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Downfall Of America quotes by Eric J. Martindale
#1. Devoid of any real liberty or justice, America and her children had fallen prey to what amounted to little more than a thinly veiled dictatorship. She now represented not the proud citadel of freedom, but the failed experiment of democracy. #Quote by Eric J. Martindale
Downfall Of America quotes by Andrew Tobias
#2. The best thing I have are 5 percent bonds from 1780, denominated from $1 to $20. As far as I can tell, they are obligations from the United States of America, so I should be able to walk down to the Federal Reserve and redeem the uncanceled ones. With 217 years of accrued interest, for a $20 bond, that's about $800,000. #Quote by Andrew Tobias
Downfall Of America quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#3. Subhas Chandra Bose is to India what George Washington is to the United States of America. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Downfall Of America quotes by Isabella Rossellini
#4. In America, they are paranoid about ruining the reputations of people once they are dead and cannot answer back. They have this fascination which to me seems cruel and morbid. I do not want any part of it. #Quote by Isabella Rossellini
Downfall Of America quotes by Michael Arrington
#5. Our government is just way too interested in mucking around in Silicon Valley by creating and enforcing rules based on little or no understanding of the consequences. #Quote by Michael Arrington
Downfall Of America quotes by Kiersten White
#6. So many cities in America exist in defiance of the land they were built on. #Quote by Kiersten White
Downfall Of America quotes by Marie Lu
Downfall Of America quotes by Yuval Levin
#8. America needs to be careful not to let aging baby boomers define its outlook. We cannot afford to farm out our vision of the future to a retiring generation. We can already see some indications of where that will lead: our political, cultural, and economic conversations today overflow with the language of decay and corrosion, as if our body politic is itself an aging boomer looking back upon his glory days. #Quote by Yuval Levin
Downfall Of America quotes by John Lewis
#9. We live in a country where we're supposed to have freedom of the press and religious freedom, but I think to some degree, there's a sense of fear in America today, that if you say the wrong thing, what some people will consider what is wrong, if you step out of line, if you dissent, whether you be an entertainer, that somehow and some way this government or the forces to be will come down on you. #Quote by John Lewis
Downfall Of America quotes by Italo Calvino
#10. A quarter of America is a dramatic, tense, violent country, exploding with contradictions, full of brutal, physiological vitality, and that is the America that I have really loved and love. But a good half of it is a country of boredom, emptiness, monotony, brainless production, and brainless consumption, and this is the American inferno. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Downfall Of America quotes by Violet Rose
#11. It is illegal for women to go topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So, you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear breasts, in America. #Quote by Violet Rose
Downfall Of America quotes by Billy Graham
#12. America's Declaration of Independence speaks of "the pursuit of happiness," but nowhere in the Bible are we told to pursue this. Happiness is elusive, and we don't find it by seeking it. #Quote by Billy Graham
Downfall Of America quotes by Jonathan Abrams
#13. David Simon: The things that reform systems are trauma. Great trauma. Nobody gives up status quo without being pushed to the wall. I believe that politically. The great reformations of society are the result of undue excess and undue cruelty. The reason you have collective bargaining in America and it became powerful is that works were pushed to the starvation point. The reason that you have the civil rights we do is that people were hanging from trees. That notion of the system [being] self-reforming without incredible outside pressure and without first [bringing] about incredible trauma through inhumanity or indifference - I find that to be really dubious. I'm arguing for reform. It's not like I can say this and say we should throw up our hands and can't try. Every day, you gotta get up. I'm saying this with the clarity of: there's no choice but to try. (68) #Quote by Jonathan Abrams
Downfall Of America quotes by Akira Suzuki
#14. In total, I have spent 35 years at Hokkaido University as a staff member - 2 and a half in the Faculty of Science, and the other 32 and a half in the Faculty of Engineering. Other than about two years of study in America and a few months in other places overseas, most of my life has been spent at the Faculty of Engineering. #Quote by Akira Suzuki
Downfall Of America quotes by Paul Prudhomme
#15. I believe in America. I'm one of those silly flag wavers. #Quote by Paul Prudhomme
Downfall Of America quotes by Thomas Perez
#16. Clearly, apprenticeships are a win-win: They provide workers with sturdy rungs on that ladder of opportunity and employers with the skilled workers they need to grow their businesses. And yet in America, they've traditionally been an undervalued and underutilized tool in our nation's workforce development arsenal. #Quote by Thomas Perez
Downfall Of America quotes by Donna Tartt
#17. Sure how that was going to work, but once I got Boris out of the house I could figure something out. "Please, come on." "Is State Care that bad in America?" said Boris doubtfully. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Downfall Of America quotes by Curt Flood
#18. I'm a child of the sixties, I'm a man of the sixties. During that period of time this country was coming apart at the seams. We were in Southeast Asia. Good men were dying for America and for the Constitution. #Quote by Curt Flood
Downfall Of America quotes by Monique Brinson Demery
#19. How did a woman who was not even forty years old - and barely five feet tall in heels - come to command the full attention of a superpower like America #Quote by Monique Brinson Demery
Downfall Of America quotes by Henry Miller
#20. The Turk aroused my antipathies almost at once. He had a mania for logic which infuriated me. It was bad logic too. And like the others, all of whom I violently disagreed with, I found in him an expression of the American spirit at its worst. Progress was their obession. More machines, more efficiency, more capital, more comforts – that was their whole talk. I asked them if they had heard of the millions who were unemployed in America. They ignored the question. I asked them if they realized how empty, restless and miserable the American people with all their machinemade luxuries and comforts. They were impervious to my sarcasm. What they had wanted was success - money, power, a place in the sun. #Quote by Henry Miller
Downfall Of America quotes by George W. Bush
#21. I want it to be said that the Bush administration was a results-oriented administration, because I believe the results of focusing our attention and energy on teaching children to read and having an education system that's responsive to the child and to the parents, as opposed to mired in a system that refuses to change, will make America what we want it to be - a more literate country and a hopefuller country. #Quote by George W. Bush
Downfall Of America quotes by Audre Lorde
#22. It is not the destiny of Black America to repeat white America's mistakes. But we will, if we mistake the trappings of success in a sick society for the signs of a meaningful life. #Quote by Audre Lorde
Downfall Of America quotes by Frederick Douglass
#23. The Christianity of America is a Christianity, of whose votaries it may be as truly said, as it was of the ancient scribes and Pharisees, 'They bind heavy burdens, and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders, but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Downfall Of America quotes by Barack Obama
#24. Today, more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation. It's time we once again put science at the top of our agenda and work to restore America's place as the world leader in science and technology. #Quote by Barack Obama
Downfall Of America quotes by Thomas Sowell
#25. The people made worse off by slavery were those who were enslaved. Their descendants would have been worse off today if born in Africa instead of America. Put differently, the terrible fate of their ancestors benefitted them. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Downfall Of America quotes by Sukarno
#26. Peking welcomed me with tremendous parades and gun salutes. The people with me are proud of me, proud that our downtrodden country has taken its place among the great nations. And now, people of America, I ask you, why didn't Eisenhower accord me the same respect? #Quote by Sukarno
Downfall Of America quotes by Cillian Murphy
#27. I'd love to work in America, some of my favourite films come from America. #Quote by Cillian Murphy
Downfall Of America quotes by John Ashcroft
#28. In this new war, our enemy's platoons infiltrate our borders, quietly blending in with visiting tourists, students, and workers. They move unnoticed through our cities, neighborhoods, and public spaces. They wear no uniforms. Their camouflage is not forest green, but rather it is the color of common street clothing. Their tactics rely on evading recognition at the border and escaping detection within the United States. Their terrorist mission is to defeat America, destroy our values and kill innocent people. #Quote by John Ashcroft
Downfall Of America quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#29. Certainly there is not the fight recorded in Concord history, at least, if in the history of America, that will bear a moment's comparison with this, whether for the numbers engaged in it, or for the patriotism and heroism displayed. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Downfall Of America quotes by Nathaniel Philbrick
#30. To write timelessly about the here and now, a writer must approach the present indirectly. The story has to be about more than it at first seems. Shakespeare used the historical sources of his plays as a scaffolding on which to construct detailed portraits of his own age. The interstices between the secondhand historical plots and Shakespeare's startlingly original insights into Elizabethan England are what allow his work to speak to us today. Reading Shakespeare, we know what it is like, in any age, to be alive. So it is with Moby-Dick, a novel about a whaling voyage to the Pacific that is also about America racing hell-bent toward the Civil War and so much more. Contained in the pages of Moby-Dick is nothing less than the genetic code of America: all the promises, problems, conflicts, and ideals that contributed to the outbreak of a revolution in 1775 as well as a civil war in 1861 and continue to drive this country's ever-contentious march into the future. This means that whenever a new crisis grips this country, Moby-Dick becomes newly important. It is why subsequent generations have seen Ahab as Hitler during World War II or as a profit-crazed deep-drilling oil company in 2010 or as a power-crazed Middle Eastern dictator in 2011. #Quote by Nathaniel Philbrick
Downfall Of America quotes by Herbert Hoover
#31. You convey too great a compliment when you say that I have earned the right to the presidential nomination. No man can establish such an obligation upon any part of the American people. My country owes me no debt. It gave me, as it gives every boy and girl, a chance. It gave me schooling, independence of action, opportunity for service and honor. In no other land could a boy from a country village, without inheritance or influential friends, look forward with unbounded hope. My whole life has taught me what America means. I am indebted to my country beyond any human power to repay. #Quote by Herbert Hoover
Downfall Of America quotes by R. YS Perez
#32. My family is like America; we are a blend of melanin and uncertain borders. #Quote by R. YS Perez
Downfall Of America quotes by America Ferrera
#33. I really hate the duties of being a celebrity, like getting dressed up for the red carpet. #Quote by America Ferrera
Downfall Of America quotes by Marie Lu
#34. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the great Republic of America, to our Elector Primo, to our glorious states, to unity against the Colonies, to our impending victory! #Quote by Marie Lu
Downfall Of America quotes by William Faulkner
#35. If we Americans are to survive it will have to be because we choose and elect and defend to be first of all Americans; to present to the world one homogeneous and unbroken front, whether of white Americans or black ones or purple or blue or green. If we in America have reached that point in our desperate culture when we must murder children, no matter for what reason or what color, we don't deserve to survive, and probably won t. #Quote by William Faulkner
Downfall Of America quotes by Jeb Bush
#36. If we're serious about America's leadership in the world, then we need to make sure that we have the back of the armed forces. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Downfall Of America quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#37. Is it not a sign of immaturity to wish for someone's downfall? To wish that he or she fails at whatever productive endeavours they are aiming at? Wishing to be the only one succeeding, while everyone else fails?
It's a world where we are all dependent on one another, one way or the other; and trade is happening at a much more sophisticated level than ever before. It is to our collective benefit for people to succeed. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Downfall Of America quotes by Rick Santorum
#38. People of faith, people of no faith, people of different faith, that's what America is all about; it's bringing that diversity into and challenge of the different ideas that motivate people in our country. That's what makes America work. #Quote by Rick Santorum

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