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Dont Go Broke quotes by Louie Gohmert
#1. Socialism and communism fall of their own weight because, as Margaret Thatcher said, you run out of other people's money. Because socialized medicine never falls of its own weight because you put people on lists, and they die waiting to get the treatment and care. So you don't go broke. #Quote by Louie Gohmert
Dont Go Broke quotes by Katie Morton
#2. We don't go out there into the world and do what would make us feel happy and fulfilled with our lives, because what if it's not good enough for our parents? What if it's not cool enough for our friends? What if our choices aren't good enough for everybody else? "But know this: no matter what you do, you will never escape judgment and criticism. Don't even take this as bad news. It just is. It's what people do. They can't help it. You're getting judged either way, so you might as well do what makes you happy. #Quote by Katie Morton
Dont Go Broke quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#3. Your eyes drooled. I saw them."
He was totally perplexed by this argument. Was he not allowed to speak to anyone? "I'm wearing dark sunglasses. How can you see my eyes?"
"She's jealous, Seth."
He looked at Maahes for an explanation. "Why?"
Lydia broke off into her hand gestures.
"Are you yelling at me, now?"
Maahes laughed. "Oh yeah, kid. She's calling you a lot of names."
That surprised him. "You understand her?"
Maahes gestured back at Lydia in the same language.
For some reason, it angered and hurt him that they'd cut him out of the conversation. "Are you mocking me?"
Lydia flicked her nails at him, then turned and stormed off.
Seth had no idea what he should do. He didn't understand human emotions or relations. Not really. It'd been too long since he had any.
Maahes let out a heavy sigh. "You hurt her feelings, boy. You need to go apologize."
"How did I hurt them?"
"Think about it, Seth. She risked her life to bring you here, to save you from hell, and what do you do the first minute she leaves you alone? You let another woman flirt with you. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dont Go Broke quotes by Ben Stein
#4. So many fail because they don't get started - they don't go. They don't overcome inertia. They don't begin. #Quote by Ben Stein
Dont Go Broke quotes by Helene Cixous
#5. What I'd saved: lost. Worse: I lost it. Can't even tell myself that I sort of lost it that lost I keep it still. I lost the saved.
I've lost. I'm lost.
This is pain, one dies of or kills. Kill it and one kills oneself.
Splashes of bloody skin all over my notebooks.
I haven't forgotten a dream, as it is written happens in the realm of dreams. One forgets a dream, then one forgets one has forgotten, nothing dies of this.
I've lost The Dream.
I cannot tell a soul. I will not enter alive into the beyond. I search for an explanation. To the labyrinth I descend with the chapeau. Maleficent remains but remains, therefore blessed. If I could ask my friend. No one else. He and only he knows the extraordinary value of what is lost, greater by far that the value of what one keeps. Suddenly I'm only this torch consuming itself. What to do? I had the papers, I took them from myself, I threw them in the Trash, I threw out my own being, I had the memory of the future at the window I broke me, I tore up the secret into a thousand pieces, I tweezed the sublime out of me, I had god I squashed him with a hat,
this is not the first time I take myself to the labyrinth but this is the first time I go down into the labyrinth. I went right by the very trash bin of my being, how can you do away with your own eyes, I did it, who knows how #Quote by Helene Cixous
Dont Go Broke quotes by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
#6. Don't go chasing happiness. Instead, pursue the factors and conditions that create it. #Quote by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Dont Go Broke quotes by Bubba Smith
#7. I don't go to clubs and stuff like that, so I don't have to put up with it in there. And normally, because obviously I could hurt somebody, and if I look at it that way, I have to back off. #Quote by Bubba Smith
Dont Go Broke quotes by Lynn Flewelling
#8. If you set your story in Rome, Ireland or Sheboygan, for that matter, go there. If you're broke, set it in the town where you live, or where you grew up. #Quote by Lynn Flewelling
Dont Go Broke quotes by Steve Perry
#9. If you don't want to go to college, don't go to Capital Prep. Go somewhere else. #Quote by Steve Perry
Dont Go Broke quotes by Victoria Pratt
#10. In terms of being a role model, I didn't start out to be one. I don't go to work every day with that in mind. But, I do get a lot of fan mail from young girls. #Quote by Victoria Pratt
Dont Go Broke quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#11. He regarded us with dark, evaluating eyes. "This can't be good."
"I'll go first," Dabria began, sucking in a rattling breath.
"Not even close," I shot back. I faced Patch directly, cutting Dabria out of the conversation. "She kissed you! And Dante, who's been tailing you, by the way, caught it on camera. Imagine my surprise when that's what I got an eyeful of earlier tonight. Did you even think to tell me?"
"I told her I kissed you, and that you pushed me away," Dabria protested shrilly.
"What are you still doing here?" I exploded at Dabria. "This is between me and Patch. Leave already!"
"What are you doing here?" Patch echoed to Dabria, his tone sharpening.
"I - broke in," she sputtered. "I was scared. I couldn't sleep. I can't stop thinking about Hanoth and the other Nephilim."
"You have got to be kidding me," I said. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Dont Go Broke quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#12. Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don't go along with that. The memories I value most, I don't ever see them fading. #Quote by Kazuo Ishiguro
Dont Go Broke quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#13. Experiencing this pain in my muscles and aching and going on and on is my challenge. The last three or four reps is what makes the muscles grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens. I have no fear of fainting. I do squats until I fall over and pass out. So what? It's not going to kill me. I wake up five minutes later and I'm OK. A lot of other athletes are afraid of this. So they don't pass out. They don't go on. #Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dont Go Broke quotes by Terry Pratchett
#14. I'm a cat! Cats don't go round feeling *sorry*! Or guilty! We never *regret* anything! Do you know what it feels like saying, 'Hello food, can you talk?' That's not how a cat is supposed to behave! #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Dont Go Broke quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#15. Probably a lack of concentration. I always hit them during practice. I just need to concentrate. Even though I should a lousy percentage, I beat a lot of teams from the line. You have to have mechanics. But see, what people don't know about my wrists is my wrists don't go all the way back. My wrists are crooked and don't go all the way back. I've been practicing and working on them. You can't do everything good. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Dont Go Broke quotes by Emile Zola
#16. Don't go looking at me like that because you'll wear your eyes out. #Quote by Emile Zola
Dont Go Broke quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#17. Thanks to demographics, that conservative push is not going to work-the United States is not going to be a mostly white country again- and because genies don't go back into bottles and queer people are not going back into the closet and women aren't going to surrender. It's a war, but I don't believe we're losing it, even if we won't win it anytime soon either; rather, some battles are won, some are engaged, and some women are doing really well while others suffer. And things continue to change in interesting and sometimes even auspicious ways. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Dont Go Broke quotes by Hayley Williams
#18. I'm in a band. I don't go to church every Sunday. I love punk rock music. Sometimes I use swear words a lot. I respect and admire gay men and women. I'm obsessed with horror films. I know what shame feels like. And guess what old man? Jesus is still my Savior. #Quote by Hayley Williams
Dont Go Broke quotes by Amanda Tapping
#19. I got roped into Twitter. I actually quite enjoy it! But I don't go on as often as some. #Quote by Amanda Tapping
Dont Go Broke quotes by Gabe Polsky
#20. In the U.S., coaches could be the father next door. They had no formal training. They're like old hockey players. They don't go to school and study. #Quote by Gabe Polsky
Dont Go Broke quotes by Kitty Kelley
#21. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama don't go to Georgetown ... The Clintons did, indeed. And the Clintons go out and about in Washington now. They go to neighborhood restaurants. #Quote by Kitty Kelley
Dont Go Broke quotes by Denise Hunter
#22. I can't do this." She opened her eyes. "I can't do this, Beau." "Why not?" "This can't . . . go anywhere. I'll be leaving soon and - " "So don't. Don't go." She pushed away, and his arms fell. "I have to. It won't be safe here forever. #Quote by Denise Hunter
Dont Go Broke quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#23. I don't go through life verbalizing what I feel. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
Dont Go Broke quotes by Ice Cube
#24. People associate clothes with actual behavior, and it's kind of crazy. If you get shot in some Levi's you don't go after Levi's. It's not the clothes. It's always the people. #Quote by Ice Cube
Dont Go Broke quotes by Douglas Adams
#25. Now see here, Guy," said the voice, "you're not dealing with any dumb two-bit trigger pumping morons with low hair-lines, little piggy eyes and no conversation, we're a couple of intelligent caring guys that you'd probably quite like if you met us socially! I don't go around gratuitously shooting people and then bragging about it afterward in seedy space-rangers bars, like some cops I could mention! I go around shooting people gratuitously and then I agonize about it afterward for hours to my girlfriend!"
"And I write novels!" chimed in the other cop. "Though I haven't had any of them published yet, so I better warn you, I'm in a meeeean mood! #Quote by Douglas Adams
Dont Go Broke quotes by Cassandra Clare
#26. Where am I?" Magnus croaked.
"Oh, so we went on a little trip."
"You broke into a man's house," Catarina said. "You stole a carpet and enchanted it to fly. Then you sped off into the night air. We pursued you on foot."
"Ah," said Magnus.
"You were shouting some things."
"What things?"
"I prefer not to repeat them," Catarina said. "I also prefer not to remember the time we spent in the desert. It is a mammoth desert, Magnus. Ordinary deserts are quite large. Mammoth deserts are so called because they are larger than ordinary deserts."
"Thank you for that interesting and enlightening information," Magnus croaked.
"You told us to leave you in the desert, because you planned to start a new life as a cactus," Catarina said, her voice flat. "Then you conjured up tiny needles and threw them at us. With pinpoint accuracy."
"Well," he said with dignity. "Considering my highly intoxicated state, you must have been impressed with my aim."
"'Impressed' is not the word to use to describe how I felt last night, Magnus."
"I thank you for stopping me there," Magnus said. "It was for the best. You are a true friend. No harm done. Let's say no more about it. Could you possibly fetch me - "
"Oh, we couldn't stop you," Catarina interrupted. "We tried, but you giggled, leaped onto the carpet, and flew away again. You kept saying that you wanted to go to Moquegua."
"What did I do in Moquegua?"
"You never got there, #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Dont Go Broke quotes by Karl Wiggins
#27. If the police catch someone using their mobile phone whilst driving they should have the right to confiscate the person's license with immediate effect, AND confiscate their car keys so they have to walk home. I don't care if they're 200 or 400 miles from home, take their keys off them.
And no need to waste the court's time over this one. They don't go to court. The police should have the power to write out a year's driving ban on the spot and force them to surrender their license.
Anyone got any arguments over this one? #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Dont Go Broke quotes by Helen Suzman
#28. When you teach, you learn." "And I really don't go for religions of any kind ... I reject them all ... There were principles I thought were very important ... #Quote by Helen Suzman
Dont Go Broke quotes by Keke Palmer
#29. People that want to be in the tabloids will get into the tabloids. I just stay home and don't go out much. My personality is not an introvert, but that's how I am as far as going out to parties. I just stay in my house and hang out with friends. #Quote by Keke Palmer
Dont Go Broke quotes by Jhonen Vasquez
#30. I don't go to things because I want to see violence, I go to things because I want to see them handled well. #Quote by Jhonen Vasquez
Dont Go Broke quotes by Lee Ann Womack
#31. I don't go out that much anymore, unfortunately. I used to enjoy it, but I'm just so busy. Like last night, everybody else went out, and I just went straight home and went to bed. #Quote by Lee Ann Womack
Dont Go Broke quotes by Roy Acuff
#32. You've got to capture an audience. You don't go out there and just sing, or just play. If you can't capture an audience, you might as well not be out there. #Quote by Roy Acuff
Dont Go Broke quotes by Johnny Depp
#33. I don't go anywhere without a book by James Joyce called 'Finnegan's Wake.' #Quote by Johnny Depp
Dont Go Broke quotes by Kristin Cast
#34. Zoey: Wait! Don't go yet. I have so many questions.
Nyx: Life will reveal to you the choices you must make to answer them. #Quote by Kristin Cast
Dont Go Broke quotes by Jane Elliot
#35. I don't have a Twitter account. I don't go to fan club gatherings. I'm not one of those actors who spends a lot of time engaging with the audience. #Quote by Jane Elliot
Dont Go Broke quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#36. Let's talk.' he spits the words out like they are garbage in his mouth. 'Please, don't go. I'll talk."
'You want to talk?'
He shrugs sheepishly. 'Well, I can't fuck any sense into you, so I guess I'll have to talk some into you.' he grumbles. #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Dont Go Broke quotes by Kevin Smith
#37. Like its author, this book is dedicated to Jen Schwalbach - the gorgeous mother of my child, the seductive temptress who keeps me faithful, and the friend I've always had the most fun with. My best friend, even.
Also quite like the author, this book is additionally dedicated to Jen Schwalbach asshole.
Everything above also applies here, obviously, except the "mother of my child" part: referencing my kid and my wife's brown eye in the same sentiment might come off as crude or something.
(And I have a heart: Please don't go telling my kid you read in her old man's book that she's some kinda Butt-Baby. She's gonna have a hard enough time being Silent Bob's daughter - the daughter of the "Too Fat to Fly" guy.
Also: Pleas don't tell my daughter I dedicated tge vook to her mother's sphincter. That'd be weird) #Quote by Kevin Smith
Dont Go Broke quotes by Alex Faickney Osborn
#38. If you go fishing you may not catch any fish. If you don't go fishing, you'll never catch any fish. #Quote by Alex Faickney Osborn
Dont Go Broke quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#39. Don't go overboard in avoiding "said." Basically, "said" is the default for dialogue, and a good thing, too; it's an invisible word that doesn't draw attention to itself. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Dont Go Broke quotes by J.R. Ward
#40. The flimsy things broke apart as they crashed on the sidewalk, sheets of papers fluttering off like doves released from cages.
As he turned back to Selena, he braced himself, trying to think of a way to reassure her
Au contraire.
Selena was alive with excitement, her fangs flashing thanks to a huge smile, a giggling laugh bubbling out of her as she hung on to the door.
"Faster!" she yelled at Fritz. "Let's go even faster!"
"As you wish, mistress!"
A fresh roar from that massive piece of German engineering under the hood sent them careening not just down the sidewalk, but right up to the very edge of the laws of physics.
Selena looked over at him. "This is the best night ever! #Quote by J.R. Ward
Dont Go Broke quotes by Chris Abani
#41. The truth is, everything we know about America, everything Americans come to know about being American, isn't from the news. I live there. We don't go home at the end of the day and think, "Well, I really know who I am now because the Wall Street Journal says that the Stock Exchange closed at this many points." What we know about how to be who we are comes from stories. It comes from the novels, the movies, the fashion magazines. It comes from popular culture. #Quote by Chris Abani
Dont Go Broke quotes by Catherine Steadman
#42. It's impossible to know if we were a good thing that broke somehow or a bad thing that eventually became exposed. But either way, if I could just go back now to the way we were, I would. I would, without a moment's hesitation. If I could just lie in his arms one last time, I could live with an illusion the rest of my life. If I could, I would. #Quote by Catherine Steadman
Dont Go Broke quotes by Paul Zindel
#43. But now Nature starts doing things. The hormones start rolling and those old testicles start producing and all the rest of it
like breathing. You don't go around asking for it. It happens. It happened to me when I was twelve.
(Sean) #Quote by Paul Zindel

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