #Quote by Xia Xia Lake
Dragon quotes by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
#9. To reclaim our dignity and role as guardians of the planet will not be easy. But we can pray for the intercession of His mercy, knowing, according to an ancient promise, that "His mercy is greater than His justice." There is a real reason that the ancients understood that He is a wrathful God, and made penance and sacrifice to placate Him. We may think that our science and civilization can protect us from this primal power, but the symbol of the dragon as the power of the earth is not without meaning. We have little understanding of the archetypal forces that underlie our surface lives, and of how they are all interconnected and can manifest the will of God. We can no longer afford to be ignorant or think that we can abuse the world as long as we want. #Quote by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#10. Who are you?" she asked.
"A man who will do anything for another kiss."
"Just a kiss?"
"Nay. I want it all, but I'll take whatever you give me."
The world faded away as his head bent to her. A dark lock of hair fell forward and tickled her cheek. Hal's pale blue eyes ensnared her, trapped her. Captured her.
And then his lips were on hers. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Josie Litton
#11. Do you not think you could share this with Dragon?"
"Dragon,who was reluctant enough for this marriage and who now finds himself with a wife he can never hide anything from. Who will always know whether he is telling the truth or not. You think he would welcome such a wife?"
Cymbra thought for a moment. "Well...I don't know...Perhaps if you rubbed his feet."
Rycca stared at her in shock, saw the look of pure deviltry in Cymbra's eyes, and burst out laughing at the same moment as her new sister-in-law-and friend-did the same.They laughed and laughed, not quieting until Lion stirred, gazed at them reproachfully, and opened his mouth to unleash a bellow that reverberated off the nearby hills and sent the sea birds scattering to safety.
"Oh,my heavens," Rycca said when it was finally quiet enough to say anything at all.
Cymbra sighed.She rose, picked up her son, and tried to settle his head back against her shoulder. "It has been ever such.He almost brought the rafters down in the chapel at Hawksforte where he was christened."
"It is most impressive," Rycca said as she, too,stood. "I suppose that accounts for his name."
"It's actually Hakon,to honor Wolf and Dragon's father,but he is called Lion and I suspect he always will be."
Just as he would be satisfied only to be set down. On his own two feet, he toddled off determinedly toward the top of the hill, leaving the bemused women to follow. #Quote by Josie Litton
Dragon quotes by J.C. Cooper
#12. Next to the dragon, and connected with it, water is the most frequently used symbol in Taosim. It is the strength in apparent weakness, the fluidity of life, an also symbolic of the state of coolness of judgment, acceptance and passionlessness, as opposed to the heat of argument, the friction of opposition, and the emotion of desire. Water fertilizes, refreshes and purifies and it is symbolic of gentle persuasion in government of the state and the individual. It occupies the lowest position, yet is the most powerful of forces. The highest goodness in like water. #Quote by J.C. Cooper
Dragon quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#13. No, I can't stop for sonnets; my mother is sitting up. I'll look you up tomorrow, sometime or other, and do for goodness' sake try and realise that you're a pestilential scourge, or your find yourself in a most awful fix. Good-night! #Quote by Kenneth Grahame
Dragon quotes by Adele Clee
#14. When you enter the lair of a dragon you must expect to get a little burnt. #Quote by Adele Clee
Dragon quotes by Cressida Cowell
#15. In my beginning is my end....there were Dragons when I was a boy. #Quote by Cressida Cowell
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#16. The only sound was the crackle of the fire as they looked at each other. Then his mouth was on hers, moving seductively. She returned his kiss, opening for him when his tongue swept against her lips.
He enticed, he tempted.
He tantalized, he seduced.
And it was glorious. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Alexia Casale
#17. You are meant to heal. There is beauty and wild magic in the night. Enough to make you ache with joy and grow strong. There is no lesson in that. There is just reward, waiting for you, that asks nothing and demands no payment. Look! the Dragon orders. Look and tell me what more is needed. #Quote by Alexia Casale
Dragon quotes by Yoko Ono
#18. I'm kind of honored to be a dragon lady. The dragon is a very powerful, mythical animal. #Quote by Yoko Ono
Dragon quotes by Sherry Leclerc
#19. You are dragons, Lord Dreyken! You are not meant to spend your lives hidden in the dark. You are meant to spread your wings and fly, to feel the sun on your scales! Tell me, Lord Dragon, where is your joy?

~Talwyn, The Dragon Shifters at Southgate (coming soon) #Quote by Sherry Leclerc
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#20. No, I wasn't going to think about that. I didn't think about it through the long hours of flight. I didn't think about it as the sun came up – finally – on the horizon, bathing me in gold and hope. I didn't think of it when Hubric signaled a weary stop and we landed exhaustedly next to a pond in a rolling field of grass.

Stop thinking about it. Seriously. You're driving me crazy.

But honestly, how did you stop thinking about something like that? I'd been so close to having something I'd wanted all my life. I'd been so close to getting what I didn't even believe was possible. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#21. Why do you think I picked you?"

"Because I'm no trouble?"

"Because you're a dreamer and to me, your dreams taste like molten honey."

Imagine how that would scald your mouth!

"Not my mouth. It's my favorite treat. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Cassandra Clare
#22. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, but real."
Jace was looking at Simon as if he were some bizarre species of insect. "It's like what?"
"It's a game," Clary explained. She felt vaguely embarrassed. "People pretend to be wizards and elves, and they kill monsters and stuff."
Jace looked stupefied.
Simon grinned. "you've never hear of Dungeon and Dragons?"
"I've heard of dungeons," Jace said. "Also dragons. Although they're mostly extinct."
Simon looked disappointed. "You've never killed a dragon?"
"He's probably never met a six-foot-tall hot elf-woman in a fur bikini, either," Clary said irritably. "Lay off, Simon."
"Real elves are about eight inches tall," Jace pointed out. "Also, they bite. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Dragon quotes by Susan Scott
#23. Before she could touch him, he stepped back. "I've no need of a human."
"Half-Light," she corrected, still meeting his gaze in the surface. "I've no need of a dragon magician. #Quote by Susan Scott
Dragon quotes by L.L.
#24. The other girls were trying to become princesses, while I was out chasing fireflies on the backs of dragons. #Quote by L.L.
Dragon quotes by Cressida Cowell
#25. The mighty bosoms of Big-Boobied Bertha had killed many a Warrior in mortal combat. #Quote by Cressida Cowell
Dragon quotes by E.D. Baker
#26. The tinkle of wind chimes announcing the return of our fairy guests made us both look up. Our chance to be alone was going to be shorter than either of us had hoped.
I sighed and brushed an errant dragon scale from Eadric's tunic. "Someday when we have lots of time, remind me to tell you what you mean to me."
Eadric tilted my head back so he could gaze into my eyes. "I can tell you what you mean to me with just one word."
Let me guess," I said, smiling up at him. "Maybe I make you happy because you no longer have to enter kissing contests to find the best kisser? Do I bring excitement into your life because I can wisk you away to exotic lands on my magic carpet? Or do you find me delightful because I can conjure food whenever you're hungry?"
No, that's not ... Wait, what was that last one?"
I laughed and shook my head. "Never mind. So tell me in one word, what do I mean to you?"
That's easy," said Eadric. "Everything! #Quote by E.D. Baker
Dragon quotes by Richard Due
#27. Some people are just sad when there aren't talking squirrels. - Lily Winter #Quote by Richard Due
Dragon quotes by John Steinbeck
#28. A dragon killer, he was, a rescuer of damsels, and his small sins seemed so great to him that he felt unfit and unseemly. She wished her father were here. Her father had felt greatness in Tom. Perhaps he would know now how to release it out of its darkness and let it fly free. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Dragon quotes by Clarice Lispector
#29. But I also know of yet another life. I know and want it and devour it ferociously. It's a life of magical violence. It's mysterious and bewitching. In it snakes entwine while the stars tremble. Drops of water drip in the phosphorescent darkness of the cave. In that dark the flowers intertwine in a humid fairy garden. And I am the sorceress of that silent bacchanal. I feel defeated by my own corruptibility. And I see that I am intrinsically bad. It's only out of pure kindness that I am good. Defeated by myself. Who lead me along the paths of the salamander, the spirit who rules the fire and lives within it. And I give myself as an offering to the dead. I weave spells on the solstice, spectre of an exorcised dragon. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#30. Baylon wasn't sure he could conceal his craving for her, the need that clawed and ripped through him to declare Jordyn as his. It would be a death sentence, but to live without her ... that was also a death sentence. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Jim C. Hines
#31. Odd lair for a dragon", Darnak said, "and I've seen one or two in my times."
"Do all dragons own flower gardens?"
"This is the first one I've come across. #Quote by Jim C. Hines
Dragon quotes by Robert Jordan
#32. Men!" Min muttered at the door. "Too blind to see what a stone could see, and too stubborn to be trusted to think for themselves. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Dragon quotes by E. Nesbit
#33. Oh!" said Roberta, drawing a long breath; "it was like a great dragon tearing by. Did you feel it fan us with its hot wings?" "I suppose a dragon's lair might look very like that tunnel from the outside," said Phyllis. #Quote by E. Nesbit
Dragon quotes by Cassandra Gannon
#34. It seems the two of them had a falling out, and the dragon feels betrayed. What kind of idiot would betray a dragon? #Quote by Cassandra Gannon
Dragon quotes by Katie Reus
#35. I will not interfere with a male dragon while he is rutting. #Quote by Katie Reus
Dragon quotes by Robert Jordan
#36. The Seanchan fight the Shadow.
-message from Dragon Reborn to Egwene #Quote by Robert Jordan
Dragon quotes by Stieg Larsson
#37. Don't get me wrong - I was not a Nazi, and in my eyes Hitler seemed like some absurd character in an operetta. But, it would have been almost impossible not to be infected by the optimism about the future, which was rife among ordinary people in Hamburg. - Henrik Vanger #Quote by Stieg Larsson
Dragon quotes by Chris Runce
#38. The nasty evil idiot if a dragon! Why #Quote by Chris Runce
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#39. People will underestimate you. That is one of your greatest strengths. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Katie MacAlister
#40. Say that you want me."
His tongue was as hot as his fire.
"Holy Odin and all the little cherubs, I thought that was pretty clear. I do want you, very much."
"Tell me you accept what I am."
"A dragon, you mean?" I wiggled my hips against him, dragging my nails gently up his sides and back.
"Yes, I totally accept that you're really a dragon in a super-hot man package. #Quote by Katie MacAlister
Dragon quotes by Shirley Jackson
#41. It has always been my opinion that princesses are confined in towers only because they choose to stay confined, and the only dragon required to keep them there was their own desire to be kept. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Dragon quotes by Laini Taylor
#42. There were two mysteries, actually: one old, one new. The old one opened his mind, but it was the new one that climbed inside, turned several circle, and settled in with a grunt--like a satisfied dragon in a new cozy lair. And there it would remain--the mystery, in his mind--exhaling enigma for years to come. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Dragon quotes by J.R. Ward
#43. But isn't it ... ugly?"
"No. Not to me." She pressed a kiss to his chest. "It's fearsome and terrifying and powerful and awe-inspiring. And if anyone ever tried to get at me, that thing would wipe out a neighborhood. How could a girl not be charmed? Besides, after seeing those lessers in action, I'm grateful for it. I feel safe. Between you and the dragon, I don't have to worry."
(Rhage & Mary) #Quote by J.R. Ward
Dragon quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#44. When they were in school, Peter used to say that everything you do is a self-portrait. It might look like 'Saint George and the Dragon' or 'The Rape of the Sabine Women,' but the angle you use, the lighting, the composition, the technique, they're all you. You are every color and brushstroke. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Dragon quotes by George R R Martin
#45. I am the blood of the dragon, she thought. If they are monsters, so am I. #Quote by George R R Martin
Dragon quotes by Robert Jordan
#46. On a day of fire and blood, a tattered banner waved above Dumai's wells, bearing the ancient symbol of Aes Sedai. On a day of fire and blood and the one power, as prophecy had suggested, the unstained tower, broken, bent knee to the forgotten sign. The first nine Aes Sedai swore fealty to the Dragon Reborn, and the world was changed forever. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Dragon quotes by G.A. Aiken
#47. You're not leaving us, are you, cousin?"
"If you're going into the city, you may want to have a healer look at that chest of yours, brother. All that scratching you've been doing lately can't be good," Vigholf said.
"It might be scale-fungus," Meinhard added.
"And your pretty princess with the beautiful smile and alluring tail won't like that much."
"'Cause it spreads, it does!"
"Aww, now, Ragnar! That's rather a rude gesture! #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Dragon quotes by Joseph Campbell
#48. Dragons, you know, we have a good deal of biology and zoology about the dragon; we know their habits. The dragon tends to guard things, and he usually has these guarded in a cave ... Now dragons don't know what to do either with beautiful girls or gold, but they just hang on. There are people like this. We call them creeps. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Dragon quotes by Rick Riordan
#49. a dragon, a bear, a wolf, and two snakes entwined around a sword. The crest #Quote by Rick Riordan
Dragon quotes by Alison Goodman
#50. A shrieking rise of power rushed into my pathways, rocking me against the wall. Ido's body slammed into mine. He was not going to let go. Not now. The Rat Dragon howled, his heavy blue force driven back by the onslaught of sinuous gold. Raw,rejoicing energy flooded my seven centers of power; opening,pushing, seeking. And behind it all, a presence exulting in the joy of release and reunion. I looked up and finally my mind-sight was clear. I could see the Mirror Dragon. My Dragon. #Quote by Alison Goodman
Dragon quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#51. He closed his eyes and inhaled once again. And when he opened them, he peered over at her like a wounded dragon. "You are looking at a murderer. #Quote by Sylvain Reynard
Dragon quotes by Michelle Rowen
#52. I stared blankly at Rhys for what felt like about three days.
"Me?" I finally sputtered.
He nodded.
"You're kidding, right?"
"Not kidding."
I laughed then, and it sounded slightly hysterical. "I'm not
going to marry you."
"I'm not asking you to."
He eyed me. "And you can wipe that horrified look off your
face because it's obviously not true."
"Do I look horrified?"
"Yes, you do."
I grimaced. "Nothing personal, Rhys, but - "
He held up a hand. "Say nothing else. I shouldn't have even
mentioned it to you. I'll find another dragon to help me."
"Second opinions are really important," I said.
He just glowered at that.
We rode the rest of the way back to Erin Heights in silence.
Now I had even more information crowding my already full brain.
Maybe that Irena chick should go see a shrink, herself. She was
one crazy dragon lady. #Quote by Michelle Rowen
Dragon quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#53. It never does to leave a live Dragon out of the equation. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#54. Grace flattened her palm on his chest. "I've not been writing it correctly."
"Writing what, exactly?"
"Passion. I forgot what it was," she whispered. "I went off what I saw in movies or read, but I haven't ... experienced ... it in many years."
He didn't like thinking about other men being with her, but they were in the past. Where they would remain. "Were they no' good lovers?"
"They were all right, but without passion, it all feels ... empty."
Arian tightened his arm around her before he rolled her onto her back so he could look into her face. "I'll be happy to show you several times a day. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Christopher Paolini
#55. She gave him a wan smile. "And then you came, Eragon. You and Saphira. After hope had deserted me and I was about to be taken to Galbatorix in Uru'baen, a Rider appeared to rescue me. A rider and a dragon!"
"And Morzan's son," he said. "Both of Morzan's sons."
"Describe it how you will, it was such an improbable rescue, I occasionally think that I did go mad and that I've imagined everything since. #Quote by Christopher Paolini
Dragon quotes by John Green
#56. I kept thinking that it sounded like a dragon breathing in time with me, like I had this pet dragon who was cuddled up next to me and cared enough about me to time his breaths to mine. I was thinking about that as I sank into sleep. #Quote by John Green
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#57. Desire blazed, passion raged. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#58. No one will bother us now."
She touched his lips with her finger. "I think I'll scream if they do."
"Oh, you'll be screaming. That I promise you. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Tom Simon
#59. Dragons, for instance, have the right of safe conduct anywhere in Faërie. A reader may not like to read stories about dragons, she may be morally offended or aesthetically uninterested or simply sick of the subject; but at any rate she will not complain that the author has cheated by bringing in a dragon, because dragons belong in fantasy. #Quote by Tom Simon
Dragon quotes by Thaddeus White
#60. A golden dragon. Splendid. My life expectancy has just become shorter than a gnome's todger. #Quote by Thaddeus White
Dragon quotes by Terry Pratchett
#61. I'm afraid they're not very well-designed creatures, dragons."
Vimes listened.
"They would never have survived at all except that their home swamps were isolated and short of predators. Not that a dragon made good eating,
anyway-once you'd taken away the leathery skin and the enormous flight muscles, what was left must have been like biting into a badly-run chemical factory. No wonder dragons were always ill. They relied on permanent stomach trouble for supplies of fuel. Most of their brain power was taken up with controlling the complexities of then-digestion, which could distill flame-producing fuels from the most unlikely ingredients. They could even rearrange their internal plumbing overnight to deal with difficult processes. They lived on a chemical knife-edge the whole time. One misplaced hiccup and they were geography.
And when it came to choosing nesting sites, the females had all the common sense and mothering instinct of a brick."
Vimes wondered why people had been so worried about dragons in the olden days. If there was one in a cave near you, all you had to do was wait until it self-ignited, blew itself up, or died of acute indigestion. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Dragon quotes by Aida Jacobs
#62. Primordya forever! #Quote by Aida Jacobs
Dragon quotes by Aminah Mae Safi
#63. They will tell us we can be better than queens of the wild great something. They already told us we couldn't be fairy princesses or white knights or dragon slayers. They will tell us to grow up, be serious. They will tell us to fight for a spot at the table. But now, we don't. We desecrate their tables. We dance on tables. We take really big swords and hack those tables into tiny little pieces. #Quote by Aminah Mae Safi
Dragon quotes by Brynn Myers
#64. Aerric's skill as a fighter, along with the fact that he could not be killed, made him the ultimate weapon. Morrigan and Brighid had used the hide of a phoenix and a bit of Pandra's dragon blood to create him. #Quote by Brynn Myers
Dragon quotes by Tad Williams
#65. He led them around the base of a great fallen tree whose exposed roots resembled more than anything else a huge broom - a broom that would have fired the imagination of Rachel the Dragon toward heroic, legendary feats of sweeping. #Quote by Tad Williams
Dragon quotes by Michelle Sagara West
#66. Sanabalis never seemed to eat, and he deflected most of her questions about Dragon cuisine. Then again, he deflected most of her questions about Dragons, period. Which was annoying because he was one, and could in theory be authorative. #Quote by Michelle Sagara West
Dragon quotes by Deborah Blake
#67. Holy crap!" he said. "That's a big dog." "Yes," said Baba. "But a small dragon. #Quote by Deborah Blake
Dragon quotes by Naomi Novik
#68. Didn't he come to - to ask you for some magic?"
"No, he came to enjoy the view of the Wood," the Dragon said. "Of course he came for magic, and I sent him about his business, which is hacking at enemy knights and not meddling in things he scarcely understands. #Quote by Naomi Novik
Dragon quotes by Tori Amos
#69. It's been a thrilling journey - I have had to really learn that an orchestra is an entity - it's a creature. I have been calling it the dragon and the conductor is the dragon tamer. And you just have to ... ride and don't let go and you will be fine. #Quote by Tori Amos
Dragon quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#70. Stories have changed, my dear boy," the man in the grey suit says, his voice almost imperceptibly sad. "There are no more battles between good and evil, no monsters to slay, no maidens in need of rescue. Most maidens are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves in my experience, at least the ones worth something, in any case. There are no longer simple tales with quests and beasts and happy endings. The quests lack clarity of goal or path. The beasts take different forms and are difficult to recognize for what they are. And there are never really endings, happy or otherwise. Things keep overlapping and blur, your story is part of your sister's story is part of many other stories, and there in no telling where any of them may lead. Good and evil are a great deal more complex than a princess and a dragon, or a wolf and a scarlet-clad little girl. And is not the dragon the hero of his own story? Is not the wolf simply acting as a wolf should act? Though perhaps it is a singular wolf who goes to such lengths as to dress as a grandmother to toy with its prey. #Quote by Erin Morgenstern
Dragon quotes by Christopher Paolini
#71. Now there is a fitting sword for a Rider and dragon! said Saphira in a delighted tone. It breathes fire as easily as I do. #Quote by Christopher Paolini
Dragon quotes by Christopher Paolini
#72. If a dragon has already transferred their consciousness to their heart of hearts, then they will die a true death. #Quote by Christopher Paolini
Dragon quotes by Donita K. Paul
#73. Fenworth owned a world-famous library. More rooms held books than beds. Pillows stuffed in niches and comfortable chairs scattered throughout each room offered abundant paces to curl up and read. #Quote by Donita K. Paul
Dragon quotes by David Lagercrantz
#74. He understood immediately, and asked, 'What about the fire the dragon is breathing?' I said it was the same fire that burns inside everyone who is being trampled on. The same fire that can turn us into ashes and waste, but which sometimes, if some old fool like Holger spots us, plays chess with us and talks to us and just takes an interest, can become something totally different: a force which allows us to strike back. #Quote by David Lagercrantz
Dragon quotes by Kiersten White
#75. And so she cut out her heart and offered it as a sacrifice. She would pay whatever price her mother Wallachia demanded.
"Make me prince," she said without feeling. #Quote by Kiersten White
Dragon quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#76. I don't like perfect heroes; I can't recognize myself in them. I like flawed heroes, like me. I want to see how they struggle with their flaws and in spite of that manage to slay the dragon. #Quote by Bangambiki Habyarimana
Dragon quotes by Derek Hart
#77. Every day at 4:00 PM, Thaddeus Osbert serves tea. After all, he is a very proper dragon. Two lumps, milk not cream. He hums while playing mother. I so enjoy that time together. His guests are fascinating and we often discuss impossible things. #Quote by Derek Hart
Dragon quotes by Betsy Schow
#78. What manly task may I perform for you?"
"If you care for me at all, you'll slay a dragon."
"Such a simple task to prove my devotion? For you, I will gladly take up this quest. Why, by the age of ten, I had already felled my first ogre. #Quote by Betsy Schow
Dragon quotes by Kathleen Raine
#79. Of all created things the source is one, Simple, single as love; remember The cell and seed of life, the sphere That is, of child, white bird, and small blue dragon-fly Green fern, and the gold four-petalled tormentilla The ultimate memory. Each latent cell puts out a future, Unfolds its differing complexity As a tree puts forth leaves, and spins a fate Fern-traced, bird feathered, or fish-scaled. #Quote by Kathleen Raine
Dragon quotes by S.A. Rule
#80. A hungry dragon was a dangerous dragon. #Quote by S.A. Rule
Dragon quotes by E.K. Johnston
#81. Let me get this straight...You are sending me out in a minivan whose date of manufacture predates the year of my birth, so that I can watch two dragon slayers track down enormous fire-breathing animals, in an effort to prevent me from spending time in the library? #Quote by E.K. Johnston
Dragon quotes by Lita Burke
#82. We learned the seven traditional ways to make words unclear."
"Seven? That many? Which was the most effective?"
"Poor grammar skills. #Quote by Lita Burke
Dragon quotes by Robert Asprin
#83. One of the worst ways of being aroused from sound sleep, is by the noise of a dragon and a unicorn playing tag. #Quote by Robert Asprin
Dragon quotes by Anne Stuart
#84. He barely hesitated. "Then shall I ruin you, dragon?" "Yes please," she said. And she let the brown dress drop on the floor between them, closing her eyes once more. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Dragon quotes by Brad Thor
#85. What's this bit in Chinese that keeps popping up?" he said. "Xuĕ Lóng?"
"It's the codename for the operation."
"What does it mean?"
"Xuĕ Lóng is a mythical Chinese creature said to bring darkness, cold, and death."
"What's the translation?"
"In English, it would be called a snow dragon. #Quote by Brad Thor
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#86. You're a Scott," the Dark said, his lips peeled back in displeasure, as if just saying the word was revolting.
"And you're Irish. I'm so glad we got that settled. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Andrew Charlton
#87. In Dragon's Tail, Andrew Charlton explores the supercharged rise of China and considers Australia's future as the Chinese dragon stirs and shifts. #Quote by Andrew Charlton
Dragon quotes by G-Dragon
#88. I have good pronunciation no matter what language I speak. Maybe it's because my specialties are rapping and imitating others #Quote by G-Dragon
Dragon quotes by Naomi Novik
#89. You can actually muck with history and think about what if, why not. What if there were dragons in the Incan Empire that allowed them to resist colonization? What if there were a massive dragon empire in the middle of the interior of southern Africa that decided to take objection to the slave trade? #Quote by Naomi Novik
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#90. The humans had killed a dragon here or there for food. Just as a dragon had killed a human here and there for food. The dragons had never been told there was a being on this realm that wasna to be eaten."
Lexi twisted her lips in revulsion.
"You eat nearly every animal on this planet, do you no'?"
"That's different."
"Hardly," he stated. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
#91. You and I. We're going back. People are dying because of this beast. It must be stopped. And we will take the dragon this time, and water the ground with its blood. #Quote by Ruth Ford Elward
Dragon quotes by Christopher Paolini
#92. The debate raged on for so long, at last Saphira had interrupted with a roar that shook the walls of the command tent. Then she said, I am sore and tired, and Eragon is doing a poor job of explaining himself. We have better things to do than stand around yammering like jackdaws, no? ... Good now listen to me.
It was reflected Eragon, hard to argue with a dragon. #Quote by Christopher Paolini
Dragon quotes by Bhavik Sarkhedi
#93. A Guy with a Tiger Tattoo meets
A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

The Guy was scared of the dragon,
Tiger was shy of the Girl. #Quote by Bhavik Sarkhedi
Dragon quotes by Juliette Cross
#94. A dragon was ten times more capable of swooping in and stealing the maiden away than that prissy fuckstick, prince charming. #Quote by Juliette Cross
Dragon quotes by Cass Ark Galleas
#95. You're not winged because you are flying on a dragon #Quote by Cass Ark Galleas
Dragon quotes by Bryan Fields
#96. I drew, doing my best to adjust for elevation and wind. Archery ranges don't offer 'shooting from Dragon-back' practice. Vikan #Quote by Bryan Fields
Dragon quotes by Terry Spear
#97. She didn't want to talk about his nonsensical fairy stuff. "That's because you can't take me there. You're not capable of it. Because it doesn't exist. #Quote by Terry Spear
Dragon quotes by Criss Jami
#98. Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back. #Quote by Criss Jami
Dragon quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#99. By the way, I do enjoy fairytale endings, in case you misunderstood me." He glanced at her and smiled. "I like it when good wins over evil ... when the knight defeats the dragon and saves the fair maiden ... and when the woodsman saves Little Red Riding Hood. I like it when they say, 'And they lived happily ever after' ...
Just because I'm a man doesn't mean that I don't have a romantic bone in my body." Rick gave a curt nod. "Men can be romantic, too. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
Dragon quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#100. You're chasing the dragon, you're chasing the high. A bird with one wing, who's still trying to fly. #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
Dragon quotes by Keith Miller
#101. ...his favorite books, those he'd read over and over so he knew just the lurch his heart would make when he turned the page and encountered the illustration of the despondent dragon under a half-moon or the fervor with which he flipped the final pages of another, the story so vivid he felt his relationship with that book was less an act of reading than a visit, a place he went to. #Quote by Keith Miller
Dragon quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#102. Chronicler wiped the nib of his pen clean, "It's not really my place to comment on the story," he said placidly. "If you say you saw a dragon ... " He shrugged. Kvothe gave him a profoundly disappointed look. "This from the author of The Mating Habits of the Common Draccus? This from Devan Lochees, the great debunker?" "This from Devan Lochees who agreed not to interrupt or change a single word of the story he is recording." Chronicler lay his pen down and massaged his hand. "Because those were the only conditions under which he could get access to a story he very much desired. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Dragon quotes by Rick Riordan
#103. Beckendorf, whose legs were now working fine (nothing like being chased by a huge monster to get your body back in order) shook his head and gasped for breath. You shouldn't have turned it on! It's unstable! After a few years, automatons go wild! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Dragon quotes by G.A. Aiken
#104. Stop it! Both of you!" the dragon called out. "I have enough beauty to share with everyone!" Ignoring the beautiful but useless dragon, #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Dragon quotes by Katie MacAlister
#105. I am a dragon. We do not nag. We suggest. #Quote by Katie MacAlister
Dragon quotes by Bryan Fields
#106. Riding a Dragon is amazing, exhilarating, and murder on the thighs. #Quote by Bryan Fields
Dragon quotes by Deborah Blake
#107. Cookies, a dragon dog, and a sword: what every well-equipped little girl takes on a journey. #Quote by Deborah Blake
Dragon quotes by G-Dragon
#108. It's better to be hated than ignored. #Quote by G-Dragon
Dragon quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#109. Thought folk were buried there?" "They are! And their treasures! So the dragon guards the hoard. That's what dragons do. Bury gold and you hatch a dragon, see? #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#110. Fae with Rhi's kind of ability were myth and legends - not true beings. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Payne Hawthorne
#111. Teaser from the soon to be released: Redemption of Fire; My Demon Master Book 2. (with Reference to the character, Cain, from Dormant Desires, Book 4; CAIN.

In the oddest, surreal moment, I look out and see one lone face. It's Cain, the chimera by curse and not birth. He's been welcomed into Demon-kind as one of them. Almost a treasured being for all his uniqueness. In all reality, he is the most divine among us. The product of an angel and a Neanderthal. A very son of the first Eve. It is he alone who is not prostrate before me. Our eyes lock and my vision goes wonky. I can see details and colors and etched outlines like I never imagined. I see Cain's magnificent aura as it embraces him like a full-body halo. He is watching the spectacle that is me with detached interest. It's as if he has truly seen everything there is too see and this is nothing more than a repeat of some long forgotten original episode. He is unafraid. I can feel how calm he is. Before he drops his eyes, surrendering to the dominance of my dragon, he gives me a slightly amused expression and a small nod of encouragement. #Quote by Payne Hawthorne
Dragon quotes by J.K. Rowling
#112. As Harry and Ron rounded the clump of trees behind which Harry had first heard the dragons roar, a witch leapt out from behind them.
It was Rita Skeeter. She was wearing acid-green robes today; the Quick-Quotes Quill in her hand blended perfectly against them.
"Congratulations, Harry!' she said beaming at him. "I wonder if you could give me a quick word? How you felt facing that dragon? How do you feel now about the fairness of the scoring?"
"Yeah, you can have a word," said Harry savagely. "Goodbye! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#113. Enkenay is different. He's more than a normal dragon now.

Good. Because we were going to need more than normal the way things were headed. We were going to need everyone to be extraordinary. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Rick Riordan
#114. Destroy it?' Leo was appalled. 'You've got a life-size bronze dragon, and you want to destroy it?'
'It breathes fire,' Nyssa explained. 'It's deadly and out of control.'
'But it's a dragon! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#115. It would be so much easier if I could just be a student instead of always a pawn in a bigger game – and I had no illusions. I was no center of the storm. I was no rook or bishop. I was a pawn and nothing more. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Foundation For Inner Peace
#116. Children perceive frightening ghosts and monsters and dragons and they are terrified. Yet if they ask someone they trust for the meaning of what they perceive, and are willing to let their own interpretations go in favor of reality, their fear goes with them. When a child is helped to translate his 'ghosts' into a courtain, his 'monster' into a shadow and his 'dragon' into a dream he is no longer afraid, and laughs happily at his own fear.
You, my child, are afraid of your brothers and of your Father and of yourself. But you are merely deceived in them. Ask what they are of the Teacher of reality, and hearing His answer, you too will laugh at your fears and replace them with peace. For fear lies not in reality, but in the minds of children who do not understand reality. It is only their lack of understanding that frightens them, and when they learn to perceive truly they are not afraid. #Quote by Foundation For Inner Peace
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#117. All I know is that I like how I feel when I'm with you. I love how protective you are and that you aren't afraid to say you're sorry. I like how you touch me and kiss me. I like how you hold me, but more than anything, I like the possibilities that are before us."
"We're in the middle of a war," he warned.
She shrugged and ran her hands up his chest and over his shoulders to clasp around his neck. "Every couple has their own issues to get through. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Earl Weaver
#118. The Chinese tell time by 'The Year of the Horse' or 'The Year of the Dragon.' I tell time by 'The Year of the Back' and 'The Year of the Elbow.' This year it's 'The Year of the Ulnar Nerve.' Someone once asked me if I had any physical incapacities of my own. 'Sure I do,' I said. 'One big one - Jim Palmer.' #Quote by Earl Weaver
Dragon quotes by Becca Mann
#119. Never scheme with a conniving dragon! #Quote by Becca Mann
Dragon quotes by Charlie Higson
#120. Nasty little dragon. It wouldn't happen again. He was St George and he would slay the dragon. That was how it worked, wasn't it? He knew the story. He was a hero, a patron saint. He was England. This country was his. His people were marching towards him from all corners. He would take his throne. But first he had to destroy the dragon. He would butcher him like a piece of meat; a long pig, that's all he was: cutlets, chops, ribs and chitterlings. He would make sausages out of him, ha, because in the end he was nothing more than a side of pork ... No, smaller than that. He was just a lamb. A leg of lamb. Yes. He would slaughter the lamb. #Quote by Charlie Higson
Dragon quotes by Jaymin Eve
#121. The smallest smile finally graced his face as he handed me a paper plate. Nestled in the center was a slice of lemon cake. I stared at it for a moment before a tear escaped the corner of my eye. Braxton laughed .
"You are still the only supe I know to cry about cake." I sucked down my sob .
"There are very few things in this world which can move me to tears." I hugged the plate close to my chest.
"This is just beautiful."

Eve, Jaymin (2015-01-29). Dragon Marked: Supernatural Prison #1 (pp. 307-308). . Kindle Edition. #Quote by Jaymin Eve
Dragon quotes by Amanda Lovelace
#122. when
my dragon
with the
green eyes

a knife
& cut off
all my long,
pretty hair,
taking away
the only thing
- over before it began #Quote by Amanda Lovelace
Dragon quotes by Ash Gray
#123. You said the d-word," Owllwin said regretfully. "I didn't think you would, or I woulda warned ya."
" . . . the d-word?" Cricket repeated in confusion.
"Yeah . . ." Owllwin paused as if he was glancing around, then he whispered through the wall, "Dragon."
Cricket blinked. "Why can't I say that? #Quote by Ash Gray
Dragon quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#124. If you are a monster, stand up.
If you are a monster, a trickster, a fiend,
If you've built a steam-powered wishing machine
If you have a secret, a dark past, a scheme,
If you kidnap maidens or dabble in dreams
Come stand by me.

If you have been broken, stand up.
If you have been broken, abandoned, alone
If you have been starving, a creature of bone
If you live in a tower, a dungeon, a throne
If you weep for wanting, to be held, to be known,
Come stand by me.

If you are a savage, stand up.
If you are a witch, a dark queen, a black knight,
If you are a mummer, a pixie, a sprite,
If you are a pirate, a tomcat, a wright,
If you swear by the moon and you fight the hard fight,
Come stand by me.

If you are a devil, stand up.
If you are a villain, a madman, a beast,
If you are a strowler, a prowler, a priest,
If you are a dragon come sit at our feast,
For we all have stripes, and we all have horns,
We all have scales, tails, manes, claws and thorns
And here in the dark is where new worlds are born.
Come stand by me. #Quote by Catherynne M. Valente
Dragon quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#125. For the first time in maybe my whole life, I feel dangerous and magical, like a dragon or a mermaid. A fury, standing there with my half-gone grape slush and my jaw clenched, ready for whatever comes next. #Quote by Brenna Yovanoff
Dragon quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
#126. The dragon took his other arm. But he is still a dragonslayer, no matter what. #Quote by Ruth Ford Elward
Dragon quotes by Katie Reus
#127. I'm just sorry your dragon is so hell bent on mating with someone as fucked up looking as me," he murmured, keeping his voice light even though he wasn't joking at all. God, everything about her was perfect. It was no surprise she was so resistant to mating with him....
To his surprise, she snorted and smacked his stomach.
"Bran Devlin, you're the sexiest male I've ever met. If you want me to stroke your ego you're out of luck."
Then, to his utter fucking surprise, she slid her hand lower and grasped his already hardening cock before looking up at him. Her smile was an erotic mix of uncertainty and wickedness.
"But I don't mind stroking this. #Quote by Katie Reus
Dragon quotes by Melissa Jensen
#128. He shoved up his sleeves, displaying several thin leather bracelets and the red-and-black tip of a dragon tail just above his right elbow. I've never actually seen the head. It's on Daniel's back, Frankie told us once, between his shoulder blades. "So,my children, what is up?"
"We're trying to figure out how to get a soul-sucking, male lower life-form out of Ella's head," Frankie explained.
"Kill him," Daniel said casually. "Unless there's a symbiotic thing going on and Ella would have to die, too. That would be a shame."
Here's the thing about Daniel. He has always scared me a little. I don't bother going through the scar-hiding motions; I'm convined he can see right through clothing. Not that he leers. He's not a leerer. He has two facial expressions: cold and amused. He also has a second tattoo, on the inside of his left wrist, that looks exactly like how I would expect a gang mark to look. Frankie has never said a word about that tat. Or much about his brother's friends.Who have names like Ax and spend time in police custody. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Dragon quotes by C.E. Murphy
#129. We lay there in the dark for a split second before the beast galumphed toward us. Meabh, always quick with a sword, sprang to her feet and charged the dragon head-on while I mostly just wondered who or what I'd offended in a past life that this one was peopled by dragons. Except I didn't have any past lives, so apparently I'd offended somebody in this life and was facing instant karma. That didn't really improve anything, in my ever so humble opinion. #Quote by C.E. Murphy
Dragon quotes by Katie Cross
#130. One does not have to see the sea to know that monsters live there. #Quote by Katie Cross
Dragon quotes by Victor Hugo
#131. The primitive races of mankind were terrified by the hydra that flew upon the water, by the dragon that belched fire, by the griffin, that aerial monster with wings on an eagle and a tiger's claws - fearful creatures beyond the control of men. But man sets his traps, the miraculous traps conceived by human intelligence, and in the end he captured them. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Dragon quotes by Cassandra Clare
#132. Alec had been cranky that day, having wrenched his arm almost out of its socket during a fight with a dragon demon. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Dragon quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#133. A handsome prince fights a terrible, beautiful dragon and slays him then carries the head home strapped to his saddle. The lesson is obvious. When one is a monster, one does well to beware knights in shining armor. A good lesson for Eleanor."

Zach heard the meaning behind Søren's words. "Nora is not a monster. She's not perfect obviously. But she's a good person, and to call her a monster is ridiculous."

"You know her that well, do you?" Soren asked, turning to face him full-on. "Before tonight she scared you, didn't she? Her fearlessness, her brazeness, I'm sure it's terrifying at first. Foreign to those who lead proverbial life of quiet desperation as I imagine you do. She scared you with the sheer force of her life and being. But now you look around and think her courage is merely a byproduct of her damage. You imagine I abused her, changed her. And you would save her, as Wesley imagines he can? You would be her knight in shining armor? Yes, before you feared her and now you pity her. I assure you, Zachary, you were right the first time. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Dragon quotes by Jury Nel
#134. You don't have to slay a dragon to be perceived a hero - smiling at someone at the right moment might also do the trick. #Quote by Jury Nel
Dragon quotes by Kristen Ciccarelli
#135. The story of a girl who hunted dragons to soothe the hurt in her heart. The story of the dragon who changed her. #Quote by Kristen Ciccarelli
Dragon quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#136. then coiling his length together, roaring like thunder underground, he sped from his deep lair through its great door, out into the huge passages of the mountain-palace and up towards the Front Gate. To hunt the whole mountain till he had caught the thief and had torn and trampled him was his one thought. He issued from the Gate, the waters rose in fierce whistling steam, and up he soared blazing into the air and settled on the mountain-top in a spout of green and scarlet flame. The dwarves heard the awful rumour of his flight, and they crouched against the walls of the grassy terrace cringing under boulders, hoping somehow to escape the frightful eyes of the hunting dragon. There they would have all been killed, if it had not been for Bilbo once again. "Quick! Quick!" he gasped. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dragon quotes by Chloe Neill
#137. Who are they?" I whispered, as we took seats opposite each other.
Scout glanced up as she pulled notebooks and books from her bag. "The dragon ladies. They monitor lights-out, watch us while we study, and generally make sure that nothing fun occurs on their watch."
"Awesome," I said, flipping open my trig book. "I'm a fun hater myself. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Dragon quotes by Julie Kagawa
#138. I was a huge bookworm as a kid, and you could usually find me reading something with a dragon on its cover. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Dragon quotes by Deborah Blake
#139. The taxi driver dropped them off back at the Wabasha Street Caves and drove off clutching a huge tip and muttering under his breath about dog drool on his upholstery. In return, Chudo-Yudo muttered something about taxi drivers tasting good with ketchup. #Quote by Deborah Blake
Dragon quotes by Ho Chi Minh
#140. When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out. #Quote by Ho Chi Minh
Dragon quotes by Robert Jordan
#141. He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone.
-from The Dragon Reborn. By Loial, son of Arent son of Halan, the Fourth Age. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Dragon quotes by Thea Harrison
#142. She frowned. "Did I do or say something yesterday that I should apologize for?"
"Not you cupcake," said Graydon. "But apparently a lot of other people in the Tower have. Rune thinks we should rename it Melrose Place. I think Peyton Place has a more classic feel to it, don't you?"
"Oh no," she said. "You got the tablecloth away from Tricks."
Rune grinned. "Not before the little shit bit me. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Dragon quotes by Jon Stewart
#143. Some people look at a glass and see it as half-full. Others look at a glass and call it a dragon. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Dragon quotes by Corey Taylor
#144. When I was a kid, I had THE biggest crush on Helen Reddy. I mean like for REAL crush - like 'spend some time in the bathroom thinking about her' crush. I blme Pete's Dragon. There she was - flushed, singing, clas in a tight wet plaid shirt. Judas Priest she was fabulous. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Dragon quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#145. All hail the dragon slayer!" (Bones) #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Dragon quotes by Steven William Lawrie
#146. The happiest days of our lives [are] days such as this when one's work [begins] to reach fruition and to assume the contours of its imminent completion.

(A. Herzbruch, in A Murder at Dragon Bay) #Quote by Steven William Lawrie
Dragon quotes by G-Dragon
#147. They (TVXQ) really are the perfect sunbaes. #Quote by G-Dragon
Dragon quotes by Lisa See
#148. A dragon doesn't surrender. A dragon fights fate. This is not some loud, roaring feeling. It feels more like someone blew on an ember and found a slight orange glow. #Quote by Lisa See
Dragon quotes by G.A. Aiken
#149. You certainly are Lord Know-It-All this evening, aren't you?"
"Only when necessary. Otherwise I try not to let my brilliance overshadow my giving and loving nature. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Dragon quotes by Rick Riordan
#150. Now- I don't know what you think of when I say dragon. Whatever it is- it's not scary enough. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Dragon quotes by Julie Kagawa
#151. The soldier can only be human. He can never be a dragon." Ember started to reply, but i leaned down so that our faces were maybe an inch apart. She froze, and i brushed a palm across her cheek.
"I can be both #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Dragon quotes by Josie Litton
#152. Dragon!" she said and moved ahead of her husband to greet her brother-in-law with a warm hug. "You look well. The leg is still not bothering you?"
"It would not dare, after the terror you put it through. #Quote by Josie Litton
Dragon quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#153. I need air. I need a new brain. I need to jump out a window and catch a ride with a dragon to a world far from here. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Dragon quotes by Katie Reus
#154. With his supernatural vision he immediately spotted Rhea sitting near the shoreline, her legs stretched out in front of her.
Unfortunately she had on clothing. Not that he'd expected her to be naked. Still, a dragon could dream....
After shifting to his human form he let his camouflage drop and headed toward her.
He held onto his clothes, but didn't bother to put them on as he stalked across the sand. Nudity was no big deal to shifters but normally he clothed himself in front of females in socially appropriate situations. Now, the most primal part of him wanted Rhea to see all of him.
To see what he had to offer her. #Quote by Katie Reus
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#155. Don't look like that. Anything worth doing is worth risking for. Now, let's get to work. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#156. And over all those sleepy weeks, the dream always ended the same way, with the dragon coming for the princess saying the same words every time ...
Face it, Tally-wa, you're Special. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Dragon quotes by Josie Litton
#157. There was time after that to eat the very fine meal Cymbra and Magda prepared with Rycca's able assistance, to linger over the table as Dragon spun stories, and for lovers to dream the night away in each other's arms.
But on the morning tide, while yet a ghostly mist lingered over the water, shouts rang out on the quays, oars slipped into their locks, and sails billowed as a dozen war-armed dragon ships sailed for England. #Quote by Josie Litton
Dragon quotes by Julie Kagawa
#158. I am in love with a dragon.
Let the Order condemn me, I mused, perhaps my first truly rebellious thought in a lifetime. Let them call me a traitor and hunt me down. For thirteen years, I had followed commands, livid by the rigid code of St. George, become their perfect soldier, only to discover the Order I'd dedicated my life to was wrong. Everything I thought I'd knew was a lie. The only real thing was the girl in my arms. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Dragon quotes by Donna Grant
#159. Not once in her life had Darcy wanted to thumb her nose at danger and rip the clothes off a man, but she was contemplating that very thing. #Quote by Donna Grant
Dragon quotes by Alison Goodman
#160. "The She of the dragon will return and ascend
When the cycle of twelve draws to an end ... "
"The She of the Dragoneye will restore and defend
When the Darkforce is mastered with Hua of All Men. #Quote by Alison Goodman
Dragon quotes by Abigail Owen
#161. Are you going to eat me?" she asked. #Quote by Abigail Owen
Dragon quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#162. No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith. #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
Dragon quotes by Mineko Ohkami
#163. Thatz: "Why'd you have to get him all worked up? He'll drag us into it.

Rune: "You're just lazy, Thatz. #Quote by Mineko Ohkami
Dragon quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#164. Imagine being part of a people who thought life was worth less than the convenience of a moment. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Dragon quotes by Rick Riordan
#165. Besides, killing a ring dragon is a very personal thing. You would have to wield me yourself. An act like that affects your wyrd."
I frowned. "You mean it affects you weirdly?"
"No. Your wyrd."
"You're weird," I muttered.
"He means fate," Blitzen put in, signing as he spoke for Hearth's benefit. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Dragon quotes by Dave Anthony
#166. Narcissism really spreads its wings and soars on twitter. It's like watching a dragon hatch and learn to fly. #Quote by Dave Anthony
Dragon quotes by Paul Vangelisti
#167. Ablaze with alabaster one must admit
as long as there is near music kicking around
nowhere more winsome than in the outlandish passage
from April to California, Sunday to Jose, March to French
and all the wilderness and Septembers in between.
Slow ghost thicket, a tempo of someone's own,
please please the quintessentially readymade
and risen stranger, the tremor in the house,
rather than some unfinished crime without dragon
or alibi in the drowsy garden.
O savage, O brightening Niagara,
O briefest, fussy thing in ruffled light,
wait, I am a stranger here myself. #Quote by Paul Vangelisti
Dragon quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#168. His bite will be cruel, but his tongue cunning,
His breath seductive, but his grip deadly.
The Dragon knows only hunger, never sated,
Only thirst, never quenched.
- Song of Venda #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Dragon quotes by Thea Harrison
#169. Thunderclouds gathered in his violet eyes. He growled. A thoroughly annoyed baby dragon was quite a sight. Her face compressed, and she bit both of her lips. She would not laugh. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Dragon quotes by Terry Pratchett
#170. Ye gods, it was so much better when there were just four of us up against that bloody great dragon, Vimes thought as they walked on. Of course, we nearly got burned alive a few times, but at least it wasn't complicated. It was a damned great dragon. You could see it coming. It didn't get political on you. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Dragon quotes by Nikita Gill
#171. And sometimes, you are going to be
as fierce as a dragon
armed in scales of impenetrable gold
and sometimes you are going to be
as vulnerable as a lamb,
soft and comforting in newborn wool.
Both versions of you deserve to be loved.
Both versions of you are needed.
Both versions of you are beautiful. #Quote by Nikita Gill
Dragon quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#172. If you're referring to the incident with the Dragon, I was barely involved. All I did was give your uncle a little nudge out of the door. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dragon quotes by Anne Bishop
#173. *You have learned well,* Dragon said. *But heed me, little one. You must guard the webs you weave that make dreams into flesh. Many beings will cherish those webs because they are spun out of magic that lives in the heart. But there will be others who will want to destroy that heart-magic before it can touch the world. Guard the webs ... Weaver of Dreams.* Dragon's breath came out in a long sigh ... and then there was silence. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Dragon quotes by Madeleine Albright
#174. Really, I have to laugh because there was a whole set of stories that made me sound like the Dragon Lady, you know, 'tough this and tough that.' Then there is this business about 'gooey.' The bottom line is I am a pragmatic idealist. #Quote by Madeleine Albright
Dragon quotes by Erin Kellison
#175. Nothing can age a dragon, but you just might be the exception. #Quote by Erin Kellison
Dragon quotes by Robert Genn
#176. Now familiar with my own particular voice and accent, my Dragon app prints out exactly what I speak into my iPad. Twenty years ago this miracle would be unthinkable. #Quote by Robert Genn
Dragon quotes by Ben Elton
#177. The massive machine bore down on them. Nearly fourteen feet long and six wide, it seemed to completely fill the bridge. Almost a ton and a half of wood, glass, rubber, brass and steel, a monster, roaring and trumpeting as it approached its kill, the great shining black fender arches framing its huge goggling eyes. The thrusting tusks of its sprung-leaf suspension threatened to skewer any soft flesh and young bone that lay in its path. Black smoke billowed from its rear. Sparks spat from behind its grille. No dragon of ancient legend could have seemed more terrifying or more deadly. #Quote by Ben Elton
Dragon quotes by Steven Pressfield
#178. Slay that dragon once, and he will never have power over you again. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Dragon quotes by Tony DiTerlizzi
#179. I was a tremendous fan of the original Kenneth Grahame short story, 'The Reluctant Dragon.' #Quote by Tony DiTerlizzi
Dragon quotes by Joseph Robert Lewis
#180. So we spend a few months on the road, looking for the Alcani. And say we find them. Either the Dragon Solstice happens, and we save the world, or it doesn't happen, and we've still found a lost people, and all it cost us was a few months on the road. Besides, we've seen the scars all over Tenjia and Duskland. The burned forests and fields of ash. There aren't enough faeries to bring back the land, not at the rate the dragons are scorching it. I think it makes sense that the unicorns are supposed to be here, protecting the land, somehow. Only an idiot would ignore a disaster she could see with her own eyes, stick her head in the sand, and hope it all works out just fine on its own. #Quote by Joseph Robert Lewis
Dragon quotes by Ilona Andrews
#181. I can be a good dragon, when the occasion requires it. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Dragon quotes by Michelle Knudsen
#182. Meg, I'm not suddenly some kind of all-knowing dragon expert, you know. #Quote by Michelle Knudsen
Dragon quotes by L'Poni Baldwin
#183. He couldn't take his eye off that dragon
There was something odd about the swaying of his tail
... he watched his curved and voluptuous reptilian legs move with grace ...
... its stare was docile and ... loving ...
He wanted that creature
He wanted him all to himself
He slapped his forehead, "Get ahold of yourself, George. It's a dragon!"
He couldn't hold himself
He followed the dragon-shifter into its cave
From Lonely George and the Dragon God, a standalone story deriving from the universe built in Dragons and Cicadas. #Quote by L'Poni Baldwin
Dragon quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#184. Here the spirit becomes a lion who would conquer his freedom and be master…

Who is the great dragon whom the spirit will no longer call lord and go? 'Thou shalt' is the name of the great dragon.

But the spirit of the lion says, 'I will. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Dragon quotes by G.A. Aiken
#185. She released him and Kleitos rubbed his neck, glaring at the two guards outside her door.
"And you do nothing?" he demanded.
Demetrius shrugged. "Our orders are quite specific, Chancellor - " "Never mind! #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Dragon quotes by Katie Reus
#186. Dragon females were the deadliest warriors, after all. #Quote by Katie Reus
Dragon quotes by Josie Litton
#187. You are the third bride wed for peace," Cymbra said with a smile. "And to be frank, it has not been an easy road for the two of us who went before. Yet knowing what we do now, neither Krysta nor I would ever have chosen a different path."
"How much choice did you have?"
To Rycca's surprise, Cymbra laughed. "In my case, none." She sighed in mocking languor. "I still remember Wolf's deeply romantic proposal. He told me that if I did not wed him, he would kill my brother."
"He what?"
"Oh,don't worry, he's gotten much better." She laughed again, fondly. "Much, much better.Besides, Dragon is the one who was always good with women."
Rycca could not dispute that but neither could she ignore what she had just been told.Shocked, she asked, "What did you do?"
"Do? Why,I punched him,of course. What else could I do? He went to our wedding worried that the blow still showed."
"You...punched him?" The ethereal beauty beside her had struck the fierce Wolf?
"Rycca,dear sister, something you must learn at once.Wolf and Dragon are both wonderful men but they are also overwhelming. It is part of their charm. Nontheless,with them it is always best to be firm. For that matter, the same can be said of my brother, as Krysta learned readily enough."
"She and Lord Hawk seem devoted to each other."
"As are Wold and I. That doesn't mean one should be a meek little woman rubbing feet."
"What a horrible notion! However did you think of it?"
"Oh, #Quote by Josie Litton
Dragon quotes by Neal Stephenson
#188. Aister interprets the myth as 'an exposition of a logical problem: Supposing
that originally there was nothing but one creator, how could ordinary binary
sexual relations come into being?'"
"Ah, there's that word 'binary' again."
"You may remember an unexplored fork earlier in our conversation that would have
brought us to this same place by another route. This myth can be compared to
the Sumerian creation myth, in which heaven and earth are united to begin with,
but the world is not really created until the two are separated. Most Creation
myths begin with a 'paradoxical unity of everything, evaluated either as chaos
or as Paradise,' and the world as we know it does not really come into being
until this is changed. I should point out here that Enki's original name was
En-Kur, Lord of Kur. Kur was a primeval ocean -- Chaos -- that Enki conquered."
"Every hacker can identify with that."
"But Asherahas similar connotations. Her name in Ugaritic, 'atiratu yammi'
means 'she who treads on (the) sea (dragon)'."
"Okay, so both Enki and Asherah were figures who had in some sense defeated
chaos. And your point is that this defeat of chaos, the separation of the
static, unified world into a binary system, is identified with creation."
"Correct. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Dragon quotes by Nataša Pantović

How many of you wish to be Wizards when you grow old?
How many of you want to fly?

I wished to become a dragon – he said
And he looked at us with eyes filled with fire

The Wizard of Earth's Sea
Descended to tell us a secret of
Get to know – he said - God's true name

The word will initiate Power
Gate keepers of Ancient Knowledge
Will open their doors
Mythological Archetypes will start their dance
Leading you to your tribal clout

Skeletons scattered over the burial grounds
Ancestors with their weapons and spears
Saints and Demons
Doctors and Gypsies
Healers and Witches
Will join you to celebrate

The Birth of Self
Power of Mind over Body
The Vision of the Dominion of Light #Quote by Nataša Pantović
Dragon quotes by Ann Brashares
#190. Maybe happiness didn't have to be about the big, sweeping circumstances, about having everything in your life in place. Maybe it was about stringing together a bunch of small pleasures. Wearing slippers and watching the Miss Universe contest. Eating a brownie with vanilla ice cream. Getting to level seven in Dragon Master and knowing there were twenty more levels to go.
Maybe happiness was just a matter of the little upticks- the traffic signal that said "Walk" the second you go there- and downticks- the itch tag at the back of your collar- that happened to every person in the course of the day. Maybe everybody had the same allotted measure of happiness within each day.
maybe it didn't matter if you were a world-famous heartthrob or a painful geek. Maybe it didn't matter if your friend was possibly dying.
Maybe you just got through it. Maybe that was all you could ask for. #Quote by Ann Brashares
Dragon quotes by Josie Litton
#191. Good," Dragon said with satisfaction. "Now we'll try it the other way."
"Other? But this is perfectly fine."
"You can't get anywhere lying on your back." His smile turned devilish. "Well, actually you can but perhaps this isn't the time to dwell on that. #Quote by Josie Litton
Dragon quotes by Beth Moore
#192. The great dragon was thrown out - the ancient serpent ... the Devil and Satan, the one who deceives the whole world. Revelation 12:9 #Quote by Beth Moore
Dragon quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#193. We spend our waning strength to no avail. For till we be sure where the Dragon will pass, it is vain to climb.' 'But #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dragon quotes by Elizabeth Munro
#194. I will bear Cloud through the portal," Fury says as Soar ties the last knot on his armour. "Flay will carry you."
"Who?" Soar turns as the female nods.
She's carrying me?
"Where are we going?"
"Skyfall, Master Soar," Fury stands. Cloud is small in his arms. "You shall be a guest of the Dragonkin."
"I hope our guest is delicious," Flay comments as she looks Soar over. Is she flirting or does she plan on eating him?
Maybe both. #Quote by Elizabeth Munro
Dragon quotes by Terry Pratchett
#195. Fantasy doesn't have to be fantastic. American writers in particular find this much harder to grasp. You need to have your feet on the ground as much as your head in the clouds. The cute dragon that sits on your shoulder also craps all down your back, but this makes it more interesting because it gives it an added dimension. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Dragon quotes by Jen Campbell
#196. These places are time machines, spaceships, story-makers, secret-keepers. They are dragon-tamers, dream-catchers, fact-finders, and safe places. They are full of infinite possibilities and tales worth taking home. #Quote by Jen Campbell
Dragon quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#197. There are trials in life that feel as tremendous as a quest to slay dragons. These trials are daunting. They require hard work, determination, and courage. But when the dragon is finally slain, the relief is immense. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Dragon quotes by Shana Abe
#198. Lora, beloved. Lora of the moon and sky. You are a dragon."
Ah, sighed the fiend, swelling with delight inside me, filled with an awful, awful recognition. Ah, ah! AH!
"That is enough," I shouted over them both; rather, I tried to shout, but my voice was so strangled it came more as a gasp. "I don't know what you're playing at, but I don't appreciate your games. I-I came here to tell you to stop pestering me, and leaving me gifts, and smiling at me-"
"You dream of flying," Jesse said, which cut me off midsentence.
"Aye." He nodded, shadows and gold, tall and warm and much too near. "I know all about it. I know all about you. You have wings at night. You lift as smoke. And you come to me, don't you? Always to me."
I could not reply. I could barely take a breath.
This is a dream, this is all still a dream, it's just a new part to the dream, that's all-
"It's why you're here now, tonight. You're drawn to me, as fiercely as I am to you. You didn't even have to follow my song this time. I muted it, didn't you notice? And you came anyway."
For a long, long moment, I gave up on breathing. For a long, long moment, all I heard was my heartbeat and his, and a gull crying miles away, and the distant thunder of a German bomb exploding on innocent ground.
Jesse lifted a hand and placed it on my arm. His palm felt hot against the cotton of my sleeve, his fingers felt firm, and that rush of longing and pleasure that always overtook me at his touc #Quote by Shana Abe
Dragon quotes by Dion Fortune
#199. The Scorpion connects with the Serpent through the Dragon. #Quote by Dion Fortune
Dragon quotes by Richelle Mead
#200. Oh, and I'm also happy to watch our darling little love child dragon while you're in St. Louis. #Quote by Richelle Mead

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