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Dogleg Brewing quotes by Brooke Hampton
#1. I like old bookstores, the smell of coffee brewing, rainy day naps, farmhouse porches, and sunsets. I like the sweet, simple things that remind me that life doesn't have to be complicated to be beautiful. #Quote by Brooke Hampton
Dogleg Brewing quotes by John Ciardi
#2. There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation. #Quote by John Ciardi
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Azar Nafisi
#3. Brewing and serving tea is an aesthetic ritual in Iran, performed several times a day. We serve tea in transparent glasses, small and shapely, the most popular of which is called slim-waisted: round and full at the top, narrow in the middle and round and full at the bottom. The color of the tea and its subtle aroma are an indication of the brewer's skill. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Samuel Adams
#4. Let no man thirst for good beer. #Quote by Samuel Adams
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#5. Revolution can never be forecast; it cannot be foretold; it comes of itself. Revolution is brewing and is bound to flare up. #Quote by Vladimir Lenin
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Jack London
#6. As for me, you wonder why I am a socialist. I'll tell you. It is because socialism is inevitable; because the present rotten and irrational system cannot endure; because the day is past for your man on horseback. The slaves won't stand for it. They are too many, and willy-nilly they'll drag down the would-be equestrian before he gets astride. You can't get away from them, and you'll have to swallow the whole slave-morality. It's not a nice mess, I'll allow. But it's been a-brewing and swallow it you must. #Quote by Jack London
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Jane Mayer
#7. The Kochs were unusually single-minded, but they were not alone. They were among a small, rarefied group of hugely wealthy, archconservative families that for decades poured money, often with little public disclosure, into influencing how Americans thought and voted. Their efforts began in earnest in the second half of the twentieth century. In addition to the Kochs, this group included Richard Mellon Scaife, an heir to the Mellon banking and Gulf Oil fortunes; Harry and Lynde Bradley, midwesterners enriched by defense contracts; John M. Olin, a chemical and munitions company titan; the Coors brewing family of Colorado; and the DeVos family if Michigan, founders of the Amway marketing empire. Each was different, but together they formed a new generation of philanthropist, bent on using billions if dollars from their private foundations to alter the direction of American politics. #Quote by Jane Mayer
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Flann O'Brien
#8. Here I had a strange idea not unworthy of de Selby. Why was Joe so disturbed at the suggestion that he had a body? What if he had a body? A body with another body inside it in turn, thousands of such bodies within each other like the skins of an onion, receding to some unimaginable ultimum? Was I in turn merely a link in a vast sequence of imponderable beings, the world I knew merely the interior of the being whose inner voice I myself was? Who or what was the core and what monster in what world was the final uncontained colossus? God? Nothing? Was I receiving these wild thoughts from Lower Down or were they brewing newly in me to be transmitted Higher Up? #Quote by Flann O'Brien
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Richard W. Fisher
#9. In the distance, I see a frightful storm brewing in the form of un-tethered government debt. I choose the words -frightful storm' - deliberately to avoid hyperbole. Unless we take steps to deal with it, the long-term fiscal situation of the federal government will be unimaginably more devastating to our economic prosperity than the subprime debacle and the recent debauching of credit markets that we are working right now so hard to correct. #Quote by Richard W. Fisher
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
#10. If you think about brewing, it is biotechnology. And I would say that I was a technologist at heart. So whether I ... fermented beer or whether I fermented enzymes, the base technology was the same. #Quote by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Robin Hobb
#11. was as charged as if a storm were brewing. It was a storm, she told herself, and one her father had seen gathering for years. Still, it humbled her to watch an old captain like Tenira announce that he would call the first bolt down on himself. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Anthony Kiedis
#12. I remember thinking, 'Sometimes you're riding high in April and shot down in June, but at least we have each other.' We were full of enthusiasm and color, and you could sense that something was brewing that could be amazing, but we weren't quite there yet. #Quote by Anthony Kiedis
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Elizabeth Chandler
#13. A storm was brewing. The wind has picked up and a mass of purple clouds was coming in from the West. It felt good to have my hair whipping around my head. I thought it might feel good to have hail beat down on me. Sometimes storms outside are the only relief for storms inside ... #Quote by Elizabeth Chandler
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Juvenal
#14. What? Am I to be a listener only all my days? Am I never to get my word in - I that have been so often bored by the Theseid of the ranting Cordus? Shall this one have spouted to me his comedies, and that one his love ditties, and I be unavenged? Shall I have no revenge on one who has taken up the whole day with an interminable Telephus or with an Orestes which, after filling the margin at the top of the roll and the back as well, hasn't even yet come to an end? No one knows his own house so well as I know the groves of Mars, and the cave of Vulcan near the cliffs of Aeolus. What the winds are brewing; whose souls Aeacus has on the rack; from what country another worthy is carrying off that stolen golden fleece; how big are the ash trees which Monychus hurls as missiles: these are the themes with which Fronto's plane trees and marble halls are for ever ringing until the pillars quiver and quake under the continual recitations; such is the kind of stuff you may look for from every poet, greatest or least. Well, I too have slipped my hand from under the cane; I too have counselled Sulla to retire from public life and take a deep sleep; it is a foolish clemency when you jostle against poets at every corner, to spare paper that will be wasted anyhow. But if you can give me time, and will listen quietly to reason, I will tell you why I prefer to run in the same course over which Lucilius, the great nursling of Aurunca drove his horses. #Quote by Juvenal
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Jon Katz
#15. The true heart of Carolyn's farm was her kitchen, where sausages and pungent dog treats lay scattered over they counters, along with collars, magazines and books, trial application forums, checks from her students (Carolyn, not big on details, often left them lying around for months), leashes, and dog toys.

Pots of coffee were always brewing, and dog people could be found sitting around her big wooden table at all hours. Devon and I were always welcome there, and he grew to love going around the table from person to person, collecting pats and treats. Troubled dogs were familiar at the table, and appreciated. If we couldn't bring our dogs many places, we could always bring them here. #Quote by Jon Katz
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Sereda Aleta Dailey
#16. A sense of accomplishment Ahh yes. There's just (Nothing like it) Today, KNOW You can make it happen like no other. It's the Truth. Lean into the direction of your dreams today. Everything is brewing for you, all that you want is on the brink of complete overflow. Get out of your own way and Allow the overflow to happen. #Quote by Sereda Aleta Dailey
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Shepard Fairey
#17. What excites me is that, when things are tough, people become resourceful, and now with the Internet, social networking and the ability for people who in the past had been relatively powerless, they have tools to be able to spread ideas and organize. The urgency is there and the tools are there and I think that the possibility for really, really powerful results is there. I think it's all brewing, it's all bubbling up right now. #Quote by Shepard Fairey
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#18. Thus it happens in matters of state; for knowing afar off (which it is only given a prudent man to do) the evils that are brewing, they are easily cured. But when, for want of such knowledge, they are allowed to grow so that everyone can recognize them, there is no longer any remedy to be found. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#19. I, Corona Speaking (The Sonnet)

Nature has been crying,
Yet you paid no heed.
Glaciers have been frying,
Yet you kept sleeping in greed.
Forests kept on burning,
Yet your eyes shed no tear.
Hurricanes kept on brewing,
Yet your luxuries didn't disappear.
Hence my arrival, not to punish you,
But only to give a wake up call.
I haven't come to lock you up,
But only to expose your downfall.
Now you know the horrors you committed,
I plea o wise ones live life illuminated. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Dave Barry
#20. All other nations are drinking Ray Charles beer and we are drinking Barry Manilow. #Quote by Dave Barry
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Selenis Leyva
#21. My grandmother was this amazing woman in the Dominican Republic who used to read tea leaves and palms. She would cure people in her neighborhood by going into her garden, plucking a couple of leaves, and brewing teas. #Quote by Selenis Leyva
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Mel Gibson
#22. I'm always writing. There is always a story brewing in my head. #Quote by Mel Gibson
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#23. I am a hero. It is a trade, no more, like weaving or brewing, and like them it has its own tricks and knacks and small arts. There are ways of perceiving witches, and of knowing poison streams; there are certain weak spots that all dragons have, and certain riddles that hooded strangers tend to set you. But the true secret of being a hero lies in knowing the order of things. The swineherd cannot already be wed to the princess when he embarks on his adventures, nor can the boy knock at the witch's door when she is away on vacation. The wicked uncle cannot be found out and foiled before he does something wicked. Things must happen when it is time for them to happen. Quests may not simply be abandoned; prophecies may not be left to rot like unpicked fruit; unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever. The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story. Heroes know about order, about happy endings -- heroes know that some things are better than others. #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Agatha Christie
#24. You're suggesting the mysterious X. Where do we look for him?'

Poirot said:

'Obviously in a close circle. There were five people, were there not, whocould have been concerned?'

'Five? Let me see. There was the old duffer who messed about with his herb brewing. A dangerous hobby-but an amiable creature. Vague sort of person. Don't see him as X. There was the girl-she might have polished off Caroline, but certainly not Amyas. Then there was the stockbroker-Crale's best friend. That's popular in detective stories, but I don't believe in it in real life. There's no one else-oh yes, the kid sister, but one doesn't seriously consider her. That's four.'

Hercule Poirot said:

'You forget the governess.'

'Yes, that's true. Wretched people, governesses, one never does remember them. I do recall her dimly though. Middle-aged, plain, competent. I suppose a psychologist would say that she had a guilty passion for Crale and therefore killed him. The repressed spinster! It's no good-I just don't believe it. As far as my dim remembrance goes she wasn't the neurotic type.'

'It is a long time ago.'

'Fifteen or sixteen years, I suppose. Yes, quite that. You can't expect my memories of the case to be very acute. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Nancy B. Brewer
#25. The ragged curtains were reaching out across the room and the foot of the bed was soaked with rain. She got up and closed the window to protect her from the storm outside. However, there was no protection from the storm that was always brewing in her mind. #Quote by Nancy B. Brewer
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
#26. The brewing industry is a very, very male dominated industry. It's a male bastion. #Quote by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
#27. Follow the ideal doing,
grind the beans just before brewing.
Use spring water,
for softened water,
makes a horror.
A parley perfect,
between the coffee,
and the milk,
with some,
brown sugar thick."
(Poem: An apology of a coffee lunatic, Book: Ginger and Honey) #Quote by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Fritz Maytag
#28. Most of the wine in the world sells for two dollars a bottle. Quite a bit sells for four dollars to five dollars a bottle, and there are many that sell for ten dollars a bottle. Then you have wines that sell for three hundred dollars a bottle. What the world needs is a beer that's worth five dollars a bottle. I think that would be great. If all beer prices are forced down to the level of Busch Bavarian, none of us will be there. #Quote by Fritz Maytag
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Serj Tankian
#29. I think that because of YouTube, because of MySpace, because of the digital domain that we have on the Internet, the younger generation is much more open to information. I think it's so much easier for them to gain information and trade information, and they have become more aware. In some cases, more aware than their own parents and adults, as to what's going on in the world. I find that really intriguing and interesting, and I think there is a brewing of a whole new generation of activists coming. #Quote by Serj Tankian
Dogleg Brewing quotes by James Sallis
#30. What critics might call eclectic, and Eastern folks quirky, we Southerners call cussedness-and it's the cornerstone of the American genius. As in: 'There's a right way, a wrong way, and my way.' You want to see how that looks on the page, pick up any of Craig McDonald's novels. He's built him a nice little shack out there way off all the reg'lar roads, and he's brewing some fine, heady stuff. Leave your money under the rock and come back in an hour. #Quote by James Sallis
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Sherwood Smith
#31. I sat where I was and waged a short fierce inner battle. Either I could sit and sulk--in which case they would want to know why--or I could go out there, pretend nothing was amiss, and do what needed doing.
The table in the Marquis's room was set for the three of us. I sniffed the air, which was pleasant with the summer-grass smell of brewing listerblossom. Somehow this eased my sore spirits just a little. I knelt down next to my brother, whose bed pillows cushioned him, and poured myself some of the tea. It felt good on my raw throat.
For a time I just sat there with my eyes closed, sipping occasionally, while the other two continued a conversation about the difficulties of supply procurement that they had obviously begun before I returned. At first I listened to the voices: Bran's husky, slow, with laughter in it as a constant and pleasant undercurrent, and Shevraeth's soft, emotionless, with words drawn out in a court drawl to give them emphasis, rather than using changes in tone or timbre. The complexity of Shevraeth's reaction was thus masked, which--I realized--was more irritating to me than his voice, which didn't precisely grate on the ears. It was an advantage that I had no access to; I seemed to be incapable of hiding my reactions.
The tea restored to me enough presence of mind to bring the sense of their words, instead of mere sound. They were still discoursing on supply sources and how to protect supply lines, and Bran kept looking to me for corrobo #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Sarah Dessen
#32. Now, now," my father said. "Let's just get the bags."
This was typical. My father, the lone male in our estrogen-heavy household, had always dealt with any kind of emotional situation or conflict by doing something concrete and specific. Discussion of cramps and heavy flow at the breakfast table? He was up and out the door to change oil on one of our cars. Coming home in tears for reasons you just didn't want to discuss? He'd go make you a grilled cheese, which he'd probably end up eating. Family crisis brewing in a public place? Bags. Get the bags. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#33. Revenge, ... All of a sudden, revenge started brewing in the back of their minds. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Robin Bridges
#34. The house was cozy, with a fire burning in every fireplace. The familiar scents of tea brewing in the samovar and Maman's warmed cherry brandy smelled like love to me. #Quote by Robin Bridges
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#35. The sun is getting warmer on my back, and I wish the air could stay the way it was moments before: the air of promise, the elements brewing but not quite cooked. #Quote by Kaui Hart Hemmings
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Kingsley Amis
#36. He thought to himself now that if ever he went into the brewing business his posters would have written across the top "Bowen's Beer", and then underneath that in the middle a picture of Mrs. Knowles driniking a lot of it and falling about, and then across the bottom in bold or salient lettering the words "Makes You Drunk". #Quote by Kingsley Amis
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#37. She heard hearts bounce, tears brewing, and breath going backward, but nobody said a word. By the sorrow and loss and sweetness in their faces she knew that they recognized her, and she accepted their hunger as her homage. She thought of the hunter's great-grandmother, and wondered what it must be like to grow old, and to cry. #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Dogleg Brewing quotes by Jagdish Joghee
#38. I love you."

"Wow. That too on Valentine's Day!"

"That's just a coincidence."

A perfect love story started to brew as they embarked on a journey of love and romance. The day the world celebrated love was the day they would start their love story too. What a perfect melodrama, even the best of romantic movies might not have such a climax. A perfect love story was just brewing. #Quote by Jagdish Joghee

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