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Do Gods Work quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#1. The first service one owes to others in a community involves listening to them. Just as our love for God begins with listening to God's Word, the beginning of love for others is learning to listen to them. God's love for us is shown by the fact that God not only gives God's Word, but also lends us God's ear.

We do God's work for our brothers and sisters when we learn to listen to them.

So often Christians, especially preachers, think that their only service is always to have to 'offer' something when they are together with other people.

They forget that listening can be a greater service…Christians who can no longer listen to one another will soon no longer be listening to God either. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Do Gods Work quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#2. When politicians presume to do God's work, they do not become divine but diabolical. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
Do Gods Work quotes by Edward McKendree Bounds
#3. Prayer is of transcendent importance. Prayer is the mightiest agent to advance God's work. Praying hearts and hands only can do God's work. Prayer succeeds when all else fails. #Quote by Edward McKendree Bounds
Do Gods Work quotes by Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom
#4. Ultimately you are doing what you do for one of two reasons: to serve oneself or to serve God. There is enough time in every day to do God's work ... in God's way. #Quote by Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom
Do Gods Work quotes by Abraham Kuyper
#5. The holy art of "giving for Jesus' sake" ought to be much more strongly developed among us Christians. Never forget that all state relief for the poor is a blot on the honor of your savior. The fact that the government needs a safety net to catch those who would slip between the cracks of our economic system is evidence that I have failed to do God's work. The government cannot take the place of Christian charity. A loving embrace isn't given with food stamps. The care of a community isn't provided with government housing. The face of our Creator can't be seen on a welfare voucher. What the poor need is not another government program; what they need is for Christians like me to honor our savior. #Quote by Abraham Kuyper
Do Gods Work quotes by N. T. Wright
#6. The Bible is there to enable God's people to be equipped to do God's work in God's world, not to give them an excuse to sit back smugly, knowing they possess all God's truth #Quote by N. T. Wright
Do Gods Work quotes by Robert K. Massie
#7. Mind was impure and his moral behavior was gross. But he had in lavish abundance some of the dramatic trappings of holiness. Along with his burning eyes, he had a fluent tongue. His head was filled with Scriptures, and his deep, powerful voice made him a compelling preacher. Besides, he had wandered the length and breadth of Russia and twice made pilgrimages to the Holy Land. He presented himself as a humble penitent, a man who had sinned greatly, been forgiven and commanded to do God's work. It was a touching symbol of his humility, people said, that he kept the nickname "Rasputin" which he had earned as a young man in his native village. "Rasputin" in Russian means "dissolute. #Quote by Robert K. Massie
Do Gods Work quotes by A.D. Aliwat
#8. I make 2+2=5, and I get to keep the remaining 1 that's not really there. I truly am a Master of the Universe. I don't just do "God's work," as our CEO once put it, it's more like I've actually become a god myself. #Quote by A.D. Aliwat
Do Gods Work quotes by W. Bruce Cameron
#9. Dog' is 'God' spelled backward; you know that. That's why you're here, to help the nuns do God's work. #Quote by W. Bruce Cameron
Do Gods Work quotes by Philip Yancey
#10. Miracles may occur now and then, but for the most part ordinary pilgrims do God's work by preaching, caring for widows and orphans, challenging society's wrongs, and marshaling the faithful to show the world a better way to live. #Quote by Philip Yancey
Do Gods Work quotes by J. William Fulbright
#11. Once imbued with the idea of a mission, a great nation easily assumes that it has the means as well as the duty to do God's work. #Quote by J. William Fulbright
Do Gods Work quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#12. There is no use in running before you are sent; there is no use in attempting to do God's work without God's power. A man working without this unction, a man working without this anointing, a man working without the Holy Ghost upon him, is losing time after all. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
Do Gods Work quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#13. Those who have overcome self-will and become instruments to do God's work can accomplish tasks which are seemingly impossible, but they experience no feeling of self achievement. I now know myself to be a part of the infinite cosmos, not separate from other souls or God. My illusory self is dead; the real self controls the garment of clay and uses it for God's work. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Do Gods Work quotes by Michele Dominguez Greene
#14. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My cycle had begun. I was now a woman. I was ready to do God's work. #Quote by Michele Dominguez Greene
Do Gods Work quotes by Randy Alcorn
#15. Once we understood that we were giving away God's money to do God's work, we discovered a peace and joy we never had back when we thought it was our money! #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Do Gods Work quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#16. Thank you, Spanx. Because of you, my postbaby body can mold like Jell-O into a svelte, sexy little shape . . . for a few hours anyway. Your ability to lift and tuck simply takes my breath away, literally! May you continue to do God's work and be the progenitor of the muffin top. THANK YOU, SARA BLAKELY!! Sincerely, All Women. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Do Gods Work quotes by Erwin W. Lutzer
#17. It is not enough to do God's work; it must be done in His way and for His credit. #Quote by Erwin W. Lutzer
Do Gods Work quotes by Tony Yang
#18. God's work.
My work.
God can find someone else to do my work.
But no one can do God's work.
So, my work is to PRAY that God will do His work through my work. #Quote by Tony Yang
Do Gods Work quotes by Mark Batterson
#19. What do you do when God's logic doesn't line up with yours? When the will of God doesn't add up? When you think you know better or know more than God? #Quote by Mark Batterson
Do Gods Work quotes by Lao-Tzu
#20. I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Do Gods Work quotes by Brian Godawa
#21. Ba'al led Ashtart down the underground tunnel in a dog collar. It had been thirteen years since the battle of nine kings, where Marduk had defeated Ashtart and became Ba'al, the king of the gods of Canaan. Ashtart's plan had been set back generations with the devastation of her giant progeny throughout the land by Chedorlaomer's forces. But with the addition of Ba'al as the Most High God of Canaan, the two of them together could do what she could not do alone. Ashtart had revitalized the original program of miscegenation of the Watchers. The rest of the pantheon of gods were fearful of the consequences of such a pursuit, since El Shaddai had already flooded the earth the first time such a course of action had been undertaken. But with the two most powerful divinities united, the pantheon could do little but sit back and see what happened. #Quote by Brian Godawa
Do Gods Work quotes by Mother Teresa
#22. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your eyes, kindness in your face, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greetings. We are all but His instruments who do our little bit and pass by. I believe that the way in which an act of kindness is done is as important as the action itself. #Quote by Mother Teresa
Do Gods Work quotes by Dee Henderson
#23. God is good, Rae. Men have free will and often do evil. God has freewill and constantly chooses to do good. That's the difference between us. God is good. Men have a bent toward evil that won't change unless we appeal to God to take us in hand and make us good again. And since only a small fraction of men ever think it worth laying down their will to ask for God's goodness instead, we end up with days like this. #Quote by Dee Henderson
Do Gods Work quotes by Walker Percy
#24. I am not ashamed to use the word class. I will also plead guilty to another charge. The charge is that people belonging to my class think they're better than other people. You're damn right we're better. We're better because we do not shirk our obligations either to ourselves or to others ... we live by our lights, we die by our lights, and whoever the high gods may be, we'll look them in the eye without apology. #Quote by Walker Percy
Do Gods Work quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#25. In nothing do humans approach so nearly to the gods as doing good to others. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Do Gods Work quotes by George R R Martin
#26. The dwarf slapped his flushed face so hard the crown flew from Joffrey's head. Then he shoved him with both hands and knocked him sprawling. "You blind bloody fool." "They were traitors," Joffrey squealed from the ground. "They called me names and attacked me!" "You set your dog on them! What did you imagine they would do, bend the knee meekly while the Hound lopped off some limbs? You spoiled witless little boy, you've killed Clegane and gods know how many more, and yet you come through unscratched. Damn you!" And he kicked him. #Quote by George R R Martin
Do Gods Work quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#27. You two should really get a room," Apollo said from out of nowhere.
"My poor eyes ... "
I groaned. Even in his true identity, he still had impeccable timing.
"Gods," Aiden spat. He pulled back, casting Apollo a disgusted look over my head. "Do you get off on sneaking up on us?"
"You probably don't want to know what I get off on. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Do Gods Work quotes by George MacDonald
#28. I am so tried by the things said about God. I understand God's patience with the wicked, but I do wonder how he can be so patient with the pious! #Quote by George MacDonald
Do Gods Work quotes by N. T. Wright
#29. Being male and being female, and working out what that means, is something most of creation is called to do and be, and unless we are to collapse into a kind of gnosticism, where the way things are in creation is regarded as secondary and shabby compared to what we are now to do with it, we have to recognize, respect, and respond to this call of God to live in the world he has made and as the people he has made us. It's just that we can't use the argument that being male-plus-female is somehow what being God's image bearers actually means. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Do Gods Work quotes by Mark Bowden
#30. You could send in your bleeding-heart do-gooders, you could hold hands and pray and sing hootenanny songs and invoke the great gods CNN and BBC, but the only way to finally open the roads to the big-eyed babies was to show up with more guns. And in this real world, nobody had more or better guns than America. If the good-hearted ideals of humankind were to prevail, then they needed men who could make it happen. #Quote by Mark Bowden
Do Gods Work quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#31. If you have God's calling, the circumstances around you do not matter; God knows how to remove every obstacle #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Do Gods Work quotes by Thomas Horn
#32. This is why one will find in our nation's Capitol countless images of gods and goddesses, along with zodiacs, the Washington Monument Obelisk, reflecting pools, and a whole cacophony of pagan imagery. There are no monuments to Jesus Christ, the apostles, or anything having to do with the Christian faith. #Quote by Thomas Horn
Do Gods Work quotes by Michael S. Horton
#33. Faith is tested throughout our lives (James 1:3; I Peter 1:7). As the object of our faith proves Himself faithful throughout these trials, our faith grows. Even if we do not have God's personal revelation about why we are suffering or how He is weaving our trials into a hidden pattern, we do have the revelation of God's hidden purposes for us and for creation in Jesus Christ. God has demonstrated His faithfulness objectively, publicly, and finally in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Do Gods Work quotes by Christine Feehan
#34. She's an innocent, Father. I told myself I would not do this thing, that it was wrong, but I knew I would." It was a measure of his distress that he called the priest "Father."
"And knowing you would do something you believe is wrong, you still did it. You must have had a good reason."
"Selfishness. Did you not hear me? I, I, I. Everything for myself. I found a reason to continue my existence and I took what did not belong to me, and still, even now, talking to you, I know I will not give her up."
"Accept your nature, Mikhail. Accept yourself as you are."
Mikhail's laughter was bitter. "Everything is so clear to you. You say I am one of God's children. I have purpose, I should accept my nature. My nature is to take what I believe is mine, hold it, protect it. Chain it to my side if necessary. I cannot let her go. I cannot. She is like the wind, open and free. If I caged the wind, would it die?"
"Then don't cage it, Mikhail. Trust it to stay beside you."
"How can I protect the wind, Edgar?"
"You said cannot, Mikhail. You cannot let her go. Not would not, will not. You said cannot. There is a difference."
"For me. What of her? What choice am I giving her?"
"I have always believed in you, in your goodness and your strength. It is very possible that the young lady needs you as well. You have heard the legends and lies associated with your kind for so long, you are beginning to believe the nonsense. To a true vegetarian, a meat eater ca #Quote by Christine Feehan
Do Gods Work quotes by Thomas Paine
#35. I do not choose to be a common person. It is my right to be uncommon
if I can. I seek opportunity
not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the State look after me. I want to take the calculated risk
to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole; I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence, the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid, to think and to act for myself, to enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say, This, with God's help, I have done. All this is what it means to be an Entrepreneur! #Quote by Thomas Paine
Do Gods Work quotes by Khalil Al-Sakakini
#36. We are both preachers. He preached the teaching of Jesus Christ, and I preached my philosophy.
He asked me: "Do you pray?"
"Do you beseech God to forgive your trespasses?"
"Do you not thank God for his bounty?"
"Do you not depend on God's support?"
And with this his puzzlement increased until he was assured that my fate lies in hell indeed. #Quote by Khalil Al-Sakakini
Do Gods Work quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#37. So you see systems of thought and religion coming out of the kinds of societies that invented them. The means by which people feed themselves determine how they think and what they believe. Agricultural societies believe in rain gods and seed gods and gods for every manner of thing that might affect the harvest (China). People who herd animals believe in a single shepherd god (Islam). In both these kinds of cultures you see a primitive notion of gods as helpers, as big people watching from above, like parents who nevertheless act like bad children, deciding capriciously whom to reward and whom not to, on the basis of craven sacrifices made to them by the humans dependent on their whim. The religions that say you should sacrifice or even pray to a god like that, to ask them to do something material for you, are the religions of desperate and ignorant people.

It is only when you get to the more advanced and secure societies that you get a religion ready to face the universe honestly, to announce there is no clear sign of divinity, except for the existence of the cosmos in and of itself, which means that everything is holy, whether or not there be a god looking down on it. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Do Gods Work quotes by Marva Dawn
#38. This sense of being made in God's image calls us all constantly to look for it in others and to do what we can to help them acknowledge it and to realize it by joining in worship. We thereby carry to others the answer to their inmost longing, a yearning for union with the Trinity, a thirst to respond with adoration to the God who made them. #Quote by Marva Dawn
Do Gods Work quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#39. If God is really at the center of things and God's good future is the most certain reality, then the truly realistic course of action is to buck the dominant consequentialist ethic of our age - which says that we should act only if our action will most likely bring about good consequences - and simply, because we are people who embody the virtue of hope, do the right thing. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Do Gods Work quotes by Francis De Sales
#40. For God's sake take care that your judgment does not deceive you. Why, I pray you, do you call false, things which the whole of antiquity has held as articles of faith? Why do you not rather censure your fancies which will not embrace the doctrine of these books, than censure these books which have been received for so long a time because they do not jump with your humor? Because you will not believe what the books teach, you condemn it; why do you not rather condemn your presumption which is incredulous to their teaching? #Quote by Francis De Sales
Do Gods Work quotes by Rob Rienow
#41. How do we stay on the narrow path of following God's will in every sphere of life? How do we maintain sure footing and not fall into the temptation of rebellion on one side, or the temptation of legalism on the other?
God has not sent us out across a tightrope! Yes, the path is narrow, but on both sides of the path is a solid handrail, driven down deep into the rock. What has God given to us that we might not rebel against Him? He has given us His sufficient Word. What has God given us that we might not become legalists and elevate our words above His? He has given us His sufficient word. #Quote by Rob Rienow
Do Gods Work quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#42. Beautiful," said Amar.
"I found it gruesome," I said, shivering.
Amar rose and walked to where I stood.
"I was not talking about the story."
"Why do you like such a gruesome tale?"
In Bharata, we were taught that it was a tale of the god's might. But I saw another story within it: the play of interpretation that turned something terrifying and iron-clad into something that could be conquered. I was reminded of the star room where Amar had taken me only days ago. The story was like a different way of seeing.
"It gave me hope…that maybe there was some way around the horoscope. It was a lesson in language too, almost like a riddle…"
Amar stared at me and then he laughed.
"Only my queen would find hope in horror." He took my hand in his and his gaze was burning. "You are my hope and more."
"What does that make you? My horror?"
"And more," he said.
All I saw were his eyes. Velvet dark. The kind of umbra that shadows envy. Amar stared at me and his gaze was desperate with hope. Reckless. I should've stopped. I should've stepped away. But I didn't. I leaned forward, and a soft growl--like surrender--escaped his throat. He dug his fingers into my back and pulled me into a kiss.
Amar's kiss was furious. No heat. Just lightning. Or maybe that was what his touch teased out of me--vivid streaks of light, dusk and all her violent glory. I was lost. I leaned into his kiss and the world around us peeled into nothing. I f #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Do Gods Work quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#43. All the great groups that stood about the Cross represent in one way or another the great historical truth of the time; that the world could not save itself. Man could do no more. Rome and Jerusalem and Athens and everything else were going down like a sea turned into a slow cataract. Externally indeed the ancient world was still at its strongest; it is always at that moment that the inmost weakness begins. But in order to understand that weakness we must repeat what has been said more than once; that it was not the weakness of a thing originally weak. It was emphatically the strength of the world that was turned to weakness and the wisdom of the world that was turned to folly.

In this story of Good Friday it is the best things in the world that are at their worst. That is what really shows us the world at its worst. It was, for instance, the priests of a true monotheism and the soldiers of an international civilisation. Rome, the legend, founded upon fallen Troy and triumphant over fallen Carthage, had stood for a heroism which was the nearest that any pagan ever came to chivalry. Rome had defended the household gods and the human decencies against the ogres of Africa and the hermaphrodite monstrosities of Greece. But in the lightning flash of this incident, we see great Rome, the imperial republic, going downward under her Lucretian doom. Scepticism has eaten away even the confident sanity of the conquerors of the world. He who is enthroned to say what is justice #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Do Gods Work quotes by William James
#44. Voices of the glorified urge us onward. They who have passed from the semblances of time to the realities of eternity call upon us to advance. The rest that awaits us invites us forward. We do not pine for our rest before God wills it. We long for no inglorious rest. We are thankful rather for the invaluable training of difficulty, the loving discipline of danger and strife. Yet in the midst of it all the prospect of rest invites us heavenward. Through all, and above all, God cries, "Go forward!" "Come up higher! #Quote by William James
Do Gods Work quotes by Salman Rushdie
#45. Human beings do not perceive things whole; we are not gods but wounded creatures, cracked lenses, capable only of fractured perceptions #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Do Gods Work quotes by Judith Merkle Riley
#46. Margaret looked up at him from where she sat by the window.

"Oh, Brother Gregory, what's wrong with your hand"

"I'm just scratching it; it itches."

"Really, is it red?"

"No, it's just a bite. You gave me a flea."

"I don't have fleas, Brother Gregory," insisted Margaret.

"Everyone has fleas, Margaret. It's part of God's plan."

"I don't. I wash them off."

"Margaret, you haven't any sense at all. They just hop back. You can't wash enough to keep them off."

"I do."

"Aren't you afraid your skin will come off? It could, you know. That's much worse than fleas." Brother Gregory spoke with an air of absolute certainty.

"Everyone tells me that. It hasn't come off yet."

"Margaret, you're too hardheaded for your own good. Now take for your next sentence, 'Fleas do not wash off.'"

"Is this right?" She held up the tablet, and Brother Gregory shook his head in mock indignation.

"I despair of you, Margaret. Flea is not spelled with one e--it's spelled with two. #Quote by Judith Merkle Riley
Do Gods Work quotes by Anonymous
#47. 4For God said : Do your duty fob your father and mother and : Anyone who curses father or mother must be put to death." 5But you say, 'If anyone says to his father or mother: Anything I have that I might have used to help you is dedicated to God,' 6he is rid of his duty to father or mother. In this way you have made God's word null and void by means of your tradition. 7Hypocrites! It was you Isaiah meant when he so rightly prophesied: 8This people honors me only with lip service, while their hearts are far from me. #Quote by Anonymous
Do Gods Work quotes by Timothy Keller
#48. Why does Paul spell it out, calling us to consider the width and breadth and depth and height of Christ's love? He is proposing a way to meditate and inviting us to do it. Let's take up his invitation. How wide is the love of God? Think of Isaiah 1:18: "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Scarlet is the color of blood. This was God's way of saying through Isaiah, "Even if you have killed somebody, even if you have blood-guilt, blood on your hands, my love is wide enough to enfold and embrace you. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have done. It doesn't matter if you have killed people. If Jesus Christ died on the cross so that you are saved by grace alone, then my love is infinitely wide. It is wide enough for you. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Do Gods Work quotes by Marc Martel
#49. All I can do is be faithful with my gift, be faithful with anyone I talk to and let love be my guide and just be gracious with people. God will take care of the rest. I really believe that. #Quote by Marc Martel
Do Gods Work quotes by Galina Krasskova
#50. Rite To Tyr:

Hail to the One-Handed God!
Hail to Him whose name is Honor
And whose Word is iron,
Who alone never shirks the thankless task
Whose reason is Lawful Necessity.
Hail to the Lord of Swords,
Who gave a weapon-bearing hand
To see that what must be done was done in truth.
Hail God of the sunset, last single ray of light,
Lord of loyal morality, whose name none takes in vain.
Now must I face loss to do what is right,
O Lord Tyr, and I do not ask for your aid
To take away that loss, that I might hope for ease of action.
As you stood forth knowing you must lose to win,
So I ask only that you keep my back straight,
My arm strong, my hand from trembling,
My voice from faltering, my words from vanishing,
My head up, and my resolve unyielding
As I reach into the challenging maw of my own future. #Quote by Galina Krasskova
Do Gods Work quotes by Rick Joyner
#51. Ways that God's army will not be like a human army: 1) It will fight to give life, not take it. 2) It will fight to free people, not conquer them. 3) Its victory is not the destruction of those controlled by the enemy, but rather the tearing down of strongholds that are keeping them in bondage so as to set them free. 4) Its weapons are not carnal, but spiritual. 5) The battles, objectives, strategies, and tactics will be spiritual, not physical. The above is corroborated in a number of Scriptures, but we will review just a few, beginning with II Corinthians 10:3-6: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled (NKJV). #Quote by Rick Joyner
Do Gods Work quotes by William Shakespeare
#52. Ay, every inch a king:
When I do stare, see how the subject quakes.
I pardon that man's life. What was thy cause? Adultery?
Thou shalt not die: die for adultery! No:
The wren goes to 't, and the small gilded fly
Does lecher in my sight.
Let copulation thrive; for Gloucester's bastard son
Was kinder to his father than my daughters
Got 'tween the lawful sheets.
To 't, luxury, pell-mell! for I lack soldiers.
Behold yond simpering dame,
Whose face between her forks presages snow;
That minces virtue, and does shake the head
To hear of pleasure's name;
The fitchew, nor the soiled horse, goes to 't
With a more riotous appetite.
Down from the waist they are Centaurs,
Though women all above:
But to the girdle do the gods inherit,
Beneath is all the fiends';
There's hell, there's darkness, there's the
sulphurous pit,
Burning, scalding, stench, consumption; fie,
fie, fie! pah, pah! Give me an ounce of civet,
good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination:
there's money for thee. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Do Gods Work quotes by C.S. Lewis
#53. But supposing God became a man - suppose our human nature which can suffer and die was amalgamated with God's nature in one person - then that person could help us. He could surrender His will, and suffer and die, because He was man; and He could do it perfectly because He was God. You and I can go through this process only if God does it in us; but God can only do it if He becomes man. Our attempts at this dying will succeed only if we men share in God's dying, just as our thinking can succeed only because it is a drop out of the ocean of His intelligence: but we cannot share God's dying unless God dies; and He cannot die except by being a man. That is the sense in which He pays our debt, and suffers for us what He Himself need not suffer at all. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Do Gods Work quotes by Stephen King
#54. And poets, in my view, and I think the view of most people, do speak God's language - it's better, it's finer, it's language on a higher plane than ordinary people speak in their daily lives. #Quote by Stephen King
Do Gods Work quotes by Jerry Bridges
#55. The Bible never speaks of God's grace as simply making up our deficiencies--as if salvation consists in so much good works (even a variable amount) plus so much of God's grace. Rather the Bible speaks of "a God who justifies the wicked" (Romans 4:5) who is found by those who do not seek Him, who reveals Himself to those who do not ask for Him (see Romans 10:20). #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Do Gods Work quotes by Ben Okri
#56. There is a kind of expressed love which is easy to subvert. When a figure is loved for their deeds, their conquests, their heroism, their goodness, their love of the people, these are easy enough to destroy ... But there is a kind of love which is felt for apparently no reason ... A love, inspired, it seems, by the gods, which it is impossible to fight, distort, destroy, or weaken. In fact, the attempts to destroy such loves only strengthen them. And to do nothing allows them to continue to grow at their natural pace, inexoribly, till this love becomes a wide and silent adoration. #Quote by Ben Okri

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