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Dr Peebles quotes by Francesca Zappia
#1. I think you might be surprised how thin the lines between art and sports really are - some artists consider their craft a sport, and some athletes consider their sport an art. My point is we ascribe value to the things we care most about, but sometimes we don't stop long enough to take a look at the bigger picture" -Dr. #Quote by Francesca Zappia
Dr Peebles quotes by Harriet Ann Jacobs
#2. Dr. Flint had sworn that he would make me suffer, to my last day, for this new crime against him, as he called it; and as long as he had me in his power he kept his word. #Quote by Harriet Ann Jacobs
Dr Peebles quotes by M.L Rapier
#3. There is sometimes a fine line between a cop and a criminal. What drives their personality may be the same, and they have simply chosen different roles and professions to call their own."

Dr. ML Rapier PhD, Clinical Psychologist. #Quote by M.L Rapier
Dr Peebles quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#4. If it had not rained on a certain May morning Valancy Stirling's whole life would have been entirely different. She would have gone, with the rest of her clan, to Aunt Wellington's engagement picnic and Dr. Trent would have gone to Montreal. But it did rain and you shall hear what happened to her because of it. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Dr Peebles quotes by Kendra Elliot
#5. Can I get by now?" She peered around him, spying several figures moving outside the big tent. Dr. Victoria Peres had requested her forensic skills three hours ago, and Lacey itched to see what the doctor had found. Something unusual enough to demand Lacey come directly to the site instead of waiting to study the dental aspect of the remains in a heated, sterile lab. Or #Quote by Kendra Elliot
Dr Peebles quotes by Emilia Clarke
#6. My normal stuff is Dr. Perricone's hypoallergenic range. I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I struggled to find anything because my skin would react to so much stuff. #Quote by Emilia Clarke
Dr Peebles quotes by Albert Schweitzer
#7. I see in him (Dr. Max Gerson) one of the most eminent medical geniuses in the history of medicine ... he was greatly impeded by adverse political conditions. #Quote by Albert Schweitzer
Dr Peebles quotes by Walter A. Jensen
#8. According to [Dr. Erich] Fromm, what motivates so many Believers, regardless of religious affiliation, is the image of the Divine, an image that many Believers try to emulate (e.g. Imitatio Christi). Fromm states that within a humanistic religion, "God is the image of man's [and/or woman's] higher self, a symbol of what man [or woman] potentially is or ought to become" but "in an authoritarian religion, God becomes the sole possessor" of human's reason and love.

Erich Fromm's contributions to sociological theory
(2017; 9780970491947; pg.34) #Quote by Walter A. Jensen
Dr Peebles quotes by Steve Gould
#9. I looked at Perston‐Smythe. "Are you going to let them do this?"
Cox did smile then. "Dr. Perston‐Smythe is a contracted employee of the agency. Who do
you think notified us in the first place?"
I took a step toward the desk and had the small pleasure of seeing the smile drop from Cox's
face. Five witnesses. Better make it good. I smiled then. "I have just one thing to say, then.
And I hope you'll report it to your superiors, of whom there must be many."
Cox narrowed his eyes. "Yes?"
"We mean no harm to your planet," I said.
And jumped. #Quote by Steve Gould
Dr Peebles quotes by Anonymous
#10. No doctor knows everything. There's a reason why it's called "practising" medicine. #Quote by Anonymous
Dr Peebles quotes by Susannah Cahalan
#11. One thought is that this is just a coincidence, that [NMDA-receptor encephalitis] and schizophrenia are unrelated. But Mother Nature doesn't work that way. The best hypothesis for schizophrenia is that at least some of those cases can also be explained by a [similar] dysfunction,' said Dr. Balice-Gordon. #Quote by Susannah Cahalan
Dr Peebles quotes by Dr. Emmanuel Moore Abolo
#12. No one can save the world unless those who are determined to destroy it are dead #Quote by Dr. Emmanuel Moore Abolo
Dr Peebles quotes by William L. Shirer
#13. Every morning the editors of the Berlin daily newspapers and the correspondents of those published elsewhere in the Reich gathered at the Propaganda Ministry to be told by Dr. Goebbels or by one of his aides what news to print and suppress, how to write the news and headline it, what campaigns to call off or institute and what editorials were desired for the day. In #Quote by William L. Shirer
Dr Peebles quotes by S.J Perelman
#14. FREEDLEY: Will I feel better after I take it? DR. FITCH (coldly): I, am a physician, Freedley, not an astrologer. If you want a horoscope, there's a gypsy tearoom over on Lexington Avenue. #Quote by S.J Perelman
Dr Peebles quotes by Dr. Thomas Gordon
#15. People's problems are like onions - they come in layers. Only after the outside layers are peeled off do they get down to the core problem. Sometimes people know what the real problem is but are afraid to start there; more often they are not even aware of what is underneath. When a person starts out talking to you about some bothersome problem, you generally hear only the 'presenting problem.' Active Listening effectively facilitates the helpee to move through the presenting problem and finally get down to the core problem. #Quote by Dr. Thomas Gordon
Dr Peebles quotes by Richelle Mead
#16. I left the clinic in a daze that had nothing to do with my head injury. Clear up in a week or so? How could Dr. Olendzki speak so lightly about this? I was going to look like a mutant for Christmas and most of the ski trip. I had a black eye. A freaking black eye.
And my mother had given it to me. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Dr Peebles quotes by Christine Brodien-Jones
#17. Going by Dr. Marriott's description, Zoe imagined it to be small and elegant as she peered into dozens of shelves, rummaging through the contents. There were globes and charts and atlases, pocket watches and hand-painted Indian silk, gold-plated cutlery, litter coffers of spice, inlaid combs, silver fasteners, trinket boxes, blown-glass figurines, turn-of-the-century postcards with foreign stamps, and portraits of Victorian authors in elaborate frames. But nowhere did she discover a stone of any kind, with or without runes. #Quote by Christine Brodien-Jones
Dr Peebles quotes by Michael Sata
#18. Dr. Kaunda, although he was running a one-party state, was very close to the West, and that is why he achieved as much as he did. But we drifted away from the West to look for new friends. #Quote by Michael Sata
Dr Peebles quotes by Dr. Robert Ford
#19. The message being that the divine gift does not come from a higher power, but from our own minds. #Quote by Dr. Robert Ford
Dr Peebles quotes by Linus Pauling
#20. [David Harker asked: Dr Pauling, how do you have so many good ideas?]
Well David, I have a lot of ideas and throw away the bad ones. #Quote by Linus Pauling
Dr Peebles quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#21. Miss Sedley was almost as flurried at the act of defiance as Miss Jemima had been; for, consider, it was but one minute that she had left school, and the impressions of six years are not got over in that space of time. Nay, with some persons those awes and terrors of youth last for ever and ever. I know, for instance, an old gentleman of sixty-eight, who said to me one morning at breakfast, with a very agitated countenance, 'I dreamed last night that I was flogged by Dr Raine.' Fancy had carried him back five-and-fifty years in the course of that evening. Dr Raine and his rod were just as awful to him in his heart then, at sixty-eight, as they had been at thirteen. If the Doctor, with a large birch, had appeared bodily to him, even at the age of threescore and eight, and had said in awful voice, 'Boy, take down your pants ... ' Well, well ... #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Dr Peebles quotes by Tony Robbins
#22. Dr. Rosenberg has brought the simplicity of successful communication into the foreground. No matter what issue you're facing, his strategies for communicating with others will set you up to win every time. #Quote by Tony Robbins
Dr Peebles quotes by Olivia Culpo
#23. I wash my face day and night. I actually really love Dr. Lancer face wash, and I also love Neutrogena. #Quote by Olivia Culpo
Dr Peebles quotes by Dr. Seuss
#24. Gray day. Everything is gray. I watch. But nothing moves today. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Dr Peebles quotes by Dr. Seuss
#25. The more you read, the more things you will know. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Dr Peebles quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#26. The bride Celina and her groom Omar, with Junior, now Dr. Sotomayor. As my first official act, #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Dr Peebles quotes by Alan Moore
#27. The superman exists and he's American. #Quote by Alan Moore
Dr Peebles quotes by Albert Schweitzer
#28. In case my life should end with the cannibals, I hope they will write on my tombstone, 'We have eaten Dr. Schweitzer. He was good to the end.' #Quote by Albert Schweitzer
Dr Peebles quotes by Julie Schumacher
#29. You've clearly been charged with hiring a jack-of-all-trades. And Dr. Auden is that mythical creature you seek: fully qualified to teach British and American literature, women's studies, composition, creative writing, intermediate parasailing, advanced sword swallowing, and subcategories and permutations of the above. #Quote by Julie Schumacher
Dr Peebles quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#30. Um, Dr. Alexander, there's a couple out here who say they're related to you. They ... um ... they're biker people. (Nurse) Hey, Julian. Tell Attila the Hun here that we're okay so we can come and ooh and aah over the babies. (Eros) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dr Peebles quotes by John Green
#31. Dr. Karen Singh liked to say that a unwanted thought was like a car driving past you when you're standing on on the side of the road, and I told myself I didn't have to get into that car, that my moment of choice was not whether to have the thought, but whether to be carried away by it.
And then I got in the car. #Quote by John Green
Dr Peebles quotes by Melvin Van Peebles
#32. I can't read or write music. When I want to remember something, I try to remember all the keys on the piano. Which is what I still do. I put the numbers on the keys. And that's got to become music again. #Quote by Melvin Van Peebles
Dr Peebles quotes by Allyson James
#33. Who is Baine?" Nella asked.
"My computer," Dr. Laas said. "A man I had an affair with programmed the voice in before he left. I told him to go, you see, and this was his revenge. Baine sounds just like him."
"Do not insult me," Baine answered. " I am a thousand times superior to your fly-by-night lover. He is now in jail on Station 1217, by the way, for indecent exposure."
"Really?" Dr. Laas brightened. "How delightful. #Quote by Allyson James

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