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Famous Quotes About Dollmaker

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Dollmaker quotes by R.M. Romero
#1. The Dollmaker: Jewish people like Mr. Trzmiel practice a different religion that I do - they aren't Christian. They have a different relationship with God than I do.

Karolina: Oh. That's a foolish reason to hate someone.

The Dollmaker: Yes, it is. #Quote by R.M. Romero
Dollmaker quotes by R.M. Romero
#2. That's what weak people do,"said the Dollmaker. "They're afraid, and hurt others with that fear. But there comes a point at which they don't deserve our pity any more. #Quote by R.M. Romero
Dollmaker quotes by Gayle Wray
#3. Become a dollmaker, there are NO limits to your awesomeness, you can create anything you can imagine and more! #Quote by Gayle Wray
Dollmaker quotes by A.F. Stewart
#4. I told you. I've been watching." She twirled, her arms outstretched. "Watching, watching, watching. #Quote by A.F. Stewart

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