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Doctor Manette quotes by Charles Dickens
#1. Indeed!" said Defarge, with much indifference. "Yes, indeed. When Doctor Manette was released, you, his old domestic, had the charge of him, I know. He was delivered to you. You see I am informed #Quote by Charles Dickens
Doctor Manette quotes by Charles Dickens
#2. The picturesque doctor's daughter, Miss Manette. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Doctor Manette quotes by Kenzaburo Oe
#3. Can you tell me which is yours?" Standing at Bird's side, the nurse spoke as if she were addressing the father of the hospital's healthiest and most beautiful baby. But she wasn't smiling, she didn't even seem sympathetic; Bird decided this must be the standard intensive care ward quiz. Not only the nurse who had asked the question but two young nurses who were rinsing baby bottles beneath a huge water heater on the far wall, and the older nurse measuring powdered milk next to them, and the doctor studying file cards at a cramped desk against the smudgy poster-cluttered wall, and the doctor on this side of him, conversing with a stubby little man who seemed, like Bird, to be the father of one of the seeds of calamity gathered here - everybody in the room stopped what he was doing and turned in expectant silence to look at Bird. #Quote by Kenzaburo Oe
Doctor Manette quotes by Tobsha Learner
#4. I am reminded of the belief of the ancient Sephardic doctor Isrealicus: that food must really be delicious if both disposition and body are to benefit. #Quote by Tobsha Learner
Doctor Manette quotes by Paul Bloom
#5. I think there's some evidence that when it comes to being a doctor or nurse, a police officer or therapist, that empathetic engagement leads to burn-out. Imagine if you're dealing with severely ill children, and you felt their pain all the time, and the pain of their parents - you wouldn't be able to do that job for very long. It would kill you. #Quote by Paul Bloom
Doctor Manette quotes by James Hillman
#6. People used to trust their doctor. They went to an expert. Now people have new ideas and are thinking for themselves. That's a very important change in our collective psychology. #Quote by James Hillman
Doctor Manette quotes by Hope Jahren
#7. I smile back at her. "I must be stronger than I look." "All women are," my doctor adds while scrutinizing the womaniest part of me, improvising a pattern upon which to seam the torn pieces and hem the jagged edges. Clint #Quote by Hope Jahren
Doctor Manette quotes by John T. Fuller
#8. Archer tries not to think of his own state of purity, physically unsullied, yet now spiritually beyond redemption, his thoughts plagued by lithe limbs and brilliant blue eyes. Doctor Archer has never really understood women, nor has he ever had time for courtship; this is a sacrifice he has willingly made for his career. He thought - believed - for most of his adult life that his vocation was to tend the sick of mind. Romance was a frivolity, carnal urges something he successfully sublimated, resisting the drive to spoil himself. Now, in the overbearing loneliness of his 4am bed he touches himself in secret, panting and hungry and stunned by shame #Quote by John T. Fuller
Doctor Manette quotes by Rob Ray
#9. To a reporter after Ray was pounded by Edmonton's Georges Laraque: What are you, the fight doctor now or something? You've never been in a fight in your life, so what are you talking about? #Quote by Rob Ray
Doctor Manette quotes by Jay S. Walker
#10. If you're a doctor, what do you promise to do? First, do no harm. If your operating philosophy is do no harm, that's not a call to imagination. Not only that, if I'm a patient, I don't want your imagination. I want what works. #Quote by Jay S. Walker
Doctor Manette quotes by Kyle Dunnigan
#11. My doctor told me i had Attention Deficit Disorder. He said, 'ADD is a complex disorder, blah, blah, blah,' I didn't pay attention to the rest. #Quote by Kyle Dunnigan
Doctor Manette quotes by Sarah Sutton
#12. Before I got Doctor Who, I went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I went back to take the final grade exam, which is the grade you have to take before you can take the teacher's diploma. #Quote by Sarah Sutton
Doctor Manette quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#13. Oh, I just tend to believe in things when I'm writing them. For instance, when I was writing 'Doctor Dee,' I believed in magic. And when I wrote 'Hawksmoor' I believed in psychic geography. But as soon as I type the last full stop, I'm back to being a complete blank again. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Doctor Manette quotes by Jason Reitman
#14. I went to college, I went pre-med, I thought I was going to be a doctor. #Quote by Jason Reitman
Doctor Manette quotes by Susanna Kaysen
#15. I always got irritated when he told me he wasn't a doctor. Technically, he was a doctor. Being a doctor is like being a Jew; you can't get away from it. #Quote by Susanna Kaysen
Doctor Manette quotes by Evelyn Smith
#16. Sweetheart the doctor gave you the okay, and your friends will be there. It's okay to live your life. You can't be afraid at every turn. #Quote by Evelyn Smith
Doctor Manette quotes by Mervyn Peake
#17. Steerpike of the Many Problems," said the Doctor. "What did you say they were? My memory is so very untrustworthy. It's as fickle as a fox. Ask me to name the third lateral bloodvessel from the extremity of my index finger that runs east to west when I lie on my face at sundown, or the percentage of chalk to be found in the knuckles of an average spinster in her fifty-seventh year, ha, ha, ha! – or even ask me, my dear boy, to give details of the pulse rate of frogs two minutes before they die of scabies – these things are no tax upon my memory, ha, ha, ha! But ask me to remember exactly what you said you problems were, a minute ago, and you will find that my memory has forsaken me utterly. Now why is that, my dear Master Steerpike, why is that?"
"Because I never mentioned them," said Steerpike.
"That accounts for it," said Prunesquallor. "That, no doubt, accounts for it. #Quote by Mervyn Peake
Doctor Manette quotes by Cybill Shepherd
#18. And if doctor says that you don't have IBS with constipation, you might want to get a second opinion, because I had doctors that were telling me ... of course, a lot of this has to do with science - progressing. #Quote by Cybill Shepherd
Doctor Manette quotes by Philip Roth
#19. Doctor, I had never had anybody like her in my life, she was the fulfillment of my most lascivious adolescent dreams– but marry her, can she be serious? You see, for all her preening and
perfumes, she has a very low opinion of herself, and simultaneously– and here is the source of much of
our trouble-a ridiculously high opinion of me. And simultaneously, a very low opinion of me! She is
one confused Monkey, and, I'm afraid, not too very bright. #Quote by Philip Roth
Doctor Manette quotes by Lisa Sanders
#20. The basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry are linked to a patient at the bedside through very specific stories that doctors learn and eventually create. These stories, what researchers now call illness scripts, contain key characteristics of a disease to form an iconic version, an idealized model of that particular disease. … It is the story that every doctor puts together for herself with the knowledge she gains from books and patients. The more experience a doctor has with any of these illnesses, the richer and more detailed the illness script she has of the disease becomes. #Quote by Lisa Sanders
Doctor Manette quotes by R.J. Palacio
#21. Then Mom got very upset and tried to get out of bed to see where they were going, but the farting nurse put her very big arms on Mom to keep her down in the bed. They were practically fighting, because Mom was hysterical and the farting nurse was yelling at her to stay calm, and then they both started screaming for the doctor. But guess what? He had fainted! Right on the floor! So when the farting nurse saw that he had fainted, she started pushing him with her foot to get him to wake up, yelling at #Quote by R.J. Palacio
Doctor Manette quotes by Gareth Roberts
#22. Chris hurried after him. 'It's so hard to believe we just travelled hundreds of light years.'
'Why?' asked the Doctor.
'I always understood that you cannot travel faster than light,' said Chris.
'Says who?'
'Says Einstein,' said Chris.
'What?' The Doctor stopped and put an arm around Chris's shoulder. 'Do you understand Einstein?'
Chris wasn't sure where this was going. 'Yes.'
'What?' gasped the Doctor. 'And quantum theory?'
'Yes,' said Chris. He basked in the Doctor's astonishment, on firmer ground at last.
'What?' gasped the Doctor. 'And Planck?'
'Yes,' said Chris.
'What?' gasped the Doctor. 'And Newton?'
'Yes!' said Chris.
'What?' gasped the Doctor. 'And Schoenberg?'
Chris paused. Was it a trick question? He recalled reading about the crisis of tonality. He thought he'd caught most of it, so he answered proudly, 'Yes. Of course.'
The Doctor whistled, apparently impressed. Then he said, 'You've got an awful lot to unlearn, Bristol. #Quote by Gareth Roberts
Doctor Manette quotes by Thomas Hobbes
#23. Words are wise men's counters, they do but reckon by them: but they are the money of fools, that value them by the authority of an Aristotle, a Cicero, or a Thomas, or any other doctor whatsoever, if but a man. #Quote by Thomas Hobbes
Doctor Manette quotes by Toby Whithouse
#24. Doctor Who: Violence doesn't end violence, it extends it. #Quote by Toby Whithouse
Doctor Manette quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#25. A lawyer aint a priest. Nor a doctor. Law's more vagrant than sickness or sin. We make our case. We'd be fools to say what a dozen other fools might think of it. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Doctor Manette quotes by Franz Kafka
#26. Thin, without fever, not cold, not warm, with empty eyes, without a shirt, the young man under the stuffed quilt heaves himself up, hangs around my throat and whispers in my ear, Doctor, let me die. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Doctor Manette quotes by Jacques Pepin
#27. Thirty, 40 years ago, more than that now, even, the cook was certainly at the bottom of the social scale. And any mother would've wanted their child to marry a doctor, a lawyer, an architect, not a cook. Now, we are genius, it's different. #Quote by Jacques Pepin
Doctor Manette quotes by Paulo Coelho
#28. People talked more openly to a psychiatrist than they did to a priest because a doctor couldn't threaten them with Hell. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Doctor Manette quotes by L.K. Madigan
#29. The main thing is to WRITE. Some days it might be 2000 words. Some days you might tinker with two sentences until you get them just right. Both days belong in the writing life. Some days you may watch a 'Doctor Who' marathon or become immersed in a book that is so good you can't stop reading. Some days you may be in love or in mourning. Those days belong in the writing life, too. Live them without guilt. #Quote by L.K. Madigan
Doctor Manette quotes by Wilma Rudolph
#30. My doctor told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother. #Quote by Wilma Rudolph
Doctor Manette quotes by Gordon Korman
#31. Fiske spoke sharply to the four walls. "We need medical attention immediately. We have a gunshot wound that requires treatment."
"You're not going to get through to them by talking like an English professor," scoffed Reagan. "Hey!" she bawled. "Get a doctor down here! She's in pain, thanks to you! What are you going to do about it? #Quote by Gordon Korman
Doctor Manette quotes by Rosemary Sutcliff
#32. But against sandfly fever one could be inoculated, and I have another, hideously vivid picture of a great menacing brute of a doctor sticking a Thing that ended in a vicious needle into my mother's arm. Mad to defend my own, I scrambled off my father's knee, and flew to her rescue. I fixed my teeth in the doctor's horrible hairy wrist and hung on like a terrier, until my father succeeded in prising me away. Afterwards, everybody said how wonderful the doctor had been, because he continued calmly giving the inoculation while I was prised off him, instead of breaking the needle in my mother's arm. But nobody said how brave it was of me, only three years old, when all is said and done, and gone in the legs at that, to take on such fearful odds for the sake of love. #Quote by Rosemary Sutcliff
Doctor Manette quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#33. No matter what your profession – doctor, lawyer, architect, accountant – if you are an American, you better be good at the touchy-feely service stuff, because anything that can be digitized can be outsourced to either the smartest or the cheapest producer. #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Doctor Manette quotes by The Doctor
#34. You want weapons? We're in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! #Quote by The Doctor
Doctor Manette quotes by Alice Hoffman
#35. How could I tell the doctor what was wrong with me? I didn't understand it myself. I couldn't articulate the pain; it was the pain of nothingness. My fear was of the weather, the atmosphere, the very air. What good did safety tips do me now? 'Avoid water, metal objects, rooftops; stay off the telephone in a storm, don't think glass can protect you; even if a storm was 8 miles away, you're still not safe from a strike. Avoid life perhaps that was the answer. The number one safety tip, stay away from it all. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Doctor Manette quotes by Mindy Kaling
#36. It's blue and it's wailing because its little body is cold. The only people who think it's beautiful are its parents, and the doctor is just happy it's alive. And none of that is funny. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Doctor Manette quotes by Louis Farrakhan
#37. Every Cuban has a house to live in, no matter how meager. That house is provided by government. Every Cuban who gets sick can go to a doctor or a hospital and get medical attention while 45 million Americans don't have medical insurance. Every Cuban can get education from the kindergarten through college and they don't have to pay. What is Castro doing that we might benefit from-if we are not too arrogant and falsely proud to see what he is doing in a small nation and what we have not been able to do or not been willing to do in the greatest nation on the earth? #Quote by Louis Farrakhan
Doctor Manette quotes by Atul Gawande
#38. Are doctors who make mistakes villains? No, because then we all are. #Quote by Atul Gawande

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