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Drabinova Red quotes by Stephen King
#1. knife. "Sure you have," Andy agreed. "But you don't do it. Because guys like us, Red, we know there's a third choice. An alternative to staying simon-pure or bathing in the filth and the slime. It's the alternative that grown-ups all over the world pick. You balance off your walk through the hog-wallow against what it gains you. You choose the lesser of two evils and try to keep your good intentions in front of you. And I guess you judge how well you're doing by how well you sleep at night... #Quote by Stephen King
Drabinova Red quotes by Virginia Woolf
#2. This is the place to which he is coming. This is the table at which he will sit. Here, incredible as it seems, will be his actual body. This table, these chairs, this metal vase with its three red flowers are about to undergo an extraordinary transformation. Already the room, with its swing-doors, its tables heaped with fruit, with cold joints, wears the wavering, unreal appearance of a place where one waits expecting something to happen. Things quiver as if not yet in being. The blankness of the white table-cloth glares. The hostility, the indifference of other people dining here is oppressive. We look at each other; see that we do not know each other, stare, and go off. Such looks are lashes. I feel the whole cruelty and indifference of the world in them. If he should not come I could not bear it. I should go. Yet somebody must be seeing him now. He must be in some cab; he must be passing some shop. And every moment he seems to pump into this room this prickly light, this intensity of being, so that things have lost their normal uses--this knife-blade is only a flash of light, not a thing to cut with. The normal is abolished. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Drabinova Red quotes by Ted Cruz
#3. You'd better believe that Putin sees that in Syria, Obama draws a red line and ignores the red line. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Drabinova Red quotes by George R.R. Martin
#4. Joffrey called out, "Dog!"
Sandor Clegane seemed to take form out of the night, so quickly did he appear. He had exchanged his armor for a red woolen tunic with a leather dog's head sewn on the front. The light of the torches made his burned face shine a dull red. "Yes, Your Grace?" he said.
"Take my betrothed back to the castle, and see that no harm befalls her," the prince told him brusquely. And without even a word of farewell, Joffrey strode off, leaving her there.
Sansa could feel the Hound watching her. "Did you think Joff was going to take you himself?" He laughed. He had a laugh like the snarling of dogs in a pit. "Small chance of that." He pulled her unresisting to her feet. "Come, you're not the only one needs sleep. I've drunk too much, and I may need to kill my brother tomorrow." He laughed again.
He was mocking her, she realized. "No one could withstand him," she managed at last, proud of herself. It was no lie.
Sandor Clegane stopped suddenly in the middle of a dark and empty field. She had no choice but to stop beside him. "Some septa trained you well. You're like one of those birds from the Summer Isles, aren't you? A pretty little talking -bird, repeating all the pretty little words they taught you to recite."
" Take your look." His fingers held her jaw as hard as an iron trap. His eyes watched hers. Drunken eyes, sullen with anger. She had to look. The right side of his face was gaunt, with sharp cheekbones and a grey eye beneat #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Drabinova Red quotes by Meghan Quinn
#5. I turn toward Dylan, who's already reaching into her dress and unclasping her bra. The production crew rotates around us, cleaning up and preparing for tomorrow's show, ignoring Dylan's impending freeing of her breasts. They're used to it by now. They know, when the show's over and the red light has been turned off, Dylan is reaching into her shirt or dress and taking off her bra. I just wish when she did it, she didn't grunt like a pig digging for truffles. #Quote by Meghan Quinn
Drabinova Red quotes by Rollo Tomassi
#6. You are who you believe you are, and you are who she perceives you to be. #Quote by Rollo Tomassi
Drabinova Red quotes by Dana Marie Bell
#7. Her hands stroked his head, pushed his wild, tangled red mane from his face. "Welcome back, love.

Robin Goodfellow, Knight of Oberon and the most dangerous being on earth save one, sobbed like a broken child. #Quote by Dana Marie Bell
Drabinova Red quotes by Susie Day
#8. I know! I was like, hello, woman, do you have to unleash your flowing red tides of PMS on ickle me? #Quote by Susie Day
Drabinova Red quotes by Ben H. Winters
#9. And Alison's leaning gently on my arm, her wild bouquet of orchid-red curls tickling into my neck. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Drabinova Red quotes by Alexander Chee
#10. I took in her shoes, the dark leather and bright red laces, the toes of the shoes like smirks and the high heels like stems or talons. They were cancan shoes. I'd never seen them before and so I stared at them. I'd #Quote by Alexander Chee
Drabinova Red quotes by Joy Harjo
#11. I lay my body down in another city, another hotel room. Once Louis Armstrong and his band stayed here. Later the hotel fell to trash. New money resurrected it. Under the red moon of justice, I dream with the king of jazz. #Quote by Joy Harjo
Drabinova Red quotes by Neil Gaiman
#12. Fat Charlie looked at the front yard, at the faded plastic flamingos and the gnomes and the red mirrored gazing ball sitting on a small concrete plinth like an enormous Christmas tree ornament. He walked over to the ball, just like the one he had broken when he was a boy, and saw himself distorted, staring back from it. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Drabinova Red quotes by Janet Frame
#13. Quick, where is the Red Cross God with the ointment and plaster the needle and thread and the clean linen bandages to mummify our festering dreams? #Quote by Janet Frame
Drabinova Red quotes by Cameo Renae
#14. Who cared anyway? I was going to Alaska, for heaven's sake. I'd never heard of any hotties from Alaska. All I pictured were big, scruffy men in red flannels with plenty of facial hair. #Quote by Cameo Renae
Drabinova Red quotes by Kameron Hurley
#15. Aliens bled red, just like everybody else. #Quote by Kameron Hurley
Drabinova Red quotes by Umberto Boccioni
#16. It will be readily admitted that brown tints have never coursed beneath our skin; it will be discovered that yellow shines forth in our flesh, that red blazes, and that green, blue and violet dance upon it with untold charms, voluptuous and caressing. #Quote by Umberto Boccioni
Drabinova Red quotes by Mary Jane Hathaway
#17. Lucy rubbed her back, a feeling of panic tightening her chest. She was the last person to give love advice. She hadn't done anything but pine for Jem since he'd gone, and done nothing but pine for him since he'd returned. She hadn't taken her love for him and put it anywhere at all.
Alda looked up, eyes red. "I need to take that love and spread it around. What a waste to just keep it tucked inside. #Quote by Mary Jane Hathaway
Drabinova Red quotes by Edward Kennedy
#18. There is no morality in the mushroom cloud. The black rain of nuclear ashes will fall alike on the just and the unjust. And then it will be too late to wish that we had done the real work of this atomic age, which is to seek a world that is neither red nor dead. #Quote by Edward Kennedy
Drabinova Red quotes by Ike Barinholtz
#19. My first car was a 1999 red Mazda Protege. #Quote by Ike Barinholtz
Drabinova Red quotes by Terry Farrell
#20. I grew up on red meat and corn. But I don't eat like that anymore. #Quote by Terry Farrell
Drabinova Red quotes by Sophie Blackall
#21. I glean a few times a week, and it's all about the subject line. I look for the lyrical, "Billowy Red Scarf Girl" or the funny, "Hipster Chick Who Passed Gas," the unintentionally funny, "Looking for the Hot Girl in Pink Dress," ones that immediately suggest images, "Furry Arms Under a Yellow Umbrella," or the plain odd, "Seeking Girl Who Bit Me Twice ... " I don't think I've ever abandoned one ... the images usually arrive fully formed in my head as soon as I read the message, and I decide whether to draw it or not. #Quote by Sophie Blackall
Drabinova Red quotes by Larry Correia
#22. With his long red beard, and bristling with firearms and knives, he reminded me of a pirate. A very mellow pirate, but a pirate nonetheless. #Quote by Larry Correia
Drabinova Red quotes by Sarah Jio
#23. My eyes blinked like a camera shutter clicking through the frames of my life, except the images were mismatched and haphazard: a ragged-looking doll with a rose-colored dress; crocheted white baby mittens, slightly unraveled; a row of tulips, vibrant red; Rex's smile; a rusty weather vane whirling in the wind.
My eyelids fluttered, fighting to remain open, but when they closed, the welcoming image that waited beckoned me to stay, promising to give me the comfort, the peace I longed for.
The camellias.
I could see them, seemingly endless rows of big, bushy green trees with waxy leaves and showy flowers the size of saucers. Pinks, reds- bursting into bloom, as if they'd been painted by the Queen of Hearts. #Quote by Sarah Jio
Drabinova Red quotes by Jeanann Verlee
#24. unsolicited advice to adolescent girls with crooked teeth and pink hair

When your mother hits you, do not strike back. When the boys call asking your cup size, say A, hang up. When he says you gave him blue balls, say you're welcome. When a girl with thick black curls who smells like bubble gum stops you in a stairwell to ask if you're a boy, explain that you keep your hair short so she won't have anything to grab when you head-butt her. Then head-butt her. When a guidance counselor teases you for handed-down jeans, do not turn red. When you have sex for the second time and there is no condom, do not convince yourself that screwing between layers of underwear will soak up the semen. When your geometry teacher posts a banner reading: "Learn math or go home and learn how to be a Momma," do not take your first feminist stand by leaving the classroom. When the boy you have a crush on is sent to detention, go home. When your mother hits you, do not strike back. When the boy with the blue mohawk swallows your heart and opens his wrists, hide the knives, bleach the bathtub, pour out the vodka. Every time. When the skinhead girls jump you in a bathroom stall, swing, curse, kick, do not turn red. When a boy you think you love delivers the first black eye, use a screw driver, a beer bottle, your two good hands. When your father locks the door, break the window. When a college professor writes you poetry and whispers about your tight little ass, do not take it as a compliment #Quote by Jeanann Verlee
Drabinova Red quotes by Arthur Miller
#25. In America, any man who is not a reactionary in his views is open to the charge of alliance with the Red hell. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Drabinova Red quotes by Nancy Reagan
#26. I always liked red. It's a picker-upper. #Quote by Nancy Reagan
Drabinova Red quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#27. Low fiber, red meat rich diets increase the risks of colon cancer, and obesity is linked to breast cancer, but much more about these links remain unknown, especially in molecular terms. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Drabinova Red quotes by C. Thomas Howell
#28. I grew up as a child living 'Red Dawn.' I was leaping out of spider holes, mowing down Russkies at the age of eight. #Quote by C. Thomas Howell
Drabinova Red quotes by Ben Hecht
#29. A sprinkling of diners saying, 'We eat, but not amid normal surroundings. We are emancipated from normal sourroundings. It is extremely important that we eat off little red circular tables instead of big brown square tables in order to conform with our mission, which is that of non-conformity. #Quote by Ben Hecht
Drabinova Red quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#30. The same rightists who decades ago were shouting, 'Better dead than red!' are now often heard mumbling, 'Better red than eating hamburgers. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Drabinova Red quotes by Andre Aciman
#31. I smiled right away, because I caught his attempt to backpedal, which instantly brought complicit smiles to our faces, like a passionate wet kiss in the midst of a conversation between two indviduals who, without thinking, had reached for each other's lips through the scorching red desert both had intentionally placed between them so as not to grope for each other's nakedness. #Quote by Andre Aciman
Drabinova Red quotes by Michael K. Simpson
#32. That is why I strongly believe we should working in Congress to make America a better place to run a business by reducing the costly burdens of bureaucracy and red tape. #Quote by Michael K. Simpson
Drabinova Red quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#33. As he shook off his servant's grip and staggered heavily to his feet, the sunlight streaming through the outside door struck him full in the face.

Samantha gasped.

A fresh scar, still red and angry, bisected the corner of his left eye and descended down his cheek in a jagged lightning bolt, drawing the skin around it taut. It had once been an angel's face with the sort of masculine beauty reserved only for princes and seraphim. #Quote by Teresa Medeiros
Drabinova Red quotes by Victor Gischler
#34. Kidpool: Seems like we spend a lot of time bashing flunkies. There's no end to them.
Lady Deadpool: They belong to the same union as Stormtroopers and red shirts. #Quote by Victor Gischler
Drabinova Red quotes by Lawrence Norfolk
#35. They drank from a spring which filled an ancient stone trough behind the ruin. Beyond it lay overgrown beds and plants John had never set eyes on before: tall resinous fronds, prickly shrubs, long grey-green leaves hot to the tongue. Nestling among them he found the root whose scent drifted among the trees like a ghost, sweet and tarry. He knelt and pressed it to his nose.
'That was called silphium.' His mother stood behind him. 'It grew in Saturnus's first garden.'
She showed him the most ancient trees in the orchards, their gnarled trunks cloaked in grey lichen. Palm trees had grown there too once, she claimed. Now even their stumps had gone.
Each day, John left the hearth to forage in the wreckage of Belicca's gardens. His nose guided him through the woods. Beyond the chestnut avenue, the wild skirrets, alexanders and broom grew in drifts. John chased after rabbits or climbed trees in search of birds' eggs. He returned with mallow seeds or chestnuts that they pounded into meal then mixed with water and baked on sticks. The unseasonal orchards yielded tiny red and gold-streaked apples, hard green pears and sour yellow cherries. #Quote by Lawrence Norfolk
Drabinova Red quotes by Jean Rhys
#36. I can remember every second of that morning, if I shut my eyes I can see the deep blue colour of the sky and the mango leaves, the pink and red hibiscus, the yellow handkerchief she wore around her head, tied in the Martinique fashion with the sharp points in front, but now I see everything still, fixed for ever like the colours in a stained-glass window. Only the clouds move. It was wrapped in a leaf, what she had given me, and I felt it cool and smooth against my skin. #Quote by Jean Rhys
Drabinova Red quotes by C.S. Lewis
#37. An odd by-product of my loss is that I'm aware of being an embarrassment to everyone I meet. At work, at the club, in the street, I see people, as they approach me, trying to make up their minds whether they'll 'say something about it' or not. I hate it if they do, and if they don't. Some funk it altogether. R. has been avoiding me for a week. I like best the well brought-up young men, almost boys, who walk up to me as if I were a dentist, turn very red, get it over, and then edge away to the bar as quickly as they decently can. Perhaps the bereaved ought to be isolated in special settlements like lepers. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Drabinova Red quotes by Diana Vreeland
#38. All my life I've pursued the perfect red. I can never get painters to mix it for me.
It's exactly as if I'd said, "I want Rococo with a spot of Gothic in it and
a bit of Buddhist temple" – they have no idea what I'm talking about.
About the best red is to copy the color of a child's cap in any Renaissance
portrait. #Quote by Diana Vreeland
Drabinova Red quotes by Alex Kapranos
#39. The Beatles were huge for me, ... I used to jump around the room to the red album, the one with all the early hits on it. It made you feel euphoric. It was a sensation I couldn't get from anything else, whether it was playing football, swimming or even seeing 'Star Wars.' #Quote by Alex Kapranos
Drabinova Red quotes by Jason Bennett
#40. When I step foot to my locker and change shoes for training, its like turning on a switch. I become a creature. Not a human. I look to tear apart anyone and everyone in my way to hugeness and I don't care how I do it. I can feel my heart start jumping and my body start saying "beat me into the ground like a red-headed step child. I want punishment" I WANT TO BE A FREAK, A FREAK I TELL YOU!! #Quote by Jason Bennett
Drabinova Red quotes by Van Harden
#41. We are not perfect in ourselves, but in Him we are. In the red circle of this world, there is no hope. However, because you're living in the purple wedge, there is always His hope, power, and joy. #Quote by Van Harden
Drabinova Red quotes by Victoria Roberts
#42. No matter how much he denied his attraction to her, those red curls haunted his dreams like brilliant flames that couldn't be extinguished...
"Fuirich air falbh on teine," he said under his breath, but loud enough for her to hear. Stay away from the fire. #Quote by Victoria Roberts
Drabinova Red quotes by Mel Brooks
#43. The more serious the situation, the funnier the comedy can be. The greatest comedy plays against the greatest tragedy. Comedy is a red rubber ball and if you throw it against a soft, funny wall, it will not come back. But if you throw it against the hard wall of ultimate reality, it will bounce back and be very lively. Very, very few people understand this. #Quote by Mel Brooks

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