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Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Dexter Palmer
#1. He would talk, and I would talk, and he would talk, and each of our words sounded out the deepest secret depths inside us. There are some forms of love that words can do no justice to. There are some scars that can't be seen. Perfection is in itself an imperfection. He had flaws. He was sick. He needed help. Is not everyone sick, at one time or another? That was part of his beauty, his sickness. If he had not been sick, he would not have been beautiful, in the way that consumptives are, burning themselves up in brilliant flashes of light . . . I don't expect you to be able to understand. Love is strong enough to resurrect the dead. I don't like the word scar, because it implies intent and blame. A soul as powerful as his had to burn. I have never known a love like this. You don't know. I would have done anything at all for him. You don't know. It feels so goddamn good to be needed, to have someone tell you that he has a gaping hole in him whose shape is made to fit you . . . I saw that he was burning a piece of art on me, a signature on my psyche because it filled the hole in his own, and he wanted to make me his. #Quote by Dexter Palmer
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by L.H. Cosway
#2. I've always hated dating," I said instead. "In fact, if I could bypass all that might I bestow upon you a kiss business, I would. Why can't we all just skip to the comfortable part of relationships? Go straight to the bit where you can walk around in your undies, let farts go and blame them on the dog, and leave the door open when you're taking a piss?"
"First of all, there is no part of a relationship that should involve that last bit, and second of all, dating is the best part. All those butterflies and excitement, the sexual tension. Wanting to skip to the comfortable bit is laziness. It means you don't have to put in any effort to woo someone. Also, if memory serves, you've never had a relationship that lasted more than six months."
"Thanks for the reminder, oh Sarah of Ye Old Wet Blanket," I groused, but she was right. I hadn't dated anyone for longer than six months; and even then it hadn't really been a relationship with any meaningful or lasting impact.
"Ye Old Wet Blanket was my grandmother's name, I'll have you know...You're thirty years old, practically a baby. You've just burned yourself out. You need to find the excitement in life again, the thrill to be had from simple things."
"I do get a thrill from simple things," I countered. "Didn't I mention I fixed my tap this weekend? And I had Earl Grey tea with breakfast."
"Oh. Stop. Too much excitement. I can't handle it. #Quote by L.H. Cosway
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#3. And we could all sit around and wonder and feel bad about each other and blame a lot of people for what they did or didn't do or what they didn't know. I don't know. I guess there would always be someone to blame. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Kate Harding
#4. It's not a matter of Dad sitting down with his preadolescent son and incorporating 'Don't be a criminal!' into the 'birds and the bees' talk. (I mean, that couldn't hurt, probably. But it's not the point.) It's about teaching our boys to actively oppose sexual violence.

It's all well and good to say you're against rape and would never rape anyone, end of story. But somewhere in that crowd of guys laughing about an unconscious girl getting 'a wang in the butthole, dude' - and the one listening to Daniel Tosh say, 'Wouldn't it be funny if she got gang-raped right now?' and the one reading an op-ed in the Washington Post that puts 'sexual assault' in quotation marks, as though it exists only in the eye of the beholder - somewhere in all of those crowds is the guy who would rape someone. The guy who will rape someone. The guy who has raped someone.

And could you blame any of those guys for thinking that rape is not a serious crime, or even something to be particularly ashamed of, when so many 'good' guys around them are laughing at the same jokes? #Quote by Kate Harding
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jessica Valenti
#5. Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don't get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren't careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them. #Quote by Jessica Valenti
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Ahmir Questlove Thompson
#6. In general, I don't like to blame the creators. They are making work that appeals to them and the people in the room with them. They are making something that is, at some level, genuine. But the distributors, the networks that bring art to the population, they are the ones who ensure that there's a flattening and narrowing. The younger me may have sat up all night with bandmates raging against Puffy or DMX or whoever, but the fact is that they were never the problem. The problem was that someone in the corporate chain of command felt that there was a need to play those songs fourteen times a day and to eliminate alternatives. #Quote by Ahmir Questlove Thompson
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#7. Often when you go into a relationship with someone you like, you have to justify why you like that person. You only see what you want to see and you deny there are things you don't like about that person. You lie to yourself just to make yourself right. Then you make assumptions, and one of the assumptions is "My love will change this person." But this is not true. Your love will not change anybody. If others change, it's because they want to change, not because you can change them. Then something happens between the two of you, and you get hurt. Suddenly you see what you didn't want to see before, only now it is amplified by your emotional poison. Now you have to justify your emotional pain and blame them for your choices. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Emma Abdullah
#8. Being the bearer of bad news is a terrible thing; sometimes you don't know if you'll have the words, the delicacy,the strength. You think of the person on the other side: how you're about to bring their world crashing down with a single phone call and deep inside them they'll hate you because their sorrow will just be searching for someone to blame. Then what do you say? That you're sorry? Sorry for what? They'll hate you even more because they'll know you're not sorry like they are. They'll know you haven't been destroyed like they have. #Quote by Emma Abdullah
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Lunga Noélia Izata
#9. We went to my friend's place to continue hanging out and I fell asleep on her couch. I was dreaming and I felt something poking me, as a writer I need to be specific and use description to take my readers to the place but I don't want to take you guys there. I continued to feel poked on a part of my body that I saved for seventeen years. The poke later became touching, and I tried to stop it but I couldn't. I thought it was sleep paralysis but this time the demon was human. I felt so powerless, like I was part of the marvel universe and someone had taken my power. I never told anyone about it, because they would blame it on drinking problems. I admit that I have a drinking problem, but I am pretty sure he has a 'lack of humanity problem'. At least, alcohol does not change character. #Quote by Lunga Noélia Izata
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#10. Empowered Women 101: Only an insecure woman with control issues will look outside her relationship and say other people are to blame for her husband's lack of focus, love and respect. A real woman knows that the problem isn't other people; it is her man. If he truly loved you he wouldn't have ever made you an option and went looking for what he felt you didn't have. Don't waste your time trying to convince someone to see your worth by destroying others. There will always be someone prettier, smarter, more spiritual and more accomplished than you to distract this person. A real woman knows her worth and will never have to train anyone to recognize it. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by George Hodgman
#11. Betty, whom I recently discovered sorting through the contents of my suitcase, turns on the overhead light in my room, wrinkles her brow, and peers in like a camp counselor on an inspection tour, as if she suspects I might be entertaining someone who has paddled in from across the lake. She must keep an eye out. I am a schemer. There are things going on behind her back, plans afoot, she fears. She has no intention of cooperating with any of them. When the phone rings, she listens to every word, not sure if she can trust me with her independence. I don't blame her. I am an unlikely guardian. A month ago I thought the Medicare doughnut hole was a breakfast special for seniors. I am a care inflictor. She's #Quote by George Hodgman
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Cory Booker
#12. People have themselves to blame for their decisions; that is undeniable. But don't we have a legal obligation to structure a system that is balanced, not savagely slanted against minorities and the poor? Don't we have a fiscal responsibility to take a commonsense approach to reducing the cost to taxpayers? Don't we have a moral responsibility to offer redemption to someone who has paid his debt instead of unyielding retribution against him and his family?... Aren't we a nation that believes our fellow citizens deserve, at some point, a second chance? #Quote by Cory Booker
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#13. It's much easier to not know things sometimes. Things change and friends leave. And life doesn't stop for anybody. I wanted to laugh. Or maybe get mad. Or maybe shrug at how strange everybody was, especially me. I think the idea is that every person has to live for his or her own life and than make the choice to share it with other people. You can't just sit their and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love. You just can't. You have to do things. I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to be who I really am. And I'm going to figure out what that is. And we could all sit around and wonder and feel bad about each other and blame a lot of people for what they did or didn't do or what they didn't know. I don't know. I guess there could always be someone to blame. It's just different. Maybe it's good to put things in perspective, but sometimes, I think that the only perspective is to really be there. Because it's okay to feel things. I was really there. And that was enough to make me feel infinite. I feel infinite. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Brianna Wiest
#14. Maybe part of the reason that love becomes such a volatile force in our lives when it's supposed to be so still and beautiful is that we keep reaching for that forever love. We can't just let it be what it is. We try to make feelings and interest sustain themselves for years and years when they just don't have that kind of staying power. But how much of it is a result of our own changing and how much is the fact that forever love comes with so many expectations and too much pressure? What if it's really that nobody is to blame, other than whoever instilled in us the idea that "forever" was the ultimate kind of love? Because what if we stopped expecting and started just being. I think that's what scares people. I think they choose to not love someone because of what it means for the long-term instead of having any interspersed bits of love. But those bits might be all we ever have. It's out of them that the rest grows. #Quote by Brianna Wiest
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jay Bell
#15. You don't get used to death, by any means, but it becomes more familiar and less shocking. Suicide is something completely different. Losing someone to age is natural. Illness you can get angry at. You can rage at the conditions that cause an accident, and in war you can hate the enemy for taking a life. But when it comes to suicide, only the person who committed it is responsible. Who in their right mind would put the blame on them? Maybe that's why those left behind end up blaming themselves instead. #Quote by Jay Bell
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Samantha Young
#16. I can tell you that it's okay to feel whatever it is you're feeling right now. It's okay to miss him and it's okay to hurt and it's okay to feel lost-just as long as you come to me, or your friends, or your family, when all those feelings try to overwhelm you. Because in amongst all those feelings, some of you are going to be angry, and some of you will need someone to blame. It's okay to be angry. I can't tell you if it's right or wrong to feel blame, but what I can say is don't be angry for too long and don't hold on to the blame forever. That kind of anger can take away a piece of you, a piece of you that you might not get back. #Quote by Samantha Young
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Tad Williams
#17. Thank God for, as I posted earlier, the glow of work accomplished. Because a few seconds later, someone on the internet mentioned pie. I don't blame them. It's a good subject. But pie was mentioned and I remembered there was strawberry-rhubarb pie in the refrigerator. So I went there. And pie there was none. I suspect the teenaged boy has inhaled it. And now I cling to life and hope as best I can, because my world is dark and pieless. #Quote by Tad Williams
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Josh Sugarmann
#18. The word 'hate' is a very carefully chosen word. There's got to be a real sense of revulsion and disgust. People are looking for someone to blame, someone who's the cause of their problems, and it should be the gun industry. These guys are the living embodiment of the slogan, 'Guns don't kill people-people kill people'. They're complete mercenaries. #Quote by Josh Sugarmann
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Sonali Dev
#19. She didn't say it. But it was there in her eyes. Right there with that uncontainable arrogance when it came to her work. This was only about the surgery to her.
He thought about backing away, but he was sick of backing away from fights. So sick of it. "And doing your job well is sending her home where she can't be monitored, where she can't be treated? For what? To teach her a lesson? Put her in a corner until she comes around to where you need her to be? So you can prove your skill?"
She took a step back, but she didn't look away. "I don't need to prove my skill. But you seem to need to find someone to blame. Maybe you should try stepping up instead, and try finding a solution?"
Once again, was she bloody joking? He'd been stepping up and finding solutions for problems since he was twelve years old. Feeding his family, putting a roof over their heads. Real problems, not challenges he sought out to prove his skill. "I'm not blaming you for what's happened to Emma. Hell, I couldn't appreciate your skill more. But pardon me for wondering if this is about Emma at all for you, or if it's only about what you can accomplish."
A combination of emotions flashed in her strangely colored eyes; in the end, disbelief at being contradicted shone brightest. "Do you always judge people without knowing one damn thing about them? Or is it just me?"
He almost laughed. The woman had called him the hired help without giving it one thought and she thought he judged people #Quote by Sonali Dev
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Sui Ishida
#20. You don't need to blame yourself just because you've hurt someone, just like when you're walking you can't really blame yourself to crush some ants... that's what being stronger ones means. #Quote by Sui Ishida
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Chris Dietzel
#21. Scared people don't really mean what they say, they're just looking for ways to rationalize everything so they have someone or something to blame. They need to have a reason for what's happening because when they have that they can take comfort in knowing it's out of their control. #Quote by Chris Dietzel
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jodi Picoult
#22. You can't blame someone if they honestly don't understand that their reality isn't the same as yours. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Peter  Murphy
#23. Horse-Protestant be damned," Maurice chuckled, "I am as Irish as the rest of you, but I don't get to blame someone whenever things don't go my way. #Quote by Peter Murphy
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#24. You can't blame someone for not knowing what his or her job should be if you don't ask for it right off the bat. #Quote by Jennifer Aniston
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Frederick Lenz
#25. When someone compliments you, listen, but don't believe it. Praise or blame are immaterial. You know what you are. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Steve Toltz
#26. It's always something here - if there isn't a riot, then someone's usually trying to escape. The wasted effort helps me see the positives of imprisonment. Unlike those pulling their hair out in good society, here we don't have to feel ashamed of our day-to-day unhappiness. Here we have someone visible to blame - someone wearing shiny boots. That's why, on consideration, freedom leaves me cold. Because out there in the real world, freedom means you have to admit authorship, even when your story turns out to be a real stinker. #Quote by Steve Toltz
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Kim Dallmeier
#27. No one will ever admire you for being someone else. #Quote by Kim Dallmeier
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Ilona Andrews
#28. We don't need the money that badly," my mother said. "According to my sisters, we do." I slid the photograph with dollar signs toward her. Mom swung toward Grandma Frida. "Mom!" Grandma Frida's eyes got really big. "What? Don't look at me!" "You started this." Ha! Attack deflected and redirected. "I did no such thing. I'm innocent. You always blame me for everything." "You started it and you encouraged it. Now look, she's taking on murders because you're guilt-tripping her to put food on the table. And what kind of message does this send?" "A true-love kind of message." Grandma Frida grinned. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by David Wojnarowicz
#29. Somewhere forest fires rage and somewhere else something moves beneath dark waters and somewhere blood appears in the hallway of the home of some old couple who aren't bleeding and somewhere someone else spontaneously self-combusts and somehow all the mysteries of this world as I know it offer me comfort and I don't know beans about heaven and hell and somehow all that stuff is no longer an issue and at the moment I'm a sixteen-foot-tall five-hundred-and-forty-eight-pound man inside this six-foot body and all i can feel is the pressure all I can feel is the pressure and the need for release. #Quote by David Wojnarowicz
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jennifer Lynch
#30. For me, I was given a great gift by my father and my mother in that I was never told any idea was bad. I was told I could explore any thought as long as I wasn't hurting someone else. #Quote by Jennifer Lynch
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Gena Showalter
#31. The moment Lucien had seen William the Handsome put his hands on Anya, an all-consuming need had rushed through him: mark her so that every man who looked at her knew she belonged to someone else. The need was stronger than his rage had ever been. The need was more potent than even his desire to have this woman in his bed. Everything inside him, even the demon, screamed mine. A word she, too, had used to describe him. Had they been alone when she'd said it, he would have thrown her onto the nearest bed and demanded she repeat the word over and over again. Nothing #Quote by Gena Showalter
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Dana Davis
#32. I'm the kind of person that if I see someone else crying, I cry too. I take on that emotion. #Quote by Dana Davis
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by William Bernbach
#33. Never do anything yourself that you can hire someone else to do, especially if they can do it better. #Quote by William Bernbach
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Grant Morrison
#34. PHOENIX: As I was about to say… "Telekinesis" means "mind over matter."

U-Men: I'm not scared… I'll match your natural powers with my electric blood transfusion.

PHOENIX: No… No. I'm sorry, you won't. All your minds… looking out through those little portholes… Naked insecurities crawling all over you like graffiti… So sad… You'll be quiet and you'll listen to someone else for just 5 minutes. Mind over matter? Think back to all that processed food you ate today to help calm your nerves. I'm thinking about it right now. I'm thinking of moving it up.

U-Men: Aaautch! Bblaaauuurrr!

PHOENIX: And moving it down.

U-Men: Oh! Awwwww!

PHOENIX: I don't want you to get hurt but you have to understand… the more you annoy me the more I can't help thinking about deconstructing you, molecule by molecule, memory by memory… until there's nothing left but screaming, traumatized atoms. So don't patronize me. Don't threaten me. And don't ever endanger any of my students again. Don't even think about it. Or I'll know. #Quote by Grant Morrison
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Wesley King
#35. I don't know why, but watching someone else break made me feel a lot less broken. #Quote by Wesley King
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Aimee Carson
#36. All I know is that I'd rather face uncertainty with you than all the certainty in the world with someone else. #Quote by Aimee Carson
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Amber Lough
#37. My entire life, I've been fascinated with stories. To everyone else, it seemed like the story itself was enough. But I wanted to know why someone told the story in the first place. Had something happened? Or were they only wishing for something to happen? #Quote by Amber Lough
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jesse Ball
#38. Can you imagine? That you can say something, offhand, and it can matter, it can really matter to someone else? Can you imagine what it's like to hear something like that? To hear someone say something and feel the world ripple around you? #Quote by Jesse Ball
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by John Steinbeck
#39. And just as war is always for somebody else, so it is also true that someone else always gets killed. And Mother of God! that wasn't true either. The dreadful telegrams began to sneak sorrowfully in, and it was everybody's brother. Here we were, over six thousand miles from the anger and the noise, and that didn't save us. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Derek Hough
#40. Remind yourself where you come from.

I spent the majority of my life running away from Utah, from the life I led there, from the memories I associated with those early years. It felt very someone-else-ago to me. London changed me profoundly.
When we were dancing on DWTS together, Jennifer Grey called me one night. She was having trouble with her back and wanted to see a physiotherapist. "Can you come with me?" she asked. She drove us through a residential section of Beverly Hills. We pulled into a house with a shed out back. Oddly, it didn't look like a doctor's office. There was a couch and incense burning. An Australian guy with a white beard came in : "Hey, mates." I looked at Jen and she winked at me. This was no physical therapy. She'd signed us up for some bizarre couples therapy!
The guy spoke to us for a while, then he asked Jennifer if she wouldn't mind leaving us to chat. I thought the whole thing was pretty out there, but I didn't think I could make a run for it.
"So, Derek," he said. "Tell me about your childhood." I laid it all out for him--I talked for almost two hours--and he nodded. "You can go pick him up now."
I raised an eyebrow. "Pick who up?"
The therapist smiled. "That younger boy, that self you left in Utah. You left him there while you've been on a mission moving forward so vigorously. Now you can go get him back."
I sat there, utterly stunned and speechless. It was beyond powerful and enlightening. Had I really #Quote by Derek Hough
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Mark Raskino
#41. If you don't act, someone else will, and you run the risk of being marginalized from this opportunity space, #Quote by Mark Raskino
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Lisa De Jong
#42. When you find someone you truly love, nothing else matters. #Quote by Lisa De Jong
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Mikhail Prokhorov
#43. Even before my parents died, I felt all the responsibility to my family. I don't know why. In any business, any relationship, if something goes wrong, I feel I am to blame. It's something inside me. #Quote by Mikhail Prokhorov
Dont Blame Someone Else quotes by Jennifer Beals
#44. You can make yourself feel better about yourself if you project your shadow side, if you project your own potential for evil onto someone else. By annihilating them and, therefore, your shadow, you bring yourself into some state of purity or reformation. #Quote by Jennifer Beals

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