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Double Burden quotes by Muriel Barbery
#1. The gifts of fate come with a price. For those who have been favored by life's indulgence, rigorous respect in matters of beauty is a non-negotiable requirement. Language is a bountiful gift and its usage, an elaboration of community and society, is a sacred work. Language and usage evolve over time: elements change, are forgotten or reborn, and while there are instances where transgression can become the source of an even greater wealth, this does not alter the fact that to be entitled to the liberties of playfulness or enlightened misusage when using language, one must first and foremost have sworn one's total allegiance. Society's elect, those whom fate has spared from the servitude that is the lot of the poor, must, consequently, shoulder the double burden of worshipping and respecting the splendors of language. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
Double Burden quotes by Thomas Sankara
#2. The specific character of [women's] oppression cannot be explained away by equating different situations through superficial and childish simplifications[:]

It is true that both the woman and the male worker are condemned to silence by their exploitation. But under the current system, the worker's wife is also condemned to silence by her worker-husband. In other words, in addition to the class exploitation common to both of them, women must confront a particular set of relations that exist between them and men, relations of conflict and violence that use physical differences as their pretext. #Quote by Thomas Sankara
Double Burden quotes by Russ Carnahan
#3. Americans are also feeling the effects of soaring energy prices at the gas pump. The double burden of these added expenses will be far too much for many families. #Quote by Russ Carnahan
Double Burden quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#4. One more point. The aspect of Venus is most favorable and potentially dominant over that of Mars. Venus symbolizes yourself, of course, but Mars is both your husband and young Smith - as a result of the unique circumstances of his birth. This throws a double burden on you and you must rise to the challenge; you must demonstrate those qualities calm wisdom and restraint which are peculiarly those of woman. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Double Burden quotes by Jarod Kintz
#5. A brick could be used to double back, donkey levitate cough meow cough meow hiss on giraffe shaft stroke a local bloke bludgeon Armageddon - not my arm, Sorry, I think I just had a stroke. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Double Burden quotes by Anonymous
#6. What about feedback you've received about your leadership style over the years? Years ago, an executive editor of mine said, "You should count the number of times you praise somebody and then double that." Even the toughest, steeliest writer or editor often really wants to be told, "Hey, that was a great piece." Early in my career as a manager, it probably took me a while to realize that everybody wants that. It's just a human need. #Quote by Anonymous
Double Burden quotes by Guillaume Faye
#7. Conscience is perhaps, on the evolutionary scale, an illness and intelligence a burden. Man has lost touch with his natural survival instincts. We have not been on the Earth for a long time and it may be that, from life's point of view, or Gaïa's, we are a failed species, an abortive experiment; and that, especially by destroying the ecosystem that supports it, the suicidal human race is hastening its own disappearance. #Quote by Guillaume Faye
Double Burden quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#8. At Rome thing can or cannot be done when you are told anything cannot be done, there is an end of it."
"It is much more convenient at Paris; when anything cannot be done you pay double and it is done directly #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Double Burden quotes by Robert Ferrigno
#9. Freedom is a terrible burden, much too heavy for the weak man to bear. #Quote by Robert Ferrigno
Double Burden quotes by Tim Weiner
#10. But no one wanted to embarrass the Bureau. The case festered for years. Not until after Freeh's departure was it clear that the Chinese, Russian, and Cuban intelligence services all had penetrated the FBI in the 1990s. So had a member of the world's most dangerous and least-known terrorist organization. His name was Ali Mohamed. Al-Qaeda had a double agent posing as an informer for the FBI. #Quote by Tim Weiner
Double Burden quotes by Wilson Rawls
#11. I'd like to take a walk far back in the flinty hills and search for a souvenir, an old double-bitted ax stuck deep in the side of a white oak tree. I know the handle has long since rotted away with time. Perhaps the rusty frame of a coal-oil lantern still hangs there on the blade. #Quote by Wilson Rawls
Double Burden quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#12. After the woman left, I set my coffee down and opened the bag. Two muffins-double-chocolate and
blueberry bran.
I texted Adam a thank-you. I'd just started eating the chocolate muffin when he texted backPut that one
down and eat the bran. It's better foryou. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Double Burden quotes by Nikki Grimes

My father fed me
Invisible Man,
Native Son,
No Longer at Ease,
Black Man's Burden,
and the more I read,
the madder I got,
and I already
had reason
to scream,
but my father
kept me dreaming
of what words
I might bring
to the world. #Quote by Nikki Grimes
Double Burden quotes by Luka Sulic
#14. The range of the cello is so big, it can play as low as the double bass and as high as the violin. It has the perfect shape, and its sound is the closest to the human voice. #Quote by Luka Sulic
Double Burden quotes by Donald Miller
#15. At the time, I didn't know what forgiveness meant. I wouldn't really know what forgiveness meant for another year, until my pastor, Rick McKinley, happened to spell it out in a sermon. He said that when you forgive, you bear the burden somebody has given you without holding them accountable. #Quote by Donald Miller
Double Burden quotes by Theresa May
#16. Sham marriages have been widespread; people have been allowed to settle in Britain without being able to speak English; and there have not been rules in place to stop migrants becoming a burden on the taxpayer. We are changing all of that. #Quote by Theresa May
Double Burden quotes by Andrew McMahon
#17. But planes land and so do I, and suns rise, melting away the grounds cool protection. I am finally free, if only for this moment. And should that be the case, then know that I am throwing a parade in first class as I speak. Art has again saved my life, my love and me. What next? Who really cares? Certainly a toast will be in order. Make mine a double. #Quote by Andrew McMahon
Double Burden quotes by Sarah Waters
#18. It was heavy, and I staggered when I lifted it; but it was strangely satifying to have a real burden upon my shoulders – a kind of counterweight to my terrible heaviness of heart. #Quote by Sarah Waters
Double Burden quotes by Steven Redhead
#19. Concerns over what others may think are an unnecessary burden. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Double Burden quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#20. Let us see what words can do. Will you understand me, for a start, if I tell you that I have never known what I am? My vices, my virtues, are under my nose, but I can't see them, nor stand far enough back to view myself as a whole. I seem to be a sort of flabby mass in which words are engulfed; no sooner do I name myself than what is named is merged in him who names, and one gets no farther. I have often wanted to hate myself and, as you know, had good reasons for so doing. But my attempted hatred of myself was absorbed into my insubstantiality and was nothing but a recollection. I could not love myself either, I am sure, though I have never tried to. But I was eternally compelled to be myself; I was my own burden, but never burdensome enough, Mathieu. For one instant, on that June evening when I elected to confess to you, I thought I had encountered myself in your bewildered eyes.
You saw me, in your eyes I was solid and predictable; my acts and moods were the actual consequences of a definite entity. And through me you knew that entity. I described it to you in my words, I revealed to you facts unknown to you, which had helped you to visualize it. And yet you saw it, I merely saw you seeing it. For one instant you were the heaven-sent mediator between me and myself, you perceived that compact and solid entity which I was and wanted to be in just as simple and ordinary a way as I perceived you. For, after all, I exist, I am, though I have no sense of being; and it is an #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Double Burden quotes by Hugh Howey
#21. Generations of people staying close to home, there for each other, doing what they knew best, enjoying being a burden to each other. #Quote by Hugh Howey
Double Burden quotes by Duncan D. Hunter
#22. What I feel most strongly here being in Congress is kind of the burden - the good burden - of representing all of our military. #Quote by Duncan D. Hunter
Double Burden quotes by Voltaire
#23. What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous. #Quote by Voltaire
Double Burden quotes by Marty Meehan
#24. I don't want to remember 2005 as a year that the government heaped unnecessary burdens upon American families. Stealing from the poor and middle class and giving to the rich, while increasing the deficit, is hardly responsible. #Quote by Marty Meehan
Double Burden quotes by Scott Adams
#25. Priority-wise, it simply makes sense to take care of yourself before you start searching for a higher meaning. You aren't much good to anyone else if you're unhealthy, a financial burden, or an emotional basket case. Fix yourself before you turn outward. It's best for everyone. #Quote by Scott Adams
Double Burden quotes by Fred Thompson
#26. Fewer and fewer people are paying larger and larger percentage of the tax burden, as you know, almost half the people pay no income taxes at all. We're going to have more people in the wagon than we got pulling the wagon before long and that's not going to work. Those jobless numbers, you know, go hand-in-hand with those tax numbers. #Quote by Fred Thompson
Double Burden quotes by David Levithan
#27. Coagulate, v.: It is a dangerous thing, this thickening of affection; you want it to have weight, but not to be an immovable burden. #Quote by David Levithan
Double Burden quotes by David Ogilvy
#28. The secret of long life is double careers. One to about age sixty, then another for the next thirty years. #Quote by David Ogilvy
Double Burden quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#29. The number doesn't matter. If I got down to 070.00, I'd want to be 065.00. If I weight 010.00, I wouldn't be happy until I got down to 005.00. The only number that would ever be enough is 0. Zero pounds, zero life, size zero, double-zero, zero point. Zero in tennis is love. I finally get it. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Double Burden quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#30. There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential. #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Double Burden quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#31. The tide of history is turning women from beasts of burden and sexual playthings into full-fledged human beings. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Double Burden quotes by Jami Attenberg
#32. Playing with them was boring, and it wasn't even their fault. It was just the notion of playing itself. She had never gotten the hang of it, even when she was a child. You needed to be able to adopt a personality other than your own in order to fully immerse yourself in the world of play, and it was burden enough carrying her own self around. #Quote by Jami Attenberg
Double Burden quotes by Patricia Heaton
#33. It's hard enough to work and raise a family when your kids are all healthy and relatively normal, but when you add on some kind of disability or disease, it can just be such a burden. #Quote by Patricia Heaton
Double Burden quotes by Kingsley Amis
#34. Standing on the pavement was a big fat man whom Dixon recognized as his barber. Dixon felt a deep respect for this man because of his impressive exterior, his rumbling bass voice, and his unsurpassable stock of information about the Royal Family. At that moment two rather pretty girls stopped at a pillar-box a few yards away. The barber, his hands clasped behind his back, turned and stared at them. An unmistakable expression of furtive lust came over his face; then, like a courtly shyopwalker, he moved slowly towards the two girls. Welch now accelerated again and Dixon, a good deal shaken hurriedly switched his attention to the other side of the road, where a cricket match was being played and the bowler was just running up to bowl. The batsman, another big fat man, swiped at the ball, missed it, and was violently hit by it in the stomach. Dixon had time to see him double up and the wicket-keeper begin to run forward before a tall hedge hid the scene.
Uncertain whether this pair of vignettes was designed to illustrate the swiftness of divine retribution or its tendency to mistake its target, Dixon was quite sure that he felt in some way overwhelmed... #Quote by Kingsley Amis
Double Burden quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#35. With God, there is no burden beyond the strength of endurance. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Double Burden quotes by William Goldman
#36. I don't think most people realize - and there's no reason they should - the amount of demeaning garbage you have to take if you want a career in the arts. I mean, going off to med school is something you can say with your head high. Or being a banker or going into insurance or the family business - no problem. But the conversations I had with grown-ups after college ... "So you're done with school now, Bill." "That's right." "So what's next on the agenda?" Pause. Finally I would say it: "I want to be a writer." And then they would pause. "A writer." "I'd like to try." Third and final pause. And then one of two inevitable replies: either "What are you going to do next?" or "What are you really going to do?" That dread double litany ... What are you going to do next? ... What are you really going to do? ... What are you going to do next? ... What are you really going to do ... ? #Quote by William Goldman
Double Burden quotes by Terry Goodkind
#37. Bags, and Double Bags!" - Zedd #Quote by Terry Goodkind
Double Burden quotes by Chris Evert
#38. Losses are always a relief. They take a burden off me, make me feel more normal. If I win several tournaments in a row I get so confident I'm in a cloud. If I lose I go back to the dressing room and I'm no better nor worse than anyone else. A loss gets me eager again. #Quote by Chris Evert
Double Burden quotes by Joan D. Chittister
#39. Life is not meant to be a burden. Life is not a problem to be solved. It is a blessing to be celebrated. #Quote by Joan D. Chittister
Double Burden quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#40. Filled with rapture, his soul yearned for freedom, space, vastness. Over him the heavenly dome, full of quiet, shining stars, hung boundlessly. From the zenith to the horizon the still-dim Milky Way stretched its double strand. Night, fresh and quiet, almost unstirring, enveloped the earth. The white towers and golden domes of the church gleamed in the sapphire sky. The luxuriant autumn asleep till morning. The silence of the earth seemed to merge with the silence of the heavens and the mystery of the earth touched the mystery of the stars. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Double Burden quotes by Jean-Claude Van Damme
#41. It looks good when you see someone kicking at the age of 51 with no double. It's kinda cool for people to know that past 50 we can keep flexible. #Quote by Jean-Claude Van Damme
Double Burden quotes by Albert Camus
#42. We know that Nietzsche was publicly envious of Stendahl's epigram:
"The only excuse for God is that he does not exist." Deprived of the divine will, the world is equally
deprived of unity and finality. That is why it is impossible to pass judgment on the world. Any attempt to
apply a standard of values to the world leads finally to a slander on life. Judgments are based on what is,
with reference to what should be - the kingdom of heaven, eternal concepts, or moral imperatives. But
what should be does not exist; and this world cannot be judged in the name of nothing. "The advantages
of our times: nothing is true, everything is permitted." These magnificent or ironic formulas which are
echoed by thousands of others, at least suffice to demonstrate that Nietzsche accepts the entire burden of
nihilism and rebellion. In his somewhat puerile reflections on "training and selection" he even formulated
the extreme logic of nihilistic reasoning: "Problem: by what means could we obtain a strict form of
complete and contagious nihilism which would teach and practice, with complete scientific awareness,
voluntary death? #Quote by Albert Camus
Double Burden quotes by Jessica Knoll
#43. Arthur sighed heavily, like he was sorry he ever brought it up, but I knew he wasn't. The more sacred a piece of information, the more desperate the gatekeeper is to reveal it, the harder you have to work to relieve her of the burden. That way she doesn't feel horribly guilty about betraying confidences - what could she do? She was browbeaten into it! #Quote by Jessica Knoll
Double Burden quotes by Cassandra Clare
#44. The Scholomance was a piece of Shadowhunter history come to life. A cold castle of towers and corridors carved into the side of a mountain in the Carpathians, it had existed for centuries as a place where the most elite of Shadowhunters were trained to deal with the double menaces of demons and Downworlders. It had been closed when the first Accords were signed: a show of faith that Downworlders and Shadowhunters were no longer at war. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Double Burden quotes by Dmitri Mendeleev
#45. We could live at the present day without a Plato, but a double number of Newtons is required to discover the secrets of nature, and to bring life into harmony with the laws of nature. #Quote by Dmitri Mendeleev
Double Burden quotes by Melina Marchetta
#46. He remembers the times they'd walk toward him in the playground with that same look on their faces, but double in number with Siobhan and Tara. "It's the four horsewomen of the apocalypse," Jimmy Hailler would say. "They're going to make us do something we don't want to do." "We're not going to give in," Tom would say. But they did. Always. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Double Burden quotes by Michio Kaku
#47. Originally, the burden of proof was on physicists to prove that time travel was possible. Now the burden of proof is on physicists to prove there must be a law forbidding time travel. #Quote by Michio Kaku
Double Burden quotes by Jeffrey D. Sachs
#48. The end result of all this consumption is a society running furiously to stay in place. The overwork by each member of society puts a burden (a negative externality) on others, who must also run hard to keep up. Consumers also run because others are running, with everybody finding themselves in a race they'd rather do without. The #Quote by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Double Burden quotes by Robert Adams
#49. Baseball's Sad Lexicon

These are the saddest of possible words:
Tinker to Evers to Chance.
Trio of Bear-cubs, fleeter than birds,
Tinker to Evers to Chance.
Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble,
Making a Giant hit into a double --
Words that are weighty with nothing but trouble:
Tinker to Evers to Chance. #Quote by Robert Adams
Double Burden quotes by Emma Chase
#50. When Olivia leaves the room, I move to follow, but Franny steps into my path.

"Oh no, you stay here."

"Simon," I say with a scowl, "collect your wife before I say something I'll regret."

But Franny just tilts her head, appraising me. "I used to think you were a selfish bastard, but I'm starting to believe you're just a fool. A double-damned idiot. I'm not sure which is worse."

"Then I guess it's good that I don't give a turtle's arse-crack about your opinion of me. #Quote by Emma Chase
Double Burden quotes by Geddes MacGregor
#51. To a Scot, the past clings like sand to wet feet,
and is carried about as a burden.
The many ghosts are always a part of them, inescapable. #Quote by Geddes MacGregor
Double Burden quotes by William Law
#52. The Spirit of Love, wherever it is, is its own blessing and happiness, because it is the truth and reality of God in the soul; and therefore is in the same joy of life, and is the same good to itself everywhere and on every occasion. Would you know the blessing of all blessings? It is this God of Love dwelling in your soul, and killing every root of bitterness, which is the pain and torment of every earthly, selfish love. For all wants are satisfied, all disorders of nature are removed, no life is any longer a burden, every day is a day of peace, everything you meet becomes a help to you, because everything you see or do is all done in the sweet, gentle element of Love. #Quote by William Law

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